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@lucyvanpelt78 and i were talking about shirts we could make.  i came up with the idea for a shirt for my kid to wear that says “I want to call you daddy” and mine would say “Me Too”.  Ultimately I didn’t make them bc I really don’t need to explain to my friends and family the depths of my depravity.

Ahahah, that picture is so hilarious.

Liam: I can’t believe we are doing this. All this talk about management not controlling us and Harry saying he has a secret…he’s gonna expose himself like that.
Niall: *internally screams* This is the best day of my life. *pokerface*
Louis: Do you think they noticed my napkin in my pocket that matches with your dress shirt? *stares into camera like he’s on The Office*
Harry: *inhales sharply* I think they might have already.

[Picture taken from @harrehmadness; Copyright by Sven Jacobsen]

End Up Here - Punk.Nerd Niall

Word Count:5.1K
Warnings’s: Smut, language.
Only based on end up here I have not done word for word, lyric for lyric like I normally do with song inspired one shots but the first two parts are effort close enough. 

How did we end up talking in the first place?// You said you liked my Cobain shirt// Now we’re walking back to your place // You’re telling me how you love that song //About living on a prayer // I’m pretty sure that we’re halfway there

Niall’s P.O.V throughout - the smut didn't turn out to good

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Do You Still Love Me?

Zayn: Zayn & I have gotten engage recently, at first he was sweet about it but now I don’t know. Every time I bring up the wedding he ignores it or says he has to go. “He hasn’t been home anymore” “Maybe it’s the stress of the upcoming album” “I know but I just don’t know what to do anymore” my mom placed her hand over mine “He will come around sweetie” after that we talked for a bit before she left. I decided to cook Zayn’s favorite dinner, once I set up the table Zayn walked in “Hey babe” “Hey” i went to kiss his lips but he just moved and I ended up kissing his cheek “Um I made your favorite” he looked at the table and just picked up a small bread “I’m going out with the guys” he then went upstairs to what I assume to change. I blew out the candles and walked over to the couch. Once I heard him come down I got up “Do You Still Love Me?” I had to ask “What!” he turned around and looked at me confuse “Do you still love me?” “Why would you ask that?” “Why wouldn’t I ask that!Your hardly home I don’t even see you when I wake up I’m lucky enough to see you for 5 minutes” “Well I’m busy” “Fine then don’t make time for your fiance! Or better yet Ex” I pulled out the ring from my finger and walked over to him, I grabbed his hand and placed the ring in his hand “Give it to someone your ready to seems I’m not the one” i got my keys and left. 

Louis;  Louis & I have been married for 3 years and we had a 1 year old and another on the way. This is suppose to be the best time of our life but for me it’s the worst. I have to deal with our 1 year old Mason and deal with my morning sickness all alone. Since I told Louis I was pregnant again he has been keeping himself busy by going out with the boys, setting up charity games & ect. I wouldn’t be worried this much but Mason hasn’t seen his dad once these past months. Today I decided to wait up for Louis after I took Mason to my mom’s just in case their is a fight. Louis walked in and ignored my present and walked to the room, i wobbled over there “Louis can we talk” “Y/n I’m tired right now maybe tomorrow” he took off his shirt “You won’t be here when I wake up so now we have to talk” “about what Y/n?” “Do you still love me?” he sighed and went to the bed “I don’t have time for this Y/n” he turned off the lamp turning the room dark. Well now I know his answer….

NIall: I confessed to Niall that I had a daughter after he told me he loved me. Since then Niall has been avoiding me & I’m not surprised though but it still hurts because I actually love him. I dropped off my daughter Ally with her dad & decided to surprise visit Niall. It wouldn’t be surprised if he will actually answered my text. You can do this Y/n! I took a deep breath and knocked the door, minutes later he answered “Oh hey” he scratched the back of his neck avoiding looking at me. “Hey Niall I wanted to stop by” “For what?” “Well I don’t know to see what went wrong?” “What do you mean?” Do you still Love me? I whispered in my head but looked at him “I don’t know If were together or are we done?” he didn’t respond. “Do you still love me?” I finally confessed after I said that he didn’t respond. “Well I guess I wasted my time then Goodbye Niall” once I drove away my tears rolled down my cheeks…

Liam:  I waited for Liam to come home and taped my nails on the desk. I just had to tell you Y/n! run through my head the voice of my sister. Then the front door finally opened “Liam?” “Yeah” “can we talk?” he walked into the dinner and sat down across from me “What’s up?” “I went out with dinner with my sister today” “Yeah i know you told  me yesterday” “She saw you” “When?” “When your tongue was in someone else throat” “What?” his voice cracked as he spoke. I got up and handed him the photo i printed “Do you still love me?” i whispered before walking toward the door. “Y/n Wait!” he spoke i grabbed my suitcase “Goodbye Liam." 

Harry:  It’s just a publicity stunt. Doesn’t mean anything. He told me but you can only believe that for a while until you start to noticed he is hardly ever your boyfriend and more hers but now it’s kinda to late as I looked at pregnancy results from the clinic and next to it a cover of Harry & his ‘Girlfriend.’ I put the result in the magazine and placed it on his coffee table. He finally came home from his date with her, "Harry can I ask you something?” I asked him after a couple of minutes as he got ready for a shower “What” “Do you still love me?” he just got his clothes his back facing me “Y/n I don’t want to go through this again alright I’m going to shower and when I’m done I will go to bed alright” then he shut the door. Well I guess he didn’t go in the closet and saw none of my belongings or even noticed my shoes were gone. I got up and walked toward the door “Just you and me little guy" 

Kisses at the door- All the boys


“Harry you got everything?” I said as I stood behind him while he was trying to put on his shoes. “Yup thanks love” he said tying the laces on his shoes. I let out a chuckle holding his wallet in my hand. “you sure about that?” I said making him turn around to look at me. He let out a nervous chuckle grabbing the wallet placing it in his pocket. “Thanks love, what would I do without you?” he said wrapping his arms around my waist pulling me closer to his chest. “Eh probably get lost or die in a ditch somewhere” I said with a shrug making him let out a fake gasp. I giggled at him expression wrapping my arms around his neck and giving him a quick kiss on the lips, when I tried to pull away his arms tightened around my waist “One more, for good luck?” he said smiling at me. “For good luck? Harry your going on a lunch with the boys what do you need luck for?” I said chuckling at his stupid excuse. “Well then just another one for the road?” he said not waiting for my response as he crashed his lips against mine once more. 


“[Y/N]!” I heard Liam yell from the front door as I dried my hands from doing the morning dishes to walk to the living room to see what he wanted. “What is it love?” I said walking up to him. “I forgot something” he said motioning for me to walk closer to him. “What did you forget? I’ll go grab it for you” I said motioning upstairs. “no no just come here” he said. As soon as I was close enough to him he grabbed both of my hands pulling me against him placing his soft plump lips onto my in a soft lingering kiss. We pulled away a little out of breath. “Almost forgot that” he said giving me a big smile. “Love you babe, I’ll see you tonight” he said giving a one more quick peck before walking out the door.


“I am not leaving until you give me one last kiss” he said crossing his arms across his chest stubbornly. “Louis, you said that 6 kisses ago. We’ve been standing here for the past 10 minutes! If you don’t leave now you are going to be late to the studio!” I said trying to reason with him. “Please love just one more, last one” he said looking at me hopefully. “Promise?” I said holding him. He nodded his head smiling. I let out a sigh grabbing the back of his neck pulling our lips together. I brought my hand down from his neck to front of his chest pulling away. “No not yet” he said in a husky tone grabbing my cheeks pulling us together once again. I wanted to protest knowing that he would be late but I couldn’t help but wrap both of my arms around his neck deepened the kiss much to his pleasure. 


“Why don’t you just stay here tonight babe?” Zayn said leaning against the door his dark hair which used to be a neat quiff was now a messy pile of hair do to the activities that had taken place a couple of hours ago. “I can’t Zayn I have work tomorrow” I said putting on my jacket. “So? I’ll drop you off at work” he said trying to convince me. “I don’t have my uniform here its back at home” I said grabbing my purse. “I have to go, maybe next time alright love” I said leaning in and giving him a kiss on the cheek. “Goodnight” I said about to walk out the door. “Hey not so fast” he said stopping me I turned around to question him but as soon as I turned around I was met with his lips against mine his hands holing on to my waist. I let out a sigh smiling against his lips, because of his sneaky ways. I dropped my purse to the ground placing one hand on his chest and the other on the chin feelings his rough stubble against my hands as I lost my self on his kiss, the idea of going home was long forgotten.


“Shh don;t make a sound or your going to wake up my parents!” I said scolding Niall as he walked into the house closing the door behind him. “So why are you here at this hour again?” I said crossing my arms trying to sound mad, but I was glad he came I hand’t seen him all day today. “Missed you” he said not bothering to take of his shoes or jacket as he pushed me against the wall his hands around my hips crashing his lips against mine. I let out a surprised whimper at his roughness, guess he must have really missed me. I closed my eyes kissing him back, not worried about anyone coming down and catching us in this position in the middle of the night. But once his hands moved from my hips to under my shirt rubbing the skin there soft I pulled away his lips following mine but I placed my hand on his lips stopping him. He let out a groan talking against my hand. “Why did you stop?” he said his voice sounding muffled. “Because Niall my parents could walk down any minute we need to go to my room. Come on” I said grabbing his hand taking him upstairs to my room where the previous events took place in the privacy of the bedroom.

One Direction Preference- He Gets A Vasectomy Without Telling You (Harry, Louis & Niall)


“Don’t act like you aren’t excited,” you smiled lazily, relaxing back into Harry’s chest as the warm bath water lapped against your skin. The bubbles had begun to dissipate as the bath began to cool. You weren’t sure how long you’d been in there in terms of minutes, but the stories falling from your lips were enough to judge the time.

Silly talks about last night had slowly morphed into sweet, soft ones about the future and you couldn’t help but picture the years spread out ahead of you, “Someday we’ll be settled down somewhere near your mum’s and we’ll be married with a little yellow house.”

“Why yellow?” he yawned, nuzzling his chin into the crook of your neck.

“Because it’s a happy color,” you closed your eyes, tilting your head back to rest against his shoulder, “And we’ll be married and have little babies,” you sighed.

“Little babies?” he said hesitantly from behind you.

You quickly opened your eyes, turning your head towards him, “Well…I mean, yeah,” you shook your head slightly, “You don’t want kids?”

“I, uh,” he squinted his eyes shut briefly before running a hand nervously through his hair, “I mean. I never pictured myself with them, I guess.”

“Oh,” you nodded, turning back to face forward, but you remained sitting up, keeping a gap between his chest and your back.

“Y/N,” his words were slow, “I can’t have kids.”

You cocked your head, furrowing your eyebrows, “What do you mean?”

“I just, I never really wanted them…and when you didn’t mention anything about them for so long, I figured you didn’t either…”

“Where are you going with this?” you felt your shoulders tense.

“I had surgery–a vasectomy,” he was flustered, “I just. I didn’t know that you would want them and I didn’t…”

“You what?” you squeaked.

“I’m sorry,” he shook his head, “I just. I didn’t realize and I thought this was what you wanted. I figured it was no big deal.”

You felt your lip quiver, “I’m not going to be a mom?” you mumbled in a daze.

“Don’t say that.”

“But it’s true.”


You were perched on the toilet, eyes glued to the powder blue bathroom wall in front of you.

You could feel your hands shaking as they clutched the little plastic carton of birth control pills. You hadn’t missed a single one. Despite the line of perfectly empty pill pockets, however, here you were at 7 in the morning with a period that was 10 days late.

You could hear Lou’s shuffling as he crawled from your shared bed. He never woke up this early, but you knew he must’ve been thrown off by your absence. You listened intently to his footsteps across the soft carpet as he came closer to the bathroom door, “Y/N?” he knocked softly, his voice still raspy with sleep, “Everything alright in there?”

“You can come in,” you mumbled, standing from the toilet to lean against the marble counter.

The door shifted open slightly as he nudged his way through. You smiled sweetly at his messy hair and sleepy blue eyes and he slowly moved to stand in front of you, placing a hand on the counter to either side of your body, "What’s going on love?“

You frowned, remembering the panic that had been holding you just moments before. Your gaze fell from his face to his chest as you bit your lip.

"Hey,” he mumbled, lifting your chin again, “What’s going on?”

“Lou,” your words were hushed, “I–I’m 10 days late.”

“You’re what…” he started before realization found his eyes.

“I–I haven’t missed a pill. We’ve been careful,” you shook your head, “I don’t want a baby.”

“Hey,” he pulled you to his chest, rocking softly back and forth, “Hey. It’s okay. You’re not pregnant, alright?”

“You don’t know that,” you cried into his wrinkled gray t-shirt.

“Yes I do.”

“What are you talking about?” you barely contained sobs as you kept your face buried in his chest.

“I knew that we didn’t want kids–I made sure with you,” you kept you wrapped in his arms, “So a few months back, I went to the doctor and got a little procedure done…” you leaned back, meeting his eyes, “And boom! No more babies.”

Your eyes widened as your frown faded, “You got fixed?”

He laughed, looking away, “I guess so.”

“All for me?” you smirked.

“All for you.”


“Have I ever told you that you look very, very sexy when you’re sleepy?” Niall mumbled softly, his lips pressed to the shell of your ear.

You chuckled quietly, “Only when you want to get laid.”

You felt him smile mischievously, his lips wandering to your neck as he stretched across you, flicking the bedside lamp off with the flick of his finger, “And it usually works, doesn’t it?”

“Sometimes,” you flirted as the room went dark and his lips resumed their work on your neck.

His hand flitted around under the bedsheet, finding its way to the hem of your tank top and tugging on it in a coquettish way, “Is this one of those nights?”

You smiled, running a hand up his toned arm, trailing your fingers up his neck to nestle in his hair, “If you’re lucky.”

“Well,” he mumbled, his hand finding a good grip on your waist, “I am Irish,” he quickly flipped on to his back, pulling you up to straddle him as he moved from kissing your neck to connecting with your lips.

You quickly tugged his t-shirt off as you gently ground your hips against him, “Making me do all the work tonight, yeah Horan?” you chuckled, gently pulling your tank top over your head.

“What can I say?” he laughed, his hands running from your waist down to cup your bum, “I’m a lazy little bastard.”

“That you are,” you leaned down, pressing light kisses across his collar bones as he expertly unfastened your bra and tossed it to the ground. One hand found purchase in the mattress beside his head while you blindly fumbled for the bedside table with the other. Slipping your hand in and out of the door in seconds, you quickly returned your focus to Niall as you tore open the small foil packet.

“Mmmm,” he mumbled, covering your hands with his, “Don’t bother.”

“Niall,” you whispered quietly as his lips latched to the sweet spot behind your ear, “I want to be safe.”

“We are safe,” his breathing began to pick up as you increased the friction the movement of your hips was creating, “I got a vasectomy, babe. We’re all good.”

You pulled away quickly, “You what?”

“I got a vasectomy,” he leaned up in the dark, kissing down between your breasts, “C'mon, let’s talk about it in the morning.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“It wasn’t important,” he was desperately clinging to the moment as his voice gained a whiny edge, “Babe, I just wanna fuck. C'mon,” he ground up into you just slightly. You tried to stay neutral but you knew he detected your sudden inhale. He knew he had you cornered.

You mumbled a dejected, “Fine,” as his hands moved to seductively tug at the waist of your shorts.

“God, I love you so much,” he mumbled, out of breath, before sitting up again and kissing you hard.


First 3 for this set! Sorry, they’re all a bit long but I’m pretty happy with how they turned out! 

Niall got a bit smutty (sorry not sorry) ;) Part 2 here and Part 3 here!

Other boys:

xoxo B


You Hate Each Other-Niall (Mini Series) Part 4

Parts 1-2-3 here! 

       Your POV: You groaned and sat up in bed, taking your hair between your fingers and making a disgusted face as your fingers knotted in the hair product and sweat. So far, the previous night was a blur and all you remembered was Darragh bringing you home and putting you to bed, before and beyond that was all blank. Finally swinging your legs over the edge of the bed you trudged over to the toilet and turned the shower on. 

     After a fifteen minute shower your muscles had relaxed, your hair was fresh and you decided it was time for breakfast…er-lunch now. 

     Preparing yourself a sandwich you were starting to remember the events of the previous night. Dancing, laughing with Darragh…Niall apologizing? You took a bite out of your sandwich only to choke and remember Niall’s lips on yours. Your eyes widened and you placed a hand over your mouth in shock. 

      ‘Knock knock knock' 

Cursing silently you shuffled over to the door to see who it was and what they wanted. Still slightly hung over and quite grumpy you opened the door to find Niall standing, his arms crossed at his chest, a pair of Ray Bans on his eyes, a flannel on over his ‘Crazy Mofos’ shirt and a pair of jeans and Supras. Sighing, you opened the door wider for him to come in. Delaying the inevitable wasn’t something you really had the energy to do right now. 

     ”So…I guess we need to talk,” Niall rubbed the back of his neck and you nodded, taking a seat on the bean bag across from the couch. 

    “I erm…I’m sorry about last night, I get kind of- well you know, I was drunk, you were drunk…it wasn’t right. I’m sorry I shouldn’t have compromised your relationship with Darragh like that.” He sighed, taking the glasses from his eyes and tossing them on the coffee table before running his hands down his face. 

   ”Niall…Darragh and I don’t have a ‘relationship’. We’re casual, sure I like him but he’s made it very clear from the start that he doesn’t…doesn’t want to settle down with me-someone like me. I…I can’t say that I’m sorry for last night, because I’m not. Niall…kissing you was like, was like my first kiss all over again. I know I was drunk and not thinking right but I was also nervous and crazy about you. I guess in a way your words always got to me the most because when it comes to you I can’t help but feel vulnerable, I fight with you, call you names and go crazy when you’re around but…I also find myself completely and irrevocably attracted to you.” Finally admitting your feelings for Niall was like, releasing a dozen butterflies from your chest and a weight of a thousand pounds being lifted off of your shoulders. 

     ”I…can understand if you don’t feel the same way. I just needed to tell you I guess, I can’t stand you-” he cut you off. 

    “But I’m crazy about you,” he finished, lifting himself off of the couch and walking over to you, 

    You stood, “Niall,” you started until he shook his head and brought his lips closer to yours.  

    “Don’t tell Darragh?” he offered, lacing his fingers through yours, trailing his lips down your cheek and across your upper lip. 

    “Don’t tell Darragh.” you agreed before his lips collided with yours and he lifted you, wrapping your legs around his waist and walking back into the bedroom. 


         ”You’re so inexperienced…I really wasn’t expecting that,” Niall mumbled into your shoulder. You blushed and hit his chest, 

    “That’s a good thing love…more to teach you,” he chuckled and you sighed. 

    “Niall,” you intertwined your fingers with his again, 

    “I-nothing,” you smiled. 

   ”What? You keep doing that,” he turned you around to face him, 

   ”I just…what’s going to happen now? Do we go back to the way we were before…or-I’m sorry I don’t mean to ask for anything serious since you probably don’t want that but I just am confused and-” he laughed and kissed your nose. 

    “Around the boys…we act how we did, in private…you’re the only one for me.” he nuzzled your neck. Being in his arms somehow felt just completely nicer than being in anyone else’s arms. You wanted nothing more than to tell him that, but didn’t want to scare him away. 

     ”We’re in for a hell of a ride Niall,” you looked into his eyes, caressing his face with your hand. 

    He took your hand and kissed the center of your palm, 

    “But we’re in it together, and nobody can change my mind about you (Y/N).” he smiled, wrapping his arms around you once more before tangling your legs and soon falling into a deep sleep. 

     ”Don’t tell Darragh,” you whispered to yourself before following suit, and falling asleep as well.  

Part 5?

Okay so let's talk about Ziall for a second:

So here we have Zayn and Niall goofing around on stage together.

Still goofing off…

Here is some fetus ziall.

Niall: Me feet are killing me.

Zayn: Hop on mate, I’ll carry you.

Now here we have Niall Looking at Zayn with such admiration and he looks like he’s really listening.

Niall is wearing his shirt. Zayn’s shirt. OK

HE’S DROOLING! I would be too. We all would.


Here we have a very possesive Zayn. 

“No Harold I wanna sit next to Niall”

And here once again.


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What are some of your favorite things about the narry dynamic? It's for science.

EVERYTHING, NON-NON!!! Literally every single thing. Listen, I have a bunch of dynamic-esque folders on my computer FULL of some of my favourite things about Narry, so I’m just gonna…

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Preference #3- He Gets Jealous (Niall)

“What do you mean you aren’t going out?” I said to Ashton as he laid on the couch with his arms over his head. We had made it back to the hotel after the concert and were going out to celebrate being half way through the tour. Niall had insisted on me convincing all of the boys in 5 seconds of summer to go since he had to get ready and at this point I was not doing a good job. I was already dressed and ready to go in my strapless pink dress that had rhinestones on the top and a short skirt that flowed. If it was up to me I would be in jeans and a tank top but it was a special occasion so I had to dress up.

“He said he doesn’t want to come Y/N.” Calum chimed in. “And since when are you his voice?” I asked looking at him mimicking his raised eyebrow. He put his hands up in defeat. “I’m just saying if he doesn’t want to go, he shouldn’t have to.” He said back. Ashton got up and off the couch smiling, “I’ll go if it means that you two stop bickering.” He said fixing his headband. Luke just laughed as Michael was too into his video game to care about what we were arguing about. “Well Y/N you can tell your boyfriend that we are all in.” Calum said as if he was shooing me away. “I’m not just here because of Niall. I really do like talking to you Calum, it means the world to me.” I said sarcastically, pretending to tear up. He laughed and without warning took off his shirt to change into something more party worthy. I rolled my eyes. I was used to the way Calum was always stripping at the most random moments, but that’s what they were random. “What you don’t like what you see?” He asked flexing and walking towards me. “Oh go away.” I said pushing him away. “Girls love it when I take my shirt off.” Calum said looking at himself in the mirror. “Whatever you say Cal Pal.” I said laughing knowing I would be starting a war with the comment.

“What did you call me?” He said with a shocked look on his face. “C-A-L P-A-L, Cal Pal.” I said smiling. “Oh you’re so asking for it.” He said running over to me. I tried to run but I wasn’t used to being in heel and feel over. Calum laughed and sat on top of me pinning my arms down. “Now look what you got yourself into.” He said with a smirk. I struggled, trying to get out of his strong grip. “You don’t scare me Cal Pal!” I spat back. “Oh but you will.” he said as he started to tickle me. I lost control and burst out laughing. “Stop, Stop, Stop!” I laughed out of breath. He knew that I hated being tickled because I was so sensitive. It was funny how close me and Calum had gotten over the span of the tour. It was like we automatically clicked. Luke chimed in “Calum just let her go, she’s in a dress she can’t fight back.” Calum laughed. I looked at him with puppy dog eyes. “Let me go please.” He starting laughing when we were interpreted by someone walking into the room. It was Niall, his eyes travelled to us right away. “What the hell is going on?” He asked. I imagine seeing Calum pinning me down on the floor wasn’t what he expected to see when he came in, I automatically felt guilty though I had done nothing wrong. Calum let me up and ran his hand behind his head. I laughed “You missed it, Cal Pal over here got over sensitive and tortured me.” Niall just gave me a small smile. “Fun, well we should get going the guys are leaving.” He said. I tried to take his hand but he pulled away.

After the silent car ride we had finally made it to the club. When we got in Niall went straight to the bar and left me standing alone. I went to the V.I.P section and ordered myself a drink at the private bar. After about twenty minutes of siting in silence while the boys had a good time. I seen Niall talking and laughing with a girl. Was he trying to get back at me? If he was it was working. The girl kissed Niall on the cheek and I broke down, not because she had kissed him but because he let her. I walked through Calum and Harry when Calum grabbed my arm. “What’s wrong?” I fought back the tears, “Nothing, nothing at all.” I walked passed Niall and when I finally got outside I hailed a taxi. It wasn’t until I was back in our hotel room that I finally broke down.

Niall barged in. “What you don’t like it when I do the exact same thing as you.” He said. “You were seriously jealous of me and Calum? Do you even hear how ridiculous that sounds?” I yelled, “I used to think so to until I seen you two together. Y/N, you had to of know that he had a crush on you.” Niall said back, pacing the hotel room. “He doesn’t.” I whispered. Maybe he did but there was no way I would ever cheat on Niall, Niall was all I wanted, he was my everything. “You’re delusional.” He said back to me, “Yeah well at least I’m not an asshole! You just went out and found a girl to flirt with instead of actually talking to me! Did you ever think that I might actually be just friends with Calum? Or how I am so madly in love with you that I decided to quit my job and follow you around the world.” Niall’s face softened as if he finally understood where I was coming from. He slowly walked up to me and pushed a stray hair behind my ear. “I’m sorry. I took this way too far. You’re right I should’ve just talked to you. I’m such an asshole.” He hugged me. “You are.” I said with a half-smile. “How can I make it up to you?” He said slowly lifting me up and towards to the wall. He pressed me hard against the wall. “I think we can arrange something blue eyes.” I said back as he kissed me, pressing into me harder as I felt the bulge in his pants. He walked me over to the bed and towered over me. “Promise me you’ll be a good girl.” He said smiling as he kissed my neck. “I can’t promise that.” I said breathless as Niall continued his kisses down my body. “I guess you’re just a good girl that got caught.” He said laughing and I messed up his hair as he came back up to kiss me. “Do not use 5sos lyrics on me.” I laughed and I knew that we were back to normal again. “I love you.” He said smiling and I felt like he really meant it. I didn’t care if anyone had a crush on me or tried to get in the way of me and Niall because they couldn’t. We were meant to be together and I wasn’t going to let anything break us apart.       

** Hello everyone! Here I Niall gets jealous based on request! If you like it like the post and  you have request just ask and I will get writing! I also wanted to again say how much I love every single one of you, you’re all so supportive and amazing! If any of you lovelies need anything I am here for you. Much love xx - Ness

I wasn’t specifically tagged but I was gently (and repeatedly) encouraged by @somewhereisaplacethatziamknow to give this a go so I’m just gonna rip the band-aid off before I change my mind. I read this prompt somewhere but I can’t remember where so sorry I can’t give credit. I apologize in advance for how sucky it is. 🙈


“Zayn, please tell Niall that whoever wrote this meant me and not him!” Louis whisper-screamed, practically shoving the piece of paper in his face. “It’s so not you! I’m positive this was meant for me. Obviously!” Niall said smirking. Zayn rolled his eyes and snatched the piece of paper from Louis’ hand.

“Another one, huh? Same person, too. Look at the word ‘Thanks’. Got the same slanted T he wrote on the last one” he told the bickering duo as he read the note out loud. ‘I only have 1 suggestion: Fire the hot library aide. I can’t concentrate! Thanks’  Zayn snorted. “Kinda cute though”.

“Yes, and I’m positive it’s the FedEx guy. He’s always flirting with me” insisted Louis. 

“But that’s exactly why it can’t be him. He’s already flirting with you in person, why would he need to leave anonymous notes in the suggestion box? Doesn’t make sense, bro” Niall pointed out. 

“Yeah, plus it’s obviously a student based on what he wrote” Zayn added. “It’s probably that one tall, curly-haired kid who’s always trying to talk to you” he nodded at Louis. “Next time he’s in here ask him. Tell him you have a boyfriend or whatever” Zayn said opening the desk drawer and tossing the note on top of the last three the secret admirer had left.

“Oh god. You’re probably right. Why do I have to be so bloody irresistible!” groaned Louis. He was about to say something else when an almost imperceptible ‘excuse me’ came from the other side of the desk. All three sets of eyes turned around at once and landed on the gorgeous boy Zayn had been crushing on since he started working at the library. He was a frequent presence around here and Zayn found himself constantly distracted by his warm brown eyes, tan skin, full pink lips that mouthed along quietly as he read, and don’t get him started on THAT BODY! He had a habit of wearing these tight shirts that perfectly showcased the width of his shoulders, slender torso and those biceps that Zayn fantasized about with alarming regularity. Needless to say, Louis and Niall teased him mercilessly for not having the guts to talk to him and find out if he even had a shot. So he did what he did best….stare longingly and pine away hopelessly.

Zayn remained frozen. Luckily, his friends were quicker on their feet and jumped in to help. “Zayn, you got this right? Niall and I have to go finish that thing we were talking about” Louis said with barely concealed amusement as he dragged Niall away. 

“Ah, yeah, how uh, how can I help you?” Zayn finally asked cracking his knuckles nervously. The boy smiled. “Hi, yeah, I was wondering if there was a lost and found? I lost my keys and there’s a flash drive attached that I really need.”

“Yeah, there is, yeah but, like I can pretty much guarantee you no keys were turned in lately. Nothing but eyeglasses and junk nobody cares about” he said with a chuckle.

“Yeah, I figured. Worth a shot though, right?’ the boy said rubbing the back of his neck. His eyes lingered on Zayn for a beat too long before Zayn raised an eyebrow at him causing the boys cheeks to blush lightly. He cleared his throat and said “Um, can I leave you my name and number in case they turn up though? I mean, just in case?”

“Uh yeah, okay, yeah sure” Zayn answered scrambling around the desk to find a piece of paper and a pen. He practically threw them at him he was so nervous. The boy smiled shyly and leaned over to write. “I’m Liam by the way. Can I ask your name? I see you here all the time, s’all” he looked up as he handed him the note. “It’s Zayn. Think I’ve seen you around too” he answered, subconsciously licking his lips, a nervous habit of his.

“Nice to finally meet you, Zayn” he replied, brown eyes following the movement of his tongue. Zayn looked away nervously and focused on the piece of paper in his hands. It read ‘Liam Payne lost a set of keys and flash drive. Please call if found. Thanks’  Zayn was so nervous he almost missed it. The same slanted T was right there. He looked up quickly, realization in his eyes.

Liam smiled fully at him and it was by far the most dazzling smile Zayn had ever seen. “Yeah, so just um, call me if they turn up. Or even if they don’t. Just call either way. Nice meeting you, Zayn” he said, slowly backing away from the desk, eyes glued to Zayn’s, turning away at the very last moment.

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ziall boarding school? 8)

I apologize in advance for this monstrosity (and for the amount of time this took)— a near 10000 word monstrosity to be exact. This was supposed to be short, but boarding school aus are a weakness of mine I never knew i had. I hope you enjoy this, anon :)

The waves of heat glide through the panes of his window and he can almost feel himself dying. Even his insides are sweating, probably sucking the life out of him as he tries to turn the knob for the AC. It stops with a halting click, at the same setting it was before he made the effort to crawl out of his bed and onto the surface of his desk, before he left giant puddles of his body water all over his stupid duvet cover, and before he wasted all his energy knocking over the only functioning AC on the entire floor. He’s going to hell soon, or he is in hell, he can’t really tell, especially when the sweat forming at the corner of his fucking eyes keeps swarming any sense of vision he has left.

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He uses you to make his ex Jealous (Niall)

I was daydream once again about Niall. He was in my English class every girl is head over heels for him. We spoke a couple times when we had to do our project together but at that time he was dating the school slut Sadie. “Y/n” my best friend voice rung in my head “Sorry what” I looked at them “Stop dreaming about Niall he is coming over here” she nudged her head. I slowly looked and there he was a pair of blue jeans a black plain shirt and his sunglasses on coming toward me. ME!! I sat up and looked away from him and tried to talk to Veronica “Y/n” his raspy voice spoke “Hey Niall” i tried to conceal my nervousness with a smile as he sat down next to me. “So you heard we have this dance on Friday” I nodded taking a sip of my juice “Well I was wondering if you want to go with me” my heart felt like it was going to pop out of my chest “me?” “Yeah” “Um sure” “Great I will pick you up at 7 alright” he got up and kissed my cheek before walking over to his friends. “Omg! Niall freakin Horan asked you out” Veronica Shouted/ whispered “I know” “Now we have to go get you a dress for Friday” I nodded then the bell rang sending us to class. 

—The Dance—

I got a light blue dress and fixed my hair into curls then but a bit of make-up before Niall knocked my front door. We arrived to the school where the dance was held at and he grabbed my hand as we walked in. In the corner of my eye I saw Sadie sending a glare to us but hey she is here with Alexander so whatever. Niall dragged me towards his friends and wrapped his arms around my waist. In between the night Niall would kiss my cheek or my neck which I found really cute. “Want to dance?” he whispered in my ear, I nodded and he led us to the middle of the dance floor next to Sadie & Alexander. It was a slow song so Niall wrapped his arms around my waist as I wrapped mine around his neck and we dance. I was on cloud nine when Niall kissed me. I only dreamed of this day to happen now it finally did. After the kiss I laid my head on his chest and continued to dance. After we dance a bit I excused myself to the bathroom. It took me a while to find one open but I finally did after i did my business I was heading back to the gym until I heard Niall voice causing me to freeze. “Baby you know I still love you” “Yeah then why are you here with her?” “You came with Alexander so I decided to make you jealous and look it worked baby” That can’t be Niall? i thought as they continued to talk. “Well now you have me mad” I heard Sadie say i bet she put her puppy face “How about I change that?” “How?” “with this” i didn’t hear anything so i decided to peek and saw them making out against the locker “C'mon” Niall grabbed her hand and led her to a janitor closet. I let tears escape my eye and slowly walked to the door where I saw Veronica and Jessica “Y/n what happen?” Veroinca rushed over to me “He used me” I whispered “Niall?” Jessica whispered I nodded “He just wanted to make Sadie Jealous” they hugged me “c'mon let’s go back to my place” I nodded and saw one of Niall friend with a girl standing there but I could care less as we walked to Veronica’s car. It was to good to be true.