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The Signs as Strange Shit Found in Space


Taurus: Galactic Cannibalism; where galaxies literally devour each other. Those savages.

Gemini: Gliese 581 c; May be a candidate for future colonization. Only thing is that one side will melt your face off and the other will freeze you to death :). But there is a little strip in the middle that is a-okay. 

Cancer: Universe’s largest water reservoir; contains 140 trillion times more water than Earth, makes a kick-ass water slide. Also a big ass black hole :/ 

Leo: The Diamond Planet; pretty self-explanatory, worth 29.2 nonillion dollars. Take that Bill Gates. 

Virgo: The Cold Star; thinks its the shit, really aint. Our sun is hot af and this star is only 80 degrees. That’s a regular day in LA basically. 

Libra: El Gordo Galaxy; Spanish for “the fat one”. Has a lot of galaxies in there.

Scorpio: The Planet of Burning Ice; its literally an ice ball that is literally on fire. 

Sagittarius: Sagittarius B2; basically a fucking huge cloud that is “a giant river of raspberry-flavored rum” 

Capricorn: Dark Energy; we don’t know what the fuck it is that’s why its called “dark” energy. it’s making the universe expand faster. how? we don’t know. just does its own thang. 

Aquarius: White Holes; the opposite of black holes, may be the key to time travel. Only exists in theory. 

Pisces: Pillars of Creation; makes little star babies (✿◠‿◠) 

I’m sorry but have Lauren and Wes even known one another that long for this attitude? She don’t even know him like that to be demanding his whole backstory. Like, I think you work up to the fact that you were homeless and eating garbage, when you 1st get to know a person. This fight is ridiculous and she’s coming off as judgmental as her father.

Monsta X Reaction to You Asking to Ride Their Face

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shownu ; his first response wouldn’t even be words,, just a long “ahh..”,, he’d be thinking about how good you would look sitting on his face but he wouldn’t show it,, he’d add on a “we’ll see.“ leaving you confused. he’d wait until late at night when you’re not expecting it to make a move.

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wonho ; right when you asked him, his jaw would drop but only because “i thought you’d never ask.” he’d immediately get excited and look forward to it. he’d tease you all day about it tho, making little jokes here and there about how he’s gonna “have you screaming his name and trying to escape.”

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minhyuk ; “baby are you being serious?..” he’d get all shy/laugh a little and his cheeks would warm up. “if that’s what you want.” as long as you’re satisfied he has no problems with it.

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 kihyun ; *lowkey dies* *does it just because he wants to hear you moan his name but hides how flustered he is* “okay.”

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hyungwon ; he wouldn’t be too shocked since he always ate you out,, this would just be in a different position. “sure why not? as long as i get something in return.”

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jooheon ; “cancel all of your plans, we about to do some thangs and we ain’t stopping ‘till morning.” faced ass. after you ask him the question,, he’s all over you. like it’s a wrap.

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changkyun ; “how bad do you want it?” he’ll (laugh at you while you beg) tease you a little bit before agreeing to do it. because. he. will. definitely. do. it.

Just realized that when Daryl heard Noah repeat Beth’s name, he had this look on his face as though Noah just held a piece of his soul... ‘cause that’s what Beth is to him. She’s a part of his soul, his mind, his heart, if not the whole of it.
Let’s Make Out (Archie Andrews x Reader)

An Archie Imagine! Hope you enjoy!

Request: Yes 

 @lukezsmilee Hey! Can you write an imagine where Archie and the reader are best friends and they go to the movie drive in the last night it’ll be open and some guys start flirting with the reader and he gets really protective then it ends with a kiss or something (fluffff😂) sorry if it’s confusing , thanks! Love your writing btw

@willy-wonka-is-my-soul-animal Archie x Reader

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“Look at that fine girl over there.” A jock hollered to his friend, pointing in your direction.  You grimaced at the thought of being near either of them.

Archie’s head popped up from the bag of popcorn that he had been devouring gleefully and scowled.

“She’s a nice piece of ass.” He continued approaching your seats.  “Hey sweet thang!” He started, “What’d ya say we get out of here, and ya show me what you can really do.“ His voice screaming:  Let’s make out.

Standing up, you splashed your drink in his face and grabbed the popcorn from Archie, who was fuming, and dumped the remains on the creepers head.

“Puddin’ pop,” the other guy smiled, “you’re a feisty one, how about you come home with me?” His smiled grew wickedly as your blood boiled.

Do not talk to her like that.”  Archie stood up, grabbed your hand and got back into his truck, starting up the engine to leave both men in the dust.

“I’m sorry (Y/n/n).  I had to leave or else I would have really hurt them.”  You smiled at your best friend lovingly.

“It’s alright Arch.  You did the right thing, and thank you.”  You stood on your tiptoes and placed your lips on his.  You were still in his truck, but now parked in his driveway.

It took a second for him to kiss back, but he did, and boy did he enjoy it.  Kissing you was like realizing what he was missing.  Running his hands through your hair as his lips devoured yours like he had with the popcorn earlier was like being on a cloud.  You gasped as he climbed over to your seat, flipping you over, which left you straddling him.

“My god.” Archie moaned throughout the kiss as you both pulled back.  Panting heavily, you stared intently at each other.  You were so dazed by what you had just done, that you didn’t notice Archie pull you into another kiss.  This one was sweeter, and more relaxed.

Climbing off Archie to sit in the drivers seat of the truck, you smiled.

“Woah.” You breathed.

“Yeah.” Archie replied.

“Didn’t know you were such a good kisser Archie.” You teased.

“Should have done that sooner than (Y/n/n).” He moved slightly to reach up and move the hair that was in your face.  “I don’t want to sound cliché and all, but I love you.”

“You do sound very cliché, but I love you too Arch.” Your words made him feel a lot better. “I also don’t want to sound cliché, but, can I kiss you again?”

The moment those words left your mouth was the moment his lips crashed back onto yours without hesitation.  You groaned slightly at the feeling as Archie moved you to the backseat of the car, where he was on top.

“Do that again.” He murmured.

“Do what again?” You groaned almost automatically when Archie found your sweet spot.  He shuddered hearing that sound.

“That.” He said causing you to moan again.

“God do I love you.” You both pulled back, breathless once again and layed in the back of his truck.

“I love you too.”

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Any fan fictions where we see Rick and Michonne go through the pregnancy process?

Hi there Anon :)

Here are some fics where Rick and Michonne go through the pregnancy process for you:

241 Days Journey by fithola

Follow Rick’s and Michonne’s journey as they navigate their first pregnancy. AU/ No Zombies. 

Lost In A Dark Place by goshangie

Rick and Michonne have known each other as kids but when Michonne moves to New York and Rick stays in Kings County their friendship falls apart. After 10 years she’s back but they are both strangers to each other now. Will they be able to work through their shaky relationship or will anger get in the way? A/U. No zombies. 

Seed by malladay

Several months after the group’s first run in with Negan, they find themselves regaining hope, and Rick and Michonne begin to seriously consider what the future holds for them. Pregnancy Fic. 

We hope this helps! 

Also please check out these other Michonne/Richonne Pregnancy Fics below: (please note some of these fics may deal with miscarriage/infant death) 

☆ UPDATED ☆ Pregnant Michonne/Richonne Fics

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Overwatch Play of the Game: Shiro [Voltron]

The Flirting Kind (Yondu Udonta x Female Reader) Smut

Requested: Yondu x Female Reader in which the reader is a Nova Corps officer working with Yondu on a case and Yondu does nothing but flirt with her non-stop. It can be smutty or not.

A/N: Y'all know me so of course I made it smutty 😂

Warnings: Smut, Language, Oral, Rough Sex, Hair-pulling.

The moment you found out that you had to work with Yondu Udonta and his Ravagers on this mission, you knew you were in trouble. But you could never imagine the kind of trouble you ended up in with the Ravager captain. Why the Nova Corps decided to work with them in the first place, you never know. Sure, they helped defend Xandar from Ronan, but they were still a bunch of thieving pirates.

“C'mon, sweetheart. Get that thick ass over here and help me out, will ya!”

You flinched and growled at the Ravager’s comment, glaring as you walked up to him where he stood next to the ancient object you were here for. It was contained inside a box sealed with a puzzle lock. Udonta grinned at you and you rolled your eyes. He had consistently flirted with you ever since you met up at Knowhere and his ship, making sexist little comments about your body and annoying the hell out of you. But if you were completely honest with yourself, you couldn’t help but feel attracted to the Centaurian, despite of his rudeness and lack of social skills. His had a certain rugged appeal to him that pulled you in, one you found more and more impossible to escape.

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She’s Built Better Than Em Part III FINALE

Inspired by user Felinalain and their prompt of Aliens and animals, specifically what if aliens were confused by the nature of humans using other predatory creatures as assistants in place of more effective machines. The following is a yet another story in my vastly growing universe, and uses this prompt. Without any further ado, enjoy!


Sasha had finished repairing her arms as best she could, sighing at her work, “Well girl looks like we’re gonna need to find a few replacement parts for my arm,” she rolled her left mechanical shoulder, struggling to get it to move up to chin level. She got up and moved to lay down on the bed, “Breka, arm,” she clicked her tongue. 

Breka stood up excitedly and trotted over towards the table, grabbing the arm in her jaws and coming towards her friend. She angled it accordingly, and put it in the socket and everything. Gently nipping a few exposed wires and shoving them into the arm, the rather intelligent beast yawned, then growled happily at its work. 

“Thanks girl,” Sasha moved to pet Breka’s head with her left arm before finalizing the installation. “There we go,” she rolled her right shoulder a bit, open and closed the fist a few times, and nodded, “Perfect. This’ll work great.” The middle finger suddenly fell off, causing her to drop her smile and sigh, “Well … At least now I won’t be tempted to flip off anyone, eh Breka?” she turned to see her companion cock her head to the side in confusion. 

Sasha pet Breka and then got up, moving towards the Engine room to start monitoring her work once more, she was suddenly thrown off her feet as a shockwave went through the ship. “All crew to your stations repeat, all crew to your stations!” The ships alarm sounded off. 

“That ain’t good,” Sasha stood up as Breka gave her something to hold onto. “Better go find what’s on the up, stay here Breka, make sure my stuff is safe,” she ordered, to which Breka whimpered but nodded. Sasha started to jog, heading for the bridge. Upon reaching it, Sasha stopped as she saw a Heavy Cruiser bearing down on them. “What in the hell,” she blinked as she saw it Lorokian, a rather powerful and expansive empire and well respected member of the council. “What in the hell is going on?!” She shouted to Captain Ta’talia. 

The Captain turned back nervously, “A miscalculation.”

“What the hell kinda mess a numbers got us with a Lorokian war ship on us? In the Gol System of all places?!” Sasha stomped forward, “Answer me!” 

“It was not our fault! We had a suitable bribe, but the last human aboard took half of our profits! Even with your credit chit, we couldn’t afford to bribe the local patrols to ignore us.” She snapped finally, the stress eating away at her. 

“Why the fuck would you need to bribe them?!” Sasha was utterly at a loss. Lorokian even on the outskirts of space rarely stopped merchants. “Unless,” Sasha stopped and suddenly glared, “What are you transporting.” 

“That’s none of your concern, look you’re a soldier, tell them the Terran Republic will give them favor to leave us alone! We haven’t tried to bribe them yet so there’s nothing to worry about!” 

“What are you transporting,” Sasha stated again. 

Silence hung in the air. It was maddening to some of the officers on deck who were equally as choked up. “It’s none of your concern!” With this said, Sasha moved forward in a lunge, her body moving like a battering ram as she smashed into the Captain, pinning her to the ground and placing a metal foot on her neck. After giving a threatening gaze for a few minutes, and the rest of the crew unsure of what to do, the Captain finally croaked. “O-Ok,” she coughed. 

“Speak up!” 

“Dorium!” She shouted. “We’re transporting two crates … Of Dorium,” she continued to gasp for air. 

“Dorium?!” A familiar voice shouted. Sasha looked up to see a familiar Saurian, Jungo looking absolutely enraged. “You had us moving Dorium?!”

“Jungo?” Sasha perked up. A console next to Jungo began to light up. Everyone froze. They were being hailed by a notoriously obtuse and severe empire when it came to criminals. Dorium was anything but an exception, as the highly addictive Euphoria inducing substance was highly illegal throughout most settled space. Even most crime organizations banned the stuff, as kicking it was almost impossible. “Answer it,” Sasha nodded. 

“I,” Jungo hesitated. 

“Trust me, I got this.” Sasha waved him off to go ahead and answer. As the screen came on, Sasha suddenly dropped her jaw and starred in utter surprise. The creature before her looked as though it was an amphibious like creature, with large beady eyes and pale green skin. It wore a rather impressive uniform, yet before it could even speak, it’s jaw dropped as well. “Well shoot me now if that isn’t who I fucking think it is. A’rav, is that you?” Sasha blinked and leaned in to the screen before them. 

“Sasha? Sasha from that mission on Jul seven years back, do my eyes deceive me or is that really you, you massive bucket of fuckery?” The creature responded. Much of the crew sitting around it’s Captain’s chair on screen looked as confused by the break in protocol, as the crew around Sasha looked terrified at the fact this human knew the Captain in front of them. 

“In the flesh, you old bastard. Well,” she held up her arm missing it’s middle finger, “Mostly in the flesh,” she chuckled. 

“I wish you woulda called ahead, what the hell are you doing on this rust bucket? Got business out in the Gol system?” A’rav leaned in and smiled, showing a distinct lack of any kind of teeth. 

“That I do, hitched a ride here with Breka … Had no idea what they were transporting.” 

“Any other Captain wouldn’t have bought it, but I know you, my friend. I believe you. We’ll just need to take most of the officers in for questioning and detaining. Got a list of names and everything so we can be done in about 5-10 minutes Earth time, tops” he took off his military hat and leaned back in his chair. “And you should come on board. We can get you exactly where you need to be, no trouble.” 

“Aw shucks A’rav, you sure you’re not just trying to get lucky again?” She laughed, A’rav joined, while everyone remained on high tensions, their interactions adding more fear to the mix. 

“Ah old times, old times, this is strictly business for a friend.” A’rav raised his hand as he finally caught his breathe. 

“Ain’t no trouble. Yeah come on over buddy, we’ll have the officers ready.” Sasha nodded. 

“Wonderful, got a few minutes to chat while we dock?” A’rav inquired with a smile. 

“Sure thang, let me just head on back to my room, grab my bag. Stay on the line, ya hear?” She smiled back before getting off of Captain Ta’taliah. “I’d recommend you officers stay put, A’rav here won’t like it if you bolt, he’ll gun you down without issue,” Sasha grinned before turning her back to go back to her room. 

“Oh no you don’t,” Muttered Ta’taliah. She sprung up and lunged at Sasha with a knife. 

“Sasha behind you!” A’rav shouted. 

Sasha turned around, and brought up her arms to defend herself, but the blade tore through her left mechanical arm, lopping it off before she was kicked on the ground. “I’m not going back to prison!” Shouted Ta’taliah as she stomped on Sasha’s robotic knee, breaking it as well. 

Sasha cried out in pain before slamming her good arm into the Ta’taliah’s lower gut. Ta’taliah coughed up up blue blood before kicking Sasha in the face, knocking her on her back. “Cheap shots are my specialty, I didn’t work this hard for my own slice of paradise, just to see it taken away by a damn monster like you humans!” She dropped the knife and pulled a blaster out, aiming it right for Sasha’s head. 

“Sasha!” A’rav shouted in horror, standing up from his chair. 

Ta’taliah fired, but the shot did not hit Sasha. A loud whimper filled the bridge before the sound of screaming and flesh being torn replaced it. The entire present party witnessed in fear as Breka had barreled through the halls, took a blaster bolt to her eye, and was now proceeding to tear apart Ta’taliah like she was some sort of chew toy. No one dared stop the beast, and Sasha saw no need. 

“Breka!” She shouted after she knew Ta’taliah lay dead. The Vin’lek stopped, and she moved to help Sasha up on her one good leg. “Thanks Girl,” Sasha pet her friend and then flashed a smile towards Jungo, “Think a machine woulda done that?” She turned her eyes to A’rav, “Hey A’rav, got any spare parts for my arm and leg?” 

A’rav sat down in relief, “We have upgrades even, on the house, my friend,” he said rather quickly.

Sasha chuckled softly and reached for her cigarettes. “I’ll be here, do make it quick.” 

“We’re docking now,” A’rav nodded before the com was cut. 

“Like I said Jungo,” Sasha looked over to him again. “She’s built better than em machines.”


HEY YOU! How’s it going? It was a pleasure to work on this arch of the short stories I’m doing to pass time during my last year of university. Once again don’t forget, if you have any prompts you want me to work on just send me them, tag me in them, anything at all! I will put them in the que if I like em! All my stories are connected so never fear, old characters will always come back! Until next time, Fly safe fellow Explorer’s of the unknown.


Years back my brother and his wife was living with me and wife. My brother job keeps him a way form the house for two weeks at a time . My wife was working a day to day job. My job I gust work 3 Days off for 4 . At times my sister in law would clean house with next to noting on booty shorts . She started to become my little play thang when we was the only people home she would do everything I ask