we hope it's true!

I think Dan has a crush on us. Remember last year on Valentine’s day he tweeted us those two heartfelt messages at like 7 in the morning that I still have a screenshot of and now this video from WWCOMMS…. Not to be dramatic but I think he’s in love with us.

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…this makes me happy

Waiting for the trailer to be released today feels like when you have an exam you didn’t study for and where you didn’t answer anything, but you’re still hoping that you will somehow pass.


1.05 // 1.17
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team usa: we have some strong comebacks from gabo and aly as well as promising new seniors

team russia: rebuilding the team is coming nicely good work 

team romania: cata and sandra here to lend a helping hand

team china: … 

team china: we have 600 double doubles and a quad twist

everyone: … wait wat