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Friday Night

A/N: From an AU prompt on Tumblr. “you caught some guy trying to drug my drink at the bar so u punched him and now we’re at my place where i’m cleaning the blood off your face and endlessly thanking you” au

Altered just a little bit(because I can’t see Levy taking a guy home the same night she meets him). 

A/N 1-12-17: SO! Tumblr did in fact eat this post when I tried to edit it a few days ago! So this is a REPOST, many of you will have already seen this, just a heads up!  Sorry for that!!

“Come on, just hang out for a lil. I don’t bite,” the glassy-eyed male slurred to her, leaning precariously on his stool.

The blunette wrinkled her nose at the stench of gin. “No, thank you, I was just leaving actually,” she feigned a polite, stiff smile at the persistent drunk on the stool next to her and crossed her legs, angling her shoulder towards him.

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I’m a bit curious

What do you guys want to see most in TS4? There are so many little things I want, but the main ones are probably:

  • Pets (seriously tho. Imagine having a little pup living in an apartment with your sim and talking the lil pupper on walks around the city)
  • Seasons (speaks for itself. seasons are gonna beautiful in sims 4)
  • University (The university packs have always been some my favourite packs and it could be really cool in ts4)
  • Cars (I forget which sims game had the car that you could build/repair and eventually use, but that would be such a cool little thing to add. Also just cars in general)
  • Photobooths (who doesn’t love those??)
  • Witches/Vampires/Other Supernaturals (gotta love magic. I know supernaturals aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I love them.)

That’s just my kinda short list, but what about you guys? What do you want to see in future packs or patches?

chameowmile-catnip  asked:

*offer the little one a warm hat and footie PJs* He's so cute what a sweetheart. By the by Lav have you guys gotten any sleep?

“Thanks for the gifts buddy! He could always use more warm clothes. It’s pretty cold outside.”

“…I don’t get much sleep…. Sylphy does though. It’s the least I could do for him I mean… He’s the one who had to carry this lil guy for so long…. Then there was the time we had to take Sylphy to the hospital…. So….. He deserves to sleep and take as many breaks as he wants.”

Oh my God? Thank you  so much. Yeah, I admit I pushed a lil bit when there were less than 10 people missing for me to hit 1K but dude! I did it! WE did it! We all together came this far and look at us! I’m just so grateful for each and every single one of you guys and mostly those who went the whole way with me since I made this blog.
And reaching 1k followers is very special for me because…. Lately, so many people have been leaving the TF2 fandom and knowing at least half of you guys still love the fandom enough to follow me is just so precious.
And not only that, this blog is less than a year old and I already met so many wonderful people here…

I just wanna say thank you, truly.
Thank you for all of you beautiful nerds on Tumblr dot com.

PS: Yes, what I said still counts! I will pick an empty server for anyone interested to come chill with me in Team Fortress 2.

PS 2: Here’s the artist’s blog. Edit by me.

Enough talking, here are my most precious nerds!:

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kellyfhaycock  asked:

For the ideas thing, we know how they deal with earthquakes in the field, but these guys live in the ring of fire, what's the procedures for a major earthquake at home? What happens if, say, a TB falls over or serious damage is done to the hangars/launch areas and they're needed?

Omgosh now this. THIS. THIS has been a plotbunny of mine pretty much since TAG began. I’ve always wondered this myself since the island is smack bang in the middle of the Pacific Ring of Fire which means it ain’t just earthquakes they need to worry about but also Tsunamis and the Auckland Volcanic field isn’t that far from them either…

It’s an idea I’ve raised in RP land a few times but hasn’t taken off yet. One day though. One day :D Because it is just such an awesome thing and we’d get to play with all the toys asdfghjk

Hiding Hickeys

Summary: The entire team thinks that something is going on between you and Bucky, and when the two of you are left alone in the tower, a mundane movie night takes an adventurous turn. 

Bucky x reader. FLUFF/ A LIL’ SMUTTY  (not really though)Word count: 2.1 k

TW: making out, hickeys, mentions of sex

“Hey, what are you guys up to?” asked Clint when he saw you and Bucky sitting on the couch together. “Eh, nothing really. There’s nothing on TV so we’re trying to choose a movie to watch,” you answered. “Is that all you’re doing?” Clint said with a wink. You and Bucky simultaneously sighed, and Bucky said “Clint—how many times do we have to tell you that we’re just friends before you’ll believe us?” Nat walked into the room, just having overheard the conversation. “Well, pretty much everyone thinks that you two are either secretly together or that you should be together, so he’s probably not going to stop that any time soon,” she said with a chuckle. The two of them then headed over to the elevator, ready to go out on a mission together.

On the outside, you always went along with Bucky, saying that you two were “just friends,” but in reality you wanted so much more. Sure, he was your best friend, but during the six months since he had moved into the tower, you had fallen deeply in love with him. However, he never made a move on you and he always insisted that you were just a friend, so you kept your feelings a secret, even though it hurt. “The amount of gossip that goes on in this tower is ridiculous, isn’t it?” you asked Bucky with a smile. “Definitely, but in all fairness, we do it too,” he answered with a small chuckle. “Yeah, I guess it’s hard not to when you live in a building comprised mainly of spies and secret agents. Knowing everyone has secrets makes it difficult not to try to figure out what they are,” you replied. The two of you snickered in agreement before returning to your task of choosing a movie. After a little debate, you finally convinced Bucky to watch “Dirty Dancing” with you.

Much to your surprise, Bucky seemed to be enjoying the movie. Then, about halfway through, he put his arm around your shoulder and gently pulled you in a little closer to him. His movements were subtle, so you weren’t sure if he was trying to make a move or if he was just trying to get a little more comfortable. You couldn’t help but feel a sense of safety and comfort as you felt the warmth of his body lightly pressed against yours. You savored the closeness, not paying attention to the movie up until it ended.

“I bet we could do that,” stated Bucky, not releasing his grip around you. “Do what?” you asked in confusion. “That part at the end where he picks her up. I bet we could do that. You wanna try it? It would be a great party trick to surprise the team with the next time everyone’s all together.” You couldn’t fathom what had gotten into Bucky. This wasn’t like him at all, but he was right—it would be perfect for the next one of Tony’s parties or Steve’s team bonding nights. “Umm, okay. That sounds like fun, and it can’t be that hard, right?” you said with a soft smile. Bucky leaned away and removed his arm from your shoulder. He stood up and extended his hand, which you took as he helped you up. Bucky moved some furniture out of the way while you turned the lights back up, since you had dimmed them during the movie.

You stood on opposite sides of the room, both smiling as you faced each other. “So I’m just gonna run and jump and you’ll hoist me up and hold it, right?” you asked with a little apprehension in your voice. You trusted Bucky with your life, but you were still a little afraid you’d end up flying over his head and hitting a wall or something. “Whenever you’re ready just go for it,” Bucky said. You took a deep breath and ran toward him. You panicked and jumped before he had grabbed you, and instead of jumping up in the air you somehow managed to leap forward, hitting Bucky. You fell to the floor, but he didn’t do so much as flinch. “Oh my God are you okay, Y/N?!” You stayed on the floor, but rolled over on your back so you could see his face. “Shit, that was like jumping into a brick wall. I’m fine though. I’ve just gotta work on the timing,” Bucky bent down and helped you up. “We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to Y/N. I would hate for you to hurt yourself,” said Bucky with a little hesitation. You waved him off as you returned to your spot on the other side of the room. “I think I’ve got it this time—just make sure you do your part,” you instructed.

You ran toward Bucky again, this time making sure not to jump until you felt his hands wrap around your waist, and he guided your body up into the air until the two of you were holding the lift, just like in the movie. “Woohoo!” you squealed as he held you up, and you could hear Bucky let out a quiet giggle. You held the lift for about 15 seconds before he gently brought you back down to the ground. Your feet hit the floor, but Bucky didn’t release his grip on you. He pulled you in close, and pressed his forehead against yours. “Uh, hi there, Buck…” you said with confusion. He smiled and whispered “Do you know why I really wanted to do that lift, Y/N?” You couldn’t think of anything coherent to say, so you offered a vague “Hmm?” Bucky pulled his face away and placed a hand on your cheek. “I wanted an excuse to touch you. I’ve been trying to flirt with you for quite a while now, and I think either I’m being too subtle or you just don’t feel the same way, but I’m in love with you, Y/N, and I’m sick of hiding my feelings.” Before he could say anything else, you popped up on your tiptoes and pressed your lips against his in a short but passionate kiss. “Just too subtle. The feeling is more than mutual,” you whispered back.

Bucky picked you up and carried you over to one of the couches. At first, you sat by his side kissing him as he had one hand wrapped around your shoulder and another tenderly gripping your thigh, but after just a few minutes you swung your left leg over him and straddled him. You wrapped your arms around the back of his neck and continued kissing him, opening your mouth to give his tongue access. Bucky reached up the back of your shirt and started trying to unhook your bra, and you quickly pulled away with a quiet gasp. “Umm, Bucky?” “Oh Y/N I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to cross a line or anything. I really am sorry. I’m such an idiot…” You could tell by the tone of his voice that he was genuinely concerned that he may have upset you. You moved your hands down so your palms were resting on his chest and you smiled at him. “Bucky, it’s okay. It’s just that I’m a little old-fashioned about that kind of stuff. Kissing is fine, and even a little ‘heavy petting,’ but for now I’m just gonna go ahead and say that sex is off the table until further notice. If that’s gonna be an issue…” he cut you off before you could finish your sentence, saying “That’s not an issue at all—I totally get it. I’m not gonna try to pressure you or anything. Besides, it’s been 70 years for me, so a while longer won’t make much difference, will it?” A playful smile grew on his lips, and you placed a gentle kiss on them. “Thanks, Bucky.” “Anything for you, doll.”

Although you and Bucky may not have done the deed that night, you sure did spend a hell of a long time making out. So much so that when you woke up the next morning and looked in the mirror, you saw that you had not one, but three dark hickeys around your neck. You texted Bucky, asking him to come over to your room. He knocked on your door and you cracked it open just far enough to see that it was him. “Get in here!” you hissed as you opened the door, and then closed it quickly as soon as he was inside. “What’s going on?” he asked. You turned around and saw his eyes widen at the sight of your neck. “How the hell am I supposed to explain these to the team?! Pretty much everyone is due back from their missions today, and these are way too dark to cover with makeup.” Bucky couldn’t help but laugh at your predicament. “Sorry! It’s just that your skin is so soft, I must’ve gotten a little carried away…” he said with a cheeky smile. Bucky then picked up the navy blue fashion scarf he saw sitting on top of your dresser. “I think maybe our best bet is to keep quiet about us being a couple and let them figure it out for themselves since they all suspect it anyway, and then you can wear this for a few days to make things a little less awkward?” he suggested as he handed you the scarf. You took it and told him to go, because you needed to get showered and dressed, and that you would see him at breakfast.

You walked out into the kitchen wearing jeans and a t-shirt with the scarf wrapped high around your neck. You could hear Bucky, Tony, Nat, Clint, Sam, and Steve all chatting in the lounge, so you poured yourself a cup of coffee and went over to see what all of the hubbub was about. “Well you look tired,” said Tony when you walked into the room. “She was probably up all night making out with Bucky,” teased Clint. You waved your hand at them and said, “Nope. Just couldn’t sleep,” then took a seat on the couch by Bucky. “It’s a little warm in here, don’t you think?” Sam asked as he fanned himself with his hand. “Well, it is July,” answered Bucky. You saw Tony give Nat a strange look as she stood up and started walking behind the couch you were sitting on. Tony sat up and said “Yeah, but when it’s July people usually dress for warm weather, don’t they?” “Right,” began Nat, “they don’t usually wear SCARVES!” She reached over the couch and pulled the scarf off of your neck, exposing your hickeys for everyone to see.

“I KNEW IT!” shouted Clint with a huge grin. “Damn, Barnes—you really did a number on her neck! I’m impressed!” Sam said as he tried to stop snickering. You glanced over at Steve since you hadn’t heard him speak up, and saw that he was smiling quietly and giving Bucky a congratulatory look. Nat leaned over the back of the couch and said “That looks like it took a while. No wonder you seem so tired…” and winked at you before returning to her seat. “OKAY! WE GET IT! WE’RE BUSTED!” you shouted playfully over all of the giggling that was still taking place. Bucky stood up and cleared his throat to get the group’s attention, and said “Hey, while you guys were all out doing whatever it is you were doing last night, Y/N and I were perfecting a delicate physical experience that involves not only two bodies working together, but also two hearts.” While everyone else assumed Bucky was talking about sex, you knew better. You stood up and snuck over to the opposite side of the room, then yelled “Yeah! Just watch us!” Everyone’s eyes widened in shock at your suggestion of watching, but then you ran across the room and did the lift with Bucky, just like you had done the night before. As he held you in the air, everyone started clapping, both because they understood the joke and because they were genuinely impressed. Bucky set you down and gave you a quick peck on the cheek. You took your scarf out of Nat’s hand and put it back on. “Let’s get out of here. Wanna go grab some breakfast at the diner up the street?” you asked Bucky as you took his hand in your own. “Sounds good to me,” he answered. The two of you walked over to the elevator, and the doors opened as soon as you pressed the button. You both stepped in, and as the doors were closing you heard Tony yell from the lounge “QUICK TIP BUCK—DON’T PUT HER IN A CORNER!”

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LEO, WE’RE HOME. (Yes that was a Star Wars 7 reference)



SHFADIWHFKSJDLNKSJLNWIUFHKSJADLNFKLSJADFNSLUFHWOAUEFHKLSAJBFKSJNSKLJFH  I’m sorry this just gave me too many feels.  I think my lil sis might have been worried for my sanity except she knows me too well cause I was legit making lots of crazy sounds and FULL OUT SOBBING cause I thought for a second that Leo was going to be so much worse off after HIS IDIOCY and that they really were going to kill Splinter AGAIN!  *HYSTERICAL NOISES*  I’m fine really.



This boy’s gonna give me aneurysms.  That was part of my shrieking.

Was I the only one screaming “Please don’t kill him not again please don’t please don’t please don’t!!” when they did the Splinter stabbing scene?  IT WASN’T JUST ME DON’T DENY IT


I knew right away what Fugitoid was going to do when he said that only a combination of dark matter and fusion would destroy the device (there’s goes the dropping it into a star idea haha) and I also personally would have trusted him and still stood by him even after the confession, though I likewise completely understand where Leo, Casey, and Raph were coming from.  I”M SO GLAD THERE’S ANOTHER ONE RUNNING AROUND OUT THERE CAUSE I WAS SERIOUSLY SO SAD

I have to admit as well, kudos to the writers!  They managed to fix the timeline in a way.  Though I wonder if the past/present!turtles will simply grow to being the future!turtles or if we really do have two sets of them now.  I guess we’ll see but in all not a bad way to resolve that issue; which has actually been bugging me for some time now.

We are now on hiatus with no official date as to when the new episodes will appear.  At least now I can finish my rewatching of the series (I was stuck on Dinosaur Seen in the Sewers! cause I just wasn’t ready to go through it again, you understand?)


Fill to me the parting glass, and drink a health whate’er befalls, and gently rise and softly call, GOOD NIGHT AND JOY BE TO YOU ALL

Another Commission Post!

Hey guys! So, we had to put $900 into my car last month and my savings is totally wiped! I do have a job but I only make just above minwage so I wanna build up a lil bit. SO…

I’m offering $25 rendered headshots like this:

Or $5 for a flat-colored bust/headshot sketch (so these “““expression sheets”“““ would be like $15-$30 depending on how many faces you want.)

I take all payments through PayPal.

Please email me at googolscolex [at] gmail.com if you’re interested! Signal boosts are appreciated! Thank you for looking!

hey guys!!! so the other day i hit 4,000 followers which, WOAH!!! I never dreamed I have this many people following this lil blog about the love of two boyband members but, here we are!!! I just wanted to make this follow forever to thank everyone who has ever followed me because it really means a lot!!! anyway, here are all my bomb ass mutuals!!!!

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my thoughts on other signs (sagittarius pov)

Aries: you guys are my sPIRIT ANIMAL!

Taurus: Don’t know many of you but you guys seem pretty chill and you are hilarious af.

Gemini: I love talking to you guys I could keep a conversation going on forever. You are so interesting and I love you all so much :)

Cancer: most of you are clingy af.

Leo: adventurous and you give the best advice! You guys are my kings/queens

Virgo: really pushy and you seem like you are always in a damn rush even when you have nowhere else to be but other than that you guys are pretty fun to hang out with.

Libra: you guys are cute af and make me smile :)

Scorpio: I don’t know many on a personal level, but you guys seem so caring and make me laugh.

Sagittarius: okay we need to calm our titties a lil but other than that we get the party goin!

Capricorn: you guys are super hard working and always have your eyes set on a goal that’s what I love about all ya :)

Aquarius: awesome to talk to and you guys are daring, that’s what I love about ya.

Pieces: I want to hug you all and take you on adventures :)

It hasn’t even been a week of me being here, and yet we already have 148 followers! I guess we got to have a lil celebration about that, don’t we?

{ Hasn’t even been a week??? So many people??!!! Where are you all coming from and why can’t I love you all at once aaagggghhh– Either way, thank you for following me and here’s to hoping that we can all be friends at some point in time~! (Also, yes, I drew the image above. My art for you guys even though it kinda sucks!! lmao) }

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