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But Jesus said, “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed you can move mountains.” Matthew 17:20
In order for us to have this faith, we keep thinking that we have to do this and do that. What we do not realize, is that God never asks us to muster up any faith by ourselves! In Romans 10:17, God tells us that ”…faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God”. .
So how do we receive the gift of mountain moving faith?
By listening to the Word of God of course!
When we open our hearts and listen to what God has to say through His Word, faith naturally wells up in us. It is through knowing God from the Scriptures that we gain that child-like trust in Him, and know for certain that His faithfulness will NEVER let us down.

bluehairedlance  asked:

Kirigiri, Togami made it safely.

Yes, Makoto told me. *looks at Makoto* Is everything ready?

Yes, I’m calling him.

*outgoing call to Togami Byakuya*

*call accepted, connection in process*

Finally? Do you have the informations I asked you?

Yes, I just received them from one of our informer. Makoto is sending them to you.

Okay…*looks away for a second* I just received them. Everything is in order, we will start to check the place they were separated and then try to retrace her movements.

Good, I’ve also asked Makoto to send you a second map. It’s how I think she moved while taking the area into account. But if you can please send me some pictures of the area, it will be better than doing it with just a map.

Understood, I will send some guards to take a few pictures and send them to you right away. *looks away and starts talking to someone off-screen* Did you hear that? Good, take 3 men with you and go, be back in less than a hour. *turns back his gaze toward the computer* Is that all?

How are things on your side?

It’s chaos. We were nearly attacked twice already.


We are okay, we were able to avoid them thanks to Souda’s detector. We are waiting for the night to fall to move now, it will be easier that way.

Okay, be careful. We will recontact you when we get the pictures.

Understood. *nods at them before ending the call*

Mila Kunis had to win the lottery — TWICE — to become a Hollywood actress. Kunis was born in Soviet Ukraine, to parents who (understandably) did not want to live in Soviet Ukraine. They desperately wanted to get out of the country and move to America, but in order to do that, they first had to win the Green Card Lottery. Officially called the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program, the lottery is the yearly giveaway of immigrant visas to 50,000 lucky foreigners. We don’t really have all of the program’s numbers, but in 2007, the Department of State received more than nine million DIVP applications, and those were just people who meet their insanely strict criteria. All in all, the chances of getting a Diversity Visa are slightly lower than one percent. Miraculously, the Kunis family won the lottery … which only meant that they could go to Moscow and await the results of a second lottery. The entire process took five years, but Kunis arrived in Los Angeles with her parents in 1991.

5 Huge Celebrities With Insane Secret Backstories


Jesus in Ancient Japan? 

In a small town called Shingo, located in the Sannohe District of Aomori Province, Japan, the local people have a maintained a very unusual and interesting tradition for generations.  According to the people of Shingo, their small town is the final resting place of Jesus Christ, the holy savior of mankind in Christian theology.  According to the legend, during Jesus’ younger days, a period of time which is little mentioned in the Gospels, Jesus moved to Japan in order to study religion and theology.  At the age of 33, Jesus moved back to Judea to preach to his people.  As we all know, his religious and spiritual message was not well received, and he was condemned to be executed by Crucifixion.  However, instead of being crucified and resurrected, his younger brother Isukiri took his place on the cross while Jesus escaped back to Japan.  Once in Japan, Jesus settled down as a garlic and rice farmer, married and raised three children, then died at the age of 106.  He was then interred in a small tomb at a local hillside, a site which today is maintained and managed by a local yogurt factory.

Every year in spring, an annual Christ Festival is held where a religious ritual is performed to “console the spirit of Jesus”, a ritual that has been staged by the local tourism bureau since 1964. There is also a museum called the “Legend of Christ Museum”, which houses relics of the Japanese Jesus and sells souvenirs such as coffee mugs and coasters. Entrance fee to the museum is 100 Yen (about 85 cents). It is interesting to note that only one resident of Shingo is a Christian, and most of the 20,000 yearly visitors of the grave are non-Christians as well.  However the people of Shingo passionately maintain that their grave is the real deal.  Local scholars claim that the village was founded by a group of diaspora Hebrews, and cite as evidence cultural attributes of ancient residents during the time, and a handful of words in the local dialect which kinda sort of somewhat sound like Hebrew.  

However the ultimate proof is in a set of scrolls, memoirs and the last will and testament of Jesus himself.  Unfortunately the scrolls were destroyed in a firebombing raid during World War II, however the Legend of Jesus Christ Museum houses a translated replica.  The replica scrolls are signed, “Jesus Christ; Father of Christmas”.  

Joker Game Novel Translations: Book 1, Chapter 1 [Joker Game], Part 4/6


[Word count: 2201]

Well then, we’re almost done with Chapter 1, the two remaining parts aren’t too long thankfully, we’ll be able to move on to Chapter 2 real soon with Gamou as the main star! As always, thank you for you support and reblogs, and @akiyamaa for helping me out and making the whole thing a lot more funnier, couldn’t have done it without ya! ^^ 

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Monterey, CA

There wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t think about him.
And there wasn’t a day that went by that you didn’t think about her.

We were together for the purpose to healing one another.
We were together to forget.
We were together for the process of moving on.
We may have loved each other, this is true, but not enough to carry on.

And sweetie, you have to move on. You have to love yourself. You have to heal. You have to forget about someone who doesn’t give a damn about you. And you have to find someone who does. You have to love yourself first, in order to receive the love you deserve in the first place.

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll end up with him and you’ll end up with her.
And maybe we’ll look back and thank one another for keeping each other busy from those who had our whole hearts.

But those people are poison in our veins that give us the illusion that were hard to love. Or that there is something heavily wrong with us to be turned down from those who occupy our minds.

—  To: you
From: me