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Chris Evans - Surprise

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It’s Chris’ birthday and you have a very special surprise for your husband. You’re about to give him something he’s always wanted.

Pairing: Chris x Fem!Reader

A/N: I wrote this quick one shot for Chris’ birthday. I hope he has a wonderful day ❤

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Interrogation Room

Summary: Detective AU; Your day starts with a handsome detective Winchester arresting you for a crime you didn’t commit.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word count: 4 870 

Warnings: Mild swearing, slowburn romance, AU

A/N: Written for @luci-in-trenchcoats writing challenge Michelle’s AU & Things Challenge. I hope you will all enjoy it :)

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Promises - Alfie Solomons

Hey, could you please do an imagine where you were a nurse during the war and became really close with Alfie, like he got injured and you had to take care of him. Once the war was all over, he tracks you down because he cannot stop thinking about you. Love your blog and writing!! :)

Promises - Alfie Solomons

His return to Camden Town after the war had not been easy. Settling back into the life that he’d had before the war proved difficult. His bakery was still intact and his workers still loyal but they had few clients and the fear that Alfie instilled before seemed to have disappeared around the same time he did four years ago. But he worked tirelessly to rebuild what was lost and to gain even more respect than when he left. All that time spent on the bakery kept Alfie distracted from the only good thing he had brought with him from France. The memory of a young woman, an English nurse in the hospital in Paris, plagued him as equally as his memories of the front lines did. You came and went in his sleep, a face and a name he seemed unable to put behind him.  

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Home ***Newt Scamander x Reader Request ***

@shellelyn​ - I hope this story makes you feel better with all the Newt love I can give! :) xxx I decided to write about my own change and adjustment and I hope it gives you the same comfort I found. xxx

Anything Newt being super comforting, particularly dealing with change. If I think of anything specific I will let you know but I just need Newt cuddles in my life, like, all the time. :) Plus, I’m dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety so Newt just being calm and reassuring with lots of fluff would make my life right now. You don’t HAVE to do it, but I would love it. :)

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Behind the door came the squelching sound of soggy wet material, like a drenched wet towel being squeezed. As the sound came closer and the knob turned, the slowly opening door revealed you, wet and completely drenched from head to toe. You carefully step into the room, with each movement you made, you can feel the water race off of you and spill onto the carpet below. Shyly you bend sideways and grab onto your shoe. It falls into your palm like a sloppy pile of mud and you discard them onto the floor. Not caring where they land at this particular moment. You barely manage to maneuver yourself the few paces to close the door behind you. Once the door clicks loudly, you hear rustling in the kitchen and a voice calls out to you.

“Y/N? Is that you love?” You wish you could sink into the floor with the rest of the rainwater. Newt turns the corner from the kitchen to meet you in the living room to see your wet deposition. He stops short when he sees your demeanor. You look like a sad grey puppy who got caught in the rain. His face appears concerned and he quickly turns to the fire and grabs a dry towel. “Darling, what happened? How did you get so wet?”

“The bus… I stood too close to the puddle…” You make a gesture to emphasize that a bus hit a puddle hard and splashed on you. Newt has a sympathetic look on his face. “Then of course came the downpour of rain.”

“Why didn’t you use your wand?” Newt rested his hand in his hand, incredulous to the image. You slowly pull two broken wand pieces from your pocket. “Oh dear well….” His brain began to scramble as it worked up a plan. A plan to turn this night around for you. “First things first… to get you out of these wet clothes.” A playful glint danced around in his eyes. You roll yours back at him.

“Oh Newt, honey. Listen, I’m just…” Newt cuts you off as he spins you around in order to at least take off your wet jacket.

“I’m only playing around. Now go get changed and come back out here. Let me at least try to make up for this horrible evening you’ve had.”

But it wasn’t just the evening, you thought as you walked and opened the bedroom door. As you close the door you can’t help but feel like bad luck had been following you around for quite sometime. You peel off the wet clothes and let them pile in a soggy heavy heap on the floor. 

When were you going to catch a break? When was this move going to get easier for you? It had been a couple of months since you moved from New York to be with Newt. At first the thought of living with Newt in England was so inviting and exciting, but soon the excitement faded and you were left homesick. Not that you didn’t love living with Newt but the adjustment had been harder than you expected. When Newt left to go to the Ministry every morning, you felt so utterly alone. Even in the evenings Newt had work to do in his case which left you feeling like an ignored puppy. Eyes big and round, starving for attention and love. This feeling was what spurred your departure, an adventure that sparked your spirit but ended up leaving you devastated and alone. You craved to feel like you belonged, to feel as though this new land had been your home for ages rather than a short time. But with every turn and with every set back it felt as though life was spitting in your face and saying you don’t belong.

The thoughts ran in your head over and over again and even the comfy oversized sweater and sweatpants couldn’t relieve your stress. With a sigh the tears came running down your face like streams. You were glad you caved privately as you didn’t want to Newt to see how much everything was affecting you. After letting yourself left out your frustrations, you try to wipe away the evidence of your emotions on your sleeve and head towards the door. Scrapping wooden chairs and other banging and thumping could be heard and you place an ear to the door, to better understand what you would be walking into. The noise however didn’t give anything away. Could he be working? Tonight? Of all nights? You hoped you were wrong as you opened the door.

A blanket flew past your face as it collected on top of a cleverly put together fort, made of chairs and odd blankets and pillows. Newt was no-where to be seen in the chaos. As you walked into the room more you look down to see a blanket corner lift up on the fort and Newt clamber out.

“Oh… well yes… sorry I was hoping to be done with it before you came out.” He waved his wand again and the rest of the floating blankets and pillows fell to the floor motionless.

“What is this?” You giggled timidly.

“I just thought… well I thought you could use a little home to come home to.” You both laugh at the ridiculousness of his sentence. “What I mean to say, is I thought you could use a place to escape your problems. Just you and I, nothing to remind you of where you are. In this fort, we are just in our own little world. No problems from outside it are allowed in.”

His thoughtfulness was unbearable and little tear drops began to run down your face. He smiled dearly at you and opened his arms as you ran into them.

“Darling, I know it’s been hard. You’ve tried to hide it, but love, I know you all too well.” He kisses the top of your head and places a hand behind your head to hold down your hair. “This can’t have been easy for you. Moving all this way and knowing only me for company. I know my work takes me away which makes this change seem unbearable, but Y/N, you have been magnificent. Things will fall into place. You’ll get back on your feet and soon this place will feel like home too.”

You come up for air and look into his eyes. Newt chuckles at how cute you look and wipes the left over tears away with his thumb, gently gliding it across your wet skin.

“I promise to make more time so that we can get your better acquainted with your new home.”

“I love you.” Is all you can seem to think to say to his generous offer.

“I love you more Y/N.” Newt gently pinches your chin as his finger pushes your face up to his. Leaning down he places his lips gracefully against yours. The kiss felt warm and familiar, a feeling you had been longing to feel all day.

Pulling out of the kiss, Newt gave you his beautiful playful smile.

“Now. What do you say we go home, shall we? Together?” He holds out his arm to you and you can’t help but return the smile.

“Forever.” You say and take his arm. He draws the corner of one of the blanket’s back as he allows you to enter before him. You quickly dart inside and Newt follows closely behind you.

“How long can we keep this fort up for?”

“As long as you like, my love.”

I have to say, I was ready to post this yesterday, however, after I had finished, I accidentally hit the wrong button and completely deleted everything! Then I went to finish it this morning and my son headbutted my laptop and caused a cut in his nose. Macbooks can kill people… lol 

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Drabble thought of fergie and Niall if Niall was in the UK and went to a football match of their favorite teams playing against each other. Fergie would give him shit for it when he got back I think I love love love your stories

It was four o'clock in the morning. The familiar chime of a FaceTime call was blaring from her phone on the nightstand. She didn’t want to answer it. She wanted to go back to sleep. She had to be at the office in a few hours even though it was the weekend. Whoever it was had been calling for the past ten minutes. She figured it was someone from back home, oblivious to the time difference.

When she saw who it was, she answered immediately.

“Niall Horan! It’s four o'clock in the fucking morning.” Georgina groaned into the phone.

His face came into view. A week’s worth of stubble had started to call his face home. A bright blue Chelsea jersey was tucked nicely underneath his grey coat. A paddy cap covered up his blonde hair and a genuine smile had formed across his face.

“Fergie!” He cheered already a bit tipsy.

“Horan, look at what time it is.” She said turning on the lamp at her bedside.

His brows pulled together in confusion as her face lit up on the screen.

“Where are you?” She asked seeing people standing behind him.

Niall pressed the button to take the screen from the front camera to the back. The beautiful green pitch of Stamford Bridge and a sea of blue jerseys came into view. Her stomach instantly did a flip as envy set in. She realized where he was at.

“You did not.” She said in disbelief.

“I’m sorry I called so early. I forgot about the time difference.” Niall said feeling bad. He cleared his throat before turning the camera back to him. “Wish you were here Fergs.”

“She finally pick up?” Jamie’s voice said off camera.

Niall looked over at him, “Yeah.”

Jamie popped his head into frame. “Hey babes! Wish you were here.”

“Dave’s here too.” Niall said scanning over to his right.

Dave blew a kiss to the screen before raising up the pint he had in his hand.

Georgina just glared at the screen.

“I’ve got Spurs socks on for ya.” Dave winked playfully.

“Not gonna do her any good. I’m feeling good about this one.” Jamie said.

“You just flew back just for the game?” Georgina said feeling a little sad. She wished she had the luxury to head back to England whenever she wanted. She missed her parents.

“Jamie’s brother had tickets he wasn’t going to use.” Niall said. “Figured why not.”

“Keith there too?” She asked.

“Nah with some bird in Malibu.” Dave said.

“Figures.” She yawned.

“Alright enough buggin ya.” Niall said. “Go back to sleep Fergie.”

“I’ve got to be at work in three hours.” She sighed. “I’m recording the game to watch it when I get back home. If any of you bastards spoil it for me, you will not hear the end of it. Got it?”

“We won’t ruin it for ya Georgie.” David said saluting her.

“Promise?” She said narrowing her eyes at them.

“Cross me heart.” Niall said as the other two men agreed.

“Are you guys gonna be here for Mags–” She started to say before Niall cut her off.

“We’ll be back in LA tomorrow afternoon.” He smiled. “Just came for the game.”

“Motherfuckers.” She mumbled shaking her head.

“Go to sleep love.” Niall said.

“Hope you lose.” She said sticking out her tongue.

Niall’s infectious laugh was the last thing she heard before ending the call.

Georgina spent the entire day off the grid. She turned off her notifications for all social media. She muted her WhatsApp groups. She stayed away from her phone until she got home.

She grabbed a salad and some wine, threw on her lucky jersey, and watched the game.

They lost. 3-1.

She was fine with them losing. They hadn’t played well at all. The part she didn’t like is who they lost to and that was only because she knew the boys were going to get their digs in when she saw them.

And she was right. As soon as she walked into Jamie and Mags’ house, the jet-lagged boys lounging on the couch started singing some of Chelsea’s chants. She flipped them all off before heading outside with the girls.

She grabbed a glass of wine and caught up on the newest gossip.

“Jamie’s little sister is pregnant.” Mags said causing the rest of the girls’ eyes lit up.

“By who?” Brittany asked.

“Not her fella. Some random bloke from school.” Mags smirked.

“Pregnant at fifteen? Fuck.” Jenna shook her head. “Is their mum mad?”

“Livid.” Mags said as she noticed the boys coming into the backyard.

“How’s he handling it?” Georgina asked nodding towards Jamie.

“He’s coming off as calm but I know he’s upset.” Mags said. “That’s part of the reason they went back. Being the oldest, he feels responsible for her.”

“He and Bobby wanted to have a talk with her about everything.” Mags whispered as the boys approached.

“Poor girl.” Brittany sighed.

“Fergie, are ya mad at us?” Niall asked sitting down beside her.

“You little shits flew all the way to fucking England just to watch a derby between Spurs and Chelsea and you want to know if I’m mad?” Georgina said raising her eyebrow.

“It was Niall’s idea.” Dave said throwing the Irishman under the bus.

“Was not!” Niall whined.

“It was mine.” Jamie said as he walked over towards Georgina. “I’m sorry you missed out.”

“It’s okay.” She said standing up to give the tall man a guy.

As she wrapped her arms around him, she whispered in his ear, “Heard about Lacey. I’m sorry. If she needs anything, I’m sure Mum would be more than willing to help out. Tutoring, day care, whatever.”

Jamie didn’t say anything. He simply placed a kiss on her forehead. He squeezed her tight letting her know he appreciated the offer.

Once he let go, Jamie turned to his girlfriend and told her he was going to start cooking dinner. Mags got up to get the meat out of the refrigerator.

Georgina sat back down on her seat and found Niall pretending to listen to some bull shit story Keith was telling. She did the same. As soon as a threesome was brought up, she tuned out.

“Fergie?” Niall whispered from beside her.

Georgina turned towards him. “I’m not talking to you.”

“Why?” He asked looking worried.

“You fucking went to Stamford Bridge yesterday just to watch a football match. That’s why.” She glared at him.

“I’m sorry I really am.” Niall sighed.

“And to top it off you woke me up at the arse crack of dawn to rub it in.” She mumbled making him laugh.

“I brought you back something.” Niall said getting up and running into the house.

She rolled her eyes. “Like a gift is gonna make me feel better.”

“I knew you’d be giving him shit.” Dave said catching her attention.

“Who calls someone at three in the morning to rub it in that they are watching the Spurs Chelsea game live?” Georgina said annoyed.

“So that was my fault. I didn’t take the time difference into account. I thought you’d be happy for us.” Dave blushed. “Ya know because we had been talkin bout how important that game was the other day.”

“Happy for what? That I was missing out? That you got to see Costa score a bloody hat trick? That you lot have moved up higher on the table?” She said annoyed.

“You were pretty shit yesterday.” Dave laughed. “So it was good you weren’t there. Imagine that flight home.”

“Brittany do I have permission to beat your boyfriend?” Georgina asked making the others laugh.

“As long as I don’t see it,” Brittany said getting up to help Mags.

Niall came back with a bag in his hand. He handed it over before sitting back down.

“If this is some type of Chelsea shit, I’m burning it.” She grumbled looking at him.

“You’ll like it.” Niall said. “I promise.”

Georgina reached into the bag and pulled out a jumper. When she realized what jumper it was, her entire face lit up. She was waiting for her next paycheck because she was going to buy it for herself.

“That’s the one you were looking at the other day, right?” Niall asked shyly.

“You’re such a little shit.” She blushed running her fingers across the words on the front. “But yes it is the one I wanted.”

“Good.” Niall smiled watching her try it on.

“Does that mean you’re still mad at us?” Dave asked sounding hopeful.

“You went to a bloody Chelsea Spurs game in England without me.” She said fixing her hair. “I’m still mad.”

“You can come to the next game with us.” Dave said before turning to Niall. “Right?”

“Of course.” Niall smiled.

Georgina shook her head before taking the jumper off. She placed it back on the bag.

“You got to see Hazard attempt a bicycle kick in real life.” She said looking over at Niall. “And I had to watch a recorded version.”

Niall laughed. “Fergie! Stop. I feel bad.”

“No I’m going to complain until I feel better.” She said sticking out her tongue childishly.

“In that case, don’t tell her who else was there.” Dave playfully whispered.

“Who was there?” She asked giving both boys a look.

“Geri Ha–” Niall started to say until Georgina hit his arm.

“Ginger Spice was not fucking there.” She said with an attitude.

“She was.” Dave said handing over his phone. On the screen was a picture of the three boys with the red headed pop star.

“Shut the fuck up.” Georgina said taking a closer look at the photo.

“She’s lovely.” Dave smiled.

“You guys are fucking assholes.” Georgina whined as she gave the phone back.

“You liked Ginger or was that Sophie?” Dan asked sliding his phone back in his pocket.

“That was Soph.” Georgina sighed.

“I didn’t know you were a Spice Girl fan.” Niall said impressed.

“I was a British girl who grew up in the 90s of course I loved them.” She said offended by his question.

“Stop making her angry Niall.” Dave said hitting Niall’s arm.

“I’m not trying to.” Niall whined holding the spot that David had hit.

“Oi oi!” Brittany called from the house. “We need Fergie and Niall.”

Georgina stood up with the bag in her hand waiting for Niall to join her. As the headed to the house, he cleared his throat.

“You know why we went?” Niall asked in a hushed tone.

Georgina nodded. “Mags told us.”

“I pulled a few strings and got us on a private jet so we’d get there quicker.” He admitted shyly. “Just trying to be a good mate.”

“So for him you rent out a private jet and take him to a derby but for me you wake me up at four in the morning on a Saturday. We’ve got a great friendship.” Georgina said dryly.

His face turned a slight shade of pink. “Fergie…”

“I’m kidding Horan.” She said. “That was really sweet of you.”

“They are all taking it hard.” Niall said as they reached the back door.

“Well makes sense. After what happened to his dad, I can imagine that he feels he’s to blame.” Georgina said as Niall opened the door for her.

“He does. He shouldn’t because she knew the consequences of unprotected sex. They teach it in school.” Niall said.

“Yeah but she’s just a kid though.” Georgina sighed. “Shit happens.”

“It’s gonna be a tough nine months.” Niall said as they made their way to the kitchen.

“Tell me about it.” Georgina mumbled.

As soon as they got into the kitchen, they were put work. They were in charge of making mashed potatoes. Niall cleaned and peeled them while Georgina cut and mashed them.

“So, do you like the jumper?” Niall asked as he handed over a potato.

“I was waiting until I got paid to get it.” She said starting to cut it.

She cleared her throat, “Thanks for getting it for me.”

“Am I off the hook?” He asked shyly.

Georgina just shrugged. “Dunno.”

“What if I get us tickets to the Galaxy game next week?” He asked.

“Really?” She asked looking at him.

“Yeah I can talk to Robbie and see if there are any available.” He said nonchalantly.

“Let me just talk to my bloody famous football friend to see if we can get tickets to his game on Friday. Hopefully the box will have lobster tails and filet mignon with wine from Italy.” Georgina mocked playfully. “Maybe we’ll take the helicopter to get there.”

“You’re such a brat.” He blushed fiercely.

“Maybe you’ll remember to take me with you next time you’re headed to London.” She said with a smirk.

“I will.” He smiled. “I promise.”

Georgina leaned in close. “And if you ever wake me up at four o'clock in the morning on a Saturday again, I will hunt you down and pummel you.”

Niall laughed making her smile.

“I knew you liked it rough.” He winked making her entire body grow warm.

Georgina rolled her eyes before getting back to work. He was going to be the death of her.

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Can Jamie and Claire act like love sick teenagers and go on a cute date that ends in skinny dipping or some other fairly public shenanigans?

The Getaway:

The baggage trolley rattled as Claire pushed it across the shiny airport floor, its left wheel clicking against the broken mechanism that held it staunchly in place. 

“…and you are going to get on with poor Jamie this time, aren’t you my darling?” Her mother crooned, kissing her forehead as she steered them all towards the check-in desk..

Rolling her eyes, Claire turned from her parents, waiting until her tell-tale blush had subsided before twisting back round, a large fake smile plastered across her face.

“Of course, mum.”

Recalling their last encounter, Claire felt almost ashamed.

Hate was the wrong word, of course. And she hadn’t meant to give the poor boy a black eye *or* gripe at him for most of the break, but, she had.

The actual reason for her clumsiness and general distemper was of quite obvious to those looking clearly at the situation.

Claire Beauchamp was in love.

Her parents had been taking easter getaways and summer holidays with the Fraser’s for years, and Jamie and Claire were well acquainted. But since the family move when the pair were just fifteen, the bi-annual Beauchamp/Fraser trip had been postponed.

Since they’d re-ignited this tradition, the previous year, Jenny and William, the oldest Frasers had gone to university and no longer required her parents for vacations.

Claire and Jamie had been left to their own devices for much of the trip. The tall Scot had been friendly, as always, but his ever present jolly attitude, twinned with his glorious baby-blue eyes had Claire’s stomach in constant knots.

Sitting in the departure lounge, she mused over their final few days together. She had so desperately wished for him to kiss her. But being a blissfully ignorant, seventeen year old male, Jamie had been unaware of Claire’s unspoken desires.

Instead, Claire had slipped as she’d fumbled over the wet rocks on the beach, her humiliating attempts at flirting going unnoticed. Falling backwards, she had thrown her elbow out in attempt at re-centring herself, catching Jamie unawares and landing him with a very large bruise that ran over his eye and down his cheek.

But that was last year, Claire reminded herself, shaking off the memories. This year would be different. No longer would she fawn over him like a lovesick teenager. No, her last year at college had taught her (if nothing else) that boys were *not* to be trust, and Jamie Fraser would be no different.

As the final boarding call rang out over the tannoy, Julia tapped her daydreaming daughter on the shoulder, grabbing her carry-on bag as she nodded her head towards the gate.

“Time to go, Claire. Don’t worry,” Julia whispered, wrapping Claire in a tight hug as they followed behind Henry, down onto the tarmac, “you don’t have to spend time with anyone you don’t wish too.”

Tapping his foot against the beautiful marble stonework of his hotel room, Jamie sat and waited. His parents, too excited at the arrival of their friends, had rushed off to greet Julia, Henry and Claire as they’d arrived on the complex.

But he had stayed away.

He knew now, rather belatedly as his father had so accurately pointed out, that now-not-so-wee-Claire Beauchamp had felt an undercurrent of *ardor* for him.

Alas, by the time Brian had enlightened his son on the mysterious machinations of a young girl’s mind, the Beauchamp’s had departed and Jamie had been abandoned, bruised face and all.

This year, he reasoned, it would be different.

His heart raced at the thought of seeing Claire once more.

At fifteen she had been medium height, very skinny with large sea-blue eyes. Not uncommon to many other girls he attended school with.

But at seventeen, the year previous, she had been a tall statuesque beauty.

Something to be noticed for sure. She was captivating, alluring and coquettish but quick and intelligent with it.

It was fair to say Jamie had fallen head over heels for the lass. But, even as a young man with fresh blood running through his veins, he was determined to be a gentleman.

By the end of their holiday, though, Jamie had been forced to walk away, a broken heart and a black eye to boot.

The key clicked in the lock as Brian and Ellen entered the small single room, twin smiles plastered over their faces.

“Are ye ready, laddie? Henry and the ladies are going to meet us by the pool if ye wish to join us,” Brian asked, a cheeky twinkle in his eye as he ruffled his son’s thick red hair. “I think they’d like to see you again, since ye were determined to hide awa’ here just the now!” He quipped, laughter in his voice as he grabbed Jamie’s towel for him.

As the Fraser’s left their rooms, Ellen grasped hold of Jamie’s hand, holding him back as Brian marched on ahead.

“Jamie, my boy, I ken how ye feel fer the lassie, and I ken how she felt for you before we left the last time,” she began, a hint of warning in her tone. Jamie’s heart skipped a beat and then picked up pace as he felt a small shudder roll down his spine at his mother’s words. “But go easy on her to start wi’. Her mam says she’s had a tough year.”

The ding of the lift pulled him from his thoughts as he squashed inside the small cart with a number of other guests on their way down, his palms sweating as the heat built in the small space.

*A tough year*, what did that mean, he pondered, his mind debating all manner of dark possibilities.

Whatever had occurred, back in England, he thought, he would still treat her as he would have without the warning.

A wave of heat hit Claire as she stepped from the air-conditioned safety of the hotel lobby out onto the scorching terrace. The poolside was lined with empty sunloungers, perfectly placed for her to enjoy a cool breeze off the water as she read her books.

No longer trapped in the chilled British spring, Claire threw off her flip flops and bent to take them in her free hand, scooping them between her fingers as she enjoyed the warmth of the patio tiles as it soaked through her soles.

“Good morning Claire,” came a voice from behind her.

Startled, Claire jumped as she turned, knowing immediately who the deep Scots burr belonged to.

“Good morning, Jamie,” she returned, licking her lips as she held her flimsy sandals to her chest, her book wedged neatly under her other arm as she twisted her elbow to keep it solidly in place. “How have you been?” The question came out with a tentative edge, making Claire feel even more awkward.

“I’ve been well, thank ye. We missed you yesterday,” Jamie replied, tipping his head to the left as he twisted his towel between his fingers.

Claire’s lips twitched into a small smile at his coyness. She hadn’t wanted to be part of the welcoming committee on their first day, and so had opted to stay in her room for the afternoon leaving Jamie alone with the adults. 

Still as endearing as ever, Jamie Fraser was growing more and more handsome by the day. Butterflies swam in her tummy as they stood in comfortable silence, the soft swish of the pool water sloshing against the sides of its large basin reverberated around them as Jamie stepped closer.

Claire focused on the soft slap of his shoes against the terracotta bricks of the small porch, letting his calm aura surround her so as not to overwhelm her as he tapped his feet, his body obviously filled with nerves. His close proximity once would have caused her heart to race in desire. Only a year ago she’d wished for this more than anything else. Now, she’d have happily turned on her heel and darted away.

After her last stunt, though, she was more aware of her ability to injure Jamie in the heat of the moment. Helpfully, that stunted her need to flee.

“Yer mam said…” Jamie began, noting her suddenly closed off body language. She didn’t even seem aware of how hunched her shoulders had become but it had only made Jamie more desirous of making her comfortable. “Weel, she said ye’d seen some trouble last year. I dinna mean to pry…but are ye no’ well?”

Sighing, Claire flicked her head towards the beach at the bottom of the hotel pool. Being as early as it was, very few people lined the shores leaving it looking fairly empty.

“I’m not sick, Jamie. Would you like to find somewhere to sit? We can chat, if you like…”

Perching themselves on the sunbeds closest to the entrance to the public beach, Jamie and Claire sat side by side.

“You know, don’t you?” She began again, her cheeks flaming as she watched the recognition light behind Jamie’s eyes.

“Aye, da told me. Ye must think me daft, eh?”

“No,” she returned, quickly, “I don’t, not at all. But my mum was right with what she told you. This year,” pausing, Claire took a rather large breath, her fingers drumming relentlessly against the hardback cover of her novel, “was rough.”

“Ye dinna need to tell me anything, Claire.” Jamie said, the softness in his tone causing Claire’s taut muscles to loosen slightly, “but I like ye, too. And I’m willing to treat ye well. Willing to wait for ye to be ready for anything, or nothing should ye just need a friend, aye?”

Smiling shyly, Claire curled a loose lock of her hair around her finger, twisting the few strands of golden brown over and over as she let his words sink in.

*He liked her.*

“Friends?” She broached, the lilt of her voice hinting at something more as she looked over at him, their knees almost touching as the sun rose above them.

“Friends…” he replied, a gentle hush on the mediterranean breeze, “aye, Claire.”

A Dying Art - Part 6

summary; a prompt from phanfic 

phil has been a technician at radio 1 for a few years after graduating uni (he doesnt do yt) and dan is an up and coming vlogger who’s just got his own radio show. They meet at work and sometimes phil has to wander to the desk (in front of cameras) during a show and he and dan always joke around/flirt during songs so people start to ship them and things snowball from there

warnings: nah

a/n: this is the last installment, i hope you enjoyed it!!!!!!


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Sea of Melancholia. (One Shot)

Okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Here you are! :D

And I’m really sorry that I keep you waiting for so long.

(Gif by X)

Title: Sea of Melancholia.

Suggesting Listening: Wildest Dream. (Sorry, I can’t find the original version.)

Words Count: 3,638

Warning: Angst.  

(Special Thanks to the-gothic-assassin​ for helping me edit this fic. XD)


(Y/N) was finally preparing herself for bed, but not before she had sat and read for hours, waiting for her lover.

She sent for him, requiring his presence. He had promised that he would pay a visit, after his work was done – around midnight. But now as she looked at the clock, it was almost two in the morning already.

She couldn’t help having some bad thoughts. He might be severely wounded somewhere at a dark and cold corner of Paris, or worse – he might have been lay dying right now.

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Home 17/18

(One more chapter to go guys. : ) Thank you everyone once more. You all are wonderful.)

Summary: After meeting Alfred on an online site for omegas and alphas to find a mate, Arthur decides to make a trip to America to find out if Alfred really is the right mate for him, and if Alfred will think Arthur is the right one too.
AU: Omegaverse AU, Cowboy AU
Warnings: No warnings for this chapter.

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Soon We’ll Be Found - A Hakyona (Long)Oneshot

Setting: England, 1984
Rating: M
Word count:  11.633  (New record, yay!)
Also on: AO3
Gift to: @sindacalista​, you already read it, but imma tag you anyways bc you’re the best :D and this is totally my very very late birthday gift to you <3
Beta(s): Robbie aka @thehobbem​ and Aure @terracottasky​, I want to give speacial thansk to you both who went through the work of reading this insane amount of words just to correct every single one of my dumb mistakes. ILYSM!

A/N: Hello! I’ll try to keep this short by saying that this is something I wrote very experimentally, trying to find a more “formal” type of writing, so it might not be like my usual writing.
Also, this is 100% based on the book and movie Atonement by Ian McEwan, this plot is not mine and i don’t own it, it’s just my happy version of one of the most passionate and harrowing stories I have ever witnessed.
Please enjoy!

“Let’s not fight

I know we’re lost

But soon we’ll be found”

1894, Stokesay Court, England.

It always seemed too big, the house, even more so when she was younger and then even more after her mother died. A few rooms were forever impregnated with the images of her fading, of her slow walk into the hells of cancer. Rooms that became unusable forever, yet completely intact. She was 10 at the time and now she’s 22 and it’s still too much of a castle for only three people.

There were a few maids and a handyman that took care of the house and the land, but she mostly spent her time alone. Her sister was too different and too young to be significant company, so she only had the occasional visit from her cousin to play with. Visits that got more and more occasional once the cancer race started.

Yona walks into the drawing room, the one with the big windows, and sits on the armchair that faces the outside. She takes her sandals off and scans the beautiful garden as she fans herself with her hands, still swimming in the strange melancholy that seemed to linger inside of her ever since she woke up this morning on this insanely hot day. Her eyes find the stone stairs that are right in front of the house, on her left, and there she sees a man’s broad figure sitting on the top step as if wondering if he should move or not.  From this angle she can see him leaning forward as he expertly toys with something between his fingers.

She watches him for a second and the blue feeling seems to expand inside of her even more. Yona remembers almost too exactly the careless boy he used to be when he was much younger, always willing to do something fun or adventurous whenever all of the sorrows of the lonely world seemed to find a home inside of her. She wasn’t so alone after all, but this is always something that she chooses to forget. His presence lingers inside of her like a precious gift that slowly, but suddenly, got lost. And the truth is he never left, not really, but it still felt like he had. Once she finally came back home from college he politely faded until she was forced to act like he had never even been there. It’s a strange sensation that has always puzzled her, but never enough to actually do something about it.

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Joe Sugg imagine || Teased Part: 3 ||

Part I: Joe Sugg : Teased. 

Part II: Joe Sugg : Teased Part: II.

- - -

“How exactly did you manage to organise so many people, so quickly in a fucking city you aren’t even from?” You were looking at Tyler who had spent the majority of the night texting and planning.

“Shit, I’m just fucking amazing.” He said as he looked up from his phone, making a horn tooting motion. “And I still have time to toot my own horn.” He smiled adoringly whilst you rolled your eyes. “I can see that.” You pointed out.

“We have everybody – that isn’t away, we have; Caspar, We have; Jim and Tanya – though Jim doesn’t drink he’s still hilarious as shit! Zoe, Alfie, Marcus, Niomi, so many people girl. Oli – who I’ve never met but that boy is fucking cute.” Tyler swooned. “Louise my Queen, Dan and Phil are away, sadly and Jack and Finn haven’t replied to me – but there’s still hope.” Tyler listed.

“…Tyler.” You stared at him, as he put his phone down on the desk, it was well into the late afternoon now. “What?” He spun leaning back in the desk chair to look at you on the edge of the bed. “What about Joe?” You continued to hold a stare with him.

“Oh… Honey.” He sat up in the chair, with a sympathetic expression as your heart dropped a little, he kept looking at you in silence before he cracked a grin. “Just kidding! He’s one of the first people I asked, of course he’s coming!” He started to laugh. “The look on your face oh it was pure heart break.” He shook his head.

“Bastard, why would you do that to me?” You asked seriously going to stand up, Tyler grabbed you and pulled you onto his lap in the desk chair, his arms wrapped around yours and he spun around a little. “Because I love to torment my bestest friend in the whole wide world!” He sung as he spun the two of you and you struggled to be free.

“Ugh – stop.” You muttered, a motion sickness feeling set in as he slowed his spinning and let you go, you stood up and held onto the desk nearly falling over. “I don’t understand you, you can handle the most alcohol I’ve ever seen someone be able to consume but a little spinning puts you out.” He laughed at you.

“Shut up.” You sighed. “I’m just teasing you, come on just think about tonight and how awesome it’s going to be.” He smiled Devilishly.

“Tyler,” you started, “I love you, like really love you – obviously, but, please, please, please don’t try to force things to happen between Joe and I tonight.” You had your hands pressed together begging him. “I know you and I know you’ll try your hardest to make something happen. But if it does, I want it to be just because it does… Not because you were working your magic.”

“(Y/N).” Tyler said, which was weird because usually he called you, some kind of pet-name, girl, pumpkin, sweetie, dear… You name it Tyler had called you it. “I promise,” he put his hand on his heart, “that I wont do a thing, promise, promise, promise.” He added a few more times and he smiled.

“Thanks, babe.” You lent over, putting your hands on the desk chair, you kissed his cheek…

“What do you think?” You came out of the washroom and did a small twirl feeling Tylers eyes falling onto you. (Feel free to change the outfit.) You’d gotten dressed in black tights with a violet plaid skirt that stopped above your knee and a short sleeve white button down shirt in which you complimented with a loosely tied tie.

“Very school girl… It’s hot.” Tyler nodded approvingly. “Not too slutty?” You looked in the full length mirror on the wall, your hands on your hips. “I didn’t undo the buttons because I want to appear to have some class.” You admitted.

“Appear to.” Tyler snickered and you shot him a look. “I mean, no – honestly it’s great. The point of tonight is to get smashed internationally.” He reminded you.

… Inside of the club you had been introduced to everyone you hadn’t met and everyone was dressed for a night of clubbing, Caspar and Joe were no where to be seen… “how long are you here for? I think we need a girls shopping day.” Zoe asked you as Louise, Tanya and Niomi agreed with her. “Next Friday.” You thought about only having less than a week left in England and it saddened you a bit.

“Oh yeah, we definitely need to go before that – maybe Tuesday?” Niomi suggested.

“Works for me.” Tanya nodded as did Zoe and Louise and they all looked in your direction. “Works for me, too.” You added taking a sip of your drink. “Yay! Girls day!” Zoe said putting up her glass as the rest of you laughed, putting yours up to meets hers.

“So, we saw Joes vlog yesterday.” Louise was looking at you before taking a sip of her drink from her straw and you reddened in the face a bit. “Yeah, we did.” Niomi laughed. “Super fucking adorable.” Louise admitted. “Thank you?” You said a bit awkwardly as Zoe was standing beside you, “really, it was.” Zoe smiled at you.

You sipped your drink quickly and Tanya laughed, “we’re making her uncomfortable.” She giggled a little. “Oh, sorry.” Louise admitted and you shrugged a little, “it’s fine.” You assured. “You know what fixes everything?” Niomi looked up from her phone and you all looked at her, “SHOTS!” She called making a gesture to the bar…

… You’d knocked back your third shot with the girls before it was just Louise and you, “again?” She asked you and you nodded. “Bring ‘er.” Louise turned to look at the other three who were still standing with you, “I like her.” Her voice was getting louder the more she drank. You finished your fourth shot of your hard alcohol of choice and you heard a familiar beat of music before Tyler half squealed, jumping up. “GIRL! OUR JAM!” He called and you bolted to the middle of the floor with him as 'Low’ by Flo Rida started and you started dancing close with Tyler and you two could move, you prided yourself on it once in a while.

As the 'low-low-low’ chorus hit, you moved lower and lower until you were at the floor with the music and moved back to stand up, “work it,” Tyler was laughing drunk already as you both danced. When the second low-low-low hit you were halfway down when you looked up and you froze almost falling on your ass seeing Joe and Caspar standing with your friends watching you.

You stood up quickly and looked down feeling embarrassed.

“Don’t stop on our account.” You heard Joe call a bright smile on his face and a twinkle in his eyes like he’d been pre-drinking before arriving. “I lost my grove.” You muttered trying to find it again but you became self-conscience but thankfully the song was coming to an end and Tyler looked ready to pass out.

“Nice moves.” Joe complimented you as you moved from the floor back to the sidelines. “I… Uh, thanks.” You muttered nervously. “Why are you nervous?” Joe asked looking over you, he had definitely pre-gamed before coming to the club.

“You caught me off guard.” You admitted honestly and he laughed. “So? You can move, I’m impressed.” He said, still grinning. He was wearing black skinny jeans, a white t-shirt and a blue denim jacket. “It’s a gift, I guess.” You laughed wishing the alcohol was more kicked in. “I like it – I’d like to see more.” He admitted with a wink and your heart fluttered. “I don’t think…” You trailed off, rubbing your arm a little bit. “Oh, I’ll get you back on the dance floor eventually.” He promised and you laughed. “Oh, okay.” You rolled your eyes a little.

“I’m glad I got to see you again so soon.” He added and you smiled, “Me too.” You felt bubbly happiness.

“Can I buy us a drink?” He asked and you nodded…

… The night wore into the morning and Joe had gotten you back on the dance floor several times during the night, everyone had gotten very drunk and it was a really amazing night until last call came and Jim started organising people into Ubers and sending them off to where they needed to go.

Leaving the floor with Joe as the last song finished, his arm was around your waist as yours was around his, the tie you had been wearing was now around his forehead keeping his hair puffed up from his eyes.

It was at this point everything was a little blurred and you knew you were drunk, you’d lost Tyler but you climbed into an Uber with Joe and ended up back at your hotel.

In the elevator, Joe had kissed you and it turned into a heavy make-out session that continued against the wall of the floor your room was on, his hand was sliding up under your top before you both broke apart, laughing a little as you walked to your room, opening the door you both almost fell into it and he pressed you against the door while it closed resuming the intense kiss his hand finding itself back up your top as you pushed his jacket off his shoulders to the floor… … …

Winter ice cream and first dates

Originally posted by thedailyquibbler

Hola hola I’m back, ‘nother one shot. This time Hufflepuff!reader x Newt with a side of very charismatic Jacob

You sighed softly. Why did Florean think that holding his ice cream shop open in December was a good idea? Of course there was warm ice cream with the flavour of hot cocoa and apple pie to serve but still. No one is in the mood for ice cream at this time of year.

Picking up your wand you swung it around quietly, making one of the ice cream cones spin around in the air. Please let the day end soon! The fun you had with your ice cream cone was rudely interrupted by the door opening. A young man stepped inside, dressed in a blue coat. Behind him came a shorter and wider man, looking slightly older as well. What an odd pair.

You quickly dropped the ice cream cone and captured it, putting it back in its place.

“Hello and welcome to Florean Fortescue’s Ice cream parlor. How may I help you?” You recited, forcing a welcoming smile onto your face.

The shorter man looked around the shop, eyes wide in wonder. Had he never been to an ice cream shop before?

“Uh- Hi.” Blue coat replied. “Jacob, what do you want?”

“Oh, wait let me look at it first.” Jacob said and walked over to the clear casing that held all the ice cream flavours.

“Are you American?” You asked, leaning against the bench with your chin in your hand.

“Yeah.” Jacob let out and gave you a wavering smile.

“That’s neat.” You said dreamily. “I have never been to America, where are you from?”

“New York.” Jacob replied. “We just arrived two days ago.”

“Are you American too?” You asked Blue coat, looking up at him with a big smile.

Blue coat gulped and shook his head.

“No.” He replied shortly. Aww he’s shy!

“So what brought you here then?” You turned your attention back to Jacob.

“I’m just visiting him.” Jacob said and pointed a thumb to Blue coat. “I have never been to England before.”

“Well, what do you think of it so far?” You asked.

“Oh it’s great!” Jacob said with a smile. “I love this, the Dia-Diagon alley..? Right!”

He shared a look with blue coat who gave a curt nod as he said the name right.

“Have you decided yet?” Blue coat asked Jacob quietly.

“Oh right!” Jacob said and jumped back to reality. “I’ll have two scoops, apple pie and vanilla.”

“Sure thing.” You said and picked up a cone. You scooped the two flavours into the cone and handed it to him.

“Hot cocoa please.” Blue coat said and picked up his money pouch. He started to dig up a few coins as you scooped his flavour into his cone. You handed the cone to him and got some coins that you put into the register.

“Why don’t you join us?” Jacob asked and nodded towards the table that Blue coat was headed to.

“Uh, sure.” You said and wiped your hands down your apron before walking around the register and over to their table. You sat down in a one of the chairs.

“My name is Jacob by the way. Jacob Kowalski.” Jacob said with a smile. “This is Newt.”

“My name is Y/N L/N.” You replied and looked over at blue coat who was apparently called Newt. What an adorable name, it fits his shy persona.

You continued to chat with Jacob and Newt about the differences between Brittan and America and then you ended up chatting about Hogwarts.

“Newt, did you go to Hogwarts?” You asked, leaning your chin into your hand.

“Yeah, hufflepuff.” He replied shyly.

“So did I!” You exclaimed. He instantly gained more interest in you as that came out. “It’s hard to find another hufflepuff these days. Most people are Gryffindor.”

The three of you chatted way past closing time and you noticed that Newt was a real sweetheart once you got to know him.

“Uhm, it’s getting really late now.” You said and looked out, noticing that the only lights out where the streetlights. “I’m supposed to head home.”

“Oh, right.” Newt said and scooted his chair back. He got up and put his blue coat back on.

“Thank you for letting us stay!” Jacob said with a smile. “I hope that we weren’t too much trouble.”

“No absolutely not.” You said softly. “As you might have noticed I had no other costumers so the two of you were a welcome break!”

“Can we come back tomorrow?” Jacob then asked.

“Sure!” You said and they were on their way.

The odd pair kept coming back for four days in a row, spending the afternoons chatting with you. Sometimes there was the extremely rare customers that came in and interrupted but other than that it went smoothly.

On the fifth day Newt came in alone though. You instantly cheered up when you saw him but then you noticed the grim look that he had on his face.

“Hey what’s wrong?” You asked. “Where’s Jacob?”

“He went back to America.” Newt replied sullenly.

“Oh.” You said and bit your lip gently. “But he didn’t come to say good bye?”

“He left early this morning and yesterday he did sort of say good bye.” Newt replied. “Do you maybe, want to go out?”

“Oh yeah for sure!” You replied and began untying your apron. “I’m closing up in five minutes anyway and no one’s going to come here. Let me just get changed.”

You turned around and hung up your apron. Not noticing the faint blush on Newt’s cheeks. You hurried into the small staff’s room and changed into your normal clothes and pulled on your coat before walking back out to Newt.

Newt gave you a shy smile before walking out of the shop with you. It was snowing and the streets were decorated with a layer of thin fresh white snow. The only light came from the windows and street lights. The two of you ended up walking towards the Leaky Cauldron.

Wehwn you were inside Newt found you a small booth whilst you went to get some drinks. Gently you made it back to the table so you wouldn’t spill anything.

“There.” You said and put his Butterbeer down in front of him.

“How much was it?” Newt asked and started to reach for his money pouch.

“My treat.” You replied with a smile and he blushed. Thankfully he was just a bit too shy to actually complain about you paying for him.

The two of you ended up spending over an hour talking and in the middle of conversation he had put his hand up on the table, all rough skin and scars. You had always wondered what they felt like to touch. Slowly you let your hand glide across the table. One of your fingers ran over his scars and he stopped mid-sentence.

“Go on?” You asked, still tracing your fingers over his hand. At least he didn’t move it away from you, which was a good sign. “The bowtruckels are interesting because..?”

“Oh right, they can uh pick locks.” He started, voice wavering gently. “Which makes them really popular amongst criminals.”

“And you.” You teased and nodded towards his breast pocket where he kept his very own Bowtruckle, Pickett.

“I’m not a criminal.” Newt said and looked down at your hands, your fingers running over his dented scars. “I am an author.”

“I know, I’m just having a laugh.” You snickered at him.

Newt then noticed that most of the pub had one empty and there were only him and you left. You noticed too and managed a shy smile. Wait, was this a date?

“Newt?” You asked, a faint blush appearing on your cheeks. “Is this- Is this a date?”

“If you want it to.” Newt said quietly. “I have never really been good at dating, and I’m sure this is awkward by now and you’re annoyed. I should leave.”

He started to get out of the chair so you followed, holding onto his hand.

“I had fun.” You said softly and took his other hand too. “I’m not annoyed. I’d like to do this again, if you’d want.”

Newt looked over at you, a timid smile on his face. Your gaze instantly shifted from his eyes to his lips and then back up again. Slowly you leaned in and let go of one of his hands in favour of wrapping your hand around the back of his head. Newt’s smile grew slightly as you came closer.

Your eyes fell close and soon enough you felt his soft lips against yours.

danayunik  asked:

Hi! Congrats on your millstone! Can you do number 2, 5, or 15 from you promote list?

LOL remember when I said I wanted to write all these before the end of February? *slams head into wall repeatedly*

I went with number 15 but tweaked the prompt just a little. I wrote this in a hurry and it’s unbetaed, so I hope you like it!

Imagine your OTP as teachers at the same school who are always flirting and have their students shipping them without realizing it.

If there’s one thing Emma Swan has learned since she began teaching English, it’s that kids are typically smarter than you make them out to be.

Her time working at Storybrooke Middle School over the past five years has shown her that more times than she can count. She’s had plenty of students to all but fall asleep every day in class, then surprise her by somehow acing their final tests at the end of the year.  Then you have the one’s who act like the devil’s offspring at school, but know just how to be mommy or daddy’s little angel on the day of parent-teacher conferences.

Emma’s seventh grade English class has come to know more about her over the past few months than she’s even shared with them. For instance, just last week, a student managed to (accurately) guess that she had overslept that morning because she was wearing mascara, but not eyeliner, and her daily drink from Starbucks was nowhere in sight. 

(Sometimes she thinks Henry Mills is a Sherlock Holmes in training.)

The thing that catches her off guard the most, however, is the way they paid attention to their music teacher, Killian Jones. More specifically, the way they paid attention to how she interacted with him.

She didn’t know much about Killian, only that he’d moved to Storybrooke from England over the summer before he accepted a position teaching music at the beginning of the school year. She saw him on a daily basis, however; the students went to his class immediately after leaving hers just just across the hall. They typically stood by their respective doors as the kids switched classes, which often led to him attempting small talk with her, and even the occasional joke. 

(”Hey, Swan, what do you call Santa’s elves?…Subordinate clauses.”

Funny. But stick to your own subject, Jones.”)

Sure, he was attractive, and single from what she could tell, but Emma never really gave him more than a second thought. That is, until the coffee incident happened.

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7 cs

7. How Long Has it Been?

I received this as a prompt yesterday, and had already written this one! Probably not what anyone would expect from this prompt, but still a thing. :D

Mary Margaret startles awake and looks at the clock. It’s 5:45am, and her alarm clock is not due to chime for hours, so what fresh hell has roused her early? And there it is: a sudden clatter, and a surprised yelp from her roommate. Mary Margaret throws her covers to the other side of her bed and sinks her feet into her slippers, perfectly positioned at the edge of her bed for just this purpose. She’s still rubbing the sleep out of her eyes when she wanders into the very brightly lit kitchen to find Emma scrubbing at the metal plates that sit under the burners of their stove. She’s sure there’s a name for them, but it’s not yet 6:00am, so she doesn’t really give any fucks what they’re called. Instead, she wants to know why Emma seems to be scouring them and whisper-cursing up a storm.

“What are you doing?” Mary Margaret asks calmly, and she suppresses a snicker when Emma jumps about a foot into the air.

Shit you scared me! I’m cleaning.”

“Why are you cleaning, Emma?”

“I clean sometimes.”

Mary Margaret levels her with a look that Emma has declared her “Scary Kindergarten Teacher Look” and her friend shrivels a little at the gaze.

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Preference #125 You get hurt while he's away on tour: (PART ONE)


“What are you cooking babe?” Harry asked, you had just started a video chat with him, excited that this would be the first Skype call since he’d been on tour. “Well, I’m boiling some water here and I’m about to make my pasta, and I might make a salad, or maybe some garlic bread.” You told him. “That sounds amazing (Y/N). I miss your cooking” Harry pouted. “Hey what about me?!” You whined. “Okay okay I guess I miss you too, not just your cooking” Harry laughed. “Yeah you better Mr.”  You teased. The radio was playing softly in the background. “So what’s it like in America?!” You had to ask. “It’s really cool here! There’s a lot of people, and it’s pretty cold, but it’s really nice” He explained. “Cool! I think- hey can you hear that? They’re playing your song on the radio!” You giggled then running over to turn on the radio. You bobbed your heard to the beat as you started to chop the lettuce. “Only getting older babyyyy, I been thinking about it lately, just how fast the night changesss” you sang out as you twirled around. Harry laughed as he watched you dance. “Does it ever drive you crazy just how fas-” you stopped sing as the knife slipped out of your hand. It was almost as if this part happened in slow motion. “(Y/N)!?” Harry called out but you, trying to think fast, tried to catch it, letting the blade slice your hand. “Ahh, H-harry” you panicked as you saw the huge gash that was now in your hand. “Oh oh my god (Y/N)! You have to listen to me. You have to call 911” he yelled. “I can’t Harry I-” you said breathing heavily. “(Y/N) I’m calling 911! Help my-my girlfriend she cut herself and-d there’s a lot of blood and- no she’s not here. She’s in England. Okay yes. They’re gonna connect me to the emergency line in England. Then they’re gonna send someone (Y/N),” Harry said his voice shaking. “O-okay” there was too much blood for you to deal with and you were starting to get dizzy. Tears poured from your eyes as you had no idea what to do. “(Y/N) you’re loosing blood you need to wrap your hand up” he said. “With what?” You needed to know, before Harry could answer you had already found a clean dish rag and wrapped it around your bleeding hand. Harry was saying something but you couldn’t really understand what he was saying. Everything was getting fuzzy and before you knew it your eyes were closed. -

“Daddy’s coming home! Daddy’s coming home! Daddy’s coming home!” Your 3 year old daughter wouldn’t stop cheering. “Ok Amber I know I know, it’s exciting!” You laughed, pressing a kiss to her forehead. “Hey baby! Are you in there?! Daddy’s coming home!” Amber yelled at your pregnant stomach. You laughed. “Oh, the baby just kicked! I think she’s excited” you told Amber. “Can we call Daddy now?” She asked. “He might be on the plane right now, but maybe he has already landed. You called your husband, and waited for an answer. "Hello?” Niall answered “Hey Nia-” “DADDY!!!!” Amber cut you off. “Hi princess!” He exclaimed. “Daddy where are you?!?!” Amber had to know. “I just landed, actually I should be home in an hour or so.” He said. “A whole hour?!” Amber cried. “Don’t worry, hon I’ll be there sooner than you imagine I just need to get my bags and then get a cab back home. I be there before you know it darling” He explained. Just as he was saying that the baby kicked, hard. “Ah” you exclaimed. Amber looked at you, concerned. “Babe, I think our little baby is really excited for you, she’s kicking” you said holding your stomach. “Be nice baby!” Amber yelled angrily at your stomach. That’s when you realized that it wasn’t just a kick, your water had just broken. “N-Niall!” You said, starting to breathe heavily. “What?! What’s happening?!” Niall yelled through the phone. My water just broke, I-I’m gonna give birth.“ You said. "What water?” Amber asked. “Oh my God, we have to call Eleanor to drive you right now (Y/N)! I’m leaving the airport right now” Niall said. “Ok ok well you better be at the hospital in less than a fucking hour” you said not even caring that Amber was sitting right there. “I will I promise” he said. After exchanging ‘I love yous’ you called Eleanor, who luckily lived less than two minutes from you. She picked you and Amber up and took you to the hospital. Your contractions were becoming more an more painful and you knew the baby was coming soon, you just hoped that Niall would get there in time.

'You up for a Facetime? I miss you loads’ Liam texted you. As much as you wanted to say yes, you knew if you said yes then he’d see your cast, which you had just got put on after breaking your wrist. You didn’t tell Liam because you really didn’t want him to freak out like you knew he would. ’I look ugly why don’t you just call me on the phone’ you texted back, though you had just gotten back from work so you were clearly dressed and made up. “I don’t care, you’re always beautiful" he replied. Before you could think of another excuse, Liam was facetiming you. You didn’t wanna seem suspicious so you just hid your disabled arm under a few blankets and answered the call. “Baby!” He exclaimed as he saw you. “Hey Li!” You said happily. “You liar, you look gorgeous” he told you. You thanked him softly. “So tell me everything, what’s up?” He wanted to know. “I mean nothing new…tell me about life on tour!” You said, trying to redirect the attention so that it was on him. “It’s going well, it’s super tiring as always, but it’s worth it” he said. He then went on to tell you about some of the adventures he and the boys went on during the nights after concerts. “So how are Coral and Shelly doing?” he asked referring to your two pet fish. “They’re great, they miss you though. Here I’ll let you say hi” you giggled as you got up and made your way over to the fish bowl. “(Y/N) whats that thing on your arm?” Liam asked. You must have accidently showed part of your arm as you were moving the camera to show Liam the fish. “Oh it’s nothing, its no big deal” you said, shrugging it off. “Well if it’s not a big deal then why can’t you tell me?” Liam said. You can tell he was starting to get annoyed with you, so you took a breath and decided to tell him. “Okay Liam, I don’t want you to freak out but its a cast… I was going down stairs to the kitchen one time and I kinda fell down a few stairs and I broke my wrist.” You explained. “What the hell (Y/N)! When did this happen!” Liam exclaimed. “A few weeks ago, I’m fine I swear.” you told him. “You broke your wrist, you’re not fine. I can’t belive you didn’t tell me” Liam told you, he looked so disappointed in you. “I’m Sorry-” “I have to go (Y/N)” he sighed, before hanging up. You didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye.

You hated snow, always. Even when you were little and all the kid in your neighborhood wanted to go sledding, you would never accept their offer, you’d just stay home and watch Christmas movies with your older sister. If only your younger self could see you now. After having your heart set on moving to a warm place, where did you end up? England. You had met a guy a few years ago, and he’d convinced you to move to his home with him. England was a beautiful place, and you loved your boyfriend Louis, but there was so much snow in the winter and you couldn’t stand it. Yet it was the middle of winter, and you had to drive yourself to work. You worked at a bookstore and you loved it. You drove yourself there easily and once you got there, the store was almost empty. There were only three customers in total, and after they left there was only you and your co-worker Tina. “Hey (Y/N), you can go home now, I don’t think there’s gonna be anymore customers tonight, so I’ll just lock up and we can both get home before the snow gets any worse” she told you. “Sounds good” you said as you grabbed you coat and was ready to leave. Driving home was much harder than you would have expected it to be. Though your car was in pretty good shape, the brakes didn’t do so well in the winter weather. You unfortunately had to find this out the hard way when as you were rolling down a hill and were to stop at the red light. However, you were unable to stop. You sped through the red light and immediately collided with a car which slammed in to the passengers side of your car. The last thing you remembered was screaming and flashing lights.

You were such a klutz, you really should have saw it coming. It happened yesterday morning. You, in your half asleep state, went downstairs to the kitchen to make yourself breakfast and tea. You put the kettle on while you put some bread in the toaster. It wasn’t long until you could hear the teapot screeching. Knowing, that you had a big day ahead of you, you poured yourself a large cup of tea, and enjoyed your toast. With no one to talk to, you would normally check your Instagram while you ate breakfast and waited for your hot tea to cool down. Yesterday, however Zayn called you before you even had a sip of your tea. You excitedly answered the call. “Hello lov-” you heard Zayn start, but he was interrupted by the shriek you let out as the burning hot tea had fallen on to your lap. You had knocked it over as you were pressing the phone up to you ear. “You alright (Y/N)?” He needed to know. “SHIT” you exclaimed as the hot liquid was seeping through your pajama shorts. Without another word, you ended the call with Zayn so you could call an ambulance for yourself. You were informed that an ambulance was on the way, and the operator recommended you take off the shorts. Though you couldn’t; it hurt too badly when you tried. I hurt to do anything, so you just stayed put until the ambulance arrived a few minutes later to take you to the hospital. Tears fell from your eyes as a man had to literally pick you up and take you out to the ambulance, considering you couldn’t bring yourself to move. Little did you know, at this point, Zayn had been calling you endlessly; he was worried sick.
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“New York City Serenade” - missing scene fic

Ever since I first saw that episode, I’ve entertained myself by thinking about how a guy landed on this planet in the morning and by dinner-time knew about the Central Park Zoo. Yesterday I took a break from the novel, and I really wanted a break from angst-fic, so I finally wrote this out. (Merci beaucoup to @wingedlioness for the read-over; any remaining mistakes are entirely my own.)

Emma had a damnably accurate knee. Once his life finished flashing before his eyes, Killian straightened up and considered his next move.

The bean had deposited him at Emma’s door. The hall stretched in two directions, broken at regular intervals by doors – this was one of those warren-like buildings such as Baelfire had dwelt in. Most importantly, the place was quite devoid of cover. He could not afford to spend time ruing the ineffective kiss. He would have to convince Emma to take the memory potion somehow, and soon.

A bright autumn morning awaited outside, crisp and cool. New York had several advantages over cities he had known in the Enchanted Forest – lack of sewage in the streets for one, and their orderly layout made getting lost impossible. The crowds were thick and busy, and barely paused to consider one oddly-dressed stranger.

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Luke Hemmings Fanfiction → Good Girl Gone Bad

Plot: Summer is over and a new school year begins. Little did Ana know how much everything would change this year. New students, new classes and a new teacher. Luke Hemmings. Ana fell in love with him the minute she saw him They end up having an affair not caring about the fatal consequences.

Authors Note: I know this chapter is a little boring with all the introductions and all that but it’ll get better I swear.

Chapter 1: New Beginnings

Summer is over and a new school year begins. To be honest, I was quite excited, it was my last year of school and I couldn’t wait for it to begin. I put on my favorite black skinny jeans, a red sweater and white converser, I combed through my blond hair and let it hang loose over my shoulders. I applied some make up and packed my bag before I  walked downstairs. 

“Good morning sweetie. Are you excited for school?” My mom greeted me with a coffee mug in her hand. “Morning.” I smiled and sat down at the kitchen table. “And yes actually I am. I can’t wait to see Sam again. She came back from Europe yesterday. We haven’t had a chance to talk yet.” I said and ate the toast mom made for me.

“Well you have to tell me everything as soon as you get home!” she said and wiggled her eyebrows. The relationship I had with my mother was pretty unusual for a seventeen year old girl and her mother. I told her everything, there was literally nothing I didn’t tell her and I never lied to her. My friends always tease me about it but I don’t care. Maybe I want to keep this good realtionship up because I was afraid that she might leave me, like my father did. I was eight years old when he left us for another woman and I haven’t seen him ever since.

“Will do.” I mumbled as I put the last bite of toast into my mouth. “Anyway, I gotta go, see you later.” I jumped off the chair, grapped my bag and walked out of the door. 

The school wasn’t far away from my house so I could easily walk. Around fifteen or twenty minutes. I put my earphones in and played my favorite song, dancing and singing along.

“Ana! Ana!” I heard someone shout when I walked into the school. I turned around to see who was shouting my name and immediatly found my best friend Sam at the end of the hallway. She wasn’t hard to miss, she was pretty tall, had light red hair, red lips and she was as pale as the wall behind her. 

“Sam!” I shouted back and started running towards her. I embraced her in a tight hug and said, “I’ve missed you!" 

"Aww I missed you too! I have to tell you so much about Europe! It was so amazing and it was so good to be back in my old home country!” She said with a huge smile on her face. Sam is originally from south England but she moved her after her parents split up and her mother married again. “But enough about me, how was your vacation?”

“It was okay. I didn’t do much to be honest. My life isn’t as exciting as yours.” I laughed. “Next time you’re just coming with me.” she suggested and put an arm around my shoulder. 

“Anyways, have you heard about our new teacher?” Sam asked and I shook my head no. “Okay so, I heard he’s super hot and very young! Only like 22 or something. He gonna be our new English, History and Math teacher!” He stated with a smirk. 

I looked at her and furrowed my brows. “Stop with that look on your face! It’s disgusting.” Sam was known for sleeping around and especially with older guys. “What? If he’s young and sexy then why the hell not?”

“Because he is our teacher! Sam, you can’t do that.” I said disgusted. “Yeah yeah whatever.” she mumbled and we walked into our classroom where we were greeted by some of our classmates. I wasn’t the most popular kid in school but I wasn’t some kind of loner either.

“Hey there girls.” Michael greeted us. He was one of my closest friends and I’ve known him since pre school. “Hey you.” I smiled and sat down next to him. “Where’s Cal?” I asked and looked around the room. “Dunno. He should be here any second.” Michael shrugged. 

“Aww you talking about me? I see, you’ve missed me baby.” Calum said cheekily and sat down next to Michael. “Oh shut it, I was just wondering where you are, that’s it. No need to be so full of yourself.” My relationship with Calum was a really special one. We’ve known each other since three years and he tried to get in my pants ever since. He’s flirting with me on daily basis and sometimes he can get cocky and annoying and we tease each other all the time but when I feel sad or just need to talk to someone he is always there for me.

“Just admit it, you’d miss me like crazy if I wouldn’t be here right now.” he winked. “Fuck you.” I replied and rolled my eyes. “Nah, I’d much rather fu-” He cut himself off when he heard someone slamming the door shut.

Our heads shot up to the person who just entered the room. Everyone got quiet as the tall male put his bag on the table. “Hello class. I’m your new teacher, Mr. Hemmings.” He explained. “I’m teaching Math, English and History.”

I exchanged a look with Sam. “Told ya.” she mouthed and shot me a wink. “Since I’m new here and you don’t know anything about me I’m gonna tell you a litte something about myself and in exchange you have to tell me something about you. Deal?” The whole class agreed and Mr. Hemmings started. 

“Alright, my name is Luke Hemmings. I’m 22 years old and…” I stopped listening and just stared at him and a feeling I never had before washed over me. Sam was right, he was looking good. Way too good for a teacher. 

He was very tall, skinny but broad shoulders, his eyes light blue, he had thick blond hair and no beard. He wore tight black jeans a white shirt and a black blazer.

“Oh my god he looks - ” “Amazing.” I blurted out. Sam looked at me shocked before a wide smile spread over her face. “Oh look at that. He’s our teacher. You can’t do that.” she mimicked me. “Shut up. I’m not planing on sleeping with him unlike you." 

"Is there a problem ladies?” Mr. Hemmings asked with, his arms crossed over his chest. “No no everythings fine.” I muttered. “Good.” he said and gave me a mischievous smile. “So, whats your name?” he asked and pointed at me.

“I’m uhm Ana, Ana Winters.” I stuttered, trying to avoid eye contact. “How old are you Ana?" 

"I’m 17.” I gulped. I didn’t know why but he made me extremely nervous. “Hm, alright.” he said lazily and turned away from me.

“Oh my god did you see the look he gave you?” Michael whispered with raised eyebrows. “No, what look?” I asked concerned. What if he doesn’t like me? “He wants to shag you.” Calum butted in. “What? No way.” I mumbled and I felt my cheeks redden. 

“Do you think he has a girlfriend?” Sam asked and licked over her lips. “Who cares. Ask him if you wanna know so bad.” Calum shrugged. 

Sam’s arm shot up, “Sam are you insane?” I whisper-shouted but she just shot me a wink. “Yes, Miss Carter?” Mr Hemmings asked rather bored. “Do you have a girlfriend?” She asked and put her arm on the table to show off her boobs. “No, I don’t have a girlfriend.” he said and I could have sworn he glanced at me for a second before he turned back around. “Free meat.” Sam mumbled to herself and smiled.

The rest class went by pretty fast and when the bell rang everyone stormed out of the room. “Miss Winters?” Mr. Hemmings called out. My hearbeat increased and turned around. “Y-Yes?” 

“I noticed you talking to your friends a lot during class.” He exclaimed and leaned on the table, his hands in his pockets. “I’m sorry, it won’t happen again." 

"I know it won’t. Because from now on you’ll be sitting there.” He pointed at the table which was right in front of the teachers table. “What? But that’s not fair!” I protested. 

“It is. You and your friends are disturbing my class and I need to put an end to it.”

“We try not to talk anymore I promise.” I begged, looking desperatly at him.

“No. I want you right in the front where I can keep an eye on you.” He said and moved a step closer to me. I wanted to protest, say something, anything, but nothing came out of my mouth. “You’re dismissed.” he said with a cheeky grin. 

I took a deep breath and nodded before I practically ran out of the room. “Ana! There you are! What did he want from you?” Sam asked worried. “He said I have to sit in the front now because we’re talking to much.” I explained breathlessly. “What else did he want? You seem pretty disturbed.” Michael asked and cupped my face. “Nothing really, I just…have this weird feeling with him. He makes me extremely nervous.” I mumbled. 

“Ana has a crush!” Sam laughed and put an arm around me. “No I don’t! Thats ridiculous.”

“Is it? I saw the way you looked at him. You drooled. I don’t blame you though, he’s hot.” she smirked.

“That’s bullshit. Now shut up about it." 

Was she right? Maybe I did have a crush on him. This feeling I had when I saw him was something I never felt before and I couldn’t turn my eyes away from him and I have seen him ten minutes ago and I already can’t wait to see him again.

This is going to be one fucked up school year.