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Hi guys! :)

I’ve been wanting to get to know more SKAM fans, and I thought it might be a good idea to create a family for people who love the show. The idea is to have a cosy space where we make new friends, have fun together and do all kinds of nice things — for example chatting with each other, watching/analysing episodes, collaborating on SKAM-related projects and much more. Bli med, da!


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  • Send me the following information: your name / the country you come from / the three SKAM characters you’d most like to be in the family / your favourite quote from the series (no longer than a short sentence, either in English or in Norwegian)    
  • I’ll do my best to give you one of the characters you want on a first-come-first-served basis  
  • You’ll be put on this network page and messaged privately with more details when I’ve added you 
  • There’s no deadline and no official limit for the amount of sign ups (though I might need to make some adjustments if 20+ people want to join)  

Enjoy and spread the word! :) Tusen takk.

Top Five Reasons Why The Next DA Book Should Be About Asha Campana
  1. She’s one of the people who, more than anyone else, made Thedas what it is today. More than Calenhad (who got part of the comics about him.) More than Drakon (who got /constantly/ mentioned in the Jaws of Hakkon DLC and in World Of Thedas.) One codex entry says her marriage ‘ perhaps the most important event in Thedas’s history since the blackening of the Golden City.’ You can’t tell me that doesn’t deserve a book.
  2. Asha seems like an interesting character. Unlike Maric and Rhys, who are very similar characters to each other, (I can’t speak for the main characters of the other DA books as I have not read them because they are neither on audio book, nor do they have Fiona in them so I couldn’t force myself so muddle through to read them.) Asha isn’t like either of them. From what we know of her, she’s cunning, with a mind for strategy, but also a mother loving enough to inspire loyalty in her children (otherwise their marriages wouldn’t work in her favor. A character like that could be impossibly interesting.
  3. Asha is a woman of color, specifically a black woman, Bioware can’t whitewash. Because she died in the Black age, she can’t appear alive in any games. Unlike Briala and Fiona, both women of color from the books, who were whitewashed when they appeared in game, this can’t happen to Asha. 
  4. We have explored Antiva and Rivain very little in the games. Most of what we know comes from 1) biased sources (in the case of Rivain) 2) Post-Qunari Invasion (in the case of Rivain) 3) Isabela, Josephine, and Zevran. We as the players have never experienced it. Unlike Ferelden and Orlais, which we’ve seen many times. 
  5. They could make Asha a mage and explain why it seems that most noble families in Thedas (except for Ferelden, where only the Guerrins have a mage child after Eamon marries Isolde) seems to end up having at least one mage kid somewhere along the line. Asha didn’t marry any of her children to Fereldans, and she seems roughly analogous to Queen Victoria, who was a carrier for hemophilia, having similar results. 

why have a leo and raph rivalry when we can have a leo and mikey one like cmon man everyone knows tht da vinci and michelangelo didnt like each other why not stay Tru to their artist counterparts also it would be 100% more interesting ya kno mikey as the loving fun party guy tht everyone likes to hang out with and leonardo as the “boring” all-work-no-play one its not that hard also different perspective from the usual story imho