we have eachother

Don’t be afraid to wake me, Love

For you are better than any dream I could be dreaming

And the best part is, you’re my reality


/APPARENTLY/ we could be seeing spideys underarm webbing in the new movie!! Fancy suit upgrades! 


A force to be reckoned with.. for 5 years my girls and I have stuck together, been there for eachother and grown into not only best friends but sisters.. that will always always have eachothers backs! We’ve been through break ups, we’ve been at our lowest but we have always helped eachother come out stronger on the other end! Call me the luckiest girl alive, because this is a dream I am living, but I get to live it with 3 of the most talented, special individuals Alive. Now let’s smash the shit out of this! 

Its almost a year since me and my boyfriend met.
I was cosplaying Riza Hawkeye and he was cosplaying Roy mustang at Birmingham MCM he ran up to me shouting ‘Lieutenant!’ To get my attention and we spoke in character for a bit before introducing ourselves
Its MCM Birmingham again in just over a week so to honor tradition we’re going as Royai

Whats great is we have always refered to eachother as ‘Lieutenant’ and ‘Colonel’ and his family call me Riza.


This piece was an attempt to vocalize my own fears and anger, but also the fact that despite how dark things seem right now, there is hope in love.

Nico seeing Trump elected after LIVING through a part of WWII would literally destroy a part of him. After all that struggle to accept that modern day is better, after coming out and learning to be okay with himself, he sees the same thing he saw back when he was little. The same things that scared him into keeping his sexuality a complete and utter secret that scared him beyond even the terrors of tartarus.

Will has you BB. 

And we all have eachother.

Our Apartment
Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties
Our Apartment

I found enough of your hairpins to build you a monument,
A statue to loneliness. Breathe it in. Let it go.
I caved a piece of the drywall in,
Replaying the argument,
I’m icing my swollen fist.
It’s a lie and this isn’t a home, no, no, no, no.

I’m just skin and bones.
I broke my cell phone
Cause it won’t fucking tell me when you’re coming home.

We can’t do this alone, we have to help eachother together. So remember to listen to others instead of thinking while they speak, communicate to eachother, look in their eyes, express ideas instead of talking about people, think outside of the box, do something out of your comfort zone, trust people, have faith, be happy, find comfort in silence and most importantly love with all of your heart
—  The Awakened State - Wrote this a few years ago ♥
Simon Imagine - sad break ups and drunken make ups part 2

REQUESTED:  “Part 2 to sad break ups and drunken make ups? Like you’re trying to get your lives back together and your relationship back on track, and everything feels so new again”


Waking up next to Simon the day after the party was weird to say the least. The feeling of his naked chest against my back was both comforting and unnerving. It was a feeling I had missed, but also a silent confirmation of my fears: so we had definitely done stuff last night. I let my eyes wander around the familiar room, trying to look for some sort of change, some sort of tell tale to what had gone on whilst I had been away. But everything just looked exactly the same.

“Y/n? Are you awake?”

Oh that morning voice. My heart expanded in my chest, tripling it’s size. I wanted to remain silent; this moment was not to be ruined by words. However, as I felt his body shift behind me, I turned to face Simon.

“Yes.” I breathed, my voice timid and croaky after all the alcohol last night. “I’m awake.”

He looked down at me, his great blue eyes burning holes into mine. I thought maybe he might say anything - but he didn’t. Instead he just remained quiet, his arms returning cautiously to my naked waist. For some odd reason I felt extremely insecure in my naked state. My mind turned to wandering whether he was in the same manner underneath the covers. After as long apart as we had had, I felt as if Simon was a new person. It felt like being in the dating stage: everything is slightly awkward, uncomfortable, and you’re always on egg shells. 

This is what it felt like currently lying with Simon.

“Do I dare ask what this means for us or will it ruin this moment right here?” 

He broke the silence first, resting his head against the pillow as he looked at me. It occurred to me that perhaps he was trying to find an answer in my face as an alternative to in my words. This is always how our relationship went in the past. I broke the eye contact, looking down at his bare chest, tracing his anatomy with my fingers. 

“I think you just asked.”

His face broke into a timid smile. “It’s good to see you haven’t lost your sense of humour.”

“Never,” I whispered, mirroring his smirk. “Simon what does this mean?”

His body tensed, but the words were already out, no taking them back. I wanted to bury my face in his chest and hide, already feeling exposed enough without my clothes, let alone now asking the dreaded question no one wants to hear while lying next to their ex after a drunken night. But as I looked down, my face heating, he placed a hand under my chin and lifted it.

“Y/n, it’s whatever you want it to be. I love you and you know that. That’s never ever gonna change. But I don’t want you to feel pressured, and that’s why I’m making this your call.”

I chuckled at the irony. No pressure, Y/n, but everything that happens from now is completely your call. Great. 

What did I want to happen? I loved Simon, I knew this, but everything in the world of Minter moves so damn fast, and I didn’t want a repeat of last time. I didn’t want to end up hurt and alone again. The thought made my eyes sting.

“Hey,” he cooed, his voice soft and warming. “Don’t get upset, okay, you don’t have to decide anything straight away. Just know I’m not going anywhere until you do. I want you, Y/n.”

I avoided his eye again, feeling painfully shy at the raw confessions, for some reason. 

“I want you too, Simon.” 

His body visibly relaxed at my revelation, however I pressed my palm to his chest, looking up at him.

“But we have to take it slow, okay. It’s not a relationship yet. It’s just…seeing eachother. We have to get to know eachother again.”

His eyes flashed with an emotion I did not recognise, and I felt my heart wrench a little. Was this not what he wanted? Was it even what I wanted? This all just seemed too much.

“Okay. Getting to know eachother again. Deal.”

“Thank you, Simon.”

“Y/n, it’s fine. Now what exactly does slow mean?”

“It just means less intensity. Less talk of the future, less involvement from fans, less travelling and all that jazz. I just want us to be happy together, just us, without any added labels. Is that okay with you?”

“Anything’s okay with me as long as you’re involved, Y/n.”

I smiled up at him as he propped his head up on his elbow, his face in his hand.

“I missed you, Simon.”

“I missed you more than you know, Y/n. Now one last question.”


“I can still touch you right?”

I laughed, hitting his shoulder playfully. 

“Well that depends on your behaviour, Mr Minter.”

He smiled, mouthing a ‘whatever’ at me as he lay back down. I turned to lay on my back and he put his arms over me, rubbing his hands over my stomach, my breasts, my thighs. 

“I’m getting to know your body,” he breathed against my earlobe.

“I think you know that well enough.”

“Oh I’ll never know it well enough, Y/n, believe me.”

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On The Contrary, My Dear...

Anon asked: Ommmmmggg I am I’m need of sassy old couple obi-wan x reader in a new hope, maybe from Luke’s point of view or something but I just. Want to grow old and sassy with obi on tatooine I love it like?? Maybe the reader was a Jedi too Idk whatever I like you’re stories a lot good job congrats keep working and improving friend you go

Author: Zoe

(A/N: I haven’t written a snarky old couple before, but I’m loving this idea!)

Plot Summary: You and Obi-Wan have known eachother since your teenage years, training side by side as padawans underneath your respective masters. After his battle against Anakin, he took a heavy toll on his shoulders, both physically and mentally. Now, together in exile on Tatooine, you both follow the Jedi Code to some extent. I mean, two Jedis aren’t supposed to get married and grow old and sassy together, right?

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“Darling, how’s training with Luke? Any hints of his father?” You asked, brushing a few strands of gray hair behind your ear.

“On the contrary, my dear, he’s not much like his father. There is Light within him.”

“I do hope so. You’re getting too old for fighting.”

“What’s that supposed to mean? I’m still as sprightly as when we were in the Academy!” 

You chuckled, pressing a chaste hiss to his cheek. “But of course, dear.”

“Luke, you can stop now.” You outstretched your hand and placed it on the young boy’s shoulders.

“What are you doing? He still has much to learn.” Obi-Wan walked to your side.

“The boy needs a break, he’s getting there, but he needs to recharge his energy.” Luke removed his helmet, smiling up at the two of you.

“Thank you, Y/N.” He sighed and collapsed into his seat.

“Oh, alright, but don’t think that I’ll go easy on you next time, Luke. You’re only taking the first steps to becoming a Jedi.”

“Says the man that always became too flustered during our sparring sessions at the academy.” You muttered.

“I heard that, darling!” Obi-Wan yelled from the doorway.

“I love you too!” You yelled back, sarcastically.

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Accidents Cause Accidents Pt3

Word Count: 3777

    A/N: Here is the third part to Accidents cause Accidents! I’m sorry it’s so long lol. Let me know what you think, I love feedback! Much love!

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“And I love you.” Jughead felt as sleep took the beautiful (Y/H/C) haired girl laying on him and he cherished this moment. He knew for sure that in the morning the police and the hospital were going to be pissed that she was here, but he didn’t want to worry about that right now. All he wanted to do was spend some quality time with the one person in his life who had never betrayed him, promising to himself that this time if danger would show its ugly face again, which it most undoubtedly would, he’d do whatever it took to protect her.


    “Jughead! It’s time to get up. You have school today.” Fred called, trying to wake up the sleeping boy who was sprawled out on the couch. Jughead slowly opened his eyes, reaching to pull Y/N closer to him while he could before he had to go to school, but he felt no one by him. He quickly shot up, looking around the room but there was no confused girl to be found.

    “Where is Y/N?” Jughead asked, quickly standing up to go find her. Before Fred could even answer the question wildly thrown at him, Jughead stormed out of the room and into the kitchen. He quickly calmed down as he found Archie making pancakes and Y/N cutting fruit beside him, the two of them laughing and talking. Jughead leaned against the door frame, the two of them not noticing his presence yet and he enjoyed the sight. His two best friends were talking and joking around, just like before the accident.

    “Its my turn to make a pancake, Archie! You’ve already made enough!” Y/N complained, giggling as Archie bumped into her with his hip.

    “You don’t even know how to make them.” he playfully argued.

    “Did I before?” she asked, and Archie sadly nodded his head, remembering Y/Ns accident. It was easy to forget she even had one until she brought it up or when you saw her trying to learn things all over again.

    “Yeah, you did. You used to break into our house in the morning and surprise my dad, Jughead and I with them as a thank you.” He said, grinning at the memory.

    “Then move it, Archie. I’m going to learn again.” She said, pushing him out of the way of the pan.

    “Yeah Archie, move so she can learn and continue her morning felonies.” Jughead called, and the two of them whipped their heads around and finally notice the raven haired boy smirking at them. Archie laughed and threw his hands up in surrender, leaning against the opposite counter. Y/N turned around and stuck her tongue out at him and they all laughed. She took the batter, and poured it in, making the best circle she could. She watched as it bubbled, and she carefully flipped the pancake, revealing a beautifully golden treat.

    “Suck it, Archie! I do know how to make pancakes.” She teased, putting the pancake on the stack Archie had previously made and gave herself a high five. “Go me!”

    “Yeah whatever, I guess I’ll finish cutting the fruit.” Archie sighed, chuckling over at the girl doing a weird dance in front of the stove.

    “Yeah, you better.” she joked, and Jughead came up behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist and burying his head in her neck.

    “Good morning.” he said, his breath tickling her neck.

    “Good morning to you too handsome boy.” Archie said, and Jughead turned his head to face him. Archie gave him a playful wink and Y/N laughed. She broke free from Jugheads hold, and placed the spatula in his hand.

    “Damn, I’ll just leave you and your boyfriend to it I guess, you two obviously need some alone time.” she said sarcastically, backing up and making her way to the living room.

    “No, come back here.” Jughead called and she slipped from the kitchen, winking to the two of them on her way out. Jughead sighed and flipped the pancake in the pan in front of him.

    “She is going to have to learn everything all over again.” Archie said worriedly, cutting up the apple that was on the board. Jughead sat there in silence for a few minutes, trying to think of something to say that would hopefully make Archie less worried. Archie was right of course, school was going to be a pain in the ass for the poor girl if she doesn’t get her memories back, which the doctor had predicted she wouldn’t.

     There is so much that Y/N did before that she has no idea how to do now, would she even be the same person? Jughead shook himself from that thought, of course she would be the same person, you can’t change someone’s personality. Your personality sticks with you, its molded by the things that you grew up with and the things that have happened to you, but Y/N didn’t remember any of that. At this moment in time, all she knew was the jackass doctor and the three people in this house not including her. The things she would know is being interrogated by police, being tracked down and hunted by serpents, and constantly being protected by people she didn’t know. She already felt vulnerable enough, what if it gets worse? What if it gets to the point where she starts to rebel in an attempt to feel less vulnerable, to feel in control. Her life to her is now a blank slate, her personality could completely alter, and the girl he fell in love with could be no more. What was he going-

    “Jughead! You’re burning the pancake!” Fred called, snapping him out of his thoughts.

    “Oh shit, sorry.” He quickly picked the pancake up with the spatula and placed it on the stack.

    “Are you okay?” Fred asked, watching as Jugheads face contorted, and he could tell the gears in his head were turning.

    “And did you even hear what I said?” Archie asked. Jughead sighed and ran his hand through his beanie free hair.

    “I’m fine, and yes I did hear you. Don’t worry Archie, look how quickly she picked up on pancake making, I’m sure she’ll learn everything else quickly as well.” Jughead said. “I have faith in her.”

    “Yeah, but that was making a pancake, that’s something five year-olds can do. Its easy. What about everything else? She’s going to be so overwhelmed.” Archie argued.

    “She’ll be okay, she was a smart girl and I’m sure she still is. If anyone can figure this stuff out, she can. She isn’t as helpless as everyone seems to think, just because she doesn’t remember much doesn’t mean she cant take care of herself.” Jughead concluded, trying his best to end the conversation.

    “Jugheads got a point Arch, she will be just fine. She will be staying with us for awhile though because I don’t trust that she’ll be safe on her own in her apartment.” Fred said, grabbing the orange juice out of the fridge and placing it on the table.

    “Okay.” Archie sighed. He was just worried about one of his best friends, and he was scared that things were going to change drastically with her, he had a gut feeling. He pushed it down though, deciding that he was outnumbered in his worries and that maybe he was just over-reacting. Although he wasn’t aware that Jughead and Fred feel the same way. Jughead turned the stove off and made his way out to the living room to check on Y/N, she had been far too quiet for far too long.

    “Y/N?” he asked, turning the corner to find her on the couch laying down. “You alright?” he asked, walking towards the girl. He heard a sniffle and worry set it. He knelt down by the couch in front of the crying girl, staring down at her face and playing with her hair. “Hey, come on, you can talk to me. What’s going on?”

    “I’m alright.” she whispered and he rolled his eyes.

    “You’re still a terrible liar.” he teased and she grinned. “Seriously though, are you okay?” he asked. She sat up and crossed her legs, staring down at her fidgeting hands.

    “I’m alright, to be honest I’m just a little scared. I heard you guys talking, what if I don’t remember Jug? I don’t even remember how we met, or where I came from, and apparently I have an apartment? Where are my parents, where are yours? Whats my favourite colour, what do I like to eat, I don’t know any of this!” she said, her voice shaking and cracking.

    “Woah, breathe.” Jughead tried to sooth, taking her hands into his. “We met when we were very little, I don’t even remember how we met so don’t feel bad. You come from Riverdale, and yes you have an apartment. Its your own because your parents left you about a year back, they said you were too much to handle and you were glad to leave because they were constantly at eachothers throats. My parents aren’t any better, my dad is an alcoholic and my mom took my sister and left, and I miss those two every day. My dad is still around though, but I don’t live with him, I cant really stand to be around him. I moved out a few months ago and I lived at the Drive In, although you probably don’t remember it. It was our favourite place to hang out and watch movies together. We would be up all night watching movies and joking around, stuffing our faces with popcorn and soda pop, it was nice until it got torn down.”

    “After the Drive In was torn down, I lived at school until you found out and you tried to get me to move in with you but I refused. I didn’t want to be a burden so you and your stubborn and caring self took my matters into your own hands and told Fred, who forced me to live with him. At first I was a little mad, but now I’m thankful for it, you always have my back and I don’t know what I would do without you. You and I both have been betrayed time and time again, but we have never betrayed eachother which is probably why we are so close.” he explained, and Y/N nodded her head listened.

    “I’m sorry Juggie.” She said, reaching out and wrapping her arms around his neck. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close, relishing in the moment.

    “Don’t be. Its not your fault, everything good that’s happened these past few months have been because of you, and I don’t know how I can ever thank you.” he said. She pulled away from him and sat back down on the couch.

    “Fred seems nice, I like him.” She said softly, and Jughead chuckled.

    “He seems to be the only good parent in this town.” Jughead agreed, looking over to the kitchen door to find him and Archie quietly watching. Fred gave him a small smile, and Jughead smiled back. “He is always there for us kids when we need him, he is definitely trustworthy.”

    “Alright.” She said quietly. Jughead looked down at her and smiled.

    “Oh, and your favourite color is (Y/F/C) and your favourite food is (Y/F/F).” he quickly added, earning a giggle from the (Y/H/C) haired girl.

    “Alright you two, its time for breakfast. Jughead and Archie are going to be late for school if they don’t hustle.” Fred called, and Y/N jumped off the couch, making her way to the kitchen. Jughead and Archie walked in first, but Y/N pulled Fred aside.

    “Thank you.” She said, and he smiled at her.

    “You’re very welcome.” He said, patting her arm. “I’ve known you since you were little, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you.”

    “I appreciate it.” she pulled him into a hug, and she quickly pulled away and made her way into the kitchen. Jughead and Archie were eating, talking and laughing and Y/N took a seat in between them. “Move it you two, I want to sit in between of my two favourite people.”

    The three of them ate and talked for the remainder of breakfast, Jughead and Y/N playing footsie under the table. When breakfast was done, the two boys picked up their backpacks and got ready to leave, and there was a ring of the doorbell. Y/N tensed up, and hid in the hall as Jughead opened the door, but a blonde-haired girl she barely remembered to be named Betty walked into the house.

    “Hey you two.” She said. “Did you guys hear, Y/N wasn’t in the hospital this morning, she had checked herself out and no one has seen her since. Everyone is worried sick, I’ve been crying all morning.” Jughead and Archie laughed nervously.

    “About that…” Jughead said, and Y/N stepped out of the hall.

    “Betty right?” she asked quietly, and the blonde dropped her backpack and ran up to her.

    “Oh my god! You’re alright!” she exclaimed, wrapping her arms around the girl.

    “I am.” Y/N said, laughing as she wrapped her arms around the blonde as well. Betty pulled back and stared happily at Y/N.

    “You’re up and walking and you’re okay and ahh!” she exclaimed. “Why didn’t you tell me you checked yourself out and you were alright?” she asked. Y/N shrugged, nervously shifting on her feet.

    “I didn’t even know I was coming here, I kind of just walked and ended up here by chance. I also don’t really remember anything about you.” Y/N mumbled quietly, and Betty’s face fell.

    “Oh yeah, I keep forgetting.” Betty said, clearing her throat. Everyone in the room could tell she was choking back tears, and Archie spoke out.

    “We should probably be heading to school.” Betty nodded her head quickly, sniffling and wiping a stray tear from her face.

    “Betty, are you okay? I’m sorry-”

    “Don’t worry about it Y/N,  it’s not your fault. I’m sorry about what happened to you, and I know that you’ll remember soon.” Betty said cheerily as a cover for her sadness. She picked up her backpack and walked to the door.

    “Y/N, we’ll be back soon. How about you come to Pops with us after school, I’ll come pick you up?” Archie suggested, and Y/N nodded her head slowly.

    “Okay.” she replied, trying to swallow the lump in her throat. “Have a great day guys.”

    “You too.” Archie said, opening the door and waving. Jughead jogged over and smiled at her, to which she did her best to return. Jughead wrapped his arms around the girl, burying his head into her neck.

    “You’ll be okay. If you need anything just text me.” he whispered in her ear as he pulled away. She just nodded her head and leaned up, wanting to feel something that made her happy, Jugheads lips on her own. He smiled in the kiss, realizing that this was the first time since her accident that she initiated a kiss.

    “I will.” she promised. Jughead picked his backpack up from the ground and walked to the door, turning to give one last smile to the girl. “I love you.” she called as the door closed, and she heard no response. She quietly made her way to the kitchen and started picking up breakfast, leaving a plate out for Fred. After everything was put away, she sat at the table and slumped over, her head resting on her folded arms.

    “You all good, kiddo?” Fred asked, making his way to the coffee machine. She quickly shot up, looking over to the man.

    “I’m fine.” she mumbled, sighing and then yawning and rubbing her eyes.

    “Tired?” he asked, and she nodded. “Want some coffee?”

    “I don’t know.” she shrugged, playing with her hands. Fred took a mug out of the cupboard and poured some coffee in it, placing it on front of her.

    “You might not like this, so if this is too bitter for you then tell me and I can fix it.” he said, nodding down to the cup. She reluctantly took the mug in her hands and brought the hot liquid up to her lips. She took a sip and quickly placed the cup down.

    “Oh, no. Please fix it!” she exclaimed, shivers coursing through her. Fred chuckled and grabbed creamed out of the fridge, pouring it into the coffee, stirring it, and handing it back to Y/N. She looked at the mug that was now filled with a light colour liquid and she brought it up to her lips again, this time taking a long drink.

    “Much better.” she said, taking another long drink.

    “I’m glad.” Fred chuckled, taking a seat at the table as well and Y/N pushed over his plate of breakfast.

    “Eat up. I made you a plate before I put stuff away.” Fred took a fork in his hand and dug in, closing his eyes and leaning back in his chair.

    “Archie and you did a good job on this.” he remarked, taking another bite.

    “Thank you.”

    “you’ve been excused from school until they figure out what to do with you, so that leaves us with what to do with you here. What are your plans for today?” Fred asked, and Y/N thought for a second.

    “I don’t really have any. To not get dragged back to the hospital I guess.” she mumbled.

    “Stay out of trouble and that won’t be too much of a problem.” he teased. “And be careful walking, you’re quite a clumsy person.” Y/N grinned and rolled her eyes.

    “Okay dad.” she joked, and Fred froze. Y/N noticed and she felt her stomach drop. “I mean-I was just joking…I thought that’s what people said.” she stuttered, hoping she hadn’t freaked him out to the point he’d make her leave.

    “No, it’s alright Y/N, I promise.” he said, putting his fork down and turning to better face the girl. “If it’s any conciliation, I think of you as a daughter. I’ve known you practically your whole life and you don’t exactly have a family to take care of you, that’s why I do it. I’m really sorry about your parents, I tried to talk sense into them but they just don’t listen to reason and didn’t understand how fucked up it was to just abandon-”

    “It’s okay, I don’t remember it anyways.” she brushed it off, giving a light chucked. Fred gave a saddened smile.

    “Yeah. I guess so.” he mumbled, looking at the time. He stood from the stool quickly, grabbing the things he needed for work and rushed to the door. Y/N got up and followed and watched.

    “I’ll be home soon, have a good day. Anything in the fridge or pantry is fair game, okay?” he said, opening the door. She nodded her head.

    “You have a good day too.” she called as she left, shutting the door behind him. Once the door shut Y/N ran a hand over her face, sighing heavily and making her way back into the kitchen. She leaned against a counter and her eyes roamed the room. Her eyes lazily caught a glimpse of what looked to be a picture of a young girl on the front of a newspaper in the recycling, and she took it out.

    “Young Girl Solves Local Case And Consequences Follow.” she read, looking more closely at the photo. “Oh my god. That’s me.” she quickly scanned the page, her head racing too much to fully read it. She slammed the paper down on the counter, trying to take deep breathes to calm herself down.  

    “Chill the fuck out Y/N, you’re a wreck.” she muttered. No one had really talked to her about what happened, she didn’t even know the simplest details on the case she supposedly solved, reading this could shed light to what happened to her. She could figure out who turned her life around, who took the past 16 years from her. Slowly, she picked the paper back up.

    “Sophomore at Riverdale High School, Y/N. Y/L/N  recently solved the murder of Jason Blossom, another sophomore who was found dead last summer. After recording a conversation she overheard at the Blossoms residence, she soon made it home where she sent the video to Sheriff Kellers son. Unfortunately, she was spotted and tracked by Southside Serpents, who are now also under investigation, at her apartment where her and her boyfriend Forsythe Pendleton the Third, better known as Jughead Jones were taking shelter. Jones and Y/L/N hid in a closet in hopes to avoid being spotted, but they were found, Jughead Jones being thrown across the room and knocked unconscious and Y/N  Y/L/N being taken out to her balcony and thrown off. By some miracle, the girl survived with her only injuries being a concussion, a few broke bones and most unfortunately, amnesia. She woke up and has no memory of the incident that took place, or anything before that. We are wishing her a quick recovery and we thank her for her sacrifice.” Y/N read the paper out loud, dropping the paper to the floor when she was done. She stumbled back into the counter and stood there numb. It was only until she felt her face wet that she realized she was crying, and she slowly walked to the living room, laying on the couch.

    “We would like to thank her for her sacrifice.” she scoffed, anger now setting in. “It wasn’t a sacrifice I wanted to make, and now look at me! I didn’t even know the town where I lived was Riverdale! Who the hell is Jason, and was he worth this?” she exclaimed, tears spilling from her eyes. South side Serpents… she thought to herself.They’re the ones responsible for this.

    “I’m going to get those sons of bitches and I’m going to make them pay.” she growled, standing from her seat on the couch and making her way to the office. She opened the door and got on the computer, opening whatever search engine was first available and typed in Southside Serpents Riverdale. An address for a bar popped up and she quickly scribbled it on a piece of paper.

    “They don’t know what’s coming.”

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Dear Journal,

Days without classes are amazing! Sirius and I cuddled all day long. James had left to go meet with Lily around 11 o'clock and Peter was nowhere to be found. We were still tangled up in our makeshift bed near the window. Sirius’ hand was still laying under my shirt. His palm was warm and it sent shivers through my back. I slowly tilted my head to leave soft kisses on his jaw.

“Mhmm.. goodmorning baby..” He mumbled.

“Goodmorning love. Have you slept well?” I asked.

“Yes, i love when you cuddle me so close..” he said, kissing me forehead.

“Do you want to grab a hot chocolate and croissants?”

“Sure! How about we go eat them by the lake?”

“That’s a great idea love!”

We got ourselves dressed and walked up to the kitchens. Sirius greeted the house elves and asked for two hot chocolates and two croissants. We then walked outside and sat on a bench, eating our warm breakfast. The air was fresh and the sky was cloudy. Sirius asked me if I read a good book recently. He never talks about books!

“Why do you want to know that?” I giggled.

“I like when you talk about books! Your eyes light up and you get all smily!” He said, brushing his hand on my thigh.

I told him about the book he bought me. He was looking right into my eyes with a smile on his lips. Suddently, we heard a voice behind us. It was Regulus.

“Sirius, can I talk to you?” He asked.

His hair were messy and his brows were furrowed. He looked mad, but also sad.

“Yeah, sure..” Sirius said, getting up from the bench.

“Alone. Please.” Regulus said, looking at me.

“Oh sorry! I’ll wait for you in the common room pads.” I said.


I started to walk back to the castle and heard Regulus scream something at Sirius. I looked back and Regulus was pushing Sirius on the ground, holding him by the collar. I ran back and tried to seperate them. Once Regulus got off of him, i helped Sirius get up from the ground.

“MOTHER TOLD ME YOU RAN AWAY! YOU LEFT ME ALL ALONE IS THAT IT?!!” He screamed with angry tears in his eyes.


“I thought we were brothers… I thought you loved me..” Regulus said, sitting on the ground, sobbing.

“Reg… I do love you.. But I couldn’t stay there.. You know how hard it was for me..” Sirius said, slowly approaching his broken brother.

“It’s hard for me too Sirius.. I have to be perfect all the time… Mother said I was arranged to marry this Slytherin Pureblood girl. Apparently she’s from a respected familly… But I don’t love her.. I love someone else.. And it breaks my heart because she will never approve it.” He said, hugging his legs close to his chest.

“Reggie.. I-I didn’t know you were going through all of this.. I’m sorry.. I.. I can help you if you want.. I’ll be there for you.. i don’t want you to think that I don’t love you because I really do. You are my brother after all, we have to help eachother.” Sirius said, sitting beside him, hugging him.

I smiled to myself and stepped back to let them be alone.

“I’m sorry Sirius.. I’m sorry I screamed, I’m sorry I didn’t believe in you..” Regulus said, slow tears running down his red cheeks.

“It’s okay Reggie.. I’m the one who’s sorry.. I should’ve told you that I ran away.. I-I just could face you.. I’m sorry..” Sirius said, hugging Regulus even closer.

“I love you Sirius.. Even though we don’t have the best relationship.. I still love you big brother..”

“Oh I love you to Regulus.. So much..”

“Will you help me please.. with my wedding arrangement and all?” Regulus asked.

“Of course.. I’m here for you.. Who is that girl? That you’re in love with?” Sirius asked.

“I’ve never noticed her before… About a weeks ago, I bumped into her in the hall and she looked at me with her big green eyes and her blond curly hair were all messy.. She was beautiful.. You might know her, she’s in Gryffindor.. Her name is Sophie..” Regulus said, smiling.

I gasped and put my hands on my mouth. He was in love with Sophie. Lily’s Cousin. Sirius turned his head towards me and sent me a look. He smirked and tried to hold back a giggle.

“What? Do you know her?” Regulus asked.

“I do. She is Lily’s cousin.”

“Lily has a cousin? I thought she was a muggleborn?”

“Sophie is too.”

“Oh… my chances are screwed..” Regulus said, looking down.

“Don’t say that Reggie.. If you are nice to her, she will definetly like you back.” Sirius said.

“You think so? I mean.. I’m a slytherin and a pureblood..”

“She won’t care..” Sirius said, patting his brothers back.

They stood up and hugged again.

“Thank you Sirius..”

“No, thanks to you.. We’ll get through this I promise.” Sirius whispered in his ear.

“Can we spend more time together? I miss you..” Regulus asked.

“Of course! Do you want to eat at our table for dinner?”

“Heum.. Only if your friends agree..” He said, looking down.

“You are more than welcome.” I said.

“Thank you..”

We walked back to the castle and McGonagall wanted to talk to Sirius. Regulus and I were waiting for him a couple feets away.

“Remus?” Regulus asked.


“You make him happy. It’s hard for him with all our family problems. You fixed his broken heart. Thank you for that.”

“He makes me happy too.”

When Sirius came back, we walked to the great hall to go eat dinner. We sat face to face in our usual spot and Regulus sat next to Sirius. A few Gryffindors sent him glares but he tried to ignore them. We were eating today’s soup when James, Lily and Sophie arrived. Regulus’ cheeks instantly went red and he looked down.

“Hi boys! Oh Hi Regulus!” James said, as if it was normal to see him.

He sat next to me and Lily sat next to him, leaving Sophie to sit beside Regulus.

“Sophie, this is my little brother, Regulus.” Sirius said.

“Oh hi! Didn’t I bumped into you last week?” She asked, recognizing him.

“Actually I’m pretty sure I was the one who bumped into you..” he said, blushing and noticing her french accent.

“I didn’t know you were Sirius’ brother. Are you as flirty as he is?” She smiled, giggling.

“Oh no! He got all the charms.” He giggled too.

“Well, it’s nice to properly meet you Regulus!” She said, also blushing.

They talked all evening. Sirius was smiling to himself.

After dinner we went back to bed. We had classes tommorow morning and Sirius was tired. He layed his head on my chest while I read a few chapters of my book with my fingers running on his bare back.



“I love you.”

“I love you too babe.”

“Goodnight moons.”

“Goodnight Pads.”

February 8th 1976

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Hi all!

Just going to make one big ass post going through everything that I have seen over the last few days.

Yeah….probably shouldn’t have deleted Tumblr but whenever you see all your families personal information in a private message, your brain panics a bit. If youre wondering why I did delete tumblr, people were threatening my family and I by posting all my families info and to be honest, my families security is wayyy more important than a post on a social media.

From what it like, a main talking point is ‘Why do you not want to be associated with Vanoss?’ and its not that at all. We grew our channels together and ive played with him for years! Just because we dont play together anymore doesnt mean we arent still good friends. We make music and whenever i’m in LA, we always hang out. I feel like a lot of you alerted to HE DOESNT LIKE EVAN which is 100% false.

From what i’ve learned, the fandom doesnt see Evan as being a leader but outside the fandom, its something I get slapped in the face with everyday and after a while and after tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people saying that I am is what bugged me.

For my friends and I, we have always seen eachother as individual channels and thats why a lot of us make solo videos and videos with everyone and anyone. The ‘BBS’ as its known is only made up of whoever Evan only plays with and thats why I said it quote on quote ‘doesnt exist’ because we all do our own thing bar Evan who only sticks to a core group. From what i’ve learned during this whole thing is the BBS is a thing because people who makes fanart and people who are a fan of what we do needed a name to go to and if anything, that makes sense now and I want to thank the people who have came up to me and help clear things up. For me, I always saw the ‘Vanoss Crew’ and ‘Vanoss and Friends’ and those names is what triggered this whole thing because we all put so much time and effort into all of our videos and to be categorized as a ‘friend’ of another channel is demoralizing but what I wrongly did was categorize BBS under names like that and from which I see, people in the BBS fandom know Evan isnt the leader and we are all equal which brings me peace of mind and I can only apologize for thinking they were the same thing. For me, I couldnt get my head around BBS but after seeing such a strong, passionate fanbase, it made me realize that even though im apart of it, the whole thing is a lot bigger than me and to those who I have offended during this whole thing, I want to say i’m sorry.

I love you guys so before jumping to conclusion, if you have a question or problem, talk to me instead of attacking me.

I feel like no matter what I say, people will take it in a bad light when the original post was meant to be a good thing but hey, thats life! Regardless, ill be over here making videos for the people who want to watch :D