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Boss!Harry AU - Part 4

Part 1, Part 2, Part 2.5, Part 3

Here’s part 4 of the Boss AU. I hope you like it. After a good first few hours of writing this, my writer’s block seemed to come back even though I knew where I wanted to take it so I’m sorry if it jumps a little bit from place to place. We might still be in New York for part 5, we might not, we’ll see. (ALSO, the last scene, it’s fucking shit) x

“Sir, here’s your keys,” the hotel receptionist hands over two room cards to Harry as stands checking you both in. “You’re in rooms 442 and 443. Enjoy your stay.” Harry flashes a flirtatious grin at the receptionist, making you roll your eyes, and he swaggers over to you where you sit on one of the comfortable sofas in the lobby as a bell hop puts the bags on to the trolley and goes on ahead of you.

“All done. Let’s go,” he signals his head towards the lift, holding the two room cards in his hand, tightly.

“Do I get my key?” You say. “Or are you going to hold on to it like you’re my dad? Hey…daaaaaad,” you tease, grabbing hold of his hand.

“Hey….don’t go callin’ me yeh dad. Way to make m’ feel weird.”

The atmosphere between you has lessened since your argument over everything in his office. In the few weeks since, you hadn’t seen each other outside of work at all and it had been strictly professional between you both. Glances had been exchanged and yoga classes had been thoroughly enjoyed together, as good friends but nothing more; neither of you wanted to make it more complicated than it already is, especially with you still threatening to leave. You hadn’t seen his son at all, even though Harry mentioned that Sam keeps going on about you and asking when he’ll be able to see you again and how Harry’s running out of reasonable excuses that won’t hurt his son’s feelings like ‘she’s on holiday’ and ‘she’s working late for daddy’. It feels good, though, having no pressures on the relationship between you, and now that everything is out in the open, he doesn’t have to hide anything to do with his family to you, and he’s mellowed a little around the office…not too much, though, he’s very much still an arse to his staff, even more so to you because ‘the others might get suspicious’ if he’s seen to be treating you like his favourite.

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I’m a manager at a small pizza place. we had run out of bleu cheese crumbles last weekend and I told all my employees to notify customers and the cashier says okay! Jump to a few hours later during our to-go rush I help out and encounter a little old lady. I asked if she got the 2 salads listed and she says one of them is incorrect and she verified 3 times over the phone that she wanted another salad. I apologize and say we can make a new one in just a couple minutes and she huffs and says fine, and hands me her money. One of the salads is a buffalo chicken salad which comes with bleu cheese and I KNOW this idiot cashier probably didn’t inform her on the shortage. So I tell her we don’t have the b.c and ask if she’d like to substitute it. She’s now ENRAGED!!! “That’s the WHOLE reason I got this salad. Why wasn’t I informed? No one told me! If someone had told me I wouldn’t have ordered it!” I apologize profusely and ask if she’d like an extra container of bleu cheese dressing (it has crumbles in it) and she says NO I wanted the crumbles! I then ask if she’d like to have me take it off her check and she says no just give me my change back. Usually when you offer something for free the customer takes it, so I asked if he was sure and she says “YES JUST GIVE ME MY CHANGE!” so I nervously hand her the change back and she left to go to a nearby grocery store. She comes back and I hand her the salads and apologize again and all she had to say was “I just had to go by my own bleu cheese. Tell your manager to go over there and get it his self!” (If you remember I am the manager, a female, and at no point had she asked to speak to a a manager.) I didn’t want to enrage her more by saying “well it’s not popular whatsoever, I told the cashier to let anyone know, and I’m getting it tomorrow so there’s no reason to get it today” so I just said “yes ma'am.” I saw her walk to her car and she gets her phone AND CALLS MY STORE and I’m lucky enough to answer it and she demands to speak to a manager. Meanwhile were making eye contact and I say I am the manager. This is basically how it all went down.
“You’re the manager?”
Yes ma'am
“You just did my transaction”
Yes ma'am I did.
Well I’m going to be getting the bleu cheese tomorrow, and it’s not a popular side, I told the cashier to-
(I’d like to note that this woman was white as well I’m not sure why she had to comment about it, but mainly wanted to add that she felt the need to swear at me)
Well if you’d like I can put you in our book and the next time you can get your next salad on us
Now I had asked this woman if she wanted me to take the salad off, and the cashier heard me as well. So about 20 minutes goes by and the cashier says it’s the same lady, and she wants to talk to me.
Hi this is Kalie how can I help you?
“I just got home. And I received TWO buffalo chicken salads. YOU screwed up my order twice!”
Oh my goodness ma'am I’m so so sorry, I showed the grill cook your order and asked for the other salad I’m not sure how in the world she mixed up and put the same salad!“
“There was also onion in it and I asked for no onion”
(On the ticket it didn’t say that, and during every single transaction she never specified she wanted any salad without onion)
I can’t believe this happened, I’m so so sorry for the inconvenie-
“Look I don’t know if you’re new here, but this has been the worst customer service I’ve ever received, you’ve seriously lost a customer for life, I’m never coming back” and hung up on me again.
I’ve worked 30+ hours a week every week here for almost a year and a half and have never once seen this lady or her order. Also made some comment about how I need to be trained or the employees need to be trained, and how she’d been working all day and just wanted a salad. Meanwhile it’s 5/6 pm, I’ve been working since 10, and will be working a 13 hour shift while this woman felt the need to call me twice to complain.

Hayes Imagine (Pool Party) Part 15

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Going to San Diego early with nash was the best decision. we were both having the time of our lives and my mind was completely off hayes. unfortunately magcon was starting in 2 days which meant all the boys would be arriving today, including hayes. nash and i were cuddling on the bed savouring the last few hours we would have alone. we heard a knock on the door and screaming. i rolled my eyes “that’s them” nash said standing up to get the door. the boys barged through the door screaming and jumping around like the idiots they are.

i noticed hayes trailing behind, i quickly looked away avoiding eye contact, he just sat down in the chair on the other side of the room. i noticed him glance at me every few minutes but i ignored him. i checked my phone to a text to hayes “please stop ignoring me” it read. i continued to ignore him.

later that night i went to the pool to have a swim because the boys were just being too loud and annoying. i dipped my toe in checking the temperature. it wasn’t too cold so i gently lowered myself into the water. i heard footsteps behind me so i turned around. “what are you doing here?” i said rolling my eyes. “it’s a public pool i can be here if i want” hayes said stepping into the pool. i swam away not wanting to be anywhere near him.

he sat on the step just running his fingers through the water. “i know i’ve said this before but i really am sorry” he said looking down. “it’s fine just drop it” i said not wanting to talk to him anymore. “no it’s not fine, i shouldn’t have done that i got jealous and i made a bad decision” he said beginning to swim over to me. he was now directly in front of my face “you should probably back up a bit nash will kill you if he sees you talking to me” i said shoving him back slightly. “i really am sorry though, please don’t be mad” he begged. “i’m not mad that you kissed me, i’m mad that every time i have a slight bit of happiness you find some way to take it from me” i said sighing. he looked down for a minute “i’m not trying to take away your happiness, i just want to be the one who gives it to you” he said looking into my eyes “well that’s not your job anymore now is it?” i said. he looked at me with sadness in his eyes “look i’m sorry for giving you such a hard time but you don’t make it easy..” i said

“let’s admit it, nothing about us has every been easy” he said smirking “i guess you’re right” i said smiling. “so can we put everything behind us and try to be friends?” he asked. i nodded “sure i’d like that” i said. he went into hug me but i put my hand out gesturing for a handshake “friends” i said as he shook my hand instead.