we have gone mental

Malum! Fleshlight

So this is smut, with visuals! (The visuals are so hot I can’t even)

Pairing: Michael and Calum

Words: 2.6K

Warning: So don’t read this if you’re uncomfortable with gay on gay..or if you’re uncomfortable with swearing, dicks and if you’re muke af (that was a joke I welcome all shippers)

Summary: Calums catches Michael getting off in a fleshlight and gets really horny by it.

Ima put the keep reading bit because its pretty raunchy

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There’s this weird stigma about girls with shaved heads that we must have gone through a mental breakdown and shaved it in a fit. And that held me back and made me feel insecure, because who wants to be seen as Deb from Empire Records? (Except maybe I do because she was the best character so…)

On the one hand it’s frustrating because it doesn’t mean I lost it but on the other hand maybe I did lose it and maybe it’s okay to shave your head in a fit of some sort. Maybe it was a slow fit. Maybe it was years of being told what I should be. Maybe it was because it heals me to feel further from feminine.

Why can’t it be okay to have a breakdown? Why can’t it be okay to be different?

I’m not trying to be edgy or weird I’m just trying to feel at peace with myself. I’m sorry that my hair makes me feel at war. I’m sorry if you think that’s stupid or I’m weak. My hair is part of my body and my body has always made me feel at war. There’s always been chaos in my mind but that’s just something I’ve come to accept, like the way some people love thunderstorms. But gender and dysphoria aren’t a comforting storm, they are a tsunami.

So sometimes I shave my head because it makes me feel good. And sometimes I shave my head because the tsunami forces my hand. And sometimes I want to grow it out again because I’m staring at the calm sea in front of me and it feels okay again to dig my toes in the sand. But then I remember the times the waves take hold. I keep my hair short.

Maybe I do it because it looks cute. Maybe it makes me feel punk rock again. Maybe it’s because I’m a crazy fucking bitch having another breakdown.

I guess I don’t know why. I feel like I don’t know anything some days, about myself or anyone. But I guess it doesn’t matter. What matters is if I can breathe so I’ll just keep doing what helps me breathe.

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