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HannibalCon RDC3 - day 1. Personal recap

So yesterday was the day that so many of us feverishly anticipated and dreaded :), the actual possibility of meeting Bryan Fuller, Hugh Dancy, Aaron Abrams, Scott Thompson, Demore Barnes and Ellen Muth! I mean. What -are- the chances?

I flew over Friday morning (having dreaded flying in that storm but it did die down that night, fortunately) with Alex and we made our way over to arrive at 10 am, to photos of other Fannibals on Twitter already, though the hotel was still very much empty. Good to take photographs :)

I got upgraded to the next room level (which is why I can now drink coffee while writing this at 5:30 am (thank goodness)). By afternoon the lobby was filling slowly, flowercrowns everywhere. A truly elevating atmosphere, because even though I’m not really a flowers and frilly stuff kind of gal, it just is incredible to watch. Btw the bloody flowercrown @idontfindyouthatinteresting made for me drew many compliments (thank you, again!)

Registration openend a bit early and people went queuing until the main ceremony started. Incredible, there were soooo many people there, so many beautiful cosplays already. @lovecrimecat came by and we distributed the flyers for @radiance-anthology flyers to those standing in line, managed to meet so many of those who signed up (yay), got little gifts in exchange from so many people (and everybody just gave me a second one when I asked so I could give them to Katrina who couldn’t come - so awesome of you guys, thank you again!). I met so many people ‘from’ Twitter and it’ so nice to recognize some from last time, to put name and face to the @s. *hugs at all*

Opening ceremony.
I have a gold ticket this year so I went up front and sat next to SpiceyScorpion, only to realize that -that- was way to much in front for my nerves …. *rolls eyes at self*. I went a few rows back and to the side, which was a good decision for later^^.
“They” came in a few minutes to late, we saw Aaron and Scott do shadow theatre behind the scenes and Sean called them out one after the other.

Demore seemed honestly happy to be there, addressing us with such kind words, upping the applause and calling backstage that that could not possibly be topped*fg*. Aaron came out and asked us to clap for Hugh because he was supposedly afraid he wouldn’t get any ^^^^^, Scott said something along these lines as well, I think. Both very funny. Ellen was there^^ and addressed us with a few kind ords and then Sean announced Bryan next and the room (not in any way quiet before) went -wild-. And Bryan…. Bryan went “crowdsurfing”. Meaning he ran through the aisles and high-fived us. You know that sitting to the side decision? Yeah….
What a moment, there’s lots of pictures in the Tag #HannibalCon, go and look, it was…. incredible. God bless. Anyway Hugh came out last, announced by Sean as one of the best british actors, and boy, that was applause^^. He seemed a bit overwhelmed with the energy there^^ and honestly, I can’t quite remember what he actually said but it was something along the lines that he was looking forward to a wonderful weekend.

They came out together after that and we held up the signs that @the-winnowing-wind distributed - “Fannibals Forever”…. They took videos and photos of us. Bryan posted some of it later. Incredible moment to have been part of. I’m even in Bryans video (yay^^ (and if you know where to look^^)).

The gold ticket holders went across the hall next, to a slightly smaller room with tables set up and we were seated by group/friends. And then we waited, because they got something to eat first…. (darn^^^). Colleen got out some booze and we talked a lot and proverbially bit our nails a lot *g*. When they finally got in they were sent to the various tables for 4-minute-meet-ups. Only the meet-ups didn’t stay at 4 minutes :P.

Demore was first and I was soooooo nervous. (The seat next to me was free btw, and so the -all- ended up sitting right next to me (*still screaming about that*. …. ) I shook my hands in the air in an effort to get rid of some of the energy and he put his hand on my shoulder asking me why I was nervous and I brabbled something unintelligible and shook my head. Very sweet. We talked a bit about his fight scene with Mads and that we would have liked to see more of him^^ and I told him I can’t wait to see him in American Gods and he rubbed my back when he left. *float*

Next was Scott, who brought his pizza and drank some mooneshine with us^^, played Tarot with us and was generally just this very kind and interesting person. I wasn’t -quite- that nervous anymore by then (thanks Demore (and Colleen for the prosecco)), meaning I actually talked a bit, though I can’t quite remember what^^.

Ellen was next and she was also very nice, we talked about the fact that her scenes are imho some of the most scary in Hannibal. She also wore some of the coolest jeans I’d ever seen^^.

Ok. Next? BRYAN. He saw the Will!Faun scarf of @flying-rotten we had put on the table cloth and chuckled that he knew who -we- are waiting for and that he couldn’t blame us^^. He asked us, if push came to shove, if we would prefer Will & Hannibal S4 or SotL. Our table was Hannigram, though there was apparently one that was 'done’ with it…. He told us about it a bit, much the same that Hugh has said before as well, that it would be an inversion of S1 etc. I…. hope that push does not come to shove, because he told us a bit about how much he loves the lyric of Thomas Harris books and I would really love for him to be able to fully lay out his vision. I hope he gets to do this (we have to continue to fight, guys!!!). He also told us, that Thomas Harris apparently writes a new book and he…. poked Martha to get the rights to it already, without quite knowing what it was about yet *g*.

I…. took all my courage then and showed him one of the Radiance-Flyers and explained a bit and we asked if he wanted to do a little something like a foreword for it. And guys - HE DOES! He asked when it would need to be done and I said May 1st and he looked at the flyer and indicated the twitter @ there and asked if he should send it there and I was like (you know this situation, where, once you start, your mouth kind of runs away with you?! At least mine did^^^) “Oh well, yes, or you know you follow me on twitter, you can just send it there if you want” and he looked at me (directly) and said “yes, I know.” Well, RIP me. I answered with a very intelligent “ah” if I recall correctly and ducked my head and then Romina and I emphasized that it would be awesome if he actually wants to do that and finds the time.

He asked us after what drew us to Hannibal, as he got feedback from a lot of the other young women (I thanked him for 'young’, you know, once you’re in it doesn’t matter anyhow *another eye roll at self*) and we said that its not only beauty and connection, but also intelligence. You have to think with Hannibal. He recommended 'Legion’ to us and asked if we’d seen it before and I said that some stuff hasn’t made it across the big pond yet. And then Bryan went and …. not ranted directly…. but expressed his lack of understanding of the fact that things take so long to be legal and why series were not streamed worldwide because people would just go and pirate it anyway -because- it was not available legally. He went and made a (imho) very fitting anology with the conservative stance on abortions in contrast to piracy, meaning just because it’s forbidden it doesn’t stop people from doing so, it just gets unsafer and illegal.
Oh and he took photos of our table and @dr3piecesuit s and another girls tattoo, because he loves them. :) And he told us that he brought something for Hugh to wear for the Cosplay contest. Can’t wait *g*
He was called away then, way past the 4 minutes^^ and …. he is such a precious human being?! Exuding so much warmth and honesty and exuberance. I feel honored that I got to sit there.

A propos honored… Hugh was next and there I was again - nervous. Awesome. *third eyeroll* He complimented Camilles Will!Faun, saying it was very beautiful and then laughing that that was maybe a bit weird^^, and then telling us about all the gifts he gets and that he keeps the little plush Wills, giving them to his son to play with, even the bloody ones….. *fg*.
The girl next to me (@OnTheVerger) talked to him about how much Adam means to her because she has Aspergers and then broke into tears and Hugh comforted and hugged her and it was sooo sweet. We showed him the Radiance flyers as well and he said “blood fueled embraces, indeed” *g*.
Bryan ran by then and left a bitten off Babybel for Hugh. IDK if Hugh bit off that piece or if Bryan did but it was hilarious^^.

Hugh had to leave then and Aaron came to our table last, I told him I backed him and he told us about the film he and Scott are in (Scott came by and set down next to him^^) and we talked about how much we would all want to see more of Hannibal. Oh and Scott said (before) that he was supposed to teach Clarice Starling - how awesome would team Sassy Science be doing that in SotL? Seriously?
Anyway, I remember I touched Aarons shoulder in the spur of the moment talking about -something- but I can’t remember what exactly and the panicking about that. ;))

I went to my room at 1:15am, got into bed by 2am and was wide awake again at 5:15 am.

What. a. rush.

PS: This is no photos because my cameras not that good - check the Hashtag on Twitter, there’s TONS of them ;). Already ;)

Words like Warblers

Before there were words, there was a look
A moment longer than necessary.
One that searched, asked, answered, smiled.
Before there were words there was your hand on my back,
wide, warm, welcoming, willing.
It moved over the next month, down to my chest, my waist.
You held me. Held me close, held me up.
Before there were words, there was that blinking icon on Facebook Messenger
The one that showed me you were there, here, with me.
It felt like your hand all over again, your body there.
We said, “let’s not put a label on anything.”
We knew words held structure, signed contracts, brought strings.
Before there were words, there was this.

The words came though. They always do.
Assumptions are made, intentions must be clarified.
We got confused, scared that things weren’t what we thought,
Suddenly we’re here trying to nail this to a board with rusty screws,
Keep it from squirming, keep it from running
Keep it from dropping out of our buttered hands.
Fear took hold, brewed a cloud between us
And we couldn’t see each other anymore.

It’s been two days now since we’ve spoken.
The words came, took what they were due, and left.
I don’t know where your head’s at, I can’t see it past the smoke
And I don’t know if the smoke means that this has burned to the ground.
Are words migratory? Will they come back in the spring?
Should I stand here, wait for them to come back?

heechul x reader (request)

POV: Reader
Pairing: Heechul (Super Junior) x Reader
Rating: G
Comments: This might not be exactly what you wanted but it’s really muddy outside right now and I almost got stuck in my driveway of all places so this is what you get out of that life experience.

Summary: “i have a request for super junior Heechul. Please can it be a first date goes wrong and he tries to hide the fact that it is ?” - Anon

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Sleepless Night

Request: Hi i love your blog! ❤️ can i request a fluffy scenario with vernon of a sleepless night with his and his s/o’s newborn?

Originally posted by 17hansl

Genre: fluff

Pairing: Vernon x Reader x Their baby boy/baby girl whatever you chose

It was a really tiring day. After you finally could go home after few days in the hospital with you and your husband’s newborn, you were really happy, but there was a lot of work.

First you had to settle documents at the reception, having you and Hansol sign couple of them. It took you about a hour to get them done.

You handed the bags to your husband and took carefully your baby from him which he held while you signed your last document.

“We have to go to the store, sweetie. I need couple of things for him/her and also for home” He nodded and smiled, planting sweet kiss on your baby’s forehead, and another kiss on yours.

“We’ll buy everything you need,” He answered as he lead you to the exit, helping you even with the heavy bags he held, getting you to think about how you couldn’t wish for him to be better husband.

He helped you sit in the back of the car comfortably and set the bags aside you, getting on the driver’s seat afterwards.

“I’ll drop you off at home and I’ll go to the store afterwards, okay?” You nod at him through the mirror as he drives away.

It didn’t take long until he parked the car in front of the house you shared and he got off first, opening the door for you and took the sleeping Y/B/N (your baby’s name) from you, he shh-ushed quietly as you got out and smiled at the view in front of you-your husband you loved so much, and the result of your love you loved so much.

“You know what to get, right?” You giggled as you walked to the door and he followed you carefully with the baby, handing him/her to you after you unlocked the door and walked in,

“Yes, I do. I’ve been taking care of the house since you were pregnant” He laughed as he rushed to the car, waving back at you. You smiled and shut the door, walking to the room you and Hansol freshly decorated for your child and set him/her on their bed since she/he falled asleep in the car.

Smiling subtly, you gently kissed your baby’s cheek and walked away to the kitchen, opening the fridge to see what you can prepare for dinner. You decided to make soondubu stew.

You got the ingredients out and prepared them as you started cooking. While you were focused on your cooking, you heard the door open.

“Hansol, is that you?” You yelled without taking off your look from the food,

“Yes, I’m back,” He walked in the kitchen with the bags, setting them on the plot,

“What are you cooking? It smells good~” He got closer to you, inhaling deeply as you giggled,

“It will be ready in minutes, you can take a seat!” He did as you said so and looked over Y/B/N’s room.

“Is she/he sleeping?” You nodded as you put the ready food in two plates and walked over to him, handing him a spoon too.

“Yes,” You sat opposite him, setting your plate in front of you and taking a sip from the stew,

“It’s delicious!” Your eyes widened in surprise at your cooking skills and you looked over at your husband, waiting for his reaction too. Your body relaxed as he gave you thumbs up and his eyes shined,

“It’s made just how I like it.” He said with a full mouth as he continued to eat, and you enjoyed your meal too.

It was getting late, and when you washed the dishes and put them aside to let them dry, you decided to go to sleep, being extremely tired. Being mom wasn’t easy.

“I’ll go to sleep, baby, I can’t keep my eyes open anymore” You giggled as you yawned before heading to the bedroom, hearing him following you and rushing after you.

“I’m coming, too.” He said as he plopped on the bed, curling into the blanket immediately. You smiled happily as you turned off the lights and laid beside him, cuddling into him as he wrapped his arms around you and pulled you in his warm embrace.

“Good night, baby.” He whispered before closing his eyes. You stared at his peaceful face for couple of seconds before whispering back.

“Good night..”

You suddenly opened your eyes from the loud noise. Sitting slowly on the bed, you heard a cry, and that was actually Y/B/N’s cry. You looked around and noticed that Hansol isn’t in his bed.

You quickly got up and rushed over to her/his room, seeing your husband rocking your baby side to side while whispering,

“Hey, don’t cry, you’re gonna wake up mommy!” You noticed your baby curling up into him and closing her/his eyes, calming down.

Happiness plastered a big smile on your face. You were so blessed to have them both.

Second Chance at First Line Pt 4

Season 1 Masterlist

Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Word Count: 2,496

Warnings: None

   Stiles drove me to the game, but I was two hours early since he had to be there early to get dressed and warm up. The sky was getting dark, and I was sitting alone on the field. One thing they don’t tell you is just how nerve-wracking an empty grass field can be all alone. To the normal human, maybe. But for me, I was fine being alone.

   Thirty minutes before the game, I listened in to find Stiles’ voice. He was talking to Scott.

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anonymous asked:

hi blythe! today i went to Pulse bc i live right outside of orlando and the memorial was really heavy but really rewarding. i cried so much but they were happy and sad tears. i felt comfortable holding my gf's hand in public for the first time. i saw kids with pride shirts and old gay couples and survivors with their families. there were a few homophobic picketers but we chanted to drown them out and held things up to hide their signs. today i felt proud to be me for the first time in my life.


Give Yourself To the Rhythm! (Lucio)

Originally posted by a-sinner-apparently

Pairing: Lucio/Reader
Words: 590
Warning(s): None
A/N: You’re right, my frog son doesn’t get enough love! I hope you like it and I apoligize for any mistakes,,, I started writing this at 12:15 am lmao
Request:  Can you maybe do something with Lúcio & his S/O? Frog boy doesn’t get enough love

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Give Us The Radio

Pairing: none

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Request fic for @sleepersareweaker. “hey, could you maybe do something with ftm drummer reader, like in Truth is Now Acceptable, being reassured and cared for by the rest of the band after a bad day with a lot of misgendering?”

You and the rest of My Chemical Romance had been busy. You were sweaty and exhausted from playing a long show. You’d been anxious about it, because this was the first time you’d be performing in your new short haircut and masculine clothes. But, the fans had still cheered for you loudly during your drum solo. Emo kids were used to bending the rules of gender, you supposed. They’d never been bothered by Gerard’s androgyny, either.

You’d made an official announcement on the band’s website about your transition a few days before. You were reluctant at first, because you figured media backlash was inevitable, but, as Frank pointed out, if you wanted your fans to use your correct pronouns, you had to tell them what they were. You’d almost cried when you saw a couple teenage fans who were also trans guys comment to tell you how much it meant to them that their idol was just like them.

One fan you’d seen dancing in the pit had held up a sign: WE LOVE YOU, MR. Y/N!

The kids were so supportive. Adults, who weren’t in the fandom, however, were another story.

Like this asshole radio show host you and the guys had an interview with right now. She’d just called you by your deadname, even though she had to be aware of your coming out post by now.

“His name is Y/N,” Gerard said with an impatient look.

“Right, sorry,” the host shrugged. “Anyway, let’s talk more about your new album, The Black Parade. You recorded it in this, like, haunted house, right?”

“Yeah, this place called the Paramour Mansion,” Ray nodded. “A few of us experienced some weird stuff while we were working on the album, actually. Mikey heard doors slamming themselves shut, and Y/N swears he saw something in the bathroom one night.”

“Oh, she did?” the host asked.

“He,” said Frank, narrowing his eyes.

“I’m sorry?” the host blinked. Why was she acting so confused? She had to be doing this on purpose.

He did,” Ray clarified.

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anonymous asked:

Hey I was wondering if you had any thoughts what the 'cleansing ceremony' mentioned in day 2 or 3 in Vs route is? At first I thought it had to do with the drug but do you think it could be killing someone that caused them alot of pain? Like Saeran with his mother.

Clever nonnie! Picking up such a thing. Indeed, the ‘cleansing ceremony’ intrigued me a lot when I was playing the game, but I never considered that possibility you just pitched. Let’s check. 

For those that want to check again, it’s in the 2nd day, the V Story Mode after “The Universe and the Sun”, where V has a chat with a believer. 

Now, it’s very clear that Mint Eye has at least two different ceremonies: The normal initiation one, which is assumed to be the one where the drug is given to the recruits, and this ‘cleansing ceremony’ that V had never heard of and remains a mystery to us. What we know of it is that: 

  • It’s held when a member shows signs of ‘corruption’.
  • Only two of those have been held since Mint Eye’s creation. 

  • The first ceremony was held by Ray, but it had troubles while he ran it.

  • Thus, the second one was held by Rika herself.

  • Apparently, “Number C276″ and Rika ‘took the ceremony together’, whatever that means. 

  • The cleansing ceremony changes radically the behavior of a person, making them more ‘devout’. 

Those are the only facts we have, therefore it’s left really ambiguous what it might be, but I think there is a possibility that ‘getting rid’ of someone that harmed them might make a person feel more devout and indebted to Rika for ‘freeing’ them. I don’t think the first cleansing ceremony was Saeran killing his mother. It was said that Ray held the ceremony, not that he himself was subjected to it. 

However, according to your headcanon, it’d be perfectly plausible if Saeran’s murder of his mother with Rika’s help served as the source of inspiration for the creation of this cleansing ceremony. This would also explain why Ray had troubles while running this ceremony, as the similarities with his past may have triggered a headache and his ‘other side’ taking over. 

I don’t think we’ll know what this cleansing ceremony is unless we get a Saeran route, but your headcanon is a very solid one that doesn’t contradict the canon in the least. In fact, it’s almost scary how logical it sounds. 

anonymous asked:

Hi Ally!!! I saw the 106 fact about you on Twitter (the one about you being an Assistant Company Leader) and I practically screamed so loud that my fam was judging me hehe. I'm currently a Senior Patrol Leader for my Company and my batch only has 3 people (yes, 3 people leading the Company) and I would just like to ask *what activities did your company do to make trainings enjoyable?* (i currently face this prob ;-;) PS: I REALLY LOVE YOUR WORK <33


OMGOSH THAT’S SO COOL HELLO SISTER GUIDE!!!!!!!!!!! lesser and lesser people are joining uniformed groups for their CCAs and it’s really sad i can see the number declining too but the experience is just irreplaceable!!!!

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A Teacher of Sorts (Pt 2)

Pt 1

The apartment’s sprinklers kicked in after the fire alarm continued to blare-even with the batteries out.  The whole kitchen was soaked. The Host let out an annoyed sigh.

“The Host snaps his fingers, leaving the kitchen and any other surfaces effected by the sprinklers dry and untouched.” The second Mark (who we will now refer to as the Host) snapped his fingers, drying the whole kitchen without a trace of water being left behind. Wilford rolled his eyes.

“Does Wil have a problem with the effective way the Host cleans up after himself?” The Host asked sarcastically, already knowing the answer.

“No…” Wilford pouted.

Bim began to pick the ladder up. It had taken a moment for Sean and Signe to notice, but it was bright pink.

“Here, Wilford.” Bim said as he handed over the ladder.

“Why thank you,” Wilford took the ladder and seemingly placed it in his pocket. The others acted as if doing so was very normal. Sean and Signe on the other hand were amazed.

“If the Host had eyes, he would be rolling them.” The Host challenged. Wilford mimicked him with a silent raspberry. The Host let out another sigh.

Bim walked slowly towards Sean and Signe, who were both awfully tired after the previous night’s events.  He sat at the edge of the pullout couch, letting them observe him.

“What in hell are we high on right now…” Sean mumbled. Signe ignored him.  

She held her hand out.

“Hello,” She held her hand out even further, beckoning for Bim to shake it. “I’m Signe.” She gave a smile, “And my scared boyfriend is Sean. Nice to meet you!”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you as well! My name is B-” Bim was cut off by a cocky candy coated killer (try saying that 5 times fast) stepping in his way. Wilford shook Signe’s hand. Then he leaned down and kissed it.

“It is beyond a pleasure to meet a lady as beautiful as yourself,” He gave a smile that looked animated. Signe chuckled. Sean rolled his eyes. The last thing he needed was to watch another copy of Mark flirting with his girlfriend.

“You too…?” She stopped herself after she remembered that she hadn’t learned their names.

“Oh, my dearest apologies, madam! I am-”

“Wilford Warfstache.” Sean interrupted. Bim covered his mouth with his hand, as if he was about to say “oh shit.” The Host let out a chuckle.  


Saturn is the limitations that we put on ourselves.

Saturn doesn’t cause them, she’s the teacher that shows us where to begin our own self journey of expansive; by letting us work through our karmic struggles, of which we placed on ourselves.

Once we look within ourselves and overcome our internalized struggles, we are capable of reaching the gifts we previously with held from ourselves.

The sign will show what kind of energy we limit ourselves, and the house will direct us to which area in our life is most affected.

3rd Jack- Requested


“Hiiiii can I have an image?? Could it be about y/n finding out she is pregnant with Nates baby and they decided to put it up for adoption and have a really hard time with that? You can come up with the rest. Thanks 💗”


“Nate, I’m pregnant” The words still hung in the air. We were on our way to his 23rd birthday party and I was tired of keeping the secret in and it had been complete silence since I dropped the baby bomb 5 minutes ago. Nate pulls into a Starbuck’s parking lot and shuts off the engine.

“I love you, Mama. But, I need time to think about this and my parents are going to be at the party, so we can’t discuss it now. Let’s hold off making any decisions for a bit. You are beautiful and I will support whatever you decide, but I just need some time to process.” He says in a shockingly calm voice. 


I don’t remember much of that party and I don’t think Nate does either. The next couple of days, we talked about our baby a lot. How much it would cost, plans for the future, where we would live. We had decided that the answer was to raise it ourselves or give it up for adoption but couldn’t figure out the right decision. But today, the answer came. I got a letter in the mail from Oxford about a community service fellowship I applied for months ago. I hadn’t gotten approved then, but a spot opened up teaching English in Thailand for 6 months, something I had always talked about doing. I would have to leave everything behind in a year. Nate and I knew that me applying for this would mean long distance for us, but I could never leave a newborn for that long. I told Nate and he held my hand. We both agreed it was a pretty strong sign, and were leaning closer to adoption. 

That’s when the final push came. Nate’s loan for his recording company went through on the same day. He had acquired the building and the bank statement saying the company finances had been approved got delivered on our way to my Gynocologist appointment. We pull into the parking garage for the 3rd time this month and I look over at my amazing boyfriend. “This can’t be our child, Nate. We have too much going on. The baby needs parents who are going to be around for them, to raise them. I love you and this baby is going to be beautiful, but we can’t be their parents” I start crying softly and get out of the car.

He nods and comes over to pull me into his chest. “I know. I was thinking the same thing”. He rubs my back. “It’s just not our time. We will make it through the next 8 months or so together and I will support you every step of the way, but we aren’t at the parenthood stage yet. And, that’s okay” I sigh into him. He always knows exactly what to say. 


After deciding to give up the baby, the rest of the pregnancy ran smoothly. I started prepping for Thailand and Nate began working on the new studio spaces at his company. We were busy. Nate would come home late at night and rub my feet and my belly with cocoa butter. He was so sweet and was constantly checking on me, even early on when no one else knew I was pregnant. 

I was in charge of a lot of the adoption paperwork. I looked through so many files and filled out so many forms. When one day, Nate and I found a perfect 35-year-old couple, Eric and Liz, who couldn’t have their own kids and wanted to start a family. We met with them a few times and they couldn’t stop talking about the future our baby would have with them and how much they were going to love it. They both came from big, fun families and were deeply saddened that they couldn’t have one of their own. 

Having such an inspiring set of people to give birth for made the rough 3rd trimester easier. I was huge and Nate had to do a lot for me around the apartment. I couldn’t wait to have my old body back, the ability to shave my own legs, the freedom to wear normal clothes. Nate promised we would go drink, have sushi and caffeine the night after I gave birth. 


I was visiting Nate at the record company construction site on a hot day for fall when all of a sudden I was leaking. 

“Nate!” I called leaning on the window.

“Baby?” He said casually, coming up the stairs.

“Yes baby, here now!” I yelled, panicking slightly.

Nate was shocked, barely speaking and helped me to the car and over to the hospital. “Call Eric and Liz,” I say as I get whisked away. 

Nate held my hand the entire time. I made sure that he told the doctors not to put me on pain drugs. I wanted to do this the natural way. Nate and I made this baby beautiful and nothing was going to mess it up. I cried and screamed and Nate cried and then, at 4:20 am on September 15th, our baby boy was born. I looked into his eyes and saw Nate. He kissed me on the head and for a split second I forgot we weren’t going to be a family, that the sweet little angel sitting in my arms wasn’t going to come home with us. The nurses pulled him away and I started to cry. 

“I know Baby. I love him too” Nate rubs my arms as we watch the nurse hand him over to Eric and Liz, who fall in love with him as much as we had. I was so happy that I could do this for them, that something that started as a mistake could be something so pure and perfect and beautiful. Eric and Liz name the baby boy Jack and Nate and I smile at each other, the 3rd Jack in our lives. That was the last time we saw his big brown eyes and thick dark mop of hair. That was the last time we had a baby. 


I had just flown back from Thailand. My time teaching was incredible and Nate had organized a welcome home party for me upon my return. I drove up to the park and our eyes meet. He runs over to the car and sweeps me into his arms. “Hey beautiful Mama” He kisses me and I melt. 

“Nate” I smile. We talked on the phone a lot and it took some time to get over the baby thing. Jack was such an important and stressful part of our lives for those months and then he was gone. I sigh as Nate and my niece chase after a few ducks as they eat up cake crumbs. He is so sweet. Sometimes when I see a little boy with dark eyes or see Nate playing with kids, I wonder if we made the right choice, if we should have taken parenthood on. I shake this thought fairly often, though, we made our decision and we move forward. 

Nate drives us home, back to the apartment I have missed so dearly, back to us. He opens the door and immediately, the sheer number of flowers amazes me.”Nate? What is this?” I look on the ceiling and there are thousands of pictures of us together hanging down on strings. He flicks a switch and little twinkle lights come on.

“Y/N I realized when we gave Jack up that I wanted so much more in this life than a recording studio with a view of downtown LA and a nice Jag for the weekend” He comes in and takes my hands. “I realized that for me to even have a shot at being happy from here on out, you have got to be around. You being away for 6 months just made me even more sure of how I feel about you. You’re it” I start crying and cover my face. “Our baby, though we gave it up, showed me that I wanted a family, but more importantly, it showed me that we already are a family. You are my home, my rock and I can’t ever be without you. I love you” He gets down on one knee and pulls out a tiny box. “Marry me, make us the family I know we already are”

“You perfect thing” I say, choking back embarrassing amounts of tears. I kiss him. “Of course, I’ll be your wife. I want nothing more than to have you as my family.” He slides the ring on my finger and I throw my arms around him. He runs to the window 

“Everyone! My fiance is home! That’s right LA! I’m engaged!” He calls out into the darkness. I laugh and shake my head. 

“Hey Fiance, come help me unpack” I smile as he turns around playfully and his eyes, Jack’s eyes, meet mine. What I loved most about that baby boy, I will now have for the rest of my life. 


Hope you liked it! Sorry if the tenses got all weird in the middle. 



Sehun : Our Baby Boy [Request - Scenario]

“W-Where is Sehun?!” You asked – no, you shouted in fact with your hand desperately squeezing onto your best friend’s hand. “H-He’s at a fan signing event!” She replied you hurriedly, causing you to groan with your head falling back. You couldn’t wait any longer – it has to come out now.

After 9 months of carrying a life produced by you and the love of your life, Sehun, in your stomach – it was time for this little life in you to come out.

The two of you didn’t know whether it was a boy or a girl considering the two of you wanted it to be a surprise but considering Sehun wasn’t even here, it seems like you had to go in on your own.

“Ma’am, we have to put you in labor now.” The nurse was literally pressing on time and you grunted in pain, “Forget Sehun! I’ll be fine on my own!” You quickly breathed in and out after that, leaving your best friend there in the corridor when the nurses rushed you into the emergency room. It was just a regular day out with you and your best friend, a nice walk around the park but little did you know, your water broke and she rushed you straight towards the hospital after that.

Your best friend, immediately fished out her phone to dial Sehun’s number.

It rang for a while, but he answered. “Oh, yes?”

“Your wife is in labor!” She literally shouted over the phone and Sehun had dropped his pen. “What?!” He shouted in reply, shooting off his seat in an instant, leaving his fans to look at him worriedly.  Honestly, his fans supported his marriage with you and they even wished you the best. Of course there were a few fans who weren’t as nice as the ones who supported you but Sehun didn’t care. Getting married to you and having a baby with you was the best thing he could ever ask for but now you were in labor – in pain without him. He immediately looked over to his manager and his members were looking at him worriedly.

“Now?!” Sehun raised his voice, unable to hide the shock he received and your best friend scowled, “Get here now!”

“I-I can’t! I’m in the fan signing event now! It doesn’t end in a few hours! Are you in there with her?”

Your best friend groaned hopelessly, “She didn’t want me to go in with her, Sehun! You know she only wants you there with her now!” Your best friend was literally fighting for you but even she knew that you’d understand that Sehun couldn’t make it. But you would be very disappointed though because now, you were suffering in the emergency room.

“I want to be there so badly but I can’t!” Sehun cursed softly and kicked the table gently, causing the members to get up, walking over towards Sehun. “What’s wrong?” Suho was the first to ask and Sehun lost it, “My wife is in labor right now!”

“Oh God.” A few members mumbled softly, rubbing their hands together – they would want Sehun there too but he has to be here for at least a few hours before he could leave.

“Ah! I’m just going in there with her! You better get here as soon as you can leave the fan sign!” Your best friend huffed, hanging up as she shoved her phone into her pocket before she barged in the emergency room, putting on the gear she has to put on before she could stand beside you to let you hold onto her hand as you grunted in pain, literally forcing the life in your stomach to come out.

“Hello? Hello?! God damn it!” Sehun cursed, putting his phone back into his pocket as he sighed deeply.

“I talked to the manager, you can only leave after three hours, Sehun.”

Sehun groaned dejectedly, “Fuck.” He cursed softly, running his fingers through his hair. He shook his head, taking his seat back down in front of the fans who were worriedly staring at him. “O-Oppa, are you alright?” One of the girls asked meekly and flashed out a quick smile, “Y-Yes. Sorry to keep you waiting there. What’s your name?” Sehun picked up his pen, ready to sign whoever’s name she would say but honestly, Sehun’s mind was only filled with you and how much trouble he would be in for not being there with you because he would rather be with you now. He wanted to show you support, he promised you he’d be there but it looks like he broke his promise and even though he knew you’d understand – he feels terrible for it.

“Hang in there, baby.” He whispered to himself as he signed the albums.


“Before that, you can go ahead and see your child first, Mr. Oh.” The nurse told Sehun kindly, causing Sehun to part his lips. “Would you like to see your child first?”

Without hestitation, Sehun nodded his head.

As he entered the room filled with newborn babies, he was led to the one at the corner right. “Here’s your baby, Mr. Oh. He’s beautiful.”

Sehun’s heart leaped. “I-It’s a boy?”

Nodding once, the nurse flashed Sehun a smile. “Your wife is in ward 302. You may visit her too if you’d like.” Sehun thanked the nurse before she left him to be alone in the room. He bent over to stare at his son’s features. Even though his son was sleeping peacefully, he could analyze that he had your face structure while the baby had his lips. It was so cute, he thought. So beautiful, so pure…

In that moment, he planted a kiss on his finger, before he lightly patted it on the baby’s forehead. When the baby shifted, he jerked up, but calmed down when he noticed he was still soundly asleep. With that, Sehun smiled, “Looks like your name will be Oh Seon Jung.” He found himself noticing the baby had his lips curled up a little – as if he approved of the name.

Sehun was then reminded of his wife who was still in the ward alone – which was you. He hurriedly dipped down to just kiss the baby’s forehead with his lips before he left the room, searching for your ward.

Just as he opened the door, your head turned to the door weakly where you smiled at the sight of your husband. “Sehun…”

“I’m so sorry.” He quickly apologized, getting down to his knees as he held onto your hand. “We had a fan signing event and I tried to leave but they only allowed me to leave three hours after. I’m so sorry that you had to go through it alone. I’m-!”

“Shh…” You hushed him quietly, “What’s important is that you’re here…”

He gulped as he looked at you gratefully, how could he ever deny that you were the best thing that’s ever happened to him? Apart from his newborn son.

“Did you see him?” You asked him softly and Sehun nodded twice with a grin, “It looks like it’s going to be our little Seon Jung-ie.”

You smiled at him again and this time, you felt yourself closing your eyes to sleep. He hovered above you, planting a kiss on your forehead as he pushed your hair away from your forehead. “You must be tired…”

You gave a soft hum and he moved down to kiss your nose, “Sleep. When you wake up, I’ll be here.”

You simply gave a small smile, before you fell asleep. When you wake up, you’ll definitely reunite with Sehun, along with your newborn son.

Imagine: Signing a contract agreement with Chris to engage in sexual activities; With no strings attached. (”The Evans Contract” One shot)


Chris & I have been friends for too long now. I was there for him on his first casting for his first big movie & he was there for me when my grandfather died. We have a strong bond.

He’s my famous buddy. It’s crazy and so much fun. You have no idea. I’m used to the attention he gets all the time, used to the rush, the traveling, everything. I work in fashion so we’re always very busy but whenever we get some time off and coincide we hang out.

Right now we’re both free so we decided to go for brunch and drive around the outskirts of the city for a couple hours, listening to the radio. It had been a while.

-¡Oh my god, that song!- He exclaimed as a ukulele sound flooded the car.

-I hope you’re actually playing that uku I got you on your birthday.

-Haven’t been able to put it down ever since.

I could tell he was happy right now and most of the time, but deep down I knew something was missing in his life. He loved being by himself but it had been a while since he had a girlfriend.

I rolled my window down and & felt the fresh air on my face.

-I saw your Jimmy Fallon interview the other night. – I said.

-You’re such a fangirl. You have a big fat crush on me.

-A big lesbian crush on you.

He laughed. He loved being silly and sarcastic. You could never be bored around Evans.

-¿And what did you think about the interview and most importantly did I look good?


We burst out laughing.

-Oh my god, hang on. – He took his cellphone out & started dialing without keeping his eyes off the road.

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