we just met and i already hate you


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Doctor: This is how you dance Y/N!
Y/N: *laughs* What do you call that dance move?
Doctor: The Drunk Giraffe!
Y/N: Of course it’s called that!
Doctor: Nobody knows how to really party until the Doctor shows up!
Y/N: *sarcastic* I know! I can’t believe I even survived at some of the parties before I met you!
Doctor: Well you’ll never be bored again Y/N! We will be partying forever!
Y/N: Sounds good to me!
Doctor: Do you know something though?
Y/N: What?
Doctor: You should never get a dancer mad.
Y/N: Why not?
Doctor: They can kick your face now matter how tall you are!
Y/N: *laughs* Speaking from experience are we Doctor?
Doctor: No!….Maybe!
Amy: Why can’t those two just get together already?
Rory: Because they are too oblivious to each others feelings.
Amy: I hate people like that.
Rory: Excuse me? You were oblivious that I liked you for years! You thought I was gay!
Amy: Oh yeah…

One Night Stands- Soulmate!Calum (Prologue)

Eyyy so I’m writing something w/ multiple parts instead of a one shot??? What? It’s not gonna be one of those huge 20 chapter fics, maybe only 3-5 small parts.

part 1 / part 2

Anyways something really important about this fic is that the relationship is gonna move really fast, but think of it in terms of their society. As soon as someone meets their soulmate, they’re literally perfect for each other and destined to spend the rest of their lives together so there’s really no reason to take it slow and it would be common for things to progress really quickly.

I just wanted to clarify that since I know I hate it when authors make a relationship move too fast. Like, whoa y’all met like two chapters ago and you’re already making out? Can we slow down? But with the way the system works in this fic it wouldn’t make sense to not dive right into things.

“You’re going out again?” Your best friend and roommate asked, folding her arms as she leaned against the door frame of the bathroom and watched you curl your hair.

“Yeah, just with a couple friends. Gonna get real drunk. gonna get laid.” You said, turning off your curling iron and leaning into the mirror to check your lipstick.

“As usual.” Your friend scoffed, turning on her heel and leaving.

“Emily,” You groaned, following her out. “What’s going on? You seem upset with me.”

“Why would I be upset that my best friend is so miserable she’s wasting her life away getting wasted and hooking up with random guys?”

“Only on weekends.” You argued.

“As if that’ll make me feel better. Have you gotten checked for STDs? You probably should with the amount of sex you’ve been having.” She asked.

“I always use protection. I have, like, twenty condoms in my purse.” You said.

Emily made a face, shaking her head. “Gross. I’m just really worried about you. There are healthy ways to get over this, you know.”

“Like what?” You snapped, tired of Emily judging you.

“I don’t know, actually trying to date an get to know other people?”

“What’s the point? I wouldn’t be meant for them, they wouldn’t be meant for me, we would just be wasting time and missing the thing we both really want in our life. Our soulmate.” You said, crossing the room to sit on the couch and slip on your heels. “The way I see it, the alcohol makes me forget about the whole soulmate thing and the sex gives all the physicality.”

“People can still be happy in non-soulmate relationships. God, you’re a mess. You’re not the only one who hasn’t met their soulmate, you know. You still could, even.” Emily sighed.

“Out of the seven billion people on this planet? Yeah, statistically I’m totally still likely to meet my soulmate. Besides, it can be so hard to even identify who your soulmate is. Sharing one unique physical trait? What id it’s like, a butt freckle or something?”

“It’s probably that birthmark over your elbow that’s shaped like Italy.” Emily pointed out.

“Even so, theres still the seven billion people issue. So yeah, it’s totally gonna happen.

“You know what? Fine. Do whatever you want. Be angsty and irresponsible and wallow in self pity if you want. I’ve been trying to make you see reason for months, but clearly that’s not happening. Have fun tonight.” Emily said.

“Don’t wait up.” You said. “I’ll be home probably early tomorrow morning, five or six maybe. Depends on how far away the guy lives but I’ll sneak out before he wakes up.” You continued. You grabbed your purse and shoved your phone into it, standing from the couch. “My uber is here.”

You threw the door open, stalking out of the house and leaving a fuming Emily behind.

I think one of my favorite things about the Orphan Black fandom is how open everyone is to loving the characters. we just met you five minutes ago? we’ve already adopted you. we used to collectively hate you? let’s make up for that by loving you even more aggressively.

basically we’re all a bunch of oddball romantics, and I find that totally encouraging.

  • Me: yeah I'm asexual
  • Stranger whom I've hardly spoken to: omg do u masturbate???
  • Me: does my saying that I'm asexual somehow make me not human? would you ask another stranger this question? would you ask a colleague this question? are you aware that we have just met and already I hate you?
Be kind.

When fellow Swifties get into loft 89’ and you didn’t, don’t send them enormous amounts of hate on Tumblr, don’t make pathetic posts saying how “people who get into loft 89’ are show offs, already met her , etc..”. Everyone deserves to meet Taylor. I’m a big believer in karma, so if you can be happy For the Swifties that get into loft 89’ , you could someday meet her as well. They want to meet her just as much as you do. Please don’t be mean about it, it just shows your true colours and how low your character is.

Thanks for listening to my tiny rant. It’s just my friends have been getting hate for getting in and it’s horrible. We should be building each other up, not tearing each other down.

Love Bree ❤️💋

New York Surprises (Tayvin AU) Part 11


As soon as Taylor had left the café I sat down and thought about what had happened in the last 20 minutes.

I am a father. To TWO kids. At just 25! How am I going to be a good father with the bad examples of parenting I had a child? They have an incredible mother, but completely lost out in the father department. I was already getting terrified about the prospect of Friday night at her apartment. How would they react to me? I know I’ve met them before but that was just in passing…. And I know Taylor said she wouldn’t tell them I’m their dad yet, but if they hate me now then there is less of a chance of her telling them.

What had I gotten myself into?

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