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Do you like RPing? Then please don’t forget about Net Neutrality. This is still a thing that is happening.

It takes a simple search on Google or Tumblr to find all the sources and information you will need. Please keep up the fight and don’t forget about this issue.

I know it brings a lot of anxiety to think about this, but, that anxiety is what we all have to listen too right now. If we lose what we have now we wont have the freedom or the privilege to talk to our friends, publish our artwork, roleplay, or support important tags such as Black Lives Matter or LGBTQA+ Pride.

This will ruin the lives of people who rely on the (free) internet to survive.

Don’t forget it’s happening.

glorianas replied to your post: I can explain the praise. Racism. It’s that…

i agree, i feel like we must be missing something this all sounds way too simple to win this much praise, esp coming off tfa, expectations are high

I think right now we have to be missing something, there is just too much to claim it’s all racism that creating the praise. 

Everyone’s storyline is bad, not just Finn, Poe and Rose. All of them, including Kylo’s, are stupid AF and don’t make sense given A. the interviews they’ve given and B. TFA’s set up. And I’m sorry I don’t agree “On-Screen it’s better” mentality. If it was just one thing then maybe I’d be “okay I think this might happen” but there is no way all of this happens. 

People are claiming this is the best movie since Empire Strikes Back, I don’t see how anyone can claim that if these are all true. I mean Empire seen as just an untouchable movie, and nobody can come close too. 

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How do you make sure you're eugenically specializing properly, if you don't have castes?

Many people meet their partners at school or through work, so there’s a strong bias towards reproducing with others who have similar or complementary strengths. Furthermore, a dysgenic child is less likely to afford children of their own.

Since cultural traits like the inclination to date people similar to oneself are passed down from parents to children, cultures with too much or too little inclination toward outbreeding tend to diminish through the same pressures that apply to genes.

In summary, we know we have about the right degree of specialization because, if we were too specialized or not specialized enough, then subcultures with different norms would outcompete us and take over.

  • A male character: "has a character flaw/does a mistake"
  • The fandom: UwU our son isn't perfect but it's okay! He has time to learn and improve himself!
  • A female character: "has a character flaw/does a mistake"
  • The fandom: ugh... when will she stop being so stupid and irritating? can she just disappear?!

so after the birthright quest I had to draw this absolute kitten

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My country is celebrating 100 years of independence this year and we are also achieving marriage equality on the 1st of March. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate our achievements as a nation than celebrating equality and human rights. Congratulations, Finland, may there be many more victories such as this and may your freedom last a thousand years!

(yes, the Finnish flag appears backwards because she’s waving it around)


I could see all the stuff that was special to me. All the stuff that matters. I love you, Shelly. And I wanna spend my time with that. I mean, you know, if that’s okay with you.


·· I was under the impression that quinces were bow-and-arrow using savages…But after witnessing that, I guess they’re quite civilized… ··

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So often, we fall for people’s potential. We ignore the signs, so clearly lit up in front of us, because we are instead distracted by the light in their eyes. We make excuses for them.

“They didn’t call me because they are busy”
“They just hate texting, it’s okay”
“They are just independent, which is what I wanted”
“Maybe I’m moving too fast, I don’t want to be too much”

Instead of failing to see the truth - they aren’t right for us.
We can try to fit, mold, bend, and break whatever standards we have. We can try to validate every decision because we desperately want it to be them. Why? Because instead of seeing what’s real, we see what could be. We seek validation in the arms of someone that won’t carry us. We put our self worth in people that don’t deserve to have it.
We fall for their smile and the way they curl their hair. We fall for their success and the idea of the future. We fall for their laugh - while wondering if they are even noticing yours. We fall in love with outward appearances, the potential of what could be, and crave their approval. Because if it ends, there must be something wrong with us, not them.

Ask yourself this: why in the hell are you less than them?

You may think you’re lucky to have them, but they are lucky to have you.
They are so lucky for your brunette hair turned blonde, your sarcasm, and your laugh.
They are so lucky for the way you love, your independence, and your desire to succeed.
They are so lucky for the way you light up when you talk about what you love.
They are so lucky for the way you get ready to go out, take one shot, then go back home.
They are so lucky for the mother that you will be and the wife that you will become.

Because for the right person, we won’t be too much.
We won’t have to second guess every word we say, wonder where we stand, and trip over ourselves to impress them.
We won’t have to wait for just that one phone call, when it’s convenient for them, to get us through another week of uncertainty.
For the right person, you love them for who they are. You won’t be sacrificing your values, selling yourself short, and lowering your standards. You won’t spend your days being drained, because they just “get” you. With the right person, you will feel loved. You won’t need validation, because they instilled in you that you’re worth so much more. You will never feel less than, because they won’t make you question your worth.
For the right person, it fits. 
For the right person, the potential is already the reality.


seriously one of the biggest moments that fucked me up in naruto


peridot discovers that certain frequencies in music can resonate with a gem’s physical form in a very interesting way 

so of course she immediately starts mixing music specifically for that purpose


…I wonder if that was actually a good decision to make there, Kuroo

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okay, can we talk about keith’s vlog tho? because all i see right now is that “we already have too much keith” and it makes me mad so i need to rant. here we go.

first of all, coran was so happy that he set up this system so he and the team could record vlogs and maybe talk about fun things and stuff like that. but keith lived on a desert for so long he didn’t even know what “fun” is at this point and he’s not the kind of person that would talk simply to fill the silence. so of course when you tell him to sit in front of the camera and talk, he will finally just say whatever is on his mind. and he starts to talk about being half-galra? 

like, it’s on his mind all the time; not only that he’s not 100% human but also that because of who he is allura hated him and other altea people would probably feel the same. most of the time keith acts like he doesn’t care about anyone but maybe shiro, but the truth is he cares so much? about what allura thinks, about what hunk thinks. he just bottles it up like everything else.

and then the “vol- tron” scene with lance. keith still thinks about that! he’s frustrated because a stupid chant shouldn’t be this complicated but keith thinks it’s important to lance. he doesn’t understand even tho he wants to! i don’t know, i just felt like pointing this out because of Reasons. 

and then probably the most important part. where keith talks about how his mom left him and that’s the reason he has trust issues. like, holy shit, of course you’d have trust issues and if i’ll ever see one more person getting mad at keith for being angry about shiro’s disappearance, i’m throwing hands. both his parents apparently didn’t give a damn about him and shiro was the only person he had, he was and is his only family so of course keith was angry. and in this last part of his vlog we saw how vulnerable he really is, he opened up so much i was surprised because keith is usually a very reserved person when it comes to his feelings, so i think that we saw more character development in those three minutes than in the whole show and it’s important! 

so if you think that it was a waste of time and they’re “shoving keith down your throat” (i saw someone saying that here on tumblr) then i hope you’ll choke on him, because honestly? keith is one of the more interesting characters in the show both because of his backstory and behavior/development. 

so do i think that the other characters deserve more screentime too? of course! matt fucking holt is my fave character so you don’t get to talk to me about too little screentime. but do i think that they should stop giving us more keith content and that it’s okay to insult keith because of the amount of time he’s getting? well, let me tell you that this is bullshit.