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A prompt from @gouguruheddo: Feel Better

“I’m not sick,” Levi grumbled as Erwin took his temperature.

Erwin laughed and took the thermometer from Levi’s mouth.

“103 degree fever and you’re not sick, Levi?”

“…I tend to run hot.”

“Sure you do.”

Erwin had to stifle another laugh as he watched his boyfriend glare at him.

“It’s not funny. I’m going to school.”

Erwin shook his head. “You’ll get everyone sick.”

“Good. I hate everyone.”

“Levi…” Erwin admonished. “Just stay home. For one day?”

Levi sighed. “Fine.”

“There’s soup from last night in the fridge. And we have some orange juice in the freezer.”

“That canned shit?” Levi asked, wrinkling his nose.

“Yes, Levi. Only the best for you.”


“Go back to bed now,” Erwin said, kissing him.

“If you get sick from me then it’s your own damn fault.”

Erwin chuckled. “Feel better, Levi.”


Hey, can I ask you a question? Sure. How do you know if a guy you’ve been hanging out with likes you? You like him? Uh-huh, but I think he hates me. Ask him. Doesn’t want to talk about it. No guy ever does. How do I know, then? Does he get that look in his eye when he’s with you? What look? You’ll know it when you see it.


@dreamlordmorpheus Here’s my Mr Wines for the Masters group photo! I got a couple of different sets of photos because I realised somewhere I could go with better lighting and a more neutral background, but let me know if you need any slightly different ones ‘cos I got like a bazillion outtakes here. I also didn’t try and put any eyes on because I don’t really know how to ‘shop that, but if you want me to I can give it a go.

For the record: two bedsheets, one hoodie worn backwards, one pair of black gloves, a glass of cranberry juice and a bottle of wine donated by my dear father, who took the photos. And about an hour of my time spent rather enjoyably! I am quite proud of how these turned out, they are better than I thought they would be.

Take Me Home

Oh the fluff…SO much fluff :)  Just a one shot with juice and fluff because why not :)

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“Juice!”  You hop off the bar stool and jump, wrapping your arms around his neck.
“Jesus, Chibs.”  Juice catches you quickly and stares at him.
“Juicy boy, she’s fine one second and then giggly the next.”  Chibs shrugs and takes another drink.
“Juice, baby, I’m fine.”  You pat Juice’s cheek lightly as he starts smiling.
“Uh huh.”  He mumbles.
“Where were you?  You missed all of the fun.”  You ran your fingers over his head, smiling and tilting your head as his eyes close.
“I just got back from a run, remember?”  Juice kisses your hand as it falls to his cheek.
“You’re right.”  You smile and hug him tight.  “You were gone for so long!”
“I was gone a week.”  Juice laughed at your dramatics.  He always found you adorable when you drank, which wasn’t often.  “What brought this on?”
“She challenged me to shots, which I forgot how much of a lightweight she is so,” Chibs motions towards you.
“I needed a distraction.”  You nuzzle into Juice’s neck and pull back, prodding at your own face, “baby, my face is numb.”
“Always is when you drink.”  Juice runs his fingers through your hair as your smile widens.
“Yeah it does.  You know what else happens when I drink?”  You hold his face in between your hands.  His smile widens to the impossibly big smile, your favorite, causing your cheeks to redden and heart to flutter.  A Wendy’s bag appears in front of him and you scream out.  “Potatoes!”
“Yeah, potatoes.”  Juice kisses your cheek and you giggle.  Chibs snorts next to you, watching the scene.
“Hey.  Are you numb?”  You turn to Chibs and poke his cheek.
“No, love.”  Chibs smirks while he holds your hand and kisses your knuckles.
“You’re Irish, you don’t count.”  You pout and Chibs laughs.
“I brought her car for you.  Just leave your bike here, I’ll take care of it.”  Chibs talks to Juice while your pointer finger traces his scar on his left cheek.
“I’m sorry this happened to you, Filip.  You didn’t deserve it.”  Your arms close around the back of his neck as you hug him tight.
“Thank you, love.  I barely even remember they’re there.  Don’t worry your pretty little mind about it.”  Chibs pats your back and lightly moves you to Juice’s arms.
“Hey.  We should go get a dog.”  Your eyes brighten.
“We have a dog, babe.”  Juice nods to Chibs and begins walking you to the car.
“Shit!  You are so right.  He’s so snuggly.”  You rest your head on his shoulder as you walk, “you are so snuggly.”  You trip over your own feet and grip onto his arm, your eyes going wide.  “Oh my god I’m so sorry.”
“You alright?”  Juice snorts.  He opens the door to your truck and helps you sit in the passenger seat.  He starts to back away until you place your hand on his cheek and pull his attention up to your face.
“I love you.”  You whisper.  You can see a small amount of red stain his tan cheeks as his chocolate eyes lock on yours.
“I love you too, (Y/N).  Let’s go home, ok?”  He brushes your hair back and puts your Wendy’s bag in your lap.
“Shit!  I forgot about the potatoes!”  Your face brightens causing Juice to laugh as he gets in the driver’s seat.  Your head whips to the side to see him smiling.  You shove a hand full of fries into your mouth and after swallowing them, you rest your head on his shoulder.  “We should get married.”
Juice bites his lip and laces his fingers through yours, bringing them up to his lips and kissing them individually, paying more time on your ring finger where the wedding ring he gave you a year ago sits.

@im-gay-for-chibbs-juiceyandtiggy its not the fluff I was telling you about but I figure fluff is fluff :P hahaha

Greeting people to a fandom
  • <p> <b>Other people:</b> <p/><b>Person:</b> oh hello! Welcome to the fandom, we have juice, food, etc. Oh and thats the fandom pit over there, but dont worry, you dont have to reach the bottom :)<p/><b></b> ---<p/><b>Me:</b> <p/><b>Me:</b> ey how you doin. Welcome to the fandom<p/><b>Newcomer:</b> *points to the fandom pit* thats p deep<p/><b>Me:</b> yup.<p/><b>Me:</b> *kicks them in*<p/></p>

When I was still super new I had a costumer ask what kind of juices we have, and this is a common question bc my manager makes me ask “can I start you guys off with some coffee or juice” and bc I’m a hostess and not a server (at the restaurant I work hosts have to take drink orders idk it’s weird) I didn’t know the menu at all and hadn’t gotten around to memorizing much. So I tell this costumer “all of our drinks are listed right on the back of our menu, I don’t have all our juices in my head so I might miss one”
This customer immediately starts screaming about how she wants to see my manager and how rude was that and she wants a new server (in case you didn’t know by the very different uniform I’m not your fucking server)
This bitch got me written up on my fourth day bc I didn’t tell her what juices we have


     "What did they feed you there? What did you eat?“ Mike asked. He didn’t want her getting an upset stomach from unfamiliar foods, plus what if she was allergic to something?
     El furrowed her brow in frustration, unable to find the words to explain. What was it called? Some sort of drink.
     In the lab, she was given a drink with every meal. Along with the tasteless and colorless foods she was given, the bad men served her a thick concoction that looked like melted ice cream, but tasted nothing like it.
      Despite it’s cold temperature, the liquid burned her throat as she choked it down. It tasted like dirt and copper, like the blood that dripped from her nose. The sludge slid down her throat slowly like a slug that had come from The Upside Down. It’s aftertaste clung to her throat like how gum stuck to the bottom of her shoe last week.
     Growing up in the lab meant knowing exactly what was expected of her; always given orders but never told why. The drink was one of the only things she was ever given an explanation for, but it was only to push their agenda.            They said it was to keep her strong and healthy after playtime. That was supposed to help keep her mind sharp. If anything, though, it made her feel even worse. Bile rose in her throat after every sip and she remembered the punishment if she didn’t finish.

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I work Juice of Jamba and I had someone come in and ask for something without juice... she didn't want it because it had too much sugar. Then she tried to argue with me when I told her we can't cut up cucumbers and put them in a smoothie we have to juice them and the juice version has just as much sugar as the actual cucumber. She left with apple juice, kale, and carrots blended -_-

Juice Fluff

“Juice I swear if you don’t hurry your ass up I am going to come in there,” You grumbled as you pulled on your jacket. You heard a soft response that you couldn’t understand. You stared for a second before shrugging and walking back in your room. “Juice come,” You stopped short as Juice lay in bed, shirtless and your favorite pair of his jeans. You blushed. “Uh… Juice, we have to go to Gemma’s.”

“We don’t have too,” He emphasized with his signature silly smirk plastered on his face. You blushed more and shook your head at his antics.

“Juice, Gemma would kill us,” You said as you approached him with a playful frown.

“Fine, but you gotta help me up,” He grinned and held out his hand for you to take. You grasped it and moved to pull him up, only to be pulled down onto him. You frowned at him as he laughed. He kissed you gently, his lips soft and warm against your own.

“You’re in so much trouble,” You murmured against his lips, trying to sound unhappy. He laughed and turned you over, cradling you in his arms. You sighed, happy to just be in his arms.

“You didn’t even wanna go, so shush,” He teased gently kissing your neck. “I love you so much…”

“I love you too Juicey,” You murmured as you drifted to sleep.


@ineedthesons @marvelatbarnes @wiild-nirvanaaa @calumonoxide For my Juice lovers <3

Rafael Barba Req / Take Your Daughter To Work Day

Per request HERE- re: being Rafael’s 4 year old daughter that the crew doesn’t know about.

I gotta say, I thought this was just too cute for words lol.

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Papi never took you to work.

Of course, you had a general idea of what this ‘work’ included- he would ‘work’ at home in the big room you weren’t allowed in. Typically that meant he’d be staring at his desk and periodically fishing for a new pen or one of the colored highlighters in the jars he kept precisely out of your reach.

But today, Mami had plans that you would not be involved in. She had given you a light briefing while pulling your curls into those pigtails all the adults seemed to love so much. “You’re going to be a good girl for your Papi today, a very good girl,” she had insisted before choosing the pretty tights decorated with roses and green vines- did Papi work at a church? You only dressed so well when others would be seeing you, Mami never let you wear those tights unless there was a good reason to. “You do whatever your Papi says, be good, and be sure to be helpful,” she winked after the final order.

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Lost It To Trying #2 - [EXO] Jongin CEO!Au

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[A/N] The promised part two. 

Paper flying across the table. A stack of documents pushed off the edge as his assistant swallowed in nervous spit. “Again.” He commanded. His hooded eyes showed no mercy what so ever. Its been months now.

The thought of you and your vibrant presence at the bottom of every bottle. It clouded him ever since he realized what absence meant. “So this is what it feels like.” Her presence was strong, so her absence is pain. When he came in his stretched limousine, everything felt like everyday. Nothing exceptional. The long lines of employees anticipating his arrival at the curb. He let the iPad fell from his grasp in the car after he checked his schedules of the day. His assistant puts his flight to Frankfurt right after a meeting without leaving an hour gap-the gap he always demands.

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Plague just like: "would you like something to drink? We have water, milk, juice, spiders-" "spiders?" "Spiders it is then." "No wait I wasn't-" *but he was already pouring you a brimming glass of spiders.*