we have the best food


I rode my bike to the forest last week and I got lost for a while! It was amazing :’) also this is last week’s spread! (I’m actually spending most of the time doing nothing but watching movies haha)

look i know part of the appeal of takeout apps is how impersonal they are but also i’m telling you if you leave like a ‘thank you!’ or a positive note or heck even just consistently order the same things from the same place, the food monkeys on the other end will appreciate it - seriously, it’ll make their day - and also probably give you as much free shit as they can get away with


- How do you feel about returning in Japan after a long absence?

Mads: “This time it’s also very enjoyable. I was honored to be able to visit a traditional Japanese “Yakatabune”. I was able to meet bhikkhu at the temple and I also met with the game creator Hideo-san (Hideo Kojima) and also were in his wonderful studio. And of course we have lots of the best Japanese food. Of course I was working, but for about an hour (laugh).”

[’Doctor Strange’ fan meeting in Japan, 27.01.2017]


six of crows modern AU: instagram (psd credit)

Coconut oil is amazing, it’s like the life-giver.
—  white woman, in Boulder, at Whole Foods on Pearl

Buffalo Bleu Cheese flavored popcorn from the popcorn cart outside of Epcot’s Journey into Imagination.

I love the valley and I’ll forever call it my home but it’s so damn boring we just have food and trees

Almost all my best memories are from going to Koreatown/DTLA with my friends and family and now it’s so gas-costly. It’s even a 15-20 minute drive to get to the closest Metro station and like what’s the point 😔

The complete planet is dying. There is hunger, wars everywhere. There is crime, cruelty, violence … so we can’t just be having good days, like Cézanne, Monet, Picasso, sitting in the countryside having the best wine, the best food, the best women. We really have to be warriors. Go where the problems are and give awareness to people. Work.
—  Marina Abramovic

We have a new Whole Foods near our house that has the best covered patio right near a busy street and construction. One of our favorite activities is going there to buy a special treat and eating it while we talk “trucks and cars” and play I-spy.

We Italians should appreciate our country more.
We live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. We have Venice, Florence, Rome, Milan, Naples, Sicily, the Amalfi Coast, the Emerald Coast, the lake of Como… In Italy you can do whatever you want. Do you want to go the sea? We have that. Do you want to go skiing? We have the Alps and the Apennines. Do you want to enjoy the breeze of the lake? Just go to Como or Bellagio (George Clooney has a house here!!!).
We have the best food in the world (I mean, let’s be honest).
The best fashion designers are Italian and Milan is the fashion capital of the world.
Also Italy is considered the birthplace of Western civilization. Think about the Romans! Our cultural heritage is just….. immense? Literally half the world’s great art treasures are in Italy. And Italian art is what makes museums like the British Museum or the Louvre so famous and important. Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raffaello, Tiziano, Botticelli, Caravaggio… And we also had great scientists, Galileo Galilei, Enrico Fermi are just an example.

We live in such a beautiful country and we don’t appreciate it…
I am very proud to be an Italian.


Highlights from the Houston show:

-One girl was on FaceTime with her girlfriend (I think??) and Troye got so excited he took the phone and started talking to the girl

-Texas is the best state because we have the best Mexican food.

-Troye has never celebrated St. Patrick’s Day?

-“Who’s over 21. We should party later.” Troye u are not even 21.

-Troye kept talking about how we were the last show in the North America tour it was cute

-He’s so cute and nice and happy we don’t deserve Trye Sivan

-Honestly I’m incapable of coherent thought rn I’ll get back to u on this