we just got a letter we just got a letter

The noblest thing I can do is stay and grow with you.
—  T.B. LaBerge // I like you and I miss you.

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homestuck >:)

why would you do this to me bro

The first character I first fell in love with: jake english - thats right folks it was jake english and up until we met the alpha kids i was just tolerating the webcomic for kicks
The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: dave strider if only because i had been reading him for so long but he didnt really settle into my heart until i caught up and started rereading
The character everyone else loves that I don’t: that would be roughly 70% of the trolls. i just dont really care for them,,, also jane im really not into her.
The character I love that everyone else hates: i dont know if dirk counts but i think dirk is the closest ive got
The character I used to love but don’t any longer: there was a point in time where i liked eridan a good deal
The character I would totally smooch: oh fuck man oh shit uhhh alpha dave
The character I’d want to be like: none of them holy shit theyve all got such tragic fucking lives. if i HAD to choose it would be roxy because shes just so good.
The character I’d slap: rolls my sleeves up @ caliborn
A pairing that I love: johndave and unfortunately i dont think thats ever going away
A pairing that I despise: j///akej///ane because i just do and d///irk/j//ohn because of personal beef

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what's your npc!red like?

Anon, you have no idea the can of worms you just opened.

Trainer Red™ is an unprecedentedly skilled individual.

He didn’t start out like this, of course; that’s what made him so compelling to the media. In the beginning he was just a boy, bright-eyed and with a good head on his shoulders — a bit on the quiet side, and always seeming to exist in the shadow of Professor Oak’s prodigal grandson Green. He, like all children his age, just wanted to go off on his journey. He got his starter. He left home.

Somewhere along the way, Red encountered Team Rocket. He saw what they were doing, and he did what any aspiring protagonist would do when faced with bad guys. He fought them. He had only wanted a journey — not any of these Rocket shenanigans — but he was a good kid, and he couldn’t just turn a blind eye to their misdeeds.

Of course he knew it was dangerous. He was not oblivious to his own name being spoken on the radio and in the news. ‘PALLET TOWN WONDERCHILD TAKES KANTO BY STORM,’ proclaimed the headlines. ‘TRAINER RED INTERVENES IN ROCKET OPERATION, LIVES.’ His mother would call him and beg him ‘come home, please, please, oh god, come home,’ but he wouldn’t. He couldn’t. Somewhere along the way, the weight of a region had been loaded onto his shoulders.

He continued on. He defeated Team Rocket, he beat the League. He crushed Green in battle, even though they’d been childhood friends, and the region rejoiced as Lance and the rest of the Elites shook his hand and welcomed him to the Hall of Fame.

The lies began to unravel.

Lies such as: the notion that a kid like him could possibly take down a syndicate as big as Team Rocket. Didn’t he know? Didn’t you know, sweet, dumb child — Kanto’s practically built on Rocket funding. Rocket is too big for him, for anyone to ever take down. He hadn’t fought a war; he’d merely kept it at a standstill by doing what only kids do, because only kids truly believed that monsters existed in the world. He’d shaken up Giovanni, sure — but removing the leader was like slicing off the head of the hydra, and soon enough four more would rise to take his place. It was inevitable; that’s just how the world works.

But hey, Champion — congratulations. Welcome to the Hall of Fame.

He ended up fleeing, not long after, to Mt. Silver. The media spun it, of course  ( they always do — rumour has it that that’s the reason he stopped talking, if he’d ever spoken at all. Not because he had nothing to say, but because the world had long since stopped listening. )  To the rest of the world, it was a quest to become even stronger. Because he is a trainer — the trainer. An icon. A thing to be vaunted, a paragon setting a bold, brilliant example for the great seas of humanity to look up to.

Did you know, did you know? They say that Red’s journey was so popular with consumers, that the rates of kids leaving home and taking on the Gym Challenge skyrocketed! Even in Johto! Even in Johto, Red was a household name. They say that because of Red, there was enough interest for the Johto region to have  ( almost )  its very own League!

And Red caused all of it. No matter what, he will have always inspired generations of children to be just as naive and stupid as he had been.

Trainer Red™ had fled to Mt. Silver because he was disgusted — at the people who had taken his voice away from him, at the people who bought into the propaganda, at himself for believing any of it in the first place. And if disappearing into Mt. Silver’s blizzard was the only way to prove to himself that he has even the slightest bit of agency left  ( they couldn’t follow him here, he thought )  then so be it.

Word came to him on that mountain — Team Rocket’s returned, where’s Trainer Red? We need his help! And Red did nothing, because he wasn’t sure who the bad guys were anymore. And when the people of the Tohjo regions realized Red wasn’t going to save them, their talk became hateful — they spoke as if he owed it to them, as if he was doing something wrong by not throwing himself headlong into danger. So he decided, with a malice and a spite that was slowly taking up all of the emptiness inside of him, that he wouldn’t answer to them or to anyone ever again.

Red has been up there for almost eight years at this point — some stories claim that he died up there and that a demon took his place, because how else could you explain the lack of life in his eyes, his stone-cold touch, his paper-white skin? Or his attitude: the way the only emotion he seems to ever feel is hate, and the only impulse he ever acts upon is to hurt.

Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori.
     How sweet and proper it is to die for one’s country. )

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Ashlie! It's me, gokusdonut! Thanks for following my side blog! :D It’s like every time Yamamori pulls an HnR stunt, it revives the fandom from the trenches. ;_; Shishio is happy now with a woman who brings out the best in him, and he's taking chances and being honest, because he knows a good thing when he sees one. And like, they're the freaking cutest adults ever. That KISS GOT ME!

I saw the neefa talks tag and I went SHE HAS ANOTHER BLOG?! and instantly followed lmao. I’m so bad about keeping up with tumblr lately (pure laziness, some depression, and also being all too involved with my sims blog lately) lmao but it’s like something inside me ALWAYS KNOWS when something HnR is happening and I show up and LO AND BEHOLD THERE IT IS! lmao *____________* AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH this is wonderful!!!!!! I’m really happy for him ;A; (and also because it’s such a good writing move for her part; I’ve heard a lot of bad things about her new manga so I’m happy to see lmao she still is capable of doing something well ;A;) LIKE!!!!! ;A; IDK SHISHIO REALLY NEEDED TO BE ABLE TO FINALLY MOVE ON AND WITH SOMEONE HE’S SO COMPATIBLE WITH CRIES IT’S SO WONDERFUL. LOOK HOW MUCH HE’S GROWN UP! LOOK HOW MUCH HE’S LEARNED FROM HIS PREVIOUS MISTAKES! ;A; Finally going AFTER the person he likes and BEING OPEN AND HONEST rather than just letting things be or expecting her to understand akfjakfjakjf THEIR MUTUAL LOVE FOR SHOUJO LMAO IS SO PRECIOUS ;A; UGH UGH UGH. I’m honestly so delighted!!!!!

(Also I just love love LOVE any time she does something with HnR like… I just want to keep getting cute little side stories, maybe a cute Shishio/Samejima josei forever. Like updates about the friends how are they doing? lmao I guess truly the one thing I can never let go of is HnR :333 (and all the wonderful friends and community I gained through it :333)

UGH I’M SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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"You're so smart, huh? You really think you know everything, don't you?"

Y’didn’t exactly make it hard, fucklick. ANY’A YOU.

I knew from ‘da foist moment ‘dat Suga’tits and ‘da udda’ one revealed ‘emselves ‘dat ya weren’t good guys. I knew who ‘da real enemy was. And when ya get right down ta it — ‘dat’s really all ya need ta know, innit?

Her hands fell to rest over her navel — under the fabric of her shirt, a sun was tattooed on her stomach. It never had felt right, had it? Now a part of her wanted to claw at her own skin until no traces of it remained.   You… ‘da whole lot’a ya…

                    ————I HOPE YA FUCKIN’ ROT.

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voltron :)


The first character I first fell in love with: ill give you one fucking guess and if your guess wasnt shiro you owe me $5 i fucking love shiro have you seen my body pillow
The character I never expected to love as much as I do now:
The character everyone else loves that I don’t: ?????????????????
The character I love that everyone else hates: are there even enough characters in the show for that
The character I used to love but don’t any longer: n/a
The character I would totally smooch: see answer to question 1
The character I’d want to be like: see answer to question 1
The character I’d slap: any villain maybe
A pairing that I love: HANCE!!! there isnt enough of it holy fucking shit
A pairing that I despise: i dont despise any ships so far but hmmm im not really a big sh/att fan if only because it just really feels like it came out of nowhere.

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ღ Make sure you rest, Butts. Babies need their rest.

*kinkshames herself* [  ]  | open.

Romantic attraction: none | very low | low | medium | high | very high | extreme
Sexual attraction: none | very low | low | medium | high | very high | extreme
Aesthetic attraction: none | very low | low | medium | high | very high | extreme
Sensual attraction:
none | very low | low | medium | high | very high | extreme

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i will literally sell my soul if kris at least begrudgingly remembers / accepts shin and lets him help bring together neo-concordia

Ya… rememba’ h—— what it was like before?

Her hands curled into fists in her lap  ( ‘him’ — she’d almost said ‘him,’ and she really didn’t need to say anything more for it to be clear who she was talking about. )  It made sense; she’d heard him talking about Ikki, even if he had no reason to know him — they were always wisps of memories, tickles of recognition that he struggled with putting into words, but… Kris had always been a little envious, to some extent. How long had it been? How long had it been, and she still hadn’t remembered much of anything at all.

She glanced back at him — looked him over. He didn’t seem familiar  ( but then again, neither had Ikki in the beginning; she wondered if it was the pull of muscle memory that had drawn them together so early in the game. )  Idly, she wondered: were we friends? Had they fought alongside each other, had they saved each other?

…Yeah, a’course. We need all ‘da help we can get.
                    ————And a friend’a Ace’s is a friend’a mine.

not shipping related, but jamie would 1OO% cock-block kevin. every time kevin would try to be a (nauseous) smooth flirt and pulls his infamous “its kevin time” line, jamie would purposely jump the fuck in out of no where and shouts “ITS MAIL TIME” (in melody to the blues clues mail time song and continue to horribly sing the rest of the song)

OMG we just got a letter at the office: We had published a page in one of the magazines with some questions for women, like “is it okay to spend $200 at the hairdresser”. One of the questions was “should I fake an orgasm” and the answer we gave was like “you could, but that way you’ll never be satisfied so maybe talk to your guy instead and tell him what you like”.

So today we got a letter from a male reader, we did some research and apparently he’s around 80. His letter was basically a perfect examplke of “not all men!” with detailed descriptions of his sexual adventures, how he made a woman come 8 times in 6 hours, how his partners brag with his skill and so on. It was so hilarious :D

Can tea see me

If I asked
Window stares
Sparks news?
No blues
Just memories
Of blues clues
I take my dues
That the devil stole
Put me through hell
All the turmoil
I walked out
Stride through soul
Mediocre cast foiled
Not of aluminum
Just Mannerisms solem
Much of muchness
Of Absolum-ness
We just got a letter
We just got a letter
We just got a word
Content a question
U R who?

…..so just to be clear, someone at Tumblr looked at this ad for a game and thought “Yeah, this looks ok, publish it.”?

  • Dumbledore: Petunia, please treat this boy as your own son. He was your sister's only child, and deserves love and compassion. He's kind of been through a lot, what with the orphaning and being attacked by the most evil wizard of our generation and all. We in the magical community really appreciate your place as his sole blood kin, and we trust that you'll care for him as you would any child in such a painful situation.
  • *Ten years later*
  • Dumbledore: I mean, you didn't straight up murder him, so