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Tom Payne said his favorite scene he filmed was “having a sweaty Norman Reedus chase me around a field” and I think that’s beautiful.

A Richonne Birthday Party

My 33-year-old brother came over yesterday for his birthday. What he wanted as his birthday present: grilled burgers, a plate of brownies, and a re-watch of 7x12 or as he likes to call it the “it’s uh chili and mac n’ cheese…together, c’mon episode” (yes, he repeated the entire line in his wannabe Rick Grimes voice).

I’m happy to say, he’s officially in love with Michonne and unwittingly gushes about how perfect Rick and Michonne are together.

So I decided it was time to reveal the ship name. Luckily, he was thoroughly amused by the mashup of names but didn’t ask any further questions.

“Push” Daryl Dixon x Reader

Word Count: 2,011

Daryl Dixon x Reader

Request from Anon: Is it possible that you can write a daryl x reader one where the reader is Maggie and beth’s sister and she tries to get Daryl to open up to her? And daryl just keeps pushing her away bc he has feelings for her

Setting: The prison

Warnings: Fluff, occasional swear word

A/N: Super excited for the new episode tonight!

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There’s just something about Daryl that intrigues you. The way he presents himself. He’s a quiet man- doesn’t talk much. He stays out of everyone’s way and does his own thing. That just makes you want to know him more. Ever since he and his group showed up at your farm a while ago, you can’t deny to yourself your feelings for him anymore. He was a handsome, strong man. He has a hard exterior but you saw a different side of him after Sophia’s death. He was caring.

The only person he ever really speaks to is Carol or Rick. Sure, he’ll “talk” to other people, but that’s different. You want to be able to talk to him like he talks to Carol, you want it to be deep. You want to get to know him for his true self, not the shut off redneck he makes himself appear to be. If you’re in the same area, you’ll try and start conversation, only getting a mere grunt in response. If it’s a good day and he’s in a chatty mood, he’ll give you a short response. But those days only happen on a rare occasion.

“Mind handing me that gun? I see something.” You say to Daryl as you two patrol the outside of the prison. Rick had put both of you on duty today. Usually it would be Glenn and Daryl, or even Rick himself, but Glenn was out doing a run and Rick was having some… issues dealing with Lori’s death. He was coming to terms with it, he had finally come back from disappearing for a few days, but you could tell he was struggling. So he assigned you to patrol with Daryl today, as you were the only other person available who was as good of a shot as him. Truth is, you were pretty excited to spend time with him.

Daryl handed you the gun, not saying anything as he raised his crossbow. You look into the scope, seeing a walker on the outskirts of the prison. Nothing to worry about- they couldn’t get in.

“False alarm.” You lowered the gun. Daryl grunts and sets his bow onto his back again, walking in front of me.

“What are you thinking about?” You attempt to make conversation, hoping that this day wouldn’t be spent in boring silence.

“None of ‘ya business, that’s what.” He responds. Despite his rude response, you smile- it’s a good day.

“Alright, I’m sorry.”

“Why are you talkin’ to me, Y/N? You’re always with your sisters, you’ve never even tried to talk to me until a few weeks ago.” He asks.

“Why not talk to you?” You shrug, walking faster to catch up to him.

“People like ya don’t talk to people like me.”

“Well what am I doing, then?” You smile up at him. You could’ve sworn you saw the faintest hint of a smile, but if you did, it was gone quickly.

“I’m gonna go take watch on the tower. You got it down here?” His good mood seemed gone. His face seemed strained, like he was rushed to get away from me.

“Uh, yeah, sure.” You mumble. Daryl doesn’t say anything as he walks away, leaving you to be alone.


Ever since that day, it seems as if Daryl is avoiding you. If he’d walk into a cell and you were in there, he’d turn on his heels and walk away. If he saw you in the halls, he’d walk past you quickly or just find another way to get wherever he was going.

You’d had the end of it. It had been about a month of this, this torture of not knowing what you did to make him hate you.

“I need to talk to you.” You hiss, walking into his cell. He was laying on the bed, seemingly about to go to sleep. He jumped up quickly, his face changing into an emotion you can’t read when he spots you standing at the foot of his bed.

“What do ya want? I’m tryin’ to sleep.”

“I need to talk to you.” You repeat yourself.

“Then talk.”

“Could we possibly go anywhere else?” You look around. Everyone else was still up, walking around and talking to each other. He looks at you, and you think that he’s going to protest, but to your surprise he gets out of his bed. You try to not stare, noticing that he’s in his boxers, but you admittedly let your eyes wander a tiny bit. He quickly puts on his jeans, and you blush thinking that he knew you were admiring him.

You lead him out of the cell block, and into the empty one next to it.

“Why do you hate me, Daryl?” You sigh. “You’ve been ignoring me for weeks. We finally had a conversation, a good one, at least for you. And ever since then you’ve been ignoring me. I’ve been trying so hard to get to know you, Daryl. There’s not many options of friends here. And all you know how to do is push people away.” You rant. “So, tell me, what did I do? Why do you hate me?”

“I don’t hate ya.”

“Well you certainly act like it.” You spit. “You walk the other way when you see me coming. That doesn’t scream ‘friendly’ to me.”

“Ya can’t stand there and tell me how I feel! Ya don’t know me, Y/N!”

“You’re right. I don’t know you.” You say with a bit of an attitude. Daryl looks at you, a look of hurt on his face. He shakes his head and stomps out, leaving you to be in there by yourself.

In retrospect, maybe taking him this far to talk wasn’t a great idea. You didn’t exactly know your way around the prison as well as he or Rick did, so trying to find your way back was hard, especially in the night time.

“What the hell happened? You and Daryl just disappeared and then he came back pissed as hell a few minutes ago.” Maggie ran over to you once you finally found your way back.

“I don’t know what happened.” You say truthfully. “He’s confusing.”

“You gotta give him more time. Carol’s made it seem like he’s had a pretty rough past.”

“Yeah.” I walk into my cell. “I’m going to bed. See you tomorrow.”


“Y/N?” A voice whispers to you next to your bed as you sleep. You jump out of bed and grab the person by the neck, an instinct you’ve gained since the apocalypse began.

“Shit, Y/N, it’s just me.”


You breathe out a sigh of relief, letting go of him and sitting back on your bed. It was sometime in the middle of the night, judging by how dark it still was.

“What are you doing here?” You ask him, whispering.

“I, uh,” He pauses. “Nothin’. It was stupid.” He begins to walk out, but you grab him by his hand to keep him from moving.

“What’s going on?” You frown, pulling him down to sit next to you on the bed. He hesitates, but gives in and takes a seat.

“I just… I don’ know.” He sighs.

“Hey, it’s ok. You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want.” You pull him in for a hug, but he goes stiff. You pull away quickly, forgetting that he was iffy about human contact.

“Well, you are welcome to stay in here if you want.” You offer, not thinking that he would accept given the response he just had to your hug. Much to your surprise, he lays down on the other side of the bed. You get underneath the covers, facing your head away from his feet, and drift back to sleep.

At some point in the night, one of you two must have moved around enough to get yourselves in the position that you woke up in.

You were nuzzled up in his chest, with his arm wrapped around you and his leg twisted around yours. You were both covered up in the blankets, so to anyone who walked by, it would certainly look like you two just had a wild night.

You tried to unwrap his arm from around you, but were unsuccessful. He was too damn muscular. You took this chance to admire how attractive he actually was. Normally, you’d see him with a permanent scowl on his face, but now? Now he just looked so innocent.

Your thoughts were distracted by someone coughing at your cell door. You jumped away from Daryl, causing him to wake up as well. His eyes widened when he saw how he was holding you, and he got up quickly.

“Uhh, Daryl, we have to go on a run.” Glenn said awkwardly before walking away.

“I’m sorry for comin’ in here last night.” Daryl mumbled as he got off the bed. “This won’t happen again, was a mistake.”


And just like that, he was gone again.


You have had enough. The avoiding, the “pushing away”, it only got worse since that night in your cell.

“I’m sick and tired of this, Beth. I’m not doing anything wrong.” You scoffed, rocking baby Judith in your arms as she was drinking a bottle.

“I don’t think you’re the problem. I think he’s just dealing with some inner conflicting emotions.”

“Like what?”

“I was with Carol the other day, taking care of Judith while you were off doing god knows what,” Beth started. “I was talkin’ to her about the problems you were having with him. She thinks it’s because he’s in love with you. He hasn’t ever said it out loud, not even to Carol, but she knows him better than anyone else.”

“In love with me?” You raise your eyebrows. “Me? He doesn’t even talk to me.”

“I don’t know.” She shrugs her shoulders. “I’m just the messenger.”


Your conversation with Beth stayed in your head all day. If what she was saying was true, Daryl has a real funny way of showing love to someone. Although, considering he had a bad childhood, maybe he just doesn’t know how to show it.

Only one way to find out.

You walk up to the watch tower, knowing that it was Daryl’s night watch time. You open the door to the top to see Daryl sitting there, eyes focused on the land surrounding the prison.

“You shouldn’t be up here.” He grunts.

“I want to be up here.”

“Why?” He finally looks at you.

“You’re confusing me. I hear that you’re in love with me, but then you treat me like-“

“What?” His face freezes. “Who told you?”

“So it’s true?” Your heart flutters.

“Doesn’ matter.” He turns away from you. “Please leave.”

“Tell me.” You walk in front of him, forcing him to face you.

“Y/N, it doesn’t matter, ok? I’m nothin’. I’m no one. You could never-“

You cut him off with a quick kiss to his lips. You don’t force more than just a peck, but your insides about melt at the feelings of his lips against yours.

“I love you, too, Dixon.”

Daryl smiled the biggest he’d smiled in a long time at hearing that sentence.

“I’m sorry I was pushin’ you away. I thought I could get rid of my feelings for ya. Thought there was no way you would ever even look at me, been thinkin’ that since the farm, you know. And then you started talking to me, and it freaked me out. I’m sorry, Y/N.”

You kissed him again, this time letting it be more than just a peck.

Why 'The Walking Dead' Was Wrong To Stick With The Comics This Time
The Walking Dead ended up staying true to the comics in its season seven premiere, but if there was one time they should have changed things up, this was it. We lost one character that wasn't just important for The Walking Dead, but all of TV in general.
By Paul Tassi

While it should not be all that significant that an Asian actor plays a prominent role in a smash-hit show that isn’t a quirky best friend, or martial artist, or math genius, the fact is, it is significant. We simply do not have any other Glenns on TV, at least none as high profile as Steven Yeun. I obviously don’t follow every show on TV (and I can think of a few great Asian characters from SHIELD‘s Melinda May to Master of None‘s Dev) , but characters like Glenn are few and far between, if they exist at all. And now, suddenly, Glenn doesn’t exist either.

So, it’s a two-pronged wish here. Part of me wishes that Glenn was spared because I genuinely think it would have been interesting to see where the character would go in the future, free of his comic book fate. But I also mourn the loss of what was the most significant Asian role on TV. I get that everyone has to be “fair game” on The Walking Dead for the show to work. But again, I would make the argument that this death could have easily been given to Daryl. Daryl, the one who almost singlehandedly declared war on Negan. Daryl, the one who actually hit Negan and would have been the perfect object lesson. Daryl, the character who has been built up for  years for this traumatic moment, free of a comics-based fate. But AMC was too scared to pull that trigger, to kill that ultimate fan favorite. So the comics remained the blueprint, and Glenn died.

I’m sorry, but we have enough Daryls. Grizzled, white, loner, badasses that seem to lead every other action-based show on TV. But we do not have enough Glenns. We hardly have any, in fact. I’m not saying his race alone should have saved him, but I think Steven Yeun’s Glenn grew in importance far beyond his comic counterpart, so if the show was going to break from the comics, which it often does, this would have been a great moment to do so.

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For an imagine. If you could do one where reader finds the group (whichever era) she's about 25 and has dad/guy trust issues. Very independent and doesn't want any help from a man. However you want to take it from there :) smut and fluff would be a huge plus.

Yeah, I hope you like it!

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My Stranger

Daryl x Reader
Words number - 1500
Warning- fluff and little smut

You entered the store to scavenge something to keep you satisfied for the week, you have been on your own for almost a year now, sure its lonely and depressing but its also safe.

It keeps you from getting hurt and betrayed.


something you knew all too well, even though it was right in front of you all these years, you refused to see it. refused to believe that the only person you loved would betray you

Your dad was a drunk, he would drink himself to sleep. Gambling with every cent you earned, even with your mother’s medical payment, he would still use that money you kept aside for her treatment, and well now she is dead and so was he.

He used you for money since you were 14, and now you were 25, yet the horrid memories wouldn’t leave you. you thought with you boyfriend around, he could be your wall, your stepping stone, your backbone that held you up, even though he cheated on you, he promised to never do it again, and being 17 and in love, you believed him.

Until a year ago, when your camp was being attacked by walkers and to save himself he pushed you in front of them so that he could escape.
Sad thing, he didn’t escape and before taking further steps, a walker attacked him and ripped him apart, saving you instead.

you didn’t feel sad, remorse or regret. indeed it was that day that you realized that you dont need any man, or anybody in fact to take care of you. you took care of your mother and drunk father. you damn well could take care of your damn self and didn’t need anyone.

and thats how you ended up alone, for a year.

grossed in your own thoughts, you didn’t notice the walker that threw itself on you, knocking you to the floor, your gun flying away from your reach. Trying to reach for the knife in your back pocket, you couldn’t. the walker was so heavy and was persistant of having a bite of off you.

“Fuck!” you cursed as you tried to push it off of you

You thought you would die, but what you didn’t expect was the arrow that flew, and ended up right between the eyes of the walker.

you pushed it of off you, much easier now that it wasn’t struggling and stood to see a tall guy with long dark hair covering his face, he had a crossbow in his hand and he was wearing a vest and worn out jeans

“I could have taken care of it myself!” you said annoyed, you hated to admit that, a ‘man’ saved you

“Yeah” he scoffed as he turned, he started searching the shelves in the store

“Daryl, we found nothing!” A dark female, with swords on either sides of her back and a tank top appeared, behind her followed a man with a light scruff and grey color eyes

they saw you and drew their weapons, pointing it at you

“Where is Daryl?” the grey eyes man spoke, pointing the gun at you

“I dont know who Daryl is” you said simply as you walked around, not bothered with the gun pointed at you

“Rick” the man that saved you came, through a back door “Dont” he said motioning the grey eyes man to lower his gun and he did

The three of them seemed to have a silent conversation going on between them and suddenly all three approached you

“What?” you asked looking between them

“How many dead, did you kill?” the grey eyes man spoke

“And why should I tell you?” you asked amused

“Just answer him” Daryl said

“I dont count!” you said honestly

“How many living?” grey eyes dude asked again

“Ten” you said honestly

“Why?” Daryl asked

“Why? you tell me why?” you hissed as you tried to move around them, you were done with their games, but the girl with them came in front of you blocking your way

“Do you have a camp?” she asked and you laughed

“I’m all on my own!” you said as you tried to move but she didn’t let you

“Since when?” Rick, you think asked

“A year? I dont remember!” you said annoyed

“How about you come with us, we have camp and everything” Daryl offered and you smiled

“Yeah, no! I dont do well with groups!” you said honestly

“Just come, and if you feel you dont fit, than go back to the road!” the girl spoke and you nodded, you got nothing to lose anyway


All this, took part almost one year ago, you going to Alexandria, meeting and getting to know people, having your own house, a place to call home. something you thought you might never have again.

But what you really didn’t expect was your unconditional growing feelings towards Daryl.

before you knew it, you were in love with him, but you would never admit it. you had your fair share of heartbreak and betrayal and you would be damned if you let anything like that happen to you again. so whenever Daryl tried to get close to you, you would push him away, be rude and mean. hoping it would work

but Daryl could see right through you. he knew why you did all this and he would be damned if he lost you because of some stupid fear you had.

“Y/n!” Rick yelled and when you looked up, you saw a walker launch himself on you, his teeth inches away from your arm.

Before you could react, an arrow landed in the walkers head, saving you. you sighed in relief thinking it was all over now, oh boy how wrong you were

Daryl who just saved you, didn’t notice the walker that jumped him and now he was under the walker’s mercy, Daryl was far you couldn’t get to him on time. he was going to die because he saved you

fucking idiot thinks he can save everyone and now he was going to die

Thankfully, Michonne was there and she swung her sword, cutting the walker in two

You were so pissed with Daryl all the way back home, the bloody idiot thought he could save everyone at the cost of his life, who told him to save you, you could save your own damn self

when you reached Alexandria, you jumped off the car and stormed to your house annoyed

“Y/n!” Daryl jumped right after you, yelling your name, but you ignored him.

you went into your house, ready to slam the door, only for a foot to stop it from completely shutting.

you walked up stairs towards your room. you weren’t going to sit and talk to him, you hated him for defending you, he thinks he is invincible

you went to your room and as you were about to enter, a rough hand grabbed your arms, pushing you towards the wall

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Daryl yelled at you and you pushed him, you hit him hard against his chest, making him stumble a step or two.

“Stupid, Bitch!” he growled rubbing his chest were you just hit him

“You are the bitch!” you spat annoyed

“Whats your problem?“he asked calmer now

"You!” you snapped at him “You are my problem! you think you are superman? news flash Daryl, you bleed!”

“What are you even talking about?” he said honestly confused

“Who told you to try and help me? I dont need your help! I dont need anyones help! i can save my own damn self!” you yelled at him, he looked much calmer now

“Y/n..” he said softly as he approached you and you backed away, hitting you back to the wall

“What are you doing?” you asked breathless, Daryl was incredibly close to you right now

“I like you” he admitted and your eyes were wide “And I know you like me too, and you are trying to push me away” he confessed and your mind went blank

“What?” you breathed

“Just tell me that I’m not reading this wrong, that my feelings aren’t one sided” he said as his nose brushed yours, his lips inches away

“Daryl..” you whispered

“I wont ever hurt you, I promise, you dont have to be afraid when you are with me” he said and you felt his hands on your hips, rubbing small circles with his thumb


And just like that his lips were on yours, kissing you hungrily.

his hand pinned yours upwards as he started sucking at your neck, making you moan.

your hands pulled out of his grip and reached out and grabbed fists full of his vest, holding him to you desperately as his tongue lay claim to yours. It moved at slow and languid pace against yours, yet it was strong and demanding. A groan rose up in your chest as his hands gripped you tight, making you shiver under his touch

His mouth left yours, causing you to whimper, until his sinful lips trailed down your jaw, to the juncture where your neck met your shoulder as he sucked a dark purple mark.

“Y/n!” he moaned against your skin, moving lower to plant reverent kisses on the swell of your breasts. Ripping your shirt open, a gasp escaping your lips. Pushing your shirt off your shoulders and kissing you fiercely again.

Your hands ran along his neck and into his long hair, the tips of your fingers dancing along the long hairs on his shoulder.

Daryl grabbed your ass and hoisted you up, and you to wrapped your legs around his waist. He moved away from the wall, walking you into your bedroom. He threw you on the bed and smirked. He removed his vest, tossing it in a chair before hovering over you, his breath mixing with yours

“You dont need anyone, but I need you!” he confessed

And this night he spent it proving you, just how much he needed you!

(Request:  Could you do a jealous Daryl story and he gets angry and protective? They’re sort of dating but not official until the end)

Note: Enjoy!!

Warning: angry and jealous Daryl

Originally posted by reedusgif

You shoved your gun in your pocket before heading out to take over watch from Spencer. You climbed up the ladder that led to the platform and you flopped down in the chair next to him.

“You’re free to go” you said when you noticed he stayed seated.

“Just thought I’d keep you company” he said, placing a hand on your thigh. You raised your eyebrows at his forwardness but you let it slide. “It gets a bit mind numbing when all you see is walkers passing by” he finished.

“I know” you laughed and he laughed with you.

You spent the next couple of hours talking and flirting. All though spencer wasn’t your type, it was still fun to flirt back and forth with him and see him get all excited. You would both lightly touch each other’s arms or legs and you’d even go as far as placing a hand dangerously close to his package. It was just playful flirting, you thought. But Daryl thought differently as he watched you two up there, getting more angry and jealous by the second. After he could watch no more he went inside his house and waited for you to get off watch. He’d teach Spencer a lesson.

When you saw Sasha approaching the watch tower you nudged spencer from his daydream and you both climbed back down the ladder. You gave Sasha a quick smile before she started to climb.

“So, you busy tonight?” Spencer asked, holding your waist and pulling you closer to him.

You felt a bit uncomfortable being all touchy feely with him out in the open, only because you couldn’t be seen easily up in the tower. You tried to pull yourself back but his fingers dug into you, holding you in place.

“Actually, I have plans with Daryl, we’re just gonna have a quiet night in”

“Damn right you got plans with me!”

You turned your head and saw a red-faced Daryl striding towards you two. You immediately pulled yourself away from Spencer and went to calm him down. You stepped in front of him as he walking and you placed your hands on his chest to push him back, but he was too strong.

“Move out my way (y/n)!” he stared at you in the eye but you didn’t budge.

“Yeah move out his way (y/n), if he thinks he’s all tough-” Daryl pushed passed you and lunged at Spencer, cutting him off with a punch to the nose. Spencer dropped to the floor and Daryl got on top of him, continuing to punch his face in.

“Daryl stop!” you shouted, trying to hold his arms back as he threw them at Spencer. In the end, you managed to drag Daryl back with all your strength, both men were now lying on the floor, Daryl out of breath and Spencer trying not to go unconscious.

“You’re such an idiot! That’s Deanna’s son!” you shouted at Daryl.

“I saw you two up there, touching each other an’ shit!” he shouted back.

He then got up from the floor and faced you, his body nearly towering over you. “And you let him? So, what we have means nothin’ to you?”

“We don’t have anything Daryl. We aren’t anything, you never wanna make it official” you said, lowering your voice as people started to run over.

Daryl never replied as Rick came over and started asking questions. “What the hell happened here?”

“Daryl just had a little outburst that’s all. I’ll take him inside” you said, grabbing Daryl’s hand and walking him back to the house.

You were both silent as you walked in. Daryl went to sit on the sofa and you grabbed some antibacterial wipes and cloth to clean and wrap his hand. As you approached him you knelt down next to him and took his hand in yours, starting wipe away at his bleeding knuckles.

“So are we gonna talk about this?” you asked after you were done wrapping his hand.

You sat down on the sofa next to him and stared him down until he spoke.

“I aint never made nothin’ official before” he said, his voice gravelly.

“Well I’m not just gonna stick by you if we aren’t anything you know? In my head, I’m still free to do what I want.”

He looked over at you and you noticed his hesitant expression. “Fine. I want you to be mine, I don’t want no one else to touch you or anything!”

You smiled at the fact he opened up to you, you were now his girl. You leaned over and kissed him softly, both of you enjoying the feel of each other’s lips.

“I’m all yours” you whispered in his ear. You pulled away from him and walked him to the door.

“Where are we going?” he asked.

“You need to go and apologise to Spencer and his parents.” You said matter of factly.

He rolled his eyes and sighed as you pulled him out the door and towards the Monroe house so that he could apologise for being a dick.

Jealous *Requested*

Daryl Dixon x Reader

Warnings: None

Words: 1,000

You were walking through the streets of Alexandria, familiarizing yourself with your new home. It was beautiful here, a million times better than the shitty apartment you lived in before shit hit the fan. You used to dream about living in places like this. “Hey, you’re (Y/N), right?” A man asked approaching you. “Yeah, that’s me.” You answered politely. “I’m Spencer, my Mom’s Deanna, the one who runs this place.” He said giving you a charming smile and shaking your hand. “Nice to meet you.” You said. There was an awkward silence for a while and you stood there not knowing what to say.

“Would you like some company on your walk?” Spencer asked. “Uh, sure.” You answered, motioning for him to lead the way. You both talked for a while and he asked you countless questions. After a while you noticed what he was doing and felt uncomfortable. He was a ‘nice’ guy and all, but he definitely wasn’t your type. You could tell he was such a fake and only cared about hooking up. Little did you know that there was a set of eyes that were watching your every movement. Daryl rolled his eyes when and made a fake laughing face when he saw you chuckle at something Spencer said. “What’s the face for?” Rick asked Daryl, making him turn around. “Nothin’.” Daryl mumbled, embarrassed that he’d been caught. Rick followed Daryl’s line of sight and saw you talking to Spencer. Rick smiled, he always had a feeling that Daryl had a thing for you and now it was confirmed.

“Well, it was great talking to you.” You said to Spencer, stepping up the stairs to your house. “Likewise.” He said moving closer to you and placing a kiss on your cheek. Daryl’s eyes narrowed at the scene taking place. You nodded your head awkwardly and stepped inside your house. “Fuckin’ asshole.” Daryl said under his breath.

(1 Week Later)

Everyday so far Spencer had made it his mission to get with you, but you were just interested in being friends. If you were being completely honest you didn’t want anything to do with Spencer, you only had eyes for Daryl, but when you even tried to talk to him these last few months he seemed to avoid you at all cost. Barely saying more than one word to you. Today, however, you were going to try and change that.

“Hey, I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever.” You told Daryl when you passed by him, sitting on the front porch. He just grunted in reply. You looked at the ground unsure of what to do next. “I see yer getting all buddy buddy with that prick.” Daryl snapped at you. “Why do I even fuckin’ care about this shit!?” He mentally scolded himself. “Spencer?” You asked, surprised at Daryl’s tone. “I don’t know, I guess.” You said shrugging your shoulders, when he didn’t answer. Daryl grumbled something under his breath that you couldn’t understand and it kind of pissed you off. “I’m sorry I didn’t get that, I don’t speak caveman!” You said annoyed. Caveman? Daryl didn’t answer once again, so you rolled your eyes and decided to go visit Carl to see how he was doing. Daryl watched you as you turned around and stomped away from him.

“(Y/N), wait up!” You heard Spencer call for you, seconds after you’d walked away from Daryl, making you roll your eyes once again. “Listen, I’ve gotten to know you and I was wondering if we could take this thing between us a bit further?” Spencer asked you. “Spencer I’m really not”- You tried to explain, but before you could finish your sentence Spencer’s lips were on yours. Your eyes were open the whole time, not kissing him back at all. “She’s already spoken for.” Daryl roared, grabbing Spencer by his shoulder and pushing him away rather harshly. “Whoa, sorry man, I didn’t know.” Spencer said stumbling over his words. He was beyond intimidated by the look Daryl was giving him and quickly walked away. “Yeah that’s right run back home.” Daryl thought with an unknown smirk on his face.

“Daryl what the hell was that about?!” You asked him, utterly confused. He simply grabbed your arm and dragged you into his house, slamming the front door shut behind him. Your breath hitched in your throat, Daryl was standing so close to you and you couldn’t think clearly. He slid his thumb across your bottom lip, making you shiver. The complete confidence he had quickly left his body, what he had just said to Spencer finally caught up to him. Daryl looked into your eyes for a few moments, trying to figure out what you were thinking.Then he noticed your eyes flicker to his lips then back at him. That was the sign he needed. He slowly lowered lips towards yours and gave you a soft kiss. He stepped back, noticing your slightly parted mouth, and your eyes still closed savoring the kiss he had just given you. When you regained your composure, you wrapped your arms around Daryl’s neck and stood on your tiptoes, smashing your lips to his. Soon after your tongues eagerly swirled around each others. “Dear god he’s such a good kisser.” You thought. He pushed you against the door and placed your arms above your head, holding your wrists steady with one hand. You moaned at his sudden dominance, pushing yourself closer to him and kissing him harder. Finally, you were where you belonged. He started to kiss and nip at your neck, making you sigh.

“Daryl! We have to get the cars loaded now.” Glenn shouted, knocking on the door. “Fuckin’ shit!” Daryl cursed loudly. “Or, uh not..” Glenn’s voice trailed off and you chuckled. “You should go.” You told Daryl. “We were in the middle of somethin’ here.” He said and you laughed at the frustrated look on his face. “We’ll finish this up later.” You said winking at him.

Hope you guys liked it! You’re always welcome to send me requests! xoxo

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I Can’t Lose You [Part 1]

[Part 2]

Daryl Dixon x Reader | Smut Warning | 18+ Only | NSFW

Request By blondielovesr5-blog : I was wondering if you could do one where the reader is daryls girlfriend and we get into a fight so she go off and then something happens either with me and Negan or a walker blah blah, but Daryl does his thing and tries to save her?

Summary: I hope I do this request justice. Season 6 Era. The reader wants to prove herself to the group and go with the group on a scouting mission to stake out Negan’s compound. Daryl is furious. He doesn’t want her anywhere near Negan or his men. But, the reader sneaks away with the group anyway. You are caught by one of Negan’s men and nearly captured when Daryl shows up and saves you. Ends in an argument about you running off, Daryl telling you he can’t lose you, and smutty make up love making.

A/N: Oops. This one turned into two parts. Part 2 will be out soon!


You couldn’t believe you were having this fight, again. 

“Seriously, Daryl? You aren’t my keeper! I can fucking go if I want to!” You shouted from across the bedroom as you made the bed, the early sun rising through your windowsill as you both awoke for the day. 

“I said ya ain’t goin’! End of discussion!” Daryl shouted back, shouting his muscular arm out at you for emphasis. 

“This is ridiculous I am a grown ass woman! I should be able to go wherever I want!” You folded your arms and grit your teeth.

Daryl’s angry eyes met your own fuming eyes and he huffed, walking over to you and putting his hands on your shoulders in a loving motion.

You bucked out of his touch and walked a few feet back, still angry as hell.

Daryl dropped his hands and his eyes, his anger subsiding when he saw you were just frustrated. 

“I’ve been training with you for over a year now. I know how to take care of myself…” You trailed off, your anger levels dropping as you felt him walk into you and pull your body into a hug.

You breathed in deeply the smell of him before resting the side of your face on his chest and smiling to the sound of his heart beat, leaning into him further.

Daryl’s hands rubbed up and down your back and he kissed the top of your head when he felt you give into him.

“I know…” He drudged his chin back and forth on top of your head, “…You’re a great fighter, Y/N. You know I trust you with any of those un-dead assholes out there…”

He stopped, leaned back and took you by your shoulders again, his eyes pleading for yours, “…But we don’t know anything ‘bout these sons-of-bitches. All we know is they are capable of a hell of a lot of harm to people and I’ll be damned if I let you go anywhere near them…”

Daryl’s eyes hardened as he trailed off and looked off into the distance, thinking for a minute about all the possible ways things could go wrong and how many bad things could happen to you. 

He shook his head harshly, returning his resolved eyes to yours as he bit on his lip, “No. I ain’t gonna just let you walk into a trap with who knows what kind of men… I can’t lose you, Y/N.”

His eyes softened as did his voice when he said this. 

You smile softly and saying nothing, simply move your right hand up to his cheek and caress it lovingly. 

He leans into your hand and moves his head up and down, closing his eyes at your gentle touch; he hated fighting with you. 

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(Request) Ours

Title: Ours

Characters: Daryl Dixon x You/Reader

Requested by: @hey-douchepool

Can you do a Daryl one shot, where Daryl and Y/N were together before the apocalypse and like Daryl is being distant and Y/N has a flashback of a fluffy moment between them before the apocalypse and she gets sad and he assures her that just because things are different doesn’t mean that their relationship is different. Love you and your blog

No warnings! Totally SFW :)

Note: This reminded me how I’ve always loved writing fics for Daryl! I love me some Daryl fluff. Enjoy reading! xoxo

And oh, if anyone wants to be tagged in future Daryl fics just drop by my ask. :)

Italicized paragraphs are flashbacks.

It had been an exhausting day for you since you went on a half-day run with everyone else, but you still came back feeling giddy. You had come across a bar and found a case of your and Daryl’s favorite beer and it was little things as such that somehow made you forget about the end of the world. After organizing all the supplies that you and the rest have gathered, you quickly took two bottles of beer and looked for Daryl.

You found Daryl just outside the house you shared, cleaning up his motorcycle in all his sweaty glory. You bit your lip and blushed when you remembered your first meeting with him. It also happened on a scorching hot afternoon, your car broke down and was towed into the nearest auto shop where Daryl happened to work at. You spotted him almost immediately, clad in a sleeveless plaid button down and work pants, his eyes focused on the bike he was working on. You chuckled to yourself, it almost felt like déjà vu.

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Please? Part Fifteen

  1. Please?
  2. Please?
  3. Please?
  4. Please?
  5. Please?
  6. Please?
  7. Please?
  8. Please?
  9. Please?
  10. Please?
  11. Please?
  12. Please?
  13. Please?
  14. Please?
  • Daryl Dixon x Reader
  • 1066 words
  • Warnings: Language

Everyone welcomes Carol back after you get her some water and a little bit of food into her system. She isn’t hurt, just a little dehydrated and afraid. She’s doing much better after a little bit of rest in her own bed.

But that problem doesn’t last long when Daryl, Rick, and Hershel interrogate a woman Rick found by the fence. You promise Daryl that you’ll stay with Carol, keep her company and make sure she eats a little at a time.

She doesn’t want to stay in her cell, so she sits out at one of the tables and holds Little Asskicker, singing to her and telling her how cute she is. You watch as she tries to feed her once or twice, but the baby isn’t hungry.

“Maybe this is a good time to try and sleep.” You smile at Carol, unable to hide how happy you are to have her back.

Carol shakes her head and rocks the baby in her arms, never taking her eyes off of the little thing. “I have done nothing but rest. Let me help.”

You agree and go back to braiding Beth’s hair for her. She hums a little tune and you and Carol join in after realizing she’s singing an old classic lullaby for the baby.

When Beth is satisfied with her braid, she jumps up and runs over to help Carl with some redecorating . The two of them have grown close, which is a good thing. You watch how they sit together and laugh, like normal kids should do.

“How are things with you and Daryl?” Carol asks. She stands up and starts walking around the cell block., bouncing the little baby until she closes her eyes and goes off to sleep. “You two seem closer.”

“A little.” You smile. “I think we have pushed aside all those obsticles that wee on our way. All thanks to him.” You can’t hide the smile whilst you remember the night with Daryl. Even though you ruined it after the act, it was still a good memory of Daryl trying to cheer you up. He thought you needed it at the time, so he was willing to break his own doubts—at least that’s how you took it.

Carol smirks a little, watching you sway on your feet. “Something big happened.”

“What?” You snap out of it and look over at Carol. “No…” You gulp, wishing yourself out of this room.

“No, it did. What? He go down on you?” She teases.

“He did not.” You cross your arms over your chest.

Carol laughs. “You went down on him?!”

You hold up your hands and look over to see that Beth and Carl are still in their own little corner before you turn back to Carol. “Nothing like that.”

Carol’s mouth drops open and she throws her head back to laugh harder. “Oh that’s something I would love to see. Wait, that’s weird. It’s weird… I didn’t picture him for that type of guy!” She looks at you.

“I didn’t either. Until… he started it.” You shrug. “Don’t you dare tell him you know! It’ll embarrass him too much.” You warn, pointing a finger at her.

Carol walks over and sits down on one of the steps. She nods, her face turning serious. “I promise, I will never mention sex to Daryl.” She can’t contain her laughter.

And neither can you.


You’re sitting in the backseat of the SUV with Daryl, your feet in his lap as he traces designs into the fabric of your jeans. He’s nervous, scared maybe, to know what could have happened with his buddy, Glenn and Maggie. He’s nervous for what you four may find once you get there, where Michonne is pointing you.

Rick drives, though Daryl tries to take over the wheel even after he’s on the road, just to keep Rick a little sane. Since Lori’s death, he hasn’t exactly been himself. And now with Carol back from the dead, you don’t know how much sanity is left.

It is a somewhat quiet ride. Rick turns on the air conditioning that blasts in your face. Daryl grabs his poncho from the back and covers you up, gently, so you don’t freeze.

“Carl wants to name her Judith.” Rick says after a while of driving.

Daryl looks up and tilts his head to the side. “Guess Lil’ Asskicker is outta the question.” He pokes his lower lip out and you try to conceal a giggle.

Rick nods and glances at Daryl through the rearview mirror. “I’m afraid so.” He says with a straight face, but he chuckles and looks back at the road.

You giggle as Daryl snaps his fingers playfully, whining about his cool name. You lean over and kiss his cheek. “I thought it was a cute name myself.” You rub his chest lovingly.

The inmate, Oscar, you are pretty proud for finally remembering his name, is sitting by the other window. He chuckles and watches how you interact with Daryl. “You two married or somethin’?” He asks.

Daryl shoots him a look, pulling you just a little closer to him. “Does it matter? She’s mine.”

“Calm down. He was asking a question.” You turn his face to you and kiss his cheek. This new and improved Daryl was a bit nice. Overly protective, but he was sweet, too.


“Is this the place?” Rick whispers to Michonne.

You and Daryl scout a little ahead, looking around to make sure no one is patrolling out here. Rick’s voice drowns out some as you two get a little further away.

Woodbury, the place Michonne told the group about. It looks small enough, though Michonne mentioned how big it is once you get inside. She didn’t give so many details, just where she thinks Glenn and Maggie may be held.

“If worse comes to worse,” Daryl grabs your hand and holds you back. “run. Don’t worry ‘bout nuthin’ else.”

“I’m staying with you.” You look up at him. “No matter what happens. That’s what we have to do.”

Daryl sighs and nods his head, looking down at the ground. “S’pose I ain’t gotta worry, huh? You’ve made yourself tough.”

You take his cheeks between your hands so he looks at you. You smile at him, assuring him you will be okay. “I have learned from the very best.”

Imagine reflecting on some of the moments you shared with Daryl

Part One

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“Hey baby, you wanna get me a jar of pickles at the store?” You asked as you stood on the porch, the motorcycle just silencing as you looked at the man on it, “And please, I know you are doing stupid shit with Merle in the woods, but can you at least wear a helmet?”

“Why do ya need pickles? Ya ain’t pregnant, are ya?”

“Okay so we are avoiding the helmet conversation, also for your information, I have no pickles for the macaroni salad, or the burgers. So I need some from the store.”

“So that’s it, ya just gonna come out here and order me around without even a kiss. I just survived a helmetless motorcycle ride, I think my bravery deserves some sorta reward.” He smirked as you burst into laughter, you quickly stepped down the porch stairs and over to his bike, “More like stupidity if ya ask me.”

But you kissed him none the less, the sparks flew as he smiled again, “now about those pickles?” You whispered as you both burst into laughter, his hands finding your sides as yours tangled in his short, brown hair.

“Yeah yeah, dill for the salad, butter for the burgers.”he replied as you took a step back.

“Here take the car, that way ya don’t have to wear a hel….”

You were cut off by the roar of the engine, and the sounds of his shouts, “Now if I did that I wouldn’t get my reward for being brave.” And off he went, leaving you with a smile on your face.

You sat in your bedroom in your shared house, looking out the window, as you thought of every normal conversation you had before you both got separated. Tears welling in your eyes at the memory of every kiss, touch…. Through the tears you managed to look up and glance at the photo on your nightstand.

“Ya sure this is what ya want? I mean we don’t have to…”

“Daryl, I am the one that proposed, why would I say no?”

“Well I was just checkin, you know before we mess up that pretty name of yours.”

“Daryl shut up.” You smiled as you pecked his lips quickly and pulled away, “Now take me to the courthouse my biker knight.”

The photo was of you after the courthouse, the secretary was insistent on taking one, and sent the framed copy to the house you both shared. You both hated the picture, you both felt it looked nothing like either of you. But when you were hurrying to pack it was the first thing you grabbed.

You heard a slight knock on your door as your eyes lingered off of the photo. You slowly stood and opened the door slightly to reveal Jerry.

“So he really is he man in the photograph?” Jerry asked

“I only have heard of one man with that name. He has to be. I just didn’t think….”

“If He is though your husband why did he…”

“None of us knew the world was going to crumble that day, it was just an ordinary Wednesday to us, and it started with a fight.”

The early morning sun peeked through the windows as you felt the arms pull you closer. You rolled your head to the side and saw his brown eyes glued to your face as you smiled. “Good morning Sunshine.” He whispered.


“So How are my favorite girls today?” You laughed lightly

“Baby we don’t even know the gender yet, she is too little. You heard the doc, I am….”

“The Dixon curse needs to get broke though. So I am sure she is a girl. And I think we should call her Harley.”

“So what grand plans do ya got for the day?”

“Well Merle wants to go up in the woods, maybe find some…”

“Why? Why do ya keep going up there when you know that the only thing he wants to do is sit around, smoke, drink and bully ya. Ya know when Harley comes….”

“I gotta go, he’s waitin.” He cut you off and rolled out of the bed, hurrying to find clothes as you sighed, “Daryl we gotta talk about…”

“He is my kin [Y/N]! You expect me to just blow him off cause you got pregnant! He was the only one I had when I grew up, and he is all I have still, and I am all he has now!”

“Daryl Dixon you take that back.” You hissed as he pulled his T-shirt on

“No! Now I am gonna go, and enjoy the day hunting in the woods with Merle, and when I get back…”

“Just Go.” You hissed as he ran out of the house, his Harley screaming as he left.

“That was the last time you spoke.” Jerry finished, as you wiped a tear from your eyes.

“Bingo. And for so long I wanted there to be a second chance, to erase that whole fight. I never thought that it would happen. Hell, when I fled with Ezekiel, I thought maybe I would find him, and when I didn’t I thought that was the worst of it. And then…” Jerry put a hand on your shoulder, knowing you hated the topic of what happened on the third month of the apocalypse.

“Is this some way of the universe saying I deserve a reward for my struggles, we have worked so hard to maintain the kingdom, and to remain safe against the walkers and the saviors. Is this my reward for bravery?”

“No [Y/N].” Jerry answered as he got up to leave, “This is your second chance at a wonderful life.”

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Part 3 (Coming soon)

For those who worry that Caryl hasn’t been seen filming much, let me say that the scene of Carol watching Daryl on his bike - there were stalkers reporting for that location and NO ONE knew Carol filmed that day, at all. 

So there we have it. Carol (or Daryl) not being seen means nothing. :)