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Speciesswap au Shiran trapped in a cave in. Have a good rest:D

Shiro didn’t understand roughly seventy per cent of the words that came out of Coran’s mouth, but he was pretty sure the majority of them were foul. And when he crouched over the human, he could see why. “Sheraiz,” he hissed softly at the state of the man’s helmet.

“Considering how fast that slide came down, I suppose I should just be glad it wasn’t the rest of me,” Coran muttered, ripping off the now-useless headpiece. “At least the air in here’s somewhat breathable. Can you get a signal?”

Shiro tapped at his helmet comm, but only got fuzz. “Barely. Might have better luck if we set up one of the emergency beacons. What?” he asked when he realized Coran was staring at him.

“You really do glow in the dark.”

Shiro felt his face heat. “So glad it’s amusing to you,” he said with a slight bite of sarcasm.

But… truthfully… 

He wouldn’t mind if he could be the source of that slightly awed grin a little more often. 

At least when they weren’t trapped in a deep dark hole and Coran wasn’t suffering from a likely concussion.

Switching on his helmet’s light, they found a place that looked relatively dry and stable to set up the beacon. Once it was pulsing strong and clear, there was really nothing left to do but wait. 

“Just like every other night,” Coran said dryly as he leaned back against the cave wall, and Shiro snorted lightly.

“If it’s all the same to you, I’ll take the castle kitchens,” he said, resting his chin on his hands.

Staring at the beacon was weirdly soothing, though. Kinda reminded him of the singing lights the nurses used to use in the playrooms back on Altea…

He started, then checked the beacon timer, and grumbled under his breath when he realized it had been almost a cycle. Damn, he hadn’t meant to doze… “Maybe they’ll get around to finding us soon, huh, Coran?”

Silence. He looked over and found the human slumped over on his side, seemingly asleep as well. “Hey, Coran.”

Still nothing. And damn well aware of what a light sleeper the Black Paladin was, that sent a small chill of worry up his spine. Heaving himself up, he crouched in front of the human and tried to sit him up, only for the redhead to slouch in his grip, breathing shallow and weak. 

Fighting down panic, he pried an eye open, then swore vividly when there was no reaction to the beacon light or a flash from his own helmet light. What in- was it the blow to the head, or-

Carefully settling the human against him so he wouldn’t fall over again, Shiro clicked open his suit’s monitors and pulled up air readings. 

And then swore some more.

Nitrogen was still high, which was fine for him, but oxygen had taken a deep drop just in the time they’d been there. Too deep. If he didn’t get Coran breathing immediately-

He suddenly wished Pidge hadn’t been joking about putting a carrier compartment in his arm. Without tools, he couldn’t recalibrate his helmet from filter-producing nitrogen to oxygen. And Coran’s was completely done for…

But maybe he could still cannibalize some of it.

“Hang in there,” he instinctively brushed a kiss against the human’s forehead for luck before laying him down. “Just don’t stop breathing on me.”

Maybe he couldn’t change his helmet’s filter, but he could alter his lungs. If he could… rework his breathing to expel oxygen somehow, he just had to figure out a way to get that oxygen to Coran.

He found the helmet where it had been tossed aside and snatched it up, ripping open the side paneling to force-activate the full face mask. Once he’d yanked that out along with a couple of filter tubes, he ran back to Coran, hoping like hell his jury-rigging would work.

“C’mon,” he pleaded, blowing from his own mask into Coran’s and pressing on his chest to try and get him to breathe harder. “You can’t leave me. You gotta come back, please.”





Coran finally made the faintest cough, eyes slitting open, but still not focused. “Rngh.”

Shiro made a noise that was somewhere between a sob and a laugh, hunching over to touch the foreheads of their masks together. 

Coran blinked up at him, vision slowly clearing. “Shiro…? What happened? What’s all this?”

“Air wasn’t as breathable as we thought. At least not for you. I think I’ve sort of got a fix going, but… don’t move too much, okay?”

“Sure,” Coran said, apparently still too dazed to question it. 

Shiro managed to maneuver them into a slightly more comfortable position, with Coran’s head resting in his lap, and, after wondering whether or not to chance it, took hold of his hand, squeezing a little. Coran looked at their joined hands, but made no move to pull away, and the little knot in his chest loosened somewhat. “Stay awake this time.”

“I’ll do my best.”

And once more, there was nothing left to do but wait for the beacon to be heard.

  • Doctor: On a scale of an infection to a heart attack, how would you rate your friend's injury?
  • Friend: Mystic Messenger - Route 707
  • Doctor: *picks up phone* Nurse, we have an emergency

Ser Delrin Barris

Ser Delrin was eleven when his father wrote them, and twelve the day he became an initiate in Denerim’s chantry. He impressed his commanders with an early maturity, although his fellow recruits teased him mercilessly for what they considered an overly sombre bearing in someone of their own rank and age. His first assignment as a knight-templar was to hunt down apostates in Dragon’s Peak, south of Denerim. By the time his squadron arrived, a roiling web of alliances and intrigue had turned the straightforward mission into a chaotic brawl between a cult of blood mages, an unbound pride demon, a passing Dalish clan, a pair of Seekers, and Tal-Vashoth mercenaries enslaved by the mages’ magic.

The Templars’ leader was slain. Impressed by Barris’s cool in the heat of battle, his compatriots ceded him unofficial leadership without question. The skirmishes lasted a full three days, and the templars emerged victorious. “We have not gone unwounded,” Barris wrote to his commanding officer after the fighting ended, “but the grace of the Maker lit our way. The demon has been slain, the mages subdued, the Qunari freed, the Seekers mollified, and the Dalish returned to the woods. A bard found our camp yesterday, intent on wringing out every detail of the mess. I impressed upon him that the affairs of the Order are a serious matter. He says he only wishes to bring news back to the royal court and has given me his word he will not exaggerate his telling. In light of his oath, I have given him a brief and sober account of the events that have occurred.”

Today, Thunder upon the Mountains! The Battle for the Heart of Dragon’s Peak!, by Philliam, a Bard!, remains one of the most popular chapbooks in eastern Ferelden.

Theo Raeken x Reader

Author’s Note: I know I already have a Theo imagine, but I’ve been having writer’s block lately. I hope you enjoy this!

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It hurt seeing your first love being dragged into hell by his dead sister. 

She didn’t stop.

(Y/N) knew Theo was bad news, but her heart ignored every word they said. 

It’s been a few months since then. (Y/N) has been, and still is, too hurt to see her friends, the ones who took her love.

(Y/N) sat home alone, watching TV. A phone call interrupted it. She rolled her eyes and answered the call.

“Hello?” She said annoyed.

“(Y/N)? It’s Scott. We have a huge emergency. Could you come over, quickly.” Scott rushed. The pack respected (Y/N)’s space, but they would only call on a actual emergency.

“I’ll get dressed.” She quickly hung up and rushed upstairs to get dressed.

Scott clutched the phone in his hand. Liam and Hayden held Theo back by his arms.

“Is she coming over? Is my (Y/N) coming?!” He asked, the memories of the two flashing in his head. Scott glanced down to the phone and then to Theo.

“She’s coming.”

•                                                       •                                                                  •

It took some time, but soon, (Y/N) was standing in front of the McCall household. a place she hadn’t been to in a while. She knocked on the door until Scott opened the door, allowing (Y/N) to walk in.

“What’s the emergency?” She asked. Scott sighed and pointed towards the kitchen.

“Go see for yourself.” She crept to the kitchen doorway and what she saw made her think everything was a dream.

Theo Raeken stood right there, held back by Liam and Hayden.

“This can’t be real.” She whispered to herself, tears brimming her eyes.

“It’s all real babygirl.” Theo whispered back but loud enough to hear. She couldn’t hold her tears back. She ran right into him, hugging him so tight, wanting to hold on forever. Liam and Hayden let go of his arms and he automatically wrapped his hands around her waist.

“I’ve missed you so, so much.” She muttered, soaking the bottom of his shirt with tears.

“Me to.” Theo said, tears started to lightly fall from his eyes. Scott, Liam, and Hayden stood to the side, watching everything happen. (Y/N) turned around and walked up to Scott.

“Can T-Theo come with me?”

“You know it’s too dangerous.”
“Scott, what if it was Kira. Put yourself in my shoes.” She said. Scott thought about it and agreed to it.

“Fine, but don’t let him out of your sight.” She quickly hugged Scott and laced her fingers with Theo.

“Let’s go.” The couple went to her car and went home.

After long and tireless months, there love was finally reunited.  

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Just started dating AUs
  • “I came over for dinner and tried your cooking for the first time and you’re such a good cook I’m practically having an orgasm over here oh my god………. stop laughing at me!!” au
  • “We were about to have our first bath together and I was feeling a bit self conscious but then I noticed how much freaking bUBBLE BATH YOU HAVE HOLY SHIT WHAT IS THAT FOR……………. actually please can we have bubbles I’m secretly just a kid okay” au
  • “I’m really REALLY attracted to you and the first time we had sex I came way too quickly and got super embarrassed about it but you just found it endearing and now you won’t stop smiling at me omg I need to bury my face in this pillow for a thousand years” au
  • “You had no idea that I am allergic to X food/medicine/flowers and now I’m pretty sure I’m having a reaction and we’re gonna have to go to the emergency room like I’ll be fine but just fucking kiss me rly good in case I die okay, okay” au
  • “Why did you pick THAT emoji to go by my contact name oh my god you beautiful weirdo” au
Announcing Secret Odin 2016!

Hello HTTYD fandom!

December is almost upon us, and there’s still no Secret Odin happening. Sadly, @icelandiceel seems to be really busy since he’s still nowhere to be found. Since it’s almost December, and not that much time left until Christmas (or should I say Snoggletog? :P), @nightofthefury-3d and me decided to take matters into our own hands, because this is a very lovely event indeed.

We’re organizing this year’s Secret Odin!

We’re operating in a sort-of “emergency mode” here, but we have a roadmap of how things are going to happen. A sign-up form should be up by Thursday, December 1 (hopefully). We’ll wrap up the sign-up process on December 8, so you’ll recieve your assignments most likely on December 9.

The time window for delivering your gifts will be December 23-24. Upon signing up for the event, you’ll be asked if you want to recieve a gift by email or through a Tumblr post. If you won’t be online on Dec 23-24, it’s a not a problem if you’ll deliver your gift earlier. We’d love to have the gifts delivered within this time window though… you know, to create the nice lovely atmosphere of Snoggletog. ;)

Either way, that will leave you with 14 days to create your works of art. I know it’s pretty tight, but we did our best to maximize this time period.

Meanwhile, you can already start thinking what you’d love to give, and what you’d love to get. ;)

We’ll post detailed instructions once the sign-up forums are live. Stay tuned! :)

EDIT: @icelandiceel is organizing the offcial Secret Odin after all. This event is therefore suspended. Stay tuned more info in a few hours. I’m sorry about the confusion, but I promise things will get sorted out ASAP.

What the fuck did I just hear?

“The fusion experiments are developing properly. A few have even emerged early.”




Okay. Think rationally now. The Kindergarten is a place where Gems are made, right? What if… Homeworld was trying to make fusions as a singular Gem? Like, instead of Opals being fusions of Pearls and Amethysts, they just skipped to the chase and MADE Opals.


The fact that the episode just reminded us Garnet is a fusion is suddenly REALLY, REALLY SCARY TO ME??? ARE WE GONNA SEE AN ARMY OF GARNETS

Aight, we got more to talk about.

1: Some of the “experiments” have “emerged early”, which means there are Gems running wild out there right now, newly born. The Kindergarten is… up and… running? No, we just had a scene with Pearl making a point to say the Injectors haven’t moved at all. Okay, I think this ties into my second thing:

2: The majority of “fusion experiments” are still “developing” which means that this whole “experiment” was started BEFORE Homeworld left Earth alone. BEFORE they lost the rebellion. I think… I think Homeworld didn’t abandon Earth at all. They were playing the long waiting game, and sent Peridot to check on things just as the due date arrived. Unaware that Uncorrupted Crystal Gems still lived on Earth.

3: All of this new info still sheds absolutely no light on the mysterious “The Cluster” mentioned by Peridot back in Jailbreak. Don’t think I forgot about that! “The Cluster” is a thing, still. Whatever it is.


At any rate, Peridot just saw Steven, so shit’s gonna hit the fan. Oh boy.

[context: our party has just escaped a town invasion by jumping through a teleporter, but is quite bedraggled and low on health from fighting the invading army’s soldiers between us and the exit. We have emerged on the other side of the portal in a seaside cave in an unknown location, and our DM informs us that we are hungry as well as tired.]

DM: Okay, so what does everyone do? Sleep? Hunt for food?

Spiritualist Elf and the party Rogue (me): We try and fish I guess. 

DM: Okay, roll knowledge: nature to pick a fishing spot. [fishing ensues. I do moderately well and catch a river bass in the estuary leading out to the ocean, and our elf rolls a nat 20 and manages to perfectly shoot a small sand shark out in the water.]  Wow, okay! What does the rest of the party do while these two are out fishing? Does anyone else wanna try and hunt?

Half-Orc Bloodrager: Sure, I’ll hunt. Are there any animals or something nearby?

DM: Roll knowledge: nature? [rolls alright] Okay, leaving the cave you see some trees at the edge of the beach that gradually turn into a forest. You assume there may be some animals there. 

Half-Orc Bloodrager: Okay, I go look for them

DM: Roll perception. [rolls poorly] You don’t really see anything. You keep walking deeper into the forest, and after several minutes pass you can try again. [Half-Orc rolls again, does very slightly better] …Okay, you see a small skink. Maybe a half-foot long or so. 

Half-Orc Bloodrager: I attack it!

DM: Roll to hit. You catch it flat-footed, since it was just sunning itself on a rock.

Half-Orc Bloodrager: [rolls a 2] Oh goddamnit

DM: Ooh, okay, wow. Well, uh, you miss, and I guess it tries to- uh, what attack does it- it tries to bite you, I guess. [rolls for the skink] Wow, it gets a 15 to hit, what’s your AC?

Half-Orc Bloodrager: 16.

DM: Well, it also misses. [Half-Orc attacks again, manages to hit and kill it this time] Cool. You’re done, you pick it up and head back to camp, I assume?

Half-Orc Bloodrager: Yeah, I head back to camp with it. Man… it’s a good thing it didn’t roll any higher, I only have 1 HP left!

[table-wide stunned silence]

DM: Wait

Rogue: You went off hunting alone, without telling anyone, with 1 HP

Spiritualist Elf: Wh-

DM: [erupts in laughter] If literally anything had hit you, you would’ve bled to death in the woods because no one would’ve looked for you in time

Rogue: Dude, no one even knew where you were!

Spiritualist Elf: Why didn’t you just wait back at the camp until we could sleep and heal?!

DM: You just very nearly had to roll a new character because you got killed by a 6-inch lizard.

Half-Orc Bloodrager: I WAS HUNGRY 

Emergency evacuation plan for my witch’s garden

Here in lovely Oklahoma, when we get an ice storm, we loose power, sometimes for weeks. Although I have an emergency plan for myself and pets, I don’t have one for my plants. When mentioning this problem to casual acquaintances they look at me funny. But I KNOW my Tumblr Witches will understand the importance here. Do people really just leave their plants behind? 

This is a full-fledged environmental emergency, and we have a person who’s not just a climate denier, but a professional climate denier. This is going to be a litmus test for every member of the Senate who claims not to be a denier.
—  Senator Brian Schatz of Hawaii, on Trump’s appointment of Scott Pruitt as EPA head. Learn more. 
Gabriel/Jagged Drabble

dedicated to the lovely @baneismydragon , who is regularly inspiring others with their own amazing writing.

words: 1100~

“Sir,” Nathalie announced as she entered his study, “We have an emergency.”

Gabriel glanced at her as he typed his emails from a stuffed armchair. “There’s nothing going on that we can’t personally handle.” He exhaled, “What is it?”

She stood in front of her, her tablet pressed against her side, “You’re trending on Twitter.”

He glared at her, his moth partially open in disbelief. “Nathalie, that’s hardly an emergency.”

“Don’t you want to know why?” Nathalie tilted her head to the side. She looked at her tablet, appearing to scroll through the social media, and groaned.

The man sighed, stood up and set his laptop aside. “Calm down. What is it?”

Her silence was almost as obnoxious as her nervous twittering. “Well, did you see Jagged Stone’s new music video?”

He shot her a ‘why the hell would I have watched that’ look.

She pressed her lips together, and turned her tablet towards him. He swiped through several pictures of men and women in high-fashion lingerie dancing around and against Jagged. Gabriel saw a combination of stripes, leather, fringe, and diamonds. Everything was stunning. Of course, he recognized the designs, but quickly decided to say nothing of it.  

“Nathalie,” He glanced to her, but she wouldn’t meet his eyes. “Who was the designer? I want them on our team if it’s possible.”

“According to Jagged, an ‘old boyfriend turned highly-successful fashion designer’ designed the outfits, sir.” Nathalie exhaled, “Several fans and reporters put together that you two went to the same university, and the rumors have run off.”

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As an Indigenous woman who has been resisting for a long time:
I actually do not need hugs from strangers no matter how well-meaning. What I need is for everyone to rise up and fight back. Nobody has time for you to sit around and feel sorry for yourself. We need a Peoples Emergency Network, not 911. Let’s have plans for how we are going to defend our beloved Muslim relations, Disabled relations, Immigrant relations, LGBTQ2S relations, Women who need access to repro rights healthcare, Black and Brown and Native lives, how we are going to defend the Water and Earth, and so much more.

This struggle is not new for many of us who are already coming from communities that are on the defensive and have been for centuries. We have known for a long time that your system is broken. It never worked for us. Your band-aids are useless. And we have our own leadership that includes and honors youth and students and all oppressed and marginalized people. We certainly don’t need a wake-up call from Elizabeth Warren and Michael Moore and those types who have mostly never been there for us for all these years. They don’t need to tell us how to fix or change anything. If those folks were for real, then they would be talking about following us, not about how they are the new leaders.

—  Mahtowin Munroe via Facebook