we kissed before we even said hello

Wait for someone who bumps mouths clumsily with yours cos they’re too busy smiling to kiss you properly. Yeah. Wait for that.
—  Azra Tabassum (aka 5000letters)
Jealousy / hg

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“Bye mom, I’ll see you Sunday night!” I yelled from the passenger seat of Hayes’ car. I was on my way to spend the weekend with him at his house. Even though it is invested with all of his friends as well, I miss hanging out with him. He’s been so busy with the fame he’s gotten.

“I’m so happy your staying for the weekend.” He said smiling at me. He reached over and set his hand on mine, rubbing his thumb on it.
“Last time we saw each other in person was like 5 months ago.” I said laughing, putting my hand on top of his. I live about an hour away from him yet we never find time to hangout.
You see, Hayes and I are very good friends. We met a few years ago, when we were both 13, now we’re 16. The funny thing is, he was my first kiss. It was a dare from Nash who didn’t know I’ve never had a kiss before. Then, last time we hung out, we had a do-over kiss because of how awkward it was. Now, whenever we are together it’s normal for us to flirt. We don’t even notice we do it.

We pulled up at his house, and he grabbed my backpack from the back seat. We walked into the house and I was bombarded with hugs from everyone.
“I missed you guys” I said with a huge smile. I looked around seeing Nash, Skate, Tez, and the Jacks.

I said my hellos and hugged each one individually until Hayes called me up to his room. I walked up and met him with a smile.
“Now, can I have an actual hug?” He asked. I laughed and hugged him. He wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his head in the crook of my neck.
“I missed this.” I said. He looked at me and smiled.
“So where am I sleeping?” I asked after we let go.
“In here. Duh.” He said, sitting on his bed. I jumped onto the spot next to him, making him laugh.
“What are we doing this weekend?” I asked laying next to him.
“Tonight’s pretty chill. Eat dinner, maybe watch a movie. But tomorrow, the guys are throwing a party.” Hayes said, spreading his arms out, and putting one around me.
I rolled my eyes playfully and laughed.

-The Next Day-

Hayes and I were messing around on the basketball court when loud music blasted through the house. We looked at eachother. “Party time.” Hayes said. We walked in and there were already tons of people inside. Hayes stopped me and turned towards me.
“Shit. My ex is here.” He said.
“Ex?” I asked confused. I didn’t know he had a girlfriend at all.
“Well, never official but I really like her. Do you think you can help me make her jealous?” He asked with puppy dog eyes. I sighed and nodded.
“What do you need me to do?” I asked. Johnson then butted in the conversation like he knew what we were saying.
“I think you sit around with his friends while on his lap, Flirt around like you guys always do, then get up and dance to a song. You can kiss him then take him upstairs. If she doesn’t follow you up to stop you guys, she’ll confront you when you get back down.” He said. I looked at Hayes and shrugged.
“Why not?” I laughed.

We walked to the couch, and Hayes pulled me onto his lap. The guys soon followed, have random conversations while drinking or smoking. Me and Hayes had or own conversation. We were flirting more than usual. And it honestly didn’t seem weird. But if he wants to be with someone else, I’ll help him cause I just want him happy.

He kissed my shoulder and smiled at me like he’s never done before. I slightly blushed. He had his hand on my thigh, drawing circles. Our little moment was soon interrupted when Johnson caught Hayes attention, telling him it was the song.

I stood up from his lap and grabbed his hand leading him towards where everyone else was dancing. I turned towards him.
“Is she watching?” I asked, since he hasn’t pointed her out to me. He looked to the side.
“Yea.” He said. He smiled at me when I turned away from him, allowing him to hold onto my hips. I moved back so our hips were connected, they swayed together on beat with the music. I laid my back into his chest and let the music control my body.

I soon felt Hayes lips on my neck. I took that as a sign to kiss him so after a few more kissed to my neck, I slowly turned to face him. I smirked up at him and put my hand behind his neck, pulling his faces towards mine. Our lips met and he pulled my hips closer to him. The kiss got more heated than I expected, so i pulled away.
“Make sure she sees us.” I whispered in his ear. He nodded and I grabbed his hand leading him upstairs to his room, as instructed.

“Oh my god we did it.” I said sighing in relief as soon as he shut the door. I plopped down onto his bed and laughed.
“Now what? We just wait until she comes up?” I asked.
“We can’t.” He said walking towards me.
“What do you mean we can’t?” I asked sitting up.
“She’s already up here.” He said laughing nervously. I gave him a confused look.
“Y/N, I like you. I have since we were 13. I just made up the stuff about making a girl jealous so I would have an excuse to be with you like we were earlier.” He said scratching the back of his neck.
“Are you kidding me? Why did you think you would have to make up this huge plan Hayes?” I asked standing up slowly.
“I didn’t think you liked me. So I thought if i tried to do anything youd pull away and want to leave or-” he rambled on. I cut him off by walking to him and kissing him.

He was shocked but he kissed back, pulling me closer to him by my waist. I pulled away from him.
“You dont know how long I’ve waited to hear you say that.” I said to him. He laughed and sighed of relief.
“Funny thing is, I actually got jealous earlier.” I said laughing nervously as we stood in each other’s arms still.
“Then why did you go along with it?” He asked.
“Because I want to see you happy.” I said shyly.
“Well you can see me happy with you.” He said. We smiled and he kissed me.


Welcome.  Sebastian Michaelis x Reader

This one-shot was taken from my Quotev. My goal is to get everyone to see how my type of writing looks. It is no different from everyone else’s but its a little different I guessXD Anyways I hope whoever reads this enjoys:3                           


“Are you ready Elizabeth?” I asked.
 Hello there, my name is (y/n) Midford. Yes, I am apart of the Midford family. That also means that I am the older sister of Lizzy.
 "Yes I am, oh I can’t wait to see my Ciel.“ Lizzy said dreamily. Oh gosh Lizzy why do you have to be so obsessed with him.
 "I am very excited to see him too.” I lied. Yeah, yeah I love Ciel and all but Lizzy is just ugh. Anyways Lizzy and I entered the carriage.
I’m most likely gonna take a nap so I won’t have to talk more about Ciel to Lizzy.
 "Oh, (y/n) I wonder if Ciel is thinking about me right now.“ Lizzy said.
 "Yeah Okay thats great.” I said not even knowing what Lizzy said.
As we were on our way to The Phantomhive Manor, Lizzy kept talking while I was drifting off to sleep.
I jolted up from my sleep. Great. "I’m up, i’m up!"I yelled at Lizzy so she could stop yelling at me.
 "We’re Here (y/n)!!!!"Lizzy said as Ciel and his butler Sebastian walked toward us. Well here goes nothing.
 "Hello Elizabeth, (y/n).” Ciel said bowing to both of us.
 "Ms. Elizabeth" Sebastian bowed at her.
 "Welcome, Ms. (y/n).“ He said as he kissed the top of my hand. I blushed shyly at his actions.
 "Hello Sebastian nice to see you again.” I said nervously. Why does he make me so weak?
Sebastian smiled at me before saying, “Well shall we head in?”
“Yes we shall.” Elizabeth said before grabbing Ciel’s arm. Sebastian started escorting us inside. I stood in back of everybody mainly because
I wanted to give Ciel and Lizzy space. ​Even though he’s probably irritated. When we walked into the manor Sebastian turned
around and said to us, “Please follow me towards both of your rooms.”
  “Oooo Ciel is my room next to yours?” Lizzy said to Ciel. Oh typical Lizzy.
  “Im afraid its not Lizzy.” Ciel said with a fake frown.
We started walking towards Lizzy’s room first.
“Here we are Ms. Elizabeth, your room.” Sebastian said.
Lizzy squealed and ran into the room with Ciel. Well more like she pulled him with her.
  “I guess its just you and me now Sebastian.”
  “It seems like it.”
We started to walk farther into the hall to get to my room. Why am I so far away from everybody. After what seemed like hours we finally
made it to my room. Sebastian opened the door and said,“Your room Ms.(y/n).”
  “Thank you Sebastian.” I kindly smiled to him.
I walked into my room. Well more like amazingly gorgeous room.
  “Oh its beautiful Sebastian! Thank you for escorting me here!” I said with my back facing him.
I was too afraid to look at him. As I started to walk towards my bed, I was pushed to the wall. By Sebastian?
  “Umm Sebastian what are you doing?” I mumbled to him. I kinda liked being this close to him though.
  “I couldn’t help myself (y/n). I’ve always wanted to do this.” He looked at me with a smirk.
He likes me? I smirked and looked up at him,
  “Hmm Sebastian, I’m glad you finally decided to do this.” My eyes turned a pinkish-red like Sebastian.
Yes, i am also a demon.
  “Do you mind if I kiss you (Y/n)?”
  “Not at all. I’ve dreamt of this day.”
He kissed me softly. I pulled back and said,
  “Don’t hold back sebastian. Kiss me like you mean it.”
Sebastian grabbed my waist and pulled me into a kiss. But this time with more passion and a little bit of lust. We started to move our lips
in sync and he licked my bottom lip. I gave him permission to explore what belonged to him. Our tongues fought for dominance but
he obviously won. We both pulled away to take a breath. Our foreheads were against each other and we stared into each others eyes.
Oh he’s so handsome.
  “Please stay here with me Sebastian.” I said.
  “I have to prepare for dinner but master can wait.” He said back to me while staring into my eyes.
  “I still have to give my love a welcome present” Sebastian said.
  “Being here with you is enough for me”

Perfect (Poly!Hamilsquad x Fem!Reader)

Word Count: 910

Notes: I love Poly!Hamilsquad focus so much, they’re like my favorite. But I’ve read practically ALL of them, so I figured I’d write one! Hope that you all like it! (Though it wasn’t requested by anyone)

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#53 Amnesia | The breakup | Part 2


So this is like a flashback thingy :3

Read part 1 HERE 


”You know, that talking thing sounds really good right now.” Ashton lifted his head from his pillow, squeezing his eyes because of the sudden light from the hallway, Luke standing in the doorframe leaning against it with his duvet in his hands. “Come sit then.” Ashton welcomed as he was sitting straight in the bed now, moving a bit for Luke to join. As Luke sat down, he pulled his duvet up to his chin cuddling into it. “How about we start from the beginning? You haven’t really told us anything about you guys so it’s hard for us to help you.” Ashton said and Luke nodded his head in agreement before letting out a sigh.

Luke smashed the door closed as he came in through it, throwing his jacket onto the floor, not really caring about hanging it up as he went into the living room, seeing you sit with your chin against the couch cushion, staring up at him. Luke showed no expression on his face as he went over to the kitchen, before grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge and afterwards went over to the other couch, placing himself onto it. You pulled the blanket closer to your body as you stared at Luke almost emptying his bottle. “How was recording?” You asked quietly making him give you a rather tired glare as he threw the bottle onto the coffee table. “Fine.” He said as he didn’t care, leaning back and closed his eyes. You sat up straight, “I was thinking we could watch some movies tonight.” You suggested making Luke squeak one eye open. “Not today Y/N. I’m too tired for that.” He mumbled as he raised himself from the couch, heading towards the stairs. “But we never do anything together anymore.” You said making him stop in track at one of the steps. “What do you mean by that?” He asked, making you sit on your knees on the couch so you could see him better. “I mean that we barely see each other anymore. You’re never home, we don’t have any quality time together anymore, and you won’t even kiss me hello!” You pointed out with aggression in your tone. Luke rolled his eyes at you as he went down the stairs, heading towards you before giving you a light peck on the forehead. “Satisfied?” He asked as you were a small child. “No I’m fucking not satisfied.” You said in disbelief by his action, raising yourself from the couch. “Y/N can we please not fight today, I’m not in the mood.” Luke almost moaned, rubbing his temples with his fingers. “Luke this is what I’m referring to. We’re not a couple anymore. We’re just 2 people who constant pick on each other and live in the same apartment.” “Y/N don’t be ridiculous.” Luke mumbled turning his back to you as he went up the stairs again. “Luke you’re leaving for a tour in 3 weeks. How are you gonna fit me in there?” You yelled after him, making him stop in track yet again. “I’ll slip you in between breaks or something.” He shrugged, his voice raspy. “Luke I’m so much more worth that.” You said more quietly, heartbroken by his cold state. “You’re an fucking arse.” You yelled all of the sudden, anger taking over you. “Oh so I’m the ass here? At least I’m not clingy as fuck.” He said with a loud voice back making you roll your eyes at him. “I just want time with my boyfriend is that so hard to let it happen?” “Yes it actually is.” Luke shouted with wide eyes. “Fine, if it has to be like that, I don’t think this relationship should continue.” You yelled. “Fine. I don’t need you in my life then.” Luke yelled without realizing his words. It made the both of you shut your mouths as you stared at each other, none of you wanting to say anything. You nodded your head as you gave him one last glare before grabbing your coat heading towards the door. It was when the smack of the door appeared that Luke realized what in the world had just happened.

When Luke was done talking, he exhaled for a bit, his thumb gazing the stuffed penguin that he still had in his hand. “Man..” Ashton mumbled feeling so bad for Luke. “You know, I’ll do anything to help you get better.” He reassured making Luke give him a puppy look. “Can you get my girlfriend back, since I’m an fulltime ass who hasn’t got the balls to call her?” He asked almost timidly making Ashton chuckle. “I’ll see what I can do. We’ll sort it out mate. We always do.” Ashton reassured. “I hope so.” Luke mumbled, grabbing onto the stuffed penguin tighter in his fist.  


“Did you remember the list?” Ashton asked taking his eyes away from the road to look at Luke who was sitting in the passenger seat next to him. Luke’s eyes widen as he had forgotten looking pleading back at Michael who was holding the list in his hands, waving it in Luke’s face. “Michael’s got it.” Luke mumbled leaning back in his seat, flicking the paper away as Michael waved it in front of his face again. “God, you’re an idiot.” The blond laughed as Michael sat back in his seat. The 4 of them were driving to the local supermarket, ready to buy basically everything they needed in their house. Ashton looked in the back mirror and as he did he noticed Cal sitting with his phone almost in his face, too occupied to do anything else. “Dude you’ve been sitting with that phone for hours. How about you leave the technical world for a bit and tell us what the fuck happened between you and Y/N.” Michael pushed on making Cal place his phone in his lap, ready to talk.

“When were you planning on telling me?” You asked a little bit too loudly than necessary making Calum jolt in the bar stool he was sitting on in the kitchen. He looked away from his phone to see the magazine you had thrown onto the cold marble counter, knotting his eyebrows in thought. “You don’t believe in this do you?” He asked, placing his phone onto the counter. “Well it for sure isn’t Photoshop Cal.” He grabbed the magazine looking closely on the front page – a picture of him and some younger girl having a peck on the lips. He thought for a minute, trying to memorize the event. “For god’s sake Y/N, she was a fan, she kissed me!” He said defending himself. “It doesn’t look like you’re resisting.” You said crossing your arms. “You know how the fans are.” He tried, but you just shook your head at him. “You know Calum blaming your fans all the times is starting to get a little bit used.” He was totally taken aback at this point, smashing down the magazine in his hands. “You know maybe I like getting kisses from them? They show more affection than what you have ever done.” Ouch. You stared at him for a few seconds, his words working into your mind making your bottom lip tremble. Calum noticed immediately regretting his words. “Y/N you know I didn’t mean it like that.” He mumbled trying to capture you into his arms, but you ducked making him catch the air, before you sprinted outside to your terrace, shutting the door after you. Calum watched you outside the window as you sat on the edge of the rocks, letting your legs dangle in the air. He knew you needed time. So he waited an hour or so before he opened the door and went over to sit next to you, the both of you keeping quiet, the only sound around you was the cars far away on the road, the darkness had taken over the city. “Cal to be honest I don’t think I can be in a relationship we’re the constant fear of you cheating on me is there.” You mumbled not daring to look at him in the eyes. “So it’s because you don’t trust me at all. Great.” Calum said sarcastically, shaking his head in disbelief. “Of course I do but it’s hard, you have girls craving for your dick 24/7 trying their best to get your attention. At least 78% of those girls are ten times prettier than me. It makes me so insecure I barely dare to show myself naked to you. I don’t feel comfortable.” You almost shouted but in a timidly way making Calum form a pout on his face. “Babe you know you’re the only girl for me.” Calum reassured, sliding his arm around your waist pulling you into his side. When he felt how tense you were he let go off you, and you pulled yourself up from the stones. “You deserve so much better than me. And you will totally get one, there’s no doubt. But I just don’t think I’m the girl for you Calum. Maybe we can hang out sometime.” You smiled as he stood up as well. “I can’t believe that we’re actually breaking up.” He said shaking his head giving you a sad smile. “Me neither.” You announced quietly before giving him a tight hug, him daring not to let go of you, but of course he had to.

Hey Y/N, can you go grab some milk?” Chase asked with a smile and you nodded your head, heading over to the cold part of the supermarket, looking around for the specific milk you and Chase usually drinks. But the sound of a hollering around you made you turn around in confuse, seeing 4 acquaintances boys, yelling around with the trolley. Your eyes were fixed on Calum’s as he was walking with his phone, clearly not a part of the other boys’ game. “Calum.” You half shouted without registering it, placing your hands over your mouth in shock. “Y/N?” He almost asked as it was in a surreal, at first he seemed but happy but his face expression changed as Chase came up next to you, making him turn around ready to leave the shop.


“Michael? Michael?!” Luke repeated, snapping Michael out of his trance as he was still standing in his spot looking out at the window. “Should we go sit back or do you wanna go for a walk?” He asked, pointing towards the table they were sat at before, holding the chocolate cups in his hands. “A walk sounds nice.” Michael said, trying to swallow the lump that had started to form in his throat. Luke gave him a nod and they both headed outside the coffee shop, crossing the road, heading over to the park. As the spring had started, everything was turning into a green color, the sun shining bright and kids running around playing with a football. Michael and Luke walked for a bit, Mikey letting out small deep sighs here now and then. “I really wanna help you Michael. Could you uhm – tell me about that night. What went on?” Luke asked unsure, nervous for Michael’s state. Michael let out one last sigh before looking at Luke’s waiting eyes, splitting out the content.  

“Where have you been?” The sound made you scream in fright, turning around quickly holding on top of your chest panting. “Mikey you almost scared the crap out of me.” Michael just rolled his eyes at your statement, crossing his arms leaning against the doorframe. “I asked you a question?” He reminded as you took off your coat, hanging it on one of the hooks. “I heard you. I was at a friend’s house.” You shrugged giving him a light push determined to get him to move away from the frame so you could get to the kitchen. He eyed you as you walked over to one of the cupboards opening one before grabbing a glass. “Which friend?” He pushed on, his eyebrows furrowing in suspect. Rolling your eyes at him, you placed the cup on the counter before turning around to look at him, crossing your arms. “Since when did you become the fun police?” You tried as polity as possible to ask but yet it still came out harsh. “Since my girlfriend has been sneaking out with friends for more than 2 weeks now.” “Why do you call it sneaking out, it’s not like you have a word said in it?” You asked frustrated as Michael went fully into the kitchen. “But I don’t like having you be outside alone when it’s dark.” “Michael I’m an adult it’s not like that when the second my foot touches the ground outside I’ll get raped.” Michael took a deep breath trying to calm his temper down from your stubborn attitude. “Give me your phone.” He suddenly announced reaching his hand out for you to give it to him. “No?” You said in disbelief whilst shaking your head, taking a step back. “Y/N just give me the damn phone.” Michael yelled, startling you and you shook your head once again. “Why the fuck would I?” You yelled just in the same tone making him shake his head. “I’ll give you 5 seconds to give it.” He said and crossed his arms. You shook your head at him again in disbelief. “I’ll give you 5 seconds to get out of my face.” You mumbled before giving him a light push so you could get through to the hallway. “Y/N stop running away from problems.” He yelled after you walking over to you, making you turn around. “Micky.” You said quietly looking him deadly in the eye. “What?” He asked in utter confuse staring at you with his eyebrows knotted. “The answer to your question.” Michael kept on looking weirdly at you before his mouth opened agape, all the pieces falling into place. “You’ve been at your ex-boyfriend’s house?!” He yelled in almost an anger making you flinch by his words. “I knew that if I told you, you would react like this.” “Of course I do, he’s your ex Y/N, as in you used to fuck and love shitty something. How did this happen?” “I ran into him at a coffee shop.” You mumbled avoiding his eyes as you ran a hand through your hair. “So you’re cheating?” Michael concluded. “Would you stop concluding shit you don’t know a fuck about?” You yelled grabbing a plate from the dresser next to you, throwing it towards Michael’s face yet he did manage to duck before it hit him. The sound from the plate crashing as it connected with the wall was the only sound volume as you both was lightly panting staring intensely at each other.

“And so on the fight continued.” Michael mumbled now having his hands massaging his temples. “What happened afterwards?” “She left. I thought she would come back. But this time, she didn’t.” Luke nodded his head at Michael’s words like he was in a thought. “You really want her back don’t you?” Luke asked making Michael cross his arms whilst looking at the blond-haired boy in disbelief. “Of course I do.” “I think we should come up with a plan then.” Luke demanded making Michael chuckle. “She doesn’t want anything to do with me. She barely talked to me before.” Michael said, fiddling with his fingers in his lap, looking back again at where the two of you just stood and talked not more than 15 minutes ago, Luke giving him a challenged look before grabbing his phone, dialing a number.


“Feeling better?” Calum asked throwing yet another slide a pizza onto Ashton’s plate, him grabbing it immediately, almost throwing it down his throat. “Much better.” Ashton said with a nod, before grabbing his glass taking a sip of it as he finished his pizza. “So uhm are you ready to talk now.” Calum asked timidly but in a pushing way. He had wanted to ask throughout the evening since he came in through the door, but never felt the time was right before now. Ashton placed his glass carefully on the table by the mention of you, sitting up straight as he pulled on a serious face. “I still uhm… Love her. But I don’t uhm… Really have the balls to go call her up or even text her. I’m so afraid of being rejected it’s effecting my whole life currently. I just feel really stupid.” Ashton said quietly. “Why do you feel stupid?” Cal asked placing the pizza back on his plate, giving Ashton his full attention. “Because I accused her of cheating with her cousin.”

“So who’s Nathaniel?” Ashton asked with his arms crossed as he was leaning against the counter in the kitchen, you looked at him wide eyed in confusion. “Okay can I get a chance to at least put my stuff on the counter before you start up a whole interrogation?” You mumbled, walking over to the counter before placing your jacket and purse on it. Turning around to Ashton, you lifted yourself up on your toes in a trial of giving him a kiss on the cheek. But Ashton rejected by turning his face away from yours making you fall back onto your heels giving him a weird look. “Who is Nathaniel?” He asked yet again, his face expression never changing. You gave him a questionable look, not getting what he was referring to but as your eyes landed on your unlocked phone next to Ashton on the counter, your eyes widen in anger and surprise. “You looked through my phone?” You almost shouted, your eye brows knotting as you looked at him. “Ashton suddenly felt bad as he saw how wrong it actually was of him to look through your phone as you had forgot it before you went out shopping. But as the messages he had read felt back into his head he started to grow furious again. “You think you can just cheat on me behind my back without telling me?” He asked grabbing your phone before shoving it into your stomach. Grabbing your phone you unlocked it, seeing through the messages from Nathaniel. “Ashton Fletcher Irwin you are the most pathetic person I’ve ever met.” You said in disbelief looking deadly at him before turning around heading over to the counter where you placed your stuff. “I’m the one who’s pathetic here?” He asked walking closer to you. “Yeah because everyone cheats on their boyfriend with their cousin.” You shouted sarcastically at him, making Ashton let out a spurt of hair, looking at you in disbelief. “Don’t give me that bullshit Y/N, your cousin’s name is not Nathaniel.” “What is it then Ash?” You yelled as you grabbed your jacket. “Nathan.” He yelled without realizing the logic in it, you giving him a death glare waiting for his brain to progress what he just said. The silence felt over the both of you and that was went all the pieces felt back on place in Ashton’s head making him let out a small “Shit.”. “Yea… Shit.” You said quietly, putting your phone back in your pocket. “Ashton relationship is based on trust..” You said hesitantly and he nodded his head knowing where this was going. “I think we maybe need some time away from each other.” You mumbled. “So we’re breaking up?” Ashton asked even though he had said in his head 30 times that he shouldn’t ask. Knowing that if you said something out loud, you would break so you just nodded your head at him before grabbing your purse, swinging it over your shoulder.

“I’ve been feeling like shit. I lost my freaking girlfriend because I thought she was cheating with her cousin. Y/N is right I am fucking pathetic.” Ashton said, fiddling with his hands in his lap. “Nooo man don’t blame yourself. You just gotta win her back you know.” Calum tried to help making Ashton raise his head in confusion. “Like how?” He asked making Calum let out a giggle before grabbing his phone. “First of all, get yourself together and go clean this flat. It looks like world war 3 has started.” Calum laughed as he was in the middle of sending a message. “Yea I guess that’s a good idea.” Ashton mumbled already standing up from his chair, grabbing his and Calum’s plate. “But what about after that?” Ashton asked confused as he placed the dishes into the dishwasher. “Just let me and the boys deal with that.” Calum winked making Ashton give him a nervous but also curious look.



FAKE Part 16

Part 15

  “I can’t believe you,” Michael hissed as you walked around your flat. 

  “I can’t help it Michael. I kind of have to take it,” You said grabbing your sunglasses.

  “You don’t have to take it,” Michael said following you to the door. You let him leave first before you walked out and locked the door.

  “I don’t really have a choice,” You said again. 

  “Where are you going now?” Michael asked as you both walked out of the building. 

  “I’m going with Luke to pick out some things for the wedding,” You said. 

  “For a wedding that’s not even happening?” Michael asked as you looked at your phone.

  “Look, as long as we’re here we have to act like we’re getting married, so we promised our mums that we would start planning,” You said nodding. To be honest you had completely forgot about the whole fake engagement, but once you remembered you were heartbroken.

  “You don’t want to leave,” Michael said after studying your face for a moment. 

  “What?” You asked. “I have to go. I have a life back in London." 

  "You can have a life here with Luke,” Michael said as Luke walked into view. “There are jobs here you know?" 

  "There you are,” Luke said walking up. He pressed his lips to yours and then looked at Michael. “Hey Mickey.”

  “Hey. I was just leaving,” Michael said before walking away. 

  “What were you two talking about?” Luke asked looking back down at you. 

  “Nothing,” You said watching Michael and then looking up at Luke with a smile. He smiled at you and pressed his lips to yours again.

  “So, where are we going first?” Luke asked as you both started walking. 

  “Uh well, my mum gave me a list of things we should probably get some before we leave and I thought flower arrangements wouldn’t be a bad idea,” You said pulling out the piece of paper from your back pocket. 

  “Sounds good to me,” Luke said wrapping his around your neck. That morning, the morning after you listened to a couple of songs, you woke up with Luke holding you in his arms. You had calmed yourself down and then laid back down with Luke and you two just talked for hours. When you woke up and tried to leave Luke tightened his grip on you making you smile. 

  “What’s with you lately?” You asked looking up at Luke. 

  “What do you mean all of the sudden?” Luke asked. 

  “You haven’t really been with Gwen lately,” You pointed out.

  “Maybe I would rather be with you. Did you even think about that?” Luke asked. You rolled your eyes and looked away from Luke. You had last seen Gwen at the album release party and then, as far as you knew, Luke had only gone to see her once.

  “I didn’t actually,” You said smiling as you reached the floral shop. Luke opened the door to let you in first. 

  “Whoa,” Luke said when he saw all of the flowers. “Where do we even start?" 

 "This way,” You said walking toward the pinks and whites. 

  “Do you really want white flowers?” Luke asked looking around. 

  “We aren’t actually getting married,” You reminded him. 

  “Alright but pretend that we are not pretending to get married and are actually getting married,” Luke said walking up to you and grabbing your waist. “What ones would you want?" 

  "I would have to look,” You laughed as Luke kissed your neck.

 "Hello,“ a sales woman named Beth said walking up. "Are you two the happy couple that’s getting married?" 

  "Yes,” Luke said before you could answer. 

  “Alright, your mum called ahead and picked out some arrangements you may like,” Beth said starting to walk to the front. 

  “Can we actually look around for a bit?” Luke asked. Beth nodded and Luke pulled you to the back where the roses were.

  “What are we doing?” You asked looking around. 

  “You are picking out flowers you like,” Luke said picking up a Lilly. You laughed and shook your head before you started looking around. 

  “I really love Lilies,” You said as you passed them. “But I really thought roses would be better because everything is going to be white and I would want them to pop." 

  "So why can’t you just use both?” Luke asked picking up a fallen rose. 

  “I suppose you could,” You said picking some up and then walking over to the roses. You grabbed a couple roses and arraigned them with the Lilies.

  “Maybe some baby’s breath,” You said walking over and grabbing some. 

 "Beautiful,“ Luke said watching you while your worked. You turned and saw him looking at you making you laugh. Luke held his phone up and waiting for you to smile.

  "Luke stop,” You said holding up your hand so that the camera couldn’t see you. 

  “Just one picture,” Luke begged. 

  “Why?” You asked looking at Luke. “I look awful.”

  “No you don’t. You look beautiful,” Luke said smiling. You sighed and held the arrangement with both hands and smiled, allowing Luke to take a picture of you. 

  “My mother is going to kill me,” You said walking over to Luke and looking at his phone. 

  “She’s not the one getting married,” Luke said looking at his phone and then you. 

  “Luke Hemmings,” You said grabbing his arm. “Delete that picture.” He laughed and locked his phone before turning to you and leaning down and pressing his lips to yours. 

 "I’m here,“ Ingrid said walking toward you and Luke, who had pulled away. 

 "Ingrid, what are you doing here?” You asked. 

  “Mum told me to come and help but I see you two are doing just fine,” Ingrid said looking at you and then at Luke. 

 "How’s Gwen doing?“ She asked putting her hand on her hip. 

  "I wouldn’t know,” Luke said looking at her and then at some flowers. Ever since Luke started things with Gwen, Ingrid didn’t like being around Luke. 

 "That’s a good bouquet,“ Ingrid said looking down at your hands. "You should show that to mum." 

  "I’ll go check out,” Luke said grabbing the flowers out of your hand.

  “On that note, (Y/N) we have a hair appointment and shopping to do,” Ingrid sang as you walked up to the checkout line.

  “I thought you two just went shopping,” Luke said looking at you. 

  “We have but I’m going to reinvent myself since I don’t have to go to work for a bit,” You said smiling. “And I’m getting my haircut.”

  “So, I’ll see you two at dinner?” Luke asked smiling. 

  “If you’re lucky,” You said smiling. 

  “I’m feeling pretty lucky,” Luke said leaning in. 

  “I’ll be in the cab,” Ingrid said before walking away. Luke pulled away and waited for Beth to walk to the front so you could take the bouquet. 

  “Luke, there’s something that I have to talk to you about,” You said looking at the ground and then up at Luke. When he saw your facial expression he turned to face you. 

  “What is it?” He asked. You opened your mouth to say something but Calum interrupted you by walking in and yelling Luke’s name.

  “Did I interrupt something?” Calum asked looking around. “Holy shit. There are a lot of flowers." 

  "I’ll talk to you about it later,” You quietly said looking up at Luke and forcing a smile. 

  “Are you sure?” Luke asked. You nodded and grabbed his shoulder before walking out of the nursery and into the cab. 

  “Did you tell him what you decided to do?” Ingrid asked. 

  “Not yet,” You breathed. You looked at the door and saw Luke and Calum walk out just in time before the cab took off. 

  “What’s with you lately?” Calum asked looking at Luke as they walked down the street. 

  “I don’t know,” Luke said smiling to himself. “I just have these words she used to say to me and pictures of memories going through my head. She makes me feel better." 

  "Then why don’t you fix things?” Calum asked. 

  “Because I’m an idiot and you can’t just fix this with one of those things with whatever those needle things are called,” Luke said making Calum laugh as he grabbed the bouquet.

  “Can’t think of the word?” Calum asked. 

  “Not at all,” Luke said running his fingers through his hair, chuckling to himself.

there were somewhat hints in there. another hint the songs are released on itunes. you may have had to download it from somewhere other than itunes if you weren’t in the right place. sort of just a filler until the next couple parts, sorry. hope you liked it. 

Preference #126 You get hurt while he’s away on tour (PART TWO)


“We’ve got a 21-20, yes a 21-20. She’ll need a antibacterial rinse, type A blood, stitches, and an antibiotic.” you heard someone say. It took you a minute to recognize where you were, and what had happened. It wasn’t a nightmare, it was real. This is not how you wanted this to go. You were on a hospital gurney, being rushed to some room in the back of the hospital. You wanted it to be like the movies, where you’d wake up with your boyfriend standing above you looking down at you and telling you how much he loved you,as you were lying in your hospital bed. You opened your eyes to see that the doctors had wrapped up your hand in medical gauze. Then looked over to your left, finding a doctor who was reading off some kind of check list. Right as you were ready to panic, the dotor said “Ms. (Y/N), we’re going to need you to remain calm. Yes you are in the hospital right now, your family has been informed of this and should be here shortly, as well as Mr.Styles. You’ve lost a lot of blood, which is why you may feel a bit dizzy or confused right now, you’re going to need some stitches in your hand, but we’ll be able to numb you so that you won’t have to feel the pain. Do you understand?” she asked. You nodded, your eyes starting to tear up. “We’re gonna put you on some laughing gas in order to relax you a bit before we start the procedure, you seem rather tense.” The doctor told you once they had settled you into one room.  “Well, that’s because I’m all alone, in a hospital” you said, almost snapping at her. “Your family should be here shortly. I’m going to go ahead and put this mask onto you that will provide the laughing gas or Nitrous oxide” the doctor answered as she placed the mask onto you. “Go ahead and close your eyes and try to rest for a little bit. She said, and so you did. About 10 minutes had passed since you’d been put on the laughing gas, you’d been resting as the doctor told you to do, but your eyes shot open as you heard Harry’s voice. “Harryyy!” You exclaimed. “Hi (Y/N)” he chuckled. “Hi Harry beary. Hey is that a new shit? I mean shirt.” “No baby, you go it for me last Christmas remember?” “Of course I remember! You silly duck! I was just testing youuuuuu!” You laughed as you pointed to his face. “Oh you were?” “Yes! And you passed the test! GO HARRY GO HARRY GO HARRY!” You started to yell. “Shhh, (Y/N)” Harry said, but he couldn’t help but laugh. “Is everything okay in here?” The doctor asked as she came back in the room. “Yes! HARRY PASSED THE TEST!” You yelled happily. At that point every one was laughing. As soon as they numbed your hand, they were able to start giving you the stitches. Luckily, you didn’t feel a thing, and with the laughing gas you were having the time of your life as Harry distracted you from the procedure.

Your daughter, Amber, was told to wait with Eleanor outside of your hospital room.You felt so alone, though you were surrounded by many doctors and nurses. You screamed as another contraction came. “How is it feeling now?” The doctor questioned. “Very painful!” you told him, feeling very frustrated. “DADDY!” you could hear Amber yell from outside of the room. “Hi princess, I’ll be right there, I need to go see mommy okay?” You heard him say before he came into your room. “Hello beautiful” he said, a smile on his face. His cheeks were red from rushing to get there, practically running down the hospital hallways desperate to find your room. With your forehead starting to sweat, your hair a mess, and an angry expression on your face, you were sure that “beautiful” was the last thing you looked right now. “Niall!” you said, smiling through the pain. “Hello, you must be the father, I’m Doctor. Lawrence” he said as he quickly shook hands with Niall. “Alright (Y/N) it’s almost about time for you to push are you ready?” he questioned. You looked at Niall worriedly and he kissed your forehead, “You can do this (Y/N)” he told you. You turned back to the doctor and told him you were ready… After about seven minutes of pushing, your beautiful baby girl was finally born. Niall was so supportive and without him by your side, who knows if you would have been able to do it. You were the first to hold her, Alexia was her name, Alexia Marie Horan. “Hello there, my beautiful, I love you so much” you whispered to her. You couldn’t help but shed tears of joy. Niall held her next,  “Oh hello my little princess, welcome to the family, we love you Alexia” he told her. Eleanor and Amber go to meet the baby too, both of them just as excited and happy as you and Niall. Eventually the doctors had to take Alexia to weigh her, measure her, and give her some clothes. Leaving you and Niall alone in the room. “We have another daughter” you said quietly, still in awe. “Yes we do, we have two beautiful daughters.” he agreed, holding your hand. “I’m really happy you could make it” you told him. He leaned down to kiss you, “Me too, I don’t think I would have ever forgiven myself if I missed it” he said before leaning down to kiss you again. “I love you” “I love you too, Niall” .

You’d called Liam exactly 9 times before he finally picked up. “Hello?“ you said as for the first time in the past ten minutes you hadn’t heard Liam’s voicemail message. “hi. can you stop calling” he said flatly. He didn’t even sound mad, just upset. “Liam please can we just talk, being this far away from you is hard enough, I don’t wanna be fighting with you too.“ you said. “Yes, we are far away from each other, which makes it really hard to know when you’re lying to me.” He snapped. “First of all, I did NOT lie to you, Liam. Let’s get that straight.“ you told him. "Well it’s close enough, because you didn’t quite tell me the truth either.” he argued. “Are you really that upset about this, that I didn’t tell you?” you had to know. You heard Liam sigh. “ No. I just hate it because you always do this (Y/N), you always say you’re okay and that you’ll be fine and I always just accept it and say ‘ok’, and I believe you…But I can’t help but feel like one day you really won’t be okay and you’ll really need me there, and I won’t be there. Just like now, you said you were fine but (Y/N), you were seriously hurt.  I feel like as your boyfriend, I should know that. Even if you don’t think it’s a big deal, I at least deserve to know” he told you.  “I understand Liam, I’m sorry, really. I just, I really don’t want you to worry about me too much. I was really selfish not telling you. I’m sorry.” you said. “(Y/N) I’m always gonna worry about you, but it’s not out of fear, it’s out of love. I am completely in love with you (Y/N). But when you don’t tell me things like this or if I feel as though you’re hiding something, it only makes me worry a thousand times more.” He said. “I understand, I’m really sorry. I am completely in love with you too and let’s promise not to ever keep anything from eachother.”  you told him. He chuckled slightly. “I guess if I can’t keep anything from you, then I have to tell you this…” he said before pausing for dramatic suspense. “Liam just tell me dammit!” you laughed. “I’m coming home next week! We’re all taking a 3 week break from the tour!” he finally said. “Oh my God! Are you serious!” you exclaimed. “Yeah!” “I can’t wait to see you Li!” you said, a bright smile on you face.
“Only 7 days, baby” he told you.

Your back hurt, badly. You didn’t really know why, but as you forced your heavy eyelids open you saw yourself in pastel blue hospital gown. You must have been dreaming, or having a nightmare really. You could have sworn you heard Louis’ voice somewhere, but as you searched around the room you seemed to be alone. You opened your mouth to speak, but it hurt to do so, so you closed it again. This couldn’t be a dream. Your eyes wondered around the large hospital room, trying to understand why you might be in here. “No, no not yet. Yes of course. Right, I understand. Alright, bye. Yes I will. We both love you too” You heard Louis voice say, he seemed to have just ended a phone call. Before you could even think about anything else Louis walked through the door. His eyes locked with yours and his lips curved into a small some. “You’re awake!” Louis exclaimed. “I’ll go get the doctor” he said. “No” you let out quickly. Louis turned around with wide eyes, at hearing you speak. He smiled and nodded, leaving the doorway and coming to the side of your hospital bed. You left your hand where it was, but you opened your hand, allowing him to hold it. He understood your actions and took your hand. Almost reading your mind he said “Let’s just sit here for a minute, just us. Let’s enjoy the fact that you’re alright, I love you, so much (Y/N)”. You gave his hand a squeeze. After just sitting in a loving silence with Louis holding your hand, you decided you wanted an explanation. “Why?” Was all you managed to say. Louis’ head perked up at sound of your voice. “Why what?” He wondered. You glanced around the hospital room. “Why are you here?” He asked. You nodded slightly. “You don’t remember?…does driving home from work sound familiar ? Driving home in the snow, downhill. Your brakes stopped working” that was all he had to say before the memories hit you all at once. “Ahh” you screamed, as you were then able to remember everything. The more you thought about it, the more you wanted to cry.  "Oh no (Y/N), it’s okay I’m sorry I didn’t mean to make you remember like that. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. The doctor say’s you’re going to be okay, you’ve got some pretty bad cuts and a fractured shoulder, but you’re going to be okay, you’re okay. I love you.” Louis said, though tears were falling from his eyes. You gave his hand another squeeze and nodded trying to tell him you loved him too, without having to speak. “Thank God you’re okay, (Y/N)” he sighed.

You couldn’t really think about anything else, the only thing you could really think about was the burning feeling you could feel in your lap.You answered the questions the medics had asked you. “What’s your name?”, “How old are you?”, “What’s your average weight”,“ How you’d hurt yourself?”, “Do you have insurance?”, “Do you have any family we should call Ms.?” they asked next. “Um yes, may I have my phone please?” you asked. The second you unlocked it you noticed the number of missed called from Zayn. “Oh my God” you said as you called him. “(Y/N)!?” he said, sounding out of breath. “Yes, I’m here” you told him. “Wh-what the hell is going on, I called you a million times”  he said. “I know I had made some tea for myself and when I was picking up the phone, I spilled the tea all over my lap and I hung up on you so that I could call an ambulance and that’s where I am now. They said I probably have second degree burn and I think I’m almost at the hospital so, I think I have to go.” you told him. You could tell Zayn was crying. “Zayn, please, it’s okay. I’m okay, it could be worse” you said, your voice cracking slightly. “I’m coming out there” was all he said. “Zay-” “Don’t try to argue this with me, I’m coming out there.” he told you. “Okay Zayn. I need to go. I love you” “I love you too, (Y/N)” he said. Before you had to hang up. Your thighs still hurt like hell, but if there was anything that could make you feel better it was talking to Zayn. Once the ambulance had parked and you were taken to a hospital room you were able to call your family members, who were now on their way too. Luckily by the time they started to treat your burns, your family was there to hold your hands. “Ok (Y/N) we’re going to put you on some anesthesia now, so you won’t feel the pain” the doctor told you. You nodded, as you waited for the drug to hit you…
“How long as she been in here?” “About 3 or 4 hours, we didn’t get much time to talk to her, before they put her under with anesthesia.” “Okay, I feel awful that I wasn’t here” “Don’t worry about it, you have no reason to Dear. Don’t blame yourself.”  You heard these voices and at this point you couldn’t quite tell who was talking, nor could you really process the words. “Okay Ms.(Y/N) you’re done for right now, how are you feeling.” your doctor asked, forcing you to open your eyes. “Sleepy” you answered as you looked around the room. Zayn and you mother were on the left side of your bed while 2 nurses were on the right side. “Zayn?” you said squinting, unsure if that was really him or if you were hallucinating. “Yes, I’m here baby, I’m right here for you” he said. “Please stay here with me” you said, not wanting him to ever let go of your hand. “Of course (Y/N)” he said, before kissing your forehead.

A/N: I hope you liked this two part pref! Sorry if any of the medical stuff is incorrect I don’t know anything about the medical field so I had to do a bit of research lol! Give me feedback and requests please if you have any! <3


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Densi prompt - furniture shopping

Kensi opened her eyes and stretched her arms above her head. The California sun was already shining through the closed curtains. She rolled out of bed, picked up a shirt from the floor and headed towards the kitchen.

She opened the cupboard and pulled out two cups.
Placing them on the counter, she noticed a piece of paper covered with Deeks’ hasty handwriting : ” Gone surfing. Monty’s with me. We love you. D.”

Kensi smiled. Waking up without him by her side hadn’t freaked her out. She felt blissful and at peace because she trusted him with all of her heart and soul.
She read the note again, the smile growing upon her face. Badass Kensi Blye had turned into a real softie and she couldn’t care less. In fact, she liked that new version of herself.

She heard the familiar sound of the key in the lock. The front door opened and Monty rushed in, leaving a trail of wet footprints on the floor.
His tall, handsome master was right behind. He grinned when he saw Kensi standing half naked in his kitchen.

“Hello Sunshine!” He pulled her to him and kissed her. “That would be my shirt,” he said when they finally broke apart.

“I figured I could borrow it.” She said brushing his cheek with her fingertips.

Deeks bit his lower lip. “If I complain, will you take it off ?”

Kensi chuckled. “I don’t want to rain on your parade but I’m afraid we barely even have time to get ready before going to work.”

“You’re right. We’ll save time if we shower together.”

Kensi pecked him on the lips and turned around. “Coffee ?”

“Coffee sounds heavenly right now.”

She started to pick up the coffee pot, but somehow it went crashing to the floor.
Kensi let out a quick curse.

Deeks laughed. “So, no coffee then ?”

Kensi shrugged. “It’s okay, I have one at my place, I’ll bring it over. It’s not like we need two coffee pots anyway.”

She looked at Deeks and saw a bewildered look on his face. The realization of what she had just said slowly hit her and she blushed.

Deeks cleared his throat. “I don’t want to read to much into this but… Is that your weird, Kensalina-esque way of saying that we should live together ?”

Kensi froze. It’s not how she had pictured them having this conversation.
She played with the hem of her shirt. “I already spend all my time here so…”

Deeks walked over to face her. “I would love that.“

She looked up at him. "All in ?”

He nodded. “All in.”

Ron Weasley Imagine for craving-horans-hug

#5 Clingy
*your p.o.v*
For some reason today Ron is acting strange, but not in the weird way. He follows me everywhere, holds my hand all the time, hugs me whenever he gets a chance and he even pecks my lips when nobody is looking. I’m not complaining though, I love spending time with him but this is not normal on him. Usually he spends time with Harry and Hermionie, trying to stay out of trouble (even though he fails all the time) and when he spends time with me he just pecks my lips from time to time in between classes or we hung out in the common room. Nothing special, but it was enough and I liked it. But today it’s different.
“Y/N! Wait for me!” I heard Ron yell when I exited the class. He run towards me and kissed me fully in the mouth, like he hadn’t seen me in years, when in fact we just saw before he had to go to his classes.
“Well, hello to you too!” I said, pecking his cheek. He held my hand tightly as we walked towards Gryffindor’s common room.
We hung out for an hour or so, and it consisted of full make out sessions, a lot of touching and cuddling. But, it was starting to get dark and I needed to get my homework done.
“Babe I have to do my homework, I’ll see you at dinner okay?” I said to him as I stood up.
“Can I help you?” He asked, standing up too.
“It’s potions homework and even though I would love some help, I know you won’t be able to help me, no offense though, I love you” I said with a smile, and he chuckled. He came closer to me and placed his hands on my waist.
“Then can I come and just stay with you?” He asked.
“Ron may I ask you something?” I asked and he nodded. “What’s up with your attitude today?”
“What attitude?” He asked, confused.
“You know, you literally spent all the day with me, and you barely spent time with your friends. Plus, your hands were on my body all day also. I’m not complaining though, but I just wanted to know what’s going on on that crazy mind of yours” I said, holding both of his hands. He looked at me and cracked a smile.
“It’s just, I don’t think I deserve you y/n”. He started while looking at me deep in the eyes. “I mean you’re so beautiful, you could do so much better than me. But you’re still stuck with me, and in a way I think you just do because you don’t want to see me hurt I guess. You are pretty inteligent too, and I’m just you know, me. And also I’m always getting into trouble, why on earth would you stick with someone like me? Anyways, I just feel like if I spend more time with you, you’ll be able to see how much I love and cherish you, and how greatful I am to have you. And also because I don’t feel like I spend enough time with you, and I wanted to comoensate that” he said, kissing my knuckles.
“Ronald Weasley” I started, “you are everything I ever wished for, since first year. So don’t you dare to say I don’t deserve you. I love you so much it sometimes hurts. But it is a beautiful pain.” I said. “I-” I kissed his cheek. “Love” I kissed his chin. “You” I kissed his other cheek. “So” I kissed his nose. “Much” I kissed his lips, and brought him closer to me.
He smiled, kissed my forehead and hugged me tightly.
“I love you too, so much” he said.

justsupermione requested: “I was just wondering if you could write about Sheldon and Amy secretly meeting at this years comic con… wearing matching costumes, giving each other hickies and making a tape in which they are affection with each other.”

Hey.  Thanks for the prompt.  I’m sure this isn’t exactly what you were looking for, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

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To Hannah, Love Grace (3/?)

Hannah POV

“Hey baaaaaaby?” I called to where Grace was sitting on her couch. I was in her corner where she typically records videos.

“Yeah?” she replied, turning the TV down a little bit.

“Will you come record a video with me? We’ve been dating for two weeks and haven’t made a video together and everyone is losing their shit on tumblr right now,” I responded, giggling as I scrolled through the posts. I bet they could picture my mischievous laughing at that moment.

I heard the TV get shut off and shuffling of feet as she trudged over to join me.

I smiled up at her. She was wearing my hoodie and a pair of sweats, and her hair was up in a messy bun on top of her head. There were flyaways everywhere, and she didn’t have any makeup on, but she still looked absolutely beautiful.

“I look like this though,” she said, gesturing to her body. I smiled.

“And you look absolutely fine. I’m in a hoodie and basketball shorts, I don’t look fancy either. Now come here and love me,” I whined, and Grace giggled.

She leaned down and kissed me, and I smiled into the kiss.

“Why do you always do that?” she asked as she just slightly pulled away.

“Because I’m still so giddy and happy about being yours,” I replied, feeling my cheeks start to ache because of how wide my smile had become. 

Grace smiled her little half contented smile and proceeded to sit on my lap.

“What kind of video are we recording?” she asked, then giggled. It took me a second but then I got why she was laughing.

“You are a child, Grace,” I said, even though I started laughing too. “But nothing in particular. Let’s just sit here and talk to them and call the video Hartbig.”

“Sounds like a plan,” she replied. Before I hit record, I leaned up and kissed her again. Every single kiss made my heart go haywire, and I had to steady myself before I hit record.

I tapped the button.

“Hello!” I said behind Grace. She burst out laughing and I leaned into view to look up at her.

“What’s so funny?” I asked.

“You couldn’t even tell you were there, it just sounded like this disembodied voice,” she replied, and I chuckled. 

“Maybe we should switch,” I suggested and she nodded.

We got up and switched so that I was sitting on her lap. Once we were settled, I curled up in her arms and rested my head on her shoulder. 

“So I was on tumblr a couple minutes ago creeping on the hartbig tag and I couldn’t stop laughing at how annoyed you guys are with us,” I said.

“We’ve been together two weeks and we haven’t made a video together yet because we wanted to see how you guys would react to that,” Grace said. “Don’t kill us please!”

I wrapped my arms around her middle and nuzzled more into her neck, then closed my eyes.

“Are you comfortable?” she asked me, and I could feel her look down at me slightly. 

“Yes, yes I am,” I replied quietly, and she giggled. She kissed my forehead and then turned back to the camera.

“So we don’t even have a plan for this video, but we’re just gonna go with it and see what happens. What did we do today, Hannah?” she asked after fishing for something more to say.

I sat up so that I could talk and I laced my fingers in with hers.

“Well this morning I came over at like 4 because I couldn’t sleep, and then we slept until 10…then you uploaded your video…” I said, looking down at Grace for her to continue. I noticed that she had been looking up at me the whole time, and there was a tiny smile playing at her lips. Her eyes looked glazed over for a second, like she was in a trance. Then she snapped out of it and continued.

“Then we went out and got lunch, hung out with Mamrie and watched old NoFilter videos…by the way we’re doing more shows in May! I know we never shut up about it but it’s so exciting!” Grace said.

“Yaaaay!” I emphasized. Grace looked at me, annoyed that I interrupted her.

I shrunk down a little bit, a sheepish look on my face, and apparently she found it hilarious.

I didn’t mind that she found me oh so hilarious because that meant I got to hear her laugh, which was like heaven to my ears. 

I loved the way her nose scrunched up and how her smile reached her eyes when she laughed. She was so beautiful…

After regaining her ability to speak, she continued on.

“After hanging out with Mamrie for like 6 hours, we came back here and Hannah recorded MDK here, then I watched TV and she was on tumblr for like an hour…and now we’re here!” Grace said, ending our summary of the day.

“And that’s what you missed on Hartbig!” I said, laughing. 

“Oh God are we gonna be that kind of couple?” Grace asked, looking up at me. I shrugged.

“We shall see. But so far I think we definitely are,” I said, and she smiled.

“I don’t mind,” she said, her voice quieting. I looked at her for a little while, just assessing every part of her face. Her jawline, her lips, her nose, her eyes…everything.

Grace broke the trance by quickly kissing my cheek and turning back to the camera. 

“So yeah! That’s our update of the day. Sorry we tortured you for two weeks,” she said.

“Sorry not sorry, it was so funny watching you guys lose your shit,” I said, laughing. 

We laughed at that for a little bit, and then we just sat there.

“Now what?” Grace asked, looking up at me.

“Settle down with me, cover me up, cuddle me in,” I sang. “Lie down with me, and hold me, in your arms!”

“Just kidding, she’s always the big spoon even though she’s the little person,” Grace interjected.

“I was serenading you and you ruined the moment!” I burst out, and she threw her head back laughing. God what a glorious sound..

“We were having a moment?” she replied. 

“MOVIE REFERENCE!” I exclaimed, and she laughed again.

“I wasn’t even thinking of that when I said that,” she told me. 

“But for real though, can we go lay down and watch TV? I’m really tired,” I complained, nuzzling into her again.

“Do you see what I have to deal with?” Grace asked presumably to the camera, though she ran her hand down my arm and laced our fingers together once more.

“Shut up, you love me,” I teased.

My mind went back to the day after we got back together.

“Yes, yes I do,” she replied, just as she had then.

Nearly forgetting about the camera, I leaned down and kissed her, a bit longer than I had previously while the cameras were rolling.

After we pulled away, I turned to the camera.

“I hope that fulfilled your needs. I love you so much, mwah, have a wonderful night slash day slash whatever it is when you watch this,” I said.

“Bye guys!” Grace said, waving to the camera. I leaned over and clicked on the stop button.

“Should we even edit that?” I asked. Grace shook her head.

“Leave it as is. It shows exactly how we are with each other and I like that,” she replied, and I smiled.

Later that night, well morning perhaps it was, Grace was asleep in her bed next to me, and I was still up on YouTube.

Grace stirred slightly, and I paused, seeing if she would wake.

When she didn’t, I pulled up the video we had recorded earlier today. I didn’t even check views or anything of the like.

The video played and I couldn’t help but notice the way Grace looked at me, and the way I had looked at her. How in love we really looked.

I remembered watching movies where people acted like that and dreaming of the day it would happen to me.

I shut down the computer and laid down, facing Grace. The moonlight was just bright enough that I could make out her features. And once again, in the silence of the night, I took in all of her. The slope of her nose, her defined cheekbones. I made note of the little noises she made in her sleep, her facial expressions.

As I felt sleep coming over me, I leaned over and pressed a gentle kiss to Grace’s temple, then laid back down, scooting as close to her as I could.

“I love you so much Grace,” I whispered, pulling the covers over us both. 

The last thing I remember before falling asleep was brushing hair back off of her face, linking our fingers once more before I slept, and seeing a smile cross the sleeping brunette’s face that was half the size of my own smile.


I dont know how good that was but I had fun writing it. More to come but not until Sunday, I’m at my dads this weekend. Love to the trinity fandom :)

we didn’t mean to scare you...

September 2015


These were the kinds of days that were few and far between at the moment. Those days when I could just hang out at home and watch TV, sleep, or bake….no shows to perform, no interviews, no need to leave the house.

Of course, the one thing that made these days all the better was Adam. We worked around our schedules to make sure we were both free every so often for a couple of days of calm together. Mainly it would work out best in LA, as it was close to Adam’s shows and the weather was mainly good so we could lie out by the pool or whatever. Also Adam had the most amazing house which he had just finished renovating and decorating, with my help of course.

“When are you back in the city?” I asked Adam on the phone from my bedroom in LA. He was in Vegas for the weekend as he had back to back shows, while I had a show on the east coast yesterday (Friday) but was now back in LA for the weekend before my next show.

“Well I have the show now and then one tonight….but I could come back to-oh no I have a show tomorrow early afternoon….um…so tomorrow evening at best babe.” He replied, sounding disappointed.

Originally I had planned to spend the weekend in Nashville, but it turned out all my friends were away or busy so I decided to come to LA, forgetting Adam’s busy schedule.

“That’s fine…..I’ll hang out with the cats and write or something.” I replied, trying not to sound too down about the situation. The weather wasn’t meant to be great this weekend and I had been looking forward to a cosy weekend in.

“How about you have some friends over to mine? There’s plenty of space….” He suggested.

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