we have your daughter


Toothless the kitten

It had it’s moments, like sure using susanoo to break every bone in a shitty villains body because he attacked your wife is great. You set the knives that hurt her on fire? Even better.

Sakura punching the everloving fuck out of said villain like a damn jungle cat? Sign me up

“because we have you Sarada” beautiful. Wonderful.

You wanna poke your daughter’s forehead? That’s pretty cute. Kiss your fucking wife next time

these two are so tired please just let them rest and enjoy eachother


Jasmine walked into the living room to find both her parents seated, obviously waiting for her.

Broderick: Jasmine… please sit down

Jasmine wondered what she had done. She was a straight A student, and she hadn’t gotten into any trouble. What was all this about?

Zoe: Now, Jasmine, we know you won’t like this, but there’s this new family that moved across the street…

Jasmine already knew where this was going

Zoe: They have a daughter about your age. We think it would be nice for you to make a new friends

Jasmine: Mom I’m fine with my having Alex as a friend, really

Zoe: We know, we know. Alexander is great, but we just… think it would be nice for you to have a girlfriend to hang out with sometimes. Wouldn’t you like that?

bmichele  asked:

Have you ever read any books published about the case? If so, which ones? And which ones did you like the best and why?

I have! I’ve read

 - “Perferct Murder, Perfect Town” by Lawrence Schiller

- “JonBenet” by Steve Thomas

- “Foreign Faction” by James Kolar

- The section on JonBenet’s case in Dr. Henry Lee’s “Cracking More Cases”

-  “The Death of Innocence” by Patsy and John Ramsey

-  “We Have Your Daughter” by Paula Woodward.

For not case focused ones, but still related to JonBenet I have read 
 - “JonBenet’s Mother: The Tragedy and The Truth!” by Linda McLean

- “Patsy Ramsey: What the Pilot’s Wife Knew” by Pam Archuelta

- “The Other Side of Suffering” by John Ramsey

I would recommend the first three. McLean’s book was interesting because it’s a collection of letters from people who knew the family. Achuelta’s book also gave a more personal look at JonBenet and her family, but it was kind of a mess. I don’t think I would have read it if it wasn’t free on my Kindle. It’s been awhile since I read “The Other Side of Suffering”, but I remember liking it. It’s more about John dealing with all of the grief he has suffered and how his faith helped him. 

There’s a couple more books I want to check out, but I haven’t had time to yet.

I giggle whenever I see prompts like “Someone kidnapped your OCs loved ones, how would they respond?”

If Gillestin or Bannior ever got a note saying “We have your daughter and/or your son give us X or we kill them.” They’d send back a response saying “You’re already dead.”

They wouldn’t send a rescue team, they’d send a “clean up the fort after our kids gut it” crew.


Ever since you and Dylan had your 3 year old daughter, it’s been hard to hang out with friends. You are both tucking your daughter into bed when his phone rings.

“It’s Posey,” he whispers before picking it up. “Hey man… Yeah, she’s here… Nothing, we just put (your daughters name) to bed… Oh, I don’t know, it’s pretty late. I’ll call you back.” He looks at you and says, “He wants us to go out with him and the others. They’re going bowling. Maybe we could bring (your daughters name) with us.”

Dylan looks like he really wants to go but you both know it’s too late to get a sitter and your daughter may be cranky if you wake her up now. You say, “You go, I’ll stay with her.”

“I think we should both go. We never go out, and (your daughters name) will have fun. I know it’s late, but I think she’ll like it.”

You’re hesitant at first but agree to go. When you get there you immediately see Tyler Hoechlin, Tyler Posey, Holland Roden, and all the other cast members. You head over to them and your daughter gets excited by all the lights around her. She tugs at Dylan’s pants and says, “Daddy can I bowl too?”

“Of course you can sweetie,” Dylan replies. She tries to grab one of the bowling balls but it’s too heavy for her, which makes everyone laugh. Dylan helps her and she starts jumping up and down with excitement when the ball rolls onto the aisle.

“Again, again, daddy!!” She cheers. Dylan continues to help her roll the balls and you stand by taking pictures. When she gets bored with that, Holland takes her to get some candy and you head over to where Dylan and the others are.

“Your daughter is precious,” Arden says to you. You blush and smile.

“Thank you. She’s a handful sometimes but she’s acting good right now.”

“Dylan is so good with her.”

“What am I good at?” Dylan chimes in.

“You’re good with your daughter,” Arden answers.

“I try. But she likes Y/N way more.” Everyone laughs and holland comes back with your child. She jumps into Shelley Hennigs lap and starts playing with her hair. While all the girls talk about how cute (your daughters name) is, the guys talk about the upcoming season of Teen Wolf that has just started being filmed. After a while of hanging out with everyone, you all decide it’s time to call it a night.

Dylan picks your daughter up and she lays her head against his chest. He rubs her back gently while you guys head for your car and she falls asleep in his arms.

“I’m glad we did this,” you say to him on your drive home.

“Me too, I had a lot of fun.” Dylan grabs your hand and intertwines it with his.

You look behind you and see your daughter fast asleep. “She had a blast tonight. She’s obsessed with Holland. And you’re such a good father to her, Dylan. I don’t tell you that enough.”

“You think so? Sometimes I have no idea what I’m doing. Well, most of the time. I just want to protect her and be there for her.”

“You are there for her, and she loves you so much. So do I.” You give him a gentle kiss on the cheek and he returns the favor by kissing you quickly on the mouth.

“I love you too. I love both of my girls more than anything.”

“Do you love us more than the mets?” Dylan begins to smile.

“Of course babe. And that’s a whole lotta love.”

Reaction: Waking up to you and your little daughter


“wake uuuuppp~ we have a lot to do today” *smiles*

Hanbin would just lie there, smiling like a fool because he just can’t believe he has such a cute family. He just couldn’t hold himself back and after 20 seconds of watching you two, he’d accidentally wake you up by pulling both of you into his chest and tell you to to wake up because it’s already late.


“rawrr~ i am the pillow monster”

Bobby wouldn’t even bother about watching you, instead he’d break out into a smile the moment he sees you and tickle both of you awake. He’d shower you with kisses and start a pillow fight right in the morning with his little family.


thinks: “they’re so cute dammit” *smiles to himself while taking photo*

Junhoe would think it’s cute and really couldn’t hold back a smile. He’d watch you for a while, even taking a secret picture with his phone maybe more than 1. If you wake up he’d pretend to be asleep, acting all annoyed that you woke him up, although he is just trying to cover that he was almost caught looking at the both of you like an idiot in awe.


“good morning my beautiful princesses”

Yunhyeong would literally squeal and smile like a fool because he just can’t get over the fact how damn cute you two look. He’d be so happy at that moment, almost tearing up because he can’t believe his luck having such a cute little family. He would watch you for a while before carefully shaking you awake, wishing you a sweet good morning and giving you a small peck.

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Open letter to high and mighty dance moms

To the dance moms,
Those of you who yell at the house staff for enforcing simple rules like costume changes need to be done in the supplied stations or dressing rooms,and no food or drink allowed backstage except water, and actual shoes must be worn backstage, get off of your high horse. You are not special and in fact, the rules do apply to you. The rules are there to protect your child and the space. I don’t want to clean up after you or fill out accident reports because of your lack of intelligence and ability to follow simple rules. And putting your soda in your purse does not make it magically leave my stage. Her father cannot go to the dressing rooms with or without your daughter. We have security stopping them because we are protecting them from creeps and potential pedophiles.

Next time you call me a fucking asshole or a waste of human life I will have you escorted out of the building, take your picture and give it to all of the ushers. When you come back in we will call the police and have them deal with you. Don’t make extra work for me. I would rather deal with politicians than have to police your stuck up ass. Even Donald trump is better than you.

Just follow the damn rules and stop being so vain. You are a terrible role model for your daughters and sons. We are professionals here that have it easier working with self absorbed rockstars than your snotty personality.

Grow up. Be a good role model. Start following the rules, you are not exempt from them. Let me do my job. Learn how to read because obviously you weren’t able to read any of the signs that were posted as you entered the stage and left the dressing rooms.

No sincerity,


“Dear Ms. Gilmore, We are happy to inform you that we have a vacancy at Chilton Preparatory starting immediately. Due to your daughter’s excellent credentials and your enthusiastic pursuit of her enrollment-” I offered to do the principal to get her in “-we would be happy to accept her as soon as the first semester’s tuition has been received.”


Dear taylorswift & Andrea,
Words can’t even begin to describe how grateful I am for both of you. I’m still on a high from the other night (July 11th) at MetLife Stadium. I can’t believe it actually happened.

Taylor please share this with your mom: Thank you so much for choosing me and my friends/family to go backstage and meet your daughter. We were already having such a blast that night, getting attention from Karlie (KARLIE KLOSS TAPPED MY SISTER ON THE SHOULDER AND ASKED TO TAKE A PHOTO OF US. WE ARE ON HER PHONE AND SHE INSTAGRAMMED A PHOTO OF THE SIGN I MADE–HOW IS THAT EVEN A THING THAT HAPPENED?), meeting Tavi–who was an actual angel, agreed to take a photo with me, and was so darn cute that I wanted to put her in my pocket, dancing our hearts out to our favorite songs (really letting my spider arms fly free)–we didn’t think it could possibly get any better. But then you came along and tapped my sister on the shoulder, asking her if we had ever met Taylor before. The minute you asked that, I started bawling (tears of joy, of course). I couldn’t believe it! I still can’t. I looked over and saw Tavi, looking back and clapping excitedly–genuinely happy for us. Tavi Gevinson was excited for ME. How is that even real? So many unbelievable things happened that night, and it’s all because of you and Taylor.

Your daughter has meant so much to me for so long. I’ll never forget the excitement of running through the crowd behind you, all the way to the back of the stage. I’ll never forget seeing Taylor walk off stage and come right over to us. Thank you, thank you, a million times, thank you. You didn’t have to do that; Taylor’s team and crew were in a rush to get out of the venue, there wasn’t a Loft 89 that night, but you still made the time for us. You still chose us. You still believed that regardless of all of that, we should meet your daughter. Thank you so much from the very bottom of my heart.

taylorswift thank you so much for taking the time to meet us and take photos. You thanked ME for getting a tattoo in your handwriting (TAYLOR THANKED ME…LIKE…WUT) and hugged me. Just thinking about it makes my eyes well up with tears. You didn’t have to do that. You didn’t have to take time out of your day for me; you were probably exhausted from absolutely killin’ it on stage, but you made time for me and for that alone, I am forever grateful. I love you forever, Tay.

As for my tattoo, I didn’t get to tell you the meaning behind it. It’s about more than just my love for you and “All Too Well.” Sure, it’s in you handwriting (as best as I could do using the notes from various album pre-orders :) ) and it’s the title of a song that you wrote that also happens to be my favorite song. But I love this song for more than just what it’s about; has it been my very best friend, comforting me through recent break ups? Of course. I took comfort in that song after my boyfriend of six years admitted to cheating on me–here’s the kicker: he cheated on me while I was at home helping my mom take care of my sick grandma, and didn’t admit to it until after he had come home, visited my grandma, and had been by my side at my grandma’s wake and funeral, acting like everything was fine. But this tattoo is about so much more than that; more than just a song that has helped me through loves lost - things that seem so trivial to what it actually signifies for me.

As I briefly mentioned, I lost my grandma to lung cancer in 2013, but before that, I attended one of three Red Tour dates - this particular one being at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. At that time, my grandma had been through it all and nothing else could be done, so she was living in her little hospital bed in the living room of my family’s house. I would come home from work each day and help my mom take care of her. She wasn’t doing well that day, but my mom told my sister and I to go to the concert anyway and that everything would be fine. When I went to the Red Tour that night, it was the first time I would hear “All Too Well” live, and while you were singing, I was overcome with emotion. But it felt different; it wasn’t due to the song’s subject matter or your emotional performance. Something just didn’t feel right and I knew in my heart that it had something to do with my grandma. When I got home that night, I learned that my grandma had slipped into an unconscious state while we were at the show. We lost her the next day. I was in the room with her when she passed, and every since that moment, “All Too Well” has taken on a much deeper meaning for me.

Though I may have gotten to briefly show you my tattoo, I didn’t get to thank you for that song, for my experience that night at the Red Tour, and for everything else you’ve done for me over the last nearly 10 years. Thank you, Taylor, for everything; for being there for me through really tough times; for making me believe I could get through it; for writing the soundtrack to my life. I will never be able to thank you enough.

I remember when in the Pilot Danny told Steve “I am not getting myself killed for your vendetta. I have a daughter.” and then we saw him risking everything for Steve, protecting him with everything he has, going to the most dangerous places of the world for him, giving him a family, someone he can trust 100%, who would never leave him, giving him his heart and, literally, a part of himself so he could live. What I’m trying to say is that they’ve always showed with these characters and this relationship what it means to really, really love someone. And I can’t deny that I’m worried about a possible Catherine return, but then I think about Catherine and her relationship with Steve, I think about all of her lies, even right to Steve’s face, I think about her always choosing someone or something else, always choosing herself over Steve, always willing to leave him behind, and I think that, yes, with Steve and Danny they’re showing us what is love, and with Catherine and Steve they showed us what’s NOT love. And I think, I hope, that love always wins.

  • Ron: Harry, mate. We have to talk.
  • Hermione: You know we love you, and we've always supported you.....
  • Ron: No matter how mad things got, we had your back.
  • Hermione. But we have a problem.
  • Hermione: We know you're doing your best--
  • Hermione: And we don't hold it against you--
  • Ron: But we thought we raised you better than this. I'm not mad, just very disappointed.

Shitshitshitshitshitshit. This was a terrible idea, you shouldn’t have agreed to go out tonight. 

“Daddy, I can’t find her!” The voice of your four-year old toddler echoed around the room as you tried your best to keep still. You hated ice-skating with a passion, but Harry – unlike you, he absolutely adored it. Unfortunately, the love for gliding across a slippery surface was genetic and it had been passed down to your daughter. 

“Well, we have to find mummy or else we won’t be able to skate!” Harry hummed, your heart hammering against your chest. This was even worse than being in a horror movie. “Love, we’ll find you sooner or later, so you better come out now..” 

“Boo!” You felt two little hands press against the back of your thighs as you shrieked, jumping ten feet into the air as you gasped for your breath. 

“Y/D/N, you scared mummy!” You grinned, grabbing her and poking at your sides. Y/D/N immediately began to giggle, pointing to something behind you. You turned around and saw Harry doing a silly little dance with a pair of skates. 

“They’re your size, babe.” Harry beamed, holding them out for you. 

“Harry.. I just.. I don’t want to fall..” You mumbled sheepishly. 

“As long as me and daddy are here, we’ll catch you!” Y/D/N grabbed your cheeks and squished them as you huffed playfully 

“Fine,” You agreed reluctantly. “But next time, I’m choosing what to do on family nights.” 


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3 exams down 2 to go !!