we have lots of shoes


i actually could not stop thinking about this……..

jokes aside, can we just talk about bum killing or even helping kill jieun is 10 times worse because bum can relate to jieun. he was in her shoes once. catching themselves falling in love with sangwoo - his kindness, his sweet nature - only to find he’s anything but. entire perception of sangwoo’s character crumbling before their frantic eyes. jieun will go through the same bout of disbelief bum did, the same tears, the same fear for her life and while her pleas mirror his own, bum will have to kill her. he’s going to have to kill someone who was in the same shitty position he was months ago. that’s pretty huge.

the thing about bang the doldrums that fucks me up is the fact that pete has said that hes “half gay” or “gay above the waist” and there’s the line that goes “happily ever after below the waist” as well as the line that goes “i cant commit to a thing, be it heart or hospital” and it’s a lamenting love song almost bitterly or grievously remembering a love that couldn’t work out and whether you’re a peterick shipper or a petemikey shipper the implications of this song are heartbreaking 

For Your Convenience (Part 13)

Story Summary: To help you finally make a move on your long-time crush, you get assistance from your newly hired co-worker. (Retail/Department Store AU)

Word Count: 1,651 (I’m sorry)

‘For Your Convenience’ Masterlist

A/N: I wanna give a shoutout to @pleasecallmecaptain for giving me the idea of having a three-way confrontation occur in this story. This one’s for you! I’ll admit that this part was quite difficult to write and gave me a massive headache as a result, but at least I wrote it out! The confrontation part of the story isn’t that long, but I hope you guys still like it :)

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“Am I interrupting something here?” Steve asked, his tone clipped and stern as his raging blue eyes darted between you and Bucky. You were speechless, unable to verbalize anything in return. A flood of emotions stormed through you and you weren’t sure how to get yourself out of this one. Your heart thudding loudly in your chest, you were nearing hopelessness at this point. You just wanted to escape from all of this.

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Here we go.

Want to get to know me? Really? Aww!

[ Hello ]

[ Do brackets annoy you? ]

[ Wow, you’re seriously going to attempt getting to know me?? Alright then, before we begin this long and tiresome charade, let’s clarify a few things.. ]

[ I’m quite nice in general. I however do not like weirdos, if you’re a creep, this is your cue ]

[ I am extremely blunt and direct ]

[ I like to generalize, you might be an exception, i did not write this post just for you, however special you may be ]

[ You’re awfully adventurous delving deep into my hyperactive and bored mind ]

[ You must be bored too. We have lots in common! Yay! I love your shoes. That’s a nice outfit you’re wearing. You look lovely. Carry on. ]

[ Wait, get comfortable first! ]

[ I love people, i just don’t find many interesting. So technically, the law of averages works against you.]

[ However, You might be awesome.. please, feel welcome to change my mind]

[ In fact, since you’ve decided to hang around this long and get this far, you’re probably nice in some way, or persistent, and definitely very patient. ]

[ Okay, Lets go. ]

[ My name is Arias ]

[ You probably just pronounced that wrong ]

[ I am extremely picky ]

[ I like coffee ]

[ I like people. I wouldn’t be able to live without people. Yes i know i’ve said this before.]

[ I love talking ]

[ American and Canadian accents are adorable ]

[ You don’t know me, but you’ve already started forming an opinion. That is judgemental and i’m okay with it. ]

[ You probably wouldn’t understand me even if you did know me, yes i’m pretty confusing and all over the place. ]

[That takes special skills! ]

[ I’m From London ]

[ I also live in Los Angeles, Sydney and New york ]

[ Because i can ]

[ I travel a lot ]

[ I’m 6’3 ]

[ I like short girls ]

[ Not midgets. Short girls ]

[ My dad’s white, my mum’s spanish .. Incase you wondered where the “Tan” came from ;) ]

[ I’m English ]

[ Yes i have an accent, it’s very London with a hint of Sydney]

[You should hear me say.. “Ghetto Booty” hahaha ]

[ I like my accent though, it’s weird!]

[ I’ve played Piano, Guitar and Violin since i was 4 ]

[ I write lyrics and music when i’m bored ]

[ No i will not write you a song ]

[ Yes i can sing ]

[ No i will not sing for you ]

[ I love to cook ]

[ No i will not cook for you ]

[ I’m blunt so i can come off as an arsehole sometimes, i keep saying this incase you’re getting mixed signals ;) ]

[ I’m quite nice in general as long as people don’t act like idiots ]

[ Such a clusterfuck! ]

[ I love Disney movies and cartoons! ]

[ Batman!! ]

[ Lion king!!! ]

[ You sure you don’t need to take a drink break? ]

[ I’m passive, i really don’t give a fuck ]

[ So we’ve just established that i will not be your trick monkey ]

[ or your human puppet ]

[ enough. ]

[ Make me smile, make me laugh, i’ll get addicted to you ]

[ I’m a cuddle whore ]

[ I’m attracted to pretty faces and beautiful smiles ]

[ First impressions count ]

[ I’m a dreamer ]

[ I love to plan dreamy dates and sensational moments ]

[ Yes i know it sounds lame, so what? ]

[ I have sleep issues. I like my issues ]

[ I love to read ]

[ I think you’re spiffy because you’re still reading this ]

[ I’m bored right now, so i may NEVER stop. ]

[ I LOVE to cook. I even bake my own bread haha ]

[ If you tak lyke dis, dun fuhkin tak 2 me mkay? ]

[ Right. got that off my chest ]

[ I swim, i run, i eat unhealthy, my body is so confused, but it’s pretty to look at? muhaha ]

[ Yes i have a fake evil laugh]

[ I love music, i have way too much music for one guy ]

[ This is annoying, but i will power on.]

[ I’m hopelessly romantic ]

[ No. I’m not looking for anything or anyone, i need a break from crazy psychotic girls lol ]

[ Romance.. is so misunderstood, please find me a nice sappy romantic girl who likes cheesiness!? ]

[ I’m broken, most people are. ]

[ Yes, it’s a cliche and No. You can’t fix me, i don’t want to be fixed, i want someone to like me for who i am ]

[ Wow. I didn’t stop. You didn’t stop. We’re still here and we’re meant to be *gushes* haha ]

[ I’m always bored ]

[ I like conversation ]

[ I don’t particularly like pictures, i figure that if there is something beautiful enough, it’ll burn into my memory, enjoy the beauty without being behind the camera all the time ]

[ You’re beautiful. Possibly. ]

[ I love your smile <3 aww! Ok,
Moving on.. ]

[ I can be perverted if i like someone ]

[ No, this does not imply i want to talk dirty ]

[ Or.. that i want you to talk dirty ]

[ Please try not to be too creepy.. PRETTY PLEASE? ]

[ I’m also moralistic ]

[ Boring old skool shit lol ]

[ I love my imagination ]

[ I have a major oral fetish, mmm i could give oral 10 times a day and be happy forever! ]

[ No, probably not going to happen, Concentrate!! ]

[ I have never had a one night stand ]

[I’m very picky and fucking frustrating ]

[ Are you Captain Entertainment? Sent to rescue me from the trescherous depths of boredom?]

[ Didn’t think so.. ]

[ I love cookies, they make me happy ]

[ I love cold miserable rainy weather]

[ I’m cheeky ]

[ I’m complicated ]

[ I’m now tired of writing ]

[ Okay, this is where our one sided conversation ends ]

[ Go on.. Judge me! ]

[ Then message me! I’ll be all happy and stuff ]

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Scores of skulls excavated in the heart of London have provided the first gruesome evidence of Roman head hunters operating in Britain, gathering up the heads of executed enemies or fallen gladiators from the nearby amphitheatre, and exposing them for years in open pits.

“It is not a pretty picture,” Rebecca Redfern, from the centre for human bioarchaeology at the museum of London, said. “At least one of the skulls shows evidence of being chewed at by dogs, so it was still fleshed when it was lying in the open.”

“They come from a peculiar area by the Walbrook stream, which was a site for burials and a centre of ritual activity – but also very much in use for more mundane pursuits. We have evidence of lots of shoe making, so you have to think of the cobbler working yards from these open pits, with the dog chewing away – really not nice.”

“We believe that some of the heads may be people who were killed in the amphitheatre. Decapitation was a way of finishing off gladiators, but not everyone who died in the Roman amphitheatre was a gladiator, it was where common criminals were executed, or sometimes for entertainment you’d give two of them swords and have them kill one another. Other heads may have been brought back by soldiers from skirmishes, probably on the Hadrian or Antonine walls – again, it would have taken weeks to bring them back, so not a nice process.”

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[2014.04.21] Mnet Japan JJANG - SPEED Cut Transcript
  • SPEED: S P Double E D, SPEED. Hello we are SPEED.
  • Puppet: Please introduce the concept and dance points of your new song "Look At Me Now"
  • Taewoon: Look At Me Now is a song which contains lots of dance moves which go slow and fast.
  • CAP: -SPEED's "Look At Me Now" with catchy drum beats and synthesizer sounds
  • CAP: -Pay attention to the sorrowful lyrics asking a lover to turn back once more!
  • Puppet: SPEED is famous for complicated and unique choreography, which choreography was the most challenging?
  • Yuhwan: All songs were easy for me.
  • Taewoon: Since he does acrobatics, he rolls around and jumps.
  • Yuhwan: I fly all the time so there is there is no more place to fly.
  • Jongkook: The one I found most challenging, right?
  • Jongkook: We had the King Tut for ‘It’s Over’ and jumping for ‘Pain’.
  • Taewoon: Which one was the most challenging?
  • Jongkook: In all honesty, the current promotion is the hardest.
  • Sungmin: None were challenging.
  • Taewoon: You have to say something like that, but I should’ve done it.
  • Puppet: Which member is the slowest at learning the choreography?
  • Taewoon: Shall we just pass the mic?
  • Jungwoo: I am dexterous but not with the body. Each member is in charge of something in the group. I acknowledge myself at the bottom line for dancing but in the top for singing. I don’t think of myself as useless just because I am bad at dancing. All seven of us have gathered because there are qualities that we need in order to be complete. I will do my best.
  • Puppet: It's been a year since you debuted, what is the biggest change or improvement that occurred?
  • Taewoon: First of all, we have grown more self-assertiveness than before.
  • Sejun: The members’ faces have changed. We didn’t know much about makeup but as we continuously used it we slowly found out about makeup and hairstyles that suit us the most. I think we have changed visually.
  • Puppet: our previous song was "Don't Tease Me!", which member likes to tease the others the most?
  • SPEED: 1, 2, 3! (Points at Taewoon)
  • Yuhwan: In other words, he can’t stop.
  • Taeha: In my case, he’d come up to me and start threatening me, hit my adams apple… and look! He tells me that “I could die”.
  • Taewoon: I’m just embracing them with love and affection. The members don’t exactly hate it.
  • Sejun: It’s probably because Taewoon did the producing for this album.
  • Taeha: You can see his personality through the title song.
  • Puppet: The other members revealed Taewoon's specialty is walking around the dorm with shoes on and leaving spilled soda (coke) on the floor, is Taewoon is most careless member?
  • Jongkook: He walks around in his shoes and doesn’t put away his food. He has a shoe collection in his room.
  • Taewoon: We have lots of shoes and it cannot be helped. We are seven members and there can only be many shoes. The shoe storage is just full. But do you think the members will not step on them? They always do.
  • Sejun: We do step on them, but why walk with your shoes inside to your room?
  • Taewoon: I have to take off my shoes when I get to my room. You guys!
  • Puppet: Does Taewoon have any complaints or things he wants the other members to fix?
  • Taewoon: I want Sungmin and Sejun to wash more often. He (Sungmin) washes a lot lately. He usually doesn’t wash at late times. He’d only wash once in the afternoon. Taeha would go back home a lot before. But now we doesn’t go often so I don’t have much to say.
  • Taeha: The dorm has gotten more comfortable now.
  • Taewoon: It has gotten more comfortable?
  • Sungmin: It might’ve been uncomfortable at first.
  • Taeha: I was uncomfortable with him walking inside with his shoes on.
  • Taewoon: All of you are dead when we head back home.
  • Sejun: Taewoon hyung would throw cold water at us when we’d take a shower. He’d collect cold water from the tap and throw it. I got scared of that and-
  • Taewoon: Go! Go!
  • -SPEED Taewoon's Fun Dorm Lifestyle
  • -Threatening the members
  • -Violence towards the members
  • -Entering the dorm without taking shoes off
  • -Leaving shoes everywhere
  • -Eating snacks and leaving trash everywhere
  • -Throwing cold water onto the members when they're showering
  • Taewoon: We’ll continue running so fans, don’t worry. Please continue loving us and the public even more too. Till now it was S P Double E D SPEED. Thank you.
  • Sejun: We’ll go there soon?
  • Taewoon: To where?
  • Sejun: Japan!
  • Translations @yoosuzu & sunny @ speed-boys