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The Signs as Strange Shit Found in Space


Taurus: Galactic Cannibalism; where galaxies literally devour each other. Those savages.

Gemini: Gliese 581 c; May be a candidate for future colonization. Only thing is that one side will melt your face off and the other will freeze you to death :). But there is a little strip in the middle that is a-okay. 

Cancer: Universe’s largest water reservoir; contains 140 trillion times more water than Earth, makes a kick-ass water slide. Also a big ass black hole :/ 

Leo: The Diamond Planet; pretty self-explanatory, worth 29.2 nonillion dollars. Take that Bill Gates. 

Virgo: The Cold Star; thinks its the shit, really aint. Our sun is hot af and this star is only 80 degrees. That’s a regular day in LA basically. 

Libra: El Gordo Galaxy; Spanish for “the fat one”. Has a lot of galaxies in there.

Scorpio: The Planet of Burning Ice; its literally an ice ball that is literally on fire. 

Sagittarius: Sagittarius B2; basically a fucking huge cloud that is “a giant river of raspberry-flavored rum” 

Capricorn: Dark Energy; we don’t know what the fuck it is that’s why its called “dark” energy. it’s making the universe expand faster. how? we don’t know. just does its own thang. 

Aquarius: White Holes; the opposite of black holes, may be the key to time travel. Only exists in theory. 

Pisces: Pillars of Creation; makes little star babies (✿◠‿◠) 




U P D A T E S (bc you love us, probably…)

  • bokura ga tsugai ni naru made ch5 - translated by @shinashiz, japanese proofed by @ferrets847, initial eng proofed by @xmyp, cleaned by @astaroth-trd, and currently being typesetted by @laladubulove
  • shounen no kyoukai ch5 - DOOOOOOONE. wait, you think i’m lying. yo….

WE DOOONE. basically??? translated by moi, @chottohenkamo, and the lovely, sweet @leighsyd (who without her, we’d never finish this thang). cleaned by @zabvie. typesetted by moi and @kuzma-lidochkajust needs to be final english proofed, bc bless my english grammar. i know we said we’ll post releases depending on the order from the polls, but at this point… fuck that lol. you’ll see THIS suuuuper frickin lickin smack dem asssesss soon! and hopefully bokura soon after!

  • youchi na koi wo doushiyou ch5 - typesetting…. well, soon….. whenever i can snatch ‘dem trans from my translator (the awesomely, fast @kyonkichi136, i’m sure it’s beautiful, just give it to me already lol!!). cleaning finished yet again by @astaroth-trd!
  • sutenaide my hero ch2 - cleaning is done thanks to our proofreader @zzeroh, currently being translated by @ferrets847.
  • unmei no kisu wa oazuke ch4 - translation done by @kyonkichi136, initial proof by @xmyp, cleaning currently being worked on by @zzeroh
  • daikirai ch 4-6 + extra - currently being translated by @misakikaneko! cleaned completely done (since forevers ago lol) by @umbrellatp!


anonymous asked:

Any fan fictions where we see Rick and Michonne go through the pregnancy process?

Hi there Anon :)

Here are some fics where Rick and Michonne go through the pregnancy process for you:

241 Days Journey by fithola

Follow Rick’s and Michonne’s journey as they navigate their first pregnancy. AU/ No Zombies. 

Lost In A Dark Place by goshangie

Rick and Michonne have known each other as kids but when Michonne moves to New York and Rick stays in Kings County their friendship falls apart. After 10 years she’s back but they are both strangers to each other now. Will they be able to work through their shaky relationship or will anger get in the way? A/U. No zombies. 

Seed by malladay

Several months after the group’s first run in with Negan, they find themselves regaining hope, and Rick and Michonne begin to seriously consider what the future holds for them. Pregnancy Fic. 

We hope this helps! 

Also please check out these other Michonne/Richonne Pregnancy Fics below: (please note some of these fics may deal with miscarriage/infant death) 

☆ UPDATED ☆ Pregnant Michonne/Richonne Fics

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Let’s Make Out (Archie Andrews x Reader)

An Archie Imagine! Hope you enjoy!

Request: Yes 

 @lukezsmilee Hey! Can you write an imagine where Archie and the reader are best friends and they go to the movie drive in the last night it’ll be open and some guys start flirting with the reader and he gets really protective then it ends with a kiss or something (fluffff😂) sorry if it’s confusing , thanks! Love your writing btw

@willy-wonka-is-my-soul-animal Archie x Reader

Originally posted by riverrdxle

“Look at that fine girl over there.” A jock hollered to his friend, pointing in your direction.  You grimaced at the thought of being near either of them.

Archie’s head popped up from the bag of popcorn that he had been devouring gleefully and scowled.

“She’s a nice piece of ass.” He continued approaching your seats.  “Hey sweet thang!” He started, “What’d ya say we get out of here, and ya show me what you can really do.“ His voice screaming:  Let’s make out.

Standing up, you splashed your drink in his face and grabbed the popcorn from Archie, who was fuming, and dumped the remains on the creepers head.

“Puddin’ pop,” the other guy smiled, “you’re a feisty one, how about you come home with me?” His smiled grew wickedly as your blood boiled.

Do not talk to her like that.”  Archie stood up, grabbed your hand and got back into his truck, starting up the engine to leave both men in the dust.

“I’m sorry (Y/n/n).  I had to leave or else I would have really hurt them.”  You smiled at your best friend lovingly.

“It’s alright Arch.  You did the right thing, and thank you.”  You stood on your tiptoes and placed your lips on his.  You were still in his truck, but now parked in his driveway.

It took a second for him to kiss back, but he did, and boy did he enjoy it.  Kissing you was like realizing what he was missing.  Running his hands through your hair as his lips devoured yours like he had with the popcorn earlier was like being on a cloud.  You gasped as he climbed over to your seat, flipping you over, which left you straddling him.

“My god.” Archie moaned throughout the kiss as you both pulled back.  Panting heavily, you stared intently at each other.  You were so dazed by what you had just done, that you didn’t notice Archie pull you into another kiss.  This one was sweeter, and more relaxed.

Climbing off Archie to sit in the drivers seat of the truck, you smiled.

“Woah.” You breathed.

“Yeah.” Archie replied.

“Didn’t know you were such a good kisser Archie.” You teased.

“Should have done that sooner than (Y/n/n).” He moved slightly to reach up and move the hair that was in your face.  “I don’t want to sound cliché and all, but I love you.”

“You do sound very cliché, but I love you too Arch.” Your words made him feel a lot better. “I also don’t want to sound cliché, but, can I kiss you again?”

The moment those words left your mouth was the moment his lips crashed back onto yours without hesitation.  You groaned slightly at the feeling as Archie moved you to the backseat of the car, where he was on top.

“Do that again.” He murmured.

“Do what again?” You groaned almost automatically when Archie found your sweet spot.  He shuddered hearing that sound.

“That.” He said causing you to moan again.

“God do I love you.” You both pulled back, breathless once again and layed in the back of his truck.

“I love you too.”


Overwatch Play of the Game: Shiro [Voltron]

New season...new thangs...

So we all know that taping for S8 of TWD has begun…so new season coming, new thangs poppin…I have a few hopes for the new season…

1) When is Big Daddy Grimes gonna get some new boots? Like for real he has run them old joints down to basically leather socks, so can we all collectively cross our fingers for some new kix?

Originally posted by gameraboy

2) Michy mommy time! Yeah we all want that little mocha tinged Richonne baby, but what about some mommy time with the kids Michonne and Rick already have? I need some Carchonne time, some Midith? Judchonne? mommy/daughter time…like come one, judith is gonna look like she’s about 10 this season, and carl is gonna have a full on ricky rozay beard, so i think they need some bonding time with their mama before s9 and they’re both married off to some Kingdom folks or something…

Originally posted by thewalkingif

3) Michonne kills Jadis…I really really really want this trick beheaded by Michonne…like yesterday…she threw Rick into the pit with Winston’s crazy ass, she shot Ricky in the hip, she asked to fux with Rick–which is some basic bitch shit if i ever heard it…her and her garbage heaps turned on TF and the one tried to kill Michy! like it’s just time to be done with these fools…AWF with her head!

Originally posted by atwdenthusiast

4) NEGAN DEAD…i don’t think i need to go any further than that really…let’s fix this problem and carry on…mmmkay?

Originally posted by realitytvgifs

5) I love you! I’mma need Ricky to fess up and tell Michy he loves her…not with innuendo, or love eyes, but a full on, grown up, “I love you” and she should say it back…it’s time…and let’s be honest, it’s probably the best we’re gonna get…coz y'all know the s7 richonne sex tapes are in nicotero’s safe under lock and key…never to be seen again…so at least give us some fluff love…please?

Originally posted by glowysweetfab


For my dearest wife on her 18th birthday. @soft-almond you’re truly an amazing person! You are one of the kindest, sweetest, funniest, cute faced, angel voiced goddesses I have ever had the pleasure of having weird, funny, gossipy conversations with and I am literally so happy to have met you! I wish I could’ve traveled down to buy you a cider and a cigar so we could pretend to be old men together, because, let’s be honest, that would be a hilarious blessing to the world :’) Have a fantabulous day sweet thang (っ˘з(˘⌣˘ ) ♡

[Steve and Tony crash Peter’s party]

Steve: Hi, so we’re just up here hangin’ out. Doin’ our thang.

Peter: Oh, sorry, guys. Did we wake you? Go back to sleep.

Steve: “Go back to sleep”? Why does he think we’re so lame?

Tony: Um, I don’t know. Maybe it’s ‘cause you’re throwing around words like “yoo-hoo” and “thang,” like a mom bringing cheetos down to a slumber party. This is your fault.

michonne-grimes7  asked:

So I have two different fanfiction requests (I'm sorry, I know, I'm difficult!) but the first is Richonne fics where the Governor is interested in Michonne and Rick is having none of it, and the second request is your personal favorite complete Richonne fics (I don't even know if I submitted this to the right thing on here but hopefully I did, in obsessed with this account btw, ya'll are lifesavers for my richonne heart ❤)

Hi there @michonne-grimes7.  Thanks so much for the requests.  We apologize for taking so long in getting back to you.  Here are some recommendations for you based on the request regarding the Governor being interested in Michonne.

Richonne Unwilling Love Triangle by mobettasway


Scars of Your Love by shaiwriter


Here are some personal complete favorites although there are plenty more that could be listed.

The World We Live In by mmmilkovich


The Sweetest Thang by @severelybabykryptonite


Reflections by @siancore


Where Hearts Reside by ezillyamused aka @ricks-tight-n-right-brown-shirt


Challenges by @amrcncpprhd1


As always, if anyone would like to add their complete fave or knows of a fic that fits the first description, please share.  Thank you.

Richonnefics Admin - SBK

  • please think about dean and benny bein’ woke-ass dads
  • like they take emma to pride marches and other protests but not just for show emma knows why they’ll be protesting and they only take her if she wants to go
  • imagine them sitting down with her to have “the talk”: about sex, protection, sexual orientation, romantic/gender identities, and how they will always be there for her no matter what
  • imagine them talking to her about abortion rights
  • they’re the dads who buy tampons/pads for their daughter
  • they stress on the importance of gender neutral clothing and let her wear whatever she feels comfortable in
  • like they don’t even expect her to “come out or anything” cause in benny’s words- “you do your thang girl, and we’re always gonna support ya.”
  • they have this evening ritual of watching the news together and having peaceful discussions about issues around the world
  • sam is her ultimate resource to know about her rights
  • jo teaches her self defense
  • bonus: dean and benny teaching emma how to cook
  • double bonus: benny braiding her hair
  • triple bonus: cas likes to knit her sweaters with feminist slogans
Mating season aftermath (Part 6)

It took every ounce of self control leo had to not get up and kiss her. She carefully picked up her coffee cup, as if she were following a script. He thought the tension would disappear as soon as his brothers left, but it only felt stronger now. Leonardo sat pensive of what to say next.
“So the weather,” he started. “Crazy right?” She couldn’t help but laugh.
“Yeah I guess.” Silence still threatened to engulf the small apartment kitchen, both of them hoping to god the other one said something.
“Leo I wanna talk about last night.”
“[Y/N] We should talk about last night.” They spoke over each other, laughing at the feeling of relief. “I, uh, I’m not sure-”
“Me neither!” She cut him off. “I know it wasn’t fair to come at you like that during mating season.” She said, suddenly quiet. “I guess I didn’t understand.”
“It’s ok,” Leo said. “Mating season doesn’t make me unaware of my decisions.” He said, trying to take full responsibility.
“I like you Leo,” she replied. “But I don’t know if I want a relationship.” She stared at her coffee cup, trying to will it to spontaneously combust just so they could talk about anything but this. Leo sighed in relief knowing that they were on the same page.
“I feel the same way.” He watched her stand against the counter and study her cup like a book, desperate to avoid eye contact. “We should just maybe see where it goes?” He was unsure of this, of everything yet his words rolled off of his tongue carefully. She nodded her head finally looking into his icy blue eyes. It was jarring to look at Leo now, quiet and polite and compare him to last night, strong yet vulnerable. A wave of guilt suddenly over came her, she knew she had to tell him. She had to tell all of them, what had happened.
“Leo, i have to tell you something.” She said softly. He looked at her, half smiling.
“Oh yeah? What is it?” He asked. She pondered telling him for a second before reaching for his hand.
“Actually I want to tell all of you.” She gripped his hand and he reluctantly agreed, lifting her into his arms, heading for the lair. She thought about all the things she could say to the turtles while Leo jumped from building to building with her in his arms. She wondered what their reactions would be, how they would handle it. Wind sifted through her hair, giving her a moment of calm before the storm. They finally reached the lair together, all three of Leo’s brothers sitting on the couch. [Y/N’s] heart stopped seeing all of them together in front of her. She had seen them together in combat, together in their home, she even saw Mikey leave the bathroom with Raphael once but never like this. Leo walked in, powerful and cocky turning of the television set.
“Listen up, [Y/N] has something she wants to tell us.” They all immediately sat up, even raph uncrossed his arms. Leo sat next to his brothers, waiting for her to say something. She took a deep breath,
“Ok,” she bit her lip. “I want you guys to know that I don’t want to hurt any of you.”
“Any of us?” Interrupted Donatello.
“Spit it out shorty.” Raphael commanded.
“I sort of kind of slept with all of you last night.” She finally managed. Silence shook the room, as they all processed her words. The four brothers looked at one another, as if they had all slept with each other. “I like all of you,” she said quietly. “I just don’t want any of it to end.” She plopped herself onto the floor, fidgeting with her hands waiting for raph to explode or for Mikey to start crying. Donnie bent onto one knee in front of her, lifting her chin to meet his gaze.
“I don’t see why it has to.” He whispered, as if she were the only one in the room.
“What do you mean donnie of course it has to.” She said, brushing a hair from her face. Donnie huffed,
“I want you to be happy,” he replied. “I’ll be your boyfriend,” he rolled his eyes. “Even if they want to be your boyfriend too.” Her eyes lit up in excitement.
“Really!?” She jumped up, attacking Donnie. “Thank you thank you thank you.” They rolled around on the floor before she realized she had to convince the others.
“I’m down, baby girl.” Michelangelo smiled. “If we still get to do our thang.” He winked at her and she smiled, hugging the stocky turtle.
“Thanks Mikey!” He hugged her back tightly. She walked over to raph and Leo, who were both getting ready to leave. [Y/N] took one of their hands in each of hers.
“What do you say guys?” She asked, looking between them nervously.
“Whatever.” Grumbled raph. Leo took a deep breath, rubbing his temples.
“I guess.” He hesitated. “But I get my time with her everyday you hear me?” He said pointing at his brothers.
“Who died and made you king?” Asked raphael, standing behind [Y/N].
“You know who did.” Leo replied. She stood in between them.
“No fighting!” She yelled. “I don’t like it.” She tried to pry them apart, but she was so small compared to them, her strength did nothing against their plastrons. They stepped away eventually, still threatening as ever. “Every one will get their time.” She spoke, trying to calm them down.
“So what we gotta make an appointment or somethin’?” Asked raph.
“No,” you blurted. The thought seemed ridiculous but you had never done this before. “I mean I don’t know I don’t really know how this works.” Even donatello had no answers.
“Just go with the flow.” Suggested Mikey, shoving a slice of pizza into his mouth. Everyone shrugged their shoulders, agreeing with Mikey’s advice.
“But no more boyfriends.” Leo interrupted.
“Agreed.” Added Donatello.
“For reals,” said Mikey. “Don’t make us put the smack down on some fool.” She smiled meekly.
“Got it.” She looked down biting her lip, could the turtles get other girlfriends? Could they make out with other girls? “What about you guys?” She asked. “And other girls?” They all looked at each other. It had never occurred to them that one girl could like them, much less two.
“You’re all I need princess.” Donnie said, stepping towards her as he grabbed her hand. She smiled at him momentarily before Raphael shoved Donnie out of the way.
“I’m good.” He said, looming over Donnie as he lay on the floor. Raphael wanted to say that she was everything he could ever want, but his brothers were around and he choked. Leo scratched his head,
“Well, uh,” he didn’t want to hurt her feelings, but this morning he didn’t want a relationship and now he was in one with 4 other people. “I might be interested in pursuing something if it were to happen upon me.”
“Yeah angel cakes, you can’t limit Mikey.” He rushed to her side, pushing Raphael and Donnie aside. “I’m interstellar baby.” He smiled and she couldn’t help but let them have what they wanted, it was only fair. At least she had donnie and raph all to herself.

Visiting Grandpa (Damian Wayne Imagine)

Requested: Yes
Request:  Can we have a fluffy thang with grampa!damian with non-hero grand child?
Summary: Visiting grandpa Damian after not being able to visit for a while.
Word count: 502
Warning(s): Flufff up the wazoo 

Seeing your dad was something you wish you did more often, but juggling your job at WE and a kid was a difficult task at best.So your dad didn’t get to see his only child and grandchild nearly as often as he’d like. But today you finally had the chance to have a day with paps and your kid at his manor. 

“Dad, we’re here!” You yell, holding your toddler on your hip, “hi beloved!” He said coming to you and picking up his grandchild. You quickly take off your coat and shoes. “So how has y/c/n been doing?” He asks, giving them a Eskimo kiss. It’s ridiculous how similar they look, the skin colour, the hair, the eyes, it’s all the same.

They’re growing quickly, everything is interesting to them, I had to super baby proof the house just so they can’t get hurt.” You chuckle, pecking your dad’s cheek. “Gwampaw, can we go play?” Your child asks sweetly, wrapping their short arms around Damian’s neck as best as they could, but they didn’t quite reach. “Hide and sweek?” They ask, bringing a smile to your old man’s face. “Mommy’s gonna be in the library if you need anything sweetheart, Dad be careful okay?” You say, starting to make your way to your favorite room in the building. 

When Damian found out that he was going to be a grandfather, he was shocked down to the very core. You were still his little girl, and he had a very tough time letting go of that. But he was somewhat happy to have a toddler running around again and fill the dull manor with light once more.

Of course he wished that his grandchild would take on the Batman and Robin legacy, but you made very sure that he knew that it wasn’t an option. You didn’t want something to be forced upon your child that might end in death. If they wanted to go into the hero business as adults, you would be okay with it, but only if that’s what they wanted to do. Damian accepted your choice, and might have even been relieved by the thought of having someone normal in the family.

Mommy help!” You child squealed in joy running into the library and snapping you out of your thoughts. Soon after in ran Damian, looking for them. “Have you seen y/c/n” Your dad asks, to which you shake your head to, “You better have not lost them abi,” You chuckle, to which he just scoffed and kept looking. 

Thank you ummi!” They cheered, shifting behind your chair. “AHHA! I Knew it!” Damian exclaims coming back. The kid squeals in laughter when Damian lifts them up from behind their chair, lifting them above his head. “Thank you y/n, for giving me the most beautiful grandchild.” He said, sitting down on the chair next to you, putting the happy child in his lap.

Ummi would have loved to see this,” You smile fondly.

She would have,” Damian smiles contently.


With love,