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A lot has happened and changed since I started youtube, hopefully I haven’t let any of you down

honestly, everything going on the past couple of days reminded me of this video (and the follow up he did one year later) Jack did titled “The Fear of Failing”. And with the community currently seeming to be divided right now, watching it again really struck a chord with me. 

And i think paired with the community not being itself right now, it’s important to remember the theme of the fof party that we would have one year later in celebration of this video:

I Am There For You, You Are There For Me, We Are There For Each Other: Why You Haven’t Failed Me


Angel: “That’s stupid. I’m not going to leave you. We can go on like this. It’s sad now but look, I know couples that don’t have children! There’s a lot of other things to focus on. So…so we won’t have a family. So what? N-no big deal.”

Caleb: “You never knew how to lie, Angel. I want you to be happy. I love you so much and that is the only reason why I’m doing this. I want to give you a chance. That is why -”

Angel: “Don’t say it. Anything, just…not these words.”

Caleb: “It’ll be the best for both of us. You should go, Angel.”

Right outside Dina’s door, Ajay stopped.

“Hey… it’s been a lot for you today.”

I didn’t give birth. Or lose my father.”

“No, but you’ve been carrying it around with you anyway. Just…make sure you still take care of you, okay?”

He put his hands on the sides of her face and gently bumped his forehead to hers.. “I’m pretty fond of you, you know, and I don’t like seeing you stressed out.”

Cassandra sighed. “I have to go home and deal with mom and dad.”



We have to go home and deal with your parents. And we’re going to go in there to see Dina and promise that we will do whatever she needs done, either today or tomorrow or next week or in a year that has to do with the baby or her own well-fare, and we are going to make a few calls to get funeral arrangements started so all Mary Sue and Mrs Oldie have to do is point and say yes or no.”

“Yeah? Are we going to also get some alone time?”

He kissed her. “Yes. That’s a very important part.”

End of Chapter 9, part 5. Part 6 shouldn’t take me too long to finish. I hope you all liked this part though!

Read Chapter 9 from the beginning.

Read the whole story thirty. from the beginning.


i have no other explanation for this besides “i had this crazy dream a few months ago and i had to get it down on paper somehow”

elaboration under the cut, click the pictures for dialogue!

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"Who did this to you" Haru and Baron

At Baron’s question, Haru’s hand hesitated at the door handle. She glanced back at her companion, a weak smile on her lips.

“Did what?”

“Changed you into someone you’re not.” Baron rounded on her, knocking the door shut before she could make a run for it. “The Haru I know wouldn’t turn her back on people in need - she’d want to help, she’d want to fight. She’d care.”

Haru looked to the window, where she could see the creatures terrorising the small town. She offered a halfhearted, lopsided smile. “Have you seen what kind of monsters we’re dealing with here? I mean, harpies, really? We can’t fight them.”

“That’s never stopped us before.”

“Well then, you’re a fool. And so am I apparently. I’m getting out of here.” She tugged at the door, but Baron held it tightly shut. “You can’t keep me here forever, Baron.”

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Dear Damian Part 5 (Older Damian Wayne x Reader)

Schninner: Well, this was going to be the last part of dear Damian, but a conversation with @the-singing-canary inspired me to prolong the suffering >:) have fun lovelies! <3

Part 1 * Part 2 * Part 3 * Part 4 

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Warnings: swearing, bloooood, and the angst (oh, and a few possible gramatical errors, sorry!)

Word Count: 1173

Your heart thundered in your chest as cold sweat ran down your back. Your head whipped around to your father, only to find him with a twisted smile on his face.

“What’s the meaning of this?! We had a deal!” Words that you meant to sound angry and intimidating only came out in a terrified squeak.

This only seemed to delight your father more. “that’s right my dear, we did have a deal! What was it again? OH! That’s right! You work for me, and I will refrain from killing your little boy toy over here!” He said, pointing to Damian. He let out a sigh and continued,” But, sadly, I have found myself becoming… hmm … what’s the word?” He asked, rubbing his chin, his eyes lit up and he snapped his fingers. “Bored! That’s it! So I will, unfortunately, have to let you go. Guards! Seize her!”

Before you even had time to react, several of your father’s guards appeared out of nowhere and apprehended you, twisting your arm and pinning it behind your back causing you to let out a sharp cry of pain. Damian was on his feet immediately, his hands still bound behind him, and the guards still trying to force him back into submission.

“Don’t you touch her!” He seethed, trying to get out of the guards’ grip.

“You have me, just let her go!” He shouted at your father.

“Oh my! How incredibly noble of you Mr. Wayne! But I don’t think I’ve made myself clear, you both are dying. It’s nothing personal- “

“Bull shite!” You shouted, interrupting him.

“-Just have to tie up those loose ends, I’m sure you understand.”

You were both dragged, kicking and screaming to your father’s dungeon with your father standing a safe distance away looking rather amused.

The numerous guards that were holding you, threw Damian and you into the same containment cell. You fell onto the cold hard concrete floor, scraping your forearms. You shot up almost immediately, running to the cell door. The guards slammed it in your face. You scowled upon seeing your father on the other side of the bars smiling gleefully.

“I’ll give you two some time to catch up before the executions start. Oh! And I wouldn’t try escaping if I were you, because that would just mean that your deaths would come so much quicker, not to mention, they would be oh so boring.”

Your scowl remained engraved on your face, “You son of a bitch!”

Your hands darted through the bars and grasped his clothing. A look of bewildered Shock spread over his face as you pulled him to the bars, his head making a satisfy “Clang” as it hit the steal cylinders.

“We had a deal!” You screamed, repeatedly bashing his head into the bars while his guards tried to pull him away.


The guards then hit you in the head with a small, but very hard object, causing you to lose your grip on your father and stagger back into a pair of comforting arms.

The guards surrounded your scowling, and currently bleeding father. He glared daggers at you, “I will enjoy watching you die, Daughter.” He spat the last words out like venom, before briskly walking away.

Once he left, you suddenly remember whose arms are around you. You whirled around quickly, and let out a slight gasp at Damian’s battered, bruised, and bloodied face. You bit your trembling bottom lip, as you hesitantly reach your hand out to his face.

He closed his light blue eyes and gently leaned into your touch. Your fingers traced around the bruises on his face, a sob wrenched through your throat causing his eyes to snap open and pull you into a tight and loving embrace. You cried into his broad shoulders, letting your tears mingle with the blood dripping down from your nose and lip.

“I’m sorry Damian!” You said between sobs

“I didn’t want to hurt you, I never wanted to!”

He hushed you and gently rocked your trembling body back and forth. He lightly kisses the top of your head and whispered and a calming voice,

“I know [F/N], I know.”

He gently pulled away from you and looked into your [E/C] eyes. His hand gently caressed the right side of your face then made its way to your slightly swollen and bleeding which he gingerly grazed over with his thumb.

His eyes swelled with tears.

“I know why you did it, and I know you didn’t want to, but [F/N], why didn’t you tell me?”

His voice was dripping from the psychological pain you had put him through over that past several months. It broke your heart to see him this way.

“Why did you put yourself through all that pain, and all that suffering, just to save my rotten hide?” the tears were now streaming down his face.

“I did the both for the same reason. I did it, not only to save you, but to give you a second chance at a happy life, a happy ending. To give you the opportunity to meet a new girl- “your voice broke, and a fresh wave of tears came rushing down. “-fall in love with her, start a family with her. Because I love you Damian Wayne, and all I want is for you to be happy!”

“Well, there is a massive fault in your plan.” He scowled, his voice rising in anger as he gripped your arms. “Because the only way for me to be happy, if I am with you [F/N]! Not someone else, I need you!”

You both stared intensely at each other for a moment, breathing heavily, before pulling each other into a long passionate kiss. Your arms around his neck, tangling your fingers in his hair, and his around your waist. That kiss, lead to several more, until it turned into something else entirely.

You did although, eventually stop, and laid next to each other, eventually drifting off to a, surprisingly peaceful, sleep.

The morning came much too quickly. Sunlight seeped through the cell walls falling across Damian’s unconscious face. You observed his slumbering features, a small smile danced across your lips as you began to play with his raven black hair, twisting the semi long strands around your fingers.

Damian groggily opened his eyes and turned over on his side to face you. He pressed his forehead against yours, and wrapped his arms around your waist.

“God morning Dami.” You said softly, looking lovingly into his eyes.

“Good morning beloved,” He mumbled in a gravelly morning voice.

I would love to tell you that this is how our story ends, that you and Damian remained in each other’s arms, living happily ever after. That your father had miraculously grown a heart that night and decided to let you go to live out the rest of your lives. But that is sadly, not how our story ends. In fact, the worst has still yet to come.

So… I’m really excited to announce that the string quartet I play with signed a deal with a recording studio. We’re going to be a part of the musicians that they hire out for different artists from time to time, and we have a deal to record three albums. This, um, might be one of the greatest things that’s ever happened to me.

Tumblr is ten years but after all those years we still have to deal with spam blogs? And hate blogs??
Fucking ten year old throwing a tantrum

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Well I think we would have another The Freshman book because we have to deal with Claire. :( Remember that she was talking about seeing the MC and Zig next year. :/ ~ The-one-who-should-not-be-named-anon.

Hello The-One-Who-Should-Not-Be-Named-Anon! Ugh, I’m not very fond of Claire. I hope we don’t see her again, tbh. 😄

  • Noah Czerny: *smiles and is happy*
  • Me: my skin is clear, my crops are flourishing, the sun is shining, I have 20/20 vision, I have straight A's, I'm properly hydrated-

instead of saying “society accepts lesbians more than they accept bi/pan people!” realize that society Does Not Accept Us and that we have to fight straight people while also dealing with non-straight people saying that the lesbian identity is oppressive

you can talk about how bi/pan people face stigma from straight people and from gay people without throwing lesbians under the bus because I promise you that being treated as a fetish isn’t acceptance

guess who ;)