we have the same pant size

Can you imagine Seventeen’s stylists going shopping?

Stylists: Okay guys we need 13 pairs of the same shoes but at least six different sizes.
13 overalls, half of them white and the other half in denim in a few different sizes.
13 hoodies all different styles, colours and messages.
13 bomber jackets in 50 different syles, we can never have too many styles of bomber jackets we will perform in at least 70 places and all the outfits have to be different.
We also need at least 4 pairs of pants for each member so give us pants in denim, black, shimery and white.
We need suits, same concept different styles and a special one for Coups, make that three suits each member.
And 13 pairs of classy shoes for the suits, all the same different sizes.

Shopping assistants: Eeerm… We don’t think we have enough clothes in the shop.


@ladydracarysao3 I think we have the exact same body type. I’m prefer comfort to fashion so I normally just go for jeans and a tshirt but I have to wear an extra size up because of my shoulders.

And I was a size 12 pants wise by the time I reached middle school. Thankfully, I never wear dresses so it hasn’t been too much a problem.

I will say: you know those cartoons where someone flexes and their shirts rips straight down the back? I may have done that. I was reaching forward to grab something and there was this ripping noise and I went to the bathroom and my shirt had ripped down the back. Thankfully it was a button up and I was wearing two layers but. At least I’ve got a fun story.

synesthetic-feline  asked:

If you have no pride colors in your wardrobe you could dress in those?

I don’t have any. My wardrobe is basically: 

A couple dozen tops in various earthtones a friend’s friend gave me, cuz we’re roughly the same size

a magneto t-shirt

a Captain America hoodie

a black skirt (that I should replace soon cuz it’s got so many holes.) and a brown skirt I wear beneath it, because it hides the holes

one pair of jeans

a pair of black pants

a brown and teal dress

a burgundy dress

a black floral print dress. 


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