we knew them when


      Bex just gave a calm smile as if she’d known this moment was coming ever since the day the Blackthorne Boys walked through the front doors—like it was inevitable that the Gallagher Girls would eventually bring at least one of them to their knees.

HERE is a toast (kinda?) to the times of P5 when we barely knew anyone’s name, right before the game’s western release.

- when Akira was Chair-kun (and Harry Potter)

- when Ann was Junko Enoshima

- when Ryuji was Naruto

- when Yusuke was Jun #2

- when Makoto was ‘the girl with the bike Persona’ 

- when Haru was simply ‘Adieu’

- when Futaba was an inkling

- when Goro was Mike Wazowski

- when Morgana was simply a cat

…. yeah, I can’t remember anything about Morgana, sorry. And when we didn’t know and could only guess so many other things! Here’s to another decade or so with this group of misfits! ^_^

The Fourth Musketeer (Part 2)

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Part one here

Requests: I just read The Fourth Musketeer and I’m in love! Will you release the next part soon? I can’t wait ❤❤❤

Can u please do a part 2 of “the four musketeer” please?

I know requests are closed and so please don’t even rush with this request like honestly take however long you want to, but I actually need a 2nd part of ‘the fourth musketeer’ your writing is so amazing!

Pairing: Archie x Reader

Description: Veronica has become invested in (Y/N)’s story, and so she seeks out those who knew her.

Warnings: none

Word count: 1,437

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A/N: I have been having so much fun writing this series, hope you guys enjoy this part!

“(Y/N)” was the only word that came out of Veronica’s mouth as she sat down at the lunch table. Jughead, Betty, and Kevin’s heads all snapped up.

“How do you know about (Y/N)?” Kevin questioned.  Veronica shrugged.

“Archie was kind of having a meltdown at Jughead’s party,” she answered.  Betty and Jughead shared a concerned look.

“God, what happened?” Betty asked.

“He was screaming her name when I came up,” Veronica explained.  "He babbled on about how much he loved her and that he should’ve told her and that he kissed her.“

“Wait, he kissed her?” Kevin interrupted, his eyes doubling in size.  He glanced over at Jughead and Betty who appeared to be just as shocked as he was.

“You didn’t know?” Veronica’s eyes widened.

“No,” Jughead muttered, shaking his head.  "He never told us.“

“We always knew they had a thing for each other,” Kevin elaborated.  "But we never knew that something actually happened between them.“

"When did she move?”

“Two years ago,” Jughead answered.  "The summer before eighth grade.“

"There was this dance,” Betty reminisced, “in the fall of our eighth grade year.”

“Archie was gonna ask (Y/N),” Jughead frowned.  "He was preparing himself ever since he first heard about the dance.“

"And he never got the chance,” Kevin sighed.

“Do you know why she moved?” Veronica inquired.  The rest of her table shrugged.

“Probably her dad,” Betty replied.  "He was a really intense lawyer, and he got relocated to some big city firm.“

”(Y/N) was gonna try and stay with the Andrews,“ said Jughead.  "They were more than willing to take her in, too. But-”

“But, of course, her parents wanted her to go with them,” Veronica finished.  Jughead grimly nodded.  "So two whole years, and Archie still isn’t over this girl?“

"Well the thing is,” Betty grimaced, “he never coped well with her leaving.  After (Y/N) left he was… strange.  He practically denied her existence.”


"Yeah,” Kevin chimed in.  "He never talked about her or anything.  It was pretty frightening, actually.  It seemed like he had completely forgotten about her.“

"And if you’re wondering why Archie can’t get over her,” Jughead answered Veronica’s unasked question, “it’s because he was always in love with her.”

“Yeah, he told me that,” she mumbled.

“I don’t think you understand though,” he said.  "They were both so in love.  They were always there for each other, caring for each other.  When Archie’s parents were fighting, (Y/N) was there; whenever (Y/N)’s dog died, Archie was there.  You couldn’t find one without the other.  Betty and I were also good friends with them, but those two?  They were inseparable.“

Maybe it was Veronica’s fascination with dramatic love stories; maybe it was her desire for an explanation as to why Archie didn’t return her feelings for him.  Either way, she found herself searching for more information about (Y/N).  That was how she ended up at the Andrews household.  Archie wasn’t home.

”(Y/N)?“ Fred Andrews repeated, holding a beer as he sat across from Veronica.  "I haven’t heard that name in a while.”

“I, on the contrary, have been hearing her name quite a lot lately,” Veronica shrugged, sipping on a glass of water.  "So what happened between her and Archie?“

"Oh, I don’t think it’s my place to say,” Mr. Andrews sighed.  "It’s Archie’s tale to tell.“

"He already told me about her,” Veronica quickly explained.  "But only the happy parts.  Only the parts he wants to remember.“  Mr. Andrews exhaled and took another swig of beer.  He stared at Veronica for a moment in silence.

"Why do you want to know?” he finally asked.

“I like hearing stories,” she shrugged. “This sounds like a good book.”  Fred Andrews laughed.

“If this was a book,” he responded, “my son would’ve had a happy ending with that girl.”

“Maybe he will,” Veronica offered.  "I don’t think the story’s over yet.“  Fred’s laughter shrunk into a smile.  He cleared his throat.

"If there’s one thing you should know about (Y/N),” he started, “it’s that she is the purest soul you will ever meet.  She was kind and gentle, and she was exactly what Archie needed.”  Veronica quietly nodded, intrigued.  "I knew both her father and mother quite well.  So, of course, when our children were born around the same time, we knew we wanted them to be best friends.  A couple years later, we realized we wanted them to get married.“  Fred Andrews and Veronica both laughed.  "Sometimes in the movies you see the boy and girl resisting each other because when you’re little, it’s gross to talk to someone who’s the opposite gender.  That was never the case with Archie and (Y/N).  They were both sweet on each other.”

“That’s so cute,” Veronica cooed.

“It was,” Mr. Andrews sighed.  "I remember this one day; I think Archie was eleven at the time.  He and (Y/N) were at the park all day, as they usually were.  That night, he came running home and swung the door open.  His mouth was going at a mile per minute.  When I finally got him to slow down, he told me that he was in love with (Y/N).  He had the biggest grin on his face.“

"The day he kissed her?” Veronica clarified.  Mr. Andrews chuckled.

“Yeah.  God, it made me so happy.  I knew that he sometimes overheard his mom and I fighting, and I was worried that it would somehow affect his relationships.  That kind of stuff damages a kid, you know?  But he had stars in his eyes as he talked about (Y/N), and I don’t think I’ve seen him that happy since then.”

“I heard you offered to take her in,” Veronica changed the subject, “when she was going to move.”  Fred Andrews stiffly nodded.

“Archie’s mom and I fought a lot.  But (Y/N)’s parents?  That poor kid.  She slept over here so many times because the screaming was keeping her awake.  And the saddest part was she never cried or appeared to be sad.  She would just come in here, clutching Archie’s hand, looking up at me with big sad eyes and politely asked me to stay.  Of course, I never refused.”  Veronica frowned.  "When I heard she was moving, I was concerned about how crushed Archie was, sure, but I couldn’t bear to let (Y/N) go off on her own with her parents.  At least when she was in Riverdale, I knew she had a safe place here.  Now, I don’t know if she has one.“  He took a long swig of beer before continuing. ”(Y/N) was like a daughter to me.  Archie isn’t the only one who loved her.“

"Sounds like a special girl,” Veronica commented.  Fred nodded.

“She was.”

“Have you ever considered writing a book about this?”  Veronica sat across from Jughead in Pop’s.  He lightly glared at her, lowering his laptop lid.

“Write about what?” he snapped.  She had interrupted his writing when he was in the zone.

“(Y/N),” she answered.  Jughead shot a glance at Betty.

“You know before Jason Blossom was shot, (Y/N) and Archie were the most interesting things in Riverdale.”

“Wasn’t there a two-year gap between (Y/N) leaving and Jason getting shot?” Veronica inquired.

“Isn’t it interesting that someone so in love could just pretend that the person they loved never existed?” Betty countered on Jughead’s behalf.

“Touché,” Veronica muttered.

“Anyways, to answer your question, of course I’ve considered it,” Jughead said.  "In fact, I already wrote a whole novel.“

"Seriously?” Betty and Veronica exclaimed simultaneously.  Jughead nodded nonchalantly.

“Of course.  But I do think something is missing,” he responded.  Veronica furrowed her eyebrows.

“What do you mean?”

“Well I kept it non-fiction,” he elaborated.  "I didn’t add anything that didn’t happen.  Although, I guess now I’ll have to put in the kiss.  Anyways, I don’t have a plot twist.“

”(Y/N) moving isn’t plot twist enough for you?“ Betty asked a question this time.

"That’s the climax,” he explained.  "Everything that happened after that was the falling action.  I have no plot twist and no resolution.“  All three sitting at the table furrowed their eyebrows.  A faint jingle alerted the diner that there was a new customer.  Betty casually glanced up and then did a double take at what she saw.  She gripped Jughead’s arm.

"Is that plot twist enough for you?” she whispered, gesturing towards the entrance.  Jughead and Veronica’s gaze both snapped towards the front, their focus attaching to the figure who just walked in.

“No way,” Jughead breathed.

“Is that…” Veronica trailed off, unable to form a sentence.  Jughead and Betty both nodded, confirming her suspicions.


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Theory: everyone’s a crow. well @drurad ofcourse


Margaret Beaufort and Elizabeth of York

“If we look at what we can deduce about the King’s mother, she was clearly a dynamic, formidable, determined and energetic lady; just the sort of woman you would want to have on your side. If Elizabeth did find her at all “overbearing” -and this is a very modern reaction- she may well have accepted that, as it was balanced by the great assistance Margaret was able to offer. Having an experienced older woman at her side, particularly when she pregnant or in Henry’s absence, may well have been reassuring. As for being “close,” again, this is subjective and perhaps, a bit of a misnomer; in terms of the late medieval impulse for survival and the need to forge alliances, Elizabeth and Margaret found a sort of equilibrium that allowed them to be allies. Their mutual interest bound them together.”

–Amy Licence

What if since meeting your soulmate is the best thing to happen to you, they get teleported to the site of the worst thing that’s happened to you?

or: my take on this AU by @shitty-check-please-aus

Jack skates through the crowd of his teammates who are currently mobbing the small blonde freshman who brought pie of all things into his practice.  He’s kind of intending to ask the kid what the hell he thinks he’s doing feeding these guys before they have to go run drills, anyway.  Like seriously, does he want a rink full of projectile-vomiting jocks?  Cuz that’s an ugly scene that he does not want to explain to the ice crew.  But he’s the captain, and so when guys on his team act like morons, Jack is always the one who has to go apologize on behalf of the Samwell Men’s Hockey Team.

He’s more than ready to lay into the new guy, but when the crowd parts, and new guy looks up, he smiles this nervous little smile and says,

“Hi!  I’m Eric -” and then everything goes black.  

Coach Bittle got into the habit of always checking the janitor’s closet on his way out of the building every night.  After what happened to Junior, he ended up just sort of gravitating there.  The first time he’d had the urge to check inside, he’d ignored it and spent the rest of the night tossing and turning, imagining a tiny freshman, plopped on a bucket and crying their eyes out.  When the custodian showed up at 5, Coach was already waiting in his truck with a cup of coffee.  Now he just gives in.  Figures that as far as compulsive, guilty urges go, it’s not that bad.  Only takes him another minute out of his way, and now he goes home and sleeps like a baby.

Luckily, depite making it part of his nightly routine for the past few years, nobody’s actually been locked in there.  Well.  Locked in.  There were certainly a few encounters he interrupted.  Those times he was delayed more than a minute having to make uncomfortable phone calls to parents.  

The first and only time that Coach Bittle rescues someone from the janitor’s closet is actually not even during the school year, and he isn’t actually checking for anyone.  He’d just come in to do some paperwork for preseason and spilled coffee on his desk, and when he goes to get the actually absorbent paper towels from the closet, he finds a very large, very confused man in full hockey gear.

“AHHHH!” They both scream and jolt back, Coach stumbling and catching himself on the drinking foundtain, the large hockey man, being not so lucky and still wearing skates, sits in a mop bucket.  His only solace seems to be that it’s currently empty.

“What in the sam hell!?” Coach yells, regaining his footing.  Hockey man flinches and his eyes dart around like a cornered racoon.

“Where am I?” he chokes out.  “What’s - what’s going on?”  He looks up and meets Coach’s eyes.  Coach looks down at hockey man’s jersey.  Samwell Men’s Hockey.  And he is not a stupid man by any stretch of the imagination, so it takes only a few stunned seconds to realize that this must me Junior’s soulmate.  Why else would one of his teammates have been catapulted down to Georgia?

“You’re in Madison, Georgia, son.  Looks like you just met your soulmate.”

“My - but I - I was at practice?”  Hockey man looks up at him, and from way down there, looking so goddamn confused, he finally looks young enough to be playing with Dicky’s team.

“And now you’re here.  So what does that tell you?”  Coach raises an eyebrow.

“That…I…met my soulmate?”

“Sounds about right.  Also sounds like you probably need to be getting on your way back, don’t it?”

“Um, yes.  That would be.  I should.  Um.  Go.”

“Might want to start with taking off the skates first.”

“Oh, I.  Yes.”  Hockey man awkwardly lifts his legs one by one and scrunches up to untie his laces.  Coach helps him pull the skates off, and then offers a hand up out of the bucket.

“Thank you, sir.”

“No trouble.”

“Jack Zimmermann,” he introduces himself and holds his hand out to shake.  “Nice to meet you.”

“Eric Bittle Senior,” Coach tells him, trying not to feel a little pleased when the boy’s face goes pale in recognition.  “Come on, I’ll give you a ride back where y’all belong.”

“But I - That’s Massachusetts.”

“I know what I said.  Hussle, you’ve got another practice tomorrow mornin’ I bet.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Then we oughtta hope traffic’s on our side.”

Meanwhile, Bob Zimmermann nearly cuts his ear off shaving when he hears a loud thump followed by a sqeuak behind him.  He turns to find a strange young man in a Samwell Men’s Hockey jersey sprawled across his bathroom floor, clutching a pecan pie to his chest.

“Chrisse!” He yells, razor clattering to the sink.  He manages to catch his towel before it falls, luckily, but his yelling seems to have startled the poor kid even more.  He’s shaking a little as he sets the pie down gently and sits up. The blades of his skates clink against the tile.

“I - Um - Oh dear, I am so sorry!  I don’t - I don’t know what happened!  I was at practice and then - I mean - I’ll just be going.”

“Non!”  Bob rushes to assure the boy it’s fine, but when he steps forward, it startles him all over again.  Clearing his throat, Bob steps back and switches to English.  “I mean, there’s no need to apologize.  I know why you’re here, I just - wasn’t expecting you at this particular moment.”

“You…were expecting me?”

“Well…not you exactly, but…the…concept? of you?  Jack’s soulmate.  We - His mother and I, we knew when he met them, they would show up here.”

“Oh…I…guess that makes sense?”

“I’m sorry we had to meet like this.  I feel terribly underdressed.”  The boy stares at him blankly until Bob cracks a smile.  Then, he breaks out into loud pleals of laughter.  His eyes are a warm brown and crinkle at the corners, his nose scrunches.  He looks like such a happy person.  Maybe happy enough that some of it will rub off on Jack.

Hockey boy stands up and shakes the hand that isn’t holding Bob’s towel up.  “Eric Bittle, pleasure to meet you.”

“Bob Zimmermann, nice to meet you too.”  Another good (although strange, very strange) sign: there isn’t a trace of recognition in the boy’s face at hearing the name “Bob Zimmermann”.  Of course Jack’s soulmate would be the only hockey player alive who had no clue who the fuck his father is.  

Eric hobbles out of the bathroom and sits against the wall in the hallway to take his skates off before making his way downstairs to the kitchen where Bob had said his wife Alicia was probably hanging out.  Sure enough, when he found the (gorgeous.  stunning.  drool-worthy.) kitchen, there was a  tall, blonde woman sitting cross-legged on one of the barstools, a cup of coffee in one hand and the other propping open a book.

“Hello,” he announces himself quietly.  She’s still startled, though not nearly as much as her husband had been.  When she turns and gets a look at him, she puts the coffee down and lets the pages of the book flop freely, unfolding herself from the seat.

“Hello.  You must be…”

“Eric.  Eric Bittle.”

“Right.  And -”

“Jack’s soulmate.  Yes ma’am, it would seem so.”  He smiles timidly, and is most definitely not expecting to be enveloped in a hug.

“It’s so nice to meet you.”

“The pleasure’s all mine, Mrs. Zimmermann.”

“Well,” Alicia steps back and puts her hands on her hips, regarding Eric with a motherly smile.  “Can I get you a cup of coffee while we wait for Bob?”

Jack and Coach switch drivers every state.  Coach insists that each time, they take a photo in front of the Welcome sign.  Jack snaps a few pictures on his phone when he’s in the passenger seat.  When it’s his turn to drive, he tries to educate Coach on the finer points of hockey and the top NCAA teams, and Coach in turn tries to explain how the hell football works.

The Zimmermanns put Eric on a plane back to Massachusetts that night with his hockey gear stuffed in a duffel and wearing the least obviously early 2000s clothes they could find in Jack’s old dresser.  

“We wish we could go with you,” Alicia tells him, seeming genuinely sad to be sending him off alone.

“But Jack probably wouldn’t appreciate…intruding.  He likes to keep his life at school seperate from his life back home, you know?”  

“Of course, don’t worry a bit.  It was so nice meeting y’all.”

When the airport shuttle leaves Eric in front of his dorm, he’s exhausted from the trip and starting to stress out about seeing Jack.  His soulmate.  Who he’d barely seen in the first place, only a quick impression of tall and eyes before he’d been wormholed to Montreal.  He thinks he has to be seeing things when he first catches sight of his father’s old blue truck pulled up against the curb.  

He shakes himself and starts for the building, but from behind him, Coach’s voice calls,

“Dicky!  Er- Eric!”  Eric’s head spins a little with how fast he turns around.  Because there’s no way.  His dad hadn’t been able to get away from preseason long enough to drive Eric up to school in the first place.  There’s no way he’s - But the there’s Jack, sliding out of the passenger seat.  Because Coach had driven him.  All the way from Georgia.  Because he’s Eric’s soulmate.  Coach is hand-delivering the love of Eric’s life and he just…cannot with this day anymore.

So he focuses on the one tiny part that he can wrap his travel-weary brain around.  He walks up to Jack, who’s watching him raptly, eyes darting everywhere like he’s trying to make sure he memorizes everything before he disappears again, and says,

“I don’t think we managed to introduce ourselves properly last time.”

Jack laughs.

When I make that first big personal connection with a challenging student.

i do have a private blog i made for ships, and i dont have to disclose why i ships those things bc its personal to me, but i did make sure the blog was flagged nsfw and private, i only gave the url to people who asked for it and were above the age of 18

and the fact that you ‘exposed’ it isnt you trying to protect kids, you literally linked it for them to see. and the chat that got ‘linked’ was just from one chat group we had that was centered around nsfw, no minors were in that specific group. we all also used it for venting and talking, and a lot of the things we said were said in anger and not meant to be shared with the whole internet.

everyone in that group has dealt with some form of mental illness/abuse, we all made that chat to cope and bond over similar experiences. 

Looks like a Dad thing

Team Free Will x Daughter!Reader

Requested by @mutifandomgirl

Teasing normally came with the territory or wearing your uncles old rock shirts and hand me down boots from a hunter they’d bumped into or clothes that had been passed along to the Winchesters’. Even when they made fun of you for being adopted, on the rare occasion you stayed in one place long enough for them to find out you could handle.

When you finally settled in Kansas you thought making friends at school would be a breeze, you didn’t have to move around as much, you got a part time job and could afford your own things and your life seemed for one, pretty amazing.

Which is why it took everyone by surprise when you burst into the bunker in tears, tossing your bag down as you hurried to your room, the peaceful silence effectively destroyed.

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Sometimes I like remembering the earlier days of this fandom, when the books haven’t all been released yet, the headcanons we had. Something that always amuses me to remember is Blaise Zabini. I’ve always liked the Slytherins, so I used to read a lot of fanfiction about them. Before HBP was out, when we basically just knew the name, some people actually saw Zabini as a girl. I’ve always pictured him as a boy, because the translation into my language chose words that made that clear. So I used to rather read fanfics with male Zabini. And, somehow, despite ever only once being mentioned at all in the books, he was a very popular character. Maybe because people wanted to write a friend for Draco but thought Crabbe and Goyle were too stupid to take seriously, so he ended up being chosen instead. The thing is in every fanfic I read he was described as a very attractive white guy, with dark hair and blue eyes. Sometimes a darker and scarier version of Draco, sometimes a lighter and more easy going version of him, but usually portrayed as vain, sarcastic, arrogant, charming and the one person who didn’t put Draco in a pedestal and was able to tell him to shut up. When HBP was released, some of these ideas were kind of confirmed, which should have pleased people. But there was one detail: he was black. Damn, how people lost their shit over that.

50. Drarry Holiday (Children Return Home)

Harry had been eager for weeks for the return of his four children from Hogwarts for the holidays.  Both he and his husband, Draco, had been planning the perfect trip home; they were practically giddy when they pulled the car into the lot of King’s Cross Station.

“Do you think they’ll want to go straight home or should we stop to get some cocoa and go for a short walk?”  Draco asked excitedly.

“Calm down love.  I imagine they’ll be exhausted after exams.  Why don’t we just wait to ask them?  Besides, we have plenty of time to do all that we planned.”

“I know…this is just hard, it’s the first year that all four of them have been gone.  The house has been really lonely.”  Draco sighed.

“Oh is that so?  Sorry that I’m such a bore to you then.” teased Harry.  He gave his husband a soft kiss before they tightened their scarves and began the walk to Platform 9 ¾.

They walked onto the Platform just as their youngest; Lily was getting off the train.  Seeing her fathers she gasped and ran to hug them.

“Hi Dad!!!  Dad!!  She stopped to give them each an extra hug before she stepped back, “You guys look so…old.  How long was I gone?”

“Wow!  Thanks Lil, we appreciate it.”  Draco smirked at his daughter before looking up to see their boys walking up to them, significantly less happy to see them there.  “Woah…what’s wrong with you boys?  Did McGonagall give you all last minute detention or something?”

“Can we just get home please?”  Scorpius said angrily before pushing past his family.

Harry and Draco gave each other a look of concern before looking at James and Albus, who both had their heads down.

“Boys?” Draco asked.

“Yeah…uhm, long train ride.  Can we get home?”  James started to walk to the archway, Albus following closely behind.

Lily had been attached to Harry’s hip since she got off the train.  He gave her a look of concern but she shrugged and then went to quickly hug her friends’ goodbye.

The two men began to follow their children out to the car.  

“That was…strange.”  Harry whispered to his husband. “What do you think happened that would make all three of them upset?”

“Maybe they got into a fight with someone?”  Draco offered.  “Or with each other.”

“Maybe.  But that doesn’t explain why they weren’t excited to see us.  When they left Scorpius wouldn’t even let go of you.  Don’t you remember having to pull him aside and promise him that you would be right back here to pick him up for the holidays?”

“I do…maybe we can talk about it when we get home for supper.  I guess cocoa and the walk is out of the question.”  Draco said sadly.

“Sorry love.”  Harry offered him a side hug and a quick kiss before they got to the car.


Draco pulled into the driveway before turning off the engine and sat back in his seat.  Harry could tell he was upset about the lack of excitement coming from their boys, so he took his hand and gave it a tight squeeze.  No sooner had they come to a stop than their children all gotten out of the car and went inside.  In order, Scorpius, James, and Albus all went in without saying so much as a “thanks”.  Harry turned to Lily, “Okay Lil, spill.  What’s going on?”

Lily looked down into her lap and looked at her fathers hesitantly.  “Well…I don’t think they want me to tell you.  Actually I know they don’t, Scorp told me that I wasn’t allowed to say anything but they’re acting so strangely I don’t—”

“Lily.”  Draco said, looking at her expectantly.

“There’s been a few rumors going around the school…about…Dad.” she looked up at Draco, afraid that she was going to be in trouble and then looked back down into her lap.

“And what are those rumors, Lily?”  Harry’s heart was sinking.  He could only guess what the kids were saying at school.

“Well…they said that Dad was one of…one of his followers, and that there was proof they weren’t lying!”

Draco and Harry exchanged a look of great concern.  “Go on Lil.” Harry said quietly.

“They talk about…him…in Defense Against the Dark Arts.  And they say he was this terrible wizard who did so many awful things!  Daddy they say that you were on his side and you tried to hurt so many people…including Daddy!”  There were tears filling her eyes.  Draco looked as though he had just seen a ghost.  He couldn’t make his eyes meet Harry’s.

Harry knew that his husband couldn’t speak so he tried to ask for more information from Lily, “Okay…so are the boys just upset that people are talking about Dad then?”

“Well…not entirely.  You see…James and Al are in Gryffindor.  So they don’t really get it as bad…but Scorp is in Slytherin…so they say that he is just like Daddy.  Which didn’t really make sense to me because Daddy didn’t even do anything wrong, they don’t know what they’re talking about…right Daddy?”  Lily said with tears streaming down her face.  She looked at Draco with a look of fear and confusion before Harry stepped in again to try and help him.  

“So Scorp is being bullied by other kids at school?”

“Yeah.”  Lily said quietly, still looking at Draco before turning to Harry.

“Okay.  Well, why don’t you head inside Lil?  We’re just going to talk for a few minutes, then we’ll be inside okay?”

Lily quietly got out of the car before walking inside.  She looked at Draco once more and then went through the door.  The car was filled with a painful silence.  Harry took Draco’s hand back into his own.

“We had to know this day was coming, love.  We need to talk to the boys, they’ll understand.”  Harry offered.

“And if they don’t?”

“They will.  Draco, we knew when we sent them to Hogwarts that they were going to find out about Voldemort and our past.  We decided they were too young to understand.  If they hear the truth from us then maybe they will feel a bit better.  Besides Draco, you know you had no choice.  We just need to talk to them.”

“Yeah…I guess.”

“Come on love, let’s get inside.  It’s getting cold and I bet the kids are starving.  We’ll talk with them once we sit down for supper.”  They got out of the car and before going through the front door Harry pulled Draco into a tight hug.  “You had no other choice love.  You have nothing to be ashamed of, and you have every reason to be proud of the person you are.”  Harry whispered into his ear with the hope that Draco was listening to him.  The two exchanged a kiss before heading inside.


Harry called his children from upstairs to come to supper.  When everyone was seated he looked across the table to Draco.  He still hadn’t said anything since coming inside.  He had briefly gone into the study, but Harry figured it was best to leave him alone.  Harry cleared his throat and his children looked at him expectantly.  “I think it’s clear that we all need to talk.  If no one has anything to say, I’ll start.”  He looked at each of his children individually, taking an extra moment to look at Scorpius, who just turned away.

“Your father and I know that you are hearing things at school.  We want to tell you all the truth about some things, and we want to answer any questions you might have.  Okay?”

Harry took in a sharp breath before continuing.  “Many years ago there was a dark wizard.  He was very dangerous, and very powerful.  He had many followers, some willingly, and some—” he paused, “—some unwillingly.  Voldemort, as I’m sure you have all learned about in Defense Against the Dark Arts was a terrible wizard who hurt so many people, and he only cared about himself.  I’m sure you all have heard more from others at school, and from professors, but I want to make one thing clear,” he looked up at Draco from across the table and continued, “we knew that someday you were going to find out about Voldemort, but we wanted to tell you at the right time and in the right way.  Not telling you before now was our way of protecting you…but it seems as though we might have misjudged your maturity.  It is time that you know the truth.  Does anyone have any questions so far?”

None of his children made a noise, but Scorpius continued to avoid Harry’s eyes, so he continued, “Your father and I have heard that there are rumors going on about our family.  I’m sure that some of them are true in some fashion, but we want to clear this all up.  Your father is a great man.  Much like this family, he was raised to listen to his parents and respect them.  Unfortunately for him, his family was on the losing side of the battle, and they were under Voldemort’s control for a long time.”  Harry looked up at Draco with the hope that he would take over, but he stayed silent and continued to stare down like Scorpius.  Harry continued, “For many years Voldemort was gaining power, and it was after our fifth year of Hogwarts that things had gotten really bad.  Voldemort had returned—”

“No offense Dad but we don’t really need another lecture in Defense Against the Dark Arts while we’re home.  We get it; he was a dark and scary wizard.  What I want to know is how the hell did Dad end up so ‘good’ if he tried to help the worst wizard of all time…if he was a…a Death Eater?!”  Scorpius spat out.  He looked furious, and Harry tried his best to remain calm.  

“Son, sit down, and don’t talk like that at this table!”  Harry said a little more aggressively than he had intended.  “Do you all have enough of a backstory then?”  His patience was running out.  He felt his blood starting to boil.  He knew that it wasn’t their fault for wanting answers, but he was so frustrated for Draco that he was becoming more and more angry by the minute.

“Harry…please.”  Draco finally spoke.  He looked at each of his children before slowly rolling up his left sleeve.  They gasped at the sight of the dark mark.  Draco had done an exceptional job of keeping the mark hidden from his children for the past 14 years, but he figured that if they were going to hear his story, they should hear the whole thing.  “This…mark…this mark is called a ‘dark mark’, and it is my reminder every single day of the mistakes that I made when I was a young boy.  Your father,” he looked up at Harry, “Your father was on the other side of the battle, and he was fighting against the Dark Lord—”

“Dark Lord, Dad?!  Really?  Are we just going to sit back and pretend like this isn’t a big deal?  You talk like he was something to worship and not the worst wizard in the world!”  Scorpius yelled at Draco.

“Son, go to your room, now!”  Harry had had enough.  He was breathing hard as Scorpius stormed away from the table.

Draco held his head, and Harry took it as his cue to start talking again to his children who remained at the table.  “You all know the story.  When it came time to decide where his loyalties were, your father was able to be brave and fight against Voldemort.  He…he saved my life.”  Harry started to tear up.  The two men had never discussed Draco’s attempt to save Harry from Voldemort, and he wasn’t sure that now was the best time, so he went on,  “I know that all of this is really hard for you all to hear.  But what you need to know, what is most important to know, is that your father is a great man.  We all have regrets, and we all have made mistakes before…but he is a great man, and when Voldemort was defeated his family came back to the Wizarding community and apologized for what they had done.  Your father is no more at fault for his past than any of you are for being our children.”  He took a deep breath before adding, “does anyone have any questions?”

“Why didn’t you just stand up to him Daddy?”  Lily asked, looking petrified.

“It’s not that simple Lil.  No one stood up to him.”  Harry answered for Draco.

“But you did Dad, lots of people talk about you…they say you saved everyone, and you made him go away!”  Albus chimed in.

“Listen…what you all have to understand is that—” Harry started but Draco cut him off.

“I should have stood up to him Lil.  And I’m sorry that you guys have had to hear all these awful things.  You are right though, I should have done something, but I was scared.  I didn’t know then what I know now, and I wish that I could go back and do it all differently, okay?”  He looked at each of his children hoping that they would respond.

When none of them spoke, Harry said, “When we went back for our final year of school, your Dad and I had the chance to talk and put everything to rest.  You guys can all trust us when we tell you that you have every reason to be proud of where you come from, and for having your father in your life.  Understood?”

Harry looked at his children who each gave a small nod.

“I’m sorry Dad…for not just asking you.”  Albus said quietly.

“Me too.” said James.

“Me three.” said Lily before getting up to give Draco a hug.  “Can we hear the story now about how you fell in love with Daddy then?!” she asked Draco.

“Ugh, no, gross Dads!  Please don’t tell that one again.”

“Not tonight Lil,” Draco smiled, “Perhaps tomorrow.”  He looked somewhat relieved, but very tired.  

“Eat up everyone, we have big plans tomorrow.”  Harry said with a smile.  He looked at Lily and gave her a wink.  He appreciated her willingness to accept everything and move on so quickly.  He knew that they still had so much to talk about with each of them, but each of them seemed to accept that tonight they didn’t need any more answers.  They ate their dinner somewhat quietly before sending the kids upstairs to go to bed.  


Harry and Draco were alone in the kitchen when Harry walked up to him doing the dishes and pulled him into a hug from behind.  “Wow, doing the dishes by hand?  You must really be upset.”  Harry tried to joke.

“Harry, did you see the way he looked at me?”  Draco said, turning and burying his head into his shoulder, “Like I was the worst person in the world.  Like he didn’t want to be my son.”

“Draco…he just needs to talk.  How about I bring him a plate and try to see if I can get through to him?”

“It should at least be both of us.  He deserves to hear it from me too.”

“That’s fair.  Come on, let’s go see him.”

They walked up the stairs and Harry let Draco walk into their son’s room first.

“Son…” he began.

“What do you want?!”  Scorpius didn’t turn to look at them come in.  

They sat down on his bed. “Please turn around Scorp.  We need to talk to you.  I just want you to…understand.  I know when I was your age I—”

“You what?!  You knew what it was like to go into your very first class at Hogwarts and hear from everyone that your father was a death eater?!  You knew that you just wanted to be normal, you wanted to be in Gryffindor with everyone else but instead you got sorted into stupid Slytherin?  You knew what it was like to be all alone and not have any friends because everyone thinks your Dad is awful?!  Save it Dad, you can’t lie anymore!  You’re just a coward, you stupid git” Scorpius shouted at Draco.

“SHUT UP! HOW DARE YOU SPEAK TO YOUR FATHER THAT WAY!”  Harry slapped Scorpius’ face before immediately being filled with regret.  His anger was momentarily gone as he watched his son put a hand to his face where he had just been hit, tears filling his eyes.  Harry was terrified at what he had just done.

“HARRY!”  Draco exclaimed.

“Scorp…I’m sorry.”  Harry tried to say calmly so that he would understand how terrible he felt.  His son looked so young all of a sudden.  He looked terrified of both Harry and Draco.

Trying to calm down and keep his composure, “Draco, please let me speak to Scorpius alone.”  He gave Draco a nod that they would be okay, and that he didn’t need to worry.

Draco hesitated but ultimately stood and walked out of the room before saying another word.  Once he had left Harry went over to Scorpius.

“What, are you going to hit me again?”  Scorpius had tears streaming down his face.

“Scorp…I’m…I’m so sorry.  I had absolutely no right…come here.”  He pulled him into a tight hug.  “I’m so, so sorry son.”  The two continued to hug for several minutes before Harry led him over to sit on the edge of his bed.  “You okay?”

“Yeah…I’m fine.”

“Do you want to talk or would you rather go to bed and talk in the morning?”  Harry asked him, unsure of what he even wanted.  He couldn’t ever remember feeling this bad.  When he pictured himself as a father he could never imagine laying a hand on his own child.  In fact, his only memory of anyone ever doing so was Bellatrix Lestrange, many years ago when he had hit Hermione.  He shuddered at the realization that he had probably just hurt his son in many more ways than one.

“Dad…if Dad is a…Death Eater, and you saved everyone from Voldemort…why did you marry him?”

“Scorp, first of all, Dad was a Death Eater.  And it has been many years since, Scorp.  Your father made many mistakes while he was growing up, but he also had very little choice in his life.  Do you understand that?”

“Sort of.”

“Listen son.  Your father is the love of my life.  After the Battle ended and I saw who he really was, I realized that I was in love with him.”

“Okay, gross Dad, you can skip that part,” Scorpius said with a small smile, “What I meant was why does everyone hate him?  It’s not…fair.  Some people even say that I’m not his son, that I’m…his son.”

“Meaning Voldemort’s son?!  That’s ridiculous Scorp! You know that’s not true!”

“Well I am in Slytherin…” he started to cry.

“Son…you should be so proud to be in Slytherin.” he pulled Scorpius into a hug.

“Why should I be?  You were in Gryffindor!  James and Albus are always bragging that they’re so brave and valiant.  Everyone just says Slytherin is for dark wizards.”

“Scorp…Slytherin has had many great and wonderful wizards.  Severus Snape was in Slytherin, and he was the bravest man I ever knew, do you remember us telling you about him?”

“Yeah…Al is named after him?”

“Yep, and he was a Slytherin.  In fact, there are many things about being a Slytherin that you and Dad should be proud of.  Resourcefulness, ambition, determination, and they make great leaders!  There are many great witches and wizards who were Slytherin.”

“Do you think Dad hates me now?”  Scorpius looked up at Harry.

“Of course not son!  I think you owe him a pretty big apology…but we understand what you’re going through.  Tomorrow I’m going to draft a letter to Professor McGonagall and put a stop to all this.”

“No Dad, if it’s okay then I would really like to handle this one on my own.  Is that okay?”

“Of course, but promise me that if you need us, you will tell us?”

“I promise.”

“Good.  For now, we can enjoy our holidays…but maybe we should go talk to your Dad first?”

“Yeah…that sounds good.”

The two walked down to find Draco sitting alone in his study with a drink in his hand.  He gave them a small smile before sitting down and joining Scorpius and Harry.

The three of them stayed up talking for many hours before the fire had died down.  Scorpius had gotten his answers and ended up falling asleep on the couch between Draco and Harry.  Draco quietly put a blanket over him and they walked up to their room.  For all of the awful things that had come out of the night, they were still happy to have each of their children at home again.  Tomorrow would be a new day of Christmas tree hunting, snowball fights, and hopefully some more talking with each of their children.  That night Harry lay awake still feeling horrible about hitting Scorpius.  He pulled his husband tighter in his arms and could feel their hearts beating together.  It was late, he could see the sun beginning to rise in the distant horizon, and he drifted off into sleep.  His last thoughts were filled with hope that the rest of the holiday would be more cheerful than the past few hours.  He was comforted by the thought that at least Draco was in his arms fast asleep, and each of their children had made peace with their father’s past.  Being a Potter-Malfoy child had to come with its trials at times.  He was surprised it took this long to happen.

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What now, open borders advocates?

I have an anon who asks this after every terrorist attack in Europe that was sponsored or claimed by ISIS and associated organizations. At this point I can only presume it is because anon likes hearing my answers.

Most people are compassionate. We hate to see others suffer, even if we never knew them; we hear about what they were doing when their lives were interrupted by deadly violence, and we empathize, imagine ourselves there, imagine our families there. We learn the victims were children and we hug our children close. 

Terrorism only works because of this. Terrorism doesn’t work through its effect on the people targeted; it works by causing pain and grief and anger and fear in all the rest of us. 

It will not surprise you that I do not think the solution is to stop being compassionate. In fact I think the solution is to be more resiliently compassionate, more stubbornly compassionate. To grieve for everyone killed in senseless violence in Manchester and everyone killed in senseless violence in Syria and everyone killed in senseless violence anywhere. To declare that compassion is the best thing about us, and that we will not be incited to turn it off no matter who is suffering. To declare that we will not change.

Everyone deserves a good life, no matter where they were born. If that was true this weekend, it is still true today. No one deserves to die violently as a child, or watch their children die. If that was true this weekend, it is still true today. ‘what now, open borders advocates?’ implies that of the hundred fifty thousand people who die every day, ISIS should have the right to add twenty-two of them  and demand all our compassion be directed there, with none to spare, and all our policy shift around ISIS and the agenda they want to achieve with violence. 

We have enough compassion to spare. We can grieve those deaths alongside all of the others. We can continue to push for whatever immigration policy does the most to make everyone in the world safe and free and happy. We can be sad and angry and horrified without letting murderers set our priorities. 

(When a month goes by peacefully, do you go ‘what now, immigration restrictionists?’)

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the thing i don't get is that louis would always take alberto with him, even on holiday. and daniel (and oli) was with him every single time he was with danielle or the baby. did they want the pictures to look more ~organic by having him without security? because if he knew well enough for years to have security always with him, surely he wouldn't choose to go without now?

who knows…

tbh they’ve always tried to make louis and el*anor look like a ‘normal’ couple… by getting a non celeb as his gf back in the day is made fans relate to her and made them think that they could get one of the boys, just like she did. they did normal things a normal teenage/early 20′s couple would do. they went to starbucks and disneyland and kissed at the olympics and wore matching clothes and rode trains with their parents… it was all very un-celebrity like of them so that fans and people could relate to them. ‘oh i get starbucks with my friends, i go to disneyland with my boyfriend too, i went to the olymipcs, we hang out with my parents as well, it was so cute when my bf and i wore matching pjs as well’… like they made them relatable… alberto was around during el*anor but he was a lot less visable until later on.  

with danielle is was much more high profile. industry events and expensive yachts in mexico and parading around the GP in monaco and constantly getting papped in their expensive neighbourhood and showing pics of inside the big mansion they rented. it all screamed that they’re both celebrities… so they ‘needed’ a visible guard because they are both celebs.

i dont know what direction they’re going with elounor 2.0 but so far it’s back to the ‘private normal couple’ type of releationship we saw in 2012ish.. where they went on trips that were ‘private’ but we all knew about them, and they wear matching tracksuits which now, when you’re mid-20s is just 1. not cool 2. desperate and 3. kind of weird imo but whatever… so my only answer is that they didnt have a guard because they dont want to play up to that celebrity status couple again. but thats just a guess.. because my god louis is more well known now than he ever was so he fucking needs one more now than ever.

you ever stop and think that toxic rick and toxic morty are basically what a lot of the fandom basically saw regular rick and regular morty as in the beginning

“i know everything, fuck everyone, i’m literally god” and “aw jeez i’m nervous and just being dragged into this”?

it’s almost like i’m looking back in time to when we all knew so much less about them both

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Even before all of this happened you said that it was a Kaylor album. And I think you mentioned it would be more like a mature album. Now we see people talking about it, even the youngest fans. Thank you so much for all the time and patience you spend on us.

We realised TS6 would be indeed a Kaylor album, in May, when the new bearding was “announced” in tabloids, bc it was obvious Joe would be used as a cover for Kar and for the future love songs…When we saw his picture, it became all clear ;) 

The more mature album was not difficult to guess, bc Tay is a grown up woman now, so it seemed logical…

I’m trully glad she’s incredibly happy & telling her fans about it, bc we know why here :) 

Hopefully, even doubtful Kaylors/Gaylors will maybe also realize it now: the girls are fine, have not broken up this winter, like many of them thought…

We knew it & told you here, many times :) 

And when the VS fashion show happens: we’ll all see that their incredible chemistry is still there ;) 

The Black Out (for many elements that happened during that specific day) made a few among us realise that this new era would be THE era.

Let’s enjoy the ride, the new songs are just a few weeks away, i know how impatient/excited all of you are, and i’m happy for you :) 

The roller coaster has begun 2 months ago, and its end will be phenomenal ;) 

It’s a team reflection & work Anon :)  All of us :) 

BTS ((hyung line)) reaction to you biting their weak spot to get your way

Namjoon :

He would be cuddling with you while you both asked the other silly questions . You would be asking him about his life before you met him and before he become a part of BigHit Entertainment. He would give you honest answers but he would tease you when he asked a question . His questions would range from sexual to playful to serious to emotional and back to sexual . He joked with you a lot each time a sexual question came up and you became a bit flustered as you thought of the answer . He would laugh at you but he wouldn’t tease you too much . When you both decided to go sleep , you had a bit of a make out session with him which led to him burying his head against your shoulder to calm himself . You would stare at the side of his face and your body would be on fire for him after the little session . He would want to sleep since the next day you had to wake up early for a photo shoot with your company . He laid back and pulled you into him , smiling as you buried yourself in his shoulder . He was dozing off but you were wide awake . Your body throbbed , begging for attention . You were so turned on and his weak spot was right under your cheek . You contemplated whether you should just go sleep or wake him to satisfy you both . You went with the latter and turned your head into him . Since he slept shirtless , it was fairly easy to get your lips on his spot. You began nibbling right away , no teasing just straight to the point . He jolted and groaned while sighing out that you had to sleep . You replied by sucking hard at the sensitive patch of skin . He sharply inhaled then relented to your silent request . Turning over to lay on you and satisfy your wants.

JHope :

You would be playing a game of pool at Jins house . He would be losing while you led by three balls . Soon you hit the last ball into the hole . He would be playfully sulking and crying while you cheered and everyone praised your skills . When you went over to your love he was busy chalking the tip of his stick . You smiled at how concentrated he looked while doing so . When you reach him you decided to pull him towards the pool in the yard. As you took off your shorts , your bikini bottoms ((hahahaaa)) had a statement on the front . He leaned down a bit to check what it said and he hurriedly pulled your shorts back on before anyone else could see it . You had already pulled your sweater off and threw it onto a nearby chair . You went to pull your pants down but he stopped you . You laughed as he tied the ties of your shorts . Trying to prevent you from taking them off. You pouted asking him why .

“Have you read what it says?” Was his response . You laughed and turned to make sure no one was near . Since the coast was clear , you leaned up to his face and whispered ,

“Oppa , this is the only shorts I got here and I’m sure you don’t want them staring at me when we leave ,” you knew how to get him a bit jealous and the final touch was a little licking , sucking and nibbling of his lips . Hoseok had the most sensitive lips and it always gave him goosebumps when you kissed him but now he had a full on hard on because of you . He sighed and grabbed your shorts . Pushing and pulling them off . Before wrapping his arms around you and jumping into the ice cold pool . You screaming at him when you finally surfaced . But hey , at least you didn’t have to hide your ‘Eat Me’ statement bikini bottoms .

Suga :

He would be in his studio creating beats for his mixtape when you came home from work . He would briefly great you before returning to his studio. You sighed as you could predict that he hadn’t eaten and that he most probably hadn’t taken any break what so ever . You made a small fruit salad for him and took it to his studio . He thanked you by giving you and kiss and getting beck to work . You assumed he would’ve eaten the salad about a hour later so when you went back to his studio three hours after you gave him the salad to see him still busy and the fruit salad untouched , you sighed and let him be . You messaged Jin to ask if he had visited Yoongi like he said he would , his reply had you worried but you decided to be calm .

‘I was there , he didn’t eat anything I made him and he seemed really distracted so I cut my visit short but I saw him taking pain killers… he probably had a headache. ~ JinnieHyung ’

You went back to Yoongi’s studio and when you walked in he sat in his chair rubbing his temples . Sighing , he popped a few spoons of the fruit salad into his mouth before you saw him taking two more painkillers and swallowing . You frowned and paid closer attention to how he was acting. He was sitting straight ,which he never does . He had dark circles forming around his eyes. He kept rubbing against his temples and his eyes would briefly shut . You hummed and went over to his chair . You placed your hand on his which startled him, making you frown . If he didn’t notice you had been in the room something is definitely up. You tried to persuade him into eating then getting some much needed shut eye but he refused . Glancing at you before clicking away dragging and dropping and listening . You sighed and sat in his lap as he leaned back to accompany you however his eyes never left the screen. Since he had to look up now his fading hickeys were put in display. You smiled and thought to yourself ,’ This is how I will get you to listen you stubborn mochi. ’ You leaned your head against his shoulder and tilted your head so that your lips was closer to his adams apple . You placed butterfly kisses on his spot before sucking briefly , you repeated the process and when you heard his breath hitch , you nibbled on the skin . He sighed and you took note of the quietness in the room . You heard no clicking and you also noticed hoe relaxed he became . With one last bite you pulled away . His eyes shot open and he saw you sitting there with the fruit salad in hand . He sighed but made and 'aaah’ sound when he opened his mouth . You giggled and fed him before dragging him off to bed .


You noticed how Jin had been up late as of recently . You didn’t know why but he would always be on his phone or he would be speaking to one of the band members. You sighed a lot since he would usually be the one to hold you at night . Lately he would drape his arm around you but then apologise before getting up to speak on his phone . This had been going on for about three weeks now . Almost a month and you felt as if you and him had no time together anymore . So you decided to text Joon hyung to ask about Jin . Well the text turned into a phone call.

'Joonie I miss youuuu!’

'Miss you too y/n , did you call to say you missed me or for something else ’

'Actually hyung I wanted to ask about Jinnie? Do you know why he has been so busy lately?’

'Aaah yes I’m sorry I should’ve told you . PD recruited Jin as a recruits man. He has been bugging Jin for quite a while now . Even Yoongi tried to get him to lay off Jin but he is a bloody leech.’

You sighed thanking Namjoon before ending the call. You were worried about Jins health . So you made a meaty meal for him since he hadn’t been eating well. You found him in his small office , head hung between his shoulders and hands clenched tight at the edge of his work desk . You rushed over to him and immediately knew something was wrong . You called their personal doctor and he came down to Jins apartment . He informed you that Jin was dehydrated and exhausted. You sighed and felt anger begin to build up inside of you . He told you Jin needed bed rest and you thanked him . He left and Jin laid on your bed . Eyes closed but awake . You thought he was asleep so you went to the kitchen to put his food away but you had to rush back to the room when you heard a loud thump . You burst through the door to see Jin laying on the floor holding his head . You sighed and lifted him , moving him towards the bed . He resisted and pushed towards the direction of his office . He was too weak to even talk but he was too strong . At the end you got so freaking desperate to get him to rest that you latched onto his jawline sucking against his weak spot . What you didn’t expect was his knees to buckle and all his weight to come down on you. Luckily at that moment you threw him back and instead of falling onto you , he fell onto the bed . He sighed , body going lax finally relenting but pulling at your hand weakly so that you can lay with him . 'Finally,’ you thought , smiling .



Tony is smelling Ziva’s scarf and inhaling her scent which flashes back to the last time he smelled her in PPF and then he stares at Tali because THAT’S HOW SHE HAPPENED I can’t with my feelings right now

Okay, now that that word-vomit is out of the way…

Seriously, how hauntingly beautiful is this?

You can see how utterly devastated Tony is – just completely, overwhelmingly broken inside and out. Now that Tali is asleep he can drop his act, and you can see the life just drain out of him.

What I can’t get over is just how intimate the act of sniffing Ziva’s scarf is – we’ve established this already, but that’s not the act of a co-worker, or even friend. That’s something far more personal and loaded with subtext. 

And obviously, it’s meant to kick us right in The Feels, because he’s trying to hang onto one last piece of her – and again, it’s an astonishingly intimate act, and it connotes a far more intense connection than with the other agents, not that, you know, the presence of their child didn’t already do that.

Yet that isn’t enough. Because inhaling that scent brings him (and us) right back to the last time he saw her, and their last conversation. When she told him he was loved because she loved him, and he did the hardest thing he’s ever had to do and has regretted and replayed it every day since. It broke his heart back then, and it sure as hell wrecks him even more now that he knows how it all played out.

But of course the show has to make that connection for us. Bring us back to the last time it decided to break all of our hearts, and giving us one of the most beautiful scenes ever tinged with complete heartbreak. Especially now that we see the added layers – because neither of them knew at that moment when they kissed for the last time that this was the end but also this was not the end because lo and behold, they had their own little sequel in the works.

And Tony is remembering that moment and what led to that moment and how that moment happened and sees the direct consequence of that lying on his couch fast asleep.

And that has to throw him for a loop.

Also lol that child is older than 20 months old, I’m just saying