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your fav is problematic: The Witcher 3
  • let’s you meet up with people you already hated in the previous games
  • will not let you see your precious boy Iorveth who has never done anything wrong in his life

I’m sorry

happy valentine’s day ❤

Dean X Reader

Request: Hi! I know you have 200+ requests, I just wanted to put this in the queue. Alright, the reader is hunting with Sam and Dean, and get seriously injured and falls into a coma. Since they are out in the middle of nowhere, they do their best to patch her up, and their car is out of gas or broken down so Sam has to walk miles to get help and Cass isn’t responding to prayers, so Dean can just hold her hand and be sad. And the reader is comatose but aware - like a ghost, and tries to communicate. <3

Request: Can I get one where the reader tends to mess with their dreams (like lucid dreaming and out-of-body experiences) and some people say that if 2 people are having an out of body experience they can meet up in their dreams and one night while the reader is having an out-of-body experience Dean does it by accident and they’re both confused on how they can hear each other. SORRY THIS MIGHT BE REALLY CONFUSING.

(I hope it’s okay how I combined these ones)

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anonymous asked:

HI MAL!! for the svt ask game: 2, 5, 6, 20, 30 ^^ -bryn

2. How did you start stanning SEVENTEEN?

my sister @hansolvernxn​ had a friend who was a big fan and would show her svt things at school and stuff. one day my sis had aju nice stuck in her head so she played it for me, and i was like WOW this is so good and so interesting!! and i also thought it was neat that vernon was mixed. then weeks later (in jan this year) i got bored one day while kate was out and watched a ton of svt MVs, then she got home and we hunted up more stuff and started learning names & faces and now we’re here rip

5. Bias(es)?

- vernon
- hansol vernon chwe
- choi hansol ping
- hvc aka vernon
- vernon times a billion

6. Biaswrecker(s)?

i wouldn’t call these people bias wreckers necessarily (if we’re taking it literally) cause i love hvc to infinity and beyond BUT my top squad after him, in no order, is: junhui, mingyu, minghao, seungkwan & jeonghan 💞

20. song?

healing! i was gonna write out runners-up but the list got stupidly long sjdfjhf

30. have as your best friend?

vernon….. but also jun, minghao, sk, mingyu, and seokmin are members i think i could get on with

Video Game Club

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Rating: PG
Summary: Michael and Gavin try to figure out a way so that they could spend a lot more time with each other without it seeming suspicious around the school. Gavin comes up with the idea of making a Video Game club (called Achievement Hunter), where all they do is “play video games” (it’s really just several make-out sessions). Gavin was sure that no one would want to join–that is, until someone actually wants to join.
Word Count: 3075

ExcerptThey didn’t hear the door open, but when Michael opened his eyes for a brief second, he quickly pushed Gavin away—Gavin fell to the ground and he yelped with pain.
“Ow, Michael! That wasn’t nice. You little bugger, I would have easily just moved off of you–” Gavin noticed that Michael’s eyes were wide and staring at the door. Gavin turned around and squeaked when he saw a person standing there, his own eyes popped out. He pointed at the door.
“Should I just leave, or…?” The guy started, his voice a little quiet. “Didn’t mean to intrude on your guys’ moment.”  

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