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They sat with their shoulders touching and their knees bumping against each other. She smiled when he gently laced his fingers through hers but her good mood faltered when she took a look at his face. He seemed distracted, his brows furrowed and his forehead wrinkled, his eyes unfocused.
“What’s on your mind?”
“I keep thinking about what would have happened if I hadn’t been at that birthday party a year ago and drunk out of my mind. I would never have made a move to talk to you.” He glanced down at their joined hands.
“You wouldn’t have vomited all over my new shoes, either.” He laughed at the memory, remembering the embarrassment that had set his cheeks aflame as though it was yesterday. “Where would we be now if we hadn’t met there?” he asked quietly. There was something about reminiscing that left a bitter aftertaste. Being nostalgic always came with the finality of knowing a situation had passed.
“How do we know what we missed out on when we were at the wrong places with the wrong people? What if it was something wonderful, something life-changing? Something we didn’t get to experience because we made the wrong decision?” She squeezed his hand and pressed her lips to his temple, quick and sweet.
“We don’t. And I think that’s what makes life so interesting and so so beautiful.”
—  sweet reminiscing / n.j.
I’m Home

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 3, 261

Warning/s: Mentions of death, Shouting, Violence, Angst and a little Fluff

Summary: Reader got sick so Steve decided to put her out of a mission, but reader doesn’t like it and ended up having a fight with his best friend, Steve. Steve asked Bucky to take care of her (bringing all the fluff into the story).Eventually, feelings were revealed. (Whose feelings? You’ll know once you read it ;) )

A/N: This was previously uploaded in a different tumblr account, but she deactivated (and I miss her soooooo! :( ) so reuploaded it here. I submitted this for a Christmas drabble challenge wherein we right a fic based on a Christmas song. Mine’s Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. (Y/N = Your Name, Y/F/N = Your Full Name)

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Why would your therapist be thinking of you? You're just a client. She's paid to listen to you, you're not friends. I'm sure she has her own life, with friends and relatives that she knows personally that she will be thinking about. Also why are you missing her of all people while you are on holiday? Clearly you're in denial about your attachment to her. Yes, forming a relationship with your therapist is vital for successful therapy but your need to feel special by her needs addressing.

Ok so I’ll take the bait and properly answer this one because I’m missing therapy.

I know I’m just a client and that my therapist has her own life, but that doesn’t mean she won’t ever think of me. When I worked as a doctor, I still thought of my patients every so often when I was off work, wondering how they were doing. I’ve been seeing T once a week for five years so we have a long relationship and it’s not unreasonable she might think of me from time to time. In fact, I know she does because she tells me so.

Don’t be ridiculous, of course I’m allowed to miss her. She’s an important person to me and it’s completely natural that we miss people who are important to us when we can’t see them. You can’t and shouldn’t turn feelings on and off like that. I’m not in any denial of my attachment to her, I know I’m attached and it’s ok, she’s ok with that, I’m ok with that, and if an anon on tumblr is not ok with that, well that’s not my problem.

“Did you ever love me?” The question hung thick in the silence.

She finally brought herself to look into those eyes that used to bring her peace, but when she did, the person that she used to find within them, wasn’t there at all. And she found herself wanting to look away.

“Look at us now. Look at us.” She shook her head, eyes brimming with tears. “God, I don’t know. I don’t know…”

A pause.

“I don’t even know if you love me. I don’t even know…” She swallowed and blinked the tears away. “I don’t even know if I love you.”

The silence she was met with told her all she needed to know. It made something within her snap. A mask washed over her features, it’s how she always protected herself. And this time when she spoke, her words were laced with venom.

“Admit it. You’re used to saying you love me because that’s what I wanted to hear. Do you honestly feel anything or are they just words?”

“Or are you too broken to know what love actually is? To know what it feels like?” She sneered, eyes locked in on the ones before her.

“This relationship was folly, nothing but a figment made from our desperation for something real to cling to. Because how can it be real? How can it work when we’re only pieces and never whole and everything in this universe is against our very existence?”

Her heart crumbled in her chest and her lungs turned into cement. She couldn’t breathe.

“You know what I say is true. That’s why you haven’t said a word.”

—  What little we had is gone. It has been for a while now.

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*knock knock* it's tea time! i'm also in my feelings....tell me why uncle daryl lied to auntie carol again when he said "i was out here and i saw you." boy if he don't get! we know good and hell well that as soon as he figured out that ricardo was talking about Carol...he went on a mission. he was out there looking for her cause he knew she had to be close. daryl missed his bae so much and had to know that she was okay and had to know why she left. he ain't slick😏

Fax. Also do any of ya’ll remember Daryl’s binoculars? He was outchea under that fern tree, scouting Ezekiel’s every recited pick up line from a distance. Ya’ll can fight me on this

Hey guys! I want to do something. I think a lot of fans will miss Colin Farrell as Percival Graves in Fantastic Beasts. So I will invited the hastag #savegraves with your help. Share it everywhere from Tumblr to Twitter to Instagram. Post a photo of our lovely Percival Graves with the tag #savegraves and if you know J. K. Rowling has her one account there mark her on the photo or somewhere with in the post. I want to show J. K. Rowling how many people love Percival Graves and want him back. Show her what a fandom can do. And maybe we can get her to the point where she brings Colin Farrell as Percival Graves back. Ps share it with everyone so that a lot of fans will see it and help to reach this goal.

Aaaaaaaand....she blew it!

Breeeeaaathe in, breeeeaaathe out. That’s right, deeeeep breeeeeaaathss. There ya go!

Originally posted by acraftylittlewitch

So folks, the storm has passed. Calm waters ahead! We can all release those breaths you didn’t want to admit you were holding. Because who are we kidding? This place was practically vibrating with anxiety yesterday.

She blew her chance. Swiss Miss, Dollar Store Claire, La Dame Blanche (a modest contribution of my own) had the chance to declare her ginger love to the world for all the IG trolls to see, and for us Tumblrs to cry about. And yet….Radio Silence. 

Don’t give me any of that “She’s keeping the relationship private by not posting on IG” BS because ya’ll know it’s not true. 

To prove that point, we have the ever non-compliant Big&Tall ginger, his friendy friend co-star, their in-the-know crew member, and a rando photog from 2015 tweeting, re-tweeting, and liking things that would make LDB’s ears burn. Right! Graham. Forgot about Graham. Cuz ya know, recounting embarrassing moments and toasting your sister ALL NIGHT is normal.

And, oh, sweet Romann! What a welcome you received…..6 MONTHS LATE. So don’t go posting embarrassing pictures of @caitrionabalfe. Nooooooo, don’t do that.

That’s my rant. 

Have a shippery day! 

Maiden’s Top 5 WonderBat Comics!

Hello Amazonians and Batpeople alike! As a thank you to our now 100+ followers, I wanted to do a list of my top five favourite WonderBat comic storylines, so you all can go out and buy these titles if you feel like owning a piece of your favourite superhero couple. (To make it easier for your purchase, I made sure to only select recent titles over the last few years) Let’s get started!


#5.) Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman #37 a.k.a “I knew there was a reason that I liked you”

This issue isn’t heavily WonderBat-related, since Diana spends her time rescuing a child, confronting Harley Quinn and working with Batgirl (if you want to see Wonder Woman function with someone else in the BatClan, this is the story for you!) The snipit of WonderBat we get at the end is very cute, though. It’s small, but prominent because it highlights their similarities in a way that I don’t think he can relate to anyone else – hero and anti-hero alike.

That’s it. He likes her, his teammate and friend. It may seem unimportant, but remember that she has already been on a mission that day, she was in Gotham working with someone else, yet she was given permission by Batman himself to help him take care of another Scarecrow scheme. (If you remember the original Justice League cartoons, Batman only ever invited Wonder Woman into Gotham and vehemently banned everyone else, the stinker.) Their relationship is highlighted here because they are both always ready to fight crime in a way that feels slightly threatening, doesn’t it? It really is the primary focus of an Amazonian and the extremely warped, incredibly strong Batman to always be prepared to take down any threat they can get their hands on. (Wonder Woman was quite rough with the thugs in this issue too which also would function well with Batfleck’s Batman, wouldn’t you say?)

#4.) Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman #12 a.k.a. “Thank you, Bruce”

Dr. Destiny is responsible for draining a bunch of kids of their dreams to gain power, and ultimately turns them into husks of their former selves. Diana, clearly upset, is informed by Batman that the children are in comas and should recover…but that is not enough to lift her spirits. So what does he do?

He tells her about his father and how their family used to leave behind their stresses for a while. Yes, Bruce disclosed information about himself in order to help his friend and then proceeded to get her the address of the very same place the Waynes used to go to in order to get away. Seeing Bruce open up to Diana is a testament to not only her character, but the relationship they have. It is a very short story that involves Solomon Grundy mucking up her getaway, but it gives Diana the reprieve she was looking for. When she does return to the Watch Tower, she gives Batman a short summary of her trip and then thanks him with this famous panel:

That little smile of his afterward is one not often seen. Their relationship is all about subtlety and secret moments and I really think this highlights their closeness, even if it isn’t considered romantic by everyone who reads it.

#3.) Blackest Night: Wonder Woman Chapter 2 / Blackest Night Volume Two a.k.a. “Bruce…”

Though she tried to fight the good fight against the reincarnated Maxwell Lord (I’ll get to him soon!), Diana succumbs to the power of the Black Lantern rings and begins to decimate those who oppose her, specifically poor Mera. She speaks ruthlessly, she is stabbed by a trident but goes on to beat down her friend, all while pleading inside of her mind to be free from the ring’s control. After gaining some semblance of herself, she flies off and encounters (what we learn later to be) hallucinations of Donna Troy, Cassie Sandsmark and even her mother Hipployta, killing them all. At this point in the DC universe, Bruce died before this storyline took place, which is why Diana is so confused to see him suddenly appear to save her. She fights him off but it doesn’t matter when Bruce does this:

(Dang, his thigh is between her legs! That’s an intense kiss for a hallucination!)

Aphrodite – the goddess of Love – quickly appears and helps Diana acquire a ring of violet energy, which represents the Star Sapphires, the Lantern Corps of Love. It turns out that the island was a false location made for Diana to let loose her Black Lantern inclinations before giving her this power, so that she could help Hal and the others save the day. Later when she is tasked with calming a Red Lantern Mera (the power of rage), their powers clash and while Diana sees a vision of Bruce again, Mera sees Arthur (her husband, Aquaman). We also see Superman’s cloak on Diana’s back, but never Kal himself. Interesting, no?

#2.) JLA Issue #90 / JLA Volume 7 a.k.a. “One More Day”

This is one of the biggest moments in WonderBat comic history (aside from the battle-fueled kiss that led up to this moment) because Diana uses J’onn’s Transconsciousness Articulator in order to decipher her feelings for Bruce… Basically, she wants to dig deep into her subconscious and see just what it is she envisions as a potential future with Bruce could be. It is something she feels she needs in order to sort herself out, since the ever illusive Batman can never seem to coordinate schedules with her to talk about the kiss they shared before dying side by side in battle. Diana sees a total of seven potential futures that she could imagine for them, but I believe the first one is the most telling.

(ignore the explosion - it goes into another future!)

It is also the one that the machine repeats at the end of the issue, when Bruce asked her if they had some Greek tragedy and Diana says it was terrible. However, contradicting her, the conversation of ‘one more day’ replays in the very last panel. There was a vision of her as Batwoman in Gotham, one where the Joker kills Batman and ultimately crushes Diana’s soul, one where she petitioned the gods of Olympus to have children with Bruce – I feel as though the tenderness and depth of Bruce’s last day on Earth really highlighted the romance that is WonderBat.

#1.) Who Is Wonder Woman? a.k.a. “They love you, Diana”

This is by far one of the BEST Wonder Woman-centric comics I’ve ever read, and it has so much WonderBat, I could not be happier!

Getting back to Maxwell Lord (for those who may be unfamiliar with him), he was a man who was mentally manipulating Superman to the point that Diana had to take matters into her own hands; she had no choice but to snap his neck and end his life in order to free her friend. Both Clark and Bruce essentially disowned Diana after she killed him though, forcing her to have a bit of an identity crisis. For a year, she was ‘off the map’. When a few of her villains start to appear and call for her to show herself, they refuse to accept Donna as a distraction – who has been donning the mantle of Wonder Woman while Diana is gone – and demand to speak with her directly. This forces her out of retirement and entangles her in the sticky web of a few of her villains, including Cersi the witch and a surprise enemy by the end.

Where is the WonderBat, you ask? Well, Bruce is the one responsible for helping her to get her life back on track by designing her civilian identity (with suggestions from Clark), we learn quite early on in the story; even if he was upset with her for murdering Maxwell Lord, it seems as though he eventually forgave her and understood the struggles she was facing on her own with the impossible decision she had to make that day. He leaves her to her own devices for the majority of the story, but at the end, when she is still feeling uneasy about her return to the role, who else can cheer her on but Batman himself?

Also, why are you so close, Bruce!? If we really wanted to read between the lines, it would be easy to point out that when he is saying that the people ‘always have’ loved her, Bruce could be explaining what it is about Diana that inspires him as well, let alone his forgiveness. He clearly cares very deeply for her no matter what either of them have been through, and he highlights her greatest strength: that love is her power, not her weakness. (If only he could see that loving Diana could make him powerful, too!)

*Special Mention: ??? a.k.a. “She was part of my soul”

I don’t know which issue this is from, but if someone could let me know, I’ll edit this post and add it in!

This is one of the storylines where Donna succumbs to her cursed destiny and is killed. I don’t know where Diana is in this scene (I would assume her apartment in Washington) but Bruce is at her side while she grieves. Having had experience with death in his life, he is by her side as Diana mourns her sister. He embraces her as she cries and it is one of the most tender moments they have ever experienced together. She tries so hard to be strong but the moment she breaks down and cries, Bruce is right there to hold her. It looks as if he arrived in the first panel and was there just in time to give her the support she needed. (Note: Nightwing is there because Donna was his teammate and one of the original Titans with him…some people pair them together, even though they have never been paired together by DC.)

There you are!

My top recommendations for WonderBat comic issues. I know the images of these stories have circulated Tumblr and other sites before, so I felt it was necessary to answer the frustrating question of, “WHERE ARE THESE FROM!?” I’m sure we have all endured that craziness when looking up these two before! Any suggestions for storylines I missed? Feel free to let me know and I’ll be sure to look into them!

Enjoy! ~Maiden

“If you said you missed me,” she says, “and I told you I missed you too, do you think we could do it over?”

“We could relearn each other’s names and I could tell you about my childhood. You could get bored of my stories all over again and I could get mad like I always used to.”

“And I’m not saying we’d work.” She murmurs, “I know that we probably won’t.”

“But logic doesn’t mean I don’t miss you,” she says. “And right now I don’t give a damn about what logic has to say. Just tell me you miss me and I swear I’ll come running. Tell me you miss me and we can fall all over again.”

—  S.Z. // Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #124
My heart is not cold

I don’t know if I actually said it here, on Tumblr, and if I did… Well, sorry

I saw many people are really upset with the way Sara acted in season 2 on Snart’s part. She didn’t talk about him, never mentioned him, she kept sleeping with women across history and all of this seem to proof she don’t and didn’t care about Leonard, at least not deeply, like Mick for example. No one doubting Mick, he’s really miss his partner, we know it, we saw it, no questions.

But Sara? She seem to be completely cold and uncaring.

Here, on this point, I want to quote one particular conversation from one of the Underworld movies series, conversation between Eve and Selene where they talking about Selene’s lost lover and Eve’s father.

You’re as cold as one already dead,” Eve said to Selene because she was wounded by her mother’s lack of emotions,  and she get the answer “My heart is not cold. It’s broken.”

That’s it. Broken.

Basically it’s just the way Sara dealing with loss. Yes, about Laurel she cried a lot and it was just one tear about Leonard we saw. She did kissed and slept with women, and that’s the point. Many beautiful women across history. Always one night stand.

And man who wanted a future with her and who did hurt her so bad she want to escape even possibility to be that much hurt again.

Her relationship with Nyssa wasn’t perfect and it ended but in the end of this relationship Nyssa was alive trying to live her life, to keep going - that’s positive example in her mind, and Sara’s relationship with Snart ended with his death.

Because she left him. She’s feeling guilty, she’s hurt, and in Laurel’s case she had at least some sort of the closure, she have all rights to mourn her, but with Snart? Mick, Mick was his partner for 30 years ever since they’re kids, but who is she to Snart? She’s not his girlfriend, they never got the chance to see that is it their “almost” because she abandoned him at Oculus.

I know by experience, sometimes it far easier just don’t talk. You never talking about that person means you never talking about theirs death. This is the way to pretend that death never happened. That’s called coping mechanism and it maybe not always healthy but it helps us to survive.

And that’s what Sara did.

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i'm sorry but i just don't understand people's bethany young theories? like have i missed something hahaha. i feel like her story finished and she wasn't even a big part (we've never even seen her face) i've forgotten most of her story line. IF she is AD, will people who don't read tumblr and watch theories even know who she is? if i were to ask my sister right now who bethany young is she wouldn't have a clue and we've watched every episode together! i only remember her from theories i've read

I appreciate that her story, in terms of her hatred for the DiLaurentis’ etc, is “over”, but she is soooooooo important in the grand scheme of things. I think they will really miss a trick by not making her be involved somehow. She was in Radley, she knew Charles, she probably knew Mary, she was the girl in Ali’s grave, she was there “that night”, Melissa made a whole confession tape to burying her… like why have her so involved if she’s not actually involved, you know? Otherwise she’s just a filler character. Someone they created to fill the grave. Plus we recently learnt Wren left Melissa when he found out she buried her, why mention her so close to the end and give her a connection to Wren if she’s not important?

For me she won’t, and shouldn’t be AD for the simple fact that she’s dead. I think she should somehow be AD’s motive. So, if Twincer is AD and Wren is her helper, he’s only helping her to get the truth about what happened to Bethany. It’s not public knowledge and only known by players of the game, so for him to learn he’s gotta play too. But I definitely think she serves a purpose in this final mystery and that it is well justified! Plus, why wouldn’t they show us her face if her story was resolved? Surely not seeing her makes her more relevant than irrelevant…

Side note: were Bethany’s motives ever cleared up within the actual show? I get that she hated Mrs D for the affair with her father, but was this ever explicitly stated in the show? And was it ever explained why she turned against CeCe? Or do we just assume she hates CeCe because of Mrs D? Side side note: could her dad be peter…?

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It's incredibly meta how Clarke was suffering for 6 years straight without hearing from any of her loved ones, similar to how we have to suffer for 9 months without knowing what happened to them. It's like she shared a part of her pain with the audience!

We are all Clarke, the Hiatus is Post-Apocalyptic Deserted Earth, Tumblr/the Fandom is Madi aka how we cope/don’t go insane, our 9 months are her six years, our favorite characters that we miss so much are her loved ones she’s tragically separated from. IT’S ALL CONNECTED. 

Originally posted by javrt

And totally justifies how emo I am about Clarke Griffin.

“Please don’t ignore me.” She says, “please don’t ignore what we had.”

“I know it wasn’t much but it was something and I don’t know a lot but I know you made me happier than I was before.”

“God I miss that.” She says.

“Just tell me you miss it too? You don’t have to come back.” She says, “just say you do.”

—  S.Z. // Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #121 
Poetic owl

When the winds whisper, that love’s a trickster. Causing this emotional whirlwind twister. Although my eyes have missed her, she knows I’m still her mister. A kiss so deep, to my arms she whither.

As we slip into the ages. These words that rhyme within these pages. Was written for fools. By the sages; of old. In search for the heart of gold. Of a story that was never told.
So it’s your hand that I’ll hold,
Walking through the darkness and the cold.
-Gabriel I

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why do you suppose ~cutesy~ communism is so popular on tumblr? these days every time i go to someone's blog i see like 10 pastel aesthetic communist symbols and i just, dont get it

to be completely honest, i don’t know and it bugs me but i think it’s because it exists at the crux of tumblr’s love of simplifiying/radicalising complicated movements and idealising them with communism being, on the surface, an easy idea to romanticise for middle-class teenagers with shitty history education. 

1) Tumblr’s SJ scene is staunchly anti-capitalist - the root of a lot of oppression is based on exploitation and military/prison/media etc industry complexes that upholds the status quo of rich white men in power exploiting the poor and powerless. But simply being anti-capitalist doesn’t really get you anywhere in terms of social change, you can’t just sign a petition and opt out, this is not a system we get to choose, so I guess for people who aren’t familiar with communism’s history, this becomes the Better Option, The Greater Good, the other solution that is anti-thesis to capitalism. and even though it’s failed in every incarnation it’s existed in, there are always people who believe they’ll be smarter and get it right and turn it into a Feminist Utopia (even though in all incarnations of communism, it’s been ruled almost unanimously by powerful men who filled their cabinets and political positions with men). Communism stands for a change in the status quo that they can reasonably hope for - the other option would be a complete overhaul and utter fucking chaos. Which leads to:

2) I’m know I’m really fucking blunt about this, but it doesn’t fit into the mainstream Discourse ™ narrative. The oppression that people faced under communism doesn’t fit into neat privilege/oppression binary dynamics. It was about government oppression, but the governments were equally harsh on everyone in the name of brining about equality, so when people who call out tumblr’s behaviour (usually the kids and grandkids of the generation that did live through a harsh authoritarian rule and still bear the generational trauma of the country) speak about it, it’s easy for the SJ-scene to ignore. 

Honestly, I find the trend pretty fucking disgusting, especially the huge amounts of deliberate ignorance it takes to apologise for government-mandated mass-murders and political purges because of how many people literally refuse to educate themselves. 

communism is anti-capitalist and boasts equality of the classes in its ideology, but we all know that it has an ugly history where literally none of its ideals have been accomplished without massive bloodshed, government oppression and violence. Communism has symbols and a ready-made system to and it’s easy to ignore the genocide that it caused and used to symbolise. 

We Are More Alycia Debnam Carey/You

Prompt of Anonymous: Alycia does not want anyone to know you’re dating. You’re okay with that at first but it takes its toll and you decide to break up with her when you realize she’s still ashamed of the relationship. Later, Alycia realizes she’s made a mistake and wants to get back together with you

You can’t do this anymore. 

Alycia watches you from the corner of her eyes outright staring in concern when she can. 

You sit on the passenger’s side unnaturally quiet immersed in how it all went wrong. 

The whole event plays behind your eyelids every time they shut.

You see her at the café her long sleeves holding the tiny teacup so carefully. Her eyes smile as her lips touch the rim. You stop rambling for one moment. 

You ask her what she thinks. 

She smiles at you so bashful and quiet. 

Alycia blushes and you realize she didn’t hear a word. 

Alycia was facing you, watching you from under her lashes the whole time not saying a word.

Maybe she was thinking about you. 

You can’t contain your smile. 

Then it went wrong.

She was recognized. It was sweet at first the way fans drifted towards her. They were all kind complimenting her on her work. It made you smile. Then the same curious glances and questions about who you are came up. 

Alycia pulled away from you each time another fan came up: from your presence, from your kiss, from your touch. 

It pulled at old scars you thought were long healed.

You were wrong. 

Alycia pulls up to your house rubbing her lips together before speaking.

“Are you okay?”

You unbuckled your seatbelt and Alycia’s face falls when she sees your face. 

“I can’t do this anymore. I think we should break up. ”

Alycia exhales exhales shakily falling back as if struck. 

“Is this about the café?”

You sigh avoiding her eyes. 

“We need different things right now.”

Alycia takes your chin lifting it with the lightest pressure until you see her eyes again. 

Her eyes are bright with tears the green standing out like a beacon. 

“I just need more time. ”

You beg for understanding. 

“What about what I need? I need someone to hold my hand. I need someone that won’t hide me from everybody. I need so many things and you can’t give them to me. ”

Alycia leans back. 

You look out the window noticing a jogger go past. 

A fresh wave of hurt hits you. 

 "You’re ashamed of me.“

She stutters a response but you don’t want to hear another word. 

You open the door uncaring of the drizzle.

Alycia watches her lips trembling and her eyes glistening in the light. 

You go to shut the door when she speaks.

 "Can’t we still be friends?”

Alycia’s voice heightens in its desperation.

A sickening swirl of guilt and misplaced anger overwhelms you. 

You are many things but you’ve never been a liar. 

 "We were never friends. We were always more.“

When you shut the door, you’re shutting it on her too. 

It was hard. 

You didn’t know you’d miss her so much. 

She was everywhere. You’d open your cabinet and see her favorite cup. The flowers on the kitchen table wilted without her. The smell of her perfume started to fade from your clothes. 

You couldn’t watch TV without seeing Alycia, couldn’t go on YouTube and Tumblr was definitely not an option. 

Alycia was everywhere.

Then a bouquet of gardenias were sent to your house asking to meet at the park where you’d met. 

The "I miss you” at the end of the note was both a blessing and a curse. 

It was surprisingly cool for such a bright day. 

You saw her first.

Alycia stood by the picnic table her hair swaying in the breeze.

When she saw you,  Alycia fumbled with the flowers before clumsily handing you them.

“They’re forget-me-nots.”

She rambles on her hands moving with every word.

The cuteness of the scene makes you smile. 

“Most people use them to remember someone lost. I didn’t. I saw them and I thought of you. Forget Me Not mean hope and faithful love. Some bloom every year. 

Her voice lowers. 

"I gave you gardenias because they mean secret love. I don’t want it to be a secret anymore. " 

You take a step closer. 

Alycia looks up from the ground her eyes making your heart stop. 

"I love you. ”

She shuffles closer. 

“You were right.”

Now you’re close enough to feel her skin, 

 "We are more.“

Hesitant, Alycia kisses you with the faintest of pressures her lips unbearably soft. 

You kiss back pulling her in and kissing her deeper relieved to know you are together again.

And you know what hurts the most?“ She said, tears brimming at the corners of her eyes, she continued without waiting for his answer, "I trusted you. I tore my fucking heart out and handed it to you and you know what you did with it? You dropped it and let it roll under the bed that you held her in while I was at home crying to my friends about how much I missed you.” The tears had begun to roll down her cheeks as she let go of every ounce of anger she had pent up for him.

“I’m sorry,” He said, not looking at her in the eye.

“No, you don’t get to say you’re sorry if you don’t mean it, and I know you don’t. I’m sorry for thinking that you were really over her and that I was actually special to you. I believed every lie you spat at me and fell for every stupid move you probably reused on me. What we had was special to me, but clearly it didn’t mean as much to you.” And with that she wiped the tears from her cheeks and walked away from him for the last time.

—  I know I shouldn’t miss him but god, I can’t help it

this one time i was rping buffy and i got a text from a steve rogers from the morning after they banged bc ya know tumblr rping and i started to think about their relationship and more importantly who is physically stronger and it’d prob be really close bc they both Technically have the same power ((peak human condition)) but i’m p sure buffy wins bc steve’s powers are purely scientific, meaning they have a biological limit, and buffy’s are magical so she could theoretically continue to get stronger indefinitely and coming to that conclusion was one of the proudest moments of my life

“Hey,” he says cautiously, warily. Like you might reach into his chest and wrap fingers of steel around his heart again so tight that he’ll struggle to breathe.


“So,” he laughs awkwardly and pushes his hair back out of his green eyes you forgot you knew so well. The familiar gesture makes your stomach clench. “How have you been?" 

I’m kind of lost without you.


"I’ve been okay thanks. What’ve you been up to?”

How long did it take for you to stop hurting?


“College, work, y'know.” He smiles and, this time, it feels more genuine, more real. It reminds you of then. Your stomach clenches again.

I don’t know. But I want to know. God, I want to know so much it hurts.


“It’s good to see you again.”

Did it hurt when she walked away?


“We should catch up sometime.”

Did it hurt more than when I walked away?


The shield in his eyes returns and his “yeah, definitely” lacks enthusiasm.

I fucked up.


I miss you.