we heart allah

•✦.¤.✦• { quranic verse } •✦.¤.✦•

surah al-alaq - verse 14

Allah (swt) is watching over us, all the time, out of His care for us. And this should have a profound effect on the way we live.

One of things that should warm our hearts when we know Allah is ar-Raqeeb (the all-Observant) is that we are never, ever alone. When we are up late at night working on an essay, or awake in the early hours of the morning getting ready for work, Allah is with us.

& there we were.. in the coldest nights, in the darkest hours, praying to Allah for help and for mercy.. we connected to our Lord through our hearts and our tears, and we broke in His Hands because we knew there was nothing as strong to keep it together in our most fragile moments. The only thing that kept us in one piece around people was Allah’s mercy holding our back bone.. reminding us we weren’t alone. The comfort that the One who created everything in this worthless yet incredible world told me how important I was.. and that I would be helped. How could that not give me relief? And He was there when I cried, He listened to the unspoken words of my broken soul, He saw me in my darkness when nobody else did. And Allah Almighty gave me light, He pulled me out of my misery. He gave me all that I loved and asked, that I waited so patiently for. But then what had happened when I was given the blessings of my Lord.. I became forgetful. My connection had less passion, more routine.. My world became more full of the dunya I was gifted, not Allah who had given it. So I sit with a heart full of sadness.. and wonder where my passion went. And I truly understand now when they say that being broken is a blessing because Allah wants you to turn to Him. Allah wants you to be close to Him. Allah wants to help you.. most don’t understand this because most don’t truly turn to him. I did.. & I’m one to tell you that not all sad stories needs to be ones that always makes you cry or sad when you hear them. The sad stories that are connected with God are the ones that make you grateful, that open parts of you that you didn’t know existed.. that crack you out of your shell.. that help you stretch your wings and fly. I am truly grateful for the hardship that I spent curing myself spiritually with the help of Allah Almighty. Because spiritually, I don’t think I’ve ever been so high. I don’t think I’ve ever been so full of determination. I don’t think there was a time in my life I was so broken, but so full..
—  Allahaljalil.tumblr.com