we know how she turns out

he’s the beauty; she’s the beast

so i’m sure the remake of a timeless classic that disney is about to roll out is going to be great and all

but here’s another way we could do things:

he’s the beauty

she’s the beast

for a movie who’s central theme is inner beauty, it doesn’t really do anything to support that, you know? so how about this: adam, our prince turned beast, isn’t an inhospitable monster. because this back story doesn’t make any sense – why is the young prince of this land alone, in a castle, only to be caught unaware by a witch?

so how about this – this is pseudo france, right, so these royals do what their real life counterparts did. they flee. the cruel, greedy king and queen flee and leave their young son behind with their staff. their son who is kind and soft hearted and totally unfit to rule any kingdom (never mind that they’re literally running away from their own people). not only that – they trade their son for their freedom, trade their kingdom for their freedom. to the witch.

so the witch comes, and she doesn’t disguise herself as a crone, goes to him looking as lovely and young as her magic keeps her. but our prince adam has a talent, one many cast-aside, neglected children have developed – the ability to see people for who they really are, and he knows this is no kind young woman in need of his help. he refuses to let her in – and there’s this little twist to the magic, that she can only enter the palace grounds and claim her prize if she’s welcomed in a as a guest, and he, the young master of this castle, won’t let her in.

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Sisters in the snow

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I remember it like it was yesterday, although it was decades ago.

My sister and I had been fighting again, like we did so often, like I suspect most sisters do at that age.

This fight got more heated than usual. I screamed an obscenity at my sister before turning to storm out of the room, but then my neck suddenly whipped back painfully and I realised she was yanking my hair. In pain and shock, I spun around and slapped her hard across the face.

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Family drama

Summary (i lost the request)
: The reader is Veronica’s sister who went to private school for a while.  When her father is sent to prison she returns to her sister and mother, however family drama leaves Veronica wanting revenge, and she’s determined to squash your chances at a new life in Riverdale.

A/N: This was a HUGE request, and trying to fit it into a reasonably sized imagine was a struggle.  Like it’s the plot to a whole fanfic, that I just don’t have the time for right now.  I think I’m okay with how it turned out, and if you all want a part two, there’s definitely material for one.

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Word count: 904 words

Warnings: None

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“I like to start off my tours with a little bit of history…” Betty started introducing the school to you, but was quickly interrupted.

“She doesn’t need to know any of this,” Veronica snapped.  “Just show her her period one class and then we’ll go.”

“Ronnie,” you sighed, tugging on your backpack strap.  

“No!  I don’t allow traitors in my squad.” She tugged on the hem of her skirt.  “Betty, I’m sure she’ll find her own way.”

Betty sent you sorry eyes before letting Veronica pull her away.  

“I can do this,” you murmured to yourself, walking off in the other direction.

Were you used to not having your sister around?  No.  Had you managed on your own before?  Yes.  

However, Riverdale high was much bigger than your own school, and within just a few moments you were hopelessly lost.  

“Need some help?” You turned around to find a boy much taller than you leaning against some lockers.  “I’m Reggie.  You the new lodge?” His eyes moving over your figure, you nodded hesitantly.  “It shows.”

“Excuse you,” you huffed.  “Don’t be disgusting.  It’ll never work in your favor.”

“Don’t be snappy,” he took a few steps in your direction, arms crossed over his chest.  “It’ll never work in your favor.”

“Piss off, Reggie.” You looked over your shoulder to see another boy your age.  “You can get to know each other another time.”

“Whatever freak,” Reggie dismissed him, turning on his heel.

You smiled warmly, looking to the mystery boy.  “Thank you…”

“Jughead.  Jones, the third.” You laughed at the pacing of his introduction.  “You’re giving off this lost puppy vibe, and while I’m no tour guide, it’s unlike me to leave someone stranded.”

And so it was just like that, you had your first friend.  

You and Jughead were a good match for one another.  Both wonderfully pessimistic, dramatic, and sarcastic, you two made fast friends.  

It was a month or so after you started going to Riverdale high when you made something more.  As much as you both would like to say it was something unique, some strange scenario that resulted in you two together, but in all honesty, it was the usual fade from sitting on opposite sides of a booth at Pop’s, to cuddling on the same side.

“I still don’t understand, why is she so mad at you?” Jughead had asked one night, turning away from his laptop screen to catch your microexpressions.  You bit down on your bottom lip, eyes flitting to the table and then back up to your boyfriend.  

“I knew about our dad… before he… you know.  I didn’t tell anyone.” His eyes seemed to frown, blue pools reflecting the sadness you knew was in your own.  “But I mean, how could I?  Veronica is close with Mom, and so was I, but I was always Daddy’s little girl.  I think part of me didn’t want to think any of it was true.  That he couldn’t do such a thing… I was wrong.  And he dragged me down with him.  He told my mom, and then my mom told Veronica.   Veronica thinks I’m a traitor now or something dramatic because I didn’t tell her.  I lost a best friend, and I kinda deserved it.”

Jughead sighed, “You didn’t deserve that.  I don’t want to say she would’ve done the same thing, because honestly I don’t know.  But I probably would’ve done the same thing.”

“Thanks, Juggy.”  You rested your head against his shoulder, his lips coming down on your forehead.  

That was probably one of the better days, however soon it was obvious the plan that Veronica had been enacting this whole time.  

With Betty enlisting Jughead into the Blue and Gold, he was spending more and more time with Betty, and less and less time with you.   

“Juggy, I miss you,” you sighed, looking at him across the table in your regular booth.  “I don’t want to be one of those clingy people.  If you’re trying to distance yourself… because this isn’t working.  Then just end it.  I’ve been on the other side of relationships like this, and you don’t deserve that.”

Jughead barely looked up from his laptop screen which you knew had an article for the Blue and Gold on it.  “Yeah, yeah.  I agree.” You knew his words were just a product of him not listening, that he was giving a general response to fit into most conversations, but even that was enough for you.

You wrung your hands in front of you, shaking your head.  “I’ll do you a favor.  We’re done.”

“Wait what?” You turned before he could see your face, ignoring him.  On your way out, you caught Veronica in a booth just down the way.  You decided you’d confront your once best friend, the only thing you knew how to do well.  

“Veronica,” you greeted sharply, sitting beside Archie, opposite Veronica.  “I know you and I have issues, but I want you to know that either way, I’d be breaking someone’s heart.  I’m sorry I chose wrongly, and I hope one day you can stop trying your hardest to leave me alone, to leave me miserable.  You’re my sister, my best friend.  That will never change.” Her face was that of someone who was completely caught off guard.  You nodded a goodbye to her friends, shaking your head at Jughead, and leaving Pop’s once and for all.  

I’m going to finally share the headcanon that @lena-lipbite-luthor and I came up with after Exodus aired. Enjoy. 

It started as Kara stopping by with lunch for the CEO. Soon it turned into going out for lunch breaks; after the third time of Kara suggesting to get Chinese, Lena was like ‘We should try new places when we go out together.’ And now they go back and forth in picking different places and foods. Which also means Lena knows how big Kara’s appetite is. 

Lena loves Kara’s large appetite and always wonders where Kara puts all of it. She gets that Kara loves her pot stickers, but it is time to try something new. Eventually she suggests that they try out different places and every time she chooses, it’s her treat and she picks a place that she knows Kara would love and has no problem spoiling her and encouraging her to eat as much as she wants.

Whenever it’s Kara’s turn to find places, she tries to reach outside of her comfort zone in choosing. She’s picked up on what kind of food Lena is interested in and tends to drift towards that since Lena does the same for her. Kara doesn’t feel embarrassed about how much she eats because of how kind Lena has been to her about it. Normally, she would be able to finish her food in a matter of minutes. But she wants to be able to savor each new flavor and the time spent with the CEO.

And then eventually they branch out even more when Lena admits to Kara that she actually loves to cook but hardly does because she would never cook just for herself. Kara gets really excited when Lena mentions some of her favorite dishes to make and says that Lena can feel free to cook for her anytime. So, they start getting together for dinner and movie nights and Lena finally gets to make use of the gourmet kitchen she has in her penthouse and she blushes every time Kara tells her how amazing the food is!

It wouldn’t make sense for Lena to cook a meal for just herself. But when she’s cooking with Kara, she has prepare a whole meal because she knows it’ll be gone before the night ends. During one of the nights, Kara tells her how she’s never really cooked in her kitchen per say. (Heat vision) So, the next time they get together Lena has her kitchen set up to teach Kara how to prepare a meal, starting with how to make pot stickers. Kara is in awe that Lena would do this for her, no one has ever really taken the time to actually teach her. But here she was, standing in the kitchen of someone who cared about her. They spend the rest of the evening laughing and flirting! While preparing the food their hands constantly brushed burning her cheeks red. That’s when it finally clicked for Kara.


I completely understand why your upset Swen about this hug. Sur it was about the engagement, but it actually show us the dynamic between Emma and Regina. We know they are friends now…friends do hug.

Originally posted by mrsthompster

Nevertheless, I agree that the scene was off. Entirely. First of all, Emma seems more embarrass than anything when her mother looks at her ring, and even more when Henry asks her how Hook proposed. We all know he didn’t really do it, Emma pushed him to. She could have said she found the ring and then explain how it turn out, but she chooses to tell:

“I kind of say yes before he had a chance to.”

While saying it, she forced a smile. Note that this conversation happen with Henry and more importantly Snow, the woman who represents the fairytale world and so the Savior’s title given to the blonde.
The conversation feels rush, tense, like Emma doesn’t want to talk about it. Bravo for Henry ironic tone, by the way! Snow doesn’t even notice her daughter’s behavior, and the first thing she wants to do is planning the wedding. My bet, she would want for Emma to have the same kind of wedding they done in the Enchanted Forest. A fairy tale wedding.
Instead of being happy, the blonde cuts her and tell her mother, the wedding had to wait.

“We’re going to wait a little while before we start planning…”

Did you notice the chill in Emma’s voice… She doesn’t want her mother to freak out at this news, but she seems more in touch with herself than before while saying they want to wait to get married. Saying yes is one thing. Marrying the man is another.

“OH why?”

Ok it’s because of the Gideon thing, but did you see Emma deflecting eyes? BOUM, downcast, like she was sad to disappoint her mother and then she brings Gideon justifying the delay.

After, we have Zelena and Regina entering the loft. Zelena is the one noticing the ring. Why that? When they enter the loft, we can see Emma going to place her hand in her jean’s pocket, as she doesn’t want other to know. Except that when you’re engaged to the person you love, you want the world to know. Emma’s hiding it to Regina.
Zelena sees the ring and in a wicket smile exposes Emma to Regina.

“Is that an engagement ring?!”

Stop the video when Zelena pulls Emma’s ring to her eyes. Focus on Regina who is literally shocked to hear and see the news. The blonde is awkward in this moment and sad. She doesn’t even know how to respond. Emma’s attitude is worst than with Snow.  Zelena doesn’t say anything, not even congratulation. Nothing. Then we have this shot of Regina; open mouth, eyes cloud with tears. That’s not joy, that’s saddest.

“Hook proposed.”

Why saying this now instead of the conversation whit her mother?! The smile she gives is hypocrite, forced and a façade. So now Hook proposed. I thought she kind of say yes before he had a chance to… Way to go Emma. She chooses to say Hook proposed when Regina learns of the engagement. Really?!

“Oh… Emma…”

It sounds reprimanded no? Like she was going to add to this: “I thought I told you you’re too good for him…” Emma’s face after…Is she daring Regina to say something?! Chin held high, smugness. She is clearly daring her to say Something… and when the brunette says:

“I’m happy for you. I really am.”

It sounds like a goodbye. Regina is letting go. “Really” shows us Regina tries to convince herself. The hug was a way to feel each other close, one last time before letting go. Exactly as the conversation topic changes just after that. Remark Emma’s face in the hug. She is disappointed in the brunette, and sad that Regina didn’t say a word.

“That’s means a lot.”

Of course it does. For Emma, it means, Regina would not fight. But in reality, it means, the brunette cares so much about her that she rather watching the blonde marries a pirate than letting her know she has feeling for her. It means actions speaks louder than words. It means Regina is in love with Emma and chooses to sacrifice her happy ending in order for the blonde to have one. It means. Regina is Emma’s True Love.

Okay okay okay but imagine after Kara and Lena have the hug™ Lena says something that makes Kara light up and we all know that Kara has been really not doing so well with stressing over Mon el and not getting on the best with James and Winn and even Alex recently so she’s just being herself when she chirpily says “ I love you ” to the woman who is more or less her best friend at this point but Lena totally freezes up and she honestly doesn’t know what just happened because the last person Lena believed truly cared about her was Lex and we all know how that turned out. So now here was this dork of a reporter who had no ulterior motive and no selfishness and no reason to care afor her and to help her the way she does other than honestly believing in Lena and she can’t hold back the tears after that and I am absolutely shattering at this thought bye

“Yesterday at work this white lady cut an entire line of people.

I told her to get to the back of the line and I would help her when it’s her turn.

She spoke with my manger, he really didn’t give a fuck.

She didn’t like that so she waited until the rush was over and tried to confront me herself 😂

She got emotional and said she was hurt "who do YOU even think you are to be treating me this way?”

Me: are you going to buy something or nah? Ok no then we have nothing to talk about.“

*pulls out tucked necklace from inside shirt*

Lisseeeeen blonde haired, blue eyed women how I’m go know your Jewish if your necklace ain’t even showin?? Like you CUT THE LINE Dassit, bihh I’m Muslim Amerikkka hates my Muslim ass so leave me alone.

How you goin cut a whole ass line and expected to be waited on hand and foot??


The way I hollered in her face 😂😂

My poor coworker had to listen to her for an hour rant about how much I hurt her feelings, welp.“
-AK Xersi

World Poetry Day

I have a question for you all. What’s your favourite poem, and what’s your favourite line from that poem? If your favourite line of poetry is from a different poem, tell me that as well!

You’ve all been such absolute bbs lately and I have an idea for some COOL POETRY FUN that I want to do for you all as a little lexical thank you!

My favourite poem is probably Fragment 4 of Sappho:

I simply want to be dead.
Weeping she left me.

with many tears and said this:
Oh how badly things have turned out for us.
Sappho, I swear, against my will I leave you.

And I answered her:
Rejoice, go and
remember me. For you know how we cherished you.

But if not, I want
to remind you
]and beautiful times we had.

For many crowns of violets
and roses
[…] at my side you put on

and many woven garlands
made of flowers
around your soft throat.

And with sweet oil
you anointed yourself

and on a soft bed
you would let loose your longing

(tr. Anne Carson)

but my favourite line of poetry is ‘Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun’, from Funeral Blues by WH Auden. It just absolutely encapsulates the dull ache of grief for me. I remember when my grandad died. I was 18, and the pervading emotion for the first few weeks wasn’t really sadness, but emptiness. It was an experience more than a feeling, like living on a different plane from everyone else, walking through the world and wondering ‘why hasn’t everybody stopped? Don’t they know that the world has ended?’ and feeling absolutely isolated and numb. So, that’s my favourite line. Cheery.


Prayer Request

I don’t know all the details yet, but my mom just came in and broke the news to me. Her brother (my uncle) is currently getting a plane ticket to Italy to pick up my aunt, because it turns out her husband has been having an affair, and their marriage is now officially over. This is a HUGE shock to me, as I always thought he was one of the sweetest guys ever, and we all thought he adored my aunt.

But now she’s coming back to the states with her dog, and I’m sure she’s completely heart broken. She’s prone to depression, and is incredibly sensitive and I can’t even fathom how hard this must be for her. I’m personally crushed, and am in disbelief. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but please, please, if you could keep her and my family in your prayers, that would be wonderful.

“the last of us” inspired sentence starters

change pronouns/ect if necessary

  • “i sell hardcore drugs.”
  • “we need help.”
  • “you’re gonna be okay.”
  • “believe in the fireflies.”
  • “got enough ration cards to last us a few months.”
  • “be careful.”
  • “i am the romantic type.”
  • “don’t leave me to turn.”
  • “it’s gettin’ close to curfew.”
  • “going outside the wall is suicide.”
  • “you mumble in your sleep.”
  • “i hate bad dreams.”
  • “it’s called luck—and it’s gonna run out.”
  • “are you still breathing?”
  • “we’re shitty people.”
  • “our luck had to run out sooner or later.”
  • “don’t touch me.”
  • “she’s infected.”
  • “just fucking go.”
  • “i can’t swim.”
  • “does it sound like i know how to whistle?”
  • “i’m a pretty good shot with that thing.”
  • “let’s get the hell outta here.”
  • “goddammit—i’m clean!”
  • “i owe you nothin’.”
  • “there’s one inside.”
  • “it’s the normal people that scare me.”
  • “you of all people should understand that.”
  • “i can handle myself.”
  • “once upon a time, i had somebody i had to look after.”
  • “you don’t need to worry about me.”
  • “fuckin’ hunters.”
  • “i’ve been on both sides.”
  • “so–you kill a lot of innocent people?”
  • “you sacrifice the few to save the many.”
  • “i don’t think they saw us.”
  • “trust me, it ain’t easy.”
  • “damn it—spores.”
  • “somethin’ on your mind?”
  • “you make every shot count.”
  • “just so we’re clear… it was either him or me.”
  • “how’d i do?”
  • “yeah, well, i was tryin’ to kill you.”
  • “you’re bleeding.”
  • “we can help each other.”
  • “i saved you!”
  • “you wanna hear a joke about pizza? …never mind, it was too cheesy.”
  • “how is it you’re never scared?”
  • “what are you scared of?”
  • “i’m scared of ending up alone.”
  • “it’s all your fault!”
  • “thanks for not blowin’ my head off.”
  • “you survived because of me.”
  • “you lay your hands on me again, it won’t end well for you.”
  • “you still remember how to kill, right?”
  • “hey, hey—are you hurt?”
  • “i guess we’re both disappointed with each other, then.”
  • “what do you want from me?”
  • “i can’t get infected!”
  • “you are treading on some mighty thin ice here.”
  • “i’ve lost people, too.”
  • “you have no idea what loss is.”
  • “everyone i’ve ever cared for has either died or left me.”
  • “sounds like runners.”
  • “can you walk?”
  • “stay the fuck back!”
  • “i think we’re safe.”
  • “you’re a better shot with that thing than i am.”
  • “don’t sound so disappointed.”
  • “you handled yourself pretty nice back there.”
  • “i believe that everything happens for a reason.”
  • “you’re just a kid.”
  • “i can protect you.”
  • “i’ll come back for you.”
  • “you’re a fucking animal.”
  • “you have no idea what i’m capable of.”
  • “i’m gonna teach you how to play guitar.”
  • “another city, another abandoned quarantine zone.”
  • “is this everything you were hoping for?”
  • “we don’t have to do this.”
  • “i ain’t leavin’ without you.”
  • “i guess you can’t escape your past.”
  • “hands in the fucking air!”
  • “i pretty much lost everything.”
  • “no matter what, you keep finding something to fight for.”
  • Yang: ... *Yang was frowning annoyingly with each blink turning her eyes red for a second.*
  • Blake: Come on Yang. Cheer up. We are just going to spend sometime with my mom and dad before we go out tonight for our Valentine's date.
  • Yang: ... yeah. *Yang grumbled.*
  • Blake: *Blake looked at her girlfriend with worry as she places a hand on her shoulder.* I don't understand why you are so upset. You love my parents and they love you. You are normally rushing me to embarrass me with how much you love me.
  • Yang: *At this Yang's frown turned upside into a small smile as she wrapped her hand around Blake's wraist to pull her closer and give her a kiss on the cheek.* I know Blake. I know. I am excited for our date tonight and to see your parents. It's just...
  • Blake: What?
  • Yang: Sigh. It's just *Yang then pointed her robotic finger towards the person walking besides them.* Why did you have to invite HER with us?
  • Raven: I've have been wondering that myself. *Raven said with an emotionless expression.*
  • Blake: Well the two of you have been at each others throats ever since your little talk about the maiden and think that during our time here when I'm with my parents you two can talk over your issue... In the dessert areas... where there aren't any buildings to destroy.
  • Yang: That was her fault!
  • Raven: You were the one who went through the wall.
  • Yang: BECAUSE YOU THROW ME THROW IT YOU PSYCHO BITCH! OW! *Yang growled as she rubbed her head.*
  • Raven: *Raven Frowned at her daughter as she placed her sheathed sword back on her side.* This Psycho bitch is still your mother so watch what you say. *the mother and daughter then glared at each other before Blake quickly moved between them and pulled them to the front door of her home.*
  • Blake: Aaaaand we are here. Thank god. *Blake muttered under her breath with relief, knocking on the door.*
  • Kali: Hello? Oh! Blake honey. *Kali greeted happily as she swung open the door and pulled her daughter into a hug.* It's so good to see you.
  • Blake: Hey mom. It's good to see you too. *She smiled returning the hug, in the back of her mind wish Yang and Raven could have the same relationship.*
  • Yang: Hey Mrs. Belladonna. *Yang smiled setting down her bags as she held out her arms after Kali and Blake finished their hug*
  • Kali: Hahaha. Oh Yang. You know you don't have to be so formal. *Kali laughed giving Yang a hug.* You can call me Kali or mom since you will be after you two's wedding.
  • Blake: MOM! *Blake blushed.*
  • Yang: Oh Speaking of moms. Kali, meet my birth mothe-
  • Kali: Raven. *Kali interrupted staring at the dark haired woman in shock as Raven looked surprised herself.*
  • Ghira: Honey? How is at the door? Is Blake and... Yang... here? *Ghira said as she appeared from the door only to trail off upon seeing Raven.*
  • Raven: Hello Kali... Ghira...
  • Blake: *Blake and Yang looked between their parents and then at eachother when Blake speaked forward and pointed between them.* You three... Know each other?
  • Ghira: You could say that. *Ghira frowned crossing his arms.*
  • Kali: W-why don't we take your bags to your rooms? Come a long dear. *Kali said with a nervous smile and blush as she quickly took Yang and Blake's bag and headed inside dragging Ghira along.*
  • Blake: That... is the first time I ever seen my mom being... bashful.
  • Yang: Okay. What the hell did you do? *Yang questions slightly glaring at her mom.*
  • Raven: *Raven meanwhile seemed to have been staring at Kali as she walked away before taking a deep breath and patting Yang's back.* Well, now I see that we have the same taste when it comes to pussy cats. *With that Raven then headed inside with a smirk on her lips.*
  • Yang: ...
  • Blake: ...
  • Yang: ... Blake?
  • Blake: Yes Yang?
  • Yang: ... Just to clarify... You don't think that my mom... and your mom...
  • Blake: I really don't want or ever want to know.
  • Yang: Oh god.
  • Blake: What?
  • Yang: Now when your mom told me that I reminded her of a girl she meet makes sense now it the most disturbing way.
  • Blake: Same for why my dad has so many empty birdcages around the house.
  • *Both girls shivered trying to forget the fact they have just learned they their mothers were only them.*

“I banished you for good.”

His companion grins. “Almost. Love of a good man and all that. Though,” he drawls, pointing two fingers at Edward and lowering his thumb in a crude mimicry of a handgun, “we both know how that turned out. Yikes.”

Lost Souls Forever, by @okimi79 & @riddlelvr

Bellamy, Clarke, Raven (Lindsey Morgan) and Monty (Christopher Larkin) have slowly emerged as this core four on the show. How did you land on the four of them as the central figures in this story?

JRoth’s answer: “I think that ultimately part of the problem that needs to be overcome is a scientific problem, so the minds on the problem are Raven and Monty in terms of trying to figure out how we beat this thing, if that’s possible. And Bellamy and Clarke are the two who know what’s happening, because Clarke was told by ALIE and Clarke confided first in Bellamy, as she often does, and they need to solve the problem, so logically [Raven and Monty] are the people they would turn to for help.

Jasper would have been in that group too, but Jasper, when he gets the news of the end of the world, his reaction is very different. Those four are fighters. They’re not stopping until they find a way out of this thing.


JRoth in a The Wrap Interview


What is ACTUALLY happening in this scene in the DBS Anime & Manga? + Japanese Translation

So, I’ve been waiting for the Super manga to come out and see how they handle this scene because its counterpart is really controversial in the anime. We know from interviews that Toriyama gives Toei and Toyotaro a general draft, and they fill in the rest, although Toriyama appears to be more involved in the production of the manga with Toyotaro (and working on a comic with someone is a more intimate setting than, say, a massive studio) so I’ve been waiting to see how this plays out. It turns out the dialogue in the manga is different, and I had a buddy of mine who translates Japanese-to-English for the DBZ fandom all the time take a stab at it. Here’s what she sent me:


“Goku literally says that Trunks puts his mouth against Mai’s mouth  (“kuchi to kuchi kuttsukeru” = place mouths together), but his “yoku” is giving me trouble here, because it can either be translated as “nicely/skillfully/well” or “frequent/often”.  To me it seems like Goku is simply refering to it coming off as a natural thing for Trunks to do.

Vegeta then says: “You… don’t know about that?”
Goku: “Mh? About what?”
Vegeta: “(About) that kiss(ing)…”
Goku’s “attarimee daro” can either mean “Well, of course?!” or “It’s a common thing to do, right?!”
Vegeta: (not stating WHO he is talking about) “…aren’t you married?” or possibly even “…they aren’t married?” refering to Trunks and Mai (they are in the panel after all.)
Goku: “Huh? Has that something to do with this?”
Like… I honestly don’t know what the whole point of this conversation is.

Are they completely talking past each other? Is Vegeta an idiot? Maybe Vegeta is like: “Duh, Bakarotto, why you so surprised two people put their mouths against each other?! You damn hick. You don’t know about that?! That’s what they call a kiss.” and Goku: “Yeah, of course I do, because it is a common thing.” I don’t even think this is about the momma-birding and more about Vegeta thinking Goku’s dumb and Vegeta being being uptight or even prude, because he doesn’t wat to continue the conversation, dissmissing it with an “Enough!”.

So, what Western audiences may not know, is that Japanese is a very contextual language, and if two people are having a conversation and assuming they’re referring to the same subject, but they’re not, they may not even realize it and walk away with a complete misunderstanding–it doesn’t help that in Japanese, usually, the context is implied, so if two people aren’t on the same page, misunderstandings can occur often. In the anime AND the manga, the “joke” is that Goku and Vegeta misunderstand each other due to this aspect of the Japanese language.

For the anime, most English and Japanese fans who logically concluded that, even with Goku’s childhood, common sense must prevail, and that the idea that Goku has never kissed Chichi after 20+ years of marriage and fathering two children with her–or that Chichi never even taught him what a kiss was or continued to remain ignorant of it when exposed to TV or public outings, figured that Goku was referring to Trunks momma-birding Mai–while Vegeta thought he was referring to kissing.

In the manga, Goku balks at the idea of not knowing what a “kiss” is, because it’s a very common thing. Like, duh, Vegeta. Interestingly, Vegeta’s option for translation here, since Goku has already stated he knows what kissing is, is to wonder aloud “…Trunks and Mai aren’t married?” which might imply that Vegeta has a more conservative view on kissing, or is wondering aloud about, after seeing his son kiss Mai, if they’re married.

When Goku asks,  Huh? Has that something to do with this?” the most sensible interpretation after what’s just been said, would be that Goku doesn’t see how kissing is something that is necessarily exclusive to marriage, so he wonders why Vegeta would even pose the question.

Before this though, Goku describes the literal description of kissing and with some awe, the manner in which Trunks does it–he hasn’t seen Trunks do it before now (which dismisses the “frequently/often” translation option) so Goku’s probably mentioning the natural manner in which Trunks “puts his lips up against her’s”, and in front of company in such a public and casual display of affection–all of which seems to have surprised Goku. The most logical interpretation of Goku’s response here would probably imply that he just doesn’t kiss Chichi in public or do PDA really, and thus the casual way Trunks “kisses” Mai in front of him and Vegeta strikes him as a culture shock. (which fits with the manga–and in the anime he’s only physically affectionate when they’re 1) alone or 2) around close friends or family)

This is pure speculation on my part because we still don’t know more details about The Chronicle of Albertan, the game that Min Hyuk developed, but you might have noticed that a picture of one of its female characters is hanging in BS’s room. And there have been already TWO scenes in which BS was shown standing next to it. Coincidence? Maybe, but let’s face it, kdrama writers are rarely so lazy. The female looks powerful AND mysterious, partly due to THE HOOD SHE IS WEARING. Doesn’t that remind you of someone?

I’m not saying it will turn out to be true but HOW AWESOME WOULD IT BE IF it were BS who inspired MH to create the game and she had left such an impression on him that he would base one of the game’s main characters ON HER?

I simply want to be dead.
Weeping she left me

with many tears and said this:
Oh how badly things have turned out for us.
Sappho, I swear, against my will I leave you.

And I answered her:
Rejoice, go and
remember me. For you know how we cherished you.

But if not, I want
to remind you
…and beautiful times we had.

For many crowns of violets
and roses
…at my side you put on

and many woven garlands
made of flowers
around your soft throat.

And with sweet oil
you anointed yourself

and on a soft bed
you would let loose your longing

and neither any… nor any
holy place nor
was there from which we were absent

no grove
no dance
no sound

—  Fragment 94 by Sappho
EXO Reaction #18: “Obliviate”

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Baekhyun held his wand straight towards you.  You were sitting in the couch looking at your phone.  Your eyes on a photo of you and baekhyun him kissing your cheek. He smiled as a tear rolled down his cheek remembering how he was so happy to finally have you.  But now he had to leave.  His friends, his brothers say out in the car waiting to go back to the train, back to danger, danger than she would be in.  Taking in a deep breath he whispered.


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“Chanyeol?” You called out as you walked into his apartment. Standing there in front of a suitcase he held his wand in his hand.

“Chanyeol?” You ask timidly as he turned around a serious look on his face.

“I’ve been told that muggles can’t know even if we want to spend a lifetime with them.”  

“That’s the second time you called me a muggle.”  You smiled as tears started to slip out.  He smiled as he whipped away at his eyes.

“I’m sorry…” he whispered.  

“Can I just have a kiss before.  I know I won’t remember but please…if I was…I would want a last kiss.”  Chanyeol walked over wiping away a tear as he held your face in his one hand. He clutched the wand tightly as he kissed you. His lips pressing hard against yours as he tried to hold everything in.  As he pulled away he hesitated as he spoke.  

“Obliviate.”  His face slowly went from the man you loved to someone who you’ve never met. You stumbled back as you looked around the room.  

“How did I get here?”

“You…were looking for a friend.”  

“Oh…do I know you?”  

“In a dream maybe.”  He smiled as you turned nodding.

“I’m sorry to bother you.”  You stated leaving him with a smile.  

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Jongdae rolled over in bed as he looked down at you. His eyes soften as his phone buzzed against the side table.  Looking at it his face fell.  

She’s in danger you need to leave - Chanyeol

Jongdae looked down at you.  He bite his bottom lip as he kissed the top of your head, his wand from under his pillow gripped in his hand.  


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Sanvers 2x17

What I’m hoping for:

  • Emily being one of Maggie’s first girlfriends, and bringing back all of Maggie’s baby gay memories. She wasn’t always as confident and sure of herself as she is now.
  • Flashbacks to teen!Maggie. (Hey, this list is called ‘what I’m hoping for’ not ‘what I’m expecting’)
  •      -  Bonus if the episode begins with a flashback of young Maggie and Emily doing something illegal, but we don’t know it’s them until later in the episode.
  • Maggie being a former troubled teen who straightened herself out -pun not intended- with the police adacemy.
  • Alex getting jealous. (Almost a given but hey.)
  •     - Bonus if her jealousy turns into concern when she discovers what Maggie (and Emily) used to get up to.
  • A proper fight.
  •     - Bonus if one of them lashes out and makes a few digs at the other.
  •     - Double Bonus if Alex mentions how much Emily looks like her, or Maggie having a type.
  •     - Triple Bonus and me having a stroke if it’s public.
  • Alex storming out of the restaurant.
  • Maggie crying/tearing up (because Floriana is just so good at this and we deserve to see it, though I’m more hopeful for 2x19 delivering this).
  • Alex pointing out that Maggie calls her ex by her first name all the time while Alex is usually ‘Danvers’ unless things are emotional.
  • Alex talking to Emily by herself (I’m an angst hoe, sue me.)
  • An honest conversation where Alex explains how jealous/insecure she felt, and Maggie reafirming that they’re the real thing.
  • A nod to ‘fresh of the boat’.
  • Alex comforting/giving words of affirmation to Maggie this time around.
  •      - Bonus if something of this sort makes an appearance: “Who you used to be does not define who you are (and I love you…which brings me to:
  • I LOVE YOU (s)
  •      -Bonus if it’s Maggie who goes “Alex, I love you” first

And last but not least

  • A Good Long Kiss. (Lemony Snicket voice: A ‘Good Long Kiss’, Long as in a kiss that lasts more than 3 seconds, more than just a meeting of lips but a  physical expression of all the progress the characters made in their relationship. And Good, meaning the actresses delivering and opening their mouths.)

I’m gonna be in class when the episode airs but I’m gonna come back to this and cross out everything that actually happens. (I have faith at least some of it will.)

Deep Dive / Follow You (Into the Dark) chapter 5: Luzrov

“But if Mikleo is an AI, then that means he’s out there!” Sorey cried. “How else could he have sent that message to me? It’s why we went searching for the data cloud, because we knew it would—”

< Sorey, > Lailah cut him off again, more sternly this time. < We don’t know whether he became an AI or not. >

“I refuse to believe he’s gone forever!”

< And if he has become an AI, what will you do? >

Sorey paused then, lost for a response. She turned to face Sorey properly, but her eyes didn’t quite meet his gaze. When he failed to answer her question, she continued.

< It is as you said, Sorey; to become an AI is to leave everything you knew behind, > Lailah said coolly. < Even if you manage to find Mikleo, will he still be the same person you knew? >

Pines Extended Family Roadtrip Shenanigans

So @garrulousgibberish wanted Pines Family roadtrip shenanigans, so here you are Ran! Also, I was blabbering with the lovely @impishnature about all of this as well XD

Despite what anybody else says, WENDY is actually the navigator and is solely responsible for them getting anywhere in any reasonable amount of time without any ‘wrong turns’ or 'we’re just going to see where this thing is i’m sure i can find its’ - she puts up with no one’s bullshit but will, for the sake of fun, let them go off on adventures that are off the mapped-out route. She’s just the one that makes sure that they know how to get BACK on track. 

Mabel is queen of the snacks. She has a literal suitcase full of homemade trail mix (complete with brightly colored N&Ns, dried cranberries, and the obligatory glitter), gummi-based snacks, truck-stop candy packages, chocolate, (for some reason prunes????), and of COURSE several gallons of Mabel juice. She also is a QUEEN at roadtrip games and keeps everyone entertained with them. 

Dipper is the one in charge of the radio and personally put together a FOUR DAY MIXTAPE so that they would never be without music. To everyone’s surprise, it contains a mix of everyone’s favorite songs (they were honestly expecting four days of Icelandic Pop music; this was a great relief). There’s sea shanties and sad space songs and the whole soundtrack of Secondary School Singing Theater (which gets squeals of delight from Candy, Grenda, Pacifica, and Mabel) along with some indie music, classic rock and roll, and one song that everyone liked but no one could actually remember how it went once it was over (the tape it was on may or may not have disappeared that night; the song had come on when they were driving through a particularly treacherous mountain pass and none of them could particularly remember actually GETTING OUT OF IT but when the song ended they were safely pulling into an RV camping ground at the base of the pass, so none of them were really complaining. Although it was rather strange that they couldn’t seem to find the camping ground on the map when they retraced their route later for everyone back home.)

Soos is the one who keeps everybody’s spirits up with his undying enthusiasm for the next thing on their list of 'Things To See’. He’s also the one who keeps an eye out for Pancake Houses and the signs for cool little cafes and drive-ins to try out. Somehow he ends up finding ALL SIX liminal space restaurants along that particular stretch of highway. Everybody except Ford is a little freaked out by the realization, but after the first few liminal space restaurants end up being really cool and safe and the staff are nice, everyone relaxes. The employees at these places don’t seem to mind how obnoxious and frankly ridiculous the Pines Extended family is and they end up being greeted warmly at all the rest of the liminal space stops (all of the liminal spaces for travellers are actually connected, and the employees of each of them call ahead and let each other know who the nice travellers are and who to avoid). Soos gets left at the last liminal space restaurant but thanks to a few kind employees, he’s able to make it to a liminal space rest stop ahead of the RV and is waiting for the rest of the family there to pick him up. They do. No one questions it. This is Soos.

Ford and Stan mostly take turns driving, except when Soos and Wendy decided that BOTH of them have reached the Grumpy Old Man Driving quota and are banned from driving for the rest of the day and night. (Wendy has her license by this point and, contrary to popular belief, is actually a very good driver.). Ford is fascinated by every anomaly they encounter but he lets several research opportunities go in favor of perfectly normal roadtrip shenanigans. His family is stranger and more fascinating and endearing than any anomaly he can come across.

Ford also introduces (or re-introduces) everyone to filk, singing a lot himself. Wendy accompanies him on guitar, Pacifica (surprisingly) on harmonica (she and Stan have a bit of a bonding moment over it) and Fiddleford on banjo. Once everyone realizes what filk actually IS, they proceed to spend the rest of the roadtrip off-and-on writing their own roadtrip songs. Since they have no recording equipment other than cell phones, Fiddleford takes it upon himself to invent a recording device that captures video as well and also happens to double as a burglar-safe for the RV. 

Fiddleford knows a scary amount of anime opening theme songs, which he can sing - COMPLETELY IN JAPANESE, WITH A PERFECT ACCENT. No on is actually surprised by this. He also has learned Korean after Candy introduced him to Korean dramas and Manwha, which he now watches with her regularly and they converse about in Korean. (Candy also assisted him in building the recording-device/burglar defense, as she has become his assistant and is learning the finer points of robotics and revenge plotting from him). 

Pacifica is the one who makes sure people actually BATHE and change their clothes at the campsites each night, because no way in Weirdmaggedon is she riding in an RV full of smelly, poorly dressed people, no THANK YOU. Especially YOU, DIPPER PINES. She also is the one who ends up covering any unexpected expenses on the trip (her family isn’t POOR after Weirdmaggedon; they’re still rich, just significantly less so. Also, she’s started her own highly successful business, so she’s decent off herself). 

Candy is the medic on the trip. Which isn’t too much of surprise, really, given that she’s pretty much the only one other than Ford and Wendy who can maintain a cool head in the face of a cut in need of stitches or a Bee-Bear sting. And it’s usually Ford or Wendy she’s having to take care of, so it makes sense. Candy is also the one on the one on the roadtrip who has read all of the travel pamplets and acts as the impromptu tour guide for every place they visit (she also assists Wendy in navigation at times; Candy is usually Wendy’s co-pilot, while Soos makes sure both of the Stans take a break and/or sleep). 

Grenda is the one on the road trip who makes sure everyone’s phones are charged and who spends a decent amount of time on the phone herself (mostly with Marius, but occasionally with some of the other folks at home to let them know that yes, they are actually all still alive and doing well). When one of the tires goes out on the RV, Grenda lifts THE ENTIRE RV UP so that Stan and Soos can change the tire. Everyone is impressed, and slightly alarmed. Mabel and Candy high-five each other and scream GIRL POWER! At the top of their lungs. The sight of a teenager lifting up an RV single-handedly causes several  drivers to lose control of their cars and crash. The Pines extended family notices none of this and goes on their way.

That’s about all from me! I hope you enjoyed this XD

-Nana Graye