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“Love Is Not Lost: We’re having difficulty imagining it at this point, but apparently there’s still plenty of romance on the rise in The Walking Dead’s seventh season. "The truth is, there’s love during wartime,” Hurd confirmed. “It’s during the darkest moments when you realize how precious loved ones are – whether they’re friends, or family, or the person you love most in the world. It’s really then that you see how precious these relationships are and that really hits home”.



Maybe there WAS a reason Daryl’s flashbacks featured Carol so heavily?

Works from Smut Week

Listed below are the fics I wrote especially for Bethyl Smut Week. I just thought it would be easier to find them if included all in one post.

Moonshine - ff.net (x) and ao3.org (x)

You’re So Beautiful - ff.net (x) and ao3.org (x)

 Secrets - ff.net (x) and ao3 (x)

 Never Enough - ff.net (x) and ao3 (x)

I linked both versions of each story on both websites to meet your preference.

bold what you prefer- The Walking Dead Edition 


rick or daryl or glenn

maggie or michonne or carol 

abraham or tyreese or eugene

hershel or dale

shane or merle

gareth or the governor

beth or carl 


gleggie or lorick

rickyl or caryl or bethyl

richonne or michandrea 

rositara or rosita/abraham

beth/tara or noah/beth

seasons / places

season 1 or season 2

season 3 or season 4 or season 5

atlanta camp or the farm

the prison or alexandria 


rick with beard or rick with out beard

atlanta five or greene family 

morgan s1 or morgan s3 or morgan s5

maggie and beth or sasha and tyreese

too far gone or coda

a or conquer 

rick and daryl or rick and shane

abraham/washington dc or eugene/mullet