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All we know about the little girl in the finale is that she had a bad home life, right? I don’t know who she is, I don’t even have a theory, but I want Captain Swan to adopt her. Like, maybe it’s just temporary at first. They take her home for a few nights until they figure out what to do with her. And everyone is so kind to her. Emma, Killian, Henry, Snow, Charming… They all treat her as if she’s always been a part of their family. But she’s still waiting for the day they get rid of her, because that’s all she’s ever known. And Emma, who remembers being in that exact same situation 1000 times before, is determined to keep her. And really, after getting to know her, none of them can imagine their life without her in it. And gradually she begins to believe that they all really do love her. And in CS’s house, you look at the walls, and you see her in all their family pictures. And pictures with Henry on the first day of school. And pictures of just her. And the first time Killian and/or Emma introduces her as their daughter she nearly cries. And when Emma gets pregnant she gets scared again that they won’t want her anymore, but they’re just like, “You’re gonna be a big sister!” And they all live happily ever after!

If Carisi can’t say anything to Barba about the law then the next time Barba tells the detectives what to do or anything about how they handled the investigation then I expect the same righteous indignation because Barba isn’t a Detective, has never had a gun to his head on the job, or had to make a split second life or death decision and has never carried a badge. At least Sonny IS a lawyer.

Speaking of gun to the head, would this episode have aired soon after Next Chapter if they’d aired as filmed? Anyone remember Sonny almost being killed? Could be a bit of continuity we were looking for. (Sorry I giggled as I wrote that but hey, who knows… maybe?)

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Hi, I'm sorry but I just needed to vent. Why can people not stay out of the positivity tags? It is frustrating going in there and seeing a lot of hate. Also why do they all have some variation of le//na in their name? I love her. I added the slashes so this wouldn't show up in her tag. Also having seen abuse growing up it hurts to hear this show compared to that, because he did guilt trip her and wouldn't let her or their kids do anything without him. Comparing karamel to abuse just hurts.

I’m really sorry this fandom is triggering you. Unfortunately there’s not much we can do about it other than just ignore and block. Just remember that what they are saying are just words and they have no real consequence in your life unless you let them affect you. The only opinions that matter are those from the ones who love us, support us and want what’s best for us.  

Bullies are normally people who have their own issues and very sad lives and mistreating others make them feel better about themselves. No happy person goes around trying to make others feel bad, especially because of a tv show. So you should be proud of yourself because your past didn’t make you bitter or negative like them, it made you kinder. That shows you are a strong individual who didn’t let the world ruin you. Stay strong and stay positive because we have so much to be happy about!! 

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Aaaaand we’re back.  Sorry friends, I got myself sucked into a large black hole called Mass Effect: Andromeda ><  I’ve spent the last few days on a spaceship, so I vanished (and might re-vanish) for a while hue

Also apologies, this page is a little slow.  Have to set up the goddamn thing somehow.

Page 2 random facts: I realized belatedly that Caladbolg is far too tall in the last panel.  And Caladbolg is leaning? Oh well.  This is what I get for drawing at an angle.  ;-;

No I’m not conveniently getting rid of Bo until I need it again why do you ask


Mintilda met with Don, knowing he only wanted to do the right thing and assure that he wasn’t skipping out on a life he helped create. However, she just wishes he would move on with his life and not worry about hers.

DON: I want a paternity test, Mint. I have a right to know if the child is mine.
MINTILDA: It was one night, Don. She isn’t yours; sorry to disappoint but you never should have even entertained the idea.
DON: You can’t possibly know that. A scientist of all people should know it takes only one time.
MINTILDA: You’re not understanding, so I’m going to put it simply. It never happened, okay? Forget it happened. Rosalie is Barney’s, end of story. And you and I; we are just friends.
DON: You can only run from reality for so long, Mint. Lies catch up to you; secrets don’t stay hidden forever.
MINTILDA: There is no secret.
DON: Well then, I hope for the best for you and your family.
: Enjoy your new life in San Myshuno.

She hated to be so harsh with someone she calls a friend, but she needed to get her point across…even if she had to burn a bridge along the way.

@allistics who want to cure autism

It seems that most of the argument on curing autism and other disabilities is that people “don’t want anyone to suffer it”

But here’s the thing about autism. We’re born autistic. We don’t know anything else. And as long as I have access to my coping methods, I’m totally fine.

I’ve been autistic my entire life. I didn’t know it until a couple years ago, but I’ve been finding my own ways to deal with sensory issues since I was born. It’s not really a problem to me. I have soundproof earbuds to block out extra noise. I have a necklace full of perfume in case of a bad smell, stim toys in case I get anxious. I know ASL in case I have a nonverbal shutdown. I know how and where to seek out accommodations for myself if I need them. My autism-related problems are hardly problems at all. They’re just life for me.

So here are the reasons I suffer due to my autism:

  • when I get overwhelmed but can’t leave the room because people accuse me of being rude
  • when I can’t plug my ears if there’s a sound I can’t deal with because people accuse me of being rude
  • when I get ridiculed for stimming in public
  • when I get ridiculed for whatever my special interest is
  • when people force me to eat food I can’t eat
  • when people force me to use spoken English when I’ve gone nonverbal
  • when people talk down to me because I’m autistic
  • when people try to force me to do things that my brain can’t handle under the assumption that I can do it if I believe in myself

Notice what all those things have in common? They’re all problems caused by people who don’t try to understand that our brains are different.

We don’t suffer because of our autism. We suffer because of YOU.

So don’t give me that “nobody should have to suffer the burden of having autism” crap. If you actually cared about autistic people, you’d let us be different and try to understand the way our specialized brains work. You don’t care about us. You just don’t want to deal with us.

Writers: So, we’re ending the episode with Kara almost kissing Mon-El. We want that to kind of set the pace for next week. That means Katie…Katie?

Katie blinks, returning attention to room.

Katie: I’m sorry, I never listen when you’re talking about forced heteronormativity.

Writers freeze for a beat: Right…well, we’re gonna need you to kind of tone down the gay in the friendship scene with Kara because we’re having a hard time making karamel’s chemistry seem real.

Katie: Friendship scene? (flips through script) Don’t think I have one of those.

Writers: At the end, when you’re thanking Kara.

Katie: For risking her life to save mine and then carrying me out bridal style?

Writers: In a friendly way.

Katie: But I filled her office with flowers…

Writers: Yes, platonically

Katie: I tell her she’s more than a friend and basically called her my wife

Writers: I believe the line says family, we were thinking more like cousin

Katie: She says ‘Always.’ J K Rowling has immortalized that line as a declaration of undying love.

Writers begin to show exasperated bafflement.

 Writers: Look, Katie, just stick to the script with as much ‘no homo’ as possible

Katie: Right

Writers: Why are you winking?

Katie: I don’t know what you mean, this is just my face.

Writers: So we understand each other?

Katie: Oh yes, subliminal message received. You now have deniability.

Writers: What??! Katie, we’re serious. KATIE…

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Dear Old Best friend,

It took me a few weeks to realize that you were actually done with me. I reached out and you pushed me further away. I’m not going to lie, I was devastated at first. You were the one of the few people who knew everything about me and never seemed to judge me, even when I didn’t always make the best decisions. I felt betrayed to know that you weren’t going to be there anymore when I needed you. I’m still not exactly sure what I did wrong. It was pretty awful of you to decide that we were done.
I am sorry if you still harbor any bad feelings towards me. I have none for you. You helped me continue on in the race of life, but I guess you never intended to help me across the finish line. I’m not mad, I don’t blame you, I just get a little sad when I’m full of nostalgia and can’t reach out to you and say “remember that time when”…
Everyone we meet is either supposed to serve as a lifelong bond or a lesson, and you were the latter. The lesson could have been a good one, or it could have been a heartbreaking one, but either way thank you. There is nobody else I would want to be a lesson than someone I created as many memories with. You are a lesson that I’ll never forget, just like our memories will be ones that I tell my children one day. And I hope one day your kids hear stories about me, and can tell you and I had a bond that made up a majority of your school years. You won’t be erased just because you’re no longer in my life.
Thank you for all the valuable advice you gave me, for the time you spent with me, and for helping shape me into who I am today. I’m sorry that the people we became weren’t compatible in your eyes, but I’m not sorry the journey brought us to this conclusion. It has helped me realize the people in my life who actually care about me and want to be there. I thought you were one of those people, but you proved to me that you weren’t.
You were more than just a best friend, you were a sister to me. In the process of dropping me out of your life, you lost your second family and I lost mine. But the door will always be open, you have seen my ugly laugh, and held me when I ugly cry, we have been through things that there is no going back from, and this is an undeniable fact that means I will always allow you to come back into my life. I would still be here for you if you wanted to make amends, but I don’t know if I would ever be able to trust you enough to be as close as we were again. When I lost you I also lost all of my trust, but I found myself.
Looking back, it destroyed me, but now it has only made me stronger. You were a fool to drop me like that. You were my best friend and I would’ve done anything for you. No matter what I was always there to defend you or be your shoulder to cry on. When you were in pain because someone hurt you, it killed me inside to see you so upset and I would’ve given anything to take that pain away from you. It is sad to realize how close we were and how much our friendship meant to me. But it obviously didn’t mean that much to you.
I still wish you the best. I still hope you can find someone to sweep you off your feet and treat you like the princess you are. I still hope you land your dream job, whatever that may. I hope you’re happy wherever you are and I hope you get everything you’ve ever wanted out of life. I hope you find someone who is a better fit for you than I was. Most importantly, I hope you find someone to fix all of your fly away, stray hairs on your wedding day.
Love forever and always,

—  loyaltyxoxo

“So, the Autobots aren’t quite the indestructible war machines we’d hoped.”
“Don’t misunderstand. They can take serious punishment.”

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A letter to America from Leslie Knope, regarding Donald Trump

(Written by a member of the Parks and Recreation writing staff - Read the full letter here)

And let me say something to the young girls who are reading this. Hi, girls. On behalf of the grown-ups of America who care about you and your futures, I am awfully sorry about how miserably we screwed this up. We elected a giant farting T. rex who does not like you, or care about you, or think about you, unless he is scanning your bodies with his creepy T. rex eyes or trying to physically grab you like a toy his daddy got him (or would have, if his daddy had loved him). (Sorry, that was a low blow.) (Actually, not sorry, I’m pissed, and I’m on a roll, so zip it, superego!)

Our president-elect is everything you should abhor and fear in a male role model. He has spent his life telling you, and girls and women like you, that your lives are valueless except as sexual objects. He has demeaned you, and belittled you, and put you in a little box to be looked at and not heard. It is your job, and the job of girls and women like you, to bust out.

You are going to run this country, and this world, very soon. So you will not listen to this man, or the 75-year-old, doughy-faced, gray-haired nightmare men like him, when they try to tell you where to stand or how to behave or what you can and cannot do with your own bodies, or what you should or should not think with your own minds. You will not be cowed or discouraged by his stream of retrogressive babble. You won’t have time to be cowed, because you will be too busy working and learning and communing with other girls and women like you. And when the time comes, you will effortlessly flick away his miserable, petty, misogynistic worldview like a fly on your picnic potato salad.

He is the present, sadly, but he is not the future. You are the future. Your strength is a million times his. Your power is a billion times his. We will acknowledge this result, but we will not accept it. We will overcome it, and we will defeat it.


Phichit: Take care of Yuuri, okay?

Viktor: I will.

Phichit: If you hurt my son, I’ll destroy you

Yuuri: Phichit I’m older than you I can’t be your son.

Phichit: If you hurt my eldest son, I’ll bury you in sacks of rice before you can even say “Bangkok”.


Yuuri: eldest? You have other child?


Phichit: I don’t have any idea what you’re talking about.

Guang Hong: don’t even lie you posted it on Instagram “#MyLilBabyisOnHisFirstDate #ProudFather”

Phichit: Oh sorry for bothering you with my attention. I see that none of my sons want me in their life anymore. I guess that’s how children are, huh? You take care of them, let them in your life, then they kick you out when they’re in love.

Yuuri: Oh my God, Dad, not this again…

Viktor: *whispers* we should put him in the retirement house

i see a lot of fic/headcanons where fake ah crew geoff sort of opens his penthouse to the crew like, sure, stay here if you want, we’re all family, mi casa es su casa

but i also just immensely love the idea of, instead of that, the crew just relentlessly integrates themselves into his life whether he likes it or not

like one night they’re at the penthouse celebrating a heist well done and everybody’s grumbling about having to drive home late and most of them are drunk and geoff sighs like, well, okay, i’ve got some guest rooms

but then a couple weeks later michael shows up out of the blue to watch it’s always sunny and pushes past geoff into the penthouse as soon as the door is opened and geoff is like, um.

and then a week after that jack lets herself into his place (when??? did she get a key????) because according to her she has damn well earned a long, restful bath this week and your bathtub is the size of most family-sized jacuzzis so move the fuck over and let me use my new bath bomb, and geoff is like, um????

and then later he notices that there are like forty-seven cans of red bull in his fridge from gavin and geoff is all hold on a second here—

and then finally one morning he stumbles into his kitchen, exhausted and probably hungover, only for fucking ryan to hand him a mug of coffee, and he mumbles thanks automatically and then it’s like that one avengers post and geoff goes “HOW DID YOU GET INTO MY HOUSE?”

“ray let me in.” (”’sup,” says ray from the living room.)


“dude, i’ve been living here for the past week and a half.”


Okay… Let’s calm down for a moment and analize what’s happened…

First of all, sorry about my English. It’s not my mother tongue, so please bear with my grammar for a while.

Second, this is a LONG meta post about storytelling and how it affects the last episode’s plot. If you’re not so much into this topic… well, skip to the last part, I guess xD


I knew we were getting something negative this episode. If they wanted the show to have a happy ending, of course something bad was bound to happen. So just let me analyze the whole series, taking what each episode means for Yuuri’s emotional growth and their purpose for the entire story. And, before that, I also want to note which episodes belong to which act:

-ACT 1: Episodes 1, 2, 3.

-ACT 2

    -first half: Episodes 4, 5, 6

    -second half: Episodes 7, 8, 9

-ACT 3: Episodes 10, 11, 12.

(Also, I don’t think the 12 episode format is random, it works because there are 3 episodes for each part… But that’s another story and shall be told another time).

ACT 1: THE THESIS. In which the Thesis is clearly “Yuuri doesn’t believe so much in himself, so he gets anxious everytime his future depends on his own skills”. It ends in episode 3 because he manages to defeat Yurio and keep Viktor by his side.


FIRST HALF: As opposed to the Thesis, the Antithesis this time revolves around Yuuri realizing he’s never fought alone and that people love him. By comming to terms with this, he’s improving quite a lot more than if he just kept “fighting alone”.

SECOND HALF: His Love takes a new form, greater and more beautiful than ever, and it takes him even further… or not? 

ACT 3: THE SYNTHESIS. After some “fiasco” at the end of the Antithesis, Yuuri has to figure out how to merge both worlds (I fight alone - I have people and Viktor by my side) so that he can reach his true Essence.

So, we see the story is (obviously) about Yuuri growing more confident in himself. I believe that other characters are mirroring this idea (I’m specially thinking about JJ, the most confident skater in the rink, and how being over-confident can prove you wrong). But Yuuri’s path isn’t precisely a cakewalk, and some crisis are bound to arise, if only to make him stronger.

Let’s analyze every episode and its mood (believe me, this gets somewhere):

EPISODE 1: The overall mood is a little bit depressing, but not too much, since it’s only the start. They introduce the characters and their motivations in life, specially Yuuri’s. The main character isn’t at a complete loss here, there’s some spark of hope (he still wants to skate and he’s trying to figure out what motivated him in the first place).

EPISODE 2: The mood is hopefull but a little bit tense. Yuuri’s giving all he’s got to be fit enough to train with Viktor, but Yurio appears and threatens this hope.

EPISODE 3: The mood is tense but at the end happy. Yuuri and Yurio are fighting for Viktor’s commitment, and Yuuri almost falls back to the state he was at in Episode 1 (thinking he can’t do it, feeling too much pressure and almost having a pannic attack), but this time Viktor is there to watch and support him. He’s not alone anymore, and thus he succeeds. (He’s past the Old World’s Threshold)

EPISODE 4: The mood is hopeful and cheerful, but a bit confused. After defeating Yurio and having all of Viktor’s attention, Yuuri finds himself a bit lost (he’s entered the New World and it’s still too different, so he doesn’t know how to face it). Viktor and Yuuri talk it through and Yuuri comes to terms with what was holding him back in the Thesis (the pressure of disappointing and facing it all alone). Viktor and his family are there now to support him.
-I also want to point out how emotionally intelligent Viktor is for giving Yuuri the Eros routine (AHEM IT MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH THE BANQUET AHEM) and Yurio the Agape routine. It’s what both of them needed. Yurio loves people, but not in an inconditional way, maybe because he was hurt before and doesn’t trust anyone anymore, but that won’t make him happy. Yuuri, on the other hand, is just too full of unconditional love for everyone else, always thinking first of ohters instead of himself, but that isn’t healthy. He has to be a little bit more selfish, demand a little bit more and believe he has what’s necessary to make himself worthy. Eros is what Yuuri needed in an emotional way. DESPERATELY. And Viktor saw right through him.

EPISODE 5: The mood is hopeful and a little bit tense. Yuuri is competing with this new found Love and proving he’s worth Viktor’s commitment. We can see for the first time Yuuri’s FS program, which shows the main theme for the whole story (Yuuri’s growth thanks to Love), because now he’s ready to face it and go after it.
-An interesting bit about this episode which foreshadows JJ’s fiasco in episode 11 is when Viktor scolds Yuuri for being too confident and self-centered as to not cheer Minami-kun up. Be more Eros, but don’t be too full of it. Bravo, Viktor. You’re doing something great here.

EPISODE 6: The mood is intense, but determined. Yuuri takes all he’s learned, finds determination in his greed for Viktor’s attention (Eros all around) and ends up first. THIS IS THE MIDPOINT OF THE STORY because it’s episode 6 of 12 duh he’s -apparently- on the opposite side of where he started (”I fight alone but can’t do what I want”). Still, he’s relying too much on other’s support (Viktor’s, mainly) and not so much in himself, so this apparently good feeling is deceiving. Blake Snyder, in his Save the Cat!, states that if the Midpoint is positive, something negative has to happen later (and vice versa), and it explains Episode 9.

EPISODE 7: The mood is quite tense, but at the end it’s greatly joyfull (AND BEAUTIFUL DEAR GOD). Yuuri’s reached what he was looking for, but what now?? For him, the pressure is greater than ever, because he’s reached success once AND because Viktor’s depends on him (that’s what happens when you rely too much on others, I guess). Viktor doesn’t know how to support him this time and they end up having The Fight (Yuuri, you poor thing, I feel you), but Yuuri figures out how to get over it. This makes Viktor prouder of him than ever, not only because Yuuri has stated his love for him but because he’s even stronger than everyone thought. It’s a glimpse of Yuuri’s True Essence. HE can support Viktor AND HIMSELF when the need arises, even if he’s at a loss. Thus The Kiss:

(Sorry, I couldn’t help it)

EPISODE 8: The mood is quite positive. Because of what’s happened in Episode 7, Yuuri is confident enough to perform greatly and be proud of his work (and relationship with Viktor). That’s what really made me think Episode 9 would be salty…

EPISODE 9: The mood is quite depressing.  He’s holding on Viktor for dear life, knowing that he can support him emotionally, but at the end he sees it doesn’t completely work. He’s relying too much on other people, so when Viktor isn’t there he gets afraid of losing him (”He’s going to return to Russia soon”) and the idea of being alone again scares him to the point of not being able to focus. He’s become too dependant for his own good, and even if it has given him strength in the past, it’s not the right choice anymore. He barely makes it into the Finals, so it counts as a crisis. This point of the story stands for what Blake Snyder calls “Whiff of Death”, or what the Tower Arcana means in the Fool’s Journey in Tarot. Before we get into Act 3, there must be something going wrong for the main character to realize they’re deviating from the path that leads to their True Essence. Yuuri decides to end, once and for all, his fear of being alone again and asks Viktor to be by his side until he retires (WELL DONE MY SON).

EPISODE 10 (AKA the most beautiful episode my eyes have ever seen): The mood is calm and hopeful af. But, I have to say, it’s not chronologically in order (that would be some flashbacks from Episode 11). It’s the calm before the storm (clearly), and gives us a hint of hope (their relationship is so stable they even get engaged). Yuuri is not afraid of losing Viktor anymore. Also, the ending tells us A LOT about Yuuri’s True Essence (confident yet kind, commited yet playful).

EPISODE 11: The mood is wrong tense and scaring. Like, the scariest episode of the whole series. Yuuri realizes he’s been only running away from the real problem: by relying too much on Viktor he will never be able to do things on his own. He’s not afraid of his decissions anymore (Viktor says so himself), he’s not afraid of being alone (he’s pretty much ENGAGED, ffs), so… what’s holding him back??? Viktor. As weird as it may sound, it’s true. Well, it’s not Viktor HIMSELF, but what Viktor represents to Yuuri: the Antithesis. The success of his performance relies too much on his relationship with Viktor (thus kissing the rings, and instead of following his fiancé’s advice (enjoying himself while skating) he takes the program as something to secure his relationship and vice versa. But that’s not what it should be about. His performance should be only for himself (Viktor’s words meant this, I think. He was trying to say “I’m not going anywhere, you don’t have to do it for me”, but Yuuri doesn’t get it right). —HENCE YUURI’S LAST WORDS AT THE END OF THE EPISODE— I believe he wasn’t talking about his romantic relationship with Viktor but his professional relationship. They should end this coach-trainee relationship, they don’t need it anymore. It may end up either both of them going solo again or starting a career in pair skating, but they’ll definitely be together. Personally, I think Viktor’s been thinking about pair skating for a while now. Why do I say this? Well… Reason number 1:

There’s something going on in that funny old head of his.He’s got something up his sleeve.

Reason number 2:

The last track of the entire series is Hanarezu ni soba ni ite (”Stay close to me”, AKA Viktor’s song) but in a duet form this time. I’m positive we’ll get some kind of pair skating, even if it’s in an intimate context.

Let’s sum it up a little here. The mood goes like this throughout the series:

EP 1:  a little bit depressing
EP 2:  hopefull but a little bit tense
EP 3:  tense but at the end happy
EP 4:  hopeful and cheerful, but a bit confused
EP 5:  hopeful and a little bit tense
EP 6:  intense, but determined.
EP 7:  tense, but at the end it’s greatly joyfull
EP 8:  quite positive
EP 9:  quite depressing
EP 10:  calm and hopeful af
EP 11:  tense and scaring
EP 12: I’m guessing later…

Do we see a pattern here? Yes, we do. The first two parts (Act 1 and first half of Act 2), are calmer and quieter, and have bits of both salt and sweet. When we get to the second half of Act 2, however, things get heated up, and both the good moments and the bad ones are far more intense. At the last part we’ve been given SOMETHING PRECIOUS OMG one of (if not) the most beautiful scenes in the entire series, along with the scariest moment. Things are exponentially more intense than at the beginning, as it should be if the authors are great storytellers (which they are, mind you). They have to play with the espectator’s emotions, guiding them through an emotional rollercoaster so that it MEANS something to them. If we knew Yuuri would get everything right, there would be no point in telling his story. But the GREAT point here is that we never know if he’s going to do ir right or not. That’s what makes us relate to him. That’s why we want him to actually succeed.

So, what I’m trying to say is, the authors are playing with us. They’re making us nervous and insecure about Yuuri’s future because it will mean A HELLA LOT MORE when he wins (or when he gets a happy ending, anyway). If they showed us in Episode 11 that Yuuri’s getting it all perfectly, we wouldn’t be this concerned about his happiness. They always show the opposite of the final status.

And JJ is a perfect example. I was discussing episode 8 with a friend and we were both like “Yeah, I kind of hate JJ” (I even called it when I said Viktor was repelled by the poor guy) when suddenly it struck me: the authors are making us HATE JJ because he’s the total opposite of Yuuri. Episode 10 clearly stated everyone hated him within the universe in the series. While the initial Yuuri wasn’t in a healthy mind state because he was too extremely selfless, the initial JJ was at the other extreme of the rope (too selfish and egocentric). The difference between them is that Yuuri knows better now and has been actively trying to change, while JJ has remained the same throughout the series. This is a way storytellers tell their audience “See that? It’s not good. You have to find balance in your life. If you don’t try, you’ll end up burning yourselves”.

I do believe we’ll get a happy ending. I’m POSITIVE. Not because I believe in Kubo-sensei (which I do) or something like that. It’s all about storytelling.

So let’s all calm down and remember how effin’ happy they where while dancing together at that banquet. That’s how it’s gonna end, babies.

(A sketchy fanart of that scene for some extra cheering up!)

John Watson, upon waking up on the floor of his therapist’s office, spent a little while looking up at the ceiling, and thought, My therapist is Sherlock Holmes’s long-lost unknown sister who just shot me with a tranquilizer gun.

And then thought, Should have seen that coming, frankly. Seems about right for my life.

John probably should have figured it out from the bloody carcass rug.


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I’ve seen a lot of mixed emotions about this scene. Let’s talk about my interpretation of this, shall we? When I look at this, I see two married people who have enjoyed their long and happy life together. They were human and happy and lived the long life that they wanted. 

Their smiles? I see Damon’s as one of uncertainty for what is to come for him. As Elena is explaining during the scene, he is worried he will never know peace. He’s worried he will never see his brother again, (and possibly not Elena either for that matter.) Elena’s smile is one of certainty. She knows the kind of man Damon is and she has no doubt he will find peace. She knows he will see Stefan again, because Elena Gilbert has always seen the best in Damon Salvatore. She sees the good and knows the kind of man she married. 

And then…..his hand disappears from her grasp. Personally, I took this to mean Elena passed on (or found her peace) first. From her outstretched hand towards Damon and slightly confused expression on her face, followed by her reuniting with her loved ones it’s easy to see this is a new experience for her. I saw this as a temporary separation until they got to greet their loved ones in this new sense of peace.

As we see in the next scene, Elena was right about Damon. He did find peace like she always believed he would. He did see Stefan again. Their peace is with their families and with each other. 

even though I don’t need an excuse to post gifs of Sebastian Stan, I think todays events just make me want to post so many it clogs up dashboards so we don’t see all the other crappy posts about this.

so here goes. 

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yes I could have tons more but this is enough for now. I think you get the point. I love Sebastian Stan so much and just want him to be happy and he makes me so freakin happy! 

me coming to visit you after many long years apart

You: “Dude! It’s so great to see you! It’s been so long… I’ve thought about you every day. It’s been so hard not having you in my life, and I’m so sorry that we let things come between us. Come, come, tell me everything! We must renew our friendship!”


To all of our lovely Witches, Wizards, and Non-Magic folk,

   Hello! How are you? I sincerely hope this message finds you well. It’s been quite a while since you last heard from any of us, so I suppose that is where I will start.

   First of all, on behalf of all the cast and crew of The Gathering Storm: A Marauders Fan Film I would like to apologize for how long it has taken to bring this film to life and to make this dream a reality. We realize that you have been waiting a long time for this film, and we are truly sorry about that. I think that should be first and foremost. Believe me when I tell you, we all want the film to be finished just as badly as you do. And we absolutely hear you every single time one of you asks us “When is the film coming out?” Whether we like it or not, it is always a fair question. So again, we sincerely apologize for the wait and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us, for sticking with us, and for maintaining your enthusiasm for this project. We are working very hard to make it the film that you deserve.

   That brings me to a brief (ish) explanation of what the past year or so of post-production has looked like and why it has taken this long. The first thing to admit is that this project was an enormous undertaking. When this film was dreamed up and our team was assembled, the majority of us were still students, with a few exceptions who were recent graduates. As you may or may not know, it is very rare for student-run projects to reach feature-film-length. It is equally rare for fan films to do this. The simple fact is that without a professional team already assembled and behind you (as well as a professional budget), it is incredibly difficult to bring together enough resources and people – and to carve out enough time – to shoot and produce anything longer than 25-40 minutes long. Even projects of that length are incredibly challenging undertakings. Admittedly, we probably unknowingly bit off a bit more than we could chew at the time. However, that is not in any way to say that the quality of The Gathering Storm suffered as a result. It just slowed the process a bit, because we were all basically learning on the fly. As you know, it took us almost the entirety of that first year (May 2014 – March 2015) to finish shooting all the footage we felt we needed in order to put together a high-quality film and a fully-realized story. Yes, our inexperience hindered us in a few places along the way, as it does with any student or fan project.  While we may not be a Hollywood Blockbuster level production, I have no doubt that you will love getting to see the Marauders story we have all wanted for so long.

   Since the completion of shooting, post production has been a sometimes fast, sometimes slow process. Approximately the first six months after we wrapped shooting (March 2015 – August 2015) were completely lost, as a result of some unexpected turnover in the editing department. To put it somewhat more bluntly, our original editors were unable to continue with the project. In addition to that, the editor that we initially brought on to replace them also, after a few weeks, determined that they would be unable to follow through with this project. So searching for a qualified editor willing to commit to the entirety of the project was step number one, and that took much longer than we had hoped. After that, our post-production team evolved significantly. Members of our team, myself included, who were not originally going to be part of post-production, were brought on in order to shoulder more of the workload and in order to get things moving in a productive direction.

    The first few months were spent in intensive meetings between Aaron (our director), Danielle (our producer), Jenni (our new editor), and myself, where we recalibrated and reconfigured many of the creative aspects of the film. In short, we felt like some of the moments of our story were not as “earned” as they should be, so we spent a significant amount of time on fixing that (and we believe we were successful, by the way). Those meetings illustrate a larger point about the tediousness of this process though: We have kept you guys waiting for so long now, that at this point we absolutely refuse to give you anything less than the very best possible version of this film. Yes, we could have accelerated the editing process   We could have not bothered to adjust story elements, and we could be taking much simpler and more-direct routes through finishing the final aspects of post-production… but we as a team cannot and will not in good conscience do that. You guys deserve the very best, both for your support of us during the campaign, and for your continued support and patience now. In every single conceivable sense of the phrase, we would not have been able to make this movie without you. And we will never probably be able to fully express our gratitude. The least we can do is make sure that every aspect of this film is done in the best possible way it can be.

    That is why post-production has taken so long, along with a number of extenuating circumstances. We have had other crew members have to leave the project due to personal conflicts (as mentioned before, plus others), our lead editor and our VFX artist both have to work over 60 hours a week at their real jobs, some of us lost friends and family members over the past year, and a member of our post team lost their home in the Louisiana Floods this past August. It’s been a year, you guys. As 2016 has been for many people, it has been. a. freaking. year. And to be clear, these aren’t meant as excuses. We are not asking you guys to stop begging for this film or to “get off of our backs.” We want you on our backs. Stay there. You’ve earned it. These are simply being offered to you as explanations for part of why we have so dearly needed your incredible patience and support.

    We have been going back and forth amongst ourselves for a few weeks now, trying to decide whether to send out a new update. For a while we were thinking we wanted to hold off, not release any more updates until we were ready to release a new trailer. But we have decided, that with things moving as slowly as they have, we didn’t want to continue to maintain radio silence. We realize that updates have been few and far between for both supporters of our Kickstarter and of our Indiegogo, and we’ve pledged to be more vigilant about that. If you are one of our backers, please check the Indiegogo or Kickstarter Pages. We’ve posted an update for you regarding backer rewards, as well.

    So that’s where we’re at. We’re still here, we’re still hard at work, we still love each and every one of you for your support, and we have not forgotten about you or this project. We’re into the home stretch now. What remains is finishing the original score, visual effects, sound mixing, color correction, and a few other finishing touches. As I mentioned before, because all of us have now entered “professional” life, we all have a lot less time on our hands to get these things done. So I cannot honestly say how long those remaining tasks will take. But what I can promise is that we will do the best job that we can, and we will not be cutting any corners. You all have waited this long for The Gathering Storm. We will not be delivering the 75%-of-what-it-could-have-been version. When it is finally done, it will be the 100% version of this film. And I promise, as soon as we know when we’ll have it done, you will too.

    We get just a little bit closer every single day.

    This project has been a huge part of our lives for the past couple years and it has been amazing to share the journey with all of you. We’ll all be able to say “Mischief Managed” together soon, I promise. ^_~

    So, finally, from all of us on the TGS post-team, and from everyone who worked on the film during production as well: Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts, for your continued patience and support for The Gathering Storm. You’ll be hearing from us again soon.

Warmest regards,

Benjamin Wessels
Co-writer, Actor, and Associate Producer 

Every year, thousands of people repent of their sins, but none of these ever regrets his decision. Many repent concerning time misspent and opportunities neglected. But no one has ever declared that he repents of repenting, and turning towards God. No one was ever sorry that he served the Lord. No man ever said, at the end of his days, “I have read my Bible too much, I have thought of God too much, I have prayed too much, I have been too careful about my soul”. Rather, a Christian will say, “Had I my life again, I would walk more closely with God. The way of Christ may have its cross, but it is a pleasant and peaceful path.

Let repentance towards God and faith towards the Lord Jesus Christ be the great pillars of our religion. May we, while we repent, believe; and while we believe, repent. May these be uppermost in the creed of our souls.

J. C. Ryle - Repentance

My favorite thing about Colin O’Donoghue is that no matter what you throw at his character, the guy is going to give 100%, have the time of his life, and completely ROCK IT.

Seeing him going from Killian Jones, the guy who keeps trying to make amends and is genuinely sorry for everything he’s done, to Captain Hook, the ruthless and unrepentant pirate in the same episode is always a gift and we’re so, SO lucky that our fave is played by such a talented actor.