we just stand around and eat cookies

Eddie and Richie Baking Cookies:

Eddie: *is doing all the work*

Richie: *Just standing around and admiring Eddie*

Eddie: *is done with the cookie dough and about to put them in the oven*

Richie: *eating the dough*

Eddie: Stop that Richie. You’re gonna get sick and we aren’t going to have cookies left.

Richie: Okay mom. 🙄

Eddie: *pulls out the cookies when they’re done* Perfect!

Richie: Just like you *kisses Eddie’s cheek* *then picks up every cookie and licks it* Now they’re even better

Eddie: ugh. you’re a monster.

Miraculous Fluff: Day 30

:( It’s almost over. Here is @miraculousfluffmonth​ Day 30: Unmasked.

AO3 link here

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Alya was recording the fight, as usual, when it happened. Nino was with her, as always, and he saw it all as well. The thing was, Alya didn’t know what to do with this, now. This changed everything.

The fight was going very well, until after Ladybug had used her lucky charm. About 5 minutes after she did that, the akuma punched Ladybug hard enough to send her flying into the very alley that Alya and Nino occupied. A few seconds after she landed, too dazed to do anything, he rmiraculous gave an insistent beep, and a pink light shimmered up the form. Alya gazed, transfixed, as the light revealed none other than her best friend, Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

Nino stiffened, and his eyes turned upwards. Alya thought that he was trying to unsee what he had just seen. Alya, though, just stared at Marinette, who was groggily standing up. Making up her mind, Alya rushed forward, and helped Marinette stand. Marinette looked at Alya, then put her hand on her shoulder.

“Thanks A-” Marinette froze, looking at her arm. The very not red and black arm. She swirled around, and dashed to where she fell. Picking something up, Marinette reached into her purse, and pulled out a cookie. As Marinette made her way back to Alya, the cookie seemed to just… disappear. On closer, inspection, Alya saw why. There was a red creature sitting in the palm of Marinettes’ hand, eating the last few crumbs.

“We will talk about his later.” Marinette was about to pull on her transformation, when Nino spoke.


Alya looked at Nino, planning on seeing where he was looking, to greet their other friend. But, Nino wasn’t looking at the end of the alley, he was looking up at the fight. That was when it struck Alya. Turning and seeing the look on her best friend confirmed it. Adrien was dating Marinette, and Chat Noir was dating Ladybug. If Marinette was Ladybug, then Chat Noir had to be Adrien.

“We will talk of this later, but do not tell anyone about me, or him.”

With that said, Marinette transformed, and rejoined the fight. Nino walked up to her.

“What a night, am I right?” Nino gave her a shaky smile. Alya merely grunted. “Alya, don’t beat yourself up that you didn’t figure out that our two classmates were really superheroes fighting crime with magical powers that probably were used to cover identities. And, that they didn’t reveal their identities. I’ve read your comics. It is never easy.”

Alya nodded. “I guess that we have to help them.”

Nino nodded, and Alya led the way as the fight continued along the street.

Seventeen’s reaction to you not being able to grab something off the shelf bc ur smol

Requested by @highest-quality-of-trash ! Thank you for requesting, we know it took so long, but hope u still enjoy!!


Originally posted by saysvteen

He’s a dad so when he walked into the room, seeing you reach for the cookies on the top shelf, he couldn’t help but giggle a little bit. If you turned around and pouted, saying you really wanted to eat these cookies, he’d come up to you, hug you and take them down for you. When you went to thank him, he’d just wink and say “Anything for my cutie ;))”


Originally posted by seungheol

He’s a savage, so he’d probably just stand there and laugh at you. He’d shake his head at the teeny jumps you did, trying to get higher. He’d definitely think you look cute, but wouldn’t show it instead, he’d make fun of you and tease you about your height. After you got the box of cereals down from the shelf, you’d smack him real hard with it and he’d promise to help you next time (ps: he won’t)


Originally posted by shwua

He’s literally a saint (and on top of that a gentleman), so if you’d call his name, asking for help, he’d appear like your knight in shining armor, ready to save your day. He wouldn’t even make any sassy remarks, he’d just get you your stuff because he’s such a nice person man the he*k


Originally posted by infinitblaq

still the prettiest gif of him hands down

He’d see that you’re struggling and wouldn’t even ask if you needed help, he’d just sit back, grab some popcorn and watch the struggles of the World’s Smallest Person™ (at least that’s what you are in his eyes). After a good 10 minutes he’d probably ask you if you were struggling and be really cheeky about it. He’d just go “You need help, well how about you do this really crazy thing then to pay me back” or like “You owe me one big time now ;))))” (ps: yes he’d really make you pay the debt)


Originally posted by hosoeks

This lil fluffball would be so happy he could be of help. Usually when you needed help, it was like maths/work/uni/[insert possible problem here] and he couldn’t be of much help. But now he could finally show what he could do. He loved being there for you, so everytime he would be able to, he’d do it in a very show-off kind of way. He’d exaggerate easy things like getting the cup of the shelf so much, that you’d snort and laugh out loud at his actions.


Originally posted by allurity

Just like Jun he would probably sit back at first and watch you struggle, after a while he’d sneak up on you and wordlessly get the item down for you, handing it to you. You’d want to thank him obviously, but he’d just flash you a small smile and leave the room, probably jumping up and down bc u were looking so cute aw (he’d tell everyone abt it for like two week and they’d all be like ugh wonWOO we’ve heard this story 75 times pls let it rest)


Originally posted by seugcheol

hA HA you were expecting some kind of smol ppl joke now, weren’t you? Well truthfully he was too and he’d think you’d be teasing him when you asked him to get the box from up there, so he’d be like oh i’LL SHOW THEM and just grab like a chair or a ladder or smth and climb up there and angrily set it down in front of you. You’d have to explain him like 500 times that you really did not mean it as a joke, you were genuinely asking for help. All the jokes abt his height rlly got to that poor boy :(


Originally posted by faceofdistaste

ahh yes dk.. the actual sun…. He’s probably one of these cheesy people, that watch too many romcoms and think everything in life must happen this way and not differently, so he’d be all cheesy and sneak up to you and ask if you’d need help and you’d be like yes ?? so he’d just be like “gimme a kiss on the cheek first ;))))” and then he’d turn his head real quick so it’d be a kiss on the lips and then he’d sigh contently and be like ok i’m helping you 


Originally posted by 7teans

This tree boy would be the real savage. He’d take the thing you’d want down and almost hand it to you and then just whack it away and hold it over his head, so you wouldn’t be able to get to the thing AT ALL and after some struggling on your side and a lot of laughing on his side, he’d put it somewhere EVEN FURTHER UP and just laugh at you until you pouted and gave him the silent treatment, then he’d be like “babe :(” and try to get the thing down and massively struggle himself bc he put it up way too far and at the end of the day you wouldn’t get it down at all anymore and you’d have to buy a new hat THANKS MINGYU


Originally posted by wonnhao

Everyone’s always like aw Minghao so cute what a cinnamon roll i love my child but he’s probably pretty cool and savage af and so he’d basically do the same thing as Mingyu, just he’d give it back earlier and then demand a kiss for all the effort he put in getting you the thing, like boy it wouldn’t have been any effort if you wouldn’t have played me like this tf


Originally posted by seniyaa

He’d probably be super sassy abt it and like roll his eyes and get up really slowly and be like “ugh can’t you do that on your own like seriously I was jUST sitting down” but secretly he’d love helping you and give you a kiss on the cheek while handing u the thing aw qt


Originally posted by sneezes

He’d be like “Yes I can help hello” and probably break the thing trying to get it down and then he’d apologize five hundred times and be like “I’m so sorry Y/N, I promise it won’t happen again ily i’m so sorry”


Originally posted by mountean

Dino would be like Hoshi and be super happy to help you and probs kick everyone that would try to get in the way and get the thing down for you and be super proud of it. He’d hand it to you and flash his biggest smile and probably expect a pat on the back or smth, he’d love being a help to you because he’s so highkey WHIPPED

Hope you enjoy, if you didn’t, leave a message and tell us, so we can work on something new that fits your expectations better!

2 AM is a Great Time for Cookies (1/1)

This is a belated birthday gift for Rain aka emmaslovebug! I hope you like it and I’m so sorry I didn’t finish this in time for your actual birthday!

Even angry and drunk Emma Swan can’t pass up the chance to get some chocolate chip cookies and really who makes cookies at 2 AM anyways?
also on AO3

Emma had had enough as she drunkenly walked barefoot back to her dorm from the frat party where she had caught her (now ex) boyfriend Neal hooking up with Tamara in an empty room upstairs again. She clutched her heels tighter in her hands and felt a few more tears stream down her face. How could she have been so stupid to think Neal wouldn’t cheat on her again? Why had she let Mary Margaret talk her into staying with Neal after the first time she caught him cheating? Emma sniffled and swiped her keycard to get back into her dorm building wanting nothing more than to get out of her tight party outfit and into some sweatpants and watch Disney movies for the rest of the weekend. She passed the tiny communal kitchen on the way to the stairs when she stopped and inhaled the scent of chocolate chip cookies. She opened the door and swayed in the doorway, watching the guy using the kitchen take the tray of cookies out of the oven.

“Why are you making chocolate chip cookies?” she asked drunkenly.

“Why are you holding your shoes in your hand?” he asked, placing his cookies on a plate to let them cool.

“They were uncomfortable and I walked from Greek Row,” Emma said.

“Well that sounds fun,” he turned and looked at her for the first time and his very blue eyes filled with concern, “Or perhaps not, are you alright lass? Did something happen?”

Emma felt her eyes fill with tears again and tried to blink them back, hoping to not cry in front of a total stranger, “No, I’m fine,” she choked out, never sounding less fine in her life.

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