we have to have sunny warm weather

anonymous asked:

Omg I live in Washington too!!! I absolutely LOVE the weather we are having right now. For once it was sunny today and so warm (I mean I like the cold but this didn't go over my threshold of 70 degrees being too hot) and the rain is so nice. I really love the smell of rain, especially the warm rain. Unfortunately I can't listen to it and relax as I have 400 things due tomorrow and Monday, but going to/from dinner in it was nice. I love your blog and think you're awesome btw

Sorry if that message was weird at all. I was just excited someone on here lives somewhat near me. I’m guessing we live on the same side of Washington as I doubt the entire state is having the exact same weather, but who knows.

first off!! this message wasn’t weird, i never find ppl who live in washington on here either, so it’s pretty neato. seriously!!! i loved the weather today. i get cold very easily so it’s been nice that it’s warming up a bit. i’m scared this summer is going to be like….Very Hot though. i don’t do well with extreme cold or heat. i am a sensitive little fucker..i’m sorry you can’t relax and listen to the rain!! hopefully in the near future, u will be able to. :))) also! thank u!!! i’m glad you enjoy my blog and think i’m awesome ily