we know that he had complicated past

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335: why don’t they just kiss already?
Something I can write just for shits and giggles
Based on a passing joke Leyla made about gangtale errorberry

Error had decided to tag along with Blue and his friends for New Years. He knew it wasn’t the best idea, but red wouldn’t be there and there was really no harm in that sense.
Blue held Error’s hand tight, sitting there with that wide smile that Error loved. He can’t believe that he used to bully him about it. But enough of that, that was all in the past, he never liked to dwell on it.
There we only a few more minutes till New Year’s and Error realized he had to make a deduction quick, what happens when the clock hits 12?
Usually it’s tradition that you kiss someone that you love, easy as that, but it was so much more complicated. He didn’t know how Blue would feel, how he would feel, if it would make everything awkward between them.
Blue looked over at his nervous expression “what is it error bear?”
Ah yes, the nickname. Well you see one time when blue had a nightmare he had come to lay down in his bed and he ended up cuddling him in his sleep. That had earned him the nickname ‘error bear’ from Blue, though he wasn’t quite sure why.
“It’s nothing.” He responded shakily, trying to cover up his deep thought.
He looked at the timer, one minute till New Years, the clock was literally ticking. His hands got all clammy. 'Make a decision!’
He could hear his friends chanting around “10….9….8” 'quickly!’ “7…6…5…” 'Do you kiss him or not?’ “4…3…2…” 'GOD DAMNIT ERROR’ “HAPPY NEW YEAR!”
Error did nothing. He looked around as a couple of his other friends received
kisses from their own crush or date. Error sighed 'maybe another y-’ suddenly Blue kissed him quickly. His entire face flushed over and an expression of awe washed over his face.
He heard blue giggle and turn back to watch the fireworks. Error smiled 'thanks blue.’