we have the best idol

I think my favourite fandom to be a part of is the Sebastian Stan fandom. Like you guys are so nice and cool and talented and I love how everyone’s so chill with each other and how friendly everyone is. And there’s so much positivity, that’s what a fandom is supposed to be a happy place to share your love. You guys are so supportive and yeah I’m just generally happy being apart of this fandom. (Not to mention we have the best idol)

i think it’s pretty clear that we have the best idol in the world. she wrote this sweet boy a heartfelt essay with advice and kind words, and i hope she knows how much it means, not just to him, but to this whole fandom. we love you, taylor alison swift.

not to be dramatic but we really do have the best idols and they brought so much happiness to my life and so many amazing people and changed my life so much and they love us and i just want to say thank you boys for everything THANK YOU THANK YOU