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How can I get myself in the best mindset?

This is a great question, and I’m going to answer it like in a personal sense cause I dont know what is good for everybody but, 

- Clean!! I know I always feel so much better when I clean my room or my space or wherever I am in that time, it helps reduce anxiety and I get the like anxious procrastination of just letting the mess build up but trust me if you put on some music and force yourself you’ll feel a ton better

- Take a shower, I feel like it helps you process things and be numb for a little while while you just stand there and think, which we all need sometimes. Afterwards put on lotion and brush your teeth, anything you need to feel clean. 

- Put together a playlist. Make one of your favorite songs, things that help you focus or make you happy (( or *cough* *cough* go check out our spotify for some cool tunes lovelysuggestions )). I personally make a new one with different songs each month, it really does give me something to look forward to. 

- Turn off social media, and youtube. I feel like when im on them I’m in a fishbowl of just like unproductivity and my brain is literally rotting away as I keep clicking different things every 6 seconds. Even netflix I feel is better than that, just getting through a show or something. 

- Do something productive. Do something that will stimulate your mind or challenge you. Read, MAKE SOMETHING, it’ll make you feel clean and help unjumble your head a bit, and I think the action of doing something start to finish is really rewarding. 

Those are my tips, I don’t know if you guys feel the same but that’s kinda how I get to my best mindset sometimes <3

Seventeen Reaction to: Taking A Bath With You

some smuttiness ahead, you have been warned! ~

S.Coups: Not even shy about checking you out. His eyes bore into you, drinking in every inch of your body while you’re madly scrubbing away dead skin cells with a loofah. “Babe, you look so good right now.”

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Jeonghan: This is your bonding time. You scrub his hair while he talks about his day, then it’s your turn, getting to vent as he massages sweet smelling shampoo into your hair (Or just gives a scalp massage if you have no hair). Not only do you get to spend time together but if you have hair, it is now luxurious and glossy.

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Joshua: Pretends he’ll be a gentleman, only wanting to relax in the bubbles and wash up with you. But once the bathroom door locks, his hands are all over you, “soaping” away the dirt.

“Joshua, you’ve washed my butt three times.”

“I’m just making sure you’re clean!”

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Jun: Teases you that he’ll do dirty things but once the scented candles and bubbles hit, they make him drowsy and instead, you both cuddle and talk until the water turns cold.

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Hoshi: Let’s just say … you left feeling dirtier than when you went in.

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Wonwoo: Had been hoping it would lead somewhere but didn’t want you to feel pressured into anything. So he remained quiet, hoping the bubbles concealed his “friend.” If you do initiate sex, angels start singing in his head *ignore Hoshi lol*

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Woozi: Very giggly and hyper. He just can’t sit still and keeps accidentally splashing water out of the tub. Although he’s acting super cute, the hunger in his eyes contradicts that.

“Jagi, are you almost done washing? I have something better in mind that we could do ~”

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DK: Stares in awe until his wide grin breaks across his face. “Is it okay to touch you?” Wants your consent before sliding his hands over your slippery body, encouraging you to do the same. He’s just so fascinated, watching in wonder at each droplet trickling down your body.

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Mingyu: Drops heavy hints for what he wants. “It’s not healthy to stay up all night. And exercise is good for making you sleep well, right? Do you know any exercises we could do in a bathtub?”

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The8: Depending on his mood, you could both have a cute, cuddly bath with rubber duckies and a glittery bath bomb. But if he’s not in a cute mood, he wastes no time in making what he wants clear.

“Shall we clean up now or wait until afterwards?”

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Seungkwan: Acts like he’ll be a diva, insisting you bring “that shower gel that smells like roses” to scrub his back and “be gentle this time!!” But once you’re both in the bath, his joking nature fades and he’s loving and soft. He insists he doesn’t want anything in return as he helps you wash and gives you a hand massage, listening to you vent or just talk about your day.

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Vernon: His giggles ruin any hope of a romantic atmosphere. Instead he’ll probably splash you, leading to a water fight and an hour spent afterwards cleaning up the bathroom with a disappointed S.Coups standing, arms crossed, in the doorway.

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Dino: Acts like he’ll be an innocent baby but all his fav porno’s feature shower scenes. When he thinks you won’t notice, he’s checking you out and getting riled up. His imagination is running wild at this point. But he’s too shy to initiate anything so if anything happens is up to you.

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Club Soda and Whiskey

Characters:  Dean x reader, Sam

Summary:  Dean meets reader at a rock show.

Word Count:  3317

Warnings:  Language, sex, slightly angsty 

As aways, feedback is welcomed and appreciated. Tags are at the bottom. There is still room on my new Forever Tag list! Add yourself here

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Club Soda and Whiskey

Sipping your drink, you sit on the stool at the bar. As far as venues go, this one isn’t too bad. It smells of beer, but not in a funky, sweaty man and stale cigarette kind of way. It’s not smoky and the crowd seems cool. The band has played in far worse conditions. Like that time at that dive bar in LA. That was a night that you’d never forget. A biker gang had decided the middle of the set would be the perfect time for an all out brawl. One thing was for sure, there was never a dull moment to be had.

You fiddle with the slice of lime garnishing the rim of your glass while you watch the crowd. A tall, handsome man threads his way through the crowd. He’s rugged and sexy, broad shouldered. You notice by his gait that he’s bow-legged. He sidles up next to you at the bar and gives you a broad grin. Damn, he’s one good-looking son of a bitch. Probably a total douche, though. Most of the guys you meet in these clubs are.

Lifting a finger to the bartender, the man says smoothly, “I’ll have whatever she’s having.”

You stifle a giggle as the bartender replies, “You want a club soda?”

The light catches his eyes as his lips turn up into a grin. They are a brilliant shade of green. He chuckles, “Scratch that. I’ll take a whiskey.”

The bartender nods and turns to pull a bottle off the glass shelf. Tall-and-handsome turns to you, extending his hand. “Hi there, I’m Dean.”

“Hey,” you respond, taking his hand and grasping firmly. Christ, he’s strong. “I’m (Y/N).”

“Have you seen this band before?” he asks casually.

“Yeah, I’ve been to all their shows.”

“Wow, that’s dedication! I’m just in town for a few days and thought I’d catch a show. I’d never heard of them until today.”

“Well, Dean, you are in for a treat,” you say, smiling up at him. Dean looks just past your shoulder and you turn to see the hulking form behind you. It’s Clint, head of security for the band. Clint is big and looks menacing, but he’s a teddy bear at heart. Clint leans and whispers in your ear and you nod in response.

“Sorry, Dean, that’s my cue. I have to get going”

“Wait…are you with the band?” Dean asks.

“Uh, yeah…I’m the tour manager,” you reply.

“Really? Awesome!”

You give him a wave and start to follow after Clint, before turning back to Dean. “Hey, what do you say to a backstage pass?”

“For real?” The expression on his face is like a kid in a candy store. “Man, I’d love that. But I’m here with my brother…”

“What’s his name?”


“Okay, when you find your brother, go talk to Clint. He’ll be to the left of the stage. Give him your names and he’ll bring you backstage.”

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all that glitters is now gold

a/n: this is what i think should have happened after the rune party, and i’m hoping we get something similar when magnus and alec talk about magnus’ past in 2b !!!!! hope u enjoy !!!!

summary: after seeing magnus’ warlock mark at max’s rune party, alec begins to wonder why magnus never takes his glamour down around him. so magnus tells him. they get emotional.

word count: 3,842

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Just friends? part 3 || Dan Howell

A/N: Part 3 is here! I really don’t know what else to say..

Word Count: 1.7K

POV: Reader


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‘If they only knew’ I thought to myself, supressing a deep sigh.

My brother and Dan and I’s other friends didn’t stop joking on our behalf for the rest of the evening. It felt like the ship name on their t-shirts was constantly staring and laughing at me.

It’s been a week since I had last been at Dan’s flat, a week since we slept with each other.

Honestly, it was a mistake. It was something dumb we did because we were drunk. It was like our conscience and our sex drive had a battle and at the end, our lust won.

Speaking of lust, it was crazy how much Dan had managed to turn me on. I remember caring about nothing but feeling him-

“Do you want something to drink, Y/N?”

Dan snapped me out of my dirty thoughts. He had gotten up from the couch and was about to get drinks for everybody.

“Uhh…yes, please.” I answered and blushed a little bit. Meanwhile Dan was oblivious when it came to what I had thought just seconds ago.


As soon as he was gone in the kitchen all of the boys’ eyes were suddenly on me.

“What?” I asked them confused.

“So, Dan huh?” Jack said and playfully wiggled his eyebrows.

I groaned and rolled my eyes at him.

How could he make such a big deal out of cuddling? I mean, it was cuddling at first and now there was basically nothing left that we hadn’t done. But Jack and the others obviously didn’t know that.

“He is quite the decent chap, right?” I was questioned again and I could sense that they were all waiting for me to talk about it.

They were literally worse than my female friends when it came to gossip.

The boys were still intensively staring at me full of anticipation. I felt put on the spot and awkwardly swallowed hard while I stared down onto my hands in my lap.

“Can somebody help my carry all those glasses?” Dan shouted from the kitchen. It was my chance to escape.

“I’m coming!” I shouted and mentally facepalmed myself for my word choice right after. I still got up from the couch and headed into the kitchen.

Dan had prepared drinks and a few different snacks for all of us. His eyes immediately shot up when I walked into the room. We exchanged a few embarrassed looks before I went over to take some of the drinks since he couldn’t carry them all.

“Y/N?” I heard him say shortly before I was about to walk back to the living room.

I turned around again and nodded to show him that I was listening.

He nervously scratched the back of his head before he continued.

“I’m sorry for the guys. I didn’t tell them anything and I didn’t know about the shirts. I invited you before they arrived and I didn’t know they would –“ Dan started to ramble.

“Dan, it’s fine. It’s not your fault. They are just being stupid and they do not even realise how awkward they make things between us.” I interrupted him with a little smile.

“Yeah, pretty awkward.” Dan laughed shortly.

Seconds later Dan and I put the snacks and drinks on the table in front of our friends. While everybody drank and ate everything was going quite well. For once the boys didn’t talk about their newly found OTP. I was enjoying the normal conversation and laughed a lot at all of the guy’s jokes for the rest of the evening.

“Listen, I just got a text saying there’s a party right around the corner.” Jack suddenly said, looking up from his phone with glowing eyes.

“Who wants to go?” he asked, his voice full of excitement.

Everyone, except for me, was as enthusiastic as him. It was past midnight and I was already quite tired since I couldn’t really sleep that well for the past week. I was too busy worrying and thinking about Dan.

“I think I’ll pass. I need to get up early tomorrow.” I quickly lied, knowing that ‘I’m tired’ would not have been a good enough excuse.

“Don’t be so lame, sis.” My brother teased me.

“Knowing you all, this won’t be the last party. So, I’ll just come with you next time.” I assured him.

Five minutes later we were all getting ready to head out, the only difference was that all of the guys were going to a party while I was looking forward to my bed.

“It’s really late already, I can drive you home, if you want to?” Dan offered with a kind smile.

He was actually right, there weren’t any buses that I could take anymore and he didn’t seem to be comfortable with me walking all the way back to my dorm. Alone and in the dark.

I quickly contemplated his offer.

“That would be so nice, Dan.” I then said.

It was weird. It wasn’t like there was a lot of tension between us. We just treated the other like they were made out of glass or something. We were so careful around each other. We were so polite.

A week ago, Dan and I were well acquainted with each other. A week ago, he was like an older brother to me.

‘What changed? Everything, probably.’ I thought to myself, stealing a short glance at his tall frame.

“I’m going to drive Y/N home and meet you at the party afterwards!” Dan shouted down the hallway. His friends were already leaving and just nodded.

After they exited the flat and the door fell shut behind them, Dan and I were all alone. It was the first time since we had sex.

I should have just told Dan to get his car keys and drive me home.

Instead, I made us stay longer for some weird reason.

“I can help you clean this up real quick.” I offered gesturing to the table that was full of empty glasses and bowls of leftover popcorn.

Less than ten minutes later I was putting the last glass into the dishwasher. I bent down to place it right next to the others. As I stood up straight again, Dan and I were suddenly extremely close since his kitchen was tiny and he had just put something into the cupboard that was right over my head.

Our bodies were nearly touching. His chest was basically brushing against my back and I could feel his warm breath on the back of my neck.

His body radiated heat and intimacy. Both of us didn’t show the slightest inclination to move, we were frozen still. My heart sped up and a blush crept onto my face.

Suddenly we were so close again and I.. liked it?

There was just something about him that was pulling me in. Something that made it impossible to resist.

I turned around in order to face him. Now our upper bodies were touching slightly. He looked down on me as if he were taking in my whole appearance.

I enjoyed the smell his cologne although I had promised myself that I would never again get close enough to him to do that.

There was so much warmth in his deep brown eyes that I could feel myself melt under his gaze.

It was like the world had stopped as soon as I noticed how close his lips were.

I desired to kiss him. Kissing him was all that matter at that moment. It wasn’t like last time though, it wasn’t just lust. It was more than that.

“Dan” I whispered. It was the only word my mind could think of. I didn’t even know what I was trying to say. Maybe it was a ‘Do you know that a want to kiss you so bad it hurts?’

“Yeah.” He just breathed, his eyes focused on my lips. It wasn’t really an answer. Maybe it was a ‘me too’

He definitely felt it too. It was like every force in the entire universe was demanding us to kiss each other. It sounds cheesy, but that’s what we felt so urgently. And this time we weren’t even drunk

So why did we even try to fight our feelings?

In the matter of a second his lips crashed down on mine. His hands were on my waist and he quickly pulled me closer in one quick motion. Or lips were moving in sync and although we were so close already, I still wanted to be closer to him. I wrapped my arms around Dan’s neck almost automatically and pressed my whole body against his.

Dan had his strong arms slung around my waist and lower back. Our kiss was eager and sensual at the same time. My hands rose to find his hair and I relaxed into him as the silky strands brushed through my fingers.

We didn’t want to let go and break apart, instead our lips moved against each other as if our life was depending on it.

Dan hands eagerly wandered down to my butt. He squeezed it lightly before he picked me up and set me down on the kitchen counter behind us.

I lifted my legs around his hips and crossed them at the back while I clung onto him as he kissed me forcefully. By now our kiss was out of control. It was hungry and full of need.

“You are so fucking beautiful, Y/N” Dan panted against my lips, his warm breath made my skin tingle.

Instead of responding, I kissed him. Hard. My fingers were pulling onto his brown hair as I slipped my tongue inside of his mouth and our tongues started moving against each other in quick strokes.

“Yo, Jack, I feel like we need to print two more of our shipper shirts” I suddenly heard my brother shout, making us jump and interrupt our make out session.

He was standing in the doorway and stared at us in shock and uneasiness.

“Wait what?” Jack asked as he suddenly appeared next to my brother. At first, he looked confused but as his eyes landed on Dan and I’s tight embrace his mouth fell open.

Notice Me [Chapter 8]

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Chapter 8 of Notice Me

Ch1  Ch2   Ch3  Ch4  Ch5  Ch6  Ch7

Series Genre: AU/Smut/Fluff/Slight Angst at times

“Take me home…” you mumbled as he gazed at you, awaiting your answer.

He sighed in defeat. “If that’s what you want”.

He removed his hand from your chin and went to open your door for you.

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Telling him you’re pregnant part 2 (13rw guys)

Zach: Zach’s mom was not too happy when she found out about the baby, but she made sure that she was supporting us both, by that she made Zach focus extra hard at school and did not let him attend any parties anymore. I would regularly visit, but Zach and I still decided to be friends because we, he was a supportive partner, he would come to scans and keep me updated with school work, in fact Zach became my tutor.  We found out we were having a boy which mean my spare room at my new apartment that my parents paid for would become the nursery.
“Y/N?” Zach asked while he was helping me what he learnt in English today. “What will happen when the baby’s born?”
“I’m not sure,” I told him, placing my work on the kitchen table. “I know it’s going to be hard, but to be honest Zach I’m freaking out.”
“So am I,” he replied. “Why don’t I come and live with you?” he asked.
“Zach there’s no room,” I smiled. “I only have enough room for the baby and I.”
“What if I camped out in the living room?” he asked and I took time to consider.
“Why are you asking this Zach, you have a home with your family and you have school.”
“But my family will be at the apartment,” I sighed a little.
“Zach, I promise I will visit all the time, I’m just your friend,” I told him.
“What if I want to be more than friends,” he said suddenly leaving my mouth partly ajar. “Y/n why don’t we be in a relationship, I have liked you for ages and now we’re like having out own miniature family,” he grabbed my hand squeezing it.  
Clay: My parents weren’t too happy when they found out that I was pregnant and wanted to send me away, but Clay’s parents were super helpful and allowed me to stay with them.  We were sitting at the table discussing the topic.
“Clay, I have to be honest, you never striked me as the kid who would have a kid at an early age,” his father said as his mother glared.
“Don’t listen to him, who cares how old you are, both of you are old enough and mature to take this responsibility,” she said.  “Anyway Y/n how many weeks are you due now?”
“I’m due in a month,” I replied glancing across at Clay.
“Can you believe it, we’re going to have a baby in the house,” she practically squealed.
“Mom, please,” Clay groaned, “I have school to get through but I think I can drop out with my GPA to get a job.”  His mother looked like he smacked her in the face.
“No, you are not!”
“Clay you’re going to college and you know that,” his father butted in, I gradually grew more awkward.
“But I have people to provide for,” he told his parents.
“We are providing,” she told him.
“For dad, yourself, me, Y/n and a new born baby, yeah mom,” he said sarcastically. “I want to work, I can get a good job and I highly doubt Y/n wants to raise a child with you guys in the house.”
“Clay, your parents have been really supportive towards not only me but you as well, be grateful they haven’t chucked you out the house,” I told him, he seemed to shut up now.
For the rest of the dinner we ate in silence, no one uttered a word to anyone.  Afterwards I helped Clay’s mother clean the dishes.
“Y/n you know I only want the best for everyone, if you don’t want to raise your child here I can help you get a place,” she told me but I shook my head.
“I want Clay to go to college too and I think I need a lot of motherly help from you,” she smiled at me. “Thank you, for being so good what can I do to show you how grateful I am?”
“Nothing Y/n it’s a pleasure having you, just keep being good to Clay.”
That evening in bed I had persuaded Clay to stay in school so that he can achieve his dreams with me and his unborn child and his parents rooting him along the way.
Alex: Alex and I never spoke much after that night and I sure didn’t want anyone knowing I was pregnant so my parents contacted school who helped me do my work at home.  Hopefully I was going to pass my tests and be a single mom as well, with help from my parents.  In the afternoon, while both my parents were out, I heard a knock at the front door.  At first, I was willing not to answer because it was probably someone who was from school ‘asking where I was’ but I couldn’t show that I was now the size of a baby whale. However, it was clear this person was not leaving so I plodded downstairs to reveal a bleached blonde-haired guy.
“Y/n….” he said, looking me up and down. I instantly felt insecure.
“Alex what are you doing? Didn’t my dad make it clear enough that I want nothing to do with you,” I groaned trying to hide myself with the door.
“Yes, he did but I’ve been thinking, you’re carrying my baby and I have every right to be doing this with you,” he told me.  I thought, he was making a very valid point, a child always deserves two parents and I couldn’t stop Alex even if my father wanted to break his neck.
“Alex, you know my parents don’t want you,” I sighed.
“I know,” he replied, looking down a little.
“Come in and I’ll tell you everything,” I smiled.
Justin: Justin had a plan all set, he moved away to get work and get us a home while I stayed at school, it was a stupid plan because sometimes all I wanted was to see Justin, but he only told me: ‘a little while longer babe.’ He wanted to have a stable home with two loving parents before welcoming our child into the world because he didn’t want to make the same mistake as his mother did. My parents were okay with this, not happy that everything was so quick and I had to move away but they only wanted the best in life for me, but soon I would be reunited with Justin and everything will be better.
Jeff: We wanted everything to be smooth, although sometimes it was hard. We had no clue what we were doing at all and neither did we have a plan.
“So, we’re just going to roll with it,” Jeff smiled while we sat in the cafeteria at lunch.
“No Jeff we need a plan, like what are we going to do?”
“Move in with me,” he blurted out leaving me slightly confused.
“Where Jeff, in your house with your parents?” I asked, rolling my eyes at his stupidity.
“Well yeah, they always said their home is open for you and the baby,” he reassured me smiling, he always knew that his smile was my weakness.
“Let me think about it,” I smirked, the thought of us living together with a baby leaving me smitten.
Monty: Everyone knew I was pregnant and even though my parents were mad at me they were supportive nonetheless, but despite all that I told no one that the father was Monty De La Cruz. 1) because he was a jock and would probably just not care anyway. 2) I was embarrassed to say that I had drunk, unprotected sex with him and 3) I was utterly petrified of him.
“So, are you ever going to tell me who the father is?” my best friend smiled at me as I was at my locker.
“Nope,” I popped. “Trust me you don’t want to know and anyway I’m happy for him not to know,” I smiled and she exited me disappearing to class.
“I know who the father is,” a voice muttered into my ear. I turned around the see the jock standing there.
“Fuck off Monty,” I said, storming off but he caught me wrist.
“No, not until you let me help you, I want to help,” he told me but I shook my head no.
“If I wanted you’re help I would have asked.”
“You’re making the wrong decision,” he told me.
“Am I?” I questioned and proceeded down the hall.
“Hey everyone! I thought you should all know that I am the father of Y/N Y/N/N’s baby!” he exclaimed and I froze.

A/N: so, I know they all suck but I decided to leave Monty’s as a cliff hanger :)))))

Silly Promises

A super short (like slightly less than 800 words) fluff about Ubbe, where the reader tends him after he’s wounded in battle. So sweet your teeth might fall out.

Warnings: None, really. Mention of death and some blood, but super mild. This is literally 100% fluff and sweetness.

Every time the army fought, you held your breath as they began coming back; the unharmed carrying the dead and wounded, all bloody and tired, stinking of death and sweat. They brought the wounded to you, and you inspected every face, relief washing over you at every man that wasn’t your lover. He was fierce—fast and skilled, deadly as they came—but still you couldn’t stop yourself from worrying for him.

He always came back unharmed, until the day he came back supported by Hvitserk and Bjorn, his arms around their shoulders as they carried him slowly toward you. With a ragged cry you ran to them, fearing the large bloodstain on his left leg. They stopped and you knelt immediately to inspect the wound, pushing the shredded leather of his trousers out of your way.

The wound was long, but not too deep, and had hit no major arteries. If he did not take a fever, he would recover from this quickly. It was a fairly clean cut, too, so the scarring would even be minimal. Reassured, you stood up and grabbed Ubbe’s chin in both your hands, drawing his warm, dry lips to yours and kissing him hard. The ghost of a smile crossed his face when you released him. “Gods, woman, I am not hurt much. Be strong, Y/n, yeah?”

“Bring him to our tent,” you told his brothers, voice brusque. You were still on the verge of hysteria, but a few deep breaths began to calm you.

“You get the special treatment, hmm Ubbe?” Hvitserk teased, the worry on his face easing.

“It helps to be in love with the healer,” Ubbe answered, casting a glance at you. He must have seen the tears lurking just behind your calm expression, because he continued, “They are the bravest of women. Men have it easy, my brother, it is no great challenge to pick up a sword and march into battle. The hard part comes afterward. The women with the gentle hands and kind hearts, they have the worst of it, to constantly be cleaning up the messes we make of ourselves.”

You held the flap of yours and Ubbe’s ten aside as the three of them ducked awkwardly through the entrance. Bjorn and Hvitserk helped him onto the low, fur-covered pallet near the banked fire. Bjorn knelt to rekindle the small fire for you before him and Hvitserk left you alone with your lover. He was reclining back against the pillows, wounded leg stretched out before him, dripping blood onto the furs.

You moved them quickly out of harm’s way, sitting on the pallet beside him with a rag and a bowl of water. “It is a sword slice?” You asked, beginning to gently wipe the blood away. He grimaced, but did not move under your hands.

“Yes. I dodged one blow, only to wind up right on the edge of a Saxon sword,” his voice was light, even now trying to soothe you. “Y/n, I will be alright. It does not hurt too much, and before I started trying to walk to you, before Bjorn and Hvitserk found me, it had almost stopped bleeding.”

You gaped at him in amazement. “Ubbe, why did you try to walk to me yourself? It must have been terribly painful.”

He nodded. “It was. Still is. But all I wanted was your touch. That was all that mattered. Not the pain, not the battle, nothing but you.” He opened his arms to you, and you fell into his embrace with a hysterical sound somewhere between a sob and a laugh. “I love you, Y/n.”

“I love you too, Ubbe. Do not ever get hurt again, please. Promise me.” You knew it was a silly thing to ask of him, and you could feel the warm chuckle reverberating in his strong chest.

“I promise I will try my best. But only if you promise that if I do get hurt again, you will care for me.” He planted a kiss in your hair.

“I swear it by all the gods,” you promised, lifting your head from your chest to mold your lips to his. They were soft and warm below yours, wonderfully alive and inviting. He teased you gently, his tongue tracing the outline of your mouth, before you pulled away, panting a little. “I should sew up and bandage that wound before you make my hands shake.”

His eyes glinted with mischief as he looked at you. “Alright. But afterward, I fully intend on making those gentle hands of yours shake.”

This could be our thing

Short little one shot about Harry and his lovely girlfriend baking christmas cookies together. Hope you are all well and that you’ll like this! :) 

Warnings: none, it’s pure fluff

Gif isn’t mine but oh gosh look at his face!

I pressed the doorbell to my boyfriend’s apartment and though I’d done it several times before, it still freaked me out. My heart dropped to the pit of my stomach and I breathed in shakily as I waited for him to open. My hands were shaking too and my knees weaker than they ever had. Harry would be here any second to invite me into his home and it’d be so ordinary and what any other couple did on a daily basis. Seeing Harry would be normal, just like hanging out with him. Only that it wasn’t, not in my head. Though he was familiar to me by now, coming by to his house to spend the afternoon with him, had a rush curse through me and made me wanna jump around. My tummy was dancing with happiness.  
I heard a faint hum followed by steps, then I was met with the sight of my boyfriend. He was so gorgeous it surprised me anew each time. His soft brown hair stuck out in different directions and the shirt he wore emphasized his muscly figure perfectly. Harry’s clear green eyes instantly locked with mine and a smile stretched his lips the moment he saw it was me.

“Hello, love!” he greeted me happily and opened his arms so I could step into them and hug him.

My reply was muffled as I pressed my face into his warm chest and I breathed him in contently while wrapping both arms around his neck, squeezing him tightly for a moment. Harry chuckled lowly before making a cooing noise and I felt him brush his nose against my temple.

“Did you miss me?”

I only nodded and smiled against the fabric of his jumper. Harry chuckled once more and wrapped both arms around my waist, squeezing tightly but not too tight all the same. He was perfect, I thought. Fair enough, Harry and I hadn’t been dating for too long yet, so it was possible that me believing he was flawless came from the rush of being in a new relationship. But honestly, I couldn’t think of any part of his, that I couldn’t fall in love with.

I slowly loosened my hold on him and took a step back, looking up at him with a mirroring smile on my lips.

“What’s the plan?” I asked, “You called and I’m here. What did you need my help for? Is something wrong?”

Harry grinned smugly at me and squeezed my hips to which he was still holding on to. “I didn’t really need your help. Just wanted to lure you here so I could test my freshly baked cookies on you.”

“Well, you wouldn’t have to go to such lengths,” I giggled and reached down to take his hands, “You only would have had to say the word ‘cookie’ and I’d rushed here faster than I have now.”

“Oh, alright, nice,” he laughed, squeezing my fingers before he pulled me into his apartment.

The warmth of his home enveloped me, instantly setting me at ease and calming my anxious emotions. Though they still had me wary around him and think twice about every move I made, I didn’t feel awkward. Harry and I had started dating a little over a month ago and everything was going more than well. He was funny and had me laughing most of the time we spend together. His intelligence surprised me anew whenever we had a long conversation and above all he was the nicest person I’d ever met. And though Harry never failed to make me feel comfortable, it was difficult for me to fully let go around him. Being with him was so new and not like anything I knew. Sometimes I felt ashamed for being worried, as nothing indicated that he struggled with getting used to have a girlfriend.

I slipped off my shoes and being the gentleman he was, Harry reached for my arms to steady me. He even hung my coat for me, making my heart jump at how cute he was being and so I leaned up to kiss his soft cheek in thanks.

A blush rose to his cheeks and his dimples showed. “C'mon, love.”

Harry led me to his kitchen where I could already smell the sweet scent of cookies and he directed me to sit on the counter so I could watch him. I hesitated first, uncomfortable with the idea as it almost felt a little intruding, but he insistent and so I clumsily climbed up and sat down.

“Now, I don’t want you to do anything,” he ordered and gave me a stern look, but his cheeky eyes betrayed him and I giggled. Harry continued: “I didn’t call you to do my christmas baking for me. You just tell me if you like the cookies or not.”

I shrugged and let my feet dangle from the high surface. “Sounds good to me. Wouldn’t wanna bust your ego.”

Harry pushed some of his longer strands out of his lovely face and turned back to face me, stopping his action of fastening his blue apron. Both of his hands were white with flour which I somehow only noticed now and my heart sped up at how incredibly adorable he looked. So comfortable and sure of himself, confident and funny. All Harry Styles and cute houseman at the same time.

“Bust my ego?” he challenged.

I nodded. Harry stepped closer and I spread my legs slightly so he could stand in between them.

“Now tell me,” he spoke lowly, one of his hands reaching up to poke my nose in a teasing gesture, “how would my oh so lovely girlfriend, manage to bust my ego? Which I don’t have, by the way. I’m not a vain person or-”

“S'not what I meant,” I reassured him and gently traced his forehead with my index finger and he momentarily closed his eyes, “I know you’re not a vain man, Harry.”

“Then what is it you were implying?”

I shrugged and took hold of one of his hands. “I’m quite good at baking myself, you know?”

Harry raised both brows and though he still grinned, I noticed something else light up in his eyes.

“Quite good, huh?”

I nodded and kicked my feet a little faster.

“How good?” Harry asked.

“You said you didn’t want me to bake for you, so you’ll never know.”

“Okay,” Harry nodded, as if deep in thought, then he pulled his hand away from my hold. “Good. This has just become a competition, then.”

“Has it?” I wondered and leaned in to press another featherlight kiss to his warm cheek.

Harry quietly hummed and nodded. “Oh, yes.”

His hands found my wrists and I shrieked when he began to pull. “Harry!”

A laugh fell from his pink lips and he grasped my waist so he could lift me off the counter and set be back onto my feet. I came to a tumbling stand and held onto his shoulders for a moment, before allowing him to step back so he could opened one of the drawers to our left.

“What are you doing now?”

He didn’t reply, but instead crouched down and began looking for something. Once victorious, Harry turned to stand in front of me with another blue apron in his hands, holding it out for me to take.

“Are we really doing this?” I asked, not quite sure if he was being serious or not.

“Absolutely,” Harry chuckled, “Put it on and get ready to have your ego busted, darling.”

“Alright, slow down,” I laughed.


My hands were sticky with dough and I felt way too hot. Harry had just put the second tray of oatmeal-chocolate-chip cookies in the oven and was now helping me with cleaning up the bowls we had used.
In order to find out who was the better baker, we’d decided to both make the same kind of cookies and then afterwards choose whose were better by shape, taste and color. We’d only made it to half a tray though, before Harry’s flour covered arms had wrapped around my waist to pull me to the side so he could take away my space and bake by himself, claiming that I wasn’t playing fair.

“How am I not being fair?” I’d then asked and had thrown some flour at him.

“You’re cheating, I know it. No way your cookies are sticking together better than mine are.”

“Oh, you’re such a sore loser,” I’d accused him, before I’d pushed at his chest so I could resume with my own tray.

Harry had only let me form one more cookie, before he once again wrapped his tattooed arms around my waist and he’d pull me flush against his chest, forcing my hands from the dough bowl. I’d laughed and had only struggled half-heartily, too happy to be in his arms again.

“You won’t even let me win,” I’d whined.

I’d shuddered when his warm mouth had settled right between my shoulder-blades in a kiss and my head had moved back to rest against his shoulder.

“Baking is my thing,” Harry had murmured quietly, “You’re not supposed to be better at something I was trying to impress you with.”

“Awe,” I’d cooed and laughed when he’d squeezed me tighter as a low growl had fallen from his mouth, “It doesn’t have to be my thing or just yours. Could be something we do together, you know?”

I smiled at Harry as he now stood beside me, drying the last spatula we’d used. Noticing me staring at him, he cheekily nudged his him with mine, smiling so wide his cute dimples showed.

“I’m really happy to be here,” I confessed quietly.

“Christmas has always been my favorite season,” Harry replied calmly and put the spatula away.

He then turned to me and reached down so he could hold onto my waist gently.

“And I think with you by my side, I might just like it a even more.”

When Harry’s warm lips found mine, I was still smiling. My heart squeezed almost painfully and my tummy tingled when a low moan fell from Harry’s mouth in response to me deepening the kiss. His hands moved from my waist up to hold my jaw before traveling down my arms to take hold of my wrists, pulling both arms up and laying them around his own neck.
We hadn’t started dating long ago and there were still a few insecurities to overcome on my part, but in that moment I knew, that there was no place I’d rather be than wherever he was. Harry made me so incredibly happy and I felt like the luckiest person in the world. It was too early to say it, and I would keep it to myself for a long while, but I knew then, that I loved him with all of my heart.

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Let me tell you something about these girls. All that stuff you hear about them being rude, etc? Utter shit. When I was there I felt like i was surrounded by people who actually cared about me, who supported me for who I am and not for who they “thought” I was.
I remember when I was just about to take a picture with them… Normani looked me straight in the eyes and said “Hey,beautiful!” and that’s when I lost it. I ran straight up to Lauren and I told her how she’s my sunshine and she lit up and wiped my tears. We took the first picture. By the second picture , I was a bit calmer and I wanted them ALL to feel included so I asked Ally to stand in front of me and she gave me the biggest smile ever. Afterwards, I was telling them how I was 11 months clean and Lauren said “Yay! I’m so proud of you! Please keep being strong, I love you!” SHE LOOKED ME STRAIGHT IN THE EYES. I told them they helped me well you know… to my dad and they said “Yay!” and jumped up and down and hugged me. I started crying again and I hugged them each individually and Normani just hugged me, silence. She just held me tight and I have never gotten the best hug until then. Lauren? She hugged me to the point I couldn’t breathe. Camila hugged me tight, really tight for a while and her voice was so soothing. Dinah kept rubbing my back and saying “shh shh” and she feels like a pillow she’s so soft (THAT IS A GOOD THING IM NOT TRYING TO MAKE FUN OF HER) and Ally hugged me (I had to bend down a little) and kept making me smile and made silly faces to get me to not cry.. then it was all gone, Big Rob pulled me away and I’d do anything to get those few minutes back.
Big Rob is actually really nice and I gave him a hug and laughed when I said I was gonna start doing his part in Burnin Up!!
Thank you for the best day1 ssweet-dispositionn waakeme-up theofficialfifthharmony

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au where angels go to confession

spem in alium

“I do hold regular hours for Reconciliation,” Daniel said, tugging at his collar with a free hand. (It had been bothering him all afternoon–vestments might hide that extra five pounds, but the clerical collar was much less forgiving.) “Mondays and Fridays at 5:30, it says so on our website. You don’t have to interrupt my gardening.”

“I know,” the angel said, and Daniel could hear the shifting of its wings as it found a comfortable place on the grass. “But I prefer this to the confessional.”

Daniel reached down and yanking out a weedy tangle from the flowerbed, tossing it onto the steadily-growing pile. “I’m not even sure I can hear your confession, you know. I was commissioned to absolve the frailty of men, not…”

“So you said last time. And the time before.”

Daniel sighed heavily and sat back on the grass, wiping his hands on his pants. The angel was sitting half a yard away, sifting a handful of dirt through its fingers idly. At his gaze, it straightened up, puffing out the wings around its face. The tongue of flame over its forehead sputtered, then flared brighter–in a strange way, it reminded Daniel of a woman fidgeting with her hair.

Daniel bit back a smile. “So?” he said. “Let’s hear it.”

The angel’s lipless mouth twisted in displeasure, and the bright coils around its arms roiled. “’Let’s hear it’? Is that how you begin all your confessions?”

“Well, you didn’t like ‘in the name of the Father,’ so I thought I’d try something different this time.”

The angel watched the last of the dirt slip through its fingers, then looked up at him. Its eyes were dark and deep as space, starless and cold. “There is a woman who tends a small garden behind my building. As she passed me in the hall, I blessed her knees to keep them from aching–that she might enjoy the sunshine and not think of how her daughter had not called this week.”

Daniel bit back a smile. “I see. And you feel such an action is in need of forgiveness?”

The bands of light around the angel’s arms were undulating slowly, like waves. “My orders are not to interfere with my Father’s creation.”

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Love/hate relationship AUs

(requested by @something-sensible)

  • “We treat each other so poorly in public like we’re literally always bickering and insulting each other etc and all our friends are constantly advising us to break up but actually we secretly get off on the whole thing and usually end up having hot sex as soon as we get home” au
  • “I have this one habit that really REALLY bugs you and not even because you find it annoying but because you find it weirdly erotic and apparently I always do it at the worst moments when you’re trying to focus and most times this leads to angry make outs (and honestly I do it on purpose because I love it when you kiss me like that, fuck)” au
  • “We’re in highschool and are supposedly sworn enemies but the reason I’m so obsessed with you isn’t because I hate you but actually I have this giant crippling crush on you and don’t know how to handle it and lately we’ve been meeting around the back of the science department to have this shit out but then we ended up just making out instead and god it’s all getting really messy but damn is it getting hot as well” au
  • “We got in an argument and ended up in a physical fight and now the living room is literally trashed oh my god what have we done help me clean this shit up I still love you by the way you massive nerd” au
  • “Sometimes our sex is really kinky/aggressive/angry to the extent that we need a lil patching up afterwards but honestly the sensation of having bruises etc underneath my clothes while I’m at school/work is the single hottest thing ever jfc” au
  • “You’re my boss and for years now I’ve thought you hated me because you always dismiss my suggestions and treat me worse than everybody else but this year at the Christmas party you were suuuuper drunk and came onto me in the bathroom and apparently you only treat me that way because you’re trying to be professional and actually think I’m super hot, wow okay” au

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I saw the arts and crafts thing and now I'm just imagining Taehyung and hobi putting stickers on their own and each other's faces and forgetting to take them off when they have a nap right after and then Yoongi helping to clean up the table afterwards and making sure all the crayons are aligned and arranged correctly in the box because I know I did that as a kid and I love this universe so much ty

God, oh my gosh, BOOM, that’s cannon, that definitely happened. All of that is one hundred percent accurate, you know these characters better than me, we can all assume that this is real life, like, geez, what the heck. 

The Maze Runner: College AU - Newt: After The Power Goes Out

Prompt: The power goes out. You’ve lost your keys. There’s nowhere else to go but into your neighbor, Newt’s, apartment. 

You weren’t sure how many hours it had been since you’d nodded off, but when you woke you were a little surprised that you had even managed to fall asleep at all.

The first thing you notice is his eyes. Newton’s, of course, or more realistically, Newt’s. No one calls him by his whole first name but… You’ve never talked much so you feel as though you are not allowed that kind of privilege.

  “Uh… Hey, Y/N?” He tilts his head slightly and clutches his satchel a little too tightly, “You alright?”

You rub the sleepiness from your eyes and shake your head, “I’m locked out of my apartment.” Your voice comes out croaked so you clear it a little, “I left my keys at college and… Well, then the power went out so I couldn’t use the elevator and my phone lost signal to call anyone.”

You only see a glimpse of it, so you’re not so sure whether it was real or just your imagination, but you think he’s actually finding some kind of amusement out of all of this. “What about the stairs?”

Ah, he thinks you’ve had some sort of dumb moment. “Locked.”

He scratches the back of his blond head, his small curls shuffling as his fingers displace them, “Well that’s bloody useless, who would lock it?”

You shrug.

Newt looks down at his watch, “It’s 11:30…” His voice comes out mumbled and small, as if he only meant to say that to himself. You can’t help but smile a little at that. “I suppose you haven’t eaten or anything…”

You shake your head.

“And the bloody owner won’t rock up here anytime soon to let you in…”

“I guess not.”

“Okay, look, how about you come inside and get yourself some food and maybe a shower if you need…” He twists the doorknob and pushes it open with little effort, “and then we can call the landlord in the morning to sort out your apartment." 

You lift yourself up from the floor in front of your door and thank him, grateful to at least have somewhere better than the carpet to sleep on tonight –and thankful the power is back on too.

"You go for the Gladers?” He asks as you take in the surroundings of his apartment. You’re not sure what you expected really, of course it’s the same layout as yours, but it just looks completely different. Everything. He has a style going on but you’re not sure what it is.

“The college hockey team right?” You ask vaguely, not having much knowledge of the community sport teams.

He nods, “Guess you’re not a die hard fan then.”

You raise an eyebrow, unsure if to him that is a good thing or not. You didn’t really picture him as a sport freak. “Not really, no. Are you?”

“Course I am! All my friends are on the team!” He looks somewhat proud.

“Oh, guess that’s a good reason to then.” You stretch and yawn mildly as Newt sifts through his fridge looking for your dinner. “You’re not on the team?”

He pauses a moment, “Used to be until I shucked my leg up, not much use in playing now when I can’t run as fast as I used to –or for as long.”

You open your mouth to say sorry or something, but it doesn’t feel right. He doesn’t seem like a guy that would appreciate it. “Well, there must be something else you’ve chosen to spend your time on?” You take a seat on his couch and admire how soft it feels under your fingers.

He glances back for a moment, “Yeah… I play a little. Guitar. Sing a bit. Nothing special though.”

Your cheeks heat up, you never knew he was musically talented. Gosh, you think to yourself, why am I so embarrassing? Get a hold of yourself, he’s just a neighbour. Just some guy at college. And you’re in his house…

“You like Chinese food? I have some left over from last night.”

“Yeah!” You say, a little too enthusiastic. “That’s… Fine.

"Good that.”

You go take a shower while he warms up the food. It’s weird, definitely strange, to be in another guys shower. Especially someone you’ve never talked to before now. You step out of the shower and dry your hair as best as you can, and slip on Newt’s clothes he has lent to you to sleep in. Again, the same weird feeling. You like this, but at the same time you don’t. And maybe that’s because this kind of thing will only last for tonight.

“Whoa, this is really good!” You continue to shovel in the food, you didn’t realise how hungry you actually were until you had one bite. “What’s the takeaway place called?”

“Uh… Newt’s Gourmet Kitchen?”

You look up at him, “You’re kidding, right?”

“Of course I am,” he chuckles, “although not entirely. It’s not takeout, I made it last night.”

“You cook as well!?” You blink, apparently you let that out verbally. Blushing uncontrollably, you try hard to hide your face. But you can’t just cover your face with your hands so you stare awkwardly down at your food.
“Why are you so surprised?”

You laugh a little, “I… I don’t know, I mean, you play music and cook. That’s pretty cool.”

He tilts his head again, must be something he does regularly. It’s kind of… Interesting in a way. A characteristic you’ve never seen before in someone else. “Really?”

“Well, yeah I guess so.”

“‘Well, yeah I guess so’?” He laughs and shakes his head, “You’re really quite interesting.”

“Uh huh, sure.” I say sarcastically, finishing up my meal and take the bowl over to the sink. “All I do is study and sleep. And eat.”

“I’m sure you do other things.” He says, turning in his seat.

You pick up a dish sponge and fill the sink up with enough warm water and dish-washing liquid, “Not really, there’s just… I don’t know.” You’d really rather not explain the reason, it’s not like you’re antisocial, you’d be thrilled to go out with a bunch of geeky losers that you could call friends but you only moved here two months ago and so settling in was a lot harder on you than you thought.

He only looks at you questionably.

You sigh and place the bowl into the drying rack, “I don’t have–

A static sort of sound resounds throughout the apartment for a few seconds and then the lights turn off, the clocks on the microwave and oven vanish, and Newt just groans irritably.

"Seriously? Again?” You hear him stand up from the couch.

“I can’t see.”


"I don’t really enjoy being in the dark.”

“How’d you survive before?”

“I was too tired to care.”

“Okay, well you can follow my voice if you’d like.”

He speaks randomly, saying words like “fried chicken” or “the Gladers are the best” and then lastly, “You should come with me to see a Gladers’ game next week." 

You realise you’re right beside Newt now, "What?”

“I’m asking you out.“


He’s quiet for a moment, “Because you’re lonely.”

You push yourself away from him, stumble, knock your leg against his coffee table and then fall onto your knees. “Ouch." 

"Bloody hell, you alright?”

You turn over onto your butt, “I’m not lonely.”

He shuffles around for a moment, “Yes, you are. I know you only moved here a few months back. You’ve never brought anyone over to your apartment, and every time you leave that place you’ve got your books with you." 

"Who cares? I don’t need your pity or charity.”

“I’m not-

"Yes, you are.” You sigh and rub the bruise on your knee, “I don’t want you to want to be my friend because I’m lonely.”

“Well your in luck then. I wanted to be your friend the day you slipped over outside of my door and spilled your latte all over the floor, and then pleaded for me to not tell the landlord that that stain in his carpet was because of you.”

You smile gently, “You remember that?”

“Course I do, you were adorable.”

“You said you were going to tell!”

“No way! I didn’t say anything, I just smirked at you to tease you." 

You chuckle to yourself, "I was scared I was going to get thrown out that night or something…" 

"He called me that night you know, he asked me who did it." 


"Yep.” Newt sits down with his knees to his chest beside you, an arm draped over his legs. “I told him it was me." 


“Bull-true! I knew he wouldn’t be mad at me because I’ve lived here for ages, plus you just moved in and I didn’t want you to leave just yet.”

A minute or so of silence passes by, “Fine.”

“Fine what?”

“Fine, I’ll go with you to the next hockey game." 

He turns to you slightly, "Really?" 

Suddenly the power flickers back on, a low hum reflects the immediate surge of electricity and everything feels alive again. "Sure, can’t be as bad people say it is.”

“Who said it was bad!?”

You wink at him, “Just kidding!” You smile up at him and he smiles back, “I just had a really brilliant idea.”

“Oh really?”

“Maybe you could cook again that night.”

“And take you to the game? That’s too much effort for just one person.”

“I’ll help you cook! And I’ll clean afterwards if you–

"I kid, I kid.” Newt smiles, “Of course we can cook together. Next week?”

“Next week.”

“It’s a date." 

Imagine being an Assassin and fighting alongside Ezio

Originally posted by dauded

[Slight warning for a liiiiiittle bit of gore I suppose. Nothing worse than anything that happens in game. But I thought I’d just add that in really quick!]

A request by aph-sheet-music. I hope this is what you wanted! :P

It was a beautiful day in Venice. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and Ezio was currently stabbing a Templar.

(Ok, maybe that last bit wasn’t so beautiful. But Assassins find clean kills beautiful in their own way, so we’re counting it as such.)

The Templar being stabbed gaped at Ezio, his eyes wide and his mouth agape. “How did you manage to find me…?” He rasped, life draining from his eyes. “I’m an Assassin.” Was all Ezio said in reply before the man collapsed, dead. Ezio knelt down and closed his eyelids, “Requiescat in Pace.”

He stood up, only to discover he was surrounded by guards. He prepared himself to fight, or to at least gain an opening to run. He didn’t have to, however, for he saw a certain figure looming above, merely awaiting to see how the events would turn out.

“Drop your weapons and come quietly, or we’ll be forced to put you down!” A guard threatened. It didn’t bother Ezio one bit. A small nod signaled the Assassin on the roof to drop down, seemingly out of the blue to the guards, taking down two as she landed. They all drew their swords, and suddenly a battle broke out in the alleyway. Ezio didn’t waste any time, quickly deflecting a blow from the left and thrusting his sword through the attackers’ torso. “I thought you were chasing down a different Templar, Y/N!” He shouted to the hooded woman, who was fighting a few feet from him.

“And I thought the Assassins had stopped using the Levantine approach!” She shouted back, finally disarming her opponent, who ran away in terror.
“I don’t see you being much stealthier!” Ezio retorted, cutting deep into a guards’ arm. Y/N tripped another guard and executed him right on the spot, “That’s because I’m saving your sorry ass!”
More guards flooded in, and Ezio felt his adrenaline kick in, “Saving? Me? That’s insane! I can handle myself just fine!” To make a point, he used his hidden blades to finish off a guard.
“If that were true then why am I still fighting these men?!” She shouted, cutting the throat of a guard with deadly finesse.
“Because you have an insatiable bloodlust?” Ezio suggested sarcastically.
“Isn’t that practically a requirement to be an Assassin?!”
“Ah… Good point.”

Only a few guards remained. Y/N seemed fine, taking on two men at once. Ezio was locked with only one guard with a hammer. A long, heavy hammer that hurt like mad whenever he struck a successful blow. It was fine at first, but Ezio found that his left leg wasn’t exactly cooperating and instead was dragging a bit. The guard saw the weakness and unbalanced Ezio with a low sweeping swing, throwing the Italian assassin onto his back. It almost seemed like he would succeed; the guard even jeered, “Any last words, Assassino?”
“I have a suggestion.” A voice piped up from behind the guard.
The guard lowered his weapon a bit, and turned his head slightly, “What?”
“I think ‘goodbye’ would be fitting for you.”
“What are you-”
The blade went right through the stomach. Clean, simple, and efficient. The defeated guard shot Y/N a look of utter defeat, clutching his wound before falling to the ground, twitching once or twice before the stillness of death overtook him.

“Grazie, Y/N.” Ezio said as Y/N hoisted him back onto his feet. The Assassin smirked, “If I let you die then the whole Auditore family would never forgive me. Besides, you still have work to do.”
“Work? And here I wanted to take a nap, maybe spend some time with a few ladies, maybe both.”
“There’ll be plenty of time for that, afterwards.”
“So, what work are we doing, exactly?”
“Cleaning up the bodies for one. And then finding my target.”
“You mean you didn’t kill him already? Tsk tsk.” Ezio pretend-chastised her.

“I was here helping you out; now you’ve got to repay the favor. Come on, it’ll be easy! Or are you too worn-out to do anything?”
“I’m never worn-out! I have plenty of stamina!”
You laughed and started to walk away, “Is that how you pick up the ladies?”
“I don’t get it- wait- that sentence came out wrong! Let me start again!”
“Nope! I now know Ezio Auditore de Firenzes’ secret pickup line! You’ve got stamina to last for days!”
“Y/N! I didn’t mean that and you know it! Y/N! Come back here! I’m not helping if you leave!”
She said nothing, just letting the moment simmer. It always was fun to rile up Ezio.
Ezio, finding out that she wasn’t coming back, began jogging after her, “Wait up! Dios mio, you walk fast! Y/N!”

. In Tenebris . 3

Wendy’s smiling face was the first thing Lucy saw upon entering the massive building nearly two hours later, her arms laden with shopping bags. A kind look flashed across the blonde’s face at the sight of her nervously standing at the top of the stairs. “And how long have you been standing there, Wendy”

Wendy blushed. “Since we finished eating. Thank you for the food, Lucy, it was delicious. We’ve only had bread and the occasional meat to eat for a while.”

Lucy made a sound and staggered up the stairs after kicking the door shut. “Pft,” she scoffed, “It was nothing. We’ll send Natsu and Gajeel out to - no, I take that back. They’ll ruin it all.”

Wendy followed her as she made her way into the beautiful living room and dumped the bags on the floor before searching through them for a few certain outfits and items in particular. The blonde spread out a few, and Wendy gawked at the beautiful dresses, shirts, skirts, shorts, pants, and so much more that were laid out for her to admire. “I didn’t know what you liked,” Lucy explained. “So pick out whatever you want and we’ll donate the rest. I’ll do the same for the other two…where are they?”

Rather than answering her question, Wendy knelt to run her fingers over one of the dresses, taking in the pleated green, yellow, and purple pattern. “Thank you,” she croaked, unable to swallow back the tears that filled her eyes. How long had it been since she’d worn something like this?

Lucy’s gaze softened. “Here, let’s get you a bath. I bet the other two will have shown up by the time we’re done, hm? And you can show them that I’m not some kind of weirdo trying to research you guys more.” She offered a hand to pull Wendy to her feet. “Which dress should we put you in? I may have to do some adjusting…” She studied the feather-like structures that sprouted between her shoulder blades.

“Can I wear this one?” Wendy said excitedly, picking up the one she’d been looking at. “Oh! And I can help you pick up and stuff afterwards! I already cleaned the dishes since Natsu was mean and left them at the table for you to deal with…”

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midnightkiller1000  asked:

ღ Damen/Laurent ღ

(x) (sexual ones removed because i am too tired)

Who’s the first to wake up in the morning: Damen, unless Laurent’s insomnia is acting up.

Who’s the one to make breakfast: Laurent

Who’s the one to serve the other breakfast in bed: Damen, but he’s not much of a cook so this can be a bit of an adventure sometimes.

Who suggests they both ditch work to lay around all day:  Laurent. When he decides he wants to be lazy he goes all the way.

Who chooses the movies: Laurent. And then he falls asleep halfway through more often than not.

Who initiates kissing during the moving, thus distracting the other from the movie all together: Damen. Laurent may intentionally pick boring movies to encourage him.

Who orders lunch: Damen. Laurent has a tendency to forget to eat if he gets absorbed in something.

Who steals food from the other’s plate without asking: Damen.

Who curls up next to the other and falls asleep due to a full tummy: Both of them.

Who distracts the other from trying to work at home: Damen.

Who asks to go get ice cream like a five year old: Laurent. He has a sweet tooth he’ll deny until his dying day.

Who takes pictures of their partner eating ice cream: Laurent. He sends the really unflattering ones to Nikandros with snarky captions.

Who cooks dinner: Laurent, though Damen usually helps as much as he can. (I don’t know where I got the headcanon of Damen being a lousy cook, but I like it and its staying)

Who cleans up the kitchen afterwards: Team effort. Laurent does the dishes and Damen puts everything away and cleans off the counters.

Who stays up until 2 reading: Laurent.

Who stares at their partner while their sleeping: Damen (but, I mean, we knew this already)

Who kisses their partner while they sleep: Laurent, more often. Damen would like to, but Laurent isn’t always comfortable with it so he doesn’t very often. 

kaykay4454fan  asked:

Can you do a jack Maynard imagine where your bf and gf and you do the girlfriend tag or the boyfriend tag and if you get the question wrong you have to get a pie to the face. And can you make it fluffy? FLUFF

“Okay, next question,” Jack said. His top half was already covered in whipped cream from his half of the tag video. “Where did we first say ‘I love you’ to each other?” The answer was instantly in my head.
“Top of the London Eye!”
“Oh my god,” he sighed. “I cannot believe you’ve got them all right!”
“What, you saying you thought I was a bad girlfriend?”
“Well you’re obviously not because I’m the one covered in bloody whipped cream. But there’s still one more question and it could all go wrong!” Jack paused for a dramatic effect. “What is my…” His face edged closer to me until his lips were just touching the shell of my ear. “…star sign?”
“Oh my god,” I sighed.
“Yes! She doesn’t know it! Why am I celebrating? You should know this!”
“I know your birthday but I don’t know your star sign…” Jack picked up the paper plate we’d been using and began piling up whipped cream, creating a frothy white mountain.
“I’m using all of it since this is the last question.” I ran through all of the star signs I could think of, but it didn’t help when Jack placed his head on my shoulder, looking at me and grinning. “You have no idea.”
“You’re right, I don’t! Fuck it, um… Capricorn. I know that’s around winter time.”
“Oh dear,” he sighed dramatically. “Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.” He looked at me, grinning madly. “Incorrect.”
“No, no it’s not! No!”
“It is, I’m a Sagittarius!”
“No, you’re not!” I cried, knowing my impending creamy doom but trying to avoid it.
“Y/N, get in the bathtub.” I stepped in, trying not to slip on the mess that was still there from Jack’s mistakes in his round. “You’re still gonna love me after this, right?” he asked quickly.
“I’m not so sure,” I laughed through a whimper.
“I’ll take that risk.” And with that, I was covered in half melted whipped cream. It dripped from my hair and down my back to my legs so I was completely covered. I wiped it from my eyes and flipped my hair back, and I was met with Jack almost dying from laughter on the bathroom floor. Being honest, I must’ve looked pretty funny. He got himself up and checked the camera. “Oh shit, Y/N. It wasn’t recording.”
“Fuck off.” Jack burst out laughing again and I knew he was joking. “Jack, that is not fucking funny!”
“Yes it is!” He made his way over and helped me out of the tub, engulfing me in a hug once my feet were back on the tiles. He tucked a clump of sticky hair behind my ear. “How do you still look so beautiful covered in whipped cream?”
“Don’t try and worm yourself out of this one, Maynard. You suggested whipped cream, you’re cleaning it up!”
“Could clean you up first,” he muttered with a smirk, placing his hands on my hips and his lips against the skin of my neck. As he kissed the skin, he licked up the cream, sending shivers down my spine. I began relaxing into his arms but he wasn’t escaping his responsibilities.
“Come on, hop to it!” I skipped out of his arms and grabbed a towel. “Then afterwards we can help each other clean up.” I left him with a wink.

Oooh we got a bit saucy towards the end there!

Always Put Away Your Toys

so this is for @plumfondler because she kept her promise and gave us another lovely chapter for Co-Star! (even though the characters haven’t fucked yet and we eagerly await the day that they do so, but i digress…) As far as this story goes, usual rules apply: NSFW, Bucky Barnes smut, sex toys involved, etc.

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