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Hiiiii if it's not too much, can you do a Niall one where your his best friend and asks you to be date for the CMAs bc he knows you're a country music fan??

Sorry it took so long, but I made it a little romantic :) Hope you enjoy!

CMA 2017

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Long Way Forward - Part 5

Thank you for reading this serie. Part 5 is one of my favourites, it’s longer than the others.



Useful information:
Harry Styles × Y/N
You are a famous singer, and your album has just been released. The story starts when you are a guest on the Late Late Show by James Corden, who you’ve met years ago on the set of Doctor Who, when you tried a little bit of acting.
Warnings: None, I don’t write explicit content

The day came. Harry promised you. It was the day Niall had a party and Harry invited you as his plus-one. He didn’t tell Niall because you were the surprise. You prepared by making your own ‘I love Niall Horan’ t-shirt. You always loved painting your own t-shirts. It went under your multicolor sweater. Harry came to pick you up. He never saw before where you live. He rang you.

‘I’ll let you in, I need five more minutes.’ and you pressed the button to open the gate.

He raised his hands to knock when you quickly opened the door. You saw his hand in the air and laughed.

‘Ha! I was watching you!’ You were quite hyped which he found funny. ‘You can put your hands down now, you know.’ you said.

‘I assume you’re a little hyped.’ he said smiling, while you let him into the living room. You two hugged, which seems to be a little longer every time. He sat down on your comfy maroon couch.

‘Yeah, I feel really good lately.’ you shouted from your bedroom, where you finished your makeup.

‘Nice place, you have.’ he looked around, and stood up to see the framed pictures on the fireplace.

‘Thanks, mate!’ you shouted back. He recognized you on most of the pictures. And seeing you younger made him smile.You were back in the living room watching him watching you on the pictures. It was lovely to see that. He looked at you.

‘Ah, sorry. I didn’t hear you come back.’ he said realizing the moment.

‘S fine.’ you said smiling. You stepped closer to him, still looking in the eye. You stared each other’s eyes for long, and Harry moved a little closer holding your hands, and started leaning in, but you got scared of the situation, and turned your head away. You moved closer to the table where your bag was.

‘Probably we should leave now to arrive on time. Look I made myself a tee.’ and you showed him the tee you were wearing. He still tried to pull himself together after what happened just a minute ago.

‘Damn. It’s amazing! You made it yourself?’ he asked.

‘Yes, I love painting t-shirts.’ you replied.

‘Well, another thing I didn’t know.’ he said now smiling.

You sang along every song that came on the radio while driving to Niall’s. The awkwardness went away and you were happy being together.

You arrived and Niall opened the door for you. When he saw you, his jaws dropped, he couldn’t believe his eyes. He looked at Harry and you then back to Harry and you again.

‘Mate!  You could’ve leave a hint that you’re bringing her!’ he pouted to Harry.

‘Well, it’s nice to meet you, Y/N. I’m Niall Horan and I’m your biggest fan.’ he said to you.

‘Ayee! I’m her biggest fan!’ shouted Harry.

‘Well, Niall, it’s nice to meet you too.’ You said. ‘But, I think I win the prize for biggest fan here tonight.’ you said while taking off your sweater, exposing your ‘I love Niall Horan’ t-shirt.

‘Noooo waaayyy!!’ Niall screamed like a fangirl.

‘Okay, I’m done. I’ll leave you two together.’ pouted Harry and went inside the house.

You and Niall were laughing while going in. You met the others inside. Liam and Louis were there too. You went to say hi to them. You stopped for a moment because all four of them were standing there, and it made your heart melt. Niall, Louis, Liam and Harry. They looked at you, and you realized you stood there like a creep.

‘Sorry. I was just… it’s the four of you standing here in front of me. I haven’t seen anything like this for two years, you know.’ you said with awkwardness.

‘Awwwww’ Louis pulled you into a hug, ‘Come here, love.’ you became a total fangirl this moment, LOUIS BLOODY TOMLINSON hugging you. Then Liam introduced himself to you also.

‘Well, a lot of girls would kill for being in my place tonight.’ you laughed as the five of you started talking.

‘I can see you’re a fan of someone special here.’ you heard the teasing in Louis’ voice. You blushed and said: ‘Yeah, Harry and I made a bond quickly, I’m happy we finally met.’ They all looked at you, and something was strange in their looks. You didn’t understand. Louis started talking first:

‘Love, I meant your t-shirt, but it’s really good to hear you and Harry are getting along.’ You blushed even more. The t-shirt! Ahhhh, you exposed your feelings. Great!

‘Oh, I … Well … my t-shirt, yes I love Niall, of course. Damn. I should shut my mouth for tonight.’ They all laughed. You looked at Harry, he was looking at you. You rolled your eyes and shook your head and laughed with them.

‘Can I get you a drink?’ Harry asked you as the others went to talk to others.

‘No, thanks. I don’t drink.’ you said and he looked questioningly at you.

‘I mean sometimes I do, but not really more than a pint or a cider, maybe a good liquor. But mostly I don’t drink at all.’ you said. ‘I like knowing about what I do.’ you added.

‘Fair enough.’ he stated. ‘Well, I can’t drink, because I promised to drive you home.’

‘Oh, then we have to be sober together, it’s so sad.’ you said with sarcasm, then you both laughed. You chatted with different people that night, but you and Harry always managed to stay close. There was once, when you saw Harry go away, and you tried to see where he went but couldn’t find him. Some minutes later you saw him talking to Niall, and you exchanged looks a few times. You couldn’t hear what they were talking about.

Meanwhile, Harry and Niall’s conversation:
‘So, are you dating or something?’ Niall asked Harry.

‘Why are you so interested?’ said Harry sipping his drink.

‘Mate, I’m your friend I deserve to know I think.’

‘True. But we are not dating. I guess you heard the rumours, but that’s just the media.’ Harry said.

‘You seem to be close tough.’ Niall said.

‘Yeah, we have a special bond.’ Harry looked at you and you looked at him, both smiling.

‘I can tell, it’s written on your faces. My name’s on her t-shirt, but you’re the one she loves, mate. She’s special, treat her right.’ Niall said his advice.

‘I surely will.’ Harry answered with a huge grin on his face.

As the evening continued someone found Niall’s karaoke machine, and they started singing. Now everyone was watching the ‘singers.’ When they couldn’t decide who should sing next, Niall looked at you.

‘Hey, Y/N, don’t you wanna sing something for us? Maybe one of your songs or a cover?’

‘Actually, I’d love to.’ You stood up, and went to the microphone. You searched the song you wanted to sing. ‘Well, I fell in love with this song recently, not because I’m in a situation like the one in the song, but I know some people who are in a similar situation. It’s for them.’ You almost started, but you decided to tease someone before. ‘And before I start I have to tell, the singer of this song - a gentleman I met today - is in the room, and I’d love if he joined me at any point. Also feel free to sing along and dance, it’s a party after all.’ You pressed play and started singing.

‘Is it my imagination?’ their reaction was priceless. ‘Is it something that I’m taking? All the smiles that I’m faking. Everything is great, eve-everything is great.’ Now most of them were dancing. Louis couldn’t stop laughing as you sang. But he decided to join you at the chorus. He jumped next to you and you shared that one microphone. You sang the second verse together, and everyone sang the chorus. You felt you have the time of your life. Louis looked at you, and you what he meant with that look. He let you sing/rap the bridge, and you smashed it. Then you shouted the chorus at the and with everyone else.

When you finished you hugged Louis. ‘It was amazing girl! You should tour with me next year.’ Louis said to you.

‘I’d totally cancel my own tour to tour with you, Louis.’ you laughed.

Then you went to Harry and said:

‘You definitely should sing something now!’

‘I don’t know’ he said, he wasn’t sure what to sing.

‘Please, do Kiwi for me. I never heard you sing live’ you said and he saw the sadness in your eyes.

‘Okay, okay.’ he went to the microphone.

‘This is a special request from someone special.’ he searched the music and started singing. When he was singing ‘She’s driving me crazy, but I’m into it, but I’m into it I’m kind of into it It’s getting crazy, I think I’m losing it, I think I’m losing it’ he looked straight into your eyes. You were mesmerized, but he broke eye contact and started jumping and dancing around as everyone else in the room. He looked into your eyes again when started singing ‘She sits beside me like a silhouette….’ He didn’t break eye contact this time until he finished the song. Liam, Louis and Niall looked at you when they saw Harry is looking at you all along. Louis winked, Niall looked at you with faked shock, and Liam gave you thumbs up and a big smile. He finished the song and hugged you tightly as he got close to you. He was sweating.

‘I didn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable.’ he whispered into your ears.

‘I didn’t feel uncomfortable’ you whispered back into his ears. ‘It was just a little bit weird, because everyone was looking at me at one point.’ you laughed.

‘That’s what I wanted’ he said now standing beside you.

It was getting late, and you told Harry that you are ready to leave when he’s ready. So both of you started saying goodbyes to everyone. You exchanged numbers with Louis and Niall too. You thanked Niall for everything.

You were driving back home, you heard Harry is telling a story, but your eyes were heavy and you fell asleep in the car. You woke up when you felt the car stop. You were at your house already.

‘Oh, I fell asleep.’ you stated the obvious.

‘Yeah’ Harry laughed. ‘I was telling a story, but you were too silent, then I saw you were sleeping. You know, next time you can say, that I’m boring.’

‘Harry, you’re not boring. It’s just another thing about me. I fall asleep easily, especially in cars.’

‘Okay, it’s fine.’

‘Thank you for bringing me home.’ you said.

‘It was my pleasure. I got to see where you live.’ he winked.

‘Ha ha. Yeah, next time it’s my turn.’ you said. You pressed a kiss on his cheek and got out of the car. You two waved goodbye, and he drove away.


a sort of sequel to this post abt canon zarry drama fucking taking into account recent events.


“Did you… ” Harry starts.

“Did I?”

“Read the.” He can’t finish the rest without saying something more like, ‘I read press about the bandmate we used to both fuck, the day it’s put out.’

Niall just blinks at him across the sheets.

“He said,” Harry looks away to play with the torn edge of the silk shirt he’s still halfway wearing.

“Ah,” Niall says, a soft exhalation, “He said.”

Petulance pulls at Harry’s lip.

“You don’t have to say it like that.”

“Like what?”

“Like how you said it.”

Niall sighs, but not like he’s put on, more like he’s wistful, like something about Harry’s caring enough to be pressed makes the air in his body go lax.

Harry tries not to think too hard about why that might be.

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Ahahah, that picture is so hilarious.

Liam: I can’t believe we are doing this. All this talk about management not controlling us and Harry saying he has a secret…he’s gonna expose himself like that.
Niall: *internally screams* This is the best day of my life. *pokerface*
Louis: Do you think they noticed my napkin in my pocket that matches with your dress shirt? *stares into camera like he’s on The Office*
Harry: *inhales sharply* I think they might have already.

[Picture taken from @harrehmadness; Copyright by Sven Jacobsen]

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What are some of your favorite things about the narry dynamic? It's for science.

EVERYTHING, NON-NON!!! Literally every single thing. Listen, I have a bunch of dynamic-esque folders on my computer FULL of some of my favourite things about Narry, so I’m just gonna…

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I wasn’t specifically tagged but I was gently (and repeatedly) encouraged by @somewhereisaplacethatziamknow to give this a go so I’m just gonna rip the band-aid off before I change my mind. I read this prompt somewhere but I can’t remember where so sorry I can’t give credit. I apologize in advance for how sucky it is. 🙈


“Zayn, please tell Niall that whoever wrote this meant me and not him!” Louis whisper-screamed, practically shoving the piece of paper in his face. “It’s so not you! I’m positive this was meant for me. Obviously!” Niall said smirking. Zayn rolled his eyes and snatched the piece of paper from Louis’ hand.

“Another one, huh? Same person, too. Look at the word ‘Thanks’. Got the same slanted T he wrote on the last one” he told the bickering duo as he read the note out loud. ‘I only have 1 suggestion: Fire the hot library aide. I can’t concentrate! Thanks’  Zayn snorted. “Kinda cute though”.

“Yes, and I’m positive it’s the FedEx guy. He’s always flirting with me” insisted Louis. 

“But that’s exactly why it can’t be him. He’s already flirting with you in person, why would he need to leave anonymous notes in the suggestion box? Doesn’t make sense, bro” Niall pointed out. 

“Yeah, plus it’s obviously a student based on what he wrote” Zayn added. “It’s probably that one tall, curly-haired kid who’s always trying to talk to you” he nodded at Louis. “Next time he’s in here ask him. Tell him you have a boyfriend or whatever” Zayn said opening the desk drawer and tossing the note on top of the last three the secret admirer had left.

“Oh god. You’re probably right. Why do I have to be so bloody irresistible!” groaned Louis. He was about to say something else when an almost imperceptible ‘excuse me’ came from the other side of the desk. All three sets of eyes turned around at once and landed on the gorgeous boy Zayn had been crushing on since he started working at the library. He was a frequent presence around here and Zayn found himself constantly distracted by his warm brown eyes, tan skin, full pink lips that mouthed along quietly as he read, and don’t get him started on THAT BODY! He had a habit of wearing these tight shirts that perfectly showcased the width of his shoulders, slender torso and those biceps that Zayn fantasized about with alarming regularity. Needless to say, Louis and Niall teased him mercilessly for not having the guts to talk to him and find out if he even had a shot. So he did what he did best….stare longingly and pine away hopelessly.

Zayn remained frozen. Luckily, his friends were quicker on their feet and jumped in to help. “Zayn, you got this right? Niall and I have to go finish that thing we were talking about” Louis said with barely concealed amusement as he dragged Niall away. 

“Ah, yeah, how uh, how can I help you?” Zayn finally asked cracking his knuckles nervously. The boy smiled. “Hi, yeah, I was wondering if there was a lost and found? I lost my keys and there’s a flash drive attached that I really need.”

“Yeah, there is, yeah but, like I can pretty much guarantee you no keys were turned in lately. Nothing but eyeglasses and junk nobody cares about” he said with a chuckle.

“Yeah, I figured. Worth a shot though, right?’ the boy said rubbing the back of his neck. His eyes lingered on Zayn for a beat too long before Zayn raised an eyebrow at him causing the boys cheeks to blush lightly. He cleared his throat and said “Um, can I leave you my name and number in case they turn up though? I mean, just in case?”

“Uh yeah, okay, yeah sure” Zayn answered scrambling around the desk to find a piece of paper and a pen. He practically threw them at him he was so nervous. The boy smiled shyly and leaned over to write. “I’m Liam by the way. Can I ask your name? I see you here all the time, s’all” he looked up as he handed him the note. “It’s Zayn. Think I’ve seen you around too” he answered, subconsciously licking his lips, a nervous habit of his.

“Nice to finally meet you, Zayn” he replied, brown eyes following the movement of his tongue. Zayn looked away nervously and focused on the piece of paper in his hands. It read ‘Liam Payne lost a set of keys and flash drive. Please call if found. Thanks’  Zayn was so nervous he almost missed it. The same slanted T was right there. He looked up quickly, realization in his eyes.

Liam smiled fully at him and it was by far the most dazzling smile Zayn had ever seen. “Yeah, so just um, call me if they turn up. Or even if they don’t. Just call either way. Nice meeting you, Zayn” he said, slowly backing away from the desk, eyes glued to Zayn’s, turning away at the very last moment.