we healed as a team

Name something scarier than being flanked while playing support i’ll wait 

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I just learned that a lot of people in prison pass their time by playing D&D, and now I wonder if Len and Mick did too

motherFUCKING DnD getting introduced on the Waverider of all places don’t even get me STARTED

  • Ray, who has lovely nostalgic memories of DnD from college, volunteers to DM. Len almost fights him for the position, but then he realizes it’s going to be infinitely more entertaining to screw with and derail Ray’s storytelling.
  • Len and Mick play as a rogue and a barbarian, respectively. their characters already know each other and this is not debatable. they’ve been playing together for, like, three decades and know each others character sheets inside and out.
  • You know that story about the guy who somehow got away with playing as a bear that was elaborately disguised as a human? That’s the kind of shit Len pulls. Constantly. And somehow it’s always technically allowed within the rules if you actually check.
  • Mick is That Guy who very purposefully seeks out situations that the DM is strongly hinting are super dangerous and inadvisable.
  • Sara plays a fighter, because of course she does. She has only a vague understanding of how the fighting system actually works and has to be continually reminded that she’s not actually allowed to move right now. But she rolled an insanely high charisma advantage and now her answer to every problem is “I seduce it.”
    • Which gets Ray terribly flustered, of course.
      • “The witch isn’t interested in women.”
      • “Oh, so now you’re being homophobic.”
      • “NO!”
  • Rip definitely plays a healer because, as we all know, healing is bottoming for gamers. The other members of the team give him a lot of shit about it and then he refuses to heal them until they’re on the verge of death but they never learn.
  • Kendra’s a druid, probably some kind of obscure Fey that everyone thought she was making up. She turns out to have more DnD experience than anyone expected, and she doesn’t love the fighting parts but is really into the magic and lore. She’s the one you go to if you need help on your character sheet and are too embarrassed to ask.
  • Jax definitely plays a dragonborn, probably either a ranger or a fighter. He’s actually pretty into it and tries to stick to Ray’s story more than anyone else, but he’s also always derailing the group by trying to incorporate modern things into the story.
  • Martin plays a human wizard and he’s basically playing himself. he also spends way too much time trying to talk about how the magic in the game could actually just be insufficiently analyzed magic and then he drags Ray in with him and then everyone else wanders off for snacks and next thing you know the game’s been derailed for 45 minutes.
  • Eventually they get Gideon involved. She plays a bard and she’s cutthroat.

Wow I hate this new Mercy. The complaint was about Mercy’s stopping healing and hiding to get the rez. Like sorry for being aware of our game surroundings and realising when the enemy has ult. Sorry for realising that when said ults come, we can’t possibly save our whole team just by healing (since Mercy is the only one that can heal one at a time).

We are being punished for knowing how to play our character. And the punishment is completely ruining that character.

Cheers Blizz.

We heal hearts with Fluff. We build dreams with Fantasy.❞ WELCOME, TEAM F!

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You have been accepted into the Team F of SFW Bangtan Network, where we have gathered fluff lovers, as well as those with a knack for fantasy and alternate universes. We hope you enjoy being a member of this group and that the network becomes a fun, comfortable place for all of you!

Now that you have been accepted, all you have to do is the following:

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For those who gave us their Kakao ID, we will soon add you to the Team F Group Chat. We highly encourage you to read our chatroom rules, as they are immensely important and will have to be followed from both members and admins alike.

If you wish to switch to Team A, please send us a message and we will make the change as soon as we can.

Thank you and once again, welcome! :)


Have some McMercy!

Joined a game where someone shipped McMercy.  We teamed up.  I healed him, he protected me.  It was precious.   We said “hello” to each other all the time.  He thanked me.  I said I was his “guardian angel.”  TWAS SO CUTE.

For the Mercy76 shippers, there was a 76 on the enemy team that kept killing McCree.  He wanted to be with me xD  (I was like omg yes totally. But my McCree was all </3 and I was like “nooo, bby I still love choo.  So I decided to stay with my McCree)


So we called a truce and sat in the back just staring into each other’s eyes.  I couldn’t take a pic because we had a Reinhardt trying to ruin in the moment xD

Everyone was super nice about it (and they left us alone.  Except the Rein who was making sure I wasn’t about to get shot for being nice xD  He was there to avenge me, which thankfully wasn’t needed.  I was so useless that match xD)

“once one goes down, they all go down

this is why dr schneeple asks us to save anti too. anti is a part of the system (he and jack are one and the same after all, and the video makes him somewhat analogous to jack’s brain, he is a vital part of the system that cannot be taken off. so maybe… maybe we’re not really trying to take anti down, maybe that’s not the point. maybe, like a doctor, our objective is to keep the failing part of the system stable so we can increase jack’s chance of survival.

the nervous system, the thing most like a computer in the human brain, is failing. a glitch in the system, you could say. but anti is a corruption that comes from within. if we cannot remove anti because he is vital to the survival of the whole system, maybe we can find a way to heal him, somehow?

I played in a game where I didn’t die a single time as mercy yesterday so I guess getting her new achievement is not as impossible as I thought. Still pretty hard

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71, with Keith to reader? Maybe? Or anything with Keith admitting he loves reader please! I just need more Keith fics in my life

I fell in love the moment I meet you. Your eyes are like stars and your voice puts an instant smile on my face. Your laugh melts my heart and make me warm inside. Your smile is brighter than the sun, bright than any other light. You are amazing and perfect. I don’t know what happen but I fell in love with you and I just want to tell you… I love you y/n l/n. I love you so much. I just want you to be mine and for me to be yours.

Keith just poured his heart onto this one sheet of paper. He wanted to admit that he loves you but never could say it. Each time he talked you, an insult comes out. It is like his brain hates you and his heart adores you. He wants to tell you everything on this page but can’t. He reread the page once more and got angry. He was angry because he could never tell you this stuff because you probably don’t feel the same. *knock* *knock* “Keith training,” Shiro said from outside the door. “Coming” Keith yelled as he picked up the love letter he wrote. He then crumpled it and was about to throw it in the trash like the other love notes he wrote for you, but changed his mind and threw it on his bed.

Today was a group exercise with everyone, which mean non- paladins must join in the training today. Including you, the team’s medic. The group exercise got finished early. Not because it went so perfectly, but because it was a total screw up.

“Great block back their y/n,” Keith said sarcastically as he threw down his helmet. The rest of the team did not notice because they were engaging in their own conversations.  “Screw you, Keith,” you said with much bitterness. “I wish,” Keith thought to himself but he could never say that to you. “Why are you here,” Keith asked trying to get under the skin because he wants to be an extra jackass today. “To train because we had a training mission,” you said with a sarcastic tone and a smirk. “No, why are you on this team. We can do perfectly fine without you. We don’t need a medic for this team. We have healing pods but hell, Allura probably felt bad for you and let you join team Voltron out of pity” Keith said with a very vicious tone. The whole room was silent and eyes were directed at you and Keith. “Noted” was the only thing you could say as you walked out the room. 

“Everybody leaves, I need to talk to Keith,” Shiro said with a demanding voice. At this moment, Keith knew he screwed up. Everybody cleared the room fast so Shiro can talk to Keith. “What was that about,” Shiro asked with a commanding voice. “She screwed up” was the only answer Keith could think of. “No, everybody screwed up in the mission, even me” Shiro said catching him off guard. “but yes, she did screw up in training, but that why we have it. It was just practice and she is getting better, but her missing up in training is not a good excuse for you to say what you did” Shiro said putting a hand on his shoulder. “I go apologize to her” Keith said with stubborn tone. Shiro sighed and walked out the room.

Apologizing to you did not go well. It ended with more screaming and Keith getting the door slammed on him. Shiro was not happy and wished he knew why you and Keith hated each other.

Lance missed placed his Bayard (again) and was looking everywhere for it. He went in Keith’s room to ask Keith if he saw it, but Keith was not in his room. Lance was about to leave but noticed a crumpled piece of paper on Keith’s bed. He grabbed it and un-crumpled it. His face grew a huge smile while he read it. Lance quickly put the paper in his pocket and ran to find the others. On his way to find the others, he saw you in the medical bay rearranging your herbs (which you do when you are mad) and Keith in the training room fighting the training bots (which he does when he is angry). Lance then ran in the common area to see the rest of the team.

“Guess what I found in Keith’s room,” Lance said running into the room. “Why were you in Keith’s room,” Hunk asked. “Looking for my Bayard” Lance answered as he searched through his pocket for the note. “Lance, you lost your Bayard. You need to find it” Allura said with a demanding voice. “His Bayard is in the kitchen, but Lance you should really take better care of it,” Shiro said trying to help Lance. Lance sighed because they were getting off topic, but he is kind of happy he knows where his Bayard is. “I found a love letter in Keith’s room,” Lance said as he pulled out the letter. Everybody quickly gathers around it to read. “Wait for what, Keith loves y/n,” Pidge said with a surprised voice. “Why would he be mean to her if he loves her. Is this an Earth thing” Coran asked. “No, but it is a Keith thing,” Shiro said. “We should give this letter to y/n,” Allura said as she grabbed the letter from Lance’s hands. “We can’t do that, but I have an idea on what we can do,” Lance said with and evil look on his face.

“why do I have to see her again,” Keith asked as he was being guided by Shiro to the medical bay. “Because I want you to apologize once more to her” Shiro said with a smile on his face. Keith knew Shiro was up to something but did not know. Keith and Shiro were then outside of the medical bay. Shiro opened the door and then quickly closed it. “sorry Lance is in there. You can say sorry after he is done talking to y/n” Shiro said. Keith then sighed and sat on the ground.

“Y/n, I need to tell you something,” Lance said from the other side of the door of Keith. “Okay, what do you need to tell me,” you asked. Your voice made Keith raise his head a little. “I fell in love the moment I meet you. Your eyes are like stars and your voice puts an instant smile on my face. Your laugh melts my heart and makes me warm inside” Lance said with passion. Keith got angry because he knew that was from his letter. Keith quickly got up and ran into the room. He then got even more pissed when he saw Lance holding the letter. “You dick, that is my love letter to y/n. I was going to tell her I love her” Keith screamed at Lance. Keith then covered his mouth once he realized what he said. You were wide-eyed and quickly snatched the letter from Lance’s hands. “Lance, can you please leave,” you asked Lance after you read the letter. Lance left the room with a smile and you saw that he high-fived Shiro in the hallway. You then knew that Keith and you were just played.

“Is it true? Do you want me to be yours” you asked. You had feelings for Keith but you always thought he hated you. “Yes, it is true,” Keith said as he looked down at the ground. “I want you more than I want to admit,” he said looking into your eyes. You were about to speak but you were speechless. You couldn’t think of what to say, so you acted. You crashed your lips onto his. It took Keith a moment to realized what was happening, but once he did, he returned the kiss. “Guess we’re dating,” Keith said as he pulled off to catch his breath. You then pulled him into another kiss.

Adam Banks - Don’t Act Tough

Originally posted by ishneak

A/N: First thing on this blog. Kinda nervous for this to be absolutely honest. 

If you’re into hockey, I write hockey imagines on @mediocre-imagines .

I love Banksy so I find it fitting to write about him first. Special thanks to my #1 fan @morgalin for the support.

Warnings: None, but the ending kinda sucks.

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Was lucio on Lijang tower interior map, the match literally just starts and we just get out the door when my teams winston says in chat "lucio why are you on speed boost you dumb c***." like I'm sorry do you *not* want to get to the point faster? And why the heck would I be on healing? We just got out the door, the other team is still at their own spawn, what healing is there for me to do?

Everyone’s entitled to their opinions, but if you don’t think this next Pokemon is the single most gorgeous one to ever exist, you’re probably wrong. Man, I remember waiting months and months to be able to get this Pokemon in Gen 6, and when the event finally came around, not only was I finally given access to it, but it was given a Mega Evolution that, against all odds, was even more aesthetically pleasing than the base form. It’s also possibly my favorite Mega Evolution, as it performs totally different from the base form and, I cannot stress this enough, is objectively beautiful. At long last, we have access to it in Gen 7, so let’s take a look. 

#719: Diancie, the Jewel Pokemon, and it’s breath-takingly beautiful Mega Evolution, Mega Diancie! If ever a prettier Pokemon is made, I don’t think I’ll be able to take it. 

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76 main here who usually does the Medic 76, I wanna ask what That™ is because I don't know if I'm like That™.... Lex pls don't let me be That™ and if I am pls stop me .,.

DPS mains that are Like That™ in Overwatch: a brief guide, from your friendly neighborhood Support/Flex player:

  • goes 1v6 without help or alerting the team, especially when they are not supposed to be a skirmisher (bad Soldier: 76 mains are especially guilty IMO)
  • Spams “I need healing” 10 times in a row while also not disengaging from the fight so that the healers can heal them without also getting killed (Shout out to asshole Genji players! :D)
  • Conversely: Never asking for healing, then proceeding to complain about how the healer never heals them (Shout out to that one McCree on my team in QP who was never in my line of sight and never pressed “X!” :D)
  • Actually getting pissy at Mercy players (like me) in general just bc we don’t pocket them and follow them into dangerous situations guns ablazin (asshole Pharah players that literally EXPECT me to pocket them because it’s “just what a Mercy does”)
  • Doesn’t do shit to keep enemy skirmishers (Genji, Tracer, WInston, Sombra, etc.) off the healers, then complain and wonder why Supports didn’t use their ults or heal them once we get team wiped to oblivion
  • Complaining about how bad the healing is when there is only ONE HEALER, and instead of picking a 2nd healer to help, chooses to keep complaining and never protect said solo-healer
  • Also complains about tanks being shitty when the tanks actually are trying to protect the supports and/or teammates who are actually contributing to the match (how many DPS have complained about the lack of Barriers from me as Zarya when I am literally just trying to protect our Mercy so she can keep them alive)
  • DPS who are trying to play other roles, but are actually shit at it bc their bad habits as bad DPS carry over into the other roles they try to play (SHOUT OUT TO THAT REINHARDT ON KING’S ROW IN QP THAT ONE TIME)
  • Blaming the healers for losing
  • Literally never tells their teammates their ult status so that we can work together to protect/heal them while they ult, resulting in them wasting their ult from dying way too soon after pressing “Q”
  • Entering a QP match in progress and seeing that we already have 3 DPS, and choosing to PICK A FOURTH (WHY?!)
  • actually teabagging players’ corpses instead of just putting down a spray and aggressively crouching and/or emoting like a proper cheeky OW player
  • “GG EZ”
  • Complaining about not getting any votes on their card at the end of a game despite being a dickhead to the friendly and/or enemy team
  • Brings up a person’s Competitive Tier in Quick Play for literally no reason (ie: “This is why you’re silver)
  • Yikes™ style banter in voice chat without ever having the maturity to STOP BEING CRINGEY AT ANY POINT DURING THE MATCH
  • Cluttering the voice chat in general, talking about shit that doesn’t matter to the team, making it hard for actual relevant callouts to be said (BY SUPPORTS LIKE ME! ESPECIALLY IN COMP!)
  • Literally forgetting that the whole point of Overwatch’s concept is teamwork
Guzma’s Redemption (A Post Game Idea)

You were in trouble and there was seemingly no way out.

Sure, your Pokémon team was one of the strongest in Alola, but you were hopelessly outnumbered by the underlings of this new threat. It was almost as if they’d sent every member on hand after you, resulting in two of your team fainted and the remaining extremely low on HP and PP. They’d caught you completely off-guard, your potions used up and no Elixirs on hand.

That’s when it happened. You felt his enormous presence before you even turned around to see Guzma approaching, a fire in his eyes as he joined you at your side.

“Didn’t ya hear?” he asked your foes. “No one’s allowed to pick on this kid except for me.” He looked down at you. “C'mon, we can take ‘em together.”

Guzma healed up your team and the two of you resumed the fight, just as you would sometimes at the Battle Tree. It had been awhile since you’d seen the retired Team Skull Boss and you were glad to see he appeared to be doing very well.

What you didn’t expect, however, is when he raises up his arm to display a Z Ring.

Guzma grinned, swelling with pride, when he saw that you’d noticed. “The old man thought it was about time I start usin’ one.” He turned his attention back to his Pokemon. “Golisopod! Lets give this a try!”

It had been much to Guzma’s relief that the motions to trigger a Bug type’s Z Move wasn’t anything too embarrassing, he going through the motions and Golisopod unleashing a devastating attack, depleting all of its opponents HP. It didn’t take much longer until they didn’t have a single Pokemon left to use against the two of you.

“Now scram before I beat down more than just yer Pokemon!” Guzma threatened, his dark look more than enough to send your defeated enemies running. He looked down at you with a toothy grin. “Don’t know what yer mixed up in this time, but your boy’s got yer back!” 

You couldn’t help returning his smile. You knew Guzma was making strides to improve himself, but this much of a change was amazing. While you still weren’t quite sure just what was going on yet, you were confident you’d be able to face anything knowing you had such a good friend you could count on.

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I love running ardent/warmog/redemption/spirit visage on Soraka and watching the enemy crumble at my feet all while providing damn near continuous heals for my entire team.

We had to fight a full AD raka mid and she fuckin hurt.

Why is that allowed to happen