we have waited for this moment

Dialogue ideas

1) “If this is what i think it is we’re all going to die.”

2) “Look at this city! Look at what you’re doing! This is your home, how can you destroy it?”

3) “Care to explain why you burnt down my house?”

4) “I want to leave and never come back.”

5) “I was going to change the world. Then the accident happened and well … That was my fall from grace.”

6) “Don’t think for a moment you can manipulate me.”

7) “You are extraordinary, my darling. And together? Think of everything we could do!”

8) “We don’t have any time.”

9) “I’m so sorry the future isn’t what you want it to be.”

10) “This isn’t going to work, we’re going to fail again.”

11) “Do not lie to me.”

12) “Everyone wants something. So tell me, what do you want?” “I want them to burn.”

13) “This is going to sound bad but I accidentally blew up the school.”

14) “Go. Run. Don’t look back, don’t wait for me, don’t come looking for me. Just run.”

15) “It’s okay to cry, my love.”

16) “If you lay a hand on my family I will end you.” “You don’t have it in you.” “Would you really like to find out?”

17) “Am I the villain?”

18) “You’re a fool.”

19) “I didn’t come here to fight.”

20) “You came back.”

Okay this was so deliciously ridiculous and I loved it.

Maybe I’m just a sucker for the ‘seemingly unrelated storylines are actually connected’ thing or maybe it’s the meta writer pride stroke because the tattoo was significant and season 12 felt like a room with a tilted picture frame and now it’s back in place. And if you’ve been following me for a while, you might have grasped at some point that the witches-BMoL connection was exactly what you need to give me to make me a happy potato and I also spent season 12 waiting for the moment where we’d know Ketch and Rowena knew each other (as the most relevant characters on the two sides) and now I’ve been given it (with the promise of more).

If the amount of times where you go ‘oh, cool’ during an episode is a sign that the episode is well done, then I am sorry but I consider the episode well done. Maybe what makes me go ‘oh, cool’ is different than what makes you go ‘oh, cool’, but then let’s just shrug and go our ways. Why am I even saying this?

I am loving the ‘things that look like other things’ narrative this season, well, not that we didn’t know that the theme of the Dabb era is the area where the theme of reality and the theme of identity meet, right?

It also seems that the ‘things that look like other things’ is also applied to the narrative, because the episode starts with what look like separated storylines, but just like Arthur and Alexander are the same person, the storylines are the same story.

Dean’s gut is always right, have you noticed that?, the episode tells us, loudly, just in case you didn’t hear the first two billion times. Always appreciated. Wonder if he’s going to be wrong about one crucial point in the future.

Not many women in the episode, but the absence of Mary and Rowena was extremely present. (I am not talking about representation points here.) They were basically the two empty spaces of the episode - if you haven’t noticed, empty spaces are important these days - next to the empty space of Jack, and, of course, the big absence that floats over everything (and that connects Dean with Lucifer, interestingly) - God’s.

So, there are the themes of the episode that are the themes of the season: things that look like other things, empty spaces (absences), plus of course paradise. And if you want to consider it a theme, Dean’s instincts being right. Solid episode inside the season, imo.

Across the Divide

TITLE: Across The Divide

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Thirty-Eight

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki sneaking out of the palace as a youth to see the city and countryside, while out one day, he accidentally gets in trouble for something, but a young girl deals with the situation, allowing him to be left alone and his true identity be kept secret. She is a poor girl who is only in the city to sell goods with her father, so she does not realise it is Loki, even though she sees his face. They form a friendship as she shows him around the city, and tells him the date she comes to the city every month for a particular market.

RATING: Teen and Up

NOTE: I use a gif from Ragnarok here, it has nothing to do with the movie and reveals nothing of the plot of it, it is safe but funny. 

‘What?’ Ariella looked at Loki worriedly.

‘Come on.’ Loki grinned, trying to encourage her to consent.

‘Loki, I do not need a disguise.’

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What Happens on Thanksgiving: The One with the Friends Thanksgiving Episodes

Summary:  WHiV follow-up: Tom has some interesting ideas when it comes time to celebrate his first Thanksgiving.

Pairings: Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 4301

Warnings: Language. Fluff. I dunno, you be the judge.

Chapter 1  •  Chapter 2 •  Chapter 3  •  Chapter 4  •  Chapter 5  •  Chapter 6  Chapter 7  •  Epilogue  •  One-Shot: Thanksgiving

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Craig David has teamed up with Bastille for a song “I Know You” from his upcoming album “The Time Is Now”. 

“I’ve been a Bastille fan for a long time and we’ve been waiting for the right moment to collaborate,” Craig said. “I’m so excited to release this track and hope you love it as much as I do. Hearing Dan’s voice on this kind of record is a special moment, when we perform this live its going to absolutely go off, and I can’t wait to play it in my TS5 set this summer.”

“We’ve always been huge fans of Craig’s music and have become mates over the past few years after playing some shows together, so writing a song together in the studio felt completely natural,” Bastille’s Dan Smith added of the collaboration.

I seriously love this song. Not because I’m a Bastille and Craig David fan, but it’s because it genuinely is a TUNE! 

so after the birthright quest I had to draw this absolute kitten

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               “No, you utter moron.” Draco snarled out in a whisper. “The instructions clearly read to add one bat spleen not two.”

               It took a lot of self-control for Harry to reign in the urge to commit murder. There were too many witnesses and Snape would probably enact revenge before he could even blink. He had thought that maybe after the war things would mellow down between the two of them, but it would seem that arguing was the only familiar action either of them could resort to.

               “If your ginormous head and ego wasn’t in the way, I might have been able to see that.”

               Draco narrowed his eyes dangerously as he wondered if Snape would look the other way if he just dunked Potter’s head in the cauldron. It would have to improve the Gryffindor’s stupidly handsome appearance. Part of him—a small part—didn’t want to fight with the brunette but the rest of him loved the normalcy to it. The simple but yet established argufy.

               “I will have you know that my ego could do with more inflation and my head is proportionate to my body.” The ‘unlike yours’ was left out but Draco felt as if his point had been met.

               That had Harry arching a lone brow. “If you inflate your ego any more than it already is, I fear what will happen to the rest of us. We will be collateral damage to your impending disaster.”

               “Salazar, I swear if you don’t start improving our potion instead of standing around like the gaping fool that you are, I will—”

               “You’ll what?” Harry interrupted, folding his arms across his chest and glaring angrily.

               “Potter, quit talking and actually participate in today’s potion.” Snape’s voice rang out, catching the rest of the class’ attention.

               Before Harry could point out that Malfoy had been talking too, the man continued with a smirk. “Ten points from Gryffindor.”

               For a brief—nearly minuscule—moment, Harry thought about telling the man exactly what he thought of his unfair treatment, but common sense kicked in and he wisely kept his mouth shut. He had also thought that the man would improve after nearly dying but of course that was just asking too much.

               It wasn’t until Snape turned around that Harry looked back to the potion. He pointedly ignored Malfoy’s smug smirk.

               “Karma; such a beautiful thing.” Draco whispered, loving the way the brunette clenched his jaw angrily. Merlin, he never felt more alive than when he was baiting Potter.

               “I fucking hate you.” Harry whispered back, shaking his head firmly when the smirk widened. He was too distracted by the Slytherin’s pretentious but perfect teeth that it wasn’t until the cauldron emitted a horrible smell that he knew a mistake had been made.

               “I deserve an Order of Merlin for having to deal with you.” Draco growled as he shoved the other boy to the side and began trying to fix whatever the idiot just did.



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So Taylor’s been following me for over 2 years now and she’s showed up for me somewhat regularly ever since she followed me which I’m incredibly grateful for (like INCREDIBLY). When she did secret sessions last era, I didn’t even have a fan account for anything and I got all the news off insta and my best friends in real life @thislove-brittany and @thosegeorgiastars13 when we would come into school and talk about how some extremely lucky fans got to go into her home and hang with her for hours on end. At that point we all almost had to laugh because we live in Australia and we weren’t known AT ALL by Taylor and we just told ourselves it was such a far fetched dream it was ridiculous… Fast forward a few months later that next year in 2015, when Taylor followed me – I believe to this day she saw a photo of B, G and I posing as Bad Blood characters, and she followed me from that. So basically the first memory I have of Taylor acknowledging my existence was shared with my 2 best friends, but let me now continue with the story….

 On the 1st of January this year, I wrote this post: 

About 4 weeks ago, things at uni went downhill and I had quite literally hit rock bottom in terms of my stress and my future regarding uni. At the same sort of time Taylor had started joining people’s livestreams but she would do so between the hours of 3-7am Australian time so I just kept waking up to her lurking people and watching their lives while I had zero chances in the first place and it was there and then that I thought to myself ‘I’m never meeting her, I have negative hope that I’ll ever meet Taylor” and basically I spent a few days not logging in very much because I was so upset about everything and just didn’t want to bother. But then I started having so many fun events like friends and family birthday parties over those next few weekends and life felt a bit better. During one of those weeks, Taylor had seen 2 or 3 of my tumblr posts where I complimented people’s selfies and it hit me then that good things were still coming and that she still probably maybe had her eye on me (but it was still just wishful thinking). Then London SS happened and my best friend from England, Katy aka @ethereal-swiftness ended up meeting T and I’d sent her an ask about keeping the secret and Taylor saw that a day later and once again I really started to feel things again and it was almost as if right then I knew something was coming for me – like I just knew.

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What I’ve read #4

Fluent in 3 months, Benny Lewis.

The main ideas of this book:

“Stop making excuses. There’s simply no reason you “can’t” learn a new language.”

  • Your age doesn’t matter when it comes to learning a new language.
  • There’s no “ language gene” that you need to have. 
  • “I don’t have time” is an excuse, you can make time. Use even those only 2 free minutes if you have to.
  • We waste our time on social media, watching tv, youtube daily.

“When you are dedicated to a language, there is not a single moment to waste.”

  • You can learn languages for free. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on resources. The internet has many free resources, just as good as the expensive ones.
  • Don’t wait for the perfect course or time, there’s no such thing.
  • If you have problems with your learning/studying method, change it. It’s okay if you chose something that’s not working for you, you can use something else and see what works.
  • Speak a language from day one, don’t wait until you feel ready or until you’ve studied everything.
  • Be patient and focus on 1 thing at a time. 
  • There’s no “hardest language”. Ignore people who say there’s one.
  • Plateaus aren’t for forever. You can overcome them.
  • Perfect mastery is impossible.

“Applying higher standards to your target language than you would to your native language is overkill.”

  • If you get bored, stop and try something new. Languages aren’t boring and you don’t have to study them 24/7.
  • Stop fearing natives. They will talk to you. 
  • Don’t wait until you feel “prepared” to talk to natives. You’ll never feel that.

“Way too much emphasis is put on speaking with no accent, as if being a spy is the ultimate point of your language project rather than communicating with other human beings.”

  • If your family and friends don’t support your choice of learning a language, remember that there are many online communities who will support you.
  • Not everyone speaks English.
  • Technology will never replace learning a language. You can’t live through translations, you need to deal directly with the language.

“So much of human communication is about context, reading complex body language, and understanding the subtle meaning of pauses and volume to gauge someone’s feelings. This is incredibly hard to emulate with a computer.”

  • Don’t compare yourself to others. Your progress is yours, someone else’s progress is theirs.
  • You can learn a language that you’ve forgotten.
  • You can learn a language even if you have a disability. (this part of the book is really inspiring tbh)

“And if you are still in doubt about a particular setback that prevents you from learning a language, check out fi3m.com/ch–1 and find an even longer version of this list, watch some inspiring videos, and read stories from other struggling language learners and suggestions on where you can go for language advice.”

  • Pick a specific goal not only “Learn Spanish in 1 year”.
  • Everyone has a different definition for “fluent” and “fluency”.
  • The CEFRL System
  • Benny Lewis thinks that fluency starts from B2 and includes the levels from above.
  • You can’t achieve fluency if you don’t work!
  • If you’re new to language learning, aim for B1 in 3 months. 
  • If you learned a language before to a mastery level, then you can aim for 3 months since you have your metho to approach a language.
  • The title of the book was chosen because the author had only 3 months to learn his languages.

“There are seven days in a week, and “someay” isn’t one of them.”

  • Progress is progress, appreciate it even if you don’t achieve your main goal.
  • Choose mini-missions and be sure they are what you need.
  • Taking breaks is important and you won’t burnout quickly.

“Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most.”

  • Associate new words with images/stories if you want to memorize them fast.
  • Another way to learn fast new words is spaced repetition.
  • Sing in order to learn phrases.
  • Learn mini-scripts similar to real conversations.
  • Use memrise for learning words.
  • Try to immerse from home.
  • Couchsurfing.org
  • Use media to learn.
  • Use media to connect with people who can help you with your studies.
  • As a beginner is okay to translate from your native language to your target one.
  • Try to talk as much as possible in your target language.
  • Jack Sparrow method, when you’re hesitating, add some drama to your attitude and body language so you can get more time to think of what to say or remember something you forgot.
  • Ignore your shiness, go and say “hi” and make new friends.
  • Be active with your language. Use it as much as possible.
  • Learn cognates.
  • Learn modal verbs from the start. They are helpful in conversations.

[many pages with tips for some specific languages]

  • Always look for ways to improve.
  • If you want to reach C2, then traditional learning is helpful.
  • Have more complex conversations.
  • Use movies and books to reach C2.
  • Force yourself to think in your target language.
  • If you want to be mistaken for a native, act like them.
  • Master certain ways of talking if you want others to think you’re a native.
  • Learn the melody of the language.
  • Intonation can make the difference between being considered a native or a learner.
  • Many people can’t learn multiple languages at once.
  • If you learn a language through another one that you learne before, you might learn faster.

[long list with resources]

It was a very interesting lecture, i have to admit it. I think it’s a good book for reading. I might have got bored every now and then but in the end, i learned a couple of new stuff.

revenge [steve x henderson!reader]

premise: (name) wants to take revenge on billy. steve tries to stop her.

warnings: bit of swearing

a/n: what an overprotective sister
also, requested:  “Call me now. It’s urgent.” With Steve Harrington please? (Sorry I’m on a stranger things withdrawal!) (anon) / plz something with the reader being an overprotective sister for dustin!! (anon)

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Once Steve Harrington returns home he notices a small note fall from his backpack. Curious to what it may be – his first guess is a love confession or a number of some gal, – he picks it up, and greatly confused, re-reads it a few times before saying it aloud.

’Call me once you read this. It’s urgent’?” He stares into spaces before glancing down at the note. Who could’ve—Wait a minute! The blue ink, the swirls, the delicate and careful drawing of characters…This is no chicken scribble. And he knows only one person that actually tries to have nice handwriting!

(Name) Henderson.

Hurried and even a bit worried, he trots to the home telephone and punches in your household’s number. There are a few moments of tensed silence and static before you pick up.

Finally! What took you so long!?” Your voice echoes from the other end.

What?” Steve frowns, “Never mind that, what’s with the note? We in middle school, or something?”

“Meet me by the theatre in ten. I’m about to do something reckless.”

“…What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to fucking destroy Billy’s car.”

Beep beep beep. You hang up. And the telephone nearly slips out of Steve’s fingers.

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You Never Know

Originally posted by kings-of-my-heart

I just learned what a slow burn was. Thank you, internet.

Part 2

Part 1

| Steve Harrington x Reader |

Requested: Kind of…after I asked for people to make me continue this.

‘I think you should write the next part to You Never Know. It’s really good’

‘You should definitely continue “you never know”!! i just read it and i was going through your blog to see if there was a part 2’

Throughout your date, all you could really think of was what Steve would tell you. What was the real reason for hanging around those 14-year-olds that was so important, so outreach that you may not even believe him?

As Billy dropped you off, you turned to him giving him a smile, “I had a good time.” You really didn’t know what to think of it. Billy had his moments during the date. Little things would set him off but then it would be balanced out with a simple nice act like offering his jacket during the movie and making sure you were warm.

“I did too.” Billy hummed, lightly touching your cheek to tuck some strains of hair behind your ear. “You know, it doesn’t have to end here. We can just go somewhere where no one will bother us.” You gazed up at Billy, to lock eyes with each other. You began to fiddle with your shirt as your heart had quickened. Billy began to lean in to give you something to think about but you quickly got out of the car bending down to see him one last time.

“I’ll see you at school, Billy!” You exclaimed. Right before you could shut the door, Billy leaned over the seat to hold the door back for a moment.

“Hey, Y/N, wait!” Billy yelled, “Will there be a next time at least?”

“I don’t know, Billy.” Your lips curled into a smile, “Will there be?” Before you could get an answer from him, you walked over to your house to immediately go over to the landline.

“Y/N, you’re home.” Your mother watched as you quickly dialed the phone. “How was your date?” You tried to wave her away but she insisted that you would keep talking, “Who was it with again? Steve?”

“No, mom.” You sighed as you covered the phone just in case Steve picked up at the wrong time, “It was with Billy.” You uncovered the phone to see if Steve had picked up but it was still ringing.

“Was he at least a good date? A gentleman?” You mom persisted.

“Yes, mom!” You whined, looking at her with your eyes widened to show how annoyed with her you were getting, “He was a total gentleman! Can you leave me be, please? Steve wanted to talk about something major with me.”

“How come you haven’t gone out with Steve?” Your mother questioned, “He’s such a nice boy. I’ve always liked him.”

“MOM!” You covered your face. You hunched over bringing the phone to your ear, “Kill me, Steve. Come over and kill me.”

Your heart immediately started to do flips as you heard that chuckle of his. You felt your cheeks become fire as you couldn’t stop smiling to yourself, even though he hadn’t said one word. “Then who would I get to talk to?” Steve hummed.

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  • Matt Duffer: Alright Ross, we're gonna reunite Mike and Eleven and have their Snow Ball moment, Jonathan and Nancy will get together, Lucas and Max will kiss, and Joyce and Hopper-
  • Ross Duffer: Wait, Matt! Hold off on that last part.
  • Matt: Why?
  • Ross: I just realized this season finale is TOO satisfying. Let's hold off on making Jopper canon until season 3.
  • Matt: Good call. Can't have our fans be too happy.

anonymous asked:

Okay...weird shit happejed to you throuout yojr life, but has anything happened on Halloween specifically (other than you selling your soul to a demon)

Alright, it’s time for the requested and promised Ouija Board Story™

Listen, before I start this I wanna put a REALLY STRONG trigger warning on it- I really, truly recommend you not read this if you’ve been affected by suicide or get very easily freaked out by thoughts of death and the afterlife. I am not fucking kidding around here, okay? Someone in my family killed themselves over the summer and I’ve been trying so hard to not think about this whole event, because it’s terrifying to imagine anyone I know in this situation. Really think about it before you keep reading, okay? While this is an interesting and cool story I’m posting for Halloween, I don’t wanna get anyone too freaked out. If you think this is gonna mess with you or sit with you, just keep scrolling. 

This happened in 2015. My friend Zoe (@commando-rogers) decided to have some friends over for Halloween, because like, who doesn’t want plans on Halloween, right? Also there was Alexa (@starshiprangpr), Patricia (@trishaslats), Liz, and Ian (I don’t know if they have accounts if they do I’ll add them later). I’ve known these guys for years, so it was sure to be a fun night. 

Now, like. I’m bored with life. I’m freshly 20 years old. It’s Halloween. I’m dressed like Mabel Pines. I’m ready to fucking party. And we did have, you know, regular, normal fun at first- ate junk food, joked around, stuff like that. Average hangout. But then, a few hours into the night…Zoe pulls out a fucking Ouija Board. 

I’m immediately on the other side of the room, tbh. I’m very interested in paranormal stuff, and I was raised Catholic, and I’m also not a dumbass, so I know not to fuck around with Ouija Boards. You just don’t use them, ever! It’s never a good idea! Even if nothing talks to you through it, you’re still opening yourself up for something to happen. But I also knew this was five against one, so I didn’t stand much of a chance complaining. I conceded to watching whatever happens from a safe distance on the couch and not actually touching the board. Lord knows, I insisted, with my luck? Touching the board will get my ass possessed. 

The girls seemed to somewhat agree with me on that- Ian was the only person who agreed to use the board with Zoe. Ian’s a very smart, logical guy, you know, like the token genius asshole friend that you love to death even if he gets a little condescending occasionally? Love the guy. But he was pretty sure it was all bs and nothing would happen, versus Zoe’s deep belief in the paranormal, so they made a bit of a weird pair working the board. I remember texting my friend Raychel about what was about to happen, and getting the response “YOU MOTHER FUCKING WHITE PEOPLE FIT ALL THE HORROR MOVIE ARCHTYPES GET YOUR BULLSHIT TOGETHER AND DONT DO THIS”. And I agreed with her, honestly, but I did actually have a strong curiosity to see if anything would happen. Zoe had told me all about her trying to use the board by herself before (bad!!! idea!!!)- she said she never got any words out of the board, but her camera or phone or whatever she was trying to film the session with would always malfunction or die unexpectedly. No one expected what happened though. 

Now, before I really start, I wanna say- could this have all been an elaborate hoax by Ian or Zoe? Sure. Absolutely. Believe that if you want- but Zoe was so freaked out and even got all shook when we were going over details the other day, and Ian seemed really rocked, and honestly I can’t think of anything they’d get out of keeping up a ruse on it for two years now, especially when people they’re good friends with were literally crying during this mess, so…I really don’t think this was fake. Like, I want to believe it was fake. As I mentioned in the trigger warning, this has really stuck with me and been bugging me as of late, so if one of them suddenly fessed up that it was a prank? I would fucking jump for joy! But it doesn’t look like that’s the case (otherwise, they’re just, you know, dicks by this point). So, anyway, whether you believe it or not, just know that I am absolutely not lying about anything that happened in this story. I’m recounting everything truthfully. 

Okay, so…Ouija Boards have rules, you know? You have to be polite, say hello and goodbye even if nothing speaks to you, you have to keep at least two fingers on the planchette and ‘charge’ the piece, I’m not going over all the guidelines right now. And also, when a living person is manipulating the planchette…Like, you can tell. You can feel it. Zoe and Ian charged the piece, we all said hello, and we waited in silence. 

Zoe asked ‘Is there anybody here?’

Nothing happened for a long moment, but then…the planchette slowly started sliding towards ‘YES’. 

Ian was trying to look like his eyes weren’t wide, and going ‘Zoe! Zoe are you moving it!’ but Zoe was already having a mild freak out, her voice higher then normal and repeating ‘Holy shit holy shit holy shit!’ (like I said…she’s a deep believer in the paranormal). 

When it finally landed on yes, she took a deep breath and tried to seem a bit, I guess, politer. “Um, okay, hi, I’m Zoe? This is Ian and our other friends. What’s your name?”


Patricia made some joke about the name but got shushed. 

“Are you…usually in my house?”


“Are you…here for someone?”


We’ve only been at this for a few minutes and there was already that feeling in the air- you know, the one that gets over described every time anyone recounts a paranormal experience? Just a heavy feeling in the air, a twisted feeling in your gut, the feeling that someone is right behind you. Tension was building even though nothing had really happened to warrant it yet. 

“Who are you here for, Kevin?”

The planchette starts to slide towards the ‘I’. Cue to five girls yelling “IAN” in high pitched, worried (and some teasing) voices as the boy in question’s eyes are flying out of his head. 

It spells out the rest of his name. Zoe asks, “Is there anything you want to say to Ian?”


Me, an asshole who needed to cut some tension before she got sick: “Hello from the other side~~~~~~”.

Pillows were thrown at me.

The board respelled ‘Hello’. 

I will literally never forget the awkward forced smile on Ian’s face, or the raised eyebrows, or the way his confused voice cracked when he said, “…Hi, Kevin?” 


“How do you know Ian?”


Ian looked at is, giving an insistent whisper of “I don’t know any dead Kevins!”

That had us all stumped for a few moments, before “Do you think maybe like, past lives?”

Zoe asked Kevin if that was right. The planchette flew to the ‘YES’. 

“So Ian was your friend in his past life then? Who was he?”


“Evan! So how did Evan die?”


“Oh. Were you, like…with him?”


“How did you die then?”

Nothing happened for a few minutes, the piece didn’t move an inch. They recharged it and Zoe tried again. “Was that a rude question? Do you not want to talk about that?”


“I’m so sorry, we’re not trying to be rude.”


We started brainstorming for better questions (Zoe or Ian had to be the ones to formally ask, though). 

“Where were you from?”


“And what year did Ian die?”

(I’m going to admit here that I can’t remember the exact year, it was definitely around the 1920′s or 30′s, though. We all thought it was a bit odd that the death year wasn’t exactly close to Ian’s birth year)

“What year did you die?”

He spelled out the same year. 

“Oh? Um…how long after Evan did you die?”

A long pause, and then: …W…E…E…K. 

“But you didn’t reincarnate like Ian?”


“Why not?”

The board fell silent again. They recharged. “Sorry. Um…Why did you decide to find Ian in his current life?”


Before we could all start flat out cooing at that, it kept going, spelling out ‘…S…A…F…E.’

“Oh, so you’re his guardian angel?”



No response. “Okay…How did you know Ian was Evan?”


(cue everyone going ‘awwwww’) “You have the same eyes when you reincarnate?”


“So…what were you doing before Ian was born?”

It fell silent again. 

“Kevin? We’re sorry?”


“What did you mean by ‘close’ to a guardian angel? Are you not an angel?”


“So…what are you, then?”


“Okay, sorry. Um…Is anyone else here with you?”


“Who’s here with you?”



WHEN I TELL YOU WE SCREAMED. No one was Goddamn prepared for an answer like that! We’re just a bunch of asshole teens! None of us actually wanna die! What the fuck!!!! 

While we were all busy freaking out and trying to rationalize, Zoe managed to choke out a “Is…Death here for someone in this room?!”


“Is Death going to effect someone in this room?”


That got us to all calm down slightly, but….We were literally just told DEATH IS AMONG US. We were still freaking out, and were trying to figure out what Kevin meant by that. After a while though, something clicked. 

“Kevin? Does Death just have to be with you in order for you to talk to us?”







We all slowly recovered from that scare, a little more wary about pissing Kevin off but also…more curious, because there was a lot to ask and a lot he seemed to want to hide. 

“Um…so is Heaven and all that real?”

A very, very long pause. Zoe and Ian almost went to recharge and try a new question, but then it slowly slide over to ‘YES’. 

The pause seemed to make it clear it wasn’t something he really wanted to go into. But, “So…what’s Heaven like?”

A long pause. …D…R…E…A…M.

“…And…is hell real?”

The planchette immediately flew around the board, spelling: …N…I…G…H…T…M…A…R…E.

None of us really knew what to say about that. 

We asked a few more questions, but Kevin still didn’t want to talk about himself that much. He liked talking about Evan, though (After this night, we had a running joke for a little bit about ‘cant believe we’re shipping Ian with a ghost’. There were some ‘implications’ I remember we all picked up on) But he still avoided questions pertaining to him. Zoe had a very worried look on her face around this point. She had been very curious about Kevin’s unwillingness to talk about certain topics, and things were slowly piecing together in her mind. She tried once more to get answers. “Kevin, I’m really sorry for asking, but I just- Um, I’m sorry, but did you kill yourself?”

There was a bright flash in the room. 

That made everyone jump and look around- we had caught it in the window, but we couldn’t see anyone outside or around the house. Zoe’s parents and brother were upstairs. We couldn’t find anything that would have caused it. It was just a flash, but we were completely alone and with the timing of the question…Well, everyone was unsettled about it. 

We eventually settled back down and recharged the board. “Kevin?…Did you?”

Slowly, it slid towards the ‘YES’. 

“…Because Evan died?”


“And…that meant you couldn’t be reborn?”


“So…what happened?”

It stayed still. 

I had a very sick, sinking feeling in my stomach at this- I’d gone to Catholic school for 9 years, and I knew suicide is classified as a sin. In the more modern times the Church stopped being awful about it, always prayed for suicide victims and didn’t deny them burials anymore and always told the families the same spiel about being in God’s hands, but…It was still considered a mortal sin none the less. I told the group as much. 

Zoe said in a small voice “Were you…in hell?”

A long pause. ‘YES’. 


“Um…for how long?”


“That’s why you’re not a guardian angel then? Because you were in hell?”


“How did you…get out to find Ian?”


We’d all been on edge with the turn of the conversation, but that. Fuck. I nearly lost it at that. Zoe and the other’s asked who Lilith was, because she’s not common curriculum, but, well, short story answer- She was created before Eve, but she didn’t want to submit to Adam, so she was tortured to give birth to a dead child every day, but other accounts and stories of her do go on to say she became a lead torturer/essentially queen of hell. Fucking. 

Lilith let you out of hell?”


“Why? Like what for?”


“You don’t….You have no idea why they let you out?”


“So you found Ian and became his…Guardian demon? Is that a thing?”


“Does everyone have one?”


“Do I have an angel or a demon?”


Zoe, even though she’d been talking to a seemingly reasonable demon all night, looked a little worried about that. Back then we had a running joke in our friend group that Zoe was Satan, and well “Um, do I have a demon because of all the jokes I make?”


“Um??? I’m sorry? Fuck.” 

We were all a little #shook but trying not to laugh at the look on her face at that. She went on to check with Kevin that having a demon instead of an angel didn’t actually mean anything bad, she wasn’t in like, undead trouble or anything, the only difference is the demons are usually working off a debt or something versus the angels not…But when Zoe and I were going over this the other day, she did suddenly realize that she hasn’t made a single Satan joke since this night and she’d ‘feel weird if one was made now’. Make of that what you will. 

He said me and the other girls all had Angels (Shoutout to you, Sarah! I’m still kicking at 22!).

Patricia, however, wanted some proof that ‘Helena’ existed and was there for her. Which is reasonable. She asked if her angel wanted to tell her anything. There was a brief pause before the planchette spelled out: …E…R…I…K…I…S…G…O…O…D. 

We were y e l l i n g. Listen, I know that’s clearly not going to be convincing evidence to a bunch of random people reading this, but basically Erik had been dating her best friend at the time and she was just…Very worried about the relationship. Very worried. For many reasons.‘Erik is good’ is exactly the thing she needed to hear from a guardian angel. (And, spoiler alert from two years in the future: he IS good!) But like. She teared up hearing that. It was nice. 

We tried to stray into lighter topics than the whole hell thing, because, again, fuck- I remember thinking to myself at some point ‘this poor guy is after-living the plot to a really great book’- but none of us wanted to upset him again and none of us wanted to get anymore upset ourselves. Liz had already had a panic attack by this point (the hell talk obviously got to her), and she was actively trying not to sob as she asked if she could speak to any passed on family members. We were told pretty much everyone gets reborn and there was no one else around except for Kevin and the other guardians (and good ole’ Death, of course). 

Ian’s got a big birthmark on his face, right? It’s adorable and we often made a lot of jokes about it (fondly), so at some point, while trying to stay on lighter topics, someone asked ‘Did Ian have that birthmark in his past life?‘


Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard about that theory that birthmarks have to do with how you died in a past life, but….shook. We all started trying to figure out if we had any meaningful birthmarks. Zoe got further freaked out because she has one on her wrist and one on her temple. What the fuck did she theoretically get up to in a past life?

That was the last really substantial thing he gave us, all the other questions tapered off so we could try to pretend we hadn’t learned we were talking to a demon who went to hell for no seemingly good reason and also no one would be able to talk to dead loved ones. After we finally came to a loss for questions, and people started having to leave- we just did the proper ‘goodbye’ and everything, followed all the rules, put the board away and split up. Liz was still drying her eyes when she left. Ian was mumbling to himself and swearing up and down he didn’t fake all that.  Zoe was frantically researching the information we received and kept repeating that that was the craziest fucking thing that ever happened to her (and she actually did find some thread about guardian demons). We talked about it for a bit before I went home. 

And, it’s like…Again, this could be nothing. But it doesn’t feel like nothing. It feels like a shifted view because…Even if it’s not real, it’s still an outlook on the afterlife that I had never considered before, and it’s…horrifying? This whole night I’ve just never been able to shake, I can’t get it out of my head, because if it is true? Fuck. If it’s true, fuck. The whole drive home I couldn’t help but think ‘ignorance is bliss’. 

It just left me with so many questions, questions I literally don’t think you can get the answers to until it’s too late, and…I don’t know what to do about that. 

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Wtf I'm screaming Mandy

I’m mentally screaming a little bit but contained within the scream is the free flow of thought that goes something like wow this entire year has been about phil’s character growth and we all know that we all see the shifting change that apparently came hand in hand with turning thirty and whatever else has been going on in their life but seeing the steady progression of proof is still jarring because we as an audience just have ingrained in our mind that certain comments will bring with them a backslide or some kind of negative distancing because that’s just what we’re used to and for years that’s what we’ve got we just all collectively hold our breath at certain moments and wait to see the hesitation in their eyes or the gentle step back but we’re not getting that right now we might still for some things but it’s less and less of an expectation to the point where phil just laughingly read out a joke about them being married because of some domestic little incident that phil was so warm and excited over like it’s the kind of thing where we’d think ‘wow, married’ but to see him go ‘lmao right?’ it’s not like he’s saying We Are Married he’s just allowing it to not be an elephant in the room that he and dan do things like buy mince pies and rank them so next year they know which ones to get we can call it what it is now, cute and ~married and he’ll just go lmao yeah but– without even really pausing and i like this life i like this guy good job phil so yeah 

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How about Dean and Cas as University professors? Where one is a leather-jacket-wearing, motorcycle-driving badass and the other wears sweater vests and dorky glasses? And none of their students realize they're married until some event happens that ends with someone witnessing them kissing goodbye in front of one of their offices?

Gossiping is a powerful urge. University students are by no means exempt from it, despite ostensibly being intelligent adults. So when one sunny Monday morning, Professor Novak shows up to class with a visible hickey on the side of his neck, the rumor mill goes spinning out of control.

Because, yeah, Novak is good looking but he’s always seemed kind of… untouchable. Like a monk, but a hot one.

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Request ⇾ Hi! Can I request something else? Can you do a losers club x female reader where the reader is fearless and when they enter the neibolt house the reader screams ‘hey there demons it’s me ya girl’.

Warnings ⇾ literally none

A/N ⇾ this is meant to be taken w a pinch of salt, it’s just a lighthearted fic! Also, shoutout to my fave Shane for birthing this iconic quote!


“Wait…” Stan started, “Shouldn’t we, maybe, have some people wait outside? Incase anything bad happens?”

Bill stood for a moment, processing the request before nodding affirmatively, “Okay. Who wants to wait outside?”

As if on cue, all six of the other losers raised their hands with great speed. All except Y/N.

“Alright, boys, looks like I’m going to have to do this one myself.” Y/N said as she stepped up onto the front porch, walking around Bill.

“Come on then, Billy, or are you too scared like those wimps?”

Bill shook his head and began walking towards the entrance, side by side with Y/N. He pushed open the door earning a loud creak in return. This only caused the remaining losers outside to fret and panic more. A wave of relief shot over them as they realised they would not have to enter that goddamn house.

Bill ushered forward, signalling that Y/N could enter first. Secretly he was scared, but he wasn’t about to let that show. She walked in and scanned the bottom floor. There were cobwebs hanging everywhere and every type of rodent imaginable was crawling somewhere in that house.

Still not phased, Y/N shrugged her shoulders and switched on her torch. “Hey there demons, it’s me, 'ya girl.”

Bill couldn’t believe what he was hearing, how could she be so damn chill?

“Come on then, Bill. Let’s go kill us some clown demon.”