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Unwanted Visitors - Part Three

Isis was kneeling in front of Gabriel, who was staring off into the distance at nothing in particular. She had pried open his hands, and placed the mirror there. Now, she was just sitting, watching him with the saddest expression that Jace had ever seen on her. Even though her back was to him, he could tell that she was crying. Silent tears slipping down her face. It was just part of being bound together since they both could remember.

Slowly, he watched her turn to face the room. She didn’t move away from the silent angel. Isis took in a breath. “It’s called a looking glass,” she explained, voice thick with tears. “Usually archangels have them to keep an eye on the earth’s activities, but they can be wired to watch heaven, too.” She glanced back at Gabriel who looked like he could care less about the subject. “It took a long time to get my hands on one, but I thought that if he could just see sometimes…” Her voice trailed off.

“That’s an absolutely horrible idea,” snapped Dominique who was standing off a little bit with her arms crossed over her chest. Her eyes were on fire, and she looked like she was about ready to jump on Isis and claw her eyes out. Absentmindedly, Jace reached for his ebony blade that was tucked safely in his belt. He always seemed to be protecting her these days.

Isis’ eyebrows knit together. “What do you mean? It might help him separate the two places in his mind.”

“You’re an idiot. We’re trying to make him forget about heaven so that he can exist here. If he has that fancy mirror thing, do you think that’s going to help him forget? No! He’ll be staring into that wistfully instead of living on earth. He’ll still be wishing that he was with you!” Her arms were flying every which way, and Jace thought that if she got any angrier, smoke would come out of her ears. She stepped toward Isis.

That’s when Isis stood. And he had known her his whole life, and he had never been frightened of her. She was a small girl, with wide eyes and a soft face. She wasn’t someone that was supposed to be frightening. But in that moment, when she was staring down the little witch, Jace wanted to back away. And he noticed that, at his side, Viviana shifted uncomfortably on her feet. He was glad that he wasn’t the only one on edge because of Isis’ fiery expression. She would kill this witch, he thought glumly. If she thought that Gabriel would be better off without her, she would kill her.

“You’re jealous,” she breathed. “You’re jealous that while he’s here with you, he’d rather be up there with me.” He didn’t think it possible for her to look with such hatred at someone, but she was now, and there was poison in her voice.

Dominique didn’t even blink. “No. I’m not. You’re jealous because when he was up there with you, he wanted to be down here with me. And you want him to still want you. That’s why you won’t let him go. You’re still in love with him, and you know that as soon as he snaps out of this, he won’t be in love with you anymore.”

And Isis raised her hand. It was glowing pink, and horror flooded through Jace. But he didn’t flinch. He moved toward her, slipped his arms around her waist, and orbed them out of there. Because if he didn’t, there would have been blood.