we just don't know what he did

So apparently Mike Pence tried to go to a Hamilton show tonight.

There are reports that they had to stop songs at some points because of all the booing and yelling from the audience. (“when your people say they hate you ” and “immigrants - we get the job done” seem to have been big moments.) Talk about walking into the lion’s den.

I have to wonder what made Pence want to see this show. Like, how much did he know about it beforehand? Just that it was popular and about a Founding Father? How much did he know about the casting and why it was done that way, the message it’s meant to send? How much did he know about the style of music? Did he have *any idea* what he was getting into?


Like who he tryna kid though?

okay I saw a post wondering what Enjolras is canonically Good At? so here we go, it’s actually pretty impressive:

- knows French Revolutionary history inside and out, down to the last detail, like…how… do you know how hard it is to find decent FRev scholarship…how much nerd binging has he done on the subject? All of it. All the reading. He did it 

- can keep track of multiple contacts and schedule public events like whoa?? like maybe it’s just my introversion/brain damage talking here but I cannot even imagine having the kind of brain that goes “oh hey how about these NINE RANDOM HUGE GROUPS OF PEOPLE ? I know what their mood and schedule  and who would be a good guest speaker and I can line this shit up so it gets taken care of in ONE NIGHT friends and citizens, ALSO perfect internal map of the city so I know where everything’s going “??  Enjolras has that kind of brain , he can do that, frigging how 

-generally assessing people’s strengths 

- SUPER STEALTH mode and apparently freaky awesome night vision, can sneak through occupied territory at night in places where the lamps are out without getting caught DESPITE probably Glowing with Symbolism 

-pretty kickass improv public speaker? 

- can keep track of where everyone is and what’s going on  in active combat while actually fighting  like what is this kid’s freaky physical awareness superpower?? how can I have it 

- hits hard enough to break guns  can there please be more of Enjolras just punching a gun to death 

- can also hold a whole battalion  of armed troops at bay with a frigging stick 

(And while I realize some of these skills transfer to AU settings better than others I Live In Hope for the Coffeeshop AU that manages to invent a reason for Enjolras to WRECK FRICKING SHOP with a broom handle or something, WOULD YOU LIKE TO SPEAK TO THE MANAGER??  WELL **BUZZSAW NOISE AND NOW A TABLE IS IN SPLINTERS** plz consider the potential hilarity )

Things Enjolras is Canonically Bad At: 
-Getting out of the way of doors before they smack him in his statuesque butt 

- man can carry a whole barricade in his head but can’t step forward three inches before a door swings shut

-what even is an Enjolras

Chapitre 83 - The Final Obstacle

In which the ultimate family roadtrip is an Actual Literal Roadtrip. 



I N C O L O U R.

And this is how you know that Clamp secretly loves me. (For now)

But can we talk about how the family is shamelessly and unapologetically wearing matching shirts? Not even stylish matching shirts, but straight up tourist-shop-esque shirts with tiny feather patterns that THEY ALL AGREED TO WEAR TOGETHER AS THEY DROVE A JEEP THROUGH A SUNFLOWER FIELD. 


Please never show Tomoyo any evidence that this ever took place. 


we still don’t know a lot about keith actually… how did he meet shiro? how did he become an orphan?? how was his childhood? it’s a bit au-ish since we’ll probably know it soon… it’s canon divergence i guess? well any excuse is okay to make a keith centered comic

also their relationship is NOT romantic. this is just a story about a kid trying to find himself or smth. i would love to draw what happens next but i’m not sure if i have the skills nor the patience

Jenissi is a best case scenaro

I don’t know why everyone is so sad about jenissi leaving topp dogg the way he did. Honestly would people have been happier with him going on Hiatus or doing military service? Topp dogg is basically hunus’ only idol group and jenissi was easily one of their more popular members and definitely the star of the rap line when they were ten. Jenissi will get promoted highly when his album comes out. He didn’t leave hunus so we’ll see him with the boys and with any hunus family postings. Jenissi is also a producer and he said 9+1 meaning we may see his handiwork on tracks. Jenissi might also open for topp dogg in their concerts and hunus is clearly fans of social media and the internet so we may see him more now than as a 1 of 10.

To recap:
1. Staying in hunus means the boys can talk to him and they can collab in the future.
2. Hunus is a small company and topp dogg (jenissi) was clearly their front runner and jenissi going solo is a clearly good idea for them marketing wise, especially with topp doggs comeback being a ballad and jenissi being a rapper.
3. Jenissi isn’t active on social media but hunus likes internet marketing meaning that when he debuts we’ll see more of him than normal.
4. If he was your bias you can bet you’ll get even more of those cheekbones
5. He left the group on good terms and is still friends with the members and that is so freakin rare!

In conclusion.
This. Is. as. Good. As. You. Could. Ever. Have. An. Idol. Go. Solo.












  • Wilson, on a date with Willow: You know, just the other day someone asked who was the most beautiful person in the whole world. You know what I said?
  • Willow: What did you say?
  • Wilson: I said... [sees Woodie out the window] Woodie?
  • Willow: Woodie?!
  • Wilson: No! No that's not what I was going to say!
  • Willow: Wilson, you're not making any sense.
  • Wilson, babbling: I mean sure he's handsome, he's rugged-

Dark!Skyeward AU: Grant Ward knew being undercover at Hydra for Shield had it’s risks. Being murdered by the person that the super spy himself went undercover for in the first place wasn’t one of the considered risks. Unaware of Ward’s occupation, Phil Coulson did what he thought was necessary and killed the man with his own two hands, unaware of Ward’s attempts at a a good deed. Though, Coulson wasn’t alone. From afar, Skye stood emotionless, watching with blurred vision as Coulson left Ward’s body to rot, with nothing but dust circling the air with every step he made away from the corpse. Unforgiving of her directors actions, Skye took it upon herself to avenge the man she lost, and would never get back. Anger fueled her system every waking day as she began her path to revenge.

When Gamma got to know Private Leonard Church as “Gary” during the time loops in season 3, I wonder if he ever felt bad about the part he played in torturing Alpha into splitting. We don’t know how the AI were coerced into the task by the Director. If the AI we consider “bad” had any choice at all. 

Sigma was one of the ringleaders of the torture, but the only independent action we see him take is to manipulate Maine and try and reunite the fragments in the Meta. Maybe they all liked Alpha. 

Gamma does seem almost fond of Church at the end, and when they speak again in season 5, although like most of the Freelancer AI, he is most on the side of his Freelancer than anyone else.

I feel like we don’t talk about this quite as much, but…

Genji… was probably in Blackwatch after he was revived, wasn’t he…?

He wouldn’t have been front and center, not a poster boy for the organization. I doubt many people even knew he existed, and even if they did it is HIGHLY unlikely he did any high profile work. His body makes him too conspicuous for that, but his talents make him perfect for what his purpose in Overwatch ended up being. Namely, taking down the Shimada Empire.

I know other people have probably touched on this what with the explicit headcanon that Genji and McCree were Besties™, but like…

Blackwatch was ROUGH. We KNOW it was rough. It’s one of the only things we know for sure about it. Blackwatch had the thankless jobs, the dirty work, the real psychological toll. Angela’s in her lab hemming and hawing about “do no harm” and being a professed pacifist and being so tortured about aiding an organization that commits violence, meanwhile Reyes and McCree and a whole other section of people are doing the riskiest and filthiest and most necessary of jobs, because it’s what they’re good at and it’s what the world NEEDS.

Genji may have been a special asset in that he could guarantee the success of their efforts to dismantle the Shimada Clan, but if there was even a chance that he could be recognized during that there’s no WAY they’d let him do the above board stuff. Plus his abilities suit Blackwatch better than the rank and file heroes do. It’s a definite possibility.

We’re always talking about mi hijo (Jesse) and PTSD and the trauma stemming from jumping from Deadlock as a kid to Blackwatch as a teenager and young adult to wanted vigilante as a grown man, and my concern about him remains. But if Genji was in Blackwatch with him, it would definitely explain why he was so tortured for so long after being saved by Angela, why working with Overwatch wasn’t enough to bring him peace. (I mean in addition to his self-hatred, body issues, and the whole extortion thing. Actually, lemme tell you, I am still pissed about the fact that they offered him a fucking DEAL to save him from DYING. What was WRONG with Overwatch back in the day?! I will always maintain that Reyes made a deal to recruit mijo specifically because he didn’t want a fucking kid going to max on his watch, and because mi media naranja is the stalest and sweetest of cinnamon rolls, so THAT I can excuse. But with Genji, it’s the equivalent of dangling an antidote in front of someone who was just poisoned until they GIVE you something. Sure the INTENTION might have been good, but the ends don’t justify the means when the means!!!!! Involve playing with someone’s desire to live!!!!! Like a cat bats at a fucking catnip mouse!!!!!!) Because he WASN’T Overwatch, per se. He was Blackwatch. And if what we know of at least two of the former members of that group is true, that doesn’t bode well for Genji’s psyche in his early years as a cyborg. And explains a lot of his bitterness, even beyond being almost murdered by his brother and having to deal with a body that didn’t feel like his own.

What I’m trying to say is that Blackwatch does not seem to churn out well-adjusted individuals. Even more than Overwatch, it’s a hotbed of trauma, guilt, and psychological stress. And that kind of makes me want to cry for mijo, mi media naranja, and possibly now my carrot cake son.

So you know how shows have filler episodes that don’t really add to overall plot?

I want Conspiracy II to have a subplot of Gideon finally taking a much needed break. He’s just vacationing on Fiora and he is *determined* to actually have a vacation but shit just keeps happening. The old king gets assassinated. There’s obvious signs of corruption.

Gideon goes along like “no, not this time. not my problem. I am here to have a sex on the beach and buy some new sandals.” and he isn’t totally ignoring the worst of it that drops in right on him. Like he just casually saves a poor shop owner from local corrupt authorities. He gets a kitten out of a tree (Marchesa was involved nefariously in some way I’m sure). But of course eventually he’s gotta confront Marchesa and sort out Fioran politics for them (How can you have a system worse than Ravnica’s guilds? My gods!)

He gets back to the Gatewatch and they want to know how things went. “Oh, you know, got some sun, read a book… stood up to a planar criminal syndicate and saved the world.” Nissa, Chandra, and Jace all facepalm simultaneously.


It’s hard, hard work to make a record. And I’m not just talking now. It’s the whole 20 years of emotions and things. We’re all attached to these things that you’re trying to deal with. You go for a lot of… a big journey in your own mind, in your life and you’re trying to piece it together. Where did you come from to end up at this point? I didn’t really know I was that broke, but I pretty fuckin’ broke when I look back at it now. Drink and me… equals no good, really. When I was in rehab for those four weeks, I was able to look back over my life a lot and think about the band the first time around and think about the band this time around and look at my behaviour and look at, like, who I was or who I wasn’t. Kind of become this person that I didn’t really recognise. How did that happen? Just how the fuck did that happen? You silly bastard!

There was a time when I was like, “I can’t ever go in a studio again.” “I can’t do this, it’s just not who I am.” “What have I been doing?I spoke to Emma and she said that’s not the way to deal with this, you know. That’s, in a way, running away. And then I thought “You know, you’re quite selfish, cos we’ve come this far and we’ve done all this work.” “Don’t let everybody down, you’ve let everybody down enough, don’t let them all down again.” - Mark Owen

SO I had this clever idea of sprinkling salt on my window sill, you know, for the demons.

And I was having dinner with the fam and my mom was like “we’re running low on salt” and I used a LOT of salt on my window sill and my dad, who sometimes watches supernatural with me gives me this look like “I know what you did.” And I give him this horrified look and shake my head and he just looks me dead in the eye and says “odd” and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the day I formed an eternal bond with my dad.

I’m just gonna leave this here…

Edit: Here’s more..

I haven’t seen anyone “smack talking” him.  So I honestly have no idea what he is talking about.

But, if anyone out there in this endless void that is Tumblr is smack talking him, please don’t.  Lets not be hateful.  Just ignore him, hate, anything that you don’t like.  Ignore it.  Lets not be mean.

Also, if you see this Mr. Jarod Thompson, please do not stereotype all of Team Delusional…because there are very few people who are hateful and would talk smack about you.  We are a nice group of nice people.  Yes, there are probably a few exceptions…there are always exceptions.  But the majority of TD are very nice and would not be hateful towards you or anyone else.

We often talk about Lexa’s unwavering support and belief in Clarke and how much that meant to her. Especially considering Lexa was the only person to do that day in and day out, never playing blame games with Clarke, never trying to intentionally hurt her or make her feel bad. We often talk about how that’s precisely why this is so terrible and tragic for Clarke because, not only did she lose her soulmate and the person she loved, but she’s now left alone. Surrounded by people who have all at one point or another blamed her for things out of her control, been ungrateful, hurt her, put so much weight on her shoulders, and - above all else - people who just don’t understand.

But can we talk about how amazing and unbelievable it was for Lexa to act that way in the first place?

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  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: What was Oz's relationship with his mother Rachel? He was around seven years old when she died, and he references her to Phillip, but we're never given a glimpse into how she treated him or what he thought of her. She knew he who he was so....so did she ignore him like Xai did? Did Oz think she hated him too? How did he react to learning of her death? And what about Sarah his aunt? How did she treat Oz? I really need to know more about the Vessalius wives and their relationship with Oz.
What about Sam?

Can we just talk about Sam in the new episode though? I see a lot about Dean and what not and, don’t get me wrong, the look of absolute devastation on his face murdered my feels for the rest of my life. Dean’s reaction is important and painful, but I feel like we aren’t talking about Sam enough.
Think about it, especially you Sastiel shippers out there. Lucifer had a much bigger impact on Sam than he did Dean. Sam spent at least a HUNDRED EIGHTY FREAKING YEARS in the cage with two super powered angry dirtbags with a grudge and no outlet. It’s heavily implied that Sam was RAPED for crying out loud and tortured beyond belief. Castiel, regardless of how you ship it, has an incredibly strong connection to Sam. Whether you think it’s romantic or platonic doesn’t matter; they’ve been through some serious crap together and their relationship is just as valid and strong as Cas and Dean’s.
Now Sam finds out that the thing that ruined him has taken his closest friend. Something brought Cas to a low enough point that he said yes. He almost dies and is stuck looking at the face of one of the few people he still trusts while listening to the words of the one who broke him irreparably and they’re the same person.
But here’s the fun part. Sam is traumatized. He is devastated and horrified. He probably found some lame excuse to blame himself, too. And what does he do? He focuses all of his energy on DEAN. He forgets the fact that his worst nightmares aren’t as bad as reality anymore and kicks into supportive and amazing little brother mode. Never mind how incredibly strong Sam is as a character (actually this is very important do not forget it) but Sam’s growth since season one is particularly evident, especially these last few episodes. Season one, Sam was a little whiny, super angsty, and kind of self centered. Now, he’s willing to put himself second in favor of making sure his big brother is okay.

Now I will go cry forever.