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Happy 1 year anniversary!

Thank you to @thatsthat24 for creating such an amazing series that has affected and influenced so many people in so many ways. These videos are not only super entertaining and hilarious, they are an incredible example being set for people who are struggling with life and its hardships. You provided young people with a constructive way of analyzing and dealing with certain uncomfortable situations. Thank god we have you to be such a shining light in a dark world. Keep doing what you’re doing, Thomas.

We love you♥

People need to stop assuming that silence = admission of guilt or support towards Nassar. We have no idea what anyone has gone through. Different people deal with situations like this in different ways. Some will be outspoken, some will shut down, others will deflect. It’s nobodies place to tell people how to grieve an incident like this.

anonymous asked:

you are making autistic people look bad with this bullshit! i am autistic and i think your whole blog is pure stigmatizing and generalizing autistic people, just for the entertainment of non-autistic teens, feeling 2 seconds of "wow! i am so different than most people and so unique!" delete this blog, to prevent that people will get the wrong idea of autism. because it's not a culture! it's something that we cannot choose and have to deal with everyday! culture is a choice, autism isn't!

Well hello there. I can tell your heart is in the right place but you seem to have a fundamental misunderstanding of what this blog is for. 

This blog is made by an autistic person for other autistic people. Yes, it is a little silly at times but it is in no way meant to be derogatory. It is meant to celebrate the little things we share together due to our autism. Just like Deaf people or gay people have cultures, autistic people can have it too. And we alone get to define it. Allistic people are not submitting to this blog, autistic people are. I hope you can learn to understand many others cope with stigma in their own way, and this is one of them. I created this blog after seeing people make fun in-jokes for their minority groups and thought other autistic people would enjoy it, and they do! Perhaps it will at least ease your mind to know that this blog holds no ill-intent and is about making people happy.

The Perfect Granny, But A Little Preoccupied...

So, as I have already posted, this Halloween will be my third anniversary to my husband. Three years of marriage! It is funny, because it does not seem like three years have passed, since the day we stood at the altar, and said our “I do’s”. Without getting into any detail–there are, simply, some things that are meant to be personal–we have had to go through a great deal, since that wonderful day. We have both had to grow tremendously, and our marriage has been the only thing (many times) that has kept us both going. My husband is, and will always be, my rock. He is my place of comfort and support. I simply cannot imagine my life without him.

I bring this up, because yesterday morning, I only had the chance to make one granny square. You see, I decided, halfway through making the square, that there was a gift that I simply HAD to get him. One that will take a bit of time to put together. And one that, after October 31, I will gladly post about on this blog. (I cannot post about it any earlier, for fear that he might read about it, and the surprise of it will be ruined.)

I have already given him one of his anniversary gifts…the original gift that I had purchased for him. It was, at the time of the purchase, supposed to be the only thing I would be giving him. A gold anniversary band: a way to show him, through the symbology of a new ring, that I would still marry him, every single day.

Two days ago, we had a very emotionally draining day. Not anything to do with one another…just a day that was hectic, at best. So, yesterday morning, while I was crocheting my granny square, my mind began to wander (as it usually does), and I remembered this thing that I had seen online, a few months back. And, when I first saw it, I remembered thinking to myself that it would be such a cool gift idea to give to him.

Well…needless to say, I was barely able to finish the square, before opening a new page on my computer, and starting work on this brand new, and rather fabulous (if I do say so myself) gift.

I will also say that, due to this gift, which I have to finish today (or it will not arrive in time for my anniversary) I am unable to devote time to reading the blogs of all of my followers. I know that you may have noticed my absence yesterday, as well. This gift is the reason why. If I can place my order by the end of today, then it will arrive no later than October 30…one day before my anniversary. So, forgive me. And know that, once I have this gift completed, and on its way to me, I will make time to visit and comment on all of your posts.

So, the square worked yesterday morning…It is a square from the YARNutopia list. And, it is a square that, by all means, looks as though it should be far more complicated to work, than it actually turned out to be.

I started this square with a lavender yarn, deciding to work it in a bunch of different, fun colors. To start, you begin with your basic first round, from the standard granny square. Round two, worked in pink yarn, is also basic to the traditional square. Round three is where things get fun. I switched over to white yarn for the next two rounds. For round three, you wind up doing double crochets, into previous rounds worked, so that the white yarn goes to meet the stitches made in round one. (It is this that gives the complicated look to this square. But, it really was no big deal.)

Round four is just double crocheting, creating shells…nothing new, or to exciting with this.

Round five is a round that is made of mostly chains.

Rounds six and seven…Six is basically double crocheting in the chains made in the previous round. And seven is just single crocheting in every stitch made in round six.

When the square is finished, it actually looks really cool. It is basically like this square, made from rounds one through four, that looks as though it is floating inside the frame, made by rounds six or seven. It gives this completely neat look to the square.

And, that is all I can say for it.

Again, I am begging you be understanding. I know this post is short, when compared to my others. And, I know my description of this square may not be up to par, when looking at me descriptions in the past. But, to be honest, my mind is elsewhere, and right now, this project is really not my top priority. My top priority is finishing this gift, which I am incredibly pumped about. I know, if I can manage to finish it, and can make the purchase today (to guarantee it arrives on time), that it will be a gift that my husband totally LOVES!

I will be back for my next post tomorrow. And I promise it will provide all of the things that are expected, when reading my blog.

Until then..,

44 squares down. 421 to go. And, a kickass anniversary gift, to rush to get finished. Wish me luck!

we’re reading some really old books for my class (…what did I expect, I took a class on 3100s Lit) and it finally struck me what’s so weird about them

they take different horrible things for granted

they don’t have population controls!  sure in the background a lot of babies didn’t make it to prop that up plus much more frequent war, and this is really better on net the way we do it now, but they didn’t assume they’d have to deal with totally empty springs, ever!  they just started having babies and didn’t have to ask permission or budget for it or think about spacing or coordinate with six friends to share, they just had them, and they didn’t have all the tension we have about it.

but on the other hand they could never be quite sure they were clean.  they had to trade to support themselves but the other countries had different ideas about what constituted pollution and there wasn’t a lot of consensus or oversight.  they usually couldn’t wash themselves every day and they had to budget carefully for soap.  there were reds, walking around town to do their jobs, and they didn’t have shoe covers - they had to settle for there being shoes on the reds, there’s a plot point in one book about having to make sure the reds have shoes even when everyone else is losing toes and there isn’t enough leather.  they had to sort of live around the pollution the way a starving person might eat around the mold in their last piece of cheese.

and they never thought about population control - blues thought about inheritance, but everyone else expected their kids to work for a living eventually and sort themselves out as long as they could feed them growing up.  they never imagined having to live with our kind of pain.  they didn’t think, “well, mathematically, eventually there will be too many of us and we’ll have to do without babies even if we had tons of food”.

but they never thought about plastic, or robots!  they never thought about hot, well-treated water you could run all afternoon if you wanted and an entire aisle of soaps for cheap!  they never thought about the possibility that one day we would invent enough things not to need reds any more.  we have quietly drained an ocean of pain, almost all of it, and now we don’t have to live around pollution like our ancestors did.

Biyan fucked up - someone tried to be gentle on the reds and that’s never a good idea, you can’t give them any slack or warning or comfort, they’re evil - but they fucked up because on the horizon is that emptied ocean and they want it.

I’m not sure this is as good as planets but once we have a clean world and also planets we will be suffering less than we have ever done in history and I can’t wait to see what we’ll become!

  • adults: record numbers of teens are depressed, we must find out why
  • teens: school is more stressful than ever, our parents screwed over the economy, the earth is on a path to total environmental destruction, and now we have to deal with actual fuckin nazis
  • adults: it's the iphones isn't it

I could see all the stuff that was special to me. All the stuff that matters. I love you, Shelly. And I wanna spend my time with that. I mean, you know, if that’s okay with you.

  • Noah Czerny: *smiles and is happy*
  • Me: my skin is clear, my crops are flourishing, the sun is shining, I have 20/20 vision, I have straight A's, I'm properly hydrated-

When anyone tries to tell me how much better education was “in the good old days”.

So lemme tell y'all a story:

I was in 10th grade honours English. I loved my teacher - she was super cool, but didn’t take any shit from anyone. During our time with her, she was going through a rough divorce.

Our teacher had developed this system: if we were good, she’d add “time” to our class, with each “time” being worth ten seconds, so we had to work hard. That meaning, she would give us a free period after we’d built up the exact time that a period extended to be. It was an earned privilege, and we always did our best to try and obtain it. Hell, playing puzzle games and reading was way more fun than a test or worksheet!

We were reading Animal Farm, a book my mom had given to me when I was ten bc she knew I loved to read and enjoyed anything that was thought-provoking. I’d read it then, and again later in my parochial middle school. Living in a big city, public schools aren’t well-funded, and I was lucky to have all my close family scrape together cash for a good education. Needless to say, I was rather familiar with the book.

Now back to the system! Our teacher had implemented a rule that every morning (she taught my first period class) we wood stand up and recite the commandments of animalism. We’d all try our hardest to do it perfectly, lest “time” be taken off our class. But one morning, she was… cold.

My classmates who’d recited before me were all told to sit down and stop reciting, because they were “wrong.” Knowing that, I was confused, as was everyone else. Yet, we all kept trying the same thing. She let the first few people finish. Then, she let people get partially through before she’d utter, “wrong” or something of the sort and deduct our hard-earned time.

It finally got to me; it was my turn. I stood up and started, and was immediately shut down by her. I was frustrated, to say the least. I replied after a second and told her that I was, indeed, right. She muttered for me to sit down. I refused, and by now she’d taken off twenty seconds. Everyone groaned, but I continued to disobey. Eventually, my classmates started telling me to just stop and it turned into yelling at me once I’d lost our hard-earned twenty minutes (meaning we had been halfway to a free period) as I continued to argue. Once we were in the negatives, people were literally yelling obscenities at me. They even yelled at her, blaming her divorce and period. Gross behaivour, mind you.

I didn’t stop.

The teacher said that she was going to call security and have me removed. I replied that it was a-okay with me to do so. I promptly walk out of the room and she followed up by telling me to wait in the hallway. I’d intended to walk to the office myself, but obliged figuring it was no matter to me.

I was in the hallway for about a minute before she rushed out and gently grabbed me by the shoulders. I was rightly confused. She gasped, and stammered out that she had never imagined it would happen. Why was she suddenly not being so ruthless? Why was she flabbergasted? Well, apparently what she’d “wanted” was for us to all fail. That it was a lesson, and she’d have given back the “time” she had removed. It was all about “knowing” what was coming, and how fascism meant that the rules could change at any time, without your knowledge and consent, but you could still be punished for it. She told me that she’d called security, and told them if they saw me in the hall during that call, to excuse me. Nobody had done that before. Apparently, throughout her decades of teaching, not one student had done that. They had all caved and sat down eventually.

You can be that person. In something that matters to us all. It’s not fun, but when has fighting for what’s right ever been easy?