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No one can become really educated without having pursued some study in which he took no interest- for it is a part of education to learn to interest ourselves in subjects for which we have no aptitude.
—  T.S. Eliot (1888-1965) British essayist.
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Sorry, I just learned that apparently the entire Leverage fandom doesn’t like/hates him and believes that the show should be all about dat OT3 and I’m just… I don’t understand it. I honestly don’t understand how people could be so blind to his contributions and character development. And for goodness sake, he’s the dad of that OT3 you ship so much!


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Hey pals, I’ve put myself under a news blackout…

Leverage gang goes to Costco?


“What do we need?”

“Don’t you have the list?”

Eliot gave him an unimpressed look and held up a scrap of paper. “This list you made, that just has the word ‘EVERYTHING’ underlined three times?”

“Okay, so we need three of everything,” Hardison said, wheeling the cart deeper into the Costco. “What about that is so hard to understand?”

“The part where everything could mean anything, Hardison!”

“Well, in this case, everything means everything I use to make our equipment, so half the electronics aisle. Surveillance cameras, bluetooth headsets, microbatteries, spare solder–”

“Isn’t that what we got last month?”

“Yes, it is. And now we need more of everything, because you people treat the precious, delicate pieces of equipment I spend my weekends painstakingly assembling like they’re friggin’ legos, and we’re down to three working comm units.” Hardison pulled into the electronics aisle, walking past all the desktop PCs and zeroing in on the do-it-yourself circuitry supply bins. “You want to try running a con without earbuds and button cams?”

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All I ever wanted to do was to go home; the place people said welcomes you in warmth, where you sleep a good nights sleep and eat a hearty meal, a place where you’re in good company, where you love and are loved in return, where voices are gentle and love is abundant; but I don’t know of such a place. I have not lived there, nor has anyone I have ever known, home is chaos where teacups fly and parents resent each other in silence, home to me is protected secrets and loneliness without solitude, home is stranger to me than a stranger I meet on the street. All I want to do is to go home, the home that does not exist. The home we dream about having some day.
—  Eliot Knight

Is there a ship name for Penny/Eliot/Quentin?  Because we have Quentin, Queliot, and Pennyroyal, but lbr friends, the solution here is polyamory.

Because imagine

Penny and Eliot tag-teaming to destroy anyone who hurts their little bruised flower

Eliot and Quentin tag-teaming to tease Penny about literally anything until Penny is like “that’s it I’m breaking up with both of you, find a new jackass to round out your threesome” and Eliot and Q are grinning like “you know you love us”

and Penny is like “no I hate you, you’re the bane of my existence, I have literally never met anyone more annoying than the two of you in the same room”

and Eliot is like “Oh baby, tell me more, you make me so hot with your dirty talk”

and Penny is just “I really, really hate you”

and Eliot is like “Well, since you broke up with us, I guess I’ll just have to get Quentin to suck me off now that you’ve gotten me so hot and bothered.”

and Quentin is like “I mean, I’m not going argue” and he starts putting the moves on Eliot, but like, deliberately giving Penny a show, and Penny is practically vibrating out of his skin in less than a minute

and then Penny grabs Q, turns him around, kisses him, and then pins him against Eliot and kisses Eliot over Q’s shoulder, and Quentin is like “what, I thought you were leaving us”

and Penny just goes “Shut up asshole”

REQUESTED by @msjuliawicker. Eliot/Margo are Head Boy and Girl and Q is a year below them.

Additional headcanons because I’m such Harry Potter trash:

  • Eliot is a Muggleborn. Most people assume he’s a pureblood, and he lets them. He insisted on being put into Slytherin.
  • Margo is a half-blood, as is Quentin. Julia is a muggleborn. Alice is pureblood. So is Penny. Penny was almost positive he’d get Slytherin, and was humiliated when he got Sorted into Hufflepuff. He eventually came to accept it and, in later years, would grow defensive and fight anyone who dared underestimate him simply because he’s a Hufflepuff.
  • Eliot and Margo are the Head Girl and Boy that don’t put up with any asshole behavior at all. They’re Slytheins, yes, but Slytherin =/= villain. 
  • In my verse, Alice/Margo are probably a thing (Margo would laugh for at least thirty minutes when she hears Julia set Quentin and Alice up, only to soon make sure Quentin knows nothing will ever happen with Alice. Hands off.)
  • Quentin struggled desperately with the Patronus charm due to his depression.
  • Quentin in the Mirror of Erised would see himself surrounded by the people he loves, and accepting that people love him and being able to live a happier life.

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Rashomon (NSFW)

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Eliot Spencer x Reader, Parker x Reader, Alec Hardison x Reader

Warnings: Smut, flashbacks, theft

A/N: Just tagged a couple people who I thought might be interested in this. I don’t care how long ago this show aired, I will never not have Leverage feels especially as long as it’s on netflix.

“Hardison, you are not good with women. We have been over this. You’re lucky Parker even likes you.” Eliot grunted falling back on the couch.

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