we know what they did last night xd

Souji’s Petty™ Moment #7: Morning Greetings

Remember when he woke up Chizuru for morning meal preparations?

Souji: Hey… I guess you’re conscious now, more or less. Could you hurry this along? You don’t understand what you got yourself into, do you? You’re getting free room and board you know, so can’t you at least wake up on time?

Chizuru: Uh… You’re Okita, right?

Souji: You should know this by now. Yeah, I’m Souji Okita. Did you fall on your head last night?

*Chizuru is finally completely awake*

Souji: You’ve got cooking duty today. If you don’t get up and get moving, we won’t make it to breakfast today. If that happens… Well, I’m a forgiving soul, but some more… narrow-minded… people will be furious.

“I’m a forgiving soul” is the best part hands down xD


a exo reaction to when you are avoiding them


Baekhyun; Follows you until you give up on avoiding him

Chanyeol; What did Baekhyun told you this time?

Chen; WWAAaaAaAaaaaEEEEEeeEEEEeEeeeeee

D.O.; Tsk please, I know I’ve done nothing wrong

Kai; Hesitates between buying you a puppy or stripping for you

Kris; What do you mean you’re avoiding me because I came first last night

Lay; Tries to entice you

Luhan; Oh god she knows about me and Sehun

Sehun; Well hello pms syndrome

Suho; Idk what’s wrong with her

Tao; Tries to seduce you to bed to settle

Xiumin; How about we settle our conflict with sex?


I hope you enjoyed it XD I usually take reactions with asks tho, it’s easier :)

Mind = Blown

OKAY. I was watching Captain America: Winter Soldier last night and I had the most major **what** moment in my life. 

1. The main character is a VERY attractive dirty blond guy.

2. The best friend/ brotherly figure NAMED SAM.

3. Sassy redhead sidekick that is computer smart.

4. That guy we all know the main character is a little *ahem* for. (If yuh know wut I mean)

5. That girl named Becky who has a huge crush on one of the main characters.

Did anyone else notice this? xD

Mind = Blown

Ok so I'm going to try have a conversation with Tom..again (long post)

Since last night ended in Tomm totally goofing around I’m going to try this today again.. I’m blaming the high sugar level he had when I was trying to talk to him last night.. To much banana pudding I should have known that he get’s uncontrollable when he is high on sugar.. anyway, he is more calmer today, I have given him his tea and he is currently mesmerized by the cartoon version of The Avengers on Disney XD.. 


Tom I’m sorry that I’m disturbing you, I know you love your cartoons in the morning but I want to talk to you..

Thank you.. do you think we can have a normal conversation this morning?

Okay, thank you.. I’m just going to turn off the tv so I can get your full attention and have you focusing this time and not go totally bonkers like you did last night..remember?

Mhmm.. Anyway let’s get to it.. 

So Tom.. Darling, what I wanted to know is… Tom..TO…

 *snaps fingers* Tom god dammit.. can you please focus? What were you thinking about now?

Yes I saw you drifting off.. Care to share?


Oooh really? Now I’m even more curious.. come on please tell.. Was it about the slores?

Oh my god it totally was!!

Oh just admit it, you got the total hots for the whole slore community! I know you are!


Oh there is no need to play coy now.. everyone already knows you are browsing Tumblr on a daily basis to fuel your ego.. not to mention ehem.. catch up on the smut fics.. oh yeah! I know that too I’m not totally oblivious to that.. I know you have read them, and I know laterovaries is one of your favorite writers, I have seen you read almost everyone of her smut fics..

Ha! I knew it! you are so busted! and I know how you love ophelia-tagloffdirty smut as well.. I have seen you read that too, nothing escapes me when it comes to you..

A little too late to be embarrassed now… So If you have to choose your favorite of all the writers?

Okey so you apparently love them all, and also have read most of the smutty fics on tumblr.. is this true

Oh interesting.. how about all the other stuff one can find on tumblr? ehem.. not to ring my own bell but are you familiar with Frustration Game?

There you have it!! Tom knows about that too.. And do you enjoy it?

Oh really?! Fuck me I thought you would never admit it.. I thought you would just say no or avoid the subject.. haha you totally admitted without hesitation..

Hahahaha this is so going on tumblr!!! The slore community will love this!

Muhahahaha Tom is reading smutty fics and gets of on frustration game..

Nope!! This is what gets me through the day.. I love making the slore community squirm and get frustrated.. Now I can do the same to you too *devilish grin* muhahahah

Hahahah anyway.. let’s get real what’s your thoughts on all of..this?

True.. And apparently it is “touching” you too greatly 

Hahahhaa NEVER!! The cat is out of the box! And it is very much alive!! lol I’m having like crazy fun right now.. Beside we are soon done here.. 

Oh come on Tom!! you are doing that thing again.. staph it!!

Staph it! 

Tom I’m warning you.. The eyefuck isn’t a good card to play right now.. I.. I can’t deal with your eyefuck.. and neither can the rest of the slore community.

Noooo dont you oooohhoo.. Don’t you dare!!

Tom stop!

Not the tongue!! Stop it!!

FUCK YOU TOM!!! I can’t… seriously I can’t!! I’m gonna take a cold shower.. fuck this! *throws hand in the air and walks away furiously* 

Anything last to add before I close this shit down Tom?

Well thanks for the inp…. wait what?

OKAY OKAY THATS IT! closing this shit down before it spins out of control.. Say good bye Tom!

No not in a horny way!! just say good bye!


I don’t own any of the gifs, my thanks goes to makers behind them.. I know for fact my lovely smittentomkitten is one of the makers.. 

p.s. this was just for fun..