we know what scene this is

i can’t believe
punisher series hasn’t even come out yet and kastle is already canon???????? TRULY iconic

I love Chyler so much. And I can only imagine how hard this is for her. I know she’s worried about us and how we feel about Sanvers. But just knowing that she cares THAT MUCH somehow makes me feel comforted. Like no matter what she is our ally and she is just as hurt by this as we are, if not MORE, because she’s so invested in her character that a heartbreak for Alex is for sure a heartbreak for Chyler too. Not only that but you’re losing a friend on set, someone who you’ve got a good amount of scenes with, and that’s gotta be hard too. There’s so many things. And yeah I’m gonna miss Sanvers a lot, but idk knowing Chyler is there and she’s got our backs is so special and important.

70# Soft Klance of the Day: Lance making Keith watch horror movies because he wants to see Keith scared.
His plan fails, as Keith barely even blinks during the movie, mostly just commenting at the stupidity of the characters. Lance on the other hand can’t help flinching at jump scares and fighting on tense scenes.
“Seriously, doesn’t anything here bother you even a little? Not a tiny bit scared?” Lance asks exasperated.
“What here would scare me? If a ghost attacked we know how to fight.”
Keith chuckles. “Has anyone ever tried though?”
“If they did they are probably too dead to tell!” With that Keith is laughing and Lance can’t help but laugh too.

S06 E01: Fallout

This is the compilation of all Olicity fics written in response to S06E01 of Arrow. The list do not include speculation stories of future episodes or plot development, just post-episode reactions and missing scenes. Keep this in mind when you sent a suggestion to add to this list

Game Changer by mmg13  [T - 686]

Takes place right after the end of the season six premiere. Oliver comes to terms with the fact that the public knows he’s the Green Arrow. He doesn’t know what he’s going to do to about it but he does know one thing. Someones going to put two and two together and he needs to make sure they’re ready when that happens.

We’ll Figure it Out (One Step at a Time)When I Reach For You (Come Home To My Heart) by @bowsinherhair

So, this is a thing that happened because a certain shit head named Stephen Amell indicated that Felicity’s math skills would end up being important AND I mean, come on, if the writer’s pass up on the opportunity to have Felicity help William with his math homework, then I just don’t even know why any of us are here.

Soft Sighing Voices by SmoakScreen (midwestwind)  [G - 2,848]

“I was just about to give you a call.”

Oliver takes to calling Felicity most nights, not for anything important. He just likes to hear her voice.

What Could Have Been by hope-for-olicity (Jacq) [G -1,709]

This is a bit of 6x01 rewrite, specifically the Olicity scenes.

Zip. by Vixx2pointOh [E - 2,652]

Her dress has a zip.
A zip that goes all….the….way….down.

Set just before 6x01.
That purple dress is stunning, gorgeous and Oliver has seen it before….

I Just Need to Hear Your Voice by alanna_the_lionheart [T - 2,077]

Coda to 6x01 (takes place at some point in the near future). In an attempt to slowly rebuild their relationship without complicating William’s life, Oliver and Felicity get in the habit of calling each other every night. Sometimes they watch TV together. Sometimes they discuss Team Arrow business. Most nights they just talk about their days. But then sometimes the nightmares come…and all they really want is to hear the other’s voice. This is one of those nights.

You Took My Heart (And Planted Roots) by Mimozka [G - 5,423]

Who knew that one punch would lead to the rest of their lives? (Spoilers for Arrow 6x01 if you haven’t seen it yet)

Before They Turn the Lights Out by MachaSWicket [T - 4,353]

SUMMARY: Some late night conversations.

SPOILERS for 6x01.

6x01 post ep fic by anthfan [T - 2,633]

Post ep fic, picking up where the show ended.

A Promise (6x01) by bre [M - 571]

A little “what could’ve happened…” after Oliver said, “Promise?” and Felicity replied, “Promise.” Because I am greedy for Olicity  

I needed you by @foreverfelicityqueen

“I need to see you, can I come over” maybe 6x01 after William calls him the bad man

Another Night  - Oliver/Felicity - (6x01 episode fic) by @hopedreamlovepray

Oliver did know where else to go, and really, there was no place else he wanted to go than to her.

If you know or wrote a fic related to S06E01 and it’s not here, please send it to us so we can add here.

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I disagree with you, because I think they'll come out soon. Of course things have changed, but we don't know what's happening behind the scenes. What I can see: Louis and Harry fighting hard to show the world who they really are. They're done with hiding, they really are. What I can see definitely happen is that they'll come out before One Direction's reunion.

And that’s fine!  I’m not arguing that I’m right, I’m making a case for accepting that things may not happen like people hope.

People can disagree respectfully and no one will know who is right or wrong til the time comes, and even then I doubt that any of us will be 100% correct in our theories and predictions.

I do 100% agree that they are fighting to show who they really are, but that doesn’t necessarily mean fighting to show 100% of their lives to a bunch of people that have a tiny problem with respecting boundaries, y’know?

What’s happening with Sanvers is bad but at the very least they seem to try to do the exact opposite of what happened with Clexa.

With Clexa they kept us in the dark and basically kept us believing that Clexa would be endgame even after they shot Lexa’s death scene. They did everything to keep her death scene as a secret so it would be a huge plot twist. They told us that Alycia had to leave because she would be filming ftwd when I’m fact she only started filming ftwd after the 100 had finished shooting the season.

With Sanvers is basically the opposite. They have not been lying. They have said what is gonna happen simply hiding the details bit we know Sanvers will break up. They are letting us adapt to that story line and giving up a plot point in favor of us adjusting to it instead of going for a plot twist because we know pre-lexa that was something that would happen. Maggie is not gonna die and that has been said over and over again, she is leaving bit she will be very much alive. It was Floriana’s choice to leave and they are not lying about the reason why she won’t be on the show.

Yes it sucks but they are trying their best to make this break up one that doesn’t traumatize their fans and can actually be left on a positive note since Alex and Maggie will be on good terms when they break up.

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do you know about that gif of harry fixing his hair and louis wiping his mouth? what is that from?

it’s from a backstage video i think lol we only got that scene but hm yeah they were 100% kissing

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RoyEd AU where Roy’s a Cleric and Ed’s a pagan Mage - @idontcarelifesucks and me went into a LOT of detail about this one :’)

This is kind of what I pictured a scene of Roy stumbling into Ed doing a ritual with water nymphs would look like - Ed’s limbs are made by Winry, an Elf who dwells in the forest he lives in and protects :)

We’ve got like, 10 pages worth of HC on this, so if any of ya’ll wanna know more hit me up and I’ll send u the link to read all of it :DDD

Voyager Book Club: “Homecoming” Briefing

On to our first adventure!

Until NOVEMBER 20th we will read Homecoming by Christie Golden!

That means you have a full month to find out what happens immediately after Voyager’s return home.

I have started to take some notes and pictures of great scenes from the book and I’m so excited to see what you all think. I’m hoping for a lot of snark, humor and some memes. Cause God knows that book provides some set-ups!

Thanks to the amazing @jhelenoftrek​ there will be a Discord channel to more easily discuss the novels. If you are interested in partaking, message me so that you can get the invite. I will not post it openly because… trolls. ;)

If you wanna stick to tumblr, that’s also cool. This will always be our main hub.

I am ridiculously excited to get this show on the road. Nothing has really happened yet and this book club has already brought me so much happiness. I hope it’ll do the same for all of you. :)

So, Voyager book club, till next time!

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Seriously, bye bye sendrick in Vancouver, bye bye sendrick press tour, bye bye "will they won't they" scene. We are the most unlucky fandom ever!! Anyway, let's enjoy the last movie and cry together.

We literally don’t know anything about any of the stuff you listed. Why not just wait and see what happens before we freak out.

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Would arnav believe khusi if she told him about shyam ?

Hello :)

Well, I guess we’ll never know, really, but in my opinion he wouldn’t believe her.

Charade takes this idea and runs with it – Khushi finds Arnav after the terrace scene and tells him everything, but he’s unable to believe her for a number of reasons.

I sometimes wonder what he might have done if she’d told him by the poolside right after she found out. I don’t think he’d believe her without question – the man I saw in the serial needs proof to believe anything of this magnitude, and Khushi doesn’t have any proof of her innocence. (ping @arnavsinghraizada)

Arnav’s most likely reaction, in my opinion, would be to assume that Khushi and Shyam were having an affair and now that it’s ended or going badly, she’s decided to cut her losses and try to blackmail, scare, or otherwise neutralise him by using Arnav.

I mean, this is the man who decided Khushi was a golddigger without any evidence. It’s just the way he is – he makes character judgements based on prior experience and expects the worst in everyone who is not his family. I feel his instinct would be to protect Di and create distance in case Khushi has some kind of plan (for example, she threatens to tell Di unless he gives into a set of demands).

If she’d revealed everything on the day of the Satyanarayan Puja, then, I feel like Arnav would’ve gotten really angry and thrown her out of his home with a warning to never return. He’d have shut down and tried to protect his sister from Filthy!Shyam and Khushi at all costs. I’m not certain whether he would’ve tried to break apart the alliance between their two families but my heart says that he wouldn’t be able to do that to Aakash.

I think he would’ve calmed down enough eventually to think about Khushi’s story, to investigate on his own, to recall some of the inconsistencies in Shyam’s stories and excuses (not all because none of us have perfect memories). He might have, for example, realised that Shyam started to travel more after Khushi came into their lives and that he and Anjali once met Shyam in Laxmi Nagar.

And maybe these things would have encouraged him to ask questions, maybe even visit Laxmi Nagar, and then work with Khushi to oust Shyam from Shantivan.

But no, I don’t think Arnav would’ve ever accepted Khushi’s story without question. I understand why the fandom wants him to believe her blindly, but I don’t think it’s in keeping with the character shown in the serial.

And honestly, who wants a brother who believes the girl he’s lusting after so readily???

A Little Suprise

Dan is standing in the porch of their apartment, back to the stairs, with his coat on. He zips his coat up all the way as he begins his intro

“Hello Internet, today’s video is gonna be a little different than normal, because-“ Dan smiles, looking to the side slightly, chuckling “We’re getting a dog! Except only I know and It’s a secret”

He shushes the audience and laughs again loudly then walks out of the apartment and closes the door behind him after calling to Phil that he’d be back later.

“You guys are going to love her, I’m not sure what kind of dog she is, but she’s.. a personality,” Dan says with a raucous laugh. 

The scene changes and Dan is walking into a white building, camera facing forward, being led through it by a woman to the back where a kennel sits, shaking on a low bench. Dan crouches, pointing the camera into the crate to reveal a dog and then turns it back on himself grinning broadly.

“Phil’s gonna love her” he whispers quietly, turning the camera back to the crate, poking his fingers in and getting licked rapidly.

The sound of chatter fills the video, and the camera is pointed at a little fluffy mutt in a shopping cart. She’s a soft brown and white, with amber eyes and an adorable milk chocolate nose. She was wagging her tail and panting as Dan pushed the cart through the isles of the pet store. 

“We have to pick up some stuff for you, don’t we girl?” He asks her

She leans forward and licks the camera making Dan groan and laugh, cleaning the camera on his shirt.

The dog, now on the ground, picks up a toy and brings it back to Dan. He laughs fondly 

“Alright then,” He tells her, petting her head and putting her new toy in the cart

“Well that was fun,” Dan says walking down the sidewalk “We have a lot of dog supplies, so now its time to surprise Phil!” He says, then hails a cab.

He shuts the door of the apartment quietly, placing all the bags (which had now been stuffed into the empty dog kennel as she was on a leach) on the floor. He unclips the leash from her collar and lifts her into his arms, focusing the camera on both of them, then the stairs as he climbs. 

“Dan, is that you?” Comes from somewhere in the apartment 

“Yeah Babe, it’s me” Dan calls back, “mind coming here for a moment?” He asks 

“Why?” Phil asks but Dan can hear he’s gotten up and is already on his way. He walks into the room a moment later and freezes just for a moment, the dog wriggling in Dan’s arms. Then, his hands fly to his mouth and he surges forwards, petting the dog before lifting her from Dan’s arms, freeing him to get a better angle of Phil’s reaction.

“Is it ours?” He asks after a moment, wide hopeful eyes looking at Dan

“yes!” Dan responds with a laugh

“You didn’t just kidnap her?” Phil says 

“No you spoon, she’s ours!” Dan grins fondly 

Phil lunges in the hug him, the dog between them, Phil’s head on his shoulder, he turns the camera on them smiling broadly as he wraps an arm around Phil. The dog licks his face and he screws up his mouth, tilting his head back and laughing. 

“What do you want to call her?” dan asks, squeezing Phil gently

“I don’t know…” He responds “Susan 47” 

Dan shrieks out a laugh “We are not calling our dog any form of the name Susan”

“Yeah, that’s probably for the best,” Phil says, leaning back and looking down at the dog. He puts her down and sits on the floor, Dan quickly joining him.

“Seriously though, what should we name her?” Phil asks, scratching the dog’s belly as she lay on her back in his lap.

Dan turns the camera on himself and smiles “Hey Phil?” He asks “How about Ruby?” He turns the camera back to Phil then who stops petting the dog and smiles at him broadly

“Its perfect,” he says leaning down to kiss the dog, then looking back at Dan.

“Thank you, so much. I love you” 

“I love you too”

**the idea for this was given to me by @machodan so thanks for that**

On this episode of where do Antis get their information


Most commonly refuring to the Hulk incident

It was never revealed in AOU or Civil War how many people died when Wanda set off the Hulk

But we can tell one thing, when you watch the scene and notice what distraction actually happened including Tony making sure buildings were clear

Hundreds of people did not die

There were most likely a few causualities, we do not know since we were never told, but we can assume it was on the lesser side due to the information that we are given

So no, Wanda did not ruthlessly kill hundreds with no feelings about it

Wanda is also not to blame for Ultrons distraction, and neither is Tony or Bruce, while all three are to blame for the creation, none are to blame for what it did, as much like a human Ultron had a mind of his own

And of course Wandas not to blame for any deaths that happened in CACW cause she was literally stopping a suicide bomber

So there we go, Wanda has done some bad things, but she is in no way responsible for the deaths of hundreds

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Opening Credits: Money - 5 Seconds Of Summer
Waking Up: When I Grow Up - Mayday Parade Cover
First Day At School: I Don’t Care - Fall Out Boy
Falling In Love: Take My Hand - The Cab
Fight Song: I Constantly Thank God For Esteban - Panic! At The Disco
Breaking Up: I’ll Cover You (Reprise) - Rent
Life’s OK: Kick Me - Sleeping With Sirens
Getting Back Together: Thnks fr th Mmrs - Fall Out Boy
Wedding: Tonight Tonight - Hot Chelle Rae
Birth of Child: My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up) - Fall Out Boy
Final Battle: Don’t Stop - 5 Seconds Of Summer 
Death Scene: Sugar We’re Goin Down - Fall Out Boy
Funeral Song: All I Want - A Day To Remember
End Credits: November - Sleeping With Sirens

fck i could write a really good plot for this one too

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Are you surprised that Emily is still filming? I thought she would be gone after Robert's scheming has been revealed, but looks like she is still there for Christmas, at least. I just can't imagine what storylines they are going to give her after Robron reunite.

Eh, really could be anything. We don’t even know for sure what she was filming. She could be filming her final scenes that will air in early December. Who knows. Who cares? She doesn’t. She hasn’t cared about the show in months. Also let’s remember Gillian was filming for ages after she died onscreen so you really never know what they are doing. Also, I think people even said Sophie was seen at the studios after her death had been filmed. I don’t worry about it much these days.

[[ so i don’t know what to think about dead by daylight stuff right now like im talking about the heartbeat and the stain

i get it that you might not want to use them in a trailer (doctor) or in the opening scene of the game but idk man that makes me wonder if those things are just for the gameplay or if we were actually in there we would see and hear those

and these things are what stop me from actually starting any kind of comic ugughhghhhhhhhh

  • (Scrapyard, Bumblebee drives into the scene and transforms)
  • Bumblebee: Everyone! Come here! You gotta hear this! Sideswipe! Strongarm! Drift! Grimlock! Fixit!
  • Team: What happened, Lieutenant?
  • Bumblebee: Guys, I got breaking news! You know our show that ended and was replaced by Cyberverse? Well, one fan decided she's going to make new stories about us!
  • Team: EEEEEEH?!
  • Sideswipe: Y-you mean it, Bee?
  • Bumblebee: Yes! In fact, she already started!
  • Team: Uh? (look at the screen) EEEH?!
  • Sideswipe: It's true! We're back at service, baby!
  • *all team cheer*
  • Strongarm: Sir, are you sure this will work?
  • Bumblebee: What do you mean, Strongarm?
  • Strongarm: Well, we weren't that much liked by fans when the original show started. I mean, they liked you and Optimus Prime, because of Transformers: Prime, and the Decepticons had some attention, but in other aspects, we pretty much failed in charm the public.
  • Bumblebee: Don't be like this, cadet. We had a good fandom, despite of this whole thing. I eamn, we managed to last through three seasons and we all know 3 or 4 means something, look at the Rescue Bots.
  • Drift: Not to mention the merchandise was never disappointing.
  • Grimlock: And the shipping and fanfics and drawings...
  • Bumblebee: Exactly! We haven't exactly surpassed our predecessor with innovation, but we managed to achieve a satisfying goal, by lasting for as long as we could.
  • Strongarm: I guess... but if this girl really plans to continue our show, I hope she does it properly. We all know how bad things can get when storytelling and character rewriting goes wrong...
  • Team: *gulp, thinking about cartoon reboots*
  • Steeljaw: Greetings! *team snaps out of the thoughts and look at him*
  • Sideswipe: Uh, great. What's HE doing here?
  • Bumblebee: Yeah, she wants him on the show as well, but not as an enemy.
  • Strongarm: Eh?! She wants him on our team?!
  • Steeljaw: I'm not completely pleased as well, but she did make some good points and headcanons. Besides, you know very well as I do that Decepticons were a huge... as I can say, attractive factor to some fans.
  • Grimlock: *blushes* It's true. You should see the fanfic material...
  • Bumblebee: Anymore questions? Or you're up for the challenge?
  • Drift: I am concerned about the storytelling.
  • Bumblebee: She'll get help to keep the characters' essence. No infantilization.
  • Sideswipe: Will-
  • Bumblebee: Windblade will come over, and maybe our previous humans friends as well. She wants to also explore the concepts of multiverse, so we might have contact with other Transformers universes.
  • Fixit: You are pretty well informed, sir.
  • Bumblebee: Well, she DID liked me and Steeljaw a lot.
  • Steeljaw: Can't deny a fan's wish... and her hormones' attack whenever she hears my voice.
  • Bumblebee: *giggle* So, are we ready?
  • Strongarm: ...eh, I guess.
  • Sideswipe: Let's do this!
  • Grimlock: OH YEAH!
  • Drift: Challenge accepted.
  • Fixit: Will blue-new-do!
  • Bumblebee: Steeljaw? *extends his hand*
  • Steeljaw: *rools his eyes, and smiles, taking his hand*

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I feel bad cause everyone is enjoying ILITW and Im just here scared because I hate horror movies and the scene in first chapter in the bedroom where dans face melts off creeped me out. I feel like I cant fully enjoy it cause i'm on edge all the time.

sis idk what 2 tell u i mean it’s maybe the best thing PB has put out since we fucced everyone in the lodge in endsum like maybe u can close ur eyes????? actually that’s probably the best way to play since the characters are so fucking ugly lmao