we know adam scott now right


Sam: Why did he (Theo) choose Y/N? *thinks it’s his fault and he must warn you because you’re innocent* 

Stiles: I don’t know… Maybe-maybe he knows we can’t let Y/N learn about… this.

Sam: Yeah. I know. She’d find us crazy.

Stiles: Right. But now I can’t even imagine what she thinks about us.


*in the woods*

Scott: The Dread Doctors are very dangerous. You can’t underestimate them.

Adam: I don’t give a damn. I won’t let anyone to put me in the Hell cage again. 

Scott: The Hell cage? How is that?

Adam: Forget it. I only know that without Y/N it’ll be opened for me again.


Liam: She knows now.

Scott: We can’t be sure.

Liam: And how you’re gonna explain her that? Some guy kidnaps her and we don’t call the police. It even sounds strange.

Scott: Liam, I don’t know. I’ll- *hears something*

Brett: What is it?

Dean: *comes to them and looks gloomy* Hey, kids.

Adam: Found something?

Dean: Unfortunately.

Balthazar: Miss me?

Adam: *gets angry because Balthazar was supposed to be his guardian angel but left him when the Winchesters found Adam* Why are you here?

Balthazar: Wow, amazing. You scare me just like your brother, right, Dean?

Dean: *desire to kill and hurt is on*

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