we have awesome friends

reasons thomas sanders is better than ur fave:

  • his pranks are harmless and funny
  • he adds LGBT themes in his vines without making them the punchline
  • he puts his pronouns in his description, despite being cis, to normalize asking for people’s pronouns so people stop assuming gender
  • he’s hilarious
  • he’s the only white boy to come from vine that isn’t a complete asshole
  • he’s super nice to fans
  • he’s as nice irl as he seems

“A laugh can be a very powerful thing. Why, sometimes in life, it’s the only weapon we have.”

Contributing to my friend’s (@judylavernehopps) AWESOME AWESOME “Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Judy Hopps)” AU! I hope you all enjoy these, I guess “fake screenshots,” I did XD (OH AND BOGO I WAS NOT PLANNING FOR AT ALL IT JUST ANKDKD)

Enjoy, sweets! 

Links for inspiration (all by my friend!): link link link

(I DID NOT DO THE BG, ONLY EDITED CERTAIN PARTS!!! I did draw the characters, however!)

Dear Evan Hansen,
Life at rehab is all right. I like the yoga and the sharing circles every night.
But dude, these stories sometimes scare you half to death? So many people end up sucking dick for meth. And one more thing, that’s worth mentioning, that guy from our school, Jared Kleinman. Yes, the insanely cool Jared Kleinman! I think we should start to make him part of this awesome friendship we have. A part of this awesome friend we have! This adorably heartwarming friendship we have!

87% of Facebook/Twitter right now: I’m not against gay rights, but you can’t just give Captain America a boyfriend. He is a heterosexual™, has had nothing but female love interests, and giving a straight man a boyfriend makes him homosexual. Stop twisting existing characters to fit your gay agenda and make your own!

Me, a bisexual: 

The way chronic illness destroys your ability to form and maintain friendships is one of the things I hate most about being sick.

So you know how shows have filler episodes that don’t really add to overall plot?

I want Conspiracy II to have a subplot of Gideon finally taking a much needed break. He’s just vacationing on Fiora and he is *determined* to actually have a vacation but shit just keeps happening. The old king gets assassinated. There’s obvious signs of corruption.

Gideon goes along like “no, not this time. not my problem. I am here to have a sex on the beach and buy some new sandals.” and he isn’t totally ignoring the worst of it that drops in right on him. Like he just casually saves a poor shop owner from local corrupt authorities. He gets a kitten out of a tree (Marchesa was involved nefariously in some way I’m sure). But of course eventually he’s gotta confront Marchesa and sort out Fioran politics for them (How can you have a system worse than Ravnica’s guilds? My gods!)

He gets back to the Gatewatch and they want to know how things went. “Oh, you know, got some sun, read a book… stood up to a planar criminal syndicate and saved the world.” Nissa, Chandra, and Jace all facepalm simultaneously.


In this update we’re revealing the new double dagger weapon attacks and reworked halberd, as well as a new feature - climbing. The climbing mechanic plays an important role when facing giant bosses and traversing vertical levels.

Lastly, we have some awesome “Death” art from one of our friends. You can check out the rest of her art here. Figured this was too awesome not to share!

Our next trailer (which is coming soon) will showcase new bosses, so stay tuned! Hopefully we can keep our updates coming at a faster pace!

When the two gay kids in class selfie together

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"What if we never met?" (@kenma-mercury-amnek)

“I wouldn’t have an awesome best friend,” Hiakru said.

“And I wouldn’t have a super happy brother!”

I want to put it out there that The Hunger Games fandom, and especially the Everlark end of it, has some of the best fanfic writers I have ever seen. I’ve been involved in fanfic for over a decade now. I wrote extensively for another fandom before THG, and I’ve read lots of non-HG fanfic since joining THG fandom and I can say, without a doubt, the THG/Everlark fandom is a whole other level of amazing when it comes to fic.  More often then not, the fics that come out of this fandom are more noteworthy and memorable than any other I’ve ever encountered. Kudos to the fandom for doing such a wonderful, remarkable job of taking characters we love so much and putting them into any scenario imaginable in a way that is usually extremely believable and absolutely makes every one of us want more.

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🍑 -runs away-

We started talking over cc and I love that we can help each other out with it. Even more awesome is that I hope we have become friends, too 😊 You are sweet and kind, with gorgeous sims and it made me so happy to see Sephy in you game! you photos are also flawless. You make adorable cc and both you and Amy are people I am very happy to know in this community. I hope we chat more cause I would really love that!

My sister is going to homecoming with a group from the equestrian team. Last week, one of the guys on the team asked one of the girls (we’ll call her bitchy) to homecoming in a super cute way with “HOMECOMING?” written in glitter on his horse. Bitchy turned him down, and most of the rest of the team were miffed with how she handled it (didn’t even pause to think about her response, just flat out said she was going with a specific guy, who hadn’t even asked her yet!!)

Skip to today when the guy bitchy said she was going with actually asked her (kinda adorable, but no where near the glittery horse) and my sister and one of the other girls decide that they want to well out do the weak one from today. 

So tomorrow at the meet, my sister is going to whip this out and ask the friend to homecoming with as much production as her dramatic self can muster. They’re doing this half out of spite for bitchy and half because they just think its fun and that all the “promposals” are adorable and its the only way they’ll get one, so why not ask a friend that way?

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Winged eyeliner

Write a hundred word letter to your twelve year old self:

To Past/12 Year Old me,

So we still haven’t come any closer on figuring out how to do most things in life, but that’s okay. We have awesome friends and the best boyfriend you could ever dream of. People might be mean but just don’t react cause they are probably dealing with their own problems. Try not to think about life and death and meaninglessness but I know you will since we are they same person. Keep smiling and being yourself, cause thats what will get you the fabulous people that we now know in your life.

Sincerely Future/Teenage You.

Is that good enough?