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“Working” does not necessarily mean “well”

This post by @thegaypumpingthroughyourveins​ made me want to doodle more returned and semi-recovering Graves, because I got so many emotions haha.
By the way, if anyone’s ever inspired to draw/write/headcanon by anything I draw, please tell me - I’m ever curious!
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Lucky Us: Friendship Tiers
  • Chloe: Here's how it goes. Adrien and I have been friends forever, but I keep his dumb ass grounded.
  • Marinette: Got it.
  • Chloe: Nino has been Adrien's best friend for a couple of years now. He sees to his masculine needs, but he also keeps him grounded.
  • Marinette: Right.
  • Chloe: You've struck this weird balance of grounding him and driving him crazy.
  • Marinette: It's a gift.
  • Chloe: And then there's Prince Ali.
  • Adrien: *grabs Prince Ali's face passionately* I would die for you.
  • Ali: *eyes water* Brother!!
  • Marinette:
  • Chloe: We keep them a few countries away from each other at all times.

Chapter 1: The calm before the Summer Storm

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okay i just have a few things to say about this whole malec still. on the one hand, i appreciate that they didn’t include a malec hug of any kind in that scene. the continuity of alec respecting magnus’s space after the event, magnus initiating all physical contact… it’s important, especially after such a traumatic experience. taking into account that alec was heavily involved in said traumatic event, it just makes sense.

but on the other hand. they did cut the scene short, which we all felt when the episode aired, and they’ve proved to us that they did. and we have every right to be upset about that. we deserved a longer scene with them, or at least a less abrupt cut. so while i’m ultimately glad they didn’t include the hug, it was wrong of them to cut the scene and that is what pisses me off about this. especially considering the content they cut it for.

  • hux, lying in bed, listening to lana del rey, sticking his leg up really high in the air: i'm over it