we have the same pant size

  • (A conversation had after shopping for field clothes [aka the quest to find pockets] with my parents, and discovering my dad and I bought the same size pants)
  • Me: I can't believe we fit into the same pants.
  • Me: It's because he(dad) has no butt.
  • Mom: That's right. Guys don't have hips or butts.
  • Dad: Then why do you always tell me to get my butt moving?
  • Me: *Dies*
  • Dad: Next time you say to get moving, I'll say no, I don't have a butt.

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I don’t care for Lance, tbh. Fandom wank in his favor aside (there’s a lot), he comes off as a poor man’s Sokka (I’m aware this isn’t fair in the same way it isn’t fair to label Keith as a poor man’s Zuko). He’s allowed to have flaws but he also ended up almost losing the Blue Lion because he couldn’t keep it in his pants. It doesn’t help that the, due to the size of the main cast, the writers don’t have the time to dole out as much character development per season as we’d all like.

I don’t dislike Lance, tbh. It’s just I’m very ambivalent towards him in general

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being a poly lesbian when u and ur girlfriends all wear about the same size also known as "wait whose bra is this?"

addendum to the ‘whos bra is this’: its so much easier with shirts and pants and stuff like that but with bras like. we’re all in the Sizes of Beige And Hopelessness we should start writing our initials on the tags or something bc its so easy to not realize its not ur bra right up until you get stabbed in the armpit by underwire used to someone elses ribcage


Heh, we have this problem too! We tried the labeling but slowly all the bra’s and panties just became a free-for-all :’)

Can you imagine Seventeen’s stylists going shopping?

Stylists: Okay guys we need 13 pairs of the same shoes but at least six different sizes.
13 overalls, half of them white and the other half in denim in a few different sizes.
13 hoodies all different styles, colours and messages.
13 bomber jackets in 50 different syles, we can never have too many styles of bomber jackets we will perform in at least 70 places and all the outfits have to be different.
We also need at least 4 pairs of pants for each member so give us pants in denim, black, shimery and white.
We need suits, same concept different styles and a special one for Coups, make that three suits each member.
And 13 pairs of classy shoes for the suits, all the same different sizes.

Shopping assistants: Eeerm… We don’t think we have enough clothes in the shop.


DARA: “Checking our concert today with Son Manager who’s wearing our famcon beanie goodie. Wondering if the goodies won’t sell out cause of this pic..kkk it’s actually a very cute beanie ^_^”

“Fun Monday~! Now~ our Shanghai 2NE1 con and Osaka Famcon is finished but we have Beijing 2NE1 con this week! Interviewing with Son reporter for Beijing fans~”

“The goods came out in one size so the elegant ladies like me will have to wear it like ‘disappearing pants’~ prettily!!! #2NE1”

“Same beanie different feeling #2ne1 #jjangme”

GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED!!! Winners have been contacted!

Alright, Tumblr! I work at a semi-big retail chain, and very recently, we set an ad that is marking all of our clearance (as pictured above) additionally half-off the ticketed price. Plus add coupons and my associate discount, and I’m looking at brand-new clothes for scratch-off ticket prices.

Here’s the skinny:  This is a giveaway, open to the trans community here on Tumblr. I’m aware that sometimes it’s hard for people to get the clothes they need in order to feel comfortable, due to financial or other reasons.

This giveaway will be held for the next 3 DAYS–which gives me time to talk with the winner (hopefully) before the sale ends. You’ll have to give me your sizes,some general information (like you adore the color blue or plaid-prints or you dig screen-tees), and I’ll try my best to pick out something you’ll like! I’m not entirely sure how much you’ll get–but it will be a bit. Some shirts, some pants, maybe a jacket. We even have shoes that are included in the sale.

- Giveaway will end on Sunday, the 22nd of February. Probably mid- to late-evening.
- Likes and reblogs count as entries! You don’t need to follow me or anything. It’s not that kind of giveaway.
- This particular giveaway is for MTF. The other giveaway, for FTM, can be found here. That said, it IS open for anyone who is gender queer, bigendered, or anything really. I’m marking this ‘MTF’ for the nature of the clothes that will be won; which will be more feminine in nature.
- Please remember this is only open to the trans community. It is intended for two winners to receive clothes that will make them feel more comfortable.
- There will be only one winner for this giveaway; and another for the FTM one.
- It is also only open for U.S. residents, due to shipping costs.
- Signal boosting is a-okay! But please tag it or be honest in case your name is selected to win.
- I’m also offering to purchase toiletries in addition to the clothes, if the winner so desires. Deodorant. Shampoo. Stuff like that.
- For the winner, please have your ask box open! I will contact you immediately after you are selected, so we may talk a bit about sizes and everything! I may not be able to get things 100% correct, or we may run low on certain sizes (people are fucking crazy when sales hit), but I will try to do my best for you!

IMPORTANTLY I will mail the winner their goods under the name that is most comfortable or safest for them. Just let me know!

Thank you everyone! If you have any questions, please feel free to message me here!

Additional notes: Common sizes for our juniors department are S - XL (which is about a pinched 16). We do have a SLIM selection of plus sizes (1X - 3X, with the 3X probably around a size 22). Pant sizes range from 0 - 24. We also have a Missy’s department (or just the standard women’s department), which sizes run the same. Due to the nature of this, I need to express we may not have the correct sizes. But I WILL try my damndest to make the winner happy!!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the bonus aftermath strip of the “Kashima switches uniform bottoms with Hori-senpai” episode posted here anywhere. I’m seriously amused that Hori and Kashima have roughly the same waist size, so with adjustments they could easily end up winding up stealing borrowing each others clothes in the future. 

Also in pants she 100% fits in with the guys. We don’t see much of it but she gets along really well with the guys of the school too. 

Hey is that shorty on the far right the same guy who offered to dress up as Mikorin’s girlfriend in chapter 57?

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Jonghyun is at the hospital due to bad eating habits and Jinki is there with a broken leg. Jinki buys jonghyun a snack from the vending machine out of general kindness... Its the first thing jonghyun willingly eats all week

A/N This got way longer than expected and I kinda wanna continue on it, but let’s see what time brings us. 
Also, trigger warning because of mention of an eating disorder and deformed body image?? idk. 


The first thing that met Jinki and his parents when they reached the fourth floor of the hospital was a  small crying woman, old enough to be Jinki’s mother, and her husband that had his arm around her in an attempt to calm her down. Beside her stood a young woman, Jinki figured it was the couple’s daughter. The young woman seemed to be a couple of years older than Jinki and she appeared to be fuming.

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i tried on a pair of pants that were ridiculously tight around the waist and it made the upper part of my torso kinda bulge out just a little bit and my dad told me i need to do situps. im struggling with an ed and hes calling me fat im trying really hard not to cry

That’s some grade A bullshit right there I know plenty of people including myself who are underweight for their height and age that still have the same thing happening with pants or shorts or skirts that are tight, or who just have stomachs that aren’t completely flat. I do situps and yoga and am just like you. We’re soft, flexible humans not the Thing from fantastic 4.

If you were wearing pants that did fit right your dad wouldn’t have even mentioned or noticed anything, if you wrap a tight rubber band around your wrist or a finger you can see that the skin around it also bulges a bit because it’s just tight. If the same thing happens to your torso that doesn’t have to mean anything about your weight at all.

And we all know the horror that is pants that don’t fit right or have weird different sizes in every other store so that you can’t accurately predict what will fit and what won’t. Pants suck. And your dad should mind his own business.

Trigger warning: mentions ED; weight

Second submission, this time the photo is recent.

This is me, cellulite and all. I’m a US size 16 and I am about 5’9”. The reason I mention this is because I’ve come to realize over the years that a size ‘x’ can look very, very different depending on your height, weight and where your body decides to store fat. It changes from person to person and no two people really emphasize the size category the same way.

With that said, that means that your pants size (or shirt size) should not be indicative of who you are, whether or not you have worth and whether or not you find love or happiness.

Lots of us get so hung up on that number.. or the number on the scale that we constantly damage ourselves from the time we are young all the way into old age.

And I don’t know about a lot of you fine people, but I don’t want to spend my time being phobic of my scale, food, or a clothing store. I want to live life for me. I want to go outside and appreciate what I see without constantly judging it or comparing it to other things.

So yes, I’m not American society’s ideal woman, but you know what? I don’t care. Ideals are ideals because they are rarely attainable and I don’t want to spend my life trying to be what I cannot. I’ve been down the ED road before and I have to say, it wasn’t pleasant. And in the end, I just looked really. really ill.

And I have stretchmarks (from both weight loss/gain and pregnancy), my stomach may not be what you are bombarded with in magazines and in television. I have cellulite on my legs and butt and I have less than toned arms. But you know what? I don’t care anymore.

Those are just things. Cellulite is just that. Cellulite. Stretchmarks are indicative of growth in my body. Visible proof that I carried another life in me as well. They are just a genetic trait I ended up with. Nothing more. I could choose to look at them as disfiguring, but when I do that, I only damage myself. So I choose not to do that. I choose to look at the cellulite on my legs and butt as my body’s way of telling me that’s where it wants to store fat in the winter (or whenever I go long periods of time with inactivity).

I just more or less shrug now when I realize I’m not that ‘perfect’ hourglass shape most women my age want to be. Because you know what? That’s not my body. And I shouldn’t shame myself or be shamed because of it. My body can do so much and I only get the one.

So I choose to work on my personality and be more positive for myself and my family. I would hate to have my son see how I viewed (and still struggle with viewing) my body. I want him to have healthy attitudes about and toward people and himself.

Live for today, look toward the future.