we heart it tattoo

Soooo, I did it. No coming back. And I don’t want to, because they are my everything and I’ll love them forever. They’re a part of me. They made me into the person I am today and they’Ve helped me to get throught everything bad that ever happened to me. I wouldn’t be here without them and I’m so happy my best friend introduced them to me when I was 14 yo and struggling. Thank you for everything <3

Soooo Vincent from Wizardess heart is next.

BUT- Ive run into a problem.

Ive searched his cgs for references of his tat- but cant find anything above the elbow. That and HIS TATTOO CHANGES WITH EVERY IMAGE HE IS IN!?!?!

So ive made my own reference by combining prominent features of his tattoo ive found so far (in the image above)

If any of you Wizardess heart fans happen to have a screenshot of this guy shirtless- or even his dress up doll shirtless- it would be a big help.  Thanks!

Tattoo #3 is another band tattoo. Music has gotten me through some of the hardest parts of my life, and La Dispute is one of the bands who kept me going through every word they write. I got their logo to remind myself everyday of how strong their music has made me. “It’s not the petty imperfections that define us, but the way we hold our hearts and the way we hold our heads.”

pilot pals hanging out before poes mission to jakku

(“you wanna know what my magic eyes see, dameron? you’ll somehow screw everything up immensely but somehow get out of it as beautiful as ever” "so same thing you see every time?””pretty much”)