we have two copies for some reason

so, i’ve learned over the course of 10 episodes that pretty much… everything is important and may be relevant later.

episode 3, yuuri and nishigori have an interesting moment while discussing “eros”: yuuri says “i can’t copy victor, i’ll never surpass him that way” and nishigori responds, “wow, you really think you can be better than him some day?” and it becomes a comedic moment of “no no no!” “hahaha right how could someone as inexperienced in dating as you beat the hottest bachelor in the world”

which is interesting for two reasons. one, as we have obviously learned, yuuri is no longer inexperienced in dating and victor is no longer a bachelor, lmao. so nishigori’s tease on how yuuri could possibly perform “eros” better than victor is moot. additionally, yuuri doesn’t initially raise this “bettering victor” simply in terms of “eros.” he raises it generally - and then we have to think about episode 7, when he does the quadruple flip at the very end of his program, “which even victor nikiforov never attempted.”

it’s relevant to the grand prix final. i’m mildly stressed out about his short program in ep11, but this is fairly reassuring, because ep3 gave us “i bet everyone will say they’d rather see victor skate it” and i want the last time we see yuuri skate his SP to drive home that this program is his–and he does it now with the experience of romantic and sexual love. secondly, we’ve been outright told he has to heighten the difficulty of his free skate in order to beat JJ, whose own free skate was choreographed specifically to beat victor. ergo yuuri’s jump composition in “yuri on ice,” if he nails it (which we have to remember we haven’t seen him do yet, and i can’t believe we’ll go an entire series without seeing the titular performance done perfectly), will by proxy be his surpassing victor.

kick your fiance’s ass and make him proud yuuri