we just wanted more money for schools


Q: You could’ve stopped photography after trying it out a couple times in high school. We want to know what about photography drew you in even to this day.

It felt nice to take pictures of my acquaintances with the camera that I bought with my own money, to the extent where I wondered if something that was more exhilarating than this could even exist. Maybe it was because I dreamt about it for a long time. And I like that you can look at the old pictures and reminisce in the past.(credit- togetherinspirit7)

How CW would go if fucking logic applied to Marvel
  • Natasha: Here, the government agreement signed. We also have the training facilities for new superpowered people up and running.
  • Steve: I know, and I trust you and Tony to keep this under control and clean. I just wish this wasn’t necessary.
  • Natasha: Yeah, but we need the people we fight for to trust us, and these newbies require training and a sense of responsibility. Least they accidentally blow up a school or something,
  • Steve: ikr?
  • ***
  • Steve: Bucky, you are a wanted man now… which is why I can’t just let you waltz around running from law enforcement, because It can only end in disaster and more innocent deaths. We are gonna bring you in, but let me make a call first.
  • Steve: Tony hey, can I borrow your team of lawyers and some money?
  • Tony: Sure, whatever.
  • ***
  • SI lawyers: Your honor, as you can see in these documents and photographs owned by Hydra/SHIELD and released by agent Romanova for the whole world to see a couple of years ago, our client, James Barnes, was a condecorated soldier taken war prisoner, brutally tortured, brainwashed and forced to perform terrible acts against his will or knowing by a terrorist Nazi organization. He is a victim and a survivor. As will confirm this lot of experts in the psychological and brainwashing field as well as Captain America, who is completely trustworthy and would never go against the concerns of the people of this country.
  • The judge: Released without charges with supervision detail for the duration of the mandatory rehab.
  • ***
  • The government: But who’s gonna pay for all these murders?
  • The Avengers: HYDRA will pay. Let us handle them.
  • The Government: ‘kay
  • The avengers: *doing some hardcore 100% legal avenging, wiping out the rest of Hydra while the general public cheers for it’s heroes*
  • *** meanwhile***
  • Clint’s wife: Oh thank you so much guys, you know with the baby and Clint flying around the world fighting the bad guys we really didn’t have the time to do this.
  • Bucky and his supervision agents: *planting potatoes and chill*

Date: July 13th, 2001

Today could have gone better.

But school is out now, so I should have a lot more time to look for information. I’m not exactly sure what to do about the head wound, but it doesn’t really hurt anymore. Just take off the bandages before Mom gets home and cover it with hair? We don’t have the money for a hospital visit right now, so…

… I don’t want to bother him. I’ll take off the bandages later and decide then.


Heyyy everyone,I think it’s about time I finally start up this blog proper. I’ll be trying to update somewhat consistently, I hope y’all enjoy. ^.^

This is a BD/PD/Daily blog for Part 4′s Hayato Kawajiri, set two years after the events of DiU. It’s sorta an AU in the sense that some things are a lil different (mainly in the Kawajiri household), but it’s a loose canon at best. So don’t worry about being caught up or conflicting with any sorta story, it’s all fun here. 

does anyone know how or where can i find photos of nude models for drawing reference?

we’re at that awkward phase in anatomy class where the teacher make us draw nude people WHICH IS INCREDIBLY USEFUL AND NECESSARY FOR ANATOMY UNDERSTANDING but finding references is quite difficult.

any search on google that includes the word “nude” straight up brings hardcore porn and im very fucking tired

and why dont we draw those nude models they hire at school? well, truth is they dont. Teacher b like “if u want models for ur classes u gotta pay them yourselves” and we’re a group of like 7 people it would be expensive even if we gather money so fuck that.

so yea teacher just make us draw nudes from wherever we find online but either i dont know how to look for them or theyre just hard to find. And the few i find are all the same white attractive lady body type WHICH IS AWESOME but i also need more diversity ya feel! young, old, chubby, skinny, athletic, wimpy, black, white, yellow, pink, all sorts!! 

so any info would be awesome! 

23purpleturtle  asked:

My childhood friend I knew since elementary school and high school and we reconnect by Facebook and he really likes me and he has autism also :) we talk a lot, he tells me that I keep him calm from being stressed and he will do anything for me and to help me clean my Turtle tank too. And I don't care about that he has money I just want to be their for him :)

Aww that sounds so sweet! Do you like him? Do you think you two will become more than friends?

“I was a good student. I did football, karate, basketball, all sorts of activities. I never skipped school. I first sold drugs when I was twelve or thirteen. It wasn’t a full time thing. Just whenever I needed money. My mom was raising four of us in a one-bedroom apartment, so we didn’t have money for clothes. I just needed enough to keep people from focusing on me. Just enough to keep moving. But as I got older, it cost more and more to stay up. Girls came into the picture. I wanted to impress them. I started dealing more and more, and all the other activities faded out of my life. I tried to study nursing after high school. I paid my tuition with drug money. But I lost focus after two years and fell back on drug dealing. I thought I could be double-minded. But it’s not possible. You can’t do good and bad at the same time. The bad always wins. There’s no such thing as Robin Hood. Nobody wants to hear that you’re dealing drugs to feed your family. Prosecutor doesn’t want to hear that. Society doesn’t want to hear that. The system doesn’t want to hear that. There’s a verse in the Book of Ezekiel, I forget which one, but it talks about this. It says something like: ‘If you do all good, and one bad, the good will not be mentioned.’”

(Federal Correctional Institution: Cumberland, Maryland)

I have things I would love to do as a career, but ultimately I would be absolutely happiest as a stay-at-home mom. Maybe just until all my kids were in school, then I could develop my career. Growing up my mom worked full-time and my dad worked two jobs because money was sparse, and I don’t think it necessarily affected us negatively but I do remember wishing I saw them more, especially my dad since he was always at work or sleeping for work. And as an adult now I know they also wished they could have seen us more, too. Having T has just made me want to devote all my time to raising her and being present for her. While I was still pregnant, I was excited to return to school when we moved and I really loved my job as a nanny. Now after actually having her, I’m significantly less excited about both. I feel like I’m less passionate about those things, maybe because they pale in comparison to motherhood while simultaneously taking away my time/attention from motherhood? I don’t know. I just wish I could be a SAHM. (I don’t think it’s going to happen, but a girl can dream.)


“Listen, I think you need to take some vacation days. This job is dragging you down.”

“I can’t afford to take vacation days, Caleb. We need the money. If we want to live in an actual house and afford for Charly to go to a decent school, we NEED the money.”

“Okay, but I have a job too you know!”

“I wouldn’t necessarily call writing art reviews a job, but alright.”

“Are you kidding me? I make more than you do..”

So healthcare in America has been a big topic the past…maybe forever? 

But we still see it as being so expensive. Why is healthcare that expensive? I think it might have something to do with the amount of money it takes to train doctors, surgeons, nurses, and other medical staff. They have to go through medical school and get all kinds of licensing just to work. Therefore they get paid a lot for their work, and we have to also pay much more.
But what if a doctor could become a doctor without having to pay exuberant amounts of money? What if they could do a mentorship under another doctor, or get a bachelor’s that more specific to their needs?

As just a theory, what if university was different? You get out of high school and you go for a medical degree in whatever you want to be in; cardiology, pediatrics, ect. It’s a four-year degree like a bachelor’s, but you only do one year of general studies and the other 3 years are dedicated to your specific field of choice. Then you could be qualified to work at a hospital and be able to do a number of tasks, maybe you work under a phD doctor as a sort of mentorship, but you still get paid.

Would this help drive down costs? And would it also help in patient care? Because now we just go see a specific doctor, and often we feel like we get rushed through. But imagine if that doctor had mentees under him that are also qualified doctors. If said doctor is scheduled to see 50 patients in a day, instead of one doctor running around trying to see all these patients, he can send out the mentees to help him see some of the patients. Maybe the mentees could take patients that are easier to diagnose while the phD doctor takes the harder or more reliant patients. This could help patient care in that it would be a little bit less rushed and you could develop a closer relationship with a medical professional.

This whole idea would also bring down some of the cost of healthcare, without people having to pay more taxes or without having to cut other areas just to get funding. Plus it opens the door for more people to become doctors, in general. Just an idea… what are your thoughts?  

“I’ve been working as an actor and I’ve been in a bit of a rut recently. We need money for rent, school, every bill under the sun. And we want to have a kid soon, so we should really be putting money away for that. We sat down over pizza recently to figure out our finances. She helped convince me that I’m not an idiot.”
“I tend to be the more practical one in the relationship. I told him: ‘This isn’t you. This is just right now.’ We’ve just got to start from the basics and figure things out. Eric needs to be acting and making films, and I’m happiest when he’s doing those things. We just need to make a few small adjustments to make the numbers work. He’s extremely talented, but he agrees to do too many things for free. Nobody would ever ask a lawyer to work for free. But actors and artists get asked all the time. And if Eric likes the person, he’ll work for 80 hours with no compensation. It’s fine to do unpaid projects because you’re passionate. But you have to feel really strongly about it. In each case, we’ve got to ask if the passion is worth more than the dollars.”


Hey ! Since i have time on my hands and i need to save up money for the next school year, im opening up commissions again !

[ 5 free slots ]

If you want anything more specific you saw in my gallery (like a specific style or colouring) you can ask me to do your commission this way ! Just send me a link of the thing you saw in your message and we can discuss about your commission and the price.

// more informations and slot status: here //

For any additionnal infos you can send me asks to this blog or emails at the same address: shuuzaar@gmail.com

Thanks for reading !


hi so i really need money before school starts so im opening sketch commissions!! if you really insist on a certain picture being colored then shoot me a message we can work out the price.

so uh i dont really have a style but if you want something done similar to the first 3 pictures shown : 5 dollars waist up (8$ shaded) 10 dollars full body

if you want something more realistically draw its 15$ (18$ shaded) waist up ONLY 
im reaally flexible right now because i just need whatever i can before i start school so feel free to bargain with me if you want!! message me and i’ll give you the details/payment methods, thank you!!

a few more examples:

Angry about Ilvermorny?

It is already established that there are wizarding schools that are less regulated, less renowned, and with less staying power. We know that Hogwarts costs money to attend and, even though they have scholarship funds, not everyone can afford all the other associated costs with going to boarding school. We also know that many wizards choose to homeschool or take correspondence courses. 

So if you want a better school, more inclusive, less Eurocentric, you can have it, canonically. Boom, there are community schools for Native American populations that the ICW doesn’t recognize because they offer muggle classes in herbology and rune reading. Boom, there are Appalachian kids who have weekly barnhouse meetings and take turns building a new barn when bigots find the old one. Boom, there are inner-city kids who have charmed their day school to look like an abandoned subway station; the rats are animagi guards.

I’m sorry that Rowling isn’t expanding the wizarding universe with the same zeal she did 20 years ago but there are enough gaps in lore that you can fill in the rest.

Art isn’t fucking free, do you all realize the amount of pocket money we have to use to pay to buy expensive tools just to make the art that you want to be FREE? Do you realize that one small tube of good quality paint costs around $15 US dollars? That’s two hours of a minimum wage job right there. It costs $30 for s mid sized canvas, it costs $3000 for a camera and $800 for a lens (usually) it costs $17 for a high quality brush. Not brushes, brush. We work and work our minimum wage jobs, serving and being respectful to people, going to school to learn more about these passions, where the tuition costs more than we’ll ever make being alive, we use our out of pocket money to keep our passion alive. Art is never appreciated for what it is. Do you realize the amount of blood, sweat and experience it takes to make art? Art isn’t fucking easy, it takes years of experience, heart ache, loss, gain, tears, fears, anger, pain, sweat, money, it takes heart, mind and soul. And if you think all of that shit should be free? Then you’re not thinking right.

So it cost $295 for drivers ed (driver’s permit included) plus the $215 high school registration fee. So overall, that costs $510 for my mom and that’s just for me. And there’s my brother, so the school’s fees cost my mom $800. That’s just the school’s fees alone. She also needs money to buy us new clothes, shoes and school supplies for the new school year.
My mom works at a fast food restaurant and we live off from check to check and I don’t really want my mom to work more than she has to. So I’m willing to earn money to pay off some of the stuff I need for school.

Please do not pay me unless I finish your commission. I will only accept PayPal as payment.

My Paypal: pokelots@live.com

Things I will not draw:


The Department of Things That Will Never Happen But 

as much as I love the current musical (and honestly, I do; I wouldn’t have 28 versions of a soundtrack I didn’t love)   I so want to make one that’s more book accurate 
Not even for the reasons everyone thinks (not just that anyway) 
But so it could have Fantine arrive in M-Sur-M and be greeted with a group song by the whole town about their awesome mayor, who wrestles bulls and feeds passing working kids and breaks into houses to leave money and started the hospital and the school and keeps a guinea pig and ALSO THERE’S THIS FACTORY with TOTALLY NON-OMINOUS HIRING PRACTICES  and DID WE MENTION HE PUNCHED A BEAR???