we have the best idol

GUYS. This era is different from any other era because for years Taylor has been torn down by the media but the people who have protected her and loved her which is is her fans have been here by her side. And now she wants us to know she appericiates that and she’s showing us by hanging out with us on all social media platforms. We have the best idol ever. TAYLOR WE LOVE YOU. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING.

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do you have any favourite blogs??? like any kind of blogs!! (just curious skmfmd)

This got outta hand so quickly. But here was my overall answer:

I follow a lot of seventeen blogs. Like a lot. But I also follow a lot of people who are generally nice and who have cute tags because they help brighten up my day. I like art blogs and those calming aesthetic blogs because they make my dash prettier. And I follow my in-real-life friends like @leechansthighs and @verifiedspheniscidae and @vernaans no matter their content (although their blogs are all still A+ content and I’d probably follow them regardless). And I like @myetie so much that I played Mystic Messenger just to better understand what was going on in her artwork because her art is cute and funny and I stumbled upon it accidentally so I had to catch up. 

But to get specific? Hmmm, well, in no particlar order…. 

Of course I have my mutuals like @miiinghao @kimbapkidding @thatgirlcatt13 @jeonwonxwoo and @kw0njisol who I probably forgot to reply to like 3 billion years ago in chat but are still amazing and I love with my soul but am too nervous to say anything to because I know the only reason we’ve stopped talking is because I’m disorganized af. 

And then, well, @fyhoshi probably dominates my dashboard with HD Hoshi pics (not that I mind, really). Seriously, if you’re a Hoshi stan, follow them (you likely already are). You won’t regret it. In a very similar way, if you’re a Woozi stan, then you’ve gotta follow @woozioppa for all her constant updates and flooding of your dashboard. Just from following her, Woozi jumped like 5 spots on my bias list because of all the Woozi content.

@pristeen-23 is honestly such a good friend (used to write on her blog but not anymore,,, GIRL I’M STILL MOURNING). She’s friends with so many people because she’s a beautiful human being and deserves to be loved and rolled into a warm blanket and fed good food bye. 

OKAY so who hasn’t heard of @woozifi? Honestly, whether it’s for Tessa’s art or Tessa’s writing (CHECK OUT HER AO3), she excels in whatever she does. Talk about multitalented. Her commissions are open here

I like art blogs a lot!!! @bodtster was probably the first fan art blog I ever followed and I am lowkey,,, in love,,, with Annie and her work (her personal @sailorpeach is hella aesthetic if you also wanna check that out.) Her commissions are open right here.

@94wnd Graphics man, graphics. She’s the pop of colour on my dash that always makes me stop and go “ooOoOhh” because her graphics are so vibrant and pleasing. And her writing is great too! Definition of that one mom friend who always makes you feel like honey, starlight, and warm hugs on a Thursday afternoon. She makes me feel good about my angst and I love reading her tags okay. 

I frickin love memes and shitposts, and I recently discovered @amemericans [I know, I know, y’all are all like “where have you been?” and ur rite where have I been?]. They’ve got the best memes in the business. We have recently formed the idol group Clickb8,,, and are accepting all applications – so rhymes, limericks, and haikus thx. 

@incorrect7teen always makes me laugh with her incorrect quotes and love for DK,,, She’s really sweet and interactive too. Her little window into her daily life and thoughts is really so entertaining, and one can’t help but want to be friends ^^

@doyomi has some great incorrect NCT quotes, so if any NCTzens are floating around. @gwikimchi is her main blog but she has like a million blogs that I apparently don’t follow even though I know them by heart??? FRICK I’M THE DAMN WORST. ( @lordyoungho for kpop horoscopes and @sebooty-lyfe for writing). 

Choco from @choco-seventeen is such a sweetheart and her writing is stunning. Legit, her writing will probably make you want to cry. Heck, I have cried while reading her writing. And I will continue to cry because she always gets better and better and is always looking to improve and wow everything she does motivates me. 

Did you know that if you looked up talent in the dictionary you’ll get @hansolmates? Legit when I saw her writing for the first time I blanched. I wish man, I wish. Her timing is terrific, her fluff makes me melt, and her angst makes me jealous. I wish I had an ounce of her skill. 

Another art blog I follow is @cutiepatoodieart, who never fails to impress. Joey’s style is absolutely breathtaking and I love her art so so much. As well, she always says what’s on her mind without holding back, which I think is admirable. Her commissions are also very open right here.

@hoshbrownie is precious. Absolutely precious. Eva will talk to you and make you feel like you matter. She will think about you and tag you in things and I’m actually teary-eyed because she’s so precious and every not-so-anonymous anon (hoshbrownie i see u) I get from her makes me so happy. 

@svt-husbands THE WELL OILED AND FAST WORKING MACHINE. You guys know who they are, of course you do. Great quality writing at insane speeds, these guys are everything I want to be bye. I remember first talking to one of the admins @squishteen , and I was like ??? How do such interesting people exist ??? She’s amazing and writes on her main as well, go follow her. I more recently started talking to @jeongguktm, and can confirm that yes she is as adorable and kind as one might expect her to be. ALSO JUST REALIZED THAT I RECENTLY MISSED HER BIRTHDAY and tf is wrong with me, this isn’t how you make friends. Happy belated birthday sweets <33

Jackie from @tookorean lowkey intimidates me because everything she does turns to gold. She’s hard working and loves Woozi and if that’s not enough reason to follow then I don’t know what is. Sometimes translates, sometimes does this. Another multitalented goddess on our hands, this is getting overwhelming. 

@vitaminniedk just read her tags and you’ll understand why I follow her. She also has probably the best theme around? Vivienne is as much of a sunshine as her bias, and you’ve probably seen her gifs floating around

Gen from @wonnhao is a gif goddess that you are probably all aware of and her interactions are really cute too so of course I’m following her. Aren’t you? 

@wasabi-duck who is on an indefinite hiatus but you should still see her writing anyway. She was the sole person who attracted me to the bullet-point style that’s getting more and more popular around here these days. My friends and I would like read her stories out loud at lunch over sandwiches and I feel nostalgic just writing this. She’s also very kind and I like the stuff she reblogs on her main @clockwork-lullaby.

@mounteenbase is back from the dead so check her out! Lots of fun lil blurbs and bullet-point fics. Fluff master and a lowkey meme master. Very cute and easy to talk to, fun and interesting as one can see from her main blog @mounteenbase-main

@saythename17scenarios is graceful. Perhaps that’s not the right word but heaven knows my vocabulary isn’t extensive enough to describe how I feel about Kimbap Mom. Her writing is distinctive and tactful, and she often finds the greatest of beauty in the simplest of concepts. One day she might write a full length multi-part fic and I will be here eagerly awaiting each update because I’m trash for her. 

@moodboards-and-profiles flowers and unicorns and everything pure. When we first talked she was legit one of the most encouraging people I’ve ever met, and I’m sure that remains the same despite our lack of communication! Actually has some really cute moodboards (that she should tag because she can gain some major attention winkwinknudgenudgeshoveshove). 

Oh and recently I started following @askjournalismsvt and this is probably my favourite SVT Tumblr AU ever. Sam and Kei perfectly portray Seventeen as members of the “Diamond City University journalism department” and answer questions with the cutest of doodles ack. They’re also hilarious and I want to be this funny. 

And whilst writing this, @puppetwritings popped into my head even though I just followed her like now. She was the first fanfic account that I got into way before I actually made an account and since I didn’t have an account I would just check her Tumblr constantly and put her in my bookmarks. I got busy after a while and then made my account after another while, but I can’t believe I forgot to follow such a phenomenal writer.

Anyway thanks for the question love! This was fun to write up and reflect on :)

BTS Reaction to Their Idol!S/O Winning An Award For Best Looking Idol



“Ahh, I knew we were the best looking couple around.”

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“Best looking idol? Have they seen you in the morning?” but like he knew you would win because you’re so perfect.

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“Well of course they won, anyone with working eyes can see the beauty.” *proud*

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“I am surprised there were other nominees, I thought you would have just won right away.” teling the truth while hoping to get laid.  

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There would would be two sides to him.

One side of him would be like:  “I will fight anyone who begs to differ.”

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Then the other side would be like: “I told you that you were the most beautiful person around.”

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“That’s my jagi, yah!”

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“Now all the other guys are going to want you, oh well. I knew you would win.”

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This is going to be a very long rant….I believe, so if you have time to read, freely read it till the very end.

As you can already tell what’s this rant is going to be about…it’s none other than my lovely B.A.P boys.

I am so very tired and annoyed at reading comments and posts all over SNS about the comparison between a boy group and B.A.P. I don’t even know why you need to compare them when both are of a different level. I’m trying not to call out fandom names…but it’s so hard when it’s the same fandom over and over again who keeps doing this type of sh*t. BABYz are trying so hard not to start any type of fandom wars since we are a very peaceful fandom but those ignorant, immature, rude fans starts comparing, leaving immature, hateful comments…how can BABYz sit back and watch?

B.A.P already has enough hatred of the things that they don’t even need to be hated on. For a matter of fact, B.A.P had done nothing wrong towards any of your favorite group to hate them for…neither had any BABYz done anything wrong. If BABYz had done anything wrong, then please tell me because we can easily apologize if we offended anyone.

As I’ve said I’m always tired and annoyed at reading all these hateful comments. I can easily tell you the reasons why B.A.P can never be at that low of a level towards other groups, for B.A.P are at a level where they absolutely do not care about popularity or winning any type of awards, they even said it themselves.

The reason why B.A.P continued to be a group even after hiatus is because they truly love music and enjoy being on stage with or without any fans. Yes, they are worried about not having enough fans but all they are worried about is whether the fans enjoy listening to their music.

Popularity is nothing to them and it is nothing to me or to any BABYz. All we care about is that B.A.P produces music that truly speaks about them and their originality. Other groups may not truly know how to put their own stories into music but B.A.P had done it especially through their album “MATRIX” and also “CARNIVAL”.

The hatred and the comparison may never stop but I truly know the reason of why I stan B.A.P and why many other BABYz stan B.A.P. Music is one of the reason to stan them but it’s also of their inward personality and heart.

Bang Yongguk, our role model and leader, is known for his kindness and thankful heart towards BABYz and those who are not living in such expense. Yongguk has been doing charity and donations for a very long time and BABYz are truly amazed by that…that is why BABYz are giving back to the community and those who are in need of help because BABYz are influenced by Yongguk’s kind and thankful heart.

The members kindness are endless. I have no clue why people would hate on them or even say any negative comments towards them.

I’ve had said this many of times. The B.A.P members will read any mentions or tags that fans will leave. I always feel hurt knowing that the members are reading those hurtful comments. I know 101% that Daehyun reads it one by one for he had recently (in the past weeks) posted a picture of himself dabbing of where I fan had taken it…but his name wasn’t mentioned or was he even tagged on the picture but he found it. That’s one of many ways the members are always listening to the fans

I know it’ll never stop but I’m always hopeful and wishing that one day, other fandoms will stop comparing their idols with another idols. Also for fans to stop leaving such hurtful comments towards the members.

                Idols are humans too, not just a form                                           of entertainment in our lives
                       We have feelings, idols do too


Hello @taylorswift​ I just want to say something. I’m a girl from instagram account @taylorismyangel13 . My name is Ana-Paula,I’m from Croatia. You comment my post 4 months ago and I’m still in shook, I can’t believe that this happening to me. When I see comment that you love me I start shaking and crying so hard and my hands starts shaking, I just omg DIE?! But I’m still alive but I don’t know how hahah… I just want to say thank you, thank you milion times. You made my life happy and so much better. Every time when I’m sad I just look at this comment and I’m so happy. I love you so much and I’m so happy that you see that. I hope I will meet you someday and tell you that and hug you and kiss you and tell how much you mean to me. I love you since 2012 and I’m Swiftie since then, and every day I listening your songs,my room is full of your posters and stuff. I’m so happy that I found you,you’re the best idol and role model we ever have. I will always love you. You help me every time when I’m sad. When I’m sad I listening your songs,when I’m happy I listening your songs :) Everytime I listening your songs ;) this is my routine now lol :D … I think that that is routine of every Swiftie. We just love you so much. So I hope that you will read this :( and follow me, I just want you to know that you are the best idol, that you’re so so talented, that you so loved, that you’re the best okay I say that already but yea… Haha :D I hope that you will one day come to Croatia and that I will meet you, that’s my biggest dream ever.  So much love for you and I send you kisses. :* and big big big hug. LOVE YOU! ❤ @taylorswift 

I think my favourite fandom to be a part of is the Sebastian Stan fandom. Like you guys are so nice and cool and talented and I love how everyone’s so chill with each other and how friendly everyone is. And there’s so much positivity, that’s what a fandom is supposed to be a happy place to share your love. You guys are so supportive and yeah I’m just generally happy being apart of this fandom. (Not to mention we have the best idol)

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but i dont care about money boo it's the music that counts, i still dont get why snstd is so famous when they release shit music like srsly?? party? you think? i dont even wanna talk about catch me if u can, the flop song of 2k15 istg they're just too overrated they dont deserve it. the company is just as problematic as the idols in it smh all they think abt is MONEY if u ever speak with the ceo pls tell him to add the word "rest" in his vocabulary

Okay! I apologize to our followers who had to read that, but we’re using this opportunity to make it clear that we will not tolerate such negativity. We love communicating with our followers, and we do our best to answer every message and @ in a humorous way. That being said, let me also make something clear:

This is a satire blog.

We are not the official tumblr page of SM Ent. We believed this was apparent enough, but here we are. This is a blog dedicated to the groups and idols under SM; we reblog actual news and pretty gifsets and such, and we make original content as well. The other important aspect of our blog to recognize is that we impersonate SM employees, harping on the mostly negative stereotypes or conceptions about the real SM (i.e. SM only cares about making money, SM is suing everyone, SM doesn’t acknowledge the idols who have left the company) because this is a satire blog. We pretend to be SM in all its Shitty Mess glory for the entertainment of our followers.

So, in response to this anon, we are aware that SM is not unproblematic. We are aware that SM idols can be problematic. However, we are unsure as to whether or not you are aware that we are not in contact with the CEO of SM.

In regards to your previous message, please understand that as we are a satire blog that is pretending to be the real SM, it’s only natural that our blog is dedicated to acting like we have the best idols. You also accused us of hating on other groups to make our idols look better, and correct me if I’m wrong, but the worst thing I can think of that we’ve done to other groups is misspell their names. Again, this is because as the “real” SM, we consider our company to be superior to the rest, and the intentional misspelling of our rivals’ names implies that they are not relevant enough to have their name known correctly. This is not the views of our admins and mods; this is from the “real” SM’s standpoint.

You are entitled to your own opinion, and we are fine if you don’t like our blog. However, please be aware that everyone else is also entitled to their own opinion, and it is not nice to translate your preferences of SM groups into very opinion-based hate of a specific group, when our other 2,000+ followers who likely don’t hate that group will see your negativity (because we do answer almost every single anon). This is why I am responding in such length, to let it be known that this is the last of these messages we will post. While the admins and mods may read them and be hurt (because oh yes! we are real people with real feelings and opinions unassociated with this blog–coincidentally, SNSD is comprised of real people too–but I digress), this blog is for the entertainment of our followers, and we intend to keep unnecessary negativity out.

[One final note: I’m going to assume that you don’t know SNSD very well (and if you would like to know more, I can provide more links!), because otherwise you would know very well how they came to be Asia’s Number One Girl Group. About Catch Me if You Can - it was not a comeback; indeed, it could be considered a gift for Japanese fans, yet the Korean Version MV has nearly 40 million views as of when I am typing this. You are entitled to your opinions, of course, but just because you don’t like their recent releases doesn’t mean that the music they make is shit and that their fame is unwarranted. For example: you like EXO, but dislike SNSD. I like SNSD, but dislike EXO. We each have our preferences and biases, see, but the difference is that I don’t spread hate while sitting behind a screen and an anon option.]

I hope you are not entirely too hurt by this response, because even though I was hurt by your messages, I am not trying to perpetuate vengeful bad feelings.

I also hope this is the last of a serious post we need to make because we are a satire blog, and we have fake lawsuits to file and shit to overhear and SMCOUNTDOWNs to run.

In closing, here is a gif of our Dancing Queen.

- admin p


As many of you may have already heard, some very sad news broke out in the kpop world yesterday evening.

While coming home from an event at around 1:30am, girl group Ladies’ Code was involved in a very serious car accident. The tire of their van blew out, sending the vehicle spiraling into a guardrail on the side of the road. Members Ashley and Zuny did not sustain major injury but unfortunately, not all of the girls had the same fate. Sojung and RisE have sustained critical injuries, having been taken in for surgery and reported as being in critical condition. I am heartbroken to report that member EuB has passed away because of the accident.

This heartbreaking news has sent shock waves throughout the kpop community, regardless of fandom. Please be sure to pray for the members of Ladies Code and send them your love so that they can all get through this heartbreak together and help their bodies make a speedy recovery. Please also pray for the friends and family of EunB who must still be in shock over the tragic death of the girl they love being taken from them at such a young age. I cannot even begin to imagine how they must feel at the moment.

This situation has helped to open many peoples’ eyes to the fact that death does not discriminate. Kpop idols are only human and we have to do our best to let all of the idols we cherish know just how much they are loved. A simple sweet comment on an idol’s social media or a happy “Fighting!” can really make a person’s day. So please be good to your idols guys because you never know when something tragic like this can happen again.

May the dear Go Eun Bi rest in peace and watch over us all. Heaven surely received a beautiful angel today. #PrayForLadiesCode

i think it’s pretty clear that we have the best idol in the world. she wrote this sweet boy a heartfelt essay with advice and kind words, and i hope she knows how much it means, not just to him, but to this whole fandom. we love you, taylor alison swift.

—  This to me describes the Taylor Swift fandom, we all get judged daily and we just at the end of the day, don’t care because we’re too busy being excited about having the best idol with the best songs. We are a new kind of romantics, we see it differently, and yeah we sing about heartbreaks, so what ?  WE’RE TO BUSY DANCING TO CARE ABOUT ANYONE’S OPINION ANYWAY!

i dont know any other celebrity in the world who would, while on vacation in hawaii, spend hours interacting with their fans on social media instead of going to the beach or partying or something. i mean i think we all already know this but can we all just take a second to say that we have the best idol in the world.

I don’t think the 5sos fam really realizes how amazing we are. Like we have the best idols on the planet, they care about us and love us so much. I’m honestly so thankful for this whole family. We all support each other and the boys, it’s like my second family. I just want to cry happy tears sometimes because of how thankful I am for 5sos and the family, I love both so much. It’s like a teamwork between us and 5sos. we’re a team.