we have the same dreams

Maybe somehow
we have the
same dreams,
and that is
to feel deep
in our hearts
what do
—  ma.c.a // Closed Eyes, Open minds
The Big Three and Their Kids
  • sm: the pure ones that have to keep a good image bc it's sm and everyone from sm is too pure for the world (lmao except heechul but he makes up for it)
  • yg: the badass kids that are extremely weird (aka cool) off screen but are never seen on screen bc yg never gives them AS MANY interactions with the fans
  • jyp: the super weird and savage kids that have jackson as a reference of how weird they can get, but at the same time be really pure and gentle-hearted
It’s a Buck Girl Thing (3/?)

Based loosely on ‘It’s a Boy Girl Thing’ (2006)

Summary: You (female reader) pine after Steve Rogers whilst Bucky is being a little shit. One night after an argument on the rooftop you wake up in each other’s bodies.

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Word count: 2.5k

Warnings: Sexual content and swearing

A/N: Hey I’m sorry there’s not much happening in this chapter but it’s a sizeable chunk now so I thought I’d post it out to you! I hope it’s not too boring for you?

Also, I know I need a masterlist for this - hopefully it’s done for the next chapter…


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You marched toward your old bedroom – it was high time you cleared this up because how could Bucky be so casual about all this, yet you found it so antagonising? Why did it seem like a punishment to you, but he was casually strolling around the kitchen, smirking and flirting and being his usual ass-self? This was not fair, and you were on a mission to set things straight.

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Here comes May.

1. Du’a is a place where sadness echoes and disappears.

2. Wake up and walk forward even with uncertain future.

3. Have faith deeply to Him, have a great courage, and hope that this bad memory move away from our heart.

4. Everyone is somehow will fall to pieces while searching for their purpose and for chasing their dream. But don’t give up. Not now.

5. Don’t wound others just because you are hurt.

6. Don’t be afraid to change. Have courage and believe that miracle will happen to guide you to a good destiny.

7. The more we live, the more we lose. But don’t just throw away our hope for tomorrow.

8. Just because you don’t get what you want, don’t let yourself forget the important things in life.

9. Start walking, hand in hand with du’a and hope to Him, never letting go.

10. Even though your dream may be dissolving, just don’t abandon your du’a and hope ; it is the things that keep your heart glow and strong.

11. Surely we’ll be able to understand reason behind all of this sadness. Because there could be a meaning to all of this after all.

12. Even if our heart and this path changes, don’t let ourselves disappear.

13. Even if with a different dream and du’a, we have the same God. So swore on yourself, “I will not give up.”

14. We will leave our mistakes and pain the day we start to redha.

15. If you are going to cope with fate, stop saying that you are sad or lonely.

16. Hope for the good, du’a will light the way.

17. Leave behind the bad days, fight till the end of sorrow, because life goes on.

18. Send your prayers towards the sky, as long as you still alive.

19. Don’t embrace the reasons for your sadness.

20. If we are going to change, started with our dreams and hearts.

21. Loneliness will turns into strength when you think of Him.

22. People and dreams change, and we have to accept it.

23. The road still continues on and on endlessly, even if you choose to stay behind. So move on.

24. Even if you cannot see, there’s a meaning to everything. So don’t just throw away your life just like that.

25. Be strong. Be brave. Don’t look back to a things that hurt you. Keep on moving forward even if your heart bleeds.

26. Even if our heart’s direction will surely change tomorrow, find the way and we will be able to see the good and the beautiful side of everything.

27. As long as you remember Him, you’ll be okay.

- sederhanaindah

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Yes on the Noora thing. I know so many people are annoyed on how much screen time she is getting this season but I think the way Julie is telling Sana's story by having Noora as a contrast is so smart. Seriously that woman deserves all of the awards.

100% It’s amazing isn’t it?

I didn’t even realise how much alike Sana and Noora are until this season. And that’s the point. 

they both don’t drink, both aren’t the party type and they both spent the same amount of time with the pm girls 


they are treated completely differently. 

and that is the harsh truth in this society. We are all judged based on appearances, our religion, our gender, our race, our sexuality. 

even though in reality we are all the same, we all have hopes, dreams and people we love, we still get treated differently. 

and Julie is showing us this by introducing Noora as the focus in Sana’s narrative. 

Noora is very much like Sana, hell some might even consider her, as her mirror. 

but for some reason she continues to be treated differently and accepted easily when Sana isn’t. 

it sucks

but it is a lesson I am so happy Julie is teaching <3 

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Hello dear, could you do a Draco Malfoy imagine where his wife gave birth to twins ( boy and girl) and his parents come to visit them. They are really happy about being grandparents and please have a special moment with the babys and Draco, and with the reader and Narcissa . Thank you 💙💙💙

Yes! Yes-yes-yes! Have I mentioned ‘yes’? It is a bloody brilliant idea! YES!

[I called the kids Arial and Scorpius]

And I have no idea what I did. But it does sound nice for me.

Name: My little Malfoys

“Y/N, dear,” Narcissa walks into the kids’ room and smiles at you, as you stand by a window holding your son. “Hi. Draco said you were trying to lull the little ones.”

“Oh, only Scorpius. He does not like staying quiet,” you smile, as Narcissa walks up to you and hugs you, gently kissing you on forehead. “Would you like to hold him?”

“Oh, yes,” she carefully takes Scorpius from your hands and rests his head on her elbow, murmuring something very sweet. “Hello beautiful.”

“Does he look a lot like Draco when he was a kid?” you ask her, as you sit down on the couch, Scorpius making annoying, yet sweet sounds.

“Oh yes,” Narcissa smiles, stroking his soft skin. “Not as loud though.”

“So Draco was loud? He says he always was a sweet quiet child,” you lean back, as Narcissa takes your hand and squeezes it slightly.

“I suppose, the two kids are loud enough,” you both smile, quite happy that Arial is asleep in her little cradle. Scorpius starts whimpering, and, as you are about to take him back, Narcissa quickly calms him down. You sigh with relief, and Narcissa looks at you a little suspiciously. “Are you happy, dear?”

“Yeah,” you grin, taking Scorpius’ tiny hand and stroking little fingers. “I am. Exhausted, but… Yeah, I am very happy. Double happy, if I may.”

“You have no idea how happy I am, Y/N,” Narcissa tells you, smiling at Scorpius with so much kindness, you stop wondering how Draco ended up being such a gentle man (at home). “Lucius and I… We have always dreamed of grandkids. And we got two at the same time.”

“Hey,” Draco walks in the room, holding a glass of wine which he hands his mother, then sits down next to you and plants a short kiss on your cheek. “Missed me?”

“You bet,” you turn your head and quickly kiss him. “How is your father?”

“Right,” he grins and turns to his mother. “He got a letter from Director and has to go to the Ministry as soon as possible. He said he would come and say hi to the little Malfoys, but probably then he won’t get out of here until tomorrow morning,” Narcissa sighs and carefully gives you Scorpius. “Sorry, mom. I know that you wanted to spend more time with these little devils.”

“I can still come at some point,” Narcissa smiles at you, strokes Ariel’s forehead, and quickly leaves, hurrying to not make Lucius wait for too long. After the war, Lucius got better, but Azkaban really hurt him mentally, so the man often had anxiety attacks, and you were doing your best to help him.

“How are my Malfoys doing?” he smiles, resting your head on his shoulder. You grin.

“Quite quiet,” you tell him, and a second later, Ariel wakes up. He giggles, as you hand him Scorpius and head to the cradle to pick the girl up. “Hey, Ariel. Why are you upset, sunshine?”

“She just misses her father,” you hear Draco’s comment, so you just return and sit down next to him, murmuring something, as Ariel keeps looking around, as if wondering what is going on. “Oh, come here,” Draco carefully takes her from your hands and gently kisses the tiny nose. “Aren’t you beautiful?” Ariel sneezes.

“Who knew you are such a sweet father?” you ask, trying not to smile.

“You did,” Draco grins, holding both of your kids on his hands, smiling like an idiot. You stay quiet for a few minutes, just listening to the kids breathe, then Draco turns his head to you, pressing his lips against your temple. “Y/N?”


“I know that we don’t sleep a lot now because of two kids, but…” he looks you straight in the eye, as you turn your head to face him. “I love you so much, Y/N. These kids… Scorpius and Ariel… My… Our kids… They make me… very happy.”

“And sleepy,” you add, smiling, as you lean forward and slowly kiss him. Draco grins and kisses you back, resting his fingertip on Ariel’s palm. “I love you, too.”

“She will be the most stunning girl of them all, huh?” he asks quietly, staring your daughter’s face. You smile and nod.

“No doubt… And she will have a twin brother to take care of her when she starts dating,” you see how Draco frowns, not ready to accept that this small ball of happiness will belong to someone else, so you laugh quietly. “I am kidding, Draco. It won’t happen soon. For some time, she will be running around here and throwing food around, as she doesn’t like it.”

“You know,” he adds after a short period of comfortable silence. “I am so… grateful… that Potter killed that moron,” you realize that you are discussing Voldemort. “If it wasn’t him, these two would not be safe. Or born.”

“Because you wouldn’t ever walk up to a muggleborn if you had his eyes on your back,” you nod, resting your chin on his shoulder. “Harry did a great job.”

“True… You think it will be wrong to make him a god-father of Ariel?” Draco asks suddenly. Obviously, he’s been thinking about it for some time now, but he must have really considered other options if he offers he ex-worst enemy. “She will be safe, as no one will go against Potter the great,” you both grin.

“I think it’s a wonderful idea,” you answer, closing your eyes.

“I will talk to him,” adds Draco. “We’ve been working for quite a while, and I hope that he will understand that she is… so beautiful.”

“I am sure he will.”

Last night I had this dream where @oak23 came out of a empty store with a box and yelled “Hey guys, I’m just going to drop out this pure neemo arms attached to everafter high torsos, if anyone is interested”.

And then I just emerged from the bushes, five centimeters away from his face, whispered “Hello friend” and started digging inside the box for some double jointed elbows like some kind of scavenger.

Tonight // Lee Jeno


the prompt: could I request a Jeno au? Idk how to explain it but I would love those kind of soft bf pinterest/tumblr relationship aesthetic shit ahaha maybe like a road trip with cuddles and kissing/making out in the back seat and just doing stupid couple things lolol take your time, thank you so much!! (jeno is ruining my life)

words: 808

category: fluff + drabble

author note: yikes this is short and late but i hope there is enough cuteness to make up for it. (jeno is ruining my life too)(also the title is from the up10tion song bc why not)

- destinee

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NCT 127 + Ten reaction to seeing an NCT Dream member carrying their girlfriend bridal style (Quando eles veêm um membro do NCT Dream carregando sua namorada no estilo nupcial)

Oh wow this was so cute~ (I took off Haechan and Mark because we have the same request of reaction on NCT Dream point of view)

♦Adm Nu♦

Taeil: He sees Jisung carrying his girlfriend in bridal style and just buffers to admire how adorable and cute the scene is. // Ele vê Jisung carregando sua namorada em estilo nupcial e apenas para e admira o quão adorável e fofa a cena é

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Johnny: He sees Mark carrying his girlfriend and gives him a slight side eye promising to tease him later and congratulate him for doing things right. // Ele vê Mark carregando sua namorada e dá uma olhada de lado prometendo provocá-lo mais tarde e parabenizá-lo por fazer as coisas direito.

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Taeyong: He finds it shocking to see Haechan carrying his girlfriend because he assumed it would have been the opposite. // Ele acha chocante ver Haechan carregando sua namorada porque ele supôs que seria o oposto.

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Yuta: *Sasses over* Ah Jaemin remember when I used to do this to you. You learnt well. // *Provocando* Ah Jaemin lembra quando eu costumava fazer isso com você. Você aprendeu bem.

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Doyoung: He gets slightly uncomfortable by the lovey-dovey feel and mutters small ‘what the heck’ statements. // Ele fica um pouco desconfortável com a sensação de pombinhos e murmura pequenas constatações “mas que diabos”.

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Ten: He gets emotional (for no reason lol) as to how quickly they’re growing up smart and strong. // Ele fica emocional (sem motivo lol) quanto à rapidez com que eles estão crescendo inteligentes e fortes.

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Jaehyun: He just giggles at the scene of seeing Jeno carry his girlfriend, feeling slightly awkward yet happy as to how he’s maturing. // Ele apenas ri da cena de ver Jeno levar sua namorada, sentindo-se um pouco estranho, mas feliz quanto à forma como ele está amadurecendo.

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WinWin: He sees Chenle carrying his girlfriend, pops in to say hi, and then leaves completely uninterested in the cute gesture. // Ele vê chenle carregando sua namorada ,aparece para dizer oi, e então sai completamente desinteressado com o gesto fofo.

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The new chapter is officially out and about! Now here will be my reaction to certain panels that have ended up becoming my favorite in the new chapter. (Forewarning : It will be silly reactions most of the time but I will try to have interesting ones) I even took screenshots.

 Here we go! 

She do the flying high kicc! Go Gabi!

Indeed. Back at the place where you’re brainwashed mostly 24 /7 haduuuurrr. 

Brooo……Marley is HUGE AF. 

The gang is all here! And tbh Gabi, I suggest you do. 

Falco…..my boi. You have a lot to learn. 


Um………Propaganda brainwash? O__________O

That moment when you meet your parents after a long war on the battlefield isn’t it all lovely? (it’s fucking harsh wow damn). Zeke is up to something though….hmmm…

Y’all better be. (The propaganda is filling her brain with lies hoe don’t do it) 

Reiner DOES needs rest, I tell you his been through a lot. 


Internal dialogue : “Boy do I love talking about my accomplishments and what I have done so far.” 

Poor Reiner. I got you brah, no worries. 

I have no words honestly lol. 

The truth it come out. Does Reiner gay while he infiltrate military rank? 

Obviously bro…..you still care for them, deep down I know you do. Wow this is getting a bit too much…



Yes my boy. You are….but….your future is dim…



Can a Titan just eat and chow down Porko please? -________-




We all have dreams……right….? :D 

Everybody goes through the same shit…damn. This was one hell of a damn chapter though. It was worth the wait! 

let’s try to understand kacchan!

Ok, now let’s talk about Kacchan dislike to Izuku to being a hero.
To understand this in a better way, let’s change a little the context, I’m going to use a example I understand to the perfection. (I know I’m going to sound mean, but I’m just HONEST) 
Imagine you are one person who is good making art, you are kinda good even as a kid and grow up drawing doujinshis and comics, maybe your character is not the best, but you are a kid, you know you are good, and people praise you! 

you want to enter to a big company and you have the skill to do it, you think you are almost a pro. 

And then, is this other person…

He can’t draw for his life, he is a fanboy to the extreme (Let’s remember, otaku is not a nice word in japan) and he wants to go to the same company than you!!! 

That weabo thinks he can enter at the same company as you.
That weabo.

I know weabos are people too, but let’s accept that you don’t like them, even if everyone had a weabo phase. 

To kacchan eyes… Izuku is a freaking weaboo! 

“What are you thinking? don’t embarrass me! you don’t have skills, you are the worst kind of fanboy!!!! You are going to mess up with my CV! they are going to compare us because we are from the same school!!! Stop dreaming, you don’t have the skill!”

And then this weabo sudenly points up that you have a major flaw with one of your characters and save you from publish a horrible story.

With a bruised ego, you accept your mistake, but don’t say anything more.
You leave the weaboo alone.

you know he can’t enter to the same company, he don’t have the skill. the skill you have.

And then, this weaboo enter the freaking company.

And is better than you.
He still mess up hard, he still don’t know the bases to make a proper drawing.
But when he try, he is fucking awesome… 


I know I would be really pissed off too.

Because is going to be hard, is going to be hard to see this guy with a new light, is going to be hard to accept him as a rival when he was the “scum of society”, is going to be hard to accept criticism from him, is going to be hard to see how “My” rivals are going to be “his” rivals.

is going to be hard to accept that this nobody suddenly is better than you, or getting better than you, or that he CAN KICK YOUR ASS.

You don’t want to lose, you can lose a fight, but never the war. 

You are going to get better and crush anyone! You are going to be number one! because YOU ARE GOOD! YOU KNOW YOU CAN KICK ASS! YOU HAVE THE SKILL!!

…But you forget than any job is more fun with teamwork. because you only know how to be the best. 

is lonely being good at something sometimes. 

Pokemon sentence starters
  • “There is nothing more beautiful and terrifying than innocence.“ 
  • “You said you have a dream.”
  • “We have a lot in common, the same earth, the same air, and the same sky. Maybe if we started looking at what’s the same instead of always looking at what’s different….well, who knows? “
  • “ Physical wounds can be treated without much difficulty, but emotional wounds are not so easy to heal. “
  • “The city has been plunged into darkness by a power failure.”
  • “ Excuse me, but are you by chance the oddball of your family?”
  • “ Did you think of anything yet?
  • “One mystery leads to another.”
  • “ This must be a pretty dangerous town.”
  • “My picture’s going to be on posters… when I’m a big famous star.”
  • “My nose feels like it’s on fire.
  • “ I’ve got tons more energy than I know what to do with!”
  • ““I meant all perfumes are a ripoff because all they do is turn guys into zombies.”
  • “ Losing an official hat is like losing your best friend.”
  • “ “It takes a genius to realize a fishing net is the perfect weapon!”
  • “Every day it’s cake and tea/just like Pokemon and me.”
  • “ Looks like the ghost Pokemon got spooked.”
  • “Are you guys trying to be funny? Your routine really isn’t working for me.”
  • “Your sense of direction’s so bad you can’t find yourself in a mirror.” 
  • “Good friendships last forever even though friends don’t always stay together.”
  • “We’re defending the beauty of truth and love.”
  • “There’s never been a happier me. “
  • “I could write a book about the secrets of love and heartache! “
  • “ You really do care! “
  • “Now bikini season’s over and I’ll have to wait another year to meet a girl!”
  • “Thank badness we survived.”
  • “I don’t know how you’ll ever control your pokemon. You can’t even control yourself.”
  • “You have to follow your dream no matter what.”
  • “What’s wrong? Why are you two looking at me like that? “
  • “It’s just weird to see you looking like a girl.
  • “Masters? I’m twice as smart as those two watt lightbulbs you’re calling masters!”
  • “I hate water. Especially wet water.”
  • “What’s more important, a Pokemon battle or your life?”
  • “Water’s my specialty!”
  • “Reality can really bum you out.”
  • “That’s a big Pokemon.”
  • “So size does matter.”
  • “There’s always something new to look for in our lives… and in ourselves.” 
  •  “The road’s gotta be somewhere. “
  • “ What are you talking about? She looks just like all the other Joys.”
  • “ “Sure has a lot of spunk.”
  • “I’ll be here on the sidelines, cheering you on, waiting to drag your carcass away at the end. “
  • “It’s times like these that make me want to go straight.” 
  • “I’ll do anything, let’s just get out of this forest.” 
  • “Flattering? This picture makes me look terrible! “ 

【To be an Idol】 → Love Live! (watch in 720p)

Many people that don’t watch Love Live! see it as another silly show about idols and dancing, but it’s honestly so much more than that. Don’t get me wrong, the cute outfits and dances are amazing and part of the reason, but what we really love and connect to are the characters and the struggles they face trying to do what they love. In truth many of us connect to it because we have hopes of achieving the same goals and dreams. This is what I wanted to capture. I hope I did that even in the slightest bit. If I evoked any sort of emotion out of somebody while watching this, I would really love to know.

ok but if “two ghost” is harry telling us about a dream he had?

wildest dreams: say you’ll remember me/ standing in a nice dress, staring at the sunset, babe/ red lips and rosy cheeks /say you’ll see me again /even if it’s just in your wildest dreams

and in two ghosts we have:
same lips red, same eyes blue/ same white shirt, couple more tattoos / but it’s not you and it’s not me / tastes so sweet, looks so real / sounds like something that I used to feel / but I can’t touch what I see

the fact he says “but I can’t touch what I see”, “this was all we used to need” fits with the dream narrative.

it’s a dream, he’s seeing who they used to be and comparing to who they are now, and now they’re miserable, but not because he doesn’t have feelings for her, but because they’re different and he misses her and his heartbeats. he can’t even have a damn heartbeat without her.

also, he sings:
we’re just two ghosts swimming in a glass half empty

and it fits perfectly in ever since new york,
there’s no water inside this swimming pool, almost over, had enough from you.

in the first one, he says they’re in a glass half empty, so they’re trying to go, in the second they’re swimming but there’s no water, but no one can swim without water…so they tried to go but, without water, they can’t.

also, in esny, is not because he doesn’t have feelings, he is praying for her, he never did before, he has faith in the relationship, he wants to be with her, but seem like she doesn’t want to. Seems like he’s waiting for her decision to move on, but he already knows what is her decision “I need something, tell me something new, choose your words ‘cause there’s no antidote for this curse”.

So, two ghosts and ever since new york are haylor af.

A few days ago, I woke up as I said, “Dean, there’s something wrong with you.” But I did not remember why I said it. And I could not recall the dream I had or anything… but I am very curious… I’m also a little worried I talk in my sleep. I’d never worried about that before. But that could be a little awkward… Because I have weird dreams…