we know it does damon

let it be known that stelena would have been endgame if nina never left the show…. meaning they were stuck with delen@ …. just saying…. ok bye

All I know is that Brian Young (aka the Bamon fanboy) better fix that “I love you” for Bamon in the finale. Because even though that Damon confession to Bonnie was so beautiful and powerful and epic in its own right, it was completely tainted and ruined by the Elena mention. We all know that Damon does not love Bonnie just platonically. There’s absolutely no way. That is not what is being presented to me between the characters of Damon and Bonnie and the way Ian and Kat are portraying those characters and their relationship. Their relationship is way too passionate, too intense and there is way too much deep romantic subtext between the two. I can not and will not ever believe Bamon is just a platonic relationship or love. Not with how intense and passionate he (Damon) is about her (Bonnie). Not with the fact that he compared his situation with Bonnie to another romantic relationship that is currently happening on the show (Steroline) by saying that you do extreme things because you love the person so much. Not with the fact t that Damon showed jealousy and disdain for Bonnie/Enzo’s romantic relationship. Not with the fact that in this episode, Damon basically and openly admitted that Bonnie and Enzo’s relationship bothered him and makes him uncomfortable. I’M SUPPOSED TO BELIEVE THAT BAMON IS ONLY A PLATONIC RELATIONSHIP AFTER ALL THAT??! So either Damon is lying to Bonnie about how he really feels about her because he knows Bonnie has a boyfriend in Enzo and does not want to hurt her relationship by telling her how he really feels about her OR the writers are just trying to placate Delena fans by trying to pass off the intense and passionate “platonic” Bamon as just friends. Whatever the TVD writers are selling regarding Damon and his feelings for Bonnie, I AM NOT BUYING IT.