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I was going to tell my sister about how awful/amazing the Scooby Do and Kiss movie looks but I kind of stopped mid sentence. She said "Scooby Doo and Kiss? Is that like a pg version of Netflix and chill?"

Carl the Animator: “…that’s the funniest thing ever.”

Ted the Animator: “I won’t deny it… when I first read that, I nearly had a coffee spit-take all over the desk.”

Carl the Animator: “It should totally be a popularly-used expression.”

Ted the Animator: “She does have a Dalek in her photo… we should do whatever we can to appease her, who knows what she’s capable of!”

Carl the Animator: “…she has a what now?”

Ted the Animator: “She’s with a Dalek. Y’know, in her profile photo?”

Carl the Animator: “Huh?”

Ted the Animator: “…and to think you call yourself a geek, young man.”

Carl the Animator: “…wait, so when they had that shirt in the movie….”

Ted the Animator: “Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Carl the Animator: “Never woulda guessed!”

Ted the Animator: “That’s awesome, I totally thought it was called “The Tour” ‘cause they didn’t want to use real branding.”

Carl the Animator: “The movie just keeps yielding delightful surprises. I knew I submitted a copy to the Louvre for good reason.”

Ted the Animator: “…wait, you did what?”

Carl the Animator: “Don’t get your hopes up, they still haven’t replied to me.”

Ted the Animator: “It’s not our fault! Warner-Brothers sent us the wrong materials.”

Carl the Animator: “We had to MacGyver it a bit with the stuff we had, but it all worked out in the end… even if I still don’t understand half of its beautiful madness.”

Ted the Animator: “Close, for sure… it was from two years ago, but there have already been some more movies since then.”

Carl the Animator: “How many have we done since that, exactly?”

Ted the Animator: “Uhhhh… Lego Scooby-Doo!… Haunted Hollywood Scooby-Doo! and WWE: Curse of the Speed Demon… Scooby-Doo! Shaggy’s Showdown… and one coming up called S.C.O.O.B. that’ll release in 2018.

Carl the Animator: “…I don’t remember half of those.”

Ted the Animator: “Yeah… sometimes, I feel like our timeline is kinda wonky.”

Carl the Animator: “We’re the best, what can I say. They couldn’t find better animators if they tried.”

Ted the Animator: “I think it has more to do with the fact that we’re willing to put up with crazy scripts and deadlines.”

Carl the Animator: “We manage! Remember, kids… when life gives you deadlines you can’t beat, just fill up your project with basically anything, and no one’ll know the difference.”

Ted the Animator: “…I don’t think that’s accurate, beneficial, or legally-sound advice to be giving out.”

Carl the Animator: “Hey, it’s worked for drawin’ the historian guy in this episode.”

Ted the Animator: “…I’d prolly try to stop you, but those frames are so funny it would be a crime against humanity to make them go away.” 

Carl the Animator: “Hey, cool! We liked it, for sure.”

Ted the Animator: “It was an unusual experience… after a while, your brain just gets used to not having any dialogue you understand, and it all becomes a blur.”

Carl the Animator: “Polish Scooby’s voice acting was the best thing ever.

Ted the Animator: “Overall, I feel it’s the same experience as all foreign films… with a language barrier, it’s a lot harder to judge quality of acting. You can’t pick up on inflections and timing in the same way.”

Carl the Animator: “But sometimes, it sounds super funny, like when that one guy sounded like he was shouting “TACOS!”

Ted the Animator: “…sure. That too.”

Carl the Animator: “Yup, but sadly, still no reply from the Louvre.”

Ted the Animator: “It was something special, that’s for sure… fun to work on, especially when every single scene requires in-depth analysis to figure out what the heck is happening.”

Carl the Animator: “Basically a perfect movie. All it needed was dinosaurs.”

Ted the Animator: “Well, perfect is a stretch, especially with the female characters being handled a bit… gratuitously. I saw some guy named Colin write up a big analysis of it yesterday, which summarized it pretty well.”

Carl the Animator: “If he didn’t love the bikini gargoyles, he clearly doesn’t understand art.”

Ted the Animator: “I’m afraid he didn’t, and I think I agree with hi–”

Carl the Animator: “Ooh! OOH! Email from the Louvre!”

Ted the Animator: “…uh-oh.”

Carl the Animator: “…’does not fulfill our rigorous standards of artistic merit?’ Oh, what do they know.”

Ted the Animator: “Alas, bikini gargoyles can only get you so far, Carl.”

Shadowhunters characters

Everyone is always quick to say “Magnus doesn’t deserve to go through this”, and I agree, but neither does Alec Lightwood. Just because he is not perfect and makes mistakes doesn’t mean he deserves bad stuff continually happening to him.

I feel like most viewers don’t put themselves in his shoes. Lastest example: an evil psychopath, who has managed to trick everyone hundreds of times, tells you he is your boyfriend so you will let him free. And viewers wanted Alec to believe him just like that? That would have made Alec an idiot. Jace was right, Valentine has made weirder shit than finding out intimate stuff about a couple.

But now, once again, Alec is left feeling guilty for making a human mistake, if we can even call it a mistake.

And I’m conflicted about this. On one hand, I like Alec because he is not perfect, because it makes him more realistic and relatable than most characters on tv. He isn’t written as the best in anything, just a guy who tries his best. His superpower is to always try his best to protect those he loves. And it makes sense he makes mistakes because he is young, especially compared with centuries old Magnus, plus he doesn’t have any romantic relationships experience.

On the other hand, it’s getting quite repetitive, precitable and even irritating seeing Alec always being the one “letting others down”. I swear some characters in the show haven’t been shown making a single mistake in two seasons. And when they do they are quickly redeemed by some heroic act, which sometimes doesn’t even make any sense. Are we supposed to believe they are perfection personified? I don’t want the show to be an exact copy of the books, but at least in the books all the characters were realistic in that way, they all made mistakes at one point or another. It’s the only way to allow them to have some kind of character development. In fact, maybe this is one of the reasons Alec has had the biggest character development in show. For example, we have slowly seen him go from “go away, Clary”, to “stop being mean to Clary”.

I understand a show needs drama, all I’d ask for is mistakes, or “regrettable decisions”, not to always fall in the same one or two characters. Give Alec fans a break jeez


Technicolor was a series of processes used in filmmaking mostly between the late 20s and the mid-50s. There were several different processes used over that time period as technology improved, but in a nutshell they all messed around with color channels in various ways, attempting to reproduce colors correctly on a movie screen. We’re going to simulate the effect of one of those old Technicolor processes by…Oh, hey! Messing around with color channels! Imagine that! Then we’re going to screw around with layers to make things appropriately saturated and slightly blurry and vintagey-looking.

I’ll warn you up front that this is fiddly and subjective. I can tell you basically what to do and what to look for, but a lot of the steps are things you just have to fiddle with until it looks good to you. And this isn’t going to work on absolutely every pic. It has to be done on a pic-by-pic level. There are no universal settings in these steps that will work for all Sims pics. This is art, not science. That said, once you get the hang of it and memorize the steps, this takes less than a minute to do on a pic in its basic form. Really. I promise.

The instructions and pics in this are for/from Photoshop CS6. That said, there is nothing about this process that you can’t do in much older iterations of Photoshop, although there is one step for which the controls are significantly different in older versions. But I think you can muddle through fairly easily. And if you don’t have Photoshop I imagine other full-function image editors (GIMP, Paint Shop Pro,  etc.) have similar functions if you poke about a bit. The instructions are as detailed as I can make them. (And therefore this is very long and has lots of pics. I’m sorry.) So even if you have no real clue what you’re doing or why, I think you can follow along. The only thing it assumes you know how to do is open and crop/resize a pic in Photoshop. :) So here we go…

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How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (USA, 2003)

This week, not a special bonus edition of Romcomathon, but a regular edition featuring a special bonus GUEST!!!! Our friend Tillery passionately loves this movie, so we simply had to invite him to join us for this entry. In Tillery’s own words, “You know how people have seen Star Wars like 20 times, and everyone talks about the movie that they’ve seen the most? This is the movie I’ve seen the most. I was once dumped on my birthday, but the actual worst thing that’s ever happened to me was my disappointment that Fool’s Gold was not a worthy follow-up to this movie.” Tillery wanted to dress up for this event but, sadly, discovered that a Knicks jersey was probably too expensive an item to purchase for this one-off activity. Nor did he bring us a love fern. Shame on him.

Predictions: The three of us have all seen this movie several times. In fact, when Tillery eagerly accepted our invitation to join for movie night, he asked if he should bring the DVD or if we already had a copy, and we were like, “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, in fact we already have two copies, thanks.” We predict that we will have a great time watching this film.

“For some reason I was thinking it was only 90 minutes, and I’m so happy that it’s an hour and 55.” – Tillery, seeing the run time at the bottom of the screen.

Plot: First of all, if you haven’t seen this movie, you really should. This movie is fantastic. It is funny. It is charming. It is incredibly well-constructed. BUT FINE, WE’LL TELL YOU WHAT HAPPENS IN IT. (Tillery: “Even though you should already be watching it right now.”)

Kate Hudson is a ~*~serious reporter~*~ who happens to currently work at, well, Cosmo, essentially, under Bebe Neuwirth, who insists that she write only frivolous “How To” articles, while Kate Hudson would prefer to be bringing peace to Tajikistan. Because that’s what Tajikistan needs: a “How To” article. But one day, Kate Hudson’s excessively pathetic friend/coworker Kathryn Hahn gets dumped yet again, because she is leading her excessively pathetic life in what appears to be an old lady’s apartment (clearly murdered someone and stole their identity AND THEIR CLOTHES) and doesn’t know how to not terrify men, and Kate Hudson has a stroke of inspiration. Her next article will be “How To Kathryn-Hahn Your Way Out Of A Relationship,” or, as Bebe Neuwirth more succinctly names it, “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days.”

Enter Matthew McConaughey, an ambitious advertising executive who’s looking to stop selling athletic gear and start selling ~*~DIAMONDS~*~. He somehow finds his way into a bet with his boss (and his one-dimensional conniving colleagues) that he can make any woman fall in love with him, because APPARENTLY that is precisely the skill one needs to successfully advertise diamonds. Bit of a leap in logic? Sure. But we must accept this premise in order to move forward with this charming film, and so we shall.

That night, at the bar, both Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey are scoping for prey. With a little nudge from Conniving Colleague #1, they find each other. They immediately hit it off and spend the rest of the evening together, during which they hatch their respective plans. Matthew McConaughey is playing the slow game, if you can call falling in love in 10 days slow. Kate Hudson intends to transform into a crazy person the very next day, driving him away as quickly as she can. Shenanigans ensue, for approximately the next week. Kate Hudson gets more and more psychotic, to the point that, if we were Matthew McConaughey, we might pursue a restraining order or seek to have her seen by a physician, while Matthew McConaughey does everything possible to accommodate her, including accompanying her to a Celine Dion concert and allowing her to name his penis. Yikes.

Eventually, Matthew McConaughey reaches his breaking point, and they almost break up, but then his coworkers persuade him to hang in there – just four more days!!!! They go to couples therapy at Kathryn Hahn’s apartment, and Fake Dr. Kathryn Hahn, to Kate Hudson’s horror, encourages them to visit his family in Staten Island.

♫ Staten Island, where people fall in love! ♫

On Staten Island, we meet Matthew McConaughey’s family, which is weird, because his accent up to this point would have led us to believe his family was in Texas. His mom also sounds pretty Southern. Where is this family from?? Maybe they…recently moved???? These linguistic quirks, however, do not bother Kate Hudson, who quickly bonds with his family over a game of Bullshit. “Oh no!” Kate Hudson realizes. “I’m lying to all these generous-spirited blue-collar folks!” And then a montage, in which she appears to have dropped her psychotic personality entirely, and falls in actual love with Matthew McConaughey. Kissing!

At the end of the weekend, however, they must return to the city, where their 10 days is up. Matthew McConaughey invites Kate Hudson to the…diamond party???? while Kate Hudson tries to persuade her boss to let her off the hook on the article. No such luck, of course. Bebe Neuwirth is a professional, and so are you, Kate Hudson. #journalistic integrity

Nonetheless, they attend the diamond party, and things seem to be going well at first. Matthew McConaughey’s boss (a love expert, apparently) meets Kate Hudson and confirms that she is indeed in love with Matthew McConaughey, although she tries to deny it, because she knows that falling in love with someone after 10 days is utter insanity. Enraged by Matthew McConaughey’s happiness and success, Conniving Colleagues #1 and #2 then trick his dumb coworkers into discussing the bet WITH KATE HUDSON. WHY SO DUMB, DUMB COWORKERS???? At the same time, an unwitting Bebe Neuwirth tells Matthew McConaughey what Kate Hudson is up to. Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson are both mad and make a ginormous scene, including an off-key duet of “You’re So Vain.” Kate Hudson storms off, and all is lost.

Soon after this, Kate Hudson turns in her article to Bebe Neuwirth. She has written the whole story, including the twist ending of, gee, maybe one shouldn’t casually torment others for magazine research. Bebe Neuwirth LOVES IT!!!! but she still won’t let Kate Hudson write about Tajikistan, so Kate Hudson quits. Matthew McConaughey, magically basically at the exact right moment, reads this article and realizes that Kate Hudson really did love him. WELL, THEN. HE HAD BETTER LEAVE WORK AND RUSH TO HER SIDE IMMEDIATELY. What?? She’s no longer employed at Essentially Cosmo???? She’s moving to DC?? He must chase her cab through New York City, dangerously bang on her window from his moving motorcycle, and force the poor cabbie to pull over so he can declare his love on the side of a bridge!!!! Yup. He does that. And then, they are together and everything is perfect, except for that poor cabbie, who has to just hang out while these two idiots work out their feelings.

Best Scene: The three of us are all huge fans of the Staten-Island sequence. Kat and Alex’s favorite part is the shower scene, in which Kate Hudson talks about her feelings, and then they make out. Tillery, on the other hand, wept (twice – we did some instant replay) at the Bullshit scene preceding this, when Matthew McConaughey’s blue-collar mom hugs Kate Hudson and tells her not to break Matthew McConaughey’s heart. (Apparently, prior to this moment, Kate Hudson had not considered that he was a human being who might have feelings. What a beautiful sociopath.) Non-Staten-Island runner-up: the scene where Kate Hudson attacks Matthew McConaughey and names his penis. So funny, you guys. So insane, but so funny.

Worst Scene: Because all the bizarre shit that happens in this movie is fairly well-justified, there really aren’t any full scenes that we don’t like, but there was a moment in the bar when Matthew McConaughey was unnecessarily rude about a fat girl. We did not like that.

Best Line: “Tone-deaf and drunk is not a good combination.” – Matthew McConaughey’s coworker, cringing at the Matthew McConaughey/Kate Hudson duet. Runner-up: “Our kids are really…attractive.” – Matthew McConaughey, when Kate Hudson shows him the truly horrifying, Photoshop-composited faces of their future children. Not so much the line itself, but the combination of the visual and the delivery. Is pretty fabulous.

Worst Line: Besides the fat-shaming moment we already mentioned, pretty much every line of this movie is fucking amazing. Even the side characters have such fantastic little zingers. We maybe did get a teeny, tiny bit embarrassed for Kate Hudson when she said, “I meant every word,” near the end on the bridge, but, even that, we were mostly willing to buy.

Highlights of the Watching Experience: “This man won an Oscar.” – Alex, marveling (not for the first time on this blog) at Matthew McConaughey’s, you know, existence. “If comedies were more respected, his role in this deserves an Oscar.” – Tillery, in response. “Look at these two Knicks lunatics!” – Alex, appreciating Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson’s obvious compatibility. “Yes, they belong together. No one else wants these people.” – Tillery, in response, really earning his nonexistent fee for being here tonight.

How Many POC in the Film: Kate Hudson’s upbeat coworker. One of Matthew McConaughey’s conniving colleagues. Various people at newsstands, in kitchens, on the street, and at the party. Most of the Knicks.

Alternate Scenes: This movie is perfect as it is. However, we would be curious to see a 2017 adaptation, in which Kate Hudson, instead of moving to DC, just goes home and starts a blog. We would also watch a sequel about Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey’s domestic bliss, but only if it featured a scene in which Kate Hudson discovered blogging in approximately 2005.

Was the Poster Better or Worse than the Film: Worse. The poster begs the question of why you would put a blonde person in a yellow dress against a yellow background. The movie shows us that, in fact, blonde Kate Hudson, at least, looks amazing in this yellow dress. Also, as Tillery helpfully points out, the tagline on this poster is, “One of them is lying. So is the other,” which, seriously. This could be the tagline for almost any movie.

Score: 10 out of 10 ~*~serious reporter~*~ smooches. This movie, you guys!!!! Kate Hudson is fantastic. Matthew McConaughey is fantastic. And they are both such appropriately motivated people, with non-romantic goals that come PERFECTLY into conflict. It’s amazing.

Ranking: 2, out of the 76 movies we’ve seen so far!!!! It was surprisingly close, dear readers, between this and Bridget Jones’s Diary! We’ve always loved this movie, but doing such a detailed watch-and-commentary on it really highlighted for us anew how perfect it really is. Let’s say “really” some more. Really.

Thanks for joining us, Tillery! If any of our readers would like to further read Tillery’s hilarious commentary on the world, he can occasionally be found on Twitter. Follow him, guys! He is a delight. Also, if you invite him over to watch a movie, he’ll probably cry. If only Titanic were a romantic comedy – he would 1000% be our first choice as a guest on that entry.


Hi everyone!! After lovingly packing and filling out/sorting shipment information for every zine we are happy to announce that ALL copies of “Faster than a Bullet: a Mcgenji Zine” have now shipped!!! We couldn’t be more thrilled for you all to receive your copies.

Unfortunately we could not send tracking info on every package and we do apologize for that! We shipped these locally and are still learning the ropes of shipping things out – we’re just two people after all! If for some reason after a month’s time you have NOT received your copy please send us a copy of your tictail receipt to: mcgenjizine@gmail.com

Our next update will be a final tally of what we’re donating to the ACLU thanks to your patronage, and after that IF there are extra zines after Otakon, we will also put them online! We have a VERY limited amount so if you wanted a copy and will be going to the con please seek our table out!

Thanks again!! Until next time ❤️

Request: Can you do one where the reader is a friend of Charlie's, and Charlie is staying with Sam and dean, and she goes to find charlie (i don't know how) and dean likes her? Sorry if its weird!

This was apparently where Charlie was. Your best friend in the whole wide world had fallen off the face of the Earth. At first you were worried, scared for her safety even, but then she’d sent you an email asking about her LARPing! The nerve! Needless to say, you’d quickly traced he email, and found where she was.

You got out of your car and walked to the door. You banged on it, trying to convey annoyance through the door. “Hold on, Jesus!” A deep voice, definitely not Charlie’s, exclaimed. The door opened and a stupidly attractive man with bright green eyes stood before you. “Who are you?”

“Y/N.” You said, ogling at his beauty for a moment. Then you remembered why you’d shown up, and said, “Is Charlie here?”

“Uh, yeah, but-”

“Charlie Bradbury! You get your ass over here or I will tell the kingdom you died!” You yelled past Mr. Attractive. You heard somebody running, and the familiar red head looked at you.

“Y/N!” She squealed, opening her arms for a hug.

“Oh, no.” You said, crossing your arms. “You ditched me! I thought you were dead! Then you emailed me asking about LARPing? What the Hell?”

“Sorry.” Charlie said, giving you her puppy dog eyes.

“You’re such a bitch!” You exclaimed. Then hugged her tightly. “And I hate you.”

“Aw, I hate you too.” She said, squeezing you tightly.

“Um, I’ll just… Go away.” The attractive guy said awkwardly.

“Oh, Dean!” Charlie exclaimed. “Dean, this is my best friend Y/N, Y/N this is Dean. He’s like my brother." 

"Best friend?” Dean asked, a light sigh escaping his lips.

“Yup. Nice to meet you. And sorry about barging in here. I was ready to kill Charlie.” You said, shaking his hand. 

“No problem. She can get pretty annoying.” Dean replied, smirking.

“Oh, Y/N, you have to meet Sam!” Charlie said excitedly, grabbing your hand and pulling you into the building. 

Charlie brought you into a large library, and you saw a man hunched over a book. “Sam, this is Y/N.” Charlie said, and the guy looked up. He was attractive as well, although the guy at the door caught your attention a little bit more. 

Then, the guy stood up. Holy Shit. You had to crane your neck to look at him. “Hi.” He said, offering you his hand.

“Hi.” You replied, shaking it. “This is an amazing library.”

“Thanks!” Sam exclaimed, looking around proudly. 

“So, Charlie, you still haven’t told me why you left.” You said, looking at her for an explanation.

“I had to help Sam and Dean.” She said.

“No offense, but that is a really shitty excuse. So, in order for me to forgive you, you owe me a burger and beer.” You replied.

“Harsh, yet fair.” Charlie said with a laugh. “Next chance I get, I’ll buy you some food.”

“So, Y/N, how do you know Charlie?” Dean asked, sitting on a couch, and motioning for you to sit in an arm chair.

“Well…” You started, taking the seat. “I was at a bar, and she hit on me. I turned her down, and she walked away. Then, later that night, some idiot tried to pull me out of the bar with him. I punched him in the face, then his friend tried to punch me back. Charlie swooped in an hit the guy right in the throat, and we both ran out of the bar giggling like idiots.” Charlie sat on one of the arms of the chair, and had started laughing at the memory, making you laugh with her. Once you’d finally stopped laughing enough to talk, you asked, “So, how do you guys know Charlie?”

Sam and Dean exchanged a quick glance, and Sam licked his lips in a seemingly nervous gesture. “Uh, she helped us once on some business.” Dean said.

“Guys, it’s fine, she knows about hunting.” Charlie said.

“Oh, you’re hunters!?” You asked. You weren’t a hunter, but Charlie had told you all about the scary things that go bump in the night, and just how real they were. It took you about a month to actually believe her, but you thought hunting was just about the coolest, most selfless thing anybody could do.

“Charlie, we told you not to tell anybody.” Sam chided.

“Yeah, are you?” Dean answered you.

“No, I’m no good at fighting-” You started to answer.

“That’s total bullshit!” Charlie exclaimed, interrupted you. “You should see her when we LARP, she uses a sword like it’s attached to her arm!”

“There’s a difference between hitting some nerds with a fake sword and hitting a very real, very tough monster with a real one!” You responded.

“Not really! The technique is the same!”

“But a sword won’t work on every monster!”

“But you can fist fight well too!” Charlie reminded you.

“Oh, right, I’ll just go punch the first ghost I see.” You said, rolling your eyes and injecting sarcasm into your voice.

“If you use an iron ring, you could!” She agreed.

“It’s pointless to argue with you.” You sighed, giving up.

“I’m glad you’ve come to your senses.” Charlie said, nodding in approval.

“Wait, so you’re not a hunter?” Sam asked.

“No.” You clarified. “Charlie just likes to insist that I become one.”

“She would be good at it!” Charlie added. In reply, you hit her in the arm with your elbow. She jabbed her elbow back at you, but you leaned forward, and her momentum carried her onto part of your chair. 

“What’s the scariest thing you even hunted?” You asked.

“I don’t really know.” Sam answered, looking to Dean.

“It’s a hard question.” Dean stated, thinking of the proper answer. “Well,  demons are like people, but stronger and they usually have more resources. Ghosts can just freaking appear, but it’s pretty easy to kill them…” Dean went on to explain how certain monsters were harder to fight, while others were fairly simple. It was fascinating. Part of the whole hunter thing you loved most was the lore behind it. You had to know all about monsters and how to kill them.

You hadn’t realized how long you’d talked to Dean, but when you finally stopped looking at him and looked around the room, Charlie and Sam had left. Dean noticed at the same time, and laughed quietly to himself. “Sorry, I get kind of excited talking about this stuff.” He said.

“Oh, I don’t mind!” You assured him. “It’s kind of awesome. I mean, you guys kill things that would send anybody else screaming for the mommy.”

“Well, when you put it like that, you make the job seem pretty cool.” Dean said. “Hey, you hungry? It’s almost eleven, but I’m starving.”

“Oh, thank God you said something. I thought I was gonna have to awkwardly ask for food.” You joked, and followed Dean to the kitchen. 

“Let’s see what we’ve got.” Dean said to himself. “What do you like to eat?”

“Everything.” You answered easily. You’d never come across something you couldn’t eat.

“You down for some ice cream?” He asked, pulling out a container of chocolate ice cream.

“Hell yeah!” You exclaimed. Dean grabbed two spoons and walked to the kitchen table and sat down. You copied him, and scooted your chair closer. “What? No bowls?” You teased.

Dean’s face seemed to grow a shade brighter, but he shrugged. “If we use bowls, we have to do dishes.” He reasoned.

“Cute, a hunter, and smart? Wow, you’re a triple threat!” You joked, not realizing that you’d just blurted out how awesome you thought he was. Dean smiled at your compliment, but didn’t comment, which you were thankful for. Dean was obviously attractive, but then he started talking, and he became just shy of god-like quality.

You spent another two hours sitting in the kitchen with Dean. You both slowly at the ice cream, not wanting to finish it, because then the moment would be over. You told Dean about your life, and he told you more about lore and hunts he’d gone on. After only an hour of badgering him, he also opened up about his life. You quickly fell in love with Dean, and tried not to let the disappointment you felt show on your face, as your spoon scraped the bottom of the ice cream container.

“It’s really late.” Dean stated, looking at a clock.

“Time flies when you’re having fun.” You remarked, earning a smile from him. Then, Dean started to laugh. “What?” You demanded, his laughter making you smile.

“You’ve got some chocolate on your face.” He explained.

Your face turned a light shade of red, and you wiped around your mouth. “Gone?”

“No, to the left.” He answered. You moved your hand to the left and wiped, but Dean just shook his head. “Here, let me.” He said, then leaned over to you, putting one hand on the table to balance himself, and the other wiped under your lip on the left hand side. 

You couldn’t stop yourself from staring into his bright eyes, and his eyes never left yours, either. He glanced down at your lips, and smiled. “Am I good?” You asked.

“Yeah, you’re good.” He said, but he didn’t move. Your faces were only a few inches apart, his breath brushed against your skin, and your heart rate increased greatly.

You couldn’t help it, you looked down to his lips for a second. They looked soft, but strong, and you just wanted them to be against yours. You brought your eyes back to Dean’s, and realized that he’d been looking at your lips. You were never good at taking risks, but with Dean, you needed to. You leaned forward, and he did too. Your lips almost touched, then his forehead hit yours, making you pull back. 

“Oh, shit!” Dean exclaimed, standing straight up. “Sorry! I don’t know… I’ve never… I’m a really good…” Dean couldn’t find the right words, and his face burned a furious red.

It would have been mean to not kiss him, and let him ramble on like that. You quickly stood up and wrapped your arms around his neck, then pushed your lips to his. Your assumptions were right, and Dean kissed you passionately, running his hands up and down your back.

You both pulled away in need of oxygen, smiles plastered over your faces. “So, um, would you like to stay with me? And I’ll teach you to hunt?” Dean offered.

“That’d be great.” You agreed, and kissed him again. 

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Why We Don’t Mention Openbound

Hey everybody, Grand Archivist Cory here. I figure now is as good a time as any to address this since I’ve finally settled into my duties with scheduling here at Voxus. It’s time to come to the hard question: Openbound, or rather why we tend not to openly discuss it. First off, I want to emphasize: this is not news on Openbound. I love you all to bits and pieces, but I don’t want to set deadlines for the rest of the group, and we’re all pretty wary of making a promise that we can’t keep. My scant few months with the group as archivist, scheduler, and social media manager (at least when it comes to notifying people about videos and streams at regular intervals) have given me a pretty good understanding of Voxus, so I think at this point that it’s important to open the door in the name of transparency and understanding to talk about why we generally don’t talk about Openbound, as well as a couple facts about it, just for elaboration’s sake. Starting under the read more:

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RP Theft Altert: Heroes of Humanity

It is saddening that I have to make another post like this, but its been brought to my attention that the RP Heroes of Humanity consisting of several of our former members and some old mods have stolen a large amount of creative property from Save This City and our previous RP, Into Each Generation. And we aren’t the only ones who have noticed. Here is an ask that was sent days before any of us found the RP.

Each mod of this RP is one of our previous members. Some members are our old mods. These were mods who were recent additions to the team when our structures had been in place for some time, not mods who brought those ideas to our games. I believe this is an important thing to distinguish.

Just a small number of things they have stolen are:

  • Similar themes and color scheme and both comic themed RPs
  • Similar rules format and near identical wording in places, all in the same order
  • Use of “seasons” for telling plots
  • Plots of the Week
  • Previouslys
  • Our etiquette guide
  • Our locations format
  • Online interactions with person to person interactions only allowed to take place in chatzy or para.
  • Costumed/Masked PMs to differentiate personas
  • An OOC quotes tag on the main.
  • Para mashups
  • In character questionnaire challenges
  • Same character bio format and use of both tags and singular character pages for preferences (most rps use one of the other)
  • Same relationships, triggers page and follow page formats (all the same categorization and formatting)

Some of these are minor things and some far larger but the fact all these things exist in the same RP and our statcounter shows them having been stalking our page (which we will not post screenshots of for privacy reasons) indicates they have almost identically copied our whole structure and mode of operation. A lot of this is very unique to our games, which have been around for over two and a half years now. Some RPs do one or two of these things, but no other RP does them all, in the exact same way. We will always say that we don’t mind the occasional idea being used for inspiration here and there and have given previous games and mods permission to implement some of our ideas in the past. A problem arises when someone copies almost our whole game identically.

We also have reason to believe the members of this RP have been spreading discord, attacking our mods in their OOC chat and spreading rumors that have disrupted the course of our game and begun to create an unsafe environment for our players. This is not acceptable. I urge anyone who is considering joining this game to think twice before doing so. I have included screenshots below as evidence. Please reblog and get word out.

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so, i’ve learned over the course of 10 episodes that pretty much… everything is important and may be relevant later.

episode 3, yuuri and nishigori have an interesting moment while discussing “eros”: yuuri says “i can’t copy victor, i’ll never surpass him that way” and nishigori responds, “wow, you really think you can be better than him some day?” and it becomes a comedic moment of “no no no!” “hahaha right how could someone as inexperienced in dating as you beat the hottest bachelor in the world”

which is interesting for two reasons. one, as we have obviously learned, yuuri is no longer inexperienced in dating and victor is no longer a bachelor, lmao. so nishigori’s tease on how yuuri could possibly perform “eros” better than victor is moot. additionally, yuuri doesn’t initially raise this “bettering victor” simply in terms of “eros.” he raises it generally - and then we have to think about episode 7, when he does the quadruple flip at the very end of his program, “which even victor nikiforov never attempted.”

it’s relevant to the grand prix final. i’m mildly stressed out about his short program in ep11, but this is fairly reassuring, because ep3 gave us “i bet everyone will say they’d rather see victor skate it” and i want the last time we see yuuri skate his SP to drive home that this program is his–and he does it now with the experience of romantic and sexual love. secondly, we’ve been outright told he has to heighten the difficulty of his free skate in order to beat JJ, whose own free skate was choreographed specifically to beat victor. ergo yuuri’s jump composition in “yuri on ice,” if he nails it (which we have to remember we haven’t seen him do yet, and i can’t believe we’ll go an entire series without seeing the titular performance done perfectly), will by proxy be his surpassing victor.

kick your fiance’s ass and make him proud yuuri